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Galaxy Nexus owners report multitouch issues, slow rotation speeds


It seems both the Verizon and GSM Galaxy Nexus have quite a few quirks, though nothing a software update or two shouldn’t fix. In our Monday Nexus News Roundup yesterday, we noted the connection problems that have plagued the device (which Verizon has promised a software update to remedy), as well as some tips to help you improve the low-res contact images.

Today, we’re hearing of two additional problems with the Galaxy Nexus device. Rootz Wiki [1] has noticed issues with multitouch on the Galaxy Nexus, where the bottom right-hand corner of the screen will essentially stop registering touches after playing certain 3D games (such as Gun Bros and Shadowgun). The Verge [2] has tested this bug, and replicated the multitouch issues on both the GSM and LTE variants of the Galaxy Nexus. Fortunately, this can be quickly remedied by toggling the display off and back on, suggesting this is a software bug rather than a hardware issue.

Additionally, Michael Blake of Techhog [3] has reported that the Galaxy Nexus takes an absurdly long time to switch from portrait to landscape mode compared to other devices. Mr. Blake tested this against the iPhone 4S and found the 4S rotated the screen a few seconds faster than the Galaxy Nexus. I went ahead and tested the Galaxy Nexus against the Motorola Photon 4G and found that the Photon consistently performs about 1-3 seconds faster than the Galaxy Nexus in switching from portrait to landscape orientation (or vice versa). This rotation issue is also likely a software bug — one Google will hopefully fix in a software update soon.

Anyone else out there having any of these bugs? Are you having other bugs with your Nexus that haven’t been reported yet? Let us know in the comments.

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  • stenzor

    At least these are all software issues and should be easily fixed

    • Thomas Biard

      Agreed! Software issues are the most annoying because you know there is a fix without having to replace your phone…you just can’t have it til they release it.

      • mr 1338

        that makes the fact that the problem is present even worse. Why cant samsung and google, both multi mrd companys spend some time on testing their product before releasing it to the picky customer?

        • WarDrake

          They did, but this are the kind of things that are not always the manufacturer’s fault, the games can do stuff too.

          • autonomousgerm

            So they never switched the phone from portrait to landscape. Yeah, that’s a pretty obscure bug.

        • Alex George

          Probably because they wanted to get the product out in time for Christmas, although I would rather they just wait until it’s perfect. The same thing happened with the Xoom and Honeycomb.

          • AsakuraZero

            bugs are bugs, you cant predict them at all, and need to be patched on the go, sure they can be avoided but meh, this is normal when you have an Open API like google, on contraire to apple that is way more closed and easier to “debug”

        • Thomas Biard

          Even if Google thorughly tests a large batch of phones, it is still a relatively small percentage to the overall number of phones that first went out. Plus what I’ve seen on this thread and others is that these problems being highlighted are not effecting everyone. Think of the number of hours of “hands on testing” the public does compared to the couple hundred/thousand hours Google is able to do in a lab. Food for thought.

          This is why if I have software issues I am patient with them because the end will be a much more refined phone.


          It’s also important to note that having the touchscreen work slightly weird in a few specific situations would have almost certainly been missed in most manufacturer testing. Not to mention, as someone else said, it could also be a result of a function of the applications.

          As for the gyroscope; it functions. It performs fine, other than a slight delay, it’s something minimal that is noticable only when compared against other phones. In terms of testing, it’s a green-light for manufacturing.

    • Deter

      agreed, and it’s not like turning a screen off and on is a big enough deal to not get such an amazing device.

    • dafi81

      yeah minor flaws it is 4.”0″ for a reason – should be fixed soon.

  • zyphbear

    I hope this is just early adopter bugs and they can get them fixed pretty quickly! I have confidence in Google to keep it all current!

    • twugd

      Agreed. It is unfortunate but happens some times.

    • psipher

      This is why I wait a month or two before buying a new phone…best to wait until all the little bugs are taken care of.

  • twugd

    Every software has a few bugs when released. Unless this is hardware related, just give Google a few days to fix this baby. Ah.. the perils of running on bleeding edge.


    none here.. no issues.. i feel lucky

    • keridel

      Same. No issues.

      The fact that the screen rotates slowly is a bit annoying but not really a deal breaker.

    • Arturo Castro

      Knock on wood dude.

      • JLix

        No doubt. It takes forever to rotate, but what is really annoying is the battery life. It was fully charged this morning, but 5 hours later and just a bunch of texts and my battery is dead. from texts?

        I looked into task killers but people report that they don’t work, or are a pain in the arse cuz they kill things that they are not suppose to kill.

        Even with these issues though, going from a BB to this is like I was using a rotary phone!!!

        • JLix

          O, and the other thing. My phone drops out of coverage all together. I don’t know if this is when it hops in between 4g to 3g, but all of a sudden i can’t sent a text or a call is dropped and it takes a few minutes for reception to come back. No bars.

          • keridel

            i cant really help with the phone signal dropping in and out but the battery dies actually get better with more charges. i get about 11 hours now.

            of course the signal drop out would be draining your battery like a bitch..

          • Shadowlore

            One thing I’d like to point out for some individuals… running apps that aren’t optimized for ICS can and will have adverse effects on the device.

            Here’s a prime example.. Dolphin Browser HD. Prior to their recent ICS compatible release (which still has some issues) I could load my website (photography site) and literally watch my battery drain. Turns out Dolphin was rendering something wrong, and when it’d realize there was a problem, it’d queue up to grab the image again.. and again.. and again.. and again… I’ve personally not encountered the multitouch or rotation bugs. Yes, it takes a second or 2 to rotate, but to be honest, that’s the way both mine and my wife’s previous devices operated as well.

            She’s seen a few social networking apps that constantly poll, no matter what intervals you have it set to.. which drain her battery quickly.

          • JLix

            Interesting. I’m not bitching cuz the phone is just plain awesome. Just a little worried with a brand new phone not going more than 5 hours on a battery. What will it be like in 2 years when it’s time to upgrade?? I had WiFi on at home, and thought maybe it searching for that in the office would kill it too so i shut that down. Also, yes call me a douche now, but I have a live wallpaper on too.

            I wonder if anyone else is feeling my battery pain?

            I have been reading these posts for a few months and am pretty impressed with the casual phone tweaking gurus. People have balls. I would never crack my phone open for fear of bricking it. What someone really needs to do is open up an online store, have people send them their phones, trick em out and send em back. I mean, someone like me would gladly pay a couple hundred bucks for that and how long does that take the average techy? 5 min? hour? I have no idea…….I might even be so inclined to send it all the way to….gulp….Europe.

        • redraider133

          If you are constantly losing signal or dropping the signal that will kill your battery really fast.

        • Robert

          Don’t know what to tell you man. I’m using the extended battery with 4g on and I’m getting way better battery life than that. See here.

    • Anthony E

      Are you letting gmail sync your contacts? If so, you do suffer from the blurry, low resolution contact photos. Just wait till the whole sync comes from google’s servers, instead of partially from there.

      • JLix

        I’m confused. Would this drain my battery?

        When will the sync come from the Google servers??

        I will say, that I am pretty impressed by the sync of the contacts and calendar from Google to Phone, since i was a BB user with Outlook before. I still would like a simple solution going from Outlook to Phone, I have been researching today on Google Apps Sync but have not downloaded it and tried it. I just realllllly need sync for work and keeping up with calendar. I feel pretty noobish to be honest, hence why I have been a “Guest” and not member here.

        • JLix

          O. And on the blackberry note. This may sound complete wrong, but why couldn’t BB go Android?? I mean, keep the other stuff that makes Blackberry rock, but go Android and compete with the rest. I just don’t see how they can survive now. Outlook and BB messenger were great, but you have to roll with the punches, they killed themselves.

        • Anthony E

          I was not commenting on the battery drain problem. I was commenting on the low resolution contact photos that gmail pushes back to the phone.

  • Monkeyman364

    Well it’s good that Sammy didn’t ship thousands of faulty phones this round….(Looking at you LG) -_-

    • cxandroid

      Perhaps they learned from the Fascinate.

      Actually, I love my Fascinate, every since jt1134, (and others – sbrissen, Andmer, Birdman, Adrynalyn) started working on it, currently running a very stable ICS build, thanks to jt and Team Hacksung.

  • frpst9

    I’ve had one random reboot while at the unlock screen, otherwise I haven’t experienced any of the issues that have cropped up so far (fortunately).

    Hopefully the fixes are out soon for those that are affected.

    • Louis A

      Yes I have also noticed that when I rotate the phone from portrait to landscape and texting in landscape, it keyboard is not as responsive. it seems to only happen in landscape mode. You hit keys on the keyboard and it takes a second or two to register something (multitouch as describe above) Anybody noticed that too???

  • Adam Jones

    My list:
    1) rotation speed. I agree, very slow compared to my DX.
    2) facial recognition is very touchy. I didn’t shave, stood in same spot i took “Face detection” pic in and it wouldn’t unlock even after 12 attempts holding it higher, lower, closer, farther, light on, light off, ceiling fan on/off. I shaved…it worked…what gives?
    3) Im use to my email syncing constantly, not having to set it at intervals and lowest interval being 5 minutes. That must have been a moto.blur thing on DX.

    but being that those are my ONLY complaints. They are so small in comparison to the PROS. I can’t even list all of those here. First and foremost, fastest machine i’ve laid my hands on!

    • Louis A

      Actually facial recognition is very very responsive for me even in low light situations where I will think it will not work. Plus I have a darker skin complex.

    • Billy

      The speed and accuracy of facial recognition is amazing on my end. I was shocked by how fast it worked.

      However, I find my glasses mess it up. If I wear them in the original picture then they have to be on for recognition to work .. vice versa. Still a fun feature. :)

  • nunoloule

    No doubt that sould be easily fixed.
    But is weird that in 24 hours the costumers are reporting problems that the manufactor did not on their (supposedly) hard tests before start standart prodution.

  • Tim

    Phonedog’s review showed the roating issue a few days ago so that one isn’t a surprise at all to me.

  • McLovin

    Do software updates still come directly from Google? I thought Verizon puts their spin on the ROM which would require the updates to come from them instead of Google?

    • cxandroid

      It should be pure Google, no VZW bloat, BUT, VZW might have the power to ‘test’ updates first, slowing them down a little.

  • jasonlee

    Def need to fix the slow ass screen rotation. Very frustrating

  • Tammy

    Have the Nexus and yes, it rotates incredibly slow. I do hope that this will be fixed. I was showing the phone off to a friend and was taken aback by how long it took to rotate images and web sites.

    Also am really struggling with the low volume. Enough that I may need to return it. I would really rather not have to install something to make the phone louder. I am not techie enough to root the phone so am stuck with what is available.

    LOVE the phone. I am getting used to the HUGE size difference between my original Droid and this one. I think as soon as better cases come out for it, I will be more comfie. Right now it is in an Otterbox and feels like I am talking on a tablet! :-)

    • thepwneddroid

      Use Volume+ from the Android Market, and there is no root needed. Its like Audio Hijack Pro for the mac, if you know what that is.

    • Billy

      I hav noticed the really low volume also … frustrating. I will try the volume+ from the market as someone suggested.

  • cxandroid

    I’d still have one, I’m confident the bugs will get worked out. If not Google and Samsung, then some crafty Devs will figure it out.

    Patiently waiting until February when my contract is up for renewal / switch.

  • protozeloz

    About the LTE there is an interesting article from andratech i think you should read. Sure hope the bugs are squashed. But i think the rotation could have being set up like that to assute intentional rotation. Just saying

  • Dirge

    Weird,I read somewhere that the slow rotation speed was intentional.

    • stenzor

      I read that too, but if you check out the videos of it (not sure if you have the phone), it’s way too slow.. A delay is nice so that every little change in the way you’re holding it doesn’t offset it, but it doesn’t need to be as long as it is now

  • Scott

    I have noticed that if I am playing music (Google Music or Pandora) the phone will randomly shut off. But it only seems to do it when I play music…. I hope this is a known bug and gets fixed, I listen to music all day at work!

  • redraider133

    I agree the switching between landscape and portrait is pretty slow. Im sure a simple software fix can help that.

  • WallaceD

    I think all these issues seem relatively minor. A software update will surely fix these items, right?

    As previously commented, those of us who want to be “bleeding edge” always run the risk of being real world bug testers for those who wait a bit for the latest and greatest.

  • Paleogirl2003

    +1 on the slow rotation, though you can usually force it by swiping the screen, hopefully this will be fixed in 4.0.3

  • txbluesman

    Rarely does a phone launch author a few bugs. Good news is, they usually get fixed quickly. :-)

  • AsakuraZero

    this is nothing new in android, this happened me on my xperia, captivate and… happily not in the sgs2, lets say that Android4 its new it need its polishment.

  • Paleogirl2003

    anyone find an app yet for increasing the speaker volume ?

    • thepwneddroid

      Use volume+ on the market.

      • Paleogirl2003

        Thanks, but the description says it should not be used with a stock rom sadly

        • tw426

          Get it directly from the site (called something like androidaudiohacks), put it on the phone somewhere, change the setting to allow non-marketplace apps, the install it with a filemanager (I use astro – from the marketplace)…

          You MUST enable volume+ in the settings/sound/music effects.

          Then even with the stock verizon rom, it works quite well. a setting of 10 is PLENTY loud, and it earsplitting at 12 – above there (on up to a level of 16) is actually LOWER volume. Certainly this will get fixed soon, or even the next release of ICS will render volume+ unneeded.

  • w00x

    A Multi-touch bug???? Again?!?!?!? Come on!!!
    The only thing that takes me beyond mad on my Nexus One is the multi-touch bug, and not the Galaxy Nexus has one too??? This HAS to be a joke!

  • bm

    The left edge on my camera screen doesn’t line up. Also, on any setting other than bright, my screen looks yellowed, and shows vertical bars. Anyone else noticed these issues?

    • Gr8Ray

      I got 2 in the mail from Amazon yesterday, and one of them has the vertical bars in the screen. Almost looks like an etch-a-sketch, like someone drew on the back of the screen with a pencil. It’s going back!

    • keridel

      that is deffinatly a issue with you phone specifically it needs to go back./ my screen is the essence of stunning.

  • nexusnedd

    Havent come across the multi-touch bug but sure have some issues with the rotation
    Can sometimes take 5-7 seconds to right itself and once or twice had to switch off display to correct. Also, on certain webpages, including the login page for androidandme, the screen flickers. Anyone else come across this issue?

  • schof94

    Anyone else having a problem with serious lagging when typing in landscape mode? it eventually comes through but freezes as you type/

    • ooliv22

      Yep, noticed the lag in landscape typing as well- it catches up but is definitely noticeable. Also have the lag in rotating between portrait-landscape, but that is not a major bother by any means. Otherwise, great phone and am very happy with my (1st!) Android purchase.

  • hector

    Maybe this has been said before, but add to the list the fast battery draining (and a weird system-process consumption) on both Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S updated to ICS.

  • Alexis Piraina

    Damn, i just bought mine :’(

  • GeauxLSU

    I hate hearing about more bugs. Hopefully these will be the last that are discovered

  • ArticulateFool

    I haven’t experienced these issues and i have had my gsm nexus for weeks.

  • GrendelJapan

    ICS is working brilliantly on my Nexus S.

    Surprised to hear folks having battery issues with the NS. If anything, my battery is lasting longer than it used to. The first couple of days after I upgraded, I was using the phone non-stop and ended the day with juice to spare, which wasn’t the case in the past.

    • cxandroid

      And on the Fascinate, of all the known buggy devices it should not be working well on.

    • Anthony E

      Yeah, last night I used the phone heavily for 20 hours and still had 12% to spare before bed. My first two charges after the update to 4.0.3 weren’t as long as usual though. But now it’s back up to the super long life that i was experiencing before the update.

  • Marcus

    It’s a really good thing these problems are software related. Bugs are really annoying. They are worse than hardware issues IMO. But Google is awesome, so they’ll send out a fix in no time!

  • Skis03

    A coworker of mine said he was having these issues. And the only way to fix it was to shut the screen off and turn it back on.

  • ndub21

    I haven’t run into either of these issues yet, although I’ve only had my GSM GN for 4 days now. I’m really not worried about this though since Google is always quick about updating their Nexus phones to fix issues. I have no doubts that this will be fixed quickly.

  • jaxidian

    I’m the one that started the post at Rootz about the multitouch bug and also submitted the official bug report to Google Code. Here’s my take on the multi-touch bug…

    1) Yes, it’s annoying and hampers some multitouch games pretty seriously. That said, that is about the ONLY use case where this is a major problem. Additionally, only SOME games seem to have the problem (seems to be specific to landscape multitouch games only although I don’t know if only some or all landscape games have this problem) while other games do not (I’ve not seen it reported yet for a portrait game although I haven’t looked into every game that’s been reported).

    2) As nearly universally agreed-upon, I believe this is simply a software bug that will be fixed. That said, it is POSSIBLE that it is hardware-related. Imagine if it only triggers because the digitizer isn’t being provided sufficient power when the GPU kicks into high gear and this isn’t something controlled by the firmware. If that were the case, then we might need a hardware fix. That said, I don’t believe that’s the case and I do believe it’ll be fixable by software. I am curious if we have this bug on AOSP builds for other devices. *looks at the Nexus S folks*

    3) No, this is not a terrible oversight by Google and Samsung. They were not negligent or anything. This is a consumer-grade high-tech product with a metric crapton of software involved. If you know anything about software development, you know that the above things mean that, by definition, there will be many bugs in the product. Over time the number of bugs (or at least the seriousness of the bugs) will be reduced. But if you think you can purchase a cutting-edge technology product this heavily dependent on software and not have bugs in them, you are SERIOUSLY disillusioned. I’m sorry but that’s the way it is. “But Google and Samsung have practically infinite money. They can just put more people on the project and fix all bugs!” Sorry, but you are very disillusioned when it comes to software development. “Adding more people” is like taking a pregnant lady, adding 2 more pregnant ladies, and expecting the pregnancy to only last 3 months. I’m sorry, but that’s not how it works.

    4) This will be fixed soon. And if Google/Samsung don’t get it fixed soon, our devs will. I’d be willing to bet money that we’ll have a fix for this in a month, if not sooner. It might not be official but it’ll be a fix.

    That’s my $0.02 worth on this…

    • Jason

      LOLZ… The Pregnancy metaphor is killer. LOL

      I get my Nexus today… I am stoked! I hope there aren’t any huge issues with it cause I only have a few days to send it back.


      • keridel

        i think “metric Crapton” will be my new Quote of the day

  • humidity

    Honestly, I kinda liked the “lag” on the screen rotation. There’s been countless times where I didn’t mean to rotate my screen and it rotates anyway.

  • jason s

    i agree with the rotation lag. very frustrating

    -there is no way in ICS to make shortcuts to certain settings like you could in gingerbread.
    shortcut to volume, etc.

    -sometimes if im typing really fast while sms-ing, it exits out of the app. happened a few times

    -im not a fan of the contacts/dialer. i like the search method that my touchwiz had.

    -also i toggle my data connection on/off all day. i had to downlaod an app. touchwiz had it built into the pulldown.

    -please make it so i can turn off the camera shutter sound!!! what the heck!

    • JLix

      I think the texting thing might be when you go to hit space bar and you hit home button, it happens to me all the time, but that is just my guess. Not like you wouldn’t know.

  • ron

    I find that the browser could be smoother when using pinch to zoom. Hopefully Google can fix it also.

  • amgala

    I can’t comment on the multitouch issue, but I definitely have noticed the slow response for screen rotation.

  • Darknight42020

    Bleeding edge does cut back sometimes and we must all be patient. The screen issues ie: lines, distortion, yellowing and things along that line is a sign you need to exchange your device. As mentioned before, most issues stated are software and “hopefully” can be remedied. The Nexus line did start out after all to be a developer line and will almost certainly have its issues that not every device will be plagued with. Add to that a whole new OS is alot of code change that may not be completely tweaked right for every aspect.

    Can’t blame Google/Samsung if they didn’t test every app on the Market out to see what it’s effect would be. On the otherhand, you can blame them if the hardware becomes faulty and leaves you with a feeling of owning a very expensive piece of plastic and glass…

    IMO, I think there was tremendous pressure to get this device out and that they released it believing that anything that may arise could be fixed in a short time span. When this device is opened to the other carriers I don’t think it will be plagued by as much and thanks to the Verizon customers *winking at you* most things will already be addressed. Not too soothing to early adopters, but the truth of it since the beginning.

  • thekaz

    Wait. This writer thought the rotation was slow, so he compared it to an iPhone and found the iPhone was faster? Why not compare to other android devices? What a Troll!

  • Adryan maldonado

    Well no device is perfect. Ios 5 had quite a few bugs. So it’s not surprising there were issues with ICS. as always soon enough Verizon and Google will release something soon especially considering this is their flagship device and it’s getting alot of attention.

  • Jeremy Johns

    a little disappointed to hear of these issues with a phone that was so hyped and took forever to be released. Of course they can be fixed, but not sure why these were not known before rollout… don’t give Apple fans any ammo.

  • Keith Kaplan

    I have the Galaxy Nexus 4G on Verizon and I’ve noticed the slow rotation speed. I’ve also noticed the bug that you can’t sync your FB account with your people hub. Anyone else notice that?

    • cxandroid

      Facebook decided sometime ago not to play fair with synching/sharing data, so Google dropped support for FB.

      It’s not a bug.

  • Billy

    I am not seeing these issues (which doesn’t mean they are not there)… maybe I am not as picky or just coming from a much slower phone makes it seem moot.

    I also rarely play games.

    i am always ready for updates, bug fixes, and speed improvements though … so bring it on!!! Woot!

  • Hall Lo

    Oh well a software fix will do it :)

  • ramenchef

    The rotation is not a bug, just a preference. They set it to slow reaction so that the battery lasts longer if you pass the device around and don’t actually mean to switch orientation.

  • minimage

    Come to think of it, a phone that isn’t too quick to rotate might be nice. I get a little aggravated with my Photon, when it switches at times I didn’t intend.

  • Dan13

    This stinks for the Galaxy Nexus. With these bugs and all the stuff verizon has been pulling plus making it so delayed has really hurt the nexus image. Luckily these multitouch issues and slow rotation speeds are software, not hardware. I hope they fix it soon, and I’m sure they will, seeing how fast Google works.

    • redraider133

      Because no phone is ever delayed or ships 100% bug free. Come on this isn’t hurting the nexus image. Google will issue a fix quick and that is why it is a nexus and so many people want it. For the quick updates and no skins!

  • ralphwiggum1

    I wish I had a Galaxy Nexus so I could complain about it

    • KILTIN

      Me TOO!

  • nwilliam3

    I’ve noticed the slow rotation time on my Nexus since I got it. Not sure if it is a bug or a feature. As other have said you don’t want it to rotate to quick or else it happens when you don’t want it to. I think the current speed of rotation could probably be improved a little though.

  • Lux143

    after all the pathetic delays for MONTHS, this stupid thing has more issues than any other phone i have ever seen…i’m so glad I didn’t get this pos.
    honestly…what a joke.

  • David Wynn

    I can confirm the slow-to-rotate issues. It’s gotten in the way once or twice since I like to read in portrait and type in landscape, but it’s something I’d gladly keep given all the other benefits.

    As an upgrade from the Motorola Milestone, I’m still obscenely happy with the buy.

  • Brian Singer-Towns

    I’m trying hard not to have buyer’s remorse! I can confirm all those issues and I would add the external speaker is still too low at full volume. Used the navigation in my car and had to strain to hear directions. Never a problem with my original Droid. Hoping all these bugs can be worked out, I love the display and responsiveness!

  • xDD90x

    I have also noticed the slow screen rotation issue. Glad to see im not the only one.

  • Warren Gary

    Root users with custom roms shouldn’t see this problem It’s been fixed. My GNEX rotates consistently at 1-2secs.

  • HoLfElDeR

    I was wondering when will this happen, dont know why, but i suspected that there will be something like this

  • Rich

    Mine will not rotate to landscape at all if it’s on the home screen! Anybody else?

    • mikeyDroid

      It’s not supposed to, Rich – unless you’re using a custom launcher.

      • Rich

        I prefer landscape mode in my car. Seems bizarre that it would be set up for everything else to work in landscape but that. Don’t think my Droid OG was that way.

  • mikeyDroid

    I’ve noticed slow rotation – no multitouch issues.

  • Jesse

    I can’t post the screenshots to back it up here but I have 4.0.1 and it doesn’t properly detect when it is roaming and therefore it doesn’t disable the data like it should. I’m with Wind in Canada and when you are in their urban zone it is called “Wind Home” and when you are outside of it you roam on Rogers but it displays as “Wind Away”. Anyways, Wind Away should be classified as roaming but it isn’t:

    On a Nexus S running ICS also though, it does get recognized as roaming and the data is shut off:

    Really frustrating.

  • mine

    slow rotation is same in NS and no this function isnt going to be any quicker on dualcore

  • YNWA

    It is still faster than my Droid Charge ever was. At least the bugs get fixed with an update rather than waiting forever.

  • jimtravis

    Haven’t noticed the mukti-touch issue; but have definitely exprienced the extremely long time for rotation. it is a consistent issue, evey rotation takes so long you think you were using a half core processor at 100 MHz. ;-)

  • Greg

    ive noticed blue outlines of boxes at top of screen and there are black dots on signal bars that frequently appear. texting also lags quite a bit.and the 3 keys at bottom are not always responsive.

  • Greg

    ive noticed blue outlines of boxes at top of screen and there are black dots on signal bars that frequently appear. texting also lags quite a bit.and the 3 keys at bottom are not always responsive.

  • beatrixasdfghjk.

    Yes, at least it’s software.

    A hardware bug would have everyone just crying, and crying, and crying. Like oh, the Nexus One’s improper multitouch support ):

  • bhake

    I have the Photon that he is comparing the Galaxy Nexus to. Since I prefer speed, under display settings I turn off all animations. This gives the Photon a very quick rotate switch, without the slow down of animation. I wonder if anyone with the Galaxy Nexus did the same thing in settings would see enough of an improvement (until it’s fixed)?

  • halo0

    The slow rotation has been driving me nuts! Everyone needs to go here to the official bug report and star this issue so google knows this is important to fix!

  • kungpaodragon

    It is exactly this kind of things that give Apple fan boys the fire power… Apple does do one thing really well… QUALITY CONTROL! It’s not even something that you can only replicate if you are leaning forward at 60 degrees while playing Rick Roll on youtube. It’s slow screen rotation. It could have been easily caught and fixed. You can’t tell me that no developers nor QA have happened to rotate the device and notice the lag…

  • Jorge Eslava

    Software issues are easy to fix, there’s nothing to be worried about.

  • dcdttu

    The rotation speed is kind of weird, very delayed.

    And don’t forget the fact that my phone, when put side by side with a Droid Charge, and both are on 3G, reports 10-20dBm less reception than the Charge.

    Something’s up with the reception on this phone.

  • TeeJay

    Yes it takes way to long to rotate from landscape to portrait. But my issue was random reboots and trying stuck in the “color tile” animation.

    Mine stayed that way for over 40 minutes… horrible.

    I went back to my Bionic.

  • Leo

    I dont know if anyone else has realized this, but i believe it is definately a software issue. I checked the box in developer settings for hardware acceleration and i have no problem what so ever anymore. I tested it with a multitouch tester app. Without this option checked i definately have a multitouch problem, but with hardware acceleration on, no problem at all. Software update definately needed

  • Evokill1

    Hopefully all these bugs and improvements will be taken care of once the Nexus hits AT&T stores. Then again, something better could be out by then.

  • donger

    4.0.3 should fix this

  • Snowpeas

    this has been the first year in about 4 that i haven’t rushed out to buy the latest released phone, mainly because i was tired of getting a phone then noticing issues with it and returning it after a couple of weeks. between this, the strange screen issues i’ve heard some people having, and the honest signal indicator seems like verizon always has problems with their halo releases at the end of the year.

  • M&T

    The phone is turning off by itself, i bought it couple of days ago and since then 2 times turns off by itself.

  • Greg

    The landscape keyboard is extremely laggy…as well as rotation time. Hope the update comes soon. Also….has anyone had an issue when youre on the phone and someone beeps in…the screen doesnt go black and your face is now touching the switch calls button.

  • jose

    Speakerphone is crap, battery life is useless and now the landscape mode takes forever..Oh lord, I am getting second thoughts. I should have gotten the rezound.

  • zolivier

    Just got the phone today, I’m experiencing the slow rotation issue as well as the multitouch issue.

    Slow rotation is actually a setting to prevent the screen from rotating when you are shaking the phone or moving too fast.
    It appears that this new feature is a kind of automation that would detect the difference, if you are moving fast or if you really rotated your phone.
    It is simply a matter of Holding the phone still after rotating fast, and it will rotate right away without a delay.. Just need not to move! The phone is detecting that while you are moving too much it is like if you are walking, holding your phone and you don’t want it to rotate.
    Although I agree it is still too slow, the threshold is set too high.

    On the multitouch side, I have the exact same problem as described, except that it happens with EVERY APP, not just with some games.
    I can test multitouch with the integrated tool in the development settings (Pointer Location), and it will work fine till I open any app using multitouch including Google Maps. After that I only have to turn the display off and on and it will work fine again on the integrated Pointer Location tool.
    It is not just some problem with the game developers, but an ICS issue that should be fixed soon (I hope so).

    Other thoughts : Can’t get the USB Mass Storage to work… Is it for use only with MTP ?

  • Ariel Martinez

    I have lots of issues with the Android Nexus. First of all the battery life is very poor, I can have a 20min conversation and my battery will be all gone. Second, it’s most apps if not all have crash, bug, and all kind of issues. Google finance app keeps asking to accept terms and conditions, it crashes all the time, facebook also crashes all the time. Google maps and navigator does not always work; Widgets don’t work correctly either. I mean the list is endless, almost every application major issues.

  • Ricardo

    Yes, have another problem with livewallpaper….a lot of lags when scrooling. Just a few livewallpapers works well.

  • tincan

    This problem is all but fixed (but Google cant apply it yet) on the Galaxy Nexus and it is on your phone NOW. Do this.

    Go to your camera. Take a picture of anything. Notice the little thumbnail picture of what you just took in the upper right corner. Now rotate your phone.

    The rotation is quick, responsive and fast. See how quick the thumbnail rotates? All Google has to do is apply this to the phone as a whole and just not the camera.

    Come on guys. So easy to fix.

  • Koray

    I have a different bug. I could not find if anyone reported before. Actually it is hard to explain.

    Let us give numbers to home screens. Normally we have 5 home screen. we can give 1 to 5 from left to right. 3rd is the center and if you press home button you receive that screen from others.

    As you know if you go to apps from the 2nd home screen and press home button after running an app or do something in app menu, you go to 2nd home screen again. If you press it once more you go to the center one, 3rd home screen.

    In my phone, sometimes from whichever you go to app menu and run an app, when I press the home button it returns to 1st home screen.

    For example I am in the 4th home screen. I go to app menu, I run maps. After using maps, I press home and it goes to 1st home screen, the one on the left side.

    But another interesting point is, it goes to the 1st screen but it acts like it is on third. I mean if you slide to left. it goes to 2nd one. Normally you cannot go left is you are in the 1st screen.

    I hope I described it good.

    I can give details if anyone is interested.