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Google releases factory image for HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus; puts ROM flashers at ease


It’s been said many times before that Nexus series devices are the bee’s knees, thanks to just how fast they receive updates and the latest features directly from Google. But for some buyers, they could care less what software updates Google provides for their device; it’s all about the Android community. Nexus phones are notoriously easy to hack. The Galaxy Nexus is no exception. And now, thanks to Google, the Galaxy Nexus will also be incredibly easy to restore.

Announced today on the Android Building Google Groups page, a complete factory image for the Galaxy Nexus has been released that includes the bootloader, baseband and the rest of the system. You can unarchive the package once downloaded and get a look at everything included individually, but there’s really no need. A handy “flash-all” script has been added that, when used, flashes everything you need to get your phone back to its factory state.

With all the ROMs being released and the experimenting being done, today’s factory image release will certainly be helpful. Jean-Baptiste M. “JBQ” Queru, Software Engineer for the Android Open-Source Project, said “hopefully this’ll be useful to people flashing custom AOSP builds, as it provides a clean supported way to return to factory state.” Indeed it will.

To download the factory image, and for details on the release, visit the Android Building Google Groups page.

Source: Google

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  • natthompson72

    Now just getting the phone on Verizon…

    • Me

      GSM!!! Verizon is really borking this release!

    • derek

      probably full of bugs like the showstopper volume bug…terrible google reliabilty…

      • jdog25

        I don’t think so because mine is working great on T-mobile right now. This is a Verizon screw up. I think that they are holding theirs off so that the GSM one won’t be released until after the Christmas shopping season.

    • spacek33z

      They’re going to put their own Voicemail app on it, instead of using the default one :(. Does anyone understand WHY? I mean, ICS has a perfect voicemail integration.

  • stenzor

    This is why I love Google

    • mimogear


    • erikiksaz

      It makes you wonder how well this device would sell if it were properly advertised (and followed up with a timely release), like what Samsung’s been doing for the GS2.

      Btw stenzor, somehow you’re the top 1st and 2nd commentor! Hah, that’s nuts =p

      • stenzor

        Hah yeah I noticed that too! I’ve been reading androidandme for a long time but never really participated in the discussion until Clark persuaded me to do so on another forum we post on

  • BlkSquad


  • pitacrisps

    I wonder if Verizon will let me trade my faulty Bionic for this beauty…

  • geiko

    That is so sweet. Just think about it. I’ve had so much trouble with my Windows laptop because I upgraded my HD and Windows detected that as being bad, and now it’s saying that it’s not legitimate. Google has pretty much acknowledged the strong flashing community behind Android and just said, “It’s okay guys, we got your back. Go ahead and try that sweet lookin’ rom out!”

    • stenzor

      Good guy Google :D

    • orangestrat

      Windows always flags the one-click root programs as malicious/viruses! Buncha jerks.

  • mimogear

    If only I was patient enough to learn about making a custom image~ ToT

  • xray49er

    now if verizon will only let me buy this thing

  • RobBull75

    JBQ rocks. He’s always been supported to devs and has pushed to make life easier on those of us that aren’t devs and just like to flash custom roms. If I remember correctly, he even threatened to leave Google after they hit Cyanogen with the C&D order.

  • Dev-CreativeReach

    i want to by myself a galaxy nexus for Christmas, but at&t say not yet

    • ndub21

      I was under the impression that AT&T wasn’t going to offer the phone yet and that it would just be sold unlocked. I feel like AT&T wouldn’t ever sell a phone as open as the Galaxy Nexus. They were the ones who didn’t allow sideloading on my Captivate. Stupid.

  • salem

    Will this give me the means to unlock my phone as well?

    • JBQ

      Actually, it’s the other way around. First you need to unlock the phone. The good news is that this is a Nexus phone, so it is designed to be unlocked at will. The same fastboot tool that can be used to flash the phone can also unlock it, with “fastboot oem unlock”

      • salem

        Thanks a bunch :)

  • Rashad

    This is why google is the shiznit! Could you imaging Apple or Blackberry doing anything like this?

  • ndub21

    I’m still bitter that Google decided not to put a better camera sensor on the Galaxy Nexus and that they didn’t put a microSD slot on the thing. I mean, I understand they want you to put everything in the cloud, but I need my music locally too for plane rides, etc. Also AT&T doesn’t give me unlimited data.

    The openness and the promt ROM updates of the Nexus phones are unbeatable, but the features on the Galaxy Nexus could improve a bit in my opinion. The Galaxy S II is more tempting to me in terms of hardware only.

  • Deeds

    Whew, that makes it easy

  • HilDroid

    Verizon, release the fucken phone!! That’s all I care about!!

  • Greg

    For Christ’s sake, please stop using “could care less.” This site is so self-aware when it comes to most things…but the repeated misuse of this phrase is embarrassing (for you).

    • Steve Barry

      That’s right because if you ‘could care less’ then that means you really COULD care less, and the point people are trying to make (but always fail at) is they COULDN’T (as in, COULD NOT) care less. Ya digg?

  • avsnes

    Great! This is awsome for those who know how to make custom ROMS… BUT! The big but here is; Why didn’t Google provide the developers/players the latest update ITL41F instead of the first ITL41D with the volume bug?? Just wondering…

    • JBQ

      It boiled down to a scheduling conflict. I was working on preparing this release with ITL41D while the ITL41F fix was being developed. If I had waited for ITL41F, this would have taken a few more days, i.e. into next week. Unless disaster strikes, I expect I’ll make ITL41F available the same way as soon as I get a chance.

  • Kevin

    Rock on Google! Just need the Nexus S update Plz!

  • oddball

    Warning the news item you are about to read is satire based on the constant pushback of the release date for this phone

    ******breaking news. Galaxy nexus delayed until Verizon figures out how to load bloatware that can’t be disabled by the user*******

    In all seriousness though GO GOOGLE this phone was already at the top of my list when I got an upgrade available and despite not being able to get it here yet seeing the level of software support the phone is getting makes me want it even more

    • Kevin

      Verizon has horrible customer service! I hear it could be after Xmas

      • RobBull75

        Even though I have a pretty good employee discount from my employer, I just can’t switch to Verizon because of their customer service. The discount, coverage area, LTE and the number of devices all make it tempting, but their customer service, pressuring of OEM’s to lock their bootloaders and loads of bloatware are what is keeping me from switching.

  • Steven

    now to just get the phone out on AT&T

  • charliethesuperturtle

    Google stands by its products
    If only everyone else would too

    • Heroine Headliner

      Stand by? By stealing all yo passwords? This finna be they downfall…..

      Mark my words…..


      • charliethesuperturtle

        Shut up no one likes you
        Not even apple as they want is your $$$$,
        And spell correctly next time

  • tonis79

    SCREW Verizon, put this thing out on Tmobile already!!!!

  • Heroine Headliner

    I just got da news dat all android phones be storin ya info, nahmean?

    Fuck dat…..

    I’m switchin’ tudda apple iPhone 4s cuz they ain’t stealing my info like google be doin…..

    Dat ish is foul b…..I can’t cosine dat type of behaviour……


    • Kye

      Face palm.

      • Heroine Headliner

        So u like havin ya info stored an ish like dat?

        Wit da sites I be goin on i need privacy, ya dig?


  • Heroine Headliner


  • JosephInEgypt

    Seriously???…. At this point why doesn’t the whole Android community
    show Google/Verizon how disappointed we are and just completely stop
    reporting on any Galaxy Nexus news? Like we haven’t had enough “news”
    and “updates” since the first rumors of this phone first “leaked” as far
    back as April or May,..or whenever the hell it was….my god what total
    debacle! HUGE FAIL! At this point they will be lucky if anyone even
    wants this phone when ever they do decide to launch,…. oh not to
    mention the fact that they haven’t even hinted at when it will be
    available for T-Mobile/AT&T.

    There are plenty of users who won’t
    buy it no matter how good it is just for the simple fact that it’s on
    Verizon,… So seriously people — STOP reporting on this device,…I
    think we can all agree it’s been beat to death already. I wish I had a penny for every Galaxy Nexus article that has come out in the last year — I’d be RICH!!! Never thought I’d say this but, this almost ranks up there with Duke Nukem Forever!

    LET’S MOVEON! I know I have,…and many other people have as well. All I have
    to say is Good luck next year with the Nexus 4 because this year was a
    total disaster. I bet two weeks from today this phone will still not be
    out! Hahahaha,…wow,…EPIC FAIL!

    • james bricknell

      Erm there are 560 million people in europe who can buy the device..

      We are all still interested…

      • orangestrat

        Verizon people seem to be the worst at realizing the rest of the world exists :/
        It seems like every bus stop in my city has nexus adds in it, Bell is going to push this thing hard!

  • Charlesbrown79

    Can’t wait to see these fly off the shelves. Androids rule.

  • roamdeus

    Google doesn’t want this product that they produce to be a total success … this is a baseline of what they want the carriers and hardware makers to follow and of course there gona go bigger… its all about vanilla and bloatware for the consumer so choose

  • mclarensr

    Encouraging. Now when is this phone going to be released exactly?

  • Nathan

    Google and Samsung please forget version and sell the dam phone all ready!

  • dustind

    So if I consider my time worth $5 an hour to myself, and I spend ~3 hours every few months restoring my phone for some random reason. A Galaxy Nexus would save me: 5*3*4 = $60 a year. Verizon I want the phone!

  • NitroExpressNY

    It’s sad to see such a great phone limited by verizon’s data plan

  • fwtx

    i wish they would release this kind of stuff for all phones, even if youre not rooting sometimes stuff goes wrong and it would be nice to have a full stock file available to flash, currently its all leaks and hackery

    • frmorrison

      Some phone manufacturers release the stock ROM (some HTC phones do that), but it would be nice to all of them to do it.

  • HoLfElDeR

    nice one

  • james bricknell

    Havent installed a custom rom on mine yet. I expect i will try cm9 but im glad this is there as a fall back

    • JLix

      BiGMERF, still hates your face! And your cattle prod.

  • b_frize

    When is this think going to launch already!!?!?!? Jeesh!

    • b_frize


  • mikeytusa

    I don’t think the Galaxy Nexus is ever going to be sold by Verizon at this point. They’re just keeping to for themselves. Bastards.

  • jsweetser2

    You know, this kind of stuff is why I’ve been into Google enterprises since the 90′s. Not only do they say, “Hey, it’s unlocked, go crazy!” unlike…EVERY other carrier who says, “No it’s mine, and you can’t have it unless you haxxor it and then we’ll punish you!”; but Google also says, “Hey if you screw up while toying with your device, here’s a handy reset button to help you get started all over again!”

    Not only do they sponsor, create, and usher innovation – they support it, cook for it, and serve it drinks.

    +1 to Google…again.

  • staryoshi

    If I can pick up an unlocked model for a respectable price, I’ll grab one and give t-mobile my business :P

  • ToonPanda

    I love this! No more sending it back to the factory and waiting 4-6 weeks to get it back :)

  • donger

    good stuff. google+

  • damambt

    i wish they would have done the same for the NEXUS S

  • basketfullofdroids

    oh wow that’s awesome. if they do trade ins for tablets I’d trade in for prime!

  • Kevin Amundson

    It’s really nice to see Google not only open sourcing their android code, but assisting those who are utilizing the code. Now if only they could figure out how to launch a product…

  • carlosestremera

    nice…can’t wait for cyanogenmod+ics

  • Darknight42020

    Actions like this is what AOSP and the community are all about. Or at least what it’s supposed to be like…