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HTC starts rolling out Sense 3.0 update to older phones


HTC has announced that a software update for the HTC Desire S and HTC Desire HD is currently being rolled out to phones in the UK. No, the phones are not being updated to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), but they are getting a new version of HTC Sense. The software update will bring Sense 3.0 to the two Android devices which will allow users to enjoy the new 3D carosel, enhanced unlock screen, new widgets and settings controls directly from the notification bar — features which were first introduced with the HTC Sensation.

The HTC Desire HD and HTC Incredible S just learned some great new tricks. Share what's on your mind and take that great shot even faster with Sense 3.0's lock screen shortcuts. Rolling out to handsets across the UK starting today. HTC

For now, only unlocked HTC phones in the UK will be receiving the update, but we suspect HTC is working to push out HTC Sense 3.0 to carrier branded phones in the rest of Europe and their U.S. cousins (AT&T’s HTC Inspire 4G and the Verizon DORID Incredible2) as well.

How many of you enjoy would gladly trade your HTC Sense 2.x experience for Sense 3.0?

UPDATE: We’re hearing that this is the same update that hit the HTC Desire S a little over a month ago which also updates the phone to Android 2.3.5. This means we should see this update hit other HTC phones within the next month or two.

Source: The Inquirer

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  • Daniel Box

    Will this count for the HTC Desire or just the HD?

    • Nickedynick

      I’d imagine just the HD, given the amount of trouble that Gingerbread caused HTC for the original Desire.

    • Nick Gray

      The HTC Desire will probably only be setting security patched hear on out. The memory limitations of the device make it impossible for HTC to give the phone any more significant updates.

      • Mark S

        Root your device, load Cyanogenmod 7 and use Go Launcher EX :-) I’ve my old Desire running GB just nicely and with an little bit of trickery from another app called S2E the memory limitation has been worked round :-) Gotta love open source projects and customizing your phone :-D

        • LukeT32

          Why waste the time with an update and not atleast update the version of android?

        • SGB101

          im still rolling with the Desire, i run CM7 (7.1 seemed a bit buggy),

          Earlier this week i was Running CM9 Alpha on it, ICS, buggy and laggy, but give CM guys two month and it will be as smooth as butter on the old girl.

          this phone does have a memory issue though, about 155Mb of usable memory, even with apps2sd it fills up fast.

    • muii

      WTF HTC??? The DesireHD is updated and the DesireZ not?
      These 2 high end phones were released at the same time and only one is getting updated ! That’s insane.
      I’m raging, HTC you suck

      • Alex

        Look into Virtuous Fusion ROM, its a Sense 3.0 rom that’s based on the HTC Sensation and it’s pretty fast on the Desire Z/G2. More that good enough for daily use.

        • benben

          I think you might be thinking of Virtuous Unity…
          There is also Virtuous Affinity with Sense 3.5 for the DZ although I prefer the lighter ROMs such as CyanogenMod.

          • Alex

            Oops yeah I was thinking of Unity, thanks for pointing that out. And yeah I use CM7 mostly, but Unity was the only Sense ROM I tried that I stayed with for more than a week before backing it up and switching back to CM

      • Nick Gray

        Hey now, no one said that the Desire Z will not be getting the update. HTC has not give us an official list of devices that they are looking to update with Sense 3.0 so just calm down and take a deep breath.

        • benben

          I wouldn’t hold my breath. They will probably push the same update (2.3.5) they’re pushing to the Wildfire S but with a rotating homescreen and the Sense 3.0 lockscreen. Also, it will feature a constantly restarting launcher and a fine collection of bugs – some of which are carry-overs all the way back from Froyo.

          Being a Desire Z owner who rooted because of the terrible job HTC did with the Gingerbread 2.3.3 update I have lost faith.

          There are a lot of very good custom ROMs available on XDA and a great dev community so I can only encourage others to do what I did.

    • LV23

      HTC forgot about original Desire… That’s a pity!

    • Robert Whittaker

      It wont get on the desire,

      You can acheive the same thing and more with a few apps (at a cost), ADW, custom lock screens, beautiful widgets. And there are lots of themes out there that do the setup for you.

      In my experience the custom launcers seem to be slicker and quicker than the sense ui.

      Think I’ll be going straigh android next time!

  • thekaz

    woo hoo! I’m gonna start checking on my Droid Eris every few minutes!!

    Oh, wait…

  • ishbuggy

    It is sad that they have left my Incredible behind. Thankfully I have Cyanogenmod!

  • Merridus

    I’ve been running this on my DHD for the past few days and other than the missing camera it all seems quite stable and smooth. So if you’re not interested in Sense 3.0 and fancy some ICS check it out :D

  • WarDrake

    See, HTC knows how to do it, now any delays are known to be carrier fault, and they can’t try to shift the blame to HTC, since the unlocked ones are the first ones to be updated :D

  • jawabba

    I’m rooted on the Tbolt, but it seems like the phone has been forgotten. ICS is early pre-alpha, and HTC is treating it like a red headed step child.

    • wwJOSHdo

      I resent that. I’m red headed and a step child

  • Donald Williams

    I would have liked it when I received the 2.3.4 update on the mytouch 4g. Since that was not an option I purchased the next best thing… Widget locker. Has almost all of the 3.0 in it for me. Great app and kudos to the developer…

    • Ilyse Rose

      Yeah, I know we’re not getting it, thanks to “my sense” or whatever it’s called, but it would be nice. Widget locker does it’s thing and the only negative is it meant I couldn’t use Handcent popups like I wanted.

  • goncalossilva

    The Desire HD and the Incredible S are old phones? Wow, the smartphone world moves FAST.

    • Nick Gray

      The Desire HD was introduced about 14 months ago and the Incredible S was unveiled at MWC this past February. No, they are not ancient by any means, but since HTC has introduced a half dozen new phones in the last six months, they are certainly behind the new curve.


    HTC is doing there thing,, Wifey just received a nice lil update to her sensation.. Its running a hell of a lot better now

  • lou2cool88

    I wonder if this will come to the Thunderbolt. I’m currently flashing CM7.1 so I don’t use Sense, but when I do crave Sense, I flash BAMF Forever.

  • Fabio R

    I will be *#*#2432546#*#* all day long

  • ageesaman

    I can’t wait for this on the inspire. My boss at work has his phone rooted and has had this for some time. It looks awesome!

  • oko loko

    Too bad that original HTC Desire won’t get new Sense UI :(

  • deckoff

    This is a nice thing to see. I rooted my DHD a couple of weeks ago and I am running Affinity ROM which sports Sense 3.5 :) This will be nice present for lots of people who dont have the time and knowledge to root and install custom ROMS.
    I give thumbs up to HTC for rolling an update for an more than an year old phone. I hope they keep this trend.

  • mothy

    Cant wait for this on my Dinc 2

  • jaamgans

    @Nick – the HDH can currently change settings from the notification bar on gingerbread – I don’t think that its Sense specific…..

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Frankly, manufacturer’s launchers are to blame for a lot of delay when it comes to upgrading Android on phones. Thus, IMO, Sense could be absolutely gorgeous and still suck.

    • Nick Gray

      That’s a myth that’s been busted for some time. Just look at the HTC made T-Mobile G2 and the G2X. Both of them were running stock-ish Android and both took forever to be updated to Gingerbread.

      Custom UI’s don’t have anything to do with how quickly your phone us updated to the next version of Android.

      • Nick Gray

        you can down vote my comment, but it doesn’t change the facts. As much as we like to blame custom UI’s for late updates to our phones, history has shown that the first phones to get updates (besides Nexus phones) are typically handsets with an OEM’s UI.

  • mrmrchris

    Ooooooh. I find update days too exciting. I almost wish I hadn’t replaced my DHD two weeks ago. :|

  • ariesness

    Saw Sense 3.0 on the HTC Rhyme, and it looks pretty cool :) Can’t wait to get it on my Inspire!

    • Nick Gray

      It’ll be a bit different since the Rhyme has Sense 3.5, but most of the functionality will be the same. Sense 3.0 to 3.5 changes were mainly cosmetic.

  • zyphbear

    I originally thought about that coming to my old HTC Espresso, then realized I won’t be keep it long enough to really care. I’ll just switch to an android without a skin of any kind.

  • seven2k

    wow cool…i really dont miss Sense but it was nice when i had it.

  • classic_hero

    Not all that interested in sense anymore

    • Nick Gray

      I kinda feel the same. I’ve run a few Sense 3.0 ROMs on my G2, but I’ve mostly been using MIUI for the past 8-9 months. HTC needs to go back to the drawing board with Android 4.0 and make Sense 4.0 more relevant to the needs of consumers with all the new features included in ICS.

  • James Conley

    It’s too bad they don’t keep these updating till the end of two years so you could have your device updated through out the contract you sign for it. This is why I root and Rom up.

  • carlos dudas

    i’m quite happy with lockmenu and adw ex

    it might be a case of sour grapes since i highly doubt i will see this HTC sense revisional update on my bell branded htc desire z

    am i missing anything in sense 3.0? i’ve had the “quick settings” in the notification area since sense 2.1

    • Sid

      You’re not missing anything. Besides, with the Sense UI 3.0 it hangs (about 1 in 10 calls) when answering calls from lock screen.

  • vid500

    Got it yesterday, finally… I think I was waiting for the sence update for almost a year now.
    But at least we got it, becouse now I was quite convinced that my D HD wouldn’t see the sence 3.

  • S

    Uhhm, actually the update to sense 3.0 and android 2.3.5 started rolling out here in Sweden about 3-4 days ago, that im sure of, because i got it for my DHD two days ago.

  • HoLfElDeR

    i like companies that care for customers, and care about their pones

  • alxrock

    I’m surprised. HTC has been pretty bad about taking any time bothering with older devices. I love my OG Evo, but I don’t know if I’ll be sticking with HTC for my next phone.
    Look how long it took them to update the Flyer tablet to Honeycomb.

    • Nick Gray

      HTC typically pushed out updates for phone for 18 months. It might now be the latest and greatest update, but it’s better than being stranded on a version of Android that’s been outdated for a year.

      You shouldn’t judge HTC by their update time for the Flyer since it was their very first tablet and they updated is from Gingerbread to Honeycomb, something no other OEM has done. I’m sure there are a lot of Galaxy Tab owners out there wishing that Samsung would roll out an official update for their device to give them a better tablet experience.

  • thechad

    HTC Ice Cream Sandwich please

    • Jeremy Johns

      you will be waiting til March or later for ICS on any old HTC phones, I love my HTC phones but hell they are sloooooooooooow to update stuff.

  • keridel

    happy happy :D

  • eioous

    What about the Desire Z????

  • Jeremy Johns

    can’t wait for 3.0 on my Dinc2. Just got the wife the Rhyme and it should be on my door step by the time i get home.

  • TMartin

    I wonder why they are doing Sense 3.0 and not Sense 3.5. Sense 3.5 seems to be a lot smoother.

  • sockeqwe

    its ugly … bloated … simply not elegant

  • Hall Lo

    My poor Desire Z ;(…. seems like its a right move to flash custom roms on it rather than waiting for official updates…

  • karthics4

    Will HTC Desire HD on Tmobile UK be updated to Sense 3.0

  • frmorrison

    HTC, Thanks for updating.

  • humidity

    It’s nice to see older phones still getting updates.

  • Deeds

    Now we just have to wait for them to update their phones to Sense 3.5

  • dunneldeen

    Anybody with a Desire HD that can talk about performance?

  • jdk123

    Hopefully not for my nexus 1

  • Alex Pena

    Just root and flash a 3.0 ROM! I’ve even seen a 3.5 one but it still was a little buggy

    • donger

      right on.

  • Jerry
  • Lucian Veliman

    I got the update 2 weeks ago on my Vodafone Desire S in Romania. It’s smoother and faster than 2.3.3 with Sense 2.x. Can’t wait to get ICS on it.

  • Zhi Hao

    I’d really rather get ICS. Please HTC. Please Santa.

  • glennw

    No love for the Evo 4G? :(

    I’m getting tired of seeing Sense reboot almost every time I go back to the home screen…

  • Philippe

    So where’s Sense 3.0 for Desire Z? DHD and DZ released just like brothers and u left the keyboard one out at the cold weather!

    I guest HTC just realize they’ve put a 800mhz processor and 512mb ram in this device, and didn’t bother to try build one for us now!


  • Alexandra Sedlack

    good to hear

  • Danny Calderon

    They should forget the sense update and send out bootloader unlockers to make it easier to root your phone

  • jamal

    Why not update them to sense 3.5 instead of 3.0.

    • Panatella

      Exactly! I mean i love Android but this ian a classic example of software fragmentation! Lets hope ICS will inspire manufacturers to deliver devices with vanilla android!

      Mmm, vanilla ice cream sandwich!!

  • Ekansh

    Any chances this update come to INDIAN users of HTC DHD also.

  • dbdb

    got this update on my Desire HD on friday – it’s a welcome update, but i’d love to see an ICS update announced too!

  • goldenboyrb

    myTouch 4G please? =[

  • Dmitry

    Does anybody else got Wildfire S almost unusable after update to 2.3.5? UI is extremely laggy, animations (especially when using clocks with weather) are fragmented and you can see some rectangular overlays instead of pictures, keyboard blinks, so you can hardly type anything, etc., etc.
    Factory reset doesn’t solve the problem.

  • Erdem

    Own a Desire HD, just downloaded the update with no problem but after the update, sense stared to reboot every 5 min. couldn’t find out why. Now I cant use the phone it is really depressing…

  • michelle moore

    when will htc desire z 2.3.3 be getting the update of sence 3.0 please can you let me know to put my mind at rest or tell me what update it would be getting

  • cam

    So,I have the HTC inspire 4G do you know if its going to get the update and when ? I have been wait a long time for it to have an update also 15 days ago my sync says its not working it will be back shortly if you know anything that’s going to happen to the HTC inspire let me know thanks (:

  • Peter

    Just downloading my update on the HTC S now hope it dose not sod up me phone as I have been waiting months for it.

    • Peter

      :( It sodded up my phone I have lost it all :( Just have to wait for tech support to be open now god dam it. Pff

  • chris

    I just downloaded it, it works fine but they removed some skins theres only 3 you can choose, and they stuffed up the premium navigation car panel, the interface is no longer there (big buttons) INSTEAD u have smaller buttons and have to access it through locations that SUCKS!! Beware if u paid for this……!!

  • Phaneesh

    Boy, what a crap software update. My phone now take longer to boot, cant receive or cancel incoming calls, on cancelling an incoming call the phone just stops working and hangs but keeps ringing until you remove the battery, call history is out of sync but now recording all the incoming calls, the phone restarts for now reason and what’s with the lockscreen without the flexibility.
    It’s very immature of HTC to release the update without testing.
    Fix it HTC! NOW

    • jaamgans

      Is yours operator branded? If so its probably to do with their workings as most people that I know on the non branded seem reasonably happy. There is the odd minor correction that needs fixing which is supposedly in the works, but nothing like your issues.

  • Akshat

    Even Incredible S got an update for HTC Sense 3 and Android 2.3.5, Sense 3 is much better than 2.

  • crsigy

    where is my update :-( I have a desire hd unbranded and unlocked but no update,

  • DOC

    Where is the DESIRE Z update ?
    SENSE 2.1 is causes reboots, force closes, slow down, widget-problems !!!!!!!

    WE NEED THE UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    What, about the htc incredible 1