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Get your GSM Galaxy Nexus now, for under $700


Though the Verizon Wireless-branded Galaxy Nexus is still on the long and winding road, with entire websites devoted to tracking the endless flurry of release dates, customers on T-Mobile USA and AT&T have taken to importing the European flavor of the Galaxy Nexus. The unlocked Galaxy Nexus was available for order on several sites around the world, with prices falling primarily in the $750 to $850 range for the 16GB Penta-Band version that is compatible with T-Mobile USA and AT&T’s HSPA+ 21mbps networks.

Today, we’ve learned of two US retailers currently selling the GSM unlocked Galaxy Nexus for under $700, which might be a price point that urges some of you out there to finally pull the trigger on the purchase.


NegriElectronics is featuring the unlocked Galaxy Nexus for $685.50 shipped, provided you use the discount code “VZSucks” at checkout. As far as we know, this deal is going on today only, so if you’re on the fence, you’ll probably want to make up your mind before tomorrow.

You can order the Galaxy Nexus from NegriElectronics here.


Newegg has launched the Galaxy Nexus at their online store as well, and is offering the GSM superphone for $699.99 shipped. This deal appears to be their regular retail price for the Galaxy Nexus, and we don’t anticipate Newegg will raise their price on the Nexus anytime soon.

If you’re not quite ready to make a decision and purchase the Nexus from NegriElectronics today, it’s good to know you’ll have another sub-$700 option at your disposal later on. You can order the Newegg Galaxy Nexus here.

We know several of you have the Penta-Band GSM Galaxy Nexus in your hands already, including many of you who’ve ordered from NegriElectronics. If you do already own the Galaxy Nexus, how are you liking the device thus far?

If you haven’t yet sprung for an unlocked Galaxy Nexus, does the sub-$700 price have you considering making that purchase?

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  • zyphbear

    As Great as it is to not be spending almost a grand, since it isn’t compatible with Verizon, I think I will be waiting.
    Good find though!

    • goncalossilva

      The upside: you don’t have to stick with any contract. But yeah, 700$ is a bit steep.

  • IntlGrizzly

    yeah cause I’ve got $700 to shell out…

  • Deeds

    It would be easier to get this than dealing with more delays from Verizon

    • jamboy5590

      it would be a lot easier to get if google didnt sell out

  • breinhar

    I use my phone all the time but to pay full price for it is a little crazy. The only way I could justify this is if at the same time I got say a new iPhone under contract and turned around and sold it to cover the costs of the galaxy.

    • phaet2112

      Paying massive monthly contract bills because you saved $400 at point of sale is crazy…

      • Ilyse Rose

        But the only carrier that gives you a discount for bringing your own phone/paying full price for the hardware is TMobile, and unless you get good TMobile service in your area you might as well take the subsidy.

      • wildkarrde21

        It makes sense for someone who is stuck on AT&T like me. I don’t get great service with any other provider in my area and my corporate discount is the highest with AT&T. Might as well take the subsidy. I don’t use much more than the minimum plans anyway, so I’m better off taking the discounted (and hopefully top of the line) phone for 2 years.

  • Wunako

    getting closer as much as i want this phone i cant see myself paying more then 500my guess is theyll be out for gsm cheaper around late january… i can save up and wait till then

    • anrhony44

      Doubt that price will ever go under 500 since n1 and. N’s both were upper 5 .the N’s was actually 635 counting tax

  • OpenIntro

    You can buy them from these sites, but when are they shipping them?

    • Anthony Domanico

      as soon as you order.

      they have stock, it’s the verizon version that nobody’s selling yet.

      • B2L

        Anthony is right, I ordered my Galaxy Nexus last Thursday, and it’s sitting at my door waiting for me to get home right now. :)

        • Manzi

          GO HOME NOW! You’ve told everyone here that you have an unprotected Galaxy Nexus! Save it from the tech people!

          • B2L

            I would’ve if my work would let me leave early. But I am happy now! It didn’t get stolen since my wife was home. :)

        • Shadowlore

          … and what was that address again? ….. we just wanna make sure it’s not been stolen by your neighbors…. *BFEG*

        • Kavman

          Which door is that..I’ll race you :P

  • HoLfElDeR

    Nice one

  • dclaryjr

    I might be tempted if T-Mo’s signal was good in my part of town, but it ain’t, so I’m not!

  • oddball

    Sigh maybe Google will end this farce and revoke Verizon’s exclusive for breach of contract. At some point they will realize that Verizon doesn’t want a stock device and especially doesn’t want 4.0. Verizon doesn’t want us to be able to disable their scumware and bloatware. It’s unfortunate but Verizon is trying to scuttle this product IMO. Google should release the phone themselves. Verizon cannot block phones that customers buy from their network even if we buy them elsewhere

    • Shadowlore

      While I agree that VZW probably doesn’t want stock phones, I will disagree with the 4.0 comment. There’s no reason they WOULDN’T want the latest and greatest Android OS.. it’s a hell of a salespitch, and if Joe User sees version 2.x vs version 4.x… they’re always going to pick the newer version (assuming the hardware matches up to what they’re looking for)

      Remember.. a larger number always means: It’s bigger, it’s better, it’s faster.. it’s newer. ;)(/saracasm)

    • ajonrichards

      Verizon was willing to accept Apple’s demand for an unaltered device. It’s more likely that there are so many other manufacturers (including Samsung up to this point) willing to preload whatever apps Verizon has insisted upon, that it’s harder for Samsung and Google to muscle in on it.
      My wife’s Incredible 2 has several apps that she cannot uninstall without rooting the phone, including Blockbuster, Need for Speed: Shift, and Let’s Golf 2. While pre-installed apps raise my hackles only an inch or two, it is completely ridiculous that these apps are impossible for the average user to remove.

      • sdunathan

        Yes, it’s crazy the power that Apple holds over the world. Maybe if a new Android phone didn’t come out every 5.3 seconds, they could hold some more cards.

  • jamal

    I’m not that rich.

  • Steve Heinrich

    Wish I had that money laying around…. I’m a thrift Android device shopper.

    This looks like a truly awesome phone though. I feel like I own it based on all of the reviews and videos I’ve consumed about it…. but alas, no.

  • AsakuraZero

    i expect a sold out soon, (and honestly i hope that) the price its nto bad the SGS2 was expensier iirc.

    btw i love teh coupon code “VZSucks” at negris

    • Shadowlore

      hehe… LOVE that word, Asakura… ‘Expensier’.. Ima steal that one for the next few days ;)

  • Jimmy13

    If I can’t get it with a contract agreement I can’t get it. too rich for my blood.

  • Thomas Biard

    I fancy myself a techie, however I can barely justify paying 200-300 for a new phone…700$ is too much to ever be able to acknowledge “yeah, i got my money’s worth on that phone”


    Gee ya could have given me some credit. That VZsucks coupon was valid since last week.. sigh. anyway i got mines from negri. wonderful customer service! Id rather put it on a credit card and take a few months to pay it off, than pay a carrier more over the period of a a contract. Love my galaxy nexus. This will surely keep me happy until the next installment

  • ramenchef

    I want to buy a GNexus so bad, but I just don’t have the extra money lying around to justify buying one. Maybe when the price drops later.

    • lxgeorge

      Same here! I’ll end up getting one used in like a year haha

    • Torrance Barber


  • Trinhbo

    $700?! That’s ridiculous! Do I look like an Apple fanboy who is used to paying inflated prices?

  • Sil Claeys

    Prize for the 25th day? Anyone?

    If that’s the case, dibs!

    • Anthony Domanico

      doesn’t run tegra.

  • Tim

    No still a lot. Although love the sale code name. Probably just wait to see what HTC does with ICS on the Sensation.

  • JC005

    I spent all my money on the 10¢ apps.

    • BiGMERF

      ROLMAO !!!

    • rekaviles


    • KYboyinWA


  • Martjn2

    Without contract here in sweden it’s like 900$. Too bad I don’t live in america “/

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I don’t think my dad would spend 700 on a phone, i’ll wait for it on t-mobile.

  • hachem28

    yea whoever buys this is retarted, i can get a intel i7 laptop with $700 which has an hd display, hd webcam hdmi output, and 100x better

    • amgala

      Apples and oranges

    • Anthony44

      Retarded because someone buys this phone.I say if you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch.
      seriously though I’m about to order one I can afford the phone just disciplined myself to treat like a stock.
      I have a trigger price of 650 and that’s based on my feeling of what its worth.

  • cmorris

    The last time I paid for an unlocked phone I bought the LG Chocolate before Verizon released their bastardized version and it was the biggest waste of money in my whole life. I am sure this would be different but $700 for a phone is still too steep for me.

  • Louis A

    $700 for a phone in this economy, no thanks. I will wait till it comes to tmobile or something.

  • staryoshi

    I nearly bought a GSM GNexus, but I opted for the Epic 4G Touch with Sprint instead. I’ll be stuck with this phone for quite a while, but I figure that a) the specs are as good as they get besides resolution/pixel density at this time and b) it’ll get an ICS update soon enough. In two years I’ll pick up a monster phone, but this will work well until then.

    • Adam Snyder

      why didn’t you get the nexus s 4g?

  • Warren Gary

    Love it! Love it! Love it! I paid $777 for mine about a month ago. I am not mad!

  • mattlehrer

    I purchased mine from Negri Electronics. +1 on the service and quick delivery.

    Is it overpriced, of course it is, but I’ll buy every Nexus phone Google sells. No carrier crap, no bloat, fastest software updates. I’ve had a Nexus One, a Nexus S, and now the Galaxy Nexus, I’m sold.

    • Tim

      That’s what’s tempting. They’ll be nothing on it. Yeah I could wait for t-mobile to have it but if Verizon is putting crap on it who’s to say the other 3 won’t if/when they get it?

  • Hall Lo

    “VZSucks” LOL I love this discount code xD

  • ZRod

    So who is buying for everyone?

  • Skis03

    Yeah I would rather hold off to have it on the Verizon Network!

  • Fede Montemurri

    Nice device, a little expensive but let see what companies offer…

  • nsnsmj

    I really, really wish I could afford to just buy the unlocked version, but $700 is a little too steep for me. Man I really want this phone.

  • Zeratoda1

    one I’d like to know how to move up in rank since I don’t seem to be evolving at, second how come we don’t see any Galaxy Nexus at Bestbuy for an unlocked version since it really shouldn’t matter if Verizon cant decide how to launch a phone I’m guessing they launch phones on certain days which are determined by a groundhog, if it sees it shadow it wont be released that day. and third I understand the Nexus is the Flagship in which it debuts a new OS but it would be even more impressive that apart of having a carrier launch the phone it should be available through Google at maybe some sort of payment plan that way its not needed to tie ourselves down with contracts of a cellular service thus I only have to worry about paying off a phone

  • Kevin Amundson

    Considering that this is Google’s most recent and highest spec’ed device, $700 is not robbery. It’s a decent price for an unlocked phone that is not yet available on any carrier. Yet, I still can’t pay that much yet. I payed $450 for my Nexus One and it still works great. With Cyanogen Mod 9 promised for the Nexus One in the near future, I’ll hold out a little longer.

    • thekaz

      not available yet on any carrier, but I am willing to hold onto my $700 and wait to see what happens thursday…

  • hideous_strength

    Are they selling any of these at all at that price point?!

    • Anthony Domanico

      you mean “full retail”?? yes, they’re selling at full-retail. Not everyone wants to sign contracts.

  • Adryan maldonado

    If i had 700$ dollars to spare that didnt need to go towards food, rent, clothing, gas, Star wars the old republic, and other neccessaties then yes i would absolutely buy it oh and also if i wasnt on verizon

  • pekosROB

    It’s already sold out at Newegg!!

    • Chad

      Whoa. This economy isn’t hurting everyone obviously.

      • pekosROB

        Yeah, there’s no way I could afford to get one at $700, even if I wasn’t on Verizon. Of course I could sell stuff but that’s not likely!

  • Steven Lee

    The code should be “GNexusRocks” but price is really steep for me… and my soul already belongs to 9gag, nothing worth money in me T-T

    • Adam Snyder

      <3 9gag

  • deckrider

    Both sites offer only 16G internal memory, so I’m not buying.

  • Emmanuel Lazcano

    All the waiting is making me not even want to get this once it is actually is out for Verizon. It reminds me of how I waited and waited and waited for the first nexus to come out for Verizon. It never happened and so I ended up getting the Incredible. :/

  • agrabren

    The phone is pretty nice, but the 16GB and lack of sdcard slot make it slightly problematic. In working on recovery for it, you find yourself feeling pretty restricted within the device. As for the device itself and ICS, it’s gorgeous. My wife loves it, and I’m jealous of it. The display appears crisp, and the removal of the capacitive keys is a welcome addition.

  • Jeb

    I do want the GN, but $700 is way to much. I’ll still pay retail as i don’t do contracts, but still need to come down on that price tag.

    Does anyone know what much it cost the company to build per unit?

  • Charlesbrown79

    So many better things to buy with $700…plus think of the buyer’s remorse if it comes to T-Mobile for $199 or $299.

    • AndyH_STi

      Buyer’s remourse, nah. This is an UNLOCKED phone, which means I can use it contract-free on T-Mobile and pay LESS per month than someone who is under a contract. Over the 2-year term of your contract I will pay less by purchasing the phone outright versus on contract.

      • Usman Ansari

        You’ll only pay less if the carrier is giving you a discounted monthly rate. T-mobile used to do this, but iirc they don’t anymore (maybe someone can clarify). Even then, the $20 per month discount amounted to $480 saved over two years, so that’s the most you would want to pay over the contract price to get utility/value. That means, if the phone costs $700 off contract, it would only make sense to buy it if the carrier was selling for $220 or more, assuming the $20 discount on the plan. If no discount, then only contract prices make sense.

        • Jeff

          T-Mobile does still have no-contract plans, at least no-subsidy plans that is. You are still required to sign a contract, but the plan is much cheaper and they don’t subsidize phones, although T-Mobile phones can be bought with a down-payment and financed over 20 months, which is essentially the same as a contract subsidy except once the phone is paid for after 20 months your bill is lower! They’re called Value Plans: Usually $20/month less than the equivalent contract plans (and even more than equivalent AT&T, Verizon or Sprint plans). A $480 savings over 2 years could justify this price for a phone Verizon is selling for $300 on contract. Of course the LTE version is 32GB though. I think I could justify $700 for a 32GB unlocked HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus. Hoping there’ll be such a phone soon!

    • Anthony Domanico

      it won’t

    • Anthony44

      This phone is for the big dogs who will change it next December.we aren’t having buyers remorse. T-Mobile $199.00 put the weed down son. T-Mobile $299.00 and two year contract no deal McNeil.
      I like the freedom on getting a new nexus yearly

  • BlindWolf8

    So is this the one and only “official” US launch for T-Mobile/AT&T? I wanna know so I can stop waiting. Thanks!

    • BlindWolf8

      PS: I’m on the Even More Plus plan, so I want to know if this is the official launch for people like me. :-)

      • Usman Ansari

        Yes, if you have the EM+ plan, might as well buy now. Even if the price drops $100, you’re still coming out ahead.

    • AndyH_STi

      No, this phone is an import from the UK and is not an “official” US launch by either AT&T or T-Mobile. With that said, the phone works perfectly on either network.

    • ArticulateFool

      This is not the offical launch as verizon has exclusivitilty for now.

      I imported mine fpr under $700 a week agp and havent looked back. I am with T-mobile as well.

      • BlindWolf8

        How’s the speed on T-Mobile? I’m just concerned because it hasn’t officially launched in the US, so I’m concerned about spectrum differences, etc. Thanks!

        • ArticulateFool

          I am coming from a G2x which was 4g as well. The connectivity speed is faster.

          I get 8 Mb/s down and 1.1 Mb/s up sitting here at my house.

          There are no spectrum differences that matter because this phone works on HSPA+ bands on both ATT and T-Mobile.

  • Peter Dowling

    Or I can get one for $300 maybe $200 if I am lucky with blazing LTE

    • Chad

      Oh yea that Verizon’s SGS2.5? When is that coming out again? lol

  • Aleksandar Simov

    for under $700… really? like its cheap or something xD

  • Marc’us H.

    As great as that coupon code is, it’s only $15 off a $700 purchase. Congrats, you bought me lunch. Besides, I think most people want the Galaxy Nexus on LTE in the US if they’re going to get it at all. HSPA+ is great an all … but, c’mon.

  • slerms mckenzie

    drop it to 600$ and ill think about it. drop it to 500$ and ill buy it

  • jimtravis

    Starting to get close to the “charge card out of the wallet” stage.

  • iamXiV92a

    I’ll wait for a release on AT&T (assuming it’ll be subsidised) either way, I just bought a Skyrocket on my upgrade since my Streak went kaput, so I’ll most likely pick this up outright as well sometime early next year.

  • Nathan D.

    I will most likely pass this up because of the better phone after this that will “blow our minds” plus I don’t upgrade until February anyways which sucks, I really want this phone =(

  • elijahblake

    I’m really torn on this…

    I really want to buy a Galaxy Nexus, but I don’t think it’s so much the phone that we’re all craving as the OS..

    And I think my Atrix is still a great phone, especially once cm9 comes out :)

    I think i’m going to spend $900 on an EOTECH scope for the AR15 instead and get the Galaxy S III on upgrade

    • aranea

      I like my Atrix too but can’t switch to CM because I love the fingerprint scanner. Given how long it took Motorola to upgrade to GB I know that they will not bring ICS to Atrix. Yet I can’t give up the fingerprint scanner. Does anyone know if CM will resolve this issue soon?

  • sylar

    Holly crap expensive.

  • Chad

    These are those situations when having good credit pays off.

  • ksleher

    Vendio has this listed at $500 from utaraelectronics.

    Anybody has any experience with them ?

    • YMS123

      Rule of thumb: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is

  • aranea

    Sigh! How much I wish I had $700 extra laying somewhere around…

  • n25philly

    Meh, no sd card slot. They can keep their artificially limited phone to themselves. I would much rather have a note. Damn you Samsung for not making it compatible with at least T-Mobile’s 3g

  • Elliot Powell

    Is it me or does seven-hundo seem a bit high even for an unlocked phone?

  • Jesse

    Paid $750 with tax. Got to love paying for a phone full price. Don’t need to be told what plan I need for a phone.

  • Anthony44

    OK sighed in no longer a guest.
    Reality check all those hoping to see this phone off contract under 500 well hoping is free.
    The fair price IMHO is about 650 and that’s including taxes.
    I snagging a nexus s for 635 last year so I’m ready to grab another.
    I pause because still enjoying my nexus s and curious to see it eating ice cream.
    The phone isn’t really for those looking for contracts because most of us are junkies and next December this nexus will also be shelved.
    I for one will be getting the newest nexus and I vow before you Big Merf .
    I know its not just getting this phone its getting it first while the other bitches look and wonder wtf is that.

    • kemargrant

      i registered just to say that this phone is over priced. If you wait a couple of months this phone will be left in the dust and I bet you will find it for under 550 on ebay. quad core phones are coming next year and after the Galaxy s2 is announced this phones price will start to reflect reality

      • Anthony44

        Hey bud what are you saying the galaxy s2 is already out (as he realizes his first post is a failure duh)

        • kemargrant

          meant the galaxy s3

        • pax

          Galaxy S2 is almost $200 less than when it was introduces back in August..I Paid $700+ and now it is about $500

  • EwanRGR

    I’m sorry, but I’ve been saving up to make the $500 for a T-Prime. I can’t imagine paying $200 more for something that’s 1/3 the size, 1/2 the power, and isn’t even getting ICS that much sooner. I would love to hear the use case that someone has that would make them jump the gun at this price?

  • thechad

    Awesome Christmas present

  • mclarensr

    Maybe if the price is in the 500 – 600 range. Things is I will stall have an AT&T contract. So buying the phone and spending on the contract does not sound economical.

  • mclarensr

    UPDATE: Newegg says ‘SOLD OUT’.

  • mrjlwilliams

    Just be patient, it will go down like every phone does.

  • mclarensr

    Does not make sense, why would one pay more, albeit $13, and buy it on Newegg instead of the other site.

  • goldenboyrb

    sold out alrdy x.x wow…

  • mother f’ing jesus

    I’d rather spend the money on hookers and drugs, but hey that’s just me…

  • pax

    As a phone junkie, I have learned that this or any other Android phone is Not worth $700…I bought a Samsung GS2 for $729 and it is now $520….So, wait a bit and it will come down.

  • Ilyse Rose

    The problem is most people want the subsidy, so having it available but not through the carrier isn’t helping the average user.

  • lufy0000

    for the 3 year contracts, the monthly bill doesn’t nessarily has to be really big…through retention, at least in canada, most can get unlimited plan plus 6 GB data for around 55 per month

  • NIR

    if i will buy the nexus unlocked version, can i use the phone with my sprint line?
    because all the advertising say it compatible with: at&t, t-mobile but they not saying anything about sprint network

    • pritams

      Both ATT and T-mobile are GSM where as verizon and sprint are CDMA.So GSM version would not work in your sprint network.

      • NIR

        and if i will buy the nexus from ebay or newegg and not from verizon, could i use it with verizon line? or i must buy the phone from verizon to use it on verizon ?

        thanks alot for the help !

        • pritams

          See buddy,in simplest layman’s term in GSM the network identifies your mobile through simcard whereas in CDMA network is tightly blinded with the phone.Which means CDMA operators have much more control on user phones and for the same reason u hardly can use a outside mobile in sprint or verizon.
          On the other hand in GSM the network identifies the phone through if you can unlock it you are free to use it anywhere in the matter it is in India or in tmobile or in att.
          The versions you get from ebay or newegg are all GSM(take a closer look at the description of the product and you would be able to see) if you buy from ebay or newegg they will only work in a GSM network…i.e att or T-mobile…
          hope this of luck..

  • sean

    Purchased mine from for $696 which included free expedited shipping from Britain. Took 2 business days. Its been available under $700 for a while now.

  • humidity

    Here’s to hoping that the VZW LTE version comes out this Thursday!

  • eliander mendoza

    i think i will pass and wait..

  • Himal Limbu

    500 is my range…

    • Anthony44

      Respectfully I say this if you’re looking for this phone for 500. You will not be owning one in the near future with respect to flat out. Buying the phone.

      I can personally guarantee you a price for this phone for 350, interested?

      The price includes taxes and shipping
      Simply see me in November 2012 and that’s the price ill be selling mines for.ya know ill be waiting for my next new nexus by then.
      We must realize a few things
      1. A 500 dollar price ain’t happening not this week nor 2 months from now.
      2. The fact Verizon still hasn’t put it out and have an exclusive doesn’t help those looking for a two year sell ur soul from other carriers.
      3. I believe the price we will see as the competition increases between suppliers (GSM) will be 6 to 650
      We can expect the lower end once a new animal is available.
      The choice is yours but if it doesn’t go your way see me in November. I got a deal for you heck ill even throw in the case, cleaning cloth and a new screen cover

      • Chad


  • Omar Santiago

    i gave up on the galaxy nexus, Google isn’t getting my support for this stab in the back of true supporters. Saving up for the galaxy S III, itll probably launch b4 the nexus does lmao

  • la_resistance28

    New Egg’s out of stock! Oh noes!

    I wonder if they’ll ever come out with a 32 GB version of the pentaband GSM GNexus. I’d love that. Time to save up!

  • KatSelezneva

    The Galaxy Nexus story does remind me of a fable because of incredible rumors and hearsay all around it. But in every fairy tale there is a grain of truth — so, let’s find out what we really know about Galaxy Nexus. Galaxy Nexus story: rumors and facts

  • donger

    definitely worth it.

    • Chad

      I have to agree. The price tag maybe high but if you have the money do it, if not you have no choice but to wait simple as that but I have had mine for just about a week and this is probably the best phone I’ve ever owned. and I’ve had numerous iPhones, Android phones and Windows mobile phones but this one trumps all.

  • islander

    I Imported two Galaxy Nexuses from the UK. One unit had a malfunctioning GPS so I had to send it back – what a PIA! Sent it out yesterday.. probably be a week and a half before I get my replacement back. ICS is really nice, however it does not feel as snappy as my ATT GS2. The browser, although faster does not feel as silky smooth to scroll around in as my ATT GS2. Could be a GPU issue. The other unit was for my wife (she’s really not that much of a phone person) and she complained that the phone wasn’t being responsive when she was about town and looking for a location. Also she was taking pictures of our toddler and the camera just froze up on her. Needless to say I’m slightly tempered in my enthusiasm, however in general there are far more positives than negatives so I’d still recommend the phone.

    • islander

      I guess, if you do buy one – make sure they will take it back and swap it out for a replacement if you do end up with a faulty device.

  • Tom77

    Will Verduzco @ xda has posted an issue with the build version on some Nexus phones:

    It seems that Samsung is releasing phones with their own build and Google updates only work with the Google build (yakju). So it looks like Nexus phones with the Samsung build will have to be updated by Samsung. This could be a risk with these early release phones.

    • Anthony44

      @Tom wow read that. I say wtf
      android and me had better check this out for us!!!! Pronto

  • Anthony44

    Well after Verizon announced my nexus one power button stopped working what a tale of events.
    she needs a new phone I’m giving her my nexus s and I just used the vzsucks and ordered my galaxy nexus forfor

    • Anthony44

      Oops got it for 685 including tax
      Used vzsucks

  • josh

    I paid full price for my Nexus One nearly two years ago… I finally decided to upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus after doing alot of research about it. I got it Negri Electronics, and after receiving it today, I’m glad i bought it! Very nice phone, no complaints here.

    By the way, the “VZSucks” discount still works for those interested!!

  • Bdigital

    i agree “VZSucks”…

    I want to purchase it off contract but the price is too high… The wireless providers over inflate the price of these devices to a point that its sickening…. In most cases the full retail price is more than a 47 inch flat screen tv… It makes no sense!!!

  • j

    just as a point that all of you who are claiming that anyone who buys one for 700 is stupid- assuming you are using T-Mobile it’s cheaper to buy it outright. 24 months of a contract @ a $30 per month surplus =$720; not including your initial purchase price of about $250 if/ when it arrives on other carriers. ultimately buying an unlocked version should save you around $300 if you are able to- and are planning to- use T-Mobile.

    • iyaoyas

      You are absolutely right. By my caluclations, it would cost me $2856 over 2yrs + $99 for the phone if I go through verizon.

      But if I buy the gsm version outright and put it on ATT or Tmobile prepaid, you’re looking at around $2000 over 2 years, which includes the price of the phone. Tmobile prepaid and ATT prepaid are around $50/month btw. The numbers don’t lie. If you have the money, it’s cheaper to buy outright. You will be saving yourself a ton of money.