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HTC EVO View 4G gets a Honeycomb update for the holidays


Android 3.2 for the Sprint HTC EVO View 4G has arrived! Sprint announced yesterday that the new Honeycomb update for the 4G Android tablet is now available, but you will need to manually check for the update since Sprint will not be pushing it out until early next year.

The Honeycomb update for the HTC EVO View 4G delivers all the same tablet features we have come to know and love over the past few months in addition to some new HTC Sense widgets and an upgrade to HTC Scribe which now allows user to use their digital pen to navigate the UI. The Android 3.2 update will not do a complete wipe of the system, but all home screen customizations will be lost due to the new Honeycomb UI.

Next on the Honeycomb update list should be the Wi-Fi HTC Flyer from Best Buy. We don’t expect HTC to push out the update before the end of the year, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed, hoping for an early January release.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Android 3.2 update for your HTC EVO View 4G by pressing Menu > Settings > System updates > HTC Software update > Check now. Leave us a comment below and let us know how you love Honeycomb on your EVO View.

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HTC EVO View 4G Gets Even Better with Honeycomb Update Starting Today

HTC EVO View 4Gâ„¢ will be upgraded to Androidâ„¢ 3.2, Honeycomb, with a maintenance release that is available for download today; Honeycomb is the version of Android designed specifically for tablets.

To get Android 3.2, there is an easy user initiated process to download the upgrade:

    • From the Home screen, press the Menu key and tap Settings


    • Scroll down and tap System updates


    • Tap HTC software update


    • Tap Check now


    • Tap OK to download and install the update. You will not be able to use your device during the update. Once the download is complete, your tablet may power off and back on to complete the software update. The status of the download can be checked in your task bar.


    • Verify the software is updated by going to Menu>Settings>About Tablet>Software information.


The upgrade will also be available in 2012 through an over-the-air update from Sprint. The notification will let users know the update is available and provide the simple over-the-air download instructions.

Due to the unique structure of the Honeycomb layout, customers’ personalized widgets and screen setup will not remain after the upgrade. The device will revert to the out of the box home screen layout. Wallpapers, Widgets, Application shortcuts personalized by the user have been resized for optimal viewing and will need to be re-established.

Additionally, some third-party apps may not work with Honeycomb, a tablet specific operating system.  We recommend users remove the application, and check Android Marketâ„¢ to see if an updated application is available, or contact the application provider.

HTC EVO View 4G brings the best of the EVO experience to a tablet design with a 7-inch touchscreen, 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and latest version of HTC Sense for Tablets. As the perfect combination e-reader, media player and portable computing device, HTC EVO View 4G offers a premium entertainment experience with HD-like quality video and a rich web-browsing experience with the ability to browse the web on Flash-enabled sites.

Business users will appreciate the user interface enhancements, which allow the HTC Scribeâ„¢ digital pen to be used with all applications on HTC EVO View 4G and enable it to act like a stylus for navigation. This enhances productivity for employees who work with forms and fill out documents and allows users to check boxes, select radio dials, drop down menus and complete free text boxes. In addition to the stylus functionality, Document Signature Capture is now available for HTC Scribe and HTC EVO View 4G via ActSoft — other application developers to follow.

Corporate IT departments will appreciate HTC EVO View 4G is now Sprint Data Link capable. This enhanced security feature enables greater control over the device, while ensuring secure connectivity to corporate network.

If you have questions about the update, please visit our discussion thread, where we can provide answers.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • zyphbear

    That’s great that they will at least be updating those to Honeycomb, but I wonder how that will impact the process to ICS.

    • goncalossilva

      ICS is a must!

      • mr 1338

        seeing how fast the first Sense Leak for the Sensation was leaked it seems like putting sense onto ICS isn´t that much of a hassle so maybe there is hope…

        • WlfHart

          Might still have issues with the proprietary stylus integration software, but would be nice if they make it work.

  • damambt

    Both good and bad news this morning. Bad- samsung doesn’t like their original tab tablet; Good news – THIS POST!

  • Steve Heinrich

    I wish I had this tablet. Nice to see an update for it though. Those are always some wonderful moments when you watch the update downloading. It makes me feel like a kid on Christmas.

  • levigarret

    shoot, knew i should grabbed one when it was on dailysteals the other week

    • Haza

      It’s on sale on eBay for 239.99$ without contract. Check the deals page. glad that I bought this baby. Hope it won’t belong for ICS.

      • Futureboy

        They’ve been popping up here and there over the past few weeks in the $220-240 range. (1saleaday, ebay, bensoutlet) in case you don’t grab it off ebay (thanks to Haza for that info).

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    Good for the owners of HTC Evo View.. Happy Holidays!

  • Adryan maldonado

    Not bad HTC kudos to you for the updates. Doing alot better than some companies I know(looking at you Samsung who might not update my Google i/o tablet)

  • Deeds

    If it is just getting honeycomb, I wonder when it will get ICS

    • zerosix

      Never, I suppose.
      I bet, that 2012 will be a year of Android. Everyone at CES will show a tablet, including HTC. And after that they won’t update this tablet to ICS, because it “is too weak, has no RAM, ROM, small screen and blah blah blah”

  • jimtravis

    The Evo View 4G / Flyer is definitely one of my favorite tablets. I am a fan of the 7″ tablets form, but would also like to see a 10″ version for home use. Looking forward to Honeycomb update since the enhancements to the 2.x were excellent IMO.

    • jimtravis

      Did the update. Everything went smooth, and overall, Honeycomb seems to be working fine. Have encountered a few instances where magnifying glass shows blank rather than text you wish to magnify, everything else so far is fine. The media server enhancement to Gallery, and the word-wrap when pinch zooming just about any webpage (my 2 favorite Flyer Sense enhancements) seem to be working fine as well since the upgrade.

  • Thomas Biard

    I think honeycomb is awesome, however the UI is so much different than ICS, that it kinda seems dated and obsolete already. Its like they tried that version and abandoned it. Still wouldn’t mind a Honeycomb tab though


    Great news! That was a nice Christmas gift by HTC. Any update is better than no update.

  • Mathew88

    Thats the news I been waiting for

  • ramenchef

    A bit late. Hopefully ICS comes at a much quicker pace.

  • Skis03

    Any update on any android device is always good news.

  • VS

    Definately good stuff. I test drove this tablet for a week, the 7″ form factor was very handy and the overall build quality was very good. Ultimately ended up returning it because it was before the price reductions and disappointing amount of apps that used the pen stylus (sketching / drawing my main motivation).

    Of course, this was before I heard about Sketchbook Pro, so it might of worked out better than the limited HTC Note App that was included.

    Perhaps the Honeycomb / Sense integration will provide a preview (aside from the alpha release pics yesterday) of how HTC plans to integrate ICS into the fold.

    • honourbound68

      Got my evo view for 220 (shipped and no tax) yest.. upgraded to HC yest as well. i have the stylus and bought sketchbook pro when it was on sale for .10 but haven’t tried it with the stylus. i played around with the note app.. it was ok.. hope it does work on sketchbook.

  • Kevin Amundson

    I have a friend who will be happy about this update!

  • psipher

    This is very welcomed news….thank you HTC.

  • Shadowlore

    Amusingly, I just heard a few days ago that a friend had this device, and I found myself wondering:

    ‘I’m sure its a great device and all.. but without Honeycomb, why would anyone pick this over another tablet?’

    Irony.. thou are so cruel to me ;)

    Grats to everyone who has this tablet :)

  • myandroid99

    Can’t they skip honeycomb and go directly to icecream sandwich

    • jamal adam

      I guess they are trying to give the users a better experience with honeycomb and will hopefully upgrade it to ICS as well.

  • Oscar Ortega

    This is awesome news but will it get ICS? that’s the question everybody wants!!

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Good for those tablet owners

  • pmex83

    I know many people bought this tablet when it was on sale, I was tempted as well, so I’m curious to know what owners of this tablet think about it so far.

    • Holly Sikora

      Ive had this tablet since June. It’s pretty much replaced my iPad. I love the size and the customization over apple stuff.

  • oddball

    congrats to HTC for upgrading the tablet to honeycomb at least these are very nice little tablets and honeycomb will make them that much better

  • br14n

    Does anyone here own this device?

  • dafi81

    everything but ICS ;)

  • TJ Mir

    Seeing the name Evo reminded me….where is Richard Yarrell? Haven’t seen the guy in a long time…

  • Jorge Eslava

    That will keep users happy until they update it to ICS

  • danielmkim

    That’s nice, but will HTC start updating their phones?

  • honourbound68

    enjoying HC but its weird not being able to make folders on desktop. had to use adw exe so i could organize my apps…. also like the hardware capacitive buttons on gb and too bad its gone in HC. it wouldve freed up some screen area.

  • Alziyadi007

    شو هالجهاز هاد شكلو ما عجبني

    وشكلو فاشل اصلا

  • alexanderharri3

    Is good this thing finally is getting a tablet OS…but how about some real Ice Cream

  • Seely_Iggy

    Have been waiting for Honeycomb for ages and just for giggles, I happened to check for an update on my Evo View 4G last night, and lo and behold – the update had arrived!!!! Took about 20 minutes, everything went without a glitch and the Honeycomb looks awesome with the Sense interface. It took a little bit of learning since Honeycomb is slightly different from Gingerbread.

    My verdict – freakin’ awesome! Sense beat the crap out of Touchwiz anyday. The interface looks gorgeous on the tablet. But there’s no more carousel effect for the collective widgets (which I really liked). And the number of collective widgets that you can scroll through is fewer, so the individual widgets like email and news widgets fit closer together.

    And the best news of all – the pen now works perfectly with Sketchbook Pro thanks to Honeycomb’s support for pens. That was the biggest beef I had with Gingerbread – no support for the magic pen. And now the world is good again.

    Thanks HTC and Sprint for keeping your promise.

  • Dan

    Don’t jump to upgrade HTC Sprint Tablet to Honeycomb!

    Icons are too small to read easily! Cannot be re-sized. Cannot create folders! The buttons off screen are now on screen and use up space! I cannot find any manual or help screens to explain how to use table with new operating system! No way to go back to Gingerbread if you are unhappy!

    The good: gmail app has more functionality; adding multiple apps to screens easier; handy on screen button for going back to a prior running app.

    I would go back if I could!

    • Seely_Iggy

      Actually, there is a manual included. Search your Apps for HTC Mobile and it’ll show you documentation on how to use the device with Honeycomb.

      Imho, the smaller icons are what makes the honeycomb upgrade really nice. Gingerbread’s icons were way too big. The new interface looks sleeker.

      • muffaluffagus

        Where the heck is it, because I am looking and can’t find it?

        • gadgetgirl

          Go to settings, system updates, HTC updates. BTW, you lose HBOGo for those that care. Otherwise, I’m loving it.

    • Dave

      What were they thinking?

      The “Menu” button is now on the top – sometimes at the corner, sometimes closer to the center. But either way, it is now impossible to use the tablet without both hands free.

      The simple and useful twitter widget has now been replaced by one that is tall and skinny or short and plump – but in exactly the wrong orientations, making it impossible to read even a single message without scrolling – on that huge screen!

      As you noted, the hardware buttons have been deactivated in favor of screen-based buttons which chew up screen space, yet the tablet still refuses to flip the screen if you hold it so the now-missing buttons would be upside-down. Sloppy.

      I’ve got an inactive samsung tablet, I only switched for the pen (which turns out to be pretty much a 5-minute novelty). Might just switch back.

  • redraider133

    Since tablets seem to come out at a much slower rate, i wonder if the manufacturers will keep them up to date longer since most are on a wifi tablet and not on a contract?

  • Martjn2

    Is there any device where they have skipped one version?
    Like from froyo directly to ics?
    Merry christmas guys! from sweden

  • TheDante69

    My fiancée got me the Evo View for Xmas…I’m waiting for it to arrive via shipping. I looked online last night and found out about this Honeycomb update and I must say I am excited. I guess what ill do is use it with Gingerbread for a while and then switch to Honeycomb. Too bad there’s no turning back once you update. I don’t think ICS will make it to this tablet…ever. That’s just not how these companies do business. Besides 2012 will provide many powerful tablets that’ll utilize HC and ICS respectively.

  • LostTeeter

    I upgraded to honeycomb and now I love my tablet even more. One bad issue is that I lost Teeter after the update!

  • donger

    yes honeycomb

  • Jackie @ freeismylife

    Thanks for the “heads up” on this update. I bought my HTC Evo View on 1saleaday a few weeks ago for a steal and have really been really enjoying it. It is welcome change to use a 7″ device and have a true tablet, unlike the Kindle Fire where have to constantly sideload everything.

    I installed the Honeycomb update last night and so far, so good. I love that I can now use the pen for navigation. Like you said in your post, I did have to spend some time to reset the screens since all my previous customizations went away.

    I have yet to find any apps that don’t work with Honeycomb, but I have not tried them all.

    • gadgetgirl

      Same here, I got mine on 1saleaday, because the Fire was such a pain and then the sideloaded apps kept getting disabled, i.e. HBOGo. I am glad to hear most people are liking HC, because I have no problem with GB and wasn’t sure if I should upgrade, although everyone said the View doesn’t even have HC, well now it does. Its my first real android, as I would hardly count the Fire as one. Thanks for the info.

  • burnnhell

    Ive had the device since launch and thought it was already good with GB on it. Updated it to HC and am loving it. Still wishing HTC would dump sense though, it looks outdated compared to the standard HC and ICS UI’s.

  • jason kite

    Do you have to be on sprint to update or can you use WiFi?

  • Hall Lo

    Nice! :D It would be nicer if ICS is around the corner :P maybe i m too greedy

  • 4D

    I’ve got the View, and am downloading the (large) update as I write this. You don’t have to be signed up with Sprint for the update as it comes from HTC. You do have to initiate the update though. ICS is mostly HoneyComb with just a few added UI details. Many of them were inspired by features already in HTC’s Sense UI. Pretty happy to see this update. Should make a great tablet even better,

  • staryoshi

    It’s great to hear that they have updated to 3.2. Hopefully it’s a step toward ICS. Continued product support is always appreciated :)

  • DRHamp

    Love the Honeycomb update ….. but it really seem that wifi reception has really dropped off .. could the update cause that?

    • gadgetgirl

      Mine is same as before the upgrade, works fine. Still miss my HBOGo though.

  • Tevya

    So how do we get HTC’s attention and let them know how badly so many of us want ICS on this awesome little tablet.

  • Tom

    Few APPS stopped working and does not connect to pc any more… oh ya and no rolling back }8-\

    • gadgetgirl

      What or how do you mean it won’t connect to your pc anymore?

      • Chronic

        I have the same problem as him, when I plug the tablet in to the computer the tablet no longer
        pulls up the screen that asks for how you would like to connect, not only that but the computer doesn’t seem to see it. I have tried multiple cords and computers…

  • sash867

    the honeycomb update disabled the buttons at the bottom and side of my tablet as well as shrunk all the items on my screen. is there a way to turn the buttons back on and resize the screen icons?? help please