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Nexus S owners experiencing issues updating to ICS; Google puts some users on hold


It was four days ago now, December 16th, when Google first announced they’d be rolling out an update to Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Nexus S. Due to various errors and problems being reported by users from all over the web, the update is being put on hold for some.

Problems associated with the update to Ice Cream Sandwich include everything from high spikes in CPU usage, to major battery drain. Because of this, even if you receive a notification to download the update to your device, doesn’t mean you will be able to apply it. In areas where Google is monitoring feedback, they have paused the update process. Once the update is cleared for those regions being monitored, a new notification to update will appear.

If you received an update notification a little while ago but the update isn’t currently available for your phone, this is likely the result of Google pausing the update in your area while we monitor feedback. The Android 4.0 update is continuing to roll out around the world so your phone will receive another update notification when it’s available again in your region.Paul WilcoxCommunity Manager, Google

Personally, I have seen great battery life on Ice Cream Sandwich, and no spikes in CPU usage. However, I am having my own set of problems with the camera app. At first, it would only force close after a minute or two of doing nothing. Then, I started seeing an error message saying that my phone can’t connect to the camera. That same error message also popped up when I tried using CameraFX. Now, the camera will load sometimes, but nothing works. The viewfinder area stays black. As you can imagine, this is seriously frustrating.

It’s incredibly disappointing to see the update play out this poorly, but I wouldn’t wish battery, CPU or camera problems (especially ones this bad) on my worst enemy. Hopefully, Google will have the update figured out before too long.

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Source: Google Mobile Forums

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  • Techrocket9

    So the saga begins…

  • damambt

    Already did my update, haven’t really noticed anything that would alarm me. Battery life is “normal”. ICS looks great and the browser has never been faster. I give it a 10/10. 👍

    • Michael Martin

      Same here, as I force updated ICS on my Nexus S yesterday.

      Everything is faster, smoother & battery life seems improved slightly.

    • MJM128

      Same here (brothers device though, he says he doesn’t notice a battery life change). The one thing we both find unusual is where’s the face unlock feature?

    • thel0nerang3r

      I’m still on GB. Not sure if you had some issues like me, but I get some sites that freeze and force closes the browser. It seems to happen on javascript heavy sites. If you had the issue pre ICS, was it solved with the update?

    • Futureboy

      For the most part, so far so good here. It is definitely snappier than Gingerbread. The only oddity I have noticed is that the browser shortcut doesn’t launch the option box to choose stock browser or dolphin despite not having a default set.

  • mr 1338

    Google and Samsung:
    Y U NO test your updates?
    PS: you are both multi Mrd companies

    • redraider133

      Because not everyone is experiencing the bug. They can’t patch every possible bug that could occur from various types of use….

      • kirk brady

        this is what test cases are for. you know your models. you know what software is pre-loaded. you may even know the major third party software installed (thanks carrier iq!). you can test-case against all that.

        • thel0nerang3r

          Nexus devices did not include CarrierIQ. Though, situations like this would make the software useful. Not to throw a conspiracy out there, but there was a big deal about CarrierIQ and now we see issues that will be slower to solve.

          • Michael C.

            Ironically excellent point. :p

          • LukeT32

            Sadly I agree.

    • stenzor

      Bugs will be bugs

  • Dru

    Downloaded and manually installed the update on my Nexus S, and I’ve definitely been experiencing battery drain…the battery is lasting maybe 50-60% as long as it did on (stock) Gingerbread, and I’ve noticed that the battery is overheating a lot. Hope they get a more stable release out soon…:/

  • Toonshorty

    My friend has a Nexus S (UK GSM) and hasn’t even had the notification yet.

    Thankfully I’ve already got a port running on my Desire, it’s brilliant.


    Hmmm not god news.. Im sure there are on it.. Remember the Nexus is a test platform before anything

    • Marvles

      To a degree yes, but actually it should actually be google’s flagship phone before anything. I didn’t buy the “google” phone under the expectation that I will be the one ironing out all the problems for everyone else.

      That being said I flashed this update onto my Nexus and everything seems to be working fine :-)

  • Lewis McGeary

    I can’t be sure as not in a normal usage pattern right now, battery life shorter but using the device more. Without this I wouldn’t have thought it was out of place.

  • eioous

    Yay ICS, Boo being on hold

  • Cody Hilton

    If they do fix it, when will they give the update to Sprint.

  • MaggieL

    I was getting high battery drain from Maps. I think it’s fixed now. Drill down in the Maps menu to “Lattitude”, then hit the menu button again for “location reporting”, and uncheck “automatic checkins”…seems like that runs even if you’re not signed into Latitude.

  • keridel

    ics is so new and designed from the ground up to work on a new type of device (no buttons) that bugs of this nature should be expected.

    it’ll all be ok my friend have faith in the goog!

  • ndub21

    Bummer. It always sucks when they pull back release dates. Hopefully they get it fixed up soon. ICS is awesome!

  • Tarah

    My phone updated about 4-5 hours ago. I haven’t noticed any issues in performance or battery drain that can’t be explained by the fact that I can’t keep from playing with what feels like my brand new phone.

  • Nate B.

    NS4G already ;-p please.

  • mac08wrx

    i have been running the ics rom on my NS4G and had the same issues kinda weird huh..never the less i still think it rocks

  • ramenchef

    Which version of ICS is shipping out to Nexus S devices anyways? 4.0.2 or 4.0.1?

    • Lewis McGeary

      4.0.3 for me

  • lxgeorge

    Come on Google you got this!

  • magister

    Some of the issues plaguing those that updated to ICS: constant spontaneous reboots. I advise you to be careful before updating, it might not hit you but you will be out of service if it does.

  • wal

    Forced the update from google download 4.0.3 from 3.2 gingerbread. No problems noticed on battery or camera. Happy ICS user in the UK ;)

    • wal

      Sorry 2.3.6 gingerbread

  • CJ LaFleur

    This just looks bad. We all have to admit is the android update situation is a mess! The reason we all buy nexus devices is so we can receive prompt updates and install them easily. This is bad for the companies image. This is salt in the wound to the galaxy nexus release too. I mean no disrespect, but this has to improve or else the nexus has lost its selling point! I’m sorry to say i’m disappointed about this.

    • CJ LaFleur

      *and in google.

    • redraider133

      So one update and the nexus is ruined? Come on look at other devices like moto htc samsung or any manufacturer, some have bugs. It took moto and htc months to get gb to their devices after they rolled it out and pulled it due to bugs. Every phone and os has bugs even ios…

  • Marcus

    Hopefully Google figures out the problem, and sends out a fix soon. It’s still awesome that the Nexus S is getting the update so fast as opposed to Gingerbread and the Nexus One…

  • Kelly

    I just updated to it last night, and so far, 10/10. The Nexus S with ICS is even better than the trusty Nexus One I retired in favor of it.

    • David

      Same as me. 10/10. Perfect. Just perfect.

  • Roamdeus

    I got my update ota yesterday haven’t had any problems yet so I guess I’m enjoying my ics

  • Alex Carlson

    My browser keeps force closing on me, besides that I’m loving the update!

  • Taylor

    My update went phenomenally! No problems (Swype works great and was updated today, too.). ICS relieved me of a pernicious Gingerbread bug that left Galley in *wakelock* which drained battery constantly. Now, it’s cured. I love ICS and I hope you get some too.

  • Ilyse Rose

    Just heard about it, glad to hear it’s not as widespread as I originally thought.

  • asterbenz

    I’m running Koush’s ROM, and am pretty happy. Has anyone tried both this and the stock version that Google has released? What do you prefer?

  • Billy

    It’s okay … Ice Cream Sandwiches melt a little in your hand .. just gotta lick the sides. Relax and enjoy as it all gets fixed up!

    • Billy

      I am not even sure what this means but it was fun to type …

  • Jorge Eslava

    My friend’s Nexus S seems fine after the update, he hasn’t had any issues so far.

  • steve19137

    So what does this mean for the users who are using Koush’s build of ICS? Isn’t it basically the same build?

  • kusic

    well, it is not easy to upgrade phone to that degree, like from gb to ics. I think that all bugs would be solved by factory reset. Custom ROM users amongst us, know that. there is so many things which could brake in user data. So I say, backup your data and factory reset your phone…

  • Martjn2

    My update work smooth as baby butt! 11/10 points

  • Gone

    My update is running fine!!! My Nexus S is handling ICS like a champ!! No problems here so far *knocks on wood*

  • Aaron Kemp

    I done a manual update and everything is great apart from when I try and download an image from an email or the web all I get is a black screen. Apart from that it’s an absolute beauty.

    • Lewis McGeary

      That’s a pain, I tried on mine and don’t seem to have any problem(UK GSM, received automatic update not manual)

  • Ragnar

    i manually updated and am very happy with it. i DO see my battery drain faster, but i have always had the habit of plugging my phone in, whenever i can, so that doesn’t really affect me *that* much…. i’d still like to have long battery life, though and i suppose, eventually an update will be released that addresses this, and the other issues.

    my cam works fine (i’m a tad bit disappointed at the resolution of panoramas, though) and i haven’t noticed any CPU spikes…

  • denis2la

    Не кто не в курсе как будет выглядит ICS на SGS2 полной версией ?? кроме того 1 видео

  • tobinandandroid

    I installed the ICS update on the 17th. I have not had any problems with data or CPU usage. I have noticed a (very very) slight dip in battery life, but that’s probably more from playing with ICS :) It’s so great and fun! I feel like stock Android now does everything I ever wanted from a custom launcher.

    I’m sorry to all the users that are having trouble. It seems that Google is really staying on top of updates, so I’m sure you won’t have to wait too long for the fix (hopefully).

  • simofacc

    I wish I could update my Desire to ICS, the interface seems fantastic and so are the new features. Hope developers get a stable port pretty soon.

  • Louis A

    Y’all need to pray and be patient that the get it right. Cuz it’s gonna transform you devices.

  • john garmon

    OTA to 4.0.3 on t-mobile nexus s from 2.3.6 (using 3g, NOT wifi)
    I wonder if wifi update is the problem…

    smooth update (using 3g); very excited!

    facebook will not load over wifi but works on 3g
    no facial unlock installed as far as i can tell
    battery about the same as gingerbread, but NOT using wifi at work
    phone seems quicker except for facebook issue


  • mclarensr

    For everything Google does well, why this Android release and roll out such a mess?

  • these nexus s owners having issues are idiots dont blame android for operator error

    also this problem is not the google update that they roll out over the air

    these guys have ADD they install roms clearly not made they install 9020t on 9020a they get error 7 trying to flash because they cant read and fail to understand they need to install official 2.3.6 then they cant find 2.3.5 even though all roms are stickied
    THEN they they cant flash because they have no recovery because they installed CWM
    then don’t know how to install stock recovery
    XDA is huge mess with duplicate threads and people posting threads for help when mods post stickies with tutorials

    If this awas an issuie then everyone would…clearly this isnt the case
    and yes android pulled the update BUT not for this reason

    androidandme you guys are retarded stop posting false shit like this when its the end user that is the problem

    • Lewis McGeary

      I can’t speak for everyone, but I have only ever installed updates that were pushed to me over the air, have never even routed. Still experience lower battery life than before, and also some issue sending SMS and MMS. Unless you have stats showing the problems are due to operator error, I don’t know why you consider your claims to be more valid.

      And calm down a bit, why so serious?

  • Lewis McGeary

    Ok so second day, I have noticed decreased battery life, this was while playing music with Double Twist. Double Twist and the Media Server used up a lot of battery life pretty quickly. Quite new to Double Twist though, so I can’t tell if it was more the apps fault. Android OS also used up slightly more than Screen.

  • humidity

    I can’t believe all these delays lately. Hopefully this won’t take too long.

  • Lewis McGeary

    Ok, have had a chance to genuinely see the problem now, woke up this morning to take a phone call, checked a couple of things online, then back to sleep with phone unplugged.
    The battery’s below 70% in less than 4 hours of being idle. Android OS towering over everything else at 60%, next closest is Screen at 10% and Wifi at 5%.

    • donger

      wow, that sucks.

      • Lewis McGeary

        Yeah it does. But I guess teething problems are the price you pay for early updates!

  • nik9999

    nexus s , 50% lost battery, less speed, 2 navigation programs doesnt work properly!!!

  • gautam

    any idea when ll b d updated ICS released ????

  • Tage Djupvik

    I updatet my Nexus S a few days ago with NexusBeam ICS ROM and a great help from .
    I soon experienced the battery drain problem. In a couple of ours the battery went down to 30%. I have read several forum discussion and tried out some of them. I also cept an eye on the monitoring of the battery to see of I could locate the problem. It seem to me that the processor is running at max speed ALL the time. The phone is also very hot. So I found a application on tyhe Marked called CPU Master an tried it out. After two days the battery capasity has improved a lot. It seems as the CPU Master is turning down the CPU speed when you’r not need it. You have to choose the “ondemand” scaling. I’m a newbe, so I really don’t know what the app. do!!.

  • Rupesh

    How to solve this….I am stuck with my Nexus S ….

    No wifi.
    Power button is not working
    Camera is crashing
    Low battery.

    and most important “NO support from GOOGLE”

    Am i f*****


  • Sally

    I bought my Nexus S mid December and a couple of days later got the update notification, so I installed ICS. I had only had the phone a couple of days so cant tell if anything is better or worse, but everything seems to work fine. This is my first smart phone so I am a complete novice! However, one thing that must be down to the update is, I cant add new contacts. When I go to People, it shows all my existing contacts, but there is no “add new contacts” button anywhere. The menu button only brings up Conatcs to display, Import/Export,Accounts, and Settings . I have searched everywhere but cant find how I can add a new contact, without having to log into Google on my PC and do it that way. Any ideas anyone, please?

  • Mike Robertson

    Updated my Nexus S now i can say it the worst update ever the phone is so flakey i carry round a Nokia 101 just in case

  • MihaiC

    If you are experiencing battery drain issue on Nexus S with ICS take a look here:

  • siva babloo

    are there any problems after upgrading to ics