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ASUS Transformer Prime now expected in stores December 19 or later

Asus Transformer Prime

After an endless stream of possible launch dates passed our desk, we have finally been given the expected North American retail availability of the ASUS Transformer Prime. A representative from ASUS has just informed us that we should expect retail and etail availability of the Transformer Prime to start the “week of December 19 or later.”

These dates are flexible based on pre-order fulfillment requirements, unit quantities received, and in-stock dates. We have already seen pre-orders at Amazon sell out in one day, so I would expect quantities to be limited at your local stores. Launch partners include, Best Buy, Staples, Frys, Amazon and GameStop.

ASUS will provide further information on the estimated receipt dates before the launch. We were also told there was no release date for a 3G model in the US, so expect the WiFi only option for some time.

Retail pricing remains the same. The 32 GB model will sell for $499, and the 64 GB model will cost $599. The new docking station with integrated battery will retail for $149. Both the Transformer Prime and dock station will be offered in two colors, Amethyst Gray and Champagne Gold.

As expected the unit launches with Honeycomb Android 3.2.1 with some custom ASUS optimizations. Android 4.0.1 will be available via an over-the-air update as soon as it is optimized and tested. There is no exact date for the software update, but NVIDIA already showed off the Prime running Android 4.0.1 only two days after the source code was released.

We were informed a firmware over-the-air (FOTA) image update version will be available on December 2 that “updates the EC firmware to improve battery life with the dock in power saving mode, along with a few minor performance tweaks.”

I’m sure many of you who pre-ordered the Transformer Prime wish it was shipping tomorrow, but the additional wait time could mean we see more Tegra Zone games available at launch. NVIDIA expects to have 40+ games in Tegra Zone by the end of 2011 with 12+ of those optimized for Tegra 3.

Bookmark for the latest information on the launch. Then read our Transformer Prime first impressions to see if the device lived up to the hype.

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  • Aakash


  • WarDrake

    Right now i’m so glad i got to pre-order mine…
    what is it with android products and making us wait lately???

    • ishbuggy

      They like to keep things interesting for us!

      • Jimmy13

        either way I want to have offspring with this device.

  • staryoshi

    These delays have gotten out of hand. Speaking of hands, I should have had one of these in mine a month or two ago. /rage

  • oddball

    Prime in time for prime shopping time I can hardly wait

  • Dirge

    I read somewhere that the keyboard dock was included this time…
    I read lies. :(

    • lament

      Nope.. $149 separately.

    • mustybooks

      The keyboard will be bundled with the TP for the UK release in January (32gb £500) or so it’s planned. The TP will have ICS on UK release whether you US guys will get an update at the same time or not. This is all conjecture btw… wish they’d give some hard dates!

      • charliethesuperturtle

        Tp is reserved for the touchpad
        Call it prime

  • stenzor

    *Throws money at computer*
    *Wonders why my Asus Transformer Prime hasn’t appeared yet*

    • bossyman15

      Maybe credit card will work?

      • ishbuggy

        Just give them your bank account. That should do the trick.

  • AcidP

    Much better looking then first one. Looks promising!

  • melvinjavier

    delaying means more suspense and blood sweating :D

  • spk4life

    Whoa that is thin!!

  • Vmax77

    thats christmas come early!!!


      It say December 19 or later. I hope it comes out in time for the last minute Christmas shopping. :D

    • ishbuggy

      Just in time too :)

  • bossyman15

    “Then read our Transformer Prime first impressions to see if the device lived up to the hype.”

    umm where do i read it?

  • pikahatonjon

    oh man. that promo video made me want to sell my transformer to get the transformer prime xD

  • greyishfox

    Any clue on a UK release date? There has been no mention, no pre-orders, nothing I can see.

    • mustybooks

      Planned for January whether this will happen or not is another matter entirely

  • uknowme

    Wow the suspense is killing me. I just want to see one in the wild. Definitely going with gray. Between this and the Nexus I’m starting to get anxiety.

  • SuperAndroid

    Primed and ready

  • luiek20

    Well I haven’t preordered yet but I think ill just run around to every retail store till I find one lol

  • ranwanimator

    Psssh.. Finally!

  • pekosROB

    Thanks for the update guys! Y’all forgot to put B&H Photo as another launch partner. I only knew that they were a launch partner because of the website listed them as someone that you could preorder with. It was actually nice that they had both colors in 32 AND 64 GB options.

  • Slith

    Maybe I’ll sell my preorder for over retail on eBay. Nope, not going to happen!

  • Nathan

    Im going to play with one on Christmas =)

  • spintrex

    Day 20 giveaway for ’25 days of Tegra’?

  • Homncruse

    I’m perfectly happy with my OG Transformer, but MAN Asus is not the type of company to ride a wave of success all the way to shore. They keep creating more waves!

    Asus: make a phone at the same (or even better!) quality as your tablets, and you can have your pick of my organs in trade.

  • Deeds

    I can’t wait for the first Tegra 3 tablet with ICS coming shortly after launch

  • charliethesuperturtle

    I would enjoy one very much. Hope my friends give me it for chrimsas

  • w9jds

    How come some stores are still telling the people that pre-ordered that they will be shipping on the ninth still?

  • rkumarfun

    Hope AndroidAndMe present this to me during the 25 days of Tegra3 contest :)

  • mimogear

    Good gooood more time to save up~

  • mimogear

    Just had to say one more thing. THAT WAS AN AMAZING COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fonix232

    Still thinking about this, or the Galaxy Tab 10.1. If the Prime won’t be out by the 19th Dec, at Amazon UK, I’m going for the Galaxy. Sooo hard to decide :S

  • ben steel

    Why would anyone consider buying another tablet, when these specs blow everything else away.

  • GUI_Center

    Everything seems to get pushed back these days. What is the point of a release date anymore?

  • pintobeans

    I hope to get this early next year

    • lala

      My b-day is on early january, I really hope too I can get this as a birthday present!! :D

  • zzzzzzzxzzz

    im in canada and i have checked all the websites and it says out of stock for is the eraliest i can expect to get one its my birthday on the 14th, getting this.The sooner the better

  • Louis Nicolaou

    Thats my boy!! I cant wait getting one of these into my hands..will def get one. I ve waited enough for a tablet. I believe its time that tablet will dominate the market. Pc will only be needed for playing high demanding games nothing more..thats my opinion :-)

  • Marc’us H.

    Still want this. The Motorola XYBoards haven’t impressed me much.

  • loulagrassa

    I’m very inpress with the Asus . I would please have more information on the Asus with WiFi +3G when it will be realese in Canada and were .
    Thank you. Lou