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Logitech Revue’s Honeycomb update finally available


Logitech Revue owners are finally getting a sweet serving of Honeycomb. Early this morning, Logitech announced that the Android 3.1 update for the Revue is currently being pushed out to all users, delivering a brand new UI and access to the Android Market. The Honeycomb update for the Revue makes it easier to find TV shows and movies and expands the device’s native capabilities with new apps from the market. Right now, there are roughly 50 applications that have been optimized for Google TV, but we have a feeling that number will jump substantially once developers realize how many consumers picked up the Revue when Logitech dropped the price to $99.

We are pleased to announce that we will begin delivering a free software update of the Android 3.1 platform to Logitech Revueâ„¢ with Google TVâ„¢ this week. If you’re already a Revue user, simply ensure your unit is turned on and connected to the Web, and accept the update that pops up onto your TV screen. New customers are expected to receive this version automatically upon activation.Logitech

Let us know how you’re enjoying the new Android 3.1 update on your Logitech Revue. We’d also love to hear what your new favorite Google TV app is. We know there are a lot of great gadgets to choose from this holiday season, but the $99 Logitech Revue running Honeycomb will probably be the most useful and memorable gift you buy this year.

Via: Engadget

Source: Logitech

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  • B2L

    I just bought one of these a few weeks ago. I can’t wait for the update.

    • Alex

      Its a good deal too! A 47″ device for $99? If only my TV was a touchscreen haha

  • ndub21

    FINALLY!!!! We had to wait a month after Sony Google TV users to get our update, although it seemed like years! I will force my Revue to update the second I get home tonight (I’ll be skipping out of work a few min early for this)! So excited, can’t believe this day actually came!

  • JAGDrummer

    YES!! Thank you little eight pounds six ounces baby Jesus in your manger!

    Now it better be there when I get home from work….

  • Adam Snyder

    does anyone know about the next gen google tv? i’m looking for something next year in college (not trying to pay for cable)

    • Nick Gray

      With Netflix, Amazon Prime and the web, you could get most of your media fix without even having cable

      • ajonrichards

        Logitech and Google have insisted that this is not a cable-cutting device, and but I have insisted to all my friends “yes it is!” Once you get accustomed to consuming your media a la carte instead of channel surfing for two hours until you realize that nothing is on, it’s a perfect device. I’m one of the few who have loved the Revue as is, but I’m ready to love it even more now that it’s upgraded to Honeycomb.

        • Shadowlore

          Voted up for truth.. however, I will also note that while I prefer a la carte, I have stumbled across some amazing programs while channel surfing when bored.

          Mythbusters, Shameless, and Royal Pains just to name a few. Now that the entire world knows who Mythbusters are, it’s hard to remember they were originally a pretty small show with big dreams.

          The biggest gripe with Google TV, specifically, is that it started out so promising and then routinely got neutered by outside parties as they realized: ‘ZOMG!! IT’S AFFECTING OUR PROFITS!!!’. *sigh*

          The other issue, is the fact they’re rather late to the game with their product. (One can only hope they get the bugs ironed out) With products like the Roku, PlayOn, and Xbox Media extenders out there.. it’s an uphill battle.

          I sincerely hope they get all the quirks ironed out and get some content licenses in place for the next revision.

          • ajonrichards

            The lack of support by the networks (by shutting down Hulu,, etc web portals on the GTV Chrome browser) is maddening, but the logical conclusion is that the cable companies squeezed them on it. Advertizing dollars are advertizing dollars, right? Can you imagine the mass exodus from cable and satellite if everyone realized that they could watch ALL the shows they wanted with a $30 internet plan and a $99 set top box? We all know this is going to be the future anyway, but Comcast/Time Warner/et al are going to keep their death grip on a fading business model as long as they can.

    • frmorrison

      Next gen GTV devices may be shown at the CES show in Jan 2012.

  • thechad

    Looks like i need to pick one up now.

  • faun

    Great news for Google TV in general!

  • tokra

    Sweet! Perfect christmas gift!

  • Ilyse Rose

    Now I’m interested. This looks like a great gift.

  • Nick Gray

    I’m still waiting for the update on mine, but I can’t wait to start downloading apps and playing games on my flat screen TV. I may have to invest into the Bluetooth Game pad.

  • go to hell

    and more important, the japanese bombed pearl harbor 70 years ago! damn asians!

    • Sean the Electrofreak


  • Bryan Stoner

    Oh yea!! I should pick one of these up. Honeycomb on the big screen, now you’re talkin!

  • halo0

    The killer app I think is gonna be Google Music. Being able to stream that through my receiver will be awesome!

  • Kaote

    Time to pull the trigger on this, should be a nice addition to the entertainment center

  • frmorrison

    I am glad it is finally out, now I have to wait a few days for my device to be picked to be updated (everyone will get it by Dec 17).

  • Kevin Amundson

    It’s great to see all these companies rolling out updates to their products. Happy customers are loyal customers!

  • james bricknell

    would be amazing if we could get it outside the US… still no sign of it yet :(

  • Thomas Taylor

    The description on Amazon says that it requires “cable or satellite box with HDMI out, cable or satellite subscriptions service.” Is that really true – will the box not function without a pay TV subscription? We’re happy with OTA DTV – I’d even be fine continuing to use the TV remote to switch between our current coax antenna and the Revue. But am I understanding that you can control your channels on the Revue if you pass your pay TV box through it? Could you do the same if you had a OTA DTV antenna with HDMI out, like this one?

    Also – if this has Honeycomb and Market now – could one install a non-standard browser that allows User Agent switching and get to Hulu?

    • traicer

      i dont have cable or anything and i use my revue to just watch stuff off the web on my tv.

    • Nick Gray

      The Chrome browser has user agent switching, but is still blocked by Hulu and other sites. They are blocking by OS type, not just the browser. Maybe with more people picking up the Revue, we could see the development community find a workaround.

    • zyphbear

      I have a GoogleTV (it came in the Sony TV i bought), and if you are trying to cut the cord, it really does help. GoogleTV functions just fine without hooking up any kind of cable/antenna connection. You lose the main TV features like searching for programs/movies on TV, but I find using it with Netflix works just as well.

      The Updated chrome browser in Honeycomb allows to change the user agent, but I haven’t done that yet. Though the market is still pretty sparse.

      A Feature I really like in Honeycomb is bookmark syncing, you have to enable it, but it does simplify backing up your Frequently Visited sites.

    • frmorrison

      You can get a TiVo to bring HDMI to your Revue (so you can watch OTA TV and the Revue web browser at the same time).
      You cannot install another browser and User Agent switching doesn’t work for Hulu (it may work for Fox).

      • Thomas Taylor

        Thanks – I did a little Googling and saw that you need a DTV tuner between antenna and Revue to really get things working, and that TiVo is an option. That starts to bump the price up considerably, though.

  • Lee Swanson

    This should make my co-worker happy.

  • kzlife

    Would the Revue work in Europe if you imported it from USA? :O

    • Nick Gray

      The device itself should work, but you probably will not be able to feed TV signals through it. You will have access to the web and the market, but services like Pandora, Netflix and Amazon will probably be blocked.

      • kzlife

        Ohh okey.. not really worth it.. yet xP

  • Jack 43

    Might have to give this a shot…

  • zyphbear

    I just replaced my TV with the Sony with Google TV built in and it updated to Honeycomb during start up when setting it up a couple weeks ago. I love all the features, but there really needs to be more Apps in the market, Also I would be fine paying Hulu Plus their monthly fee to watch it on the TV….once they get their App up and running so I can use it!

    Also to note, TVersity is a great application for the PC to stream most of the content you have on your PC on the GoogleTV. It doesn’t play all formats, but most AVI/MP4 play without an issue.

    I love my GoogleTV and it replaced my dying Roku with no issues.

    • Jason Corry

      +1 for TVersity! I love it and use to stream to my Xbox, Google TV, and DirecTV boxes!

  • John Walker

    Might just take a sick day? There is no might, take a sick day and go home to play with the update lol

    I’m glad it’s coming out, but now this is going to make my day drag on

    • adam

      that’s because microsoft isn’t in the business of advertising. the networks don’t want to compete with google for advertising revenue.

    • adam

      that’s because microsoft isn’t in the business of advertising. the networks don’t want to compete with google for advertising revenue.

  • nytobos

    Put this on my christmas list about a month ago. Now I’m just more pumped to get it!

  • pekosROB

    Yay! hope this is ready for when I get home from work tonight!

    • pekosROB

      The thing I’m most excited for? PLEX!

      • Tennis Player

        How can I install PLEX in the Logitech Revue? Can’t find the app in Google Play(Market) and can’t downloaded from my PC.

        Thank you,


  • levelm

    So when will it get Ice Cream Sandwich?

    • frmorrison

      Maybe never, Logitech is not going to develop for GTV anymore at this time (they will still give you 1 year support). Perhaps in the future Logitech will work on it, but it seems unlikely.

    • charliethesuperturtle

      when a leak comes out
      i’m not going to bother waiting for ics because it wont happen……..

  • seven2k

    Anyone get the update yet? I checked last night and this morning and nothing. God i hate waiting!

  • antfelici

    hope it was worth the wait

  • abrarey

    Finally, still waiting!!

  • jimtravis

    I was an early adopter, and paid the full price. Overall, I am happy with the Google TV Revue, but always felt it never reached its full potential due to the lack of updates. Have not received update yet, but am looking forward to the update soon, and hopefully, a more enjoyable Google TV experience.

  • jamorenom

    Wow, wondering if I´ll get it, ´cause I all ready installed the leaked HC version months ago.. cross firngers!…

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I just checked mine again this morning. Still no update yet.

  • thr970

    Might just install a custom rom on my phone to try out ICS, what is going on with Verizon

  • txbluesman

    Sweet! I can’t wait to check when I get home.

  • Charlesbrown79

    Yay über excited. Can’t wait to see the new layout. I love my review. It brings TV to the next level.

  • Lewis McGeary

    Wish there was an easy way to get a revue in the UK, anyone know of one?

    • JH – that’s how I got mine

  • LeePlaya

    Thank you for the update… felt like I’ve waited years! lol

  • theJP

    With this update does it make the Revue worth buying? Or is it still pretty limited?

    • OutofPlace

      It really depends on what you are looking for. It is not a cable replacement. You will not get access to the networks or Hulu. That may change someday, but right now there is no moving between Google and the networks.

      But the update will get you access to the market, and hopefully it will fix some of the bugs in the original OS. Personally, I hope one of the other browser developers comes out with an alternative to chrome that is on the Revue. It is poorly structured and buggy. Even those pages that do not block streaming content rarely work (ESPN3 specifically). I would say it has about at 10% success rate with streaming content (excepting youtube from that analysis).

      The market access will be huge. Improved performance will be key. But make no mistake that when it comes to TV viewing this system is an overlay. It is not a substitute.

      • jampac9

        I have yet to have any problems with the streaming of any websites and that’s what I mainly use the product for. I agree that it depends on whats your intent for the use of the product, but even before the update I found extreme pleasure with my purchase. The only thing I’m truly hoping for is a faster browsing experience with chrome or some other browser as you stated, it just seems a little to slow moving around but it does the job once the page is loaded fully. I will however enjoy the market access and better UI once updated!!!

  • Lane Montgomery

    I’m at home right now (stay-at-home dad) and mine doesn’t see the update.

    I don’t recommend anybody knock off early, you’ll likely be disappointed.

    • LukeT32

      Good thing I didn’t go home! :)

    • kazahani

      I was just thinking the same thing.

    • Lane Montgomery

      To further update you, I did a factory data reset thinking it might catch the update during the setup.

      It did “check” for an update, but it didn’t fine one.

      So it looks like the update is rolling out very slowly. I’ve heard some boxes won’t be updated until December 17th. Hopefully that isn’t true.

      • Kevin

        I did the exact same thing before reading this and no luck. Haha!

        • devin

          me to,lol

  • Lee Swanson

    I really want one of these, my partner really want a Roku. He keeps trying to sell me on the Roku that I could play Angry Birds on it.

  • jakymiwm

    I can’t wait to get home and get this!!!! It sure has taken long enough though…….

  • James Conley

    I have been waiting so impatiently for this :)

  • reverenddak

    Finally. I’m conveniently home and hung over! It’ll be like a new electronic toy!

  • J Rod

    About time!!! Cant wait to go home tonight after school…Hope mine isnt updated till Dec.17.

  • David Keller


  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile rahuly2k7

    NICE!!! now I am definitely getting Logitech Google TV. I was just holding myself back because I didn’t know if this was going to get updated since Logitech announced that they are discontinuing this product…

  • Jason Corry

    Does anyone know if the HC Beta is recieving the update?

    • Anthony Domanico

      Unfortunately, we think the update is only coming to non-rooted devices at this time. It may be that way for good.

  • James Conley

    I tried to update mine over lunch. Still no dice. It must not be pushing to Revue’s with the 2.1update1 patch. That would explain why a factory reset wouldn’t make it update faster because it would reset but with the patch already installed.

  • AvantGuard

    From what I’ve read, Logitech knows your serial and pushes the update to “unregistered” serials. Factory resets don’t help. Nice to know it’s coming before NEXT Saturday. I mean, I get the reasoning: 1) Prevent a DDoS on their servers and 2) minimize fallout if there are unseen errors.

    Just impatience causing unhappiness now. Patience is a virtue, folks. We’ve waited this long; at least now we have a realistic ETA.

    You know, barring any problems. Keep your fingers crossed. :)

  • donger

    honeycomb, yum.

  • sylar

    Hmm maybe I should think about buying one of these now. Sounds like it could be a great addition to my theater set up.

  • kevin charliethesuperturtle

    i wish i had faster internet

    • charliethesuperturtle

      darn it ended up saying your systems uptodate, no honeycomb
      has anyone even got it yet in florida

  • humidity

    Finally! Lets hope mine comes sooner rather than later!

  • Michael Ian

    My attempts to ignore google tv is becoming harder

  • phaet2112

    I wonder how Roku views google TV

  • Luis Lopez

    so what your saying is… if i stare at the check for update long enough i should eventually get the update!

  • Adryan maldonado

    thats pretty sweet. Almosts makes me want to buy one

  • sdtrinity3

    This has been a long time coming. I’ve been waiting for and was very tempted to try the manual updates available online. Just a little more for the auto update…

  • Raul Narvaez

    In the blog comments Logitech said:

    Google TV is only available in the US therefore; the update is only going to be deployed in the US.We can’t speak for Google and they haven’t publicly committed to a launch date in other countries. We understand their plan is to focus on evolving the products and platform for consumers in the U.S. before bringing Google TV to other markets.

    That would be really shitty if those of us who bought it in the US but don’t live there won’t be getting the update

    • Raul Narvaez

      I got the update already and I’m in Venezuela. So i think it’s safe to say that everyone will be getting the update

  • sgtponce

    Sweet! This up should make google TV 100x better. Cant wait for more apps!

  • PaweÅ‚

    Google TV is only available in the US therefore; the update is only going to be deployed in the US.


    • Mariano Kamp

      It is shipped internationally and I, in Germany, already got an update. Just not honeycomb. Hopefully that will change soon.

  • jjsink

    I don’t see that anyone got it yet. I thought that I hadn’t because I bad-mouthed Logitech on Twitter and Facebook. After the news here and on other tech blogs yesterday, I ordered another Revue from Amazon even though I vowed never to buy another Logitech product again. Maybe the release news really was a fake :(

  • Leigh


  • djf_dc

    Just UPGRADED to honeycomb – looks great but can’t play until tonight:

    0. Revue had an “Accept” button on my TV about 8:00 am this morning
    1. about 10 minutes to upgrade
    2. bought mine a year ago – $300 ;-(
    3. located in NE Indiana

    I saw the new screen with the links at the bottom and the android market. Will let you know tonight after I install some of the made for google TV apps.

    Good show Logitech – it was a very smooth update !!

  • Randy Mccraw

    Still no update in Birmingham, bought mine about a month ago for 99.00, I cant wait for Honeycomb, hope it irons out the kinks

  • James Conley

    So i got the update.all the apps in the market saysnot compatible.

    • cheel

      Yeah mines is saying not compatible either when i try and downlad an app.

  • cheel

    Updating mine as we speak.hope it was worth the wait.

  • Samar

    Google TV needs to be revived for sure b4 Apple drops the rumored Apple TV with all things Gud and first.

  • thechoephix

    Perfect present for my parents for Christmas, I hate that they don’t ship to Europe. They spend their time at home either watching TV in one room or browsing in the other this would be awesome for them. If anyone knows a legit non-ebay gift-worthy way to buy this online from Bulgaria please share :]

  • txbluesman

    Finally! Got my update this morning and it is now all set up. The family is enjoying it more than ever.

  • AustrianBuyer

    At first I was disappointed, because I didn’t get the pop message saying that the update is available now, but when I looked into the Settings, it said that there is a newer versin available. My Revue had already donwloaded the Update WITHOUT telling me!! So clicked on update and a few minutes later I had the Update. I didn’t had the time to test it a lot, but the its really exciting browsing through the apps in the market, although there are not many.

    Has anyone experienced any performance differences yet? I had the feeling that websites load faster, but scrolling a website is still a bit laggy.

  • solacola09

    ok I got my update it nice I like it ..ok well will Revue get more app like slingmedia on the Revue … iam so happy with my box thinking go out buy more

  • AustrianBuyer

    Why should we get a Roku, when the Revue costs only 100 Dollars? This thing is specially made for TV and it integrates well in your existing system, when you have a sat receiver with hdmi output and android devices at home. for example you don’t have to switch the tv input, because revue runs together with your sat receiver and if you have a great website/video on your smartphone or tablet open, you can share it with just a few clicks on your TV.

    Roku might not be that bad, but booth Revue and Roku have their own appropriate places and cannot be compared directly.

  • Kev

    Have a APPLE-TV-2 at home with software from FIRECORE.COM installed on it.
    1) Runs XBMC with various add ons (Icefilms, Pandora, Hulu, Slingplayer, PlayOn, etc.)
    2) Runs Netflix, various radio stations, your own saved-converted movies via Itunes on wifi, Apple movies and TV shows.
    3) Has a browser that is functional for basics (no video, or audio in browser).
    4) Has weather

    new interesting additions all the time.