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Kindle Fire Utility is your one-stop shop for Kindle Fire hacks


Hacking and modding development behind the Kindle Fire has been slowly but surely picking up ever since the device was first released. It’s no surprise that there are already a multitude of hacks and mods available, Amazon made it clear that they know the Kindle Fire will be rooted and that developers will have their way with it. Thanks to a Kindle Fire developer on XDA, those hacks and mods are now easier to find and apply.

Developer “Vashypooh” on the XDA Developers forums has released a Windows utility for the Kindle Fire known as, well, Kindle Fire Utility. By using Kindle Fire Utility, users can easily perform a number of actions with their device, including change the boot mode, repair permissions, factory reset, pull updates from Amazon, replace the framework, install an alternate recovery and more.

Kindle Fire Utility v.1 was just released today, and already it seems to be getting a fair amount of attention. As time goes, the utility will be updated with more features and tweaks, so if you own a Kindle Fire and have a passion for tinkering, you might want to keep this one bookmarked. While Kindle Fire Utility seems easy enough to use, just remember that only you are responsible for what happens to your device. For more information on Kindle Fire Utility v.1, visit XDA.

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Source: XDA

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  • Thomas Biard

    As soon as I saw the Kindle Fire selling like crazy I knew that the development community would have a hay-day. I hope XDA is getting the kind of support they need because they do incredible work for almost all of us. A round of drinks for XDA on me!

    • Thomas Biard

      Woah, what’s with the down-vote hate? Someone not supporting XDA in an article about their developments? Rough.

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        No down-votes here man, I <3 XDA… I spend far too much time modding my phone. :)

        • mr 1338

          well this tool comes handy. canĀ“t wait to see whats gonna be added along the way

    • Jon Garrett

      all I want is an easy way to root my kindle, right now the process is overly complicated.

  • stenzor

    I love how Amazon is being cool with mods

    • thechad

      It makes sense for them to stay true to the Google philosophy. Other wise they would just be one of those jerk companies that tries hard but fails to keep everyone locked out.

    • faun

      Yeah it should really help extend the product-life of the fire!

    • GeauxLSU

      I was a little surprised with them being open to it. It seemed like rooting and custom roms, etc would be against their business model. If they are losing money selling the Kindle and plan to make it back with the Amazon App Store, custom roms would cut into those profits.

      I’m not sure if the Nook Color boot priority was a mistake or what, but I was dissapointed to read that the Nook Tablet has a locked bootloader. It would be an interesting battle if both devices had the same openess to the dev comunity.

  • kusic

    one week to my new kindle fire, looking forward…

  • myandroid99


  • zyphbear

    Go XDA and Vashypooh! With the great cost of the Fire, there is so much that can be done, this is just the first step! Keep up the great work!

  • HoLfElDeR

    Nice to know

  • ndub21

    I think I would be much more into the Kindle Fire if I didn’t already have a Galaxy Tab 10.1. I feel like it just wouldn’t even compare (except in price of course). I think for many people this is perfect though, so I’m not surprised that they’re selling like crazy. Go Android!

  • kusine

    I’ll have to keep an eye on this. One of the reasons I haven’t been interested in the Fire is because of the huge Amazon-centric overlay on it. I like Amazon and all, but I’d like to have a little more freedom.

  • Luke Haviland

    hacky hacky

  • Torrance Barber

    Alright! Maybe my first tablet will be a Kindle Fire. It’ll be my personal Xmas gift! Way better than the socks or tie the misses will buy me. XD

  • ramenchef

    Cool! I’ll definitely check this out when my kindle fire arrives.

  • Danny Calderon

    That’s one of the great things about android, the development community

  • Lee Swanson

    Kindle Fire! The new king of hackable tablets.

  • Adryan maldonado

    SWEET!!! GOING HOME TONIGHT AND DOWNLOADING. ACTUALLY I was hoping it would help with root and flashing cyanogenmod but oh well that may soon be included.

  • mclarensr

    Now if Amazon fixes all the other documented issues with the Fire, I may consider it.

  • honourbound68

    Hrmmm. Now I’m not sure I should’ve picked up that HTC Evo View that bens had on sale.

  • ArticulateFool

    This makes me want a kindle fire that much more!!!

  • xfaith

    I am hoping to see ones of these under the christmas tree :). Will be so much fun, and so much work has already been done on these systems.

  • Todd Thedell

    I will consider it now.

  • Jimmy13

    Hacking them is half the fun for me so I love these stories

  • Eduardo Bayon Perales

    Definetely I’ll have to purchase one when they arrive to Europe… Now it’ll be a very interesting piece of technology at a reasonable price.

  • donger

    hack away

  • Taylor

    If my fiance wasn’t going to get pissed at me, I’d have bought her one of these for Christmas. She loves Android, but her taste runs a bit more feminine than tch for the holidays. Now if my Transformer Prime order is cancelled again, I might have to snap one of these up just for kicks.

  • beatrixasdfghjk.

    What are you guys talking about?

    Amazon just pushed out an update that breaks SuperOneClick root ):
    Looks like another cat-mouse situation…

    • minimage

      And are they still blocking video downloads to rooted devices? That’s not so friendly.

  • humidity

    +1 for XDA! Well done fellas!

  • Tran Lang

    Go! Go! XDA.