Dec 14 AT 10:40 PM Anthony Domanico 154 Comments

Galaxy Nexus unboxing video and photos


Generally, we let Taylor do most of the unboxing videos here at Android and Me, and for good reason. Simply put, I suck at them and don’t have a dedicated videographer brother capturing it all so I don’t have to fidget with the camera while trying to show off the latest gizmo. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. I generally don’t mind being on camera, but avoid it as much as possible.

Tonight, I was able to get my hands on the Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus, thanks to our trusty local Verizon PR folks. I’ve spent a grand total of about 45 minutes with the device, but I can say with certainty that it is the nicest Android phone that’s been put on the market to date. Sure, there’s been a ton of hype, but we strongly feel that the device will live up to the hype. Ice Cream Sandwich is that good, and the innards of the Galaxy Nexus are more than powerful enough to show it off.

We will have a full review of the LTE Nexus up in the next week or so. For now, enjoy my crappy unboxing video and accompanying screenshots below.

Galaxy Nexus 001 Galaxy Nexus 002 Galaxy Nexus 003 Galaxy Nexus 004 Galaxy Nexus 005 Galaxy Nexus 006 Galaxy Nexus 007 Galaxy Nexus 008 Galaxy Nexus 009 Galaxy Nexus 010 Galaxy Nexus 011 Galaxy Nexus 012 Galaxy Nexus 013 Galaxy Nexus 014 Galaxy Nexus 015 Galaxy Nexus 016 Galaxy Nexus 017 Galaxy Nexus 018 Galaxy Nexus 019 Galaxy Nexus 020 Galaxy Nexus 021 Galaxy Nexus 022 Galaxy Nexus 023 Galaxy Nexus 024 Galaxy Nexus 025 Galaxy Nexus 026 verizon-nexus-hands

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  • humidity

    Can’t wait to unbox my own!

    • Louis A

      Just ordered mine online!!

      • erikiksaz

        So lucky, can’t wait for T-mobile to announce their version!

        • professandobey

          I’m sure you know about the unlocked GSM version that has been available…

          • azswift

            Who pays $700 for their phones?

    • Sil Claeys

      I can haz phone?!

    • goncalossilva

      Indeed. Sexy phone is sexy.

    • LukeT32

      Can’t wait for my upgrade on the 15th of next month!

  • stenzor

    It…it……it’s beautiful

    • YMS123

      It contrasts nicely with the boring box

      • goncalossilva

        I like the box. It reminds me of the Nexus One’s box.

  • zyphbear

    This looks fantastic! I can’t wait to get one!
    I’m a little envious you already get to play with one!
    Let’s hope the price comes down a little soon.

    • Lee Swanson

      Great icon, Zephear!

  • psipher

    very nice…looking forward to the full review.


    welcome aboard Anthony !!

    • BiGMERF

      the verizon logo on the back still pisses me off ! even seeing the verizon on the manual piss me off

      • stenzor

        I feel for ya buddy, the Verizon logo looks like crap..

        • Samar

          On the White box specially. Looks a tad little better on the black one though.

          • stenzor

            It’s just a terribly designed logo

      • azswift

        I always think of the Converse shoes check mark

    • BiGMERF

      I have to sat Anthony , I am more impressed with your controlled unboxing! I was like a Lion who hadnt eating in a week tearing into a gazelle !

      • breinhar

        when ever I get a new gadget it’s like… Give it to me now!!!!

  • ndub21


  • Kevin Amundson

    The English language fails to describe the magnificence of this device!

    • rmcsc

      How about some Lithuanian? Or Vietnamese? Or, maybe, Catalan? No, ok, most I can offer is Spanish and French.

  • teecruz

    he actually did a good job.. don’t be so hard on yourself Anthony. :]

  • the5thdimension

    Ahhh…drooling all over my computer…

  • ArticulateFool

    Welcome to the club! You will not be disappointed with the nexus!

  • xfaith

    Nice, now I want the GSM version…..but not @ 700.

  • jamal

    The Beast is in the House!

  • mjtaylo1

    Absolutely beautiful. Something about phones with crisp, super AMOLED screens make me swoon.

  • nick

    is there no Google branding on this phone? what’s with that?

    • Futureboy

      The absence of Google branding, the absence of Google wallet, plus more certain impending compromises to the “pure Google experience” are being brought to you courtesy of Verizon Wireless.

      • cb2000a

        And that is why I am no longer with Verizon. Overpriced and over controlling.

  • Shawn Flanagan

    I think a special TC Android Meetup should be hosted tomorrow, so we can all ogle over the device as well.

  • Louis A

    Sweet baby Jesus!

    • Chad

      We made it in America! #WTT

  • Jorge Eslava

    Awesome Nexus goodness

  • donger

    GSM one please.

    • azswift

      Maybe when it’s less than $700.00.

  • eliander mendoza

    Great video. Do this for every phone that comes out!!!

  • Jimmy13

    Here comes the future. One small step for android on large leep for mobile devices.

    • Jimmy13


  • donger

    Looked thru the pictures, what’s the rectangle thing on the bottom of the phone by the micro-usb slot? the gsm one doesn’t have that.

    • Anthony Domanico

      haha… that’s a sticker I didn’t take off. again, pure unboxing video ;)

      • donger

        thanks for clearing that up.

  • Jaz

    Man, this phone looks nice and with verizon lte speeds it makes me jealous. I will give sprint a couple more months to see if they get lte up like they said they would and improve 3g and hopefully by then the next nexus will be on sprint. All I know is that if android can keep all these lawsuits and patent infringement at bay I will be with android forever. Iphone what? who cares… android rules!!!!

  • yungsir2

    I think i will get the unlocked version Asap great unboxing!!!

  • Christopher Chavez


    • Anthony Domanico

      haha…i love you too, chris.

  • Oscar Ortega

    GSM one por favor. :)

  • Brandon

    I wonder if it comes with the new Micro SIM card if you order it online????????????

  • Dan13


  • MDSanta

    Interesting, didn’t see Google Wallet Preinstalled

  • clarkeblaise

    Would kill to have one, but it’s not in the cards anytime soon. :/ Guess I’ll have to wait until the next Nexus or Galaxy S III…

    • Samar

      Why so @clarkeblaise ?

  • Joshua Melling

    Oh nice! cant wait for GSM version. :(

  • dharr18

    My precious.

  • malckier

    Focus! Focus! Just kidding (well, kind of).

    • Anthony Domanico

      Don’t worry. i’ll get better. New camera plus nobody around to hold it.

      Damn thing’s supposed to autofocus, but it’s not great i guess.

  • jamal

    My precious *Gollum voice*

  • auronblue

    Video was fine. Looking forward to full review.

  • Angie

    Good video, friend :)

  • Nate B.

    Hey, your unboxing wasn’t bad at all. the focus was being stubborn though ;-p just on the USB part. Still very good. Even though Verizon was an ass with getting this out, it still looks so beautiful phone. Curious as to what kind of camera you use to record this.

  • IntlGrizzly

    sweetness. can’t wait to head over to my verizon store tomorrow.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Im so jealous. I almost want to start my own website to if i would get sent the newest and nicest phones. AWWWWWWWW GIVE ME NEXUS!!!

  • tengo

    yup…. i’m jealous :)

  • dacatalyst41

    Why does tomorrow feel so far away?!?!?!?!

    • Futureboy

      Odd… to me it feels a lot closer than it did on Nov. 3, or Nov. 10, or Nov. 13, or Nov. 17, or Nov 21, or Nov. 27, or Nov. 29, or Dec. 8, or Dec. 9, or Dec. 13.

  • Ilyse Rose

    Nice video, it’s looking slick. Also those headphones looks pretty nice. Better than the ones I bought separately for my phone

  • jaxidian

    You know, I must say, that is actually a very nice box! I really do love it!

    • Samar

      Plain and Simple goes a long way.. :-)

  • rekaviles

    Finally !!!!!

    Thanx for the quick unboxing vid.

  • evobb10

    I wish this phone on Sprint.

    • mac08wrx

      me to i would pay that in a heart beat….please Sprint get this phone

      • Samar

        Feel sorry for you guys..may be get an unlocked one on’ll show up soon. :-)


    I am not totally disappointed but I’m quite upset about the amount FCs and other lags. I really thought it was gonna be a device with no flaws and there are so many of them. Been using a UK version for a couple of weeks.

  • Anthropic

    I still think my beautiful Galaxy S2 is a better phone, well at least once it gets Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • c1liu

    I dont mean to rain on the party, but this is a genuine question. Is this really that much better than the galaxy s2? it does have ICS, but that will only remain exclusive for so long. it has a lower Res camera, and doesn’t have expandable storage. screen is bigger and slightly better I guess. what I mean is specs-wise its not a huge leap or anything, so I’m wondering if the experience is really that different. I have the s2, never had hands on experience with nexus yet so just wondering.

    • Anthropic

      I agree, I believe the issue is that the Nexus devices are spec’d up by Google and put out to tender and the winner builds it, but that process gives a substantial period for the builder to build something better. Each time a Nexus phone has come out I have been scratching my head wondering why it isn’t the best of breed specs wise.

      • Samar

        Agreed. HTC seems to have build pretty good UI on top of Android. Their HTC Sense is really great with a solid premium feel phone. Then comes Samsung. The battery cover at the back of GN look skinda plasticy though.

        • Anthropic

          I LOVE my Samsung Galaxy S2 in unethical ways. Best. Phone. Ever.

  • Marcus

    That is one gorgeous phone… even the box was sexy… but I hate the fact that it doesn’t say Google anywhere on the phone. Just Samsung and stupid Verizon. Oh yeah, but I don’t think I saw any bloatware in the app drawer, but maybe I didn’t look hard enough. Or maybe they didn’t include it in the review unit…

    By the way Anthony, I’m still waiting on that countertop unboxing ;P

    • Samar


      • Anthony Domanico

        There’s no bloatware on the countertop either… but, you know, spoilers

  • Samar

    Well…Verizon did go with Apple’s approach with great products in simple packages.. :-)

    • spintrex

      Packaging reminds me of the Palm Pre… same type of box with an orange colored background.
      Wonder if Matias Duarte had anything to do with that

    • beatrixasdfghjk.

      Apple have a picture of the product on the box, though…

  • Billy

    Good job on the review. A little practice and you will be a pro! Here’s to many more Android unboxing and one of my own tomorrow!

  • nevsdad

    12/15? Finally! I want it!

  • eioous

    I see it but for some reason I still dont believe Verizon has released it yet. ;)

  • Jack Thakar

    What’s the chance that I can get some sort of discount on this at my local VZW store tomorrow? I thought I had a New Every Two discount, but I just found out today that it’s not available on secondary accounts on a family plan.

  • Samar

    Wud have been even nicer, if it was a world phone.

  • spintrex

    The loch ness monster??!?! Bigfoot?!?! Galaxy Nexus!?!? They DO exist

  • Hall Lo

    *.* sooooo beautiful…..

  • slimx30

    just waiting on newegg to restock the nexus so I can get the unlocked gsm version. I’d rather pay full price and use it on tmobile

  • zippyioa

    It does look like a beautiful phone.

    Just not sure it deserves the inflated price tag!? It’s just a little too much for me, I have bought many a newly launched phone only to see prices plummet over the following months….. not this time!!

  • KatSelezneva

    Yeees! The official release date is tomorrow! Galaxy Nexus story: rumors and facts

  • Himal Limbu

    all i worry abt now is the battery life.

  • morris105

    Can’t wait to see it and play with it. Maybe it will convince me to break my 2 yr early.

  • ruhrohs

    All the hubbub with the release and it’s finally here!!

  • mojeda

    Seems like you can buy it right now!

  • uriri33

    Like a good neighbor state farm is there…with my nexus!

  • David Keller

    It looks a lot thinner that I thought it would be, sexy!

  • Chad8771

    This phone sucks in the worst way. You couldn’t pay my bill for me to use this phone. Wow it has it has ics, so will every other phone in a couple months. Turns out its not even going to be be a pure google experience. It looks so sleek until you turn it on and all that unessasary bezel hits you. I hope all you weirdos that have passed up other phones for this and checked blogs every hour for the last 3 months are able to bust a nut when unboxing.

    • Ben Rodriguez

      U mad, bro?

  • Zeratoda1

    MAKES me want to spend my saved money for books next semester just to get me one

  • smisa27

    Just can’t wait to play around with a phone with ICS so I can get to play and learn that! That phone just looks so sleek and I love the way it looks. The only thing I don’t like so much is the fact that it’s made from all plastic. Sure it may be lighter, but it also looks like it gives it that cheap look/feel. I would much rather prefer HTC’s quality where they include some good quality parts. And as much as I hate to admit it, I like the look and feel of the iPhone 4(S). I just love that real material feel. Something I wish more Android phones would have.

  • ramenchef

    Can’t wait until I order my own when the price drops.

  • byantovez

    hint: 26th day of tegra

  • pritams

    +1 for T-Mobile…sob::

  • marcustg

    I can’t wait to arriving to Europe, but this is the worst unboxing video I ever seen..almost everything is out of focus.. :(

  • dillonb93

    I want T-Mobile to release their own version but it would be frustrating since I just ordered the white sgs2

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  • dillonb93

    For those of you that want to buy it now Wirefly has it for only $219 with a new contract/upgrade

  • Chimera

    Darn, ICS looks great on that Nexus, what a beauty. Hope the ROM for the Nexus S will be released soon..

    • Steve Heinrich

      I’m with you on that.

  • vid500

    Can’t wait till it arrives to Europe, I wont to try it out. Looks amazing. And the hardware one+. they just could use some other material for the back, this plastic always gets scratches.

  • wwJOSHdo

    I’m gonna get the unlocked GSM version. Simply because Verizon wants to control what gets put on the phone. And to be honest, T-Mobile wants less money up front and each month, compared to Verizon. So I’ll be ordering an unlocked GSM version as soon as I can.

  • HoLfElDeR

    aaaaaaaaa want one, so good i like samsung

  • Aleksandar Simov


  • Steve Heinrich

    Thanks for the pics and video.

    I always appreciate an unboxing. I like to see the phone being used by a real person and not the over glossed ideal looking images on the Google website. You get a better feel for what it would be like to actually have the phone and thus can make a better decision on whether you want to purchase it.

  • sgumer

    the phone looks great and i think it will be better than it looks. i think sprint has it as well.

  • Torrance Barber

    My lone wish is that it had gorilla glass. My line of work always put my phone screens in danger

  • Torrance Barber

    My lone wish is that it had gorilla glass. My line of work always put my phone screens in danger.

  • Nathan D.

    Finally! now we see if there are a gsm version for the U.S. if one ever come out.

  • jiggybyte

    You could always make this a giveaway later in the month….just sayin’.

  • Paul Atreides

    I want my Yardell hands-on review, and I want it now!

  • The Fairy named Karen

    Nice. I guess no one voted for the granite countertop video?

    • Anthony Domanico

      haha… yeah that’s still in the box.

  • Rajeev

    Is the price of $299 is worth this phone???

  • dpleus

    Looks awesome, wish I was eligible for an upgrade, I’d get one, even with the Verizon interference it’s still an awesome phone.

  • Jeb

    looks cool

  • DJ

    Inquiring minds want to know … can it tether?

  • mclarensr

    looks good. Cant wait for the GSM version here in US.

  • vitebsk66

    Very nice. Anyone know whether there’s an unlocked version available?

    • Aniruddha Barapatre

      You can get it online…May be on ebay or UK sites…

  • Aniruddha Barapatre

    This is awesome…Sadly I’ve to wait till Feb to upgrade… :-|

  • aceofhearts24

    I want an ATT Galaxy Nexus…. NOW! Ok I know ATT won’t be getting it for a while but I guess I’ll just continue using my Nexus S (with ICS rom) until ATT gets the Galaxy Nexus. Can’t wait until the bigger/better screen this phone offers though :/

  • kimminer1

    no contract for me

  • Dshe’ Williams

    This will be the 25th day giveaway

  • LaloBoy14

    If I’m on T-Mobile and have already used my upgrade to save on my monthly bill, does it make sense then to just go ahead and pay full price now?

  • Jason Hernandez

    Anyone looking for a Bionic? But seriously, I wish my OG Droid would have pulled through a little bit longer. Keep the reviews and comments coming, those of you who just picked one up.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    hopefully the tmo version is around the corner

  • classic_hero

    i want to touch it!

  • Ben Rodriguez

    Alright I’m gonna be super critical of this review. I’m just being honest, and am not trying to hate, because I love this site.

    In my opinion, a lot of time was wasted in this video talking about every little thing in the box. I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen instruction manuals and know that they come in different languages, what a charging cord and wall jack looks like, and the basic idea behind headphones. Now, I’m not saying all this stuff needs to be ignored and just pushed to the side, just that it doesn’t need to be dragged out kinda like what was done in this video. I feel more time should have been put into checking out the actual user experience with the phone. After all that is why we pressed play in the first place.

    Overall I think the unboxing wasn’t that bad. I’ve seen worse, but I guess I just expect a little more from Android and Me unboxing.

  • DroidPower

    wow the power on animation looks amazing. can’t wait for the more in-depth reviews!

  • gherea

    it’s beautiful

  • doug

    1. Like ics. Some very cool features.
    2. Like the keyboard.
    3. Battery ok
    1. The display in the sun sucks.
    2. The auto brightness for the screen sucks
    3. The speaker sucks
    4. The worst and most important and why this phone us going back is the reception. It sucks big time. There is a problem with this phone.

  • doug

    Did not finish.
    I have read where some say its a display problem and the reception is better than the bars displayed. Not so. Sitting in my den and cant even place a call. My bionic never had this issue anywhere. Yesterday lost calls, did not receive calls, no data, while the 7 or 8 verizon users in the room had no problems. Thats proof enough for me. The wifi reception sucks as well. My bionic picked it up pretty much all over the house and outside, not the case with this turd. The hardware cheep. Trust me, Dont buy this phone. Get the bionic or razr.

  • smeghead68

    That looks slick!

  • blaseb

    Phone looks pretty good!!