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Samsung Galaxy S owners might be treated with a “value pack” instead of Android 4.0


Last week we learned that the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab might not receive a software update to Android 4.0, but then the company decided to take a second look at the situation after customers cried out. Details are still scarce, but reports are coming from Korea that Samsung might choose to compromise and offer the estimated 20 million Galaxy S owners a “value pack” that would include new features from Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung’s value pack is said to include improvements to multitasking, faster browsing speeeds, new homescreen widgets, and upgrades to the camera software. Specific Android 4.0 features like Android Beam and Face Unlock are also said to be in the works.

The Galaxy S originally launched with Android 2.1 (Eclair) and Samsung provided two major updates to Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). Since the Nexus S already received an update to Android 4.0, it appears the Galaxy S has the hardware to run the latest version, but storage limitations would not allow the full TouchWiz experience that customers are accustomed to.

It’s unfortunate that Samsung might not upgrade these millions of devices to the latest version of Android, but at least they are still offering to support them with continued software updates. Hackers will still be able to flash custom Android 4.0 ROMs if they choose and the average customer will soon beĀ eligibleĀ for an upgrade, as the original Galaxy S will be 2 years old next summer.

Let us know if you are still holding onto a Samsung Vibrant, Captivate, Epic 4G, or Fascinate. Are you satisfied with a possible “value pack” software upgrade?

Update: As pointed out by several readers, xda-developers has another translation of a Korean report that says the “value pack” might still be considered ICS-lite. We await official confirmation.

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Source: (Korean)

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  • ralphwiggum1

    is it less work than having to rewrite certain drivers for 4.0?

    • ralphwiggum1

      though their hummingbird chip in the Galaxy S line uses the same gpu as the TI OMAP 4, the “preferred” platform for Android 4.0.

      • scores87

        But the CPU in the SOC is completely different, A8 vs A9 and single core vs dual core, the only thing they have in common is the GPU but is clocked at a slower speed on galaxy s phones

      • mike

        you mean nexus s that has same hardware as GS

    • goncalossilva

      Less work: yes. The same result: not at all.

      • ralphwiggum1

        Ya, I mean wouldn’t the more sensical “compromise” be releasing Android 4.0 without TouchWiz rather than an enhanced Android 2.3?

    • LukeT32

      How about upgrade my girl friends continuim to GB!

    • RRR

      less work or more work they must support devices for at least two years. period. no excuses.

      don’t sit just trolling here, show them your collective uproar, sign the petition, see details in theexel great post at the bottom.

  • Marcus

    Hey, I’m still rocking the Nexus One. I’m not getting an update either. Its good to see that Samsung is still supporting these phones. It stinks that they wont be seeing ICS though.

  • Joshua

    Would be nice if they did away with some of the other junk (Touchwiz) taking up all the room.

    • Steve Barry

      Would be nice for us, as we remove it anyway, but there are a few features of TW that are actually pretty decent. You gotta remember, these companies target the masses, not us, who are enthusiasts. The masses don’t really know what touchwiz is, what it does, or anything of the sort. However, if all of a sudden they got a new update and it was pure Android 4.0, while the minority of us ‘hackers’ would be THRILLED, the majority (again, their target audience) of people would be pissed as all of a sudden their phone doesn’t work the way it did, or they can’t do certain things they were able to before.

      Gotta remember, while we peruse the sites like XDA and it may seem like everyone wants all AOSP, we’re still in the minority, not the majoirty.

      • dejay

        Steve i can understand what your saying but i disagree. There are many ways around this, including focusing on making touchwiz more of a launcher app rather then a skin on the OS. Consumers would much rather a phone that is actaully supported for the 2 yrs there stuck with the phone then keep something because you already know how to use it. If theres not enough room for including touchwiz then they should make a video showing the average consumer what ICS would look like on there device and how to use it and allow them the choice to update or stay with touchwiz. Also dont u think if they have recieved enough complaints to rethink the situation that the “average consumer” is clearly unhappy. Or even offering both, there are multiple custom roms available to upgrade to 4.0 for the capivate, so how about you work out a deal with the devolpers to package ICS for an offical update and allow consumers to choose which they want. I mean the solutions to this problem are endless, samsung just needs to actaully care for any of them to work.

        • AmericanJedi001

          Dejay, you’re right on the money! I say give us full ICS 4.x.x (whatever the current release is by then), and TouchWiz should be a launcher app. Bam, problem solved.

  • Roy

    I gave up on them updating the phone. I am already running Android 4.0.3 on my vibrant. If the modding community can do it, so can Samsung.

    • Gr8Ray

      Yeah… how’s the GPS on that? And 911?

      • kazahani

        My Vibrant’s GPS won’t even work at all. Sucks.

        Also, I never heard anything about a Gingerbread update for my phone. Anyone know where to get it?

  • ralphwiggum1

    And just to comment 3 in a row, their original Galaxy S might be turning 2, but they continued to release Galaxy S-ish phones until very recently. TMobile had the Galaxy S 4G released earlier this year, and Verizon just got the Galaxy S-ish Stratosphere a couple months ago, not to mention the Charge earlier this year.

    • AceoStar

      To add to this (as my gf has Stratosphere) this is the only current LTE slider on Verizon, still being very heavily pushed and marketed at least until d4 comes out.

  • @marcoc2

    XDA has posted an recent article which pointed out that the Value Pack is ICS-Based

  • pmex83

    SG S owners are getting jipped

    • Twittleydee

      LOl getting jipped?

      Did they not get an update from 2.1 to 2.2, then ANOTHER update from 2.2 to 2.3?
      and now they are offering an ICS features update as well?

      when most other phone companies have a hard time upgrading the Android OS on their phone just ONE time, Samsung did it TWICE for the SGS. And you are bitching because they aren’t going for a third.

      Exactly what more do u expect out of a company that has over a dozen different models of phones on the market?

      People like you are pathetic, seriously.

      • Fulaman

        The thing is pal most SGS owners are upset because the hardware is more than capable of handling ICS (see Nexus S which has the exact same hardware). However, I am not because my phone is running CM9 for the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate from Teamhacksung. If people want ICS they should root their phones. At least, the true nerds/geeks who are really into wanting the latest always do this. People who own the i9000/Vibrant and Captivate are lucky because they have a choice between Onecosmos ICS RC4.0 or Teamhacksung CM9.

      • arisa

        Update Samsung Ace GT-S 5830 2.2.1update 2.3.1

  • Logan Edwards

    Good for Samsung if they release some goodies, but I will be flashing a stable ICS rom from xda or the CM team.

  • pranav

    Will Samsung Galaxy S+ get ICS??

  • Bryan Best

    It stinks that I won’t get the full ICS update. I would rather they dump Touchwiz and get the full ICS update. At least my Epic 4G is getting better treatment than my Samsung Moment.

  • Tankfantry

    What i want to know is if my wife’s OG Tab will EVER get an update. It’s like they manufacutred it and was like, “whatever, whatever I do what I want! I smoke crack and hate the first gen Tab.”

    • ajonrichards

      “I roll with 10 gangs and we only commit hate crimes… against the 1st Gen Galaxy Tab.”

  • Zagrash

    Does Samsung have OceanMarketting (OceanStratagy?) running their PR or something?

    • Zagrash

      Completely off topic, but have you seen some of that dude’s tweets since this has all exploded? you’ve got to freaking be kidding me

      • cxandroid

        Last I knew, he changed to @OceanStratagy – Yes STRATAGY.

      • Zagrash

        I’m pretty sure now that it’s a fake, but @oceanstretagy is the one I saw retweeted earlier…really just childish stuff…

  • Sean K

    Although Gingerbread was released for the Galaxy S it did not make it’s way through all the carrier filters to all of the variants. T-Mobile Vibrants, for example, are still on Froyo. Most users who really want ICS would rather have it without TouchWiz anyway. I think we can all understand that Samsung has agreements with the carriers, but after a year they should be able to release updates to their phone unhindered by carriers.

    Any improvements are welcome, but a true ICS upgrade should be available for a phone with these specs.

    VIbrant user.

  • crazy-4-android

    The value pack is better than nothing, but I agree with BetterWithRoot. They should take out Touch Wiz and replace it with Android 4.0. People will get used to it and appreciate it in the end.

  • redraider133

    Getting rid of touchwiz would solve all these problems and make for quicker updates

  • cherrytree

    This would suck! I want the taste of ice cream sandwich on my SGS!

  • wyatt

    the first rule of android phone… Samsung will never give you timely updates.
    the second rule of android phone…. Samsung updates are never worth it.

    • dejay

      aint that the truth, everyone remember back in jan or feb when they said they would be releasing gingerbread updates soon haha well going on a yr later and still no gingerbread either. If samsung has proven anything to consumers its that all they care about is selling the most phones at all cost!

      • redraider133

        The epic and fascinate have gb… Not to mention the fascinate was pretty much the red headed step child. Blame it on the carriers. They all had gb leaks so it is your carrier slowing down or not releasing it at all.

  • staryoshi

    It’s a shame that they won’t be bringing ICS, but it’s nice to see that they will make an effort to improve on the experience. I’m just hoping that my Epic 4G Touch is updated in a timely manner.

  • Derek

    Just release pure 4.0, no TW crap!! I’m running 4.0.3 from Team Hacksung right now and it’s great and still have over 50MB free in the ROM partition of the phone.

  • Cmack55

    Why can’t they just release it without Touchwiz? Features like Facebook contacts syncing with my phone contacts have never worked right from day one on my Epic4g, anyways. I have always used Go Launcher for my launcher from day one anyways. All of those lame widgets on Touchwiz are useless. Just give me pure ICS. That will be good enough for me

  • Danny Calderon

    How can a phone that is technically identical to the nexus s which already got the 4.0 update not get the update!? As a matter of fact phones like my MT4G are not listed as getting the update but the LG made mytouch will be and that is inferior to both of phones I mentioned

  • ddpacino

    I owned an Epic, and loved TouchWiz more than my previous Evo and Sense. 2.3′s stock interface was okay, but 4.0 is worlds better than them all. And from the looks of ICS-inspired Sense and TouchWiz leaks, they are TRASH compared to stock 4.0.

    There really isn’t any additional skinning needed. Matias did the damn thang!

  • nivekkev

    Seems to me that when planning out a new fone, you would consider the future and put in enough storage space just in case the fone outlives the current operating system especially when previous fones could not be upgraded due to lack of space(so they say)…

    • TruFactz

      Like The Sensation’s 4GB…….Three of which is unusable…..and the one thats exclusive for apps

  • cristian cristiandonose

    Better then nothing.

  • DannoTek

    I thought Cyanogen for the Vibrant did not have 911 functionality?
    I want to root and try CM9, but if 911 doesn’t work…..

    • AmericanJedi001

      I know that CM7 for the Epic just recently fixed E911 functionality, they may have collaborated with the Vibrant devs… Oops, I just realized you’re talking about CM9, not CM7–that’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax!

    • cxandroid

      jt / team hacksung got it working on the Fascinate, should be possible.

  • TaoRenCe

    I’ll give Samsung props for at least trying to work with their customer base, but on the other hand, this is why my next phone will be from the Nexus line. Of course, that’s another year and a half away…….Until then I’ll make due with Roms.

    • dejay

      taoRenCe the only reason samsung is even talking about this now is because of people like me who have spent every day since ICS came out complaining on twitter and other services about there lack of service, finally enough people have voiced there anger for samsung to actually listen.

  • RPR

    Okay so where does that leave me if i have a galaxy S Samsung Continuum still stuck on 2.1?

    We can’t even get them to release a 2.2 upgrade!! Will this value pack apply to me?

    • Derek

      No. I’m on AT&T and my Captivate was only upgraded to 2.2 from AT&T. Had to root and go get gingerbread and ICS on my own.

  • Nathan D.

    Well it better then nothing right?

  • dejay

    Companies like Samsung need to step up and say ENOUGH to the carriers of the US. They need to remember that the Carriers need them in order for there businesses to profit. I bet if Samsung told ATT they werent going to produce phones for them anymore they would change there tune real quick (btw since ATT still uses GSM anyone interested in a samsung phone could still buy oversees). We ALL most remember this is ATT’s fault as well!!!

    • TruFactz

      its not the carriers fault, you read it, STORAGE LIMITATIONS preventing the MANUFACTURER’S SKIN from using it.

  • Jorge Eslava

    When will they learn that they would be better off without forcing custom skins on their phones, if they really want to differentiate themselves they should drop Touchwiz and make pure Android phones.

  • jimtravis

    Have the Epic 4G, the Nexus S, and Galaxy Nexus (gadget addict). Not bothered by lack of ICS for Epic 4G. Even if I did not have the S, or Galaxy Nexus, I would not be overly disappointed. I respect other opinions, but I do not assume an upgrade to the next version is included with the purchase unless the vendor specifically promised the upgrade in their PR / advertising. I do expect the vendor to fix bugs, and security problems, but the next version, although welcome, is frosting on the cake for me.

    I like the TouchWiz enhancements (Sense as well). Although the Galaxy Note is on the ICS upgrade list, it is already my favorite phone with TouchWiz enhanced Gingerbread. Taking nothing away from the Galaxy Nexus which is also a super device, I like the Note better. Of course, your mileage may vary.

  • alexanderharri3

    In other words – ICS…but with less Ice Cream.. I take this as a “Don’t get your hopes up” message for any specific ICS feature…

  • cxandroid

    I would be happy with Open-sourced drivers and RIL.

  • Biggie70

    I still have the Vibrant and it’s time for a update. My contract isn’t up until the summer and If they are really coming out with a galaxy S3 then I’m going to hold out until then.

  • donger

    ICS please.

  • Fulaman

    I’m a U.S. Galaxy S owner (original Galaxy S which this article is talking about, and to be more precise of the Verizon brand the Fascinate). I say root your phones and get either CM9 (ICS) or wait on MIUI v4 ICS. They will be much smoother and faster than any ROM Samsung will put out.

    Samsung already made a huge mistake with the original Galaxy S series by making them lagtastic monsters. They released them on top of an RFS filesystem as opposed to EXT4, who the heck does that? The phone was never really truly as fast as it should have been given it’s impressive chipset at the time.

    In short, Root your phone and enjoy, don’t waste time on Samsuck.

  • hal6666

    Galaxy S1 is already 18 months old phone.
    It was released at 2010. 6.
    There is no other company upgrade their year 2010 device for android 4.0(ICS) update.
    Samsung is only company who support year 2010 device upgrade.

    HTC, Sony Ericsson, Moto and All other Android manufactures are same.
    There is no upgarde for year 2010 models.

    1. Official HTC facebook
    facebook . com/notes/htc-uk/ice-cream-sandwich-android-40-updates-for-htc-handsets/300698153293006
    ; No ICS(android 4.0) upgrade for year 2010 model.

    2. Official Sony Ericsson Blog
    blogs.sonyericsson . com/products/2011/12/21/ice-cream-sandwich-coming-to-2011-xperia%E2%84%A2-smartphones-from-end-marchearly-april-2012/
    ; No ICS upgrade for year 2010 model.

    3. Official announcement from motorola
    motorola . com/blog/2011/12/07/motorola-update-on-ice-cream-sandwich/
    ; No ICS upgrade for year 2010 model.

    There is no other android OEM upgrade ICS for year 2010(and older) models.

    Samsung is only comapny who support ICS upgrade for 18 months old phone.
    In addition, They already serviced 2 times OS upgrade for Galaxy S1.

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    I have an Epic 4G and honestly I could care less since Cyanogenmod just got made official for my phone a couple days ago. So I’ll be rockin’ ICS with CM9!

    • Fulaman

      exactly that’s what I’m going to do with my Fascinate gogo us Galaxy S owners shouldn’t be complaining but be rejoicing. Since after a year the phone loses its warranty we can root and have fun with our phones all we want.

  • Anthony Massingham

    I’d like a pack which gives you the option to remove touchwiz and run stock android instead. That’d be neat.

    • Rebec

      Indeed, such a “pack” would be rooting and throwing a nice custom ROM on there! You have no idea till you’ve tried.. (:

  • mikeaperian

    I just bought a Galaxy S2. Does this mean I will not get the ICS update, or does Samsung mean the Galaxy original? It’s a little foggy to me…..

  • TruFactz


  • slimx30

    since my samsung vibrant never got gingerbread i’m not expecting anything. samsung gave us one update to froyo 6months after the phone came out. after that they dropped support for it. so six months of support is all we got.

  • Oren

    Not happy to say the least. that’s trying to throw us a bone to quiet us down. That’s no way for a company to treat its customers. if they don’t pick themselves up and come up with a proper ICS update, even if it means clearing touchwiz from it, I know that my next phone will not be a samsung. and it won’t take long to switch either.

  • Hall Lo

    lol if you want ics on your galaxy s then root your fone and install custom roms :)

  • rob f

    ICS??? Good luck Those of us who bought the Vibrant never even got an official Gingerbread update. The rest of the world got it, even obscure little regional companies. After 11 years with T Mobile, I bailed on my contract and will pay the termination fee . I went to Vverizon and the Galaxy Nexus. I am not happy with Samsung, but at least this phone should get updates as long as the hardware will support it,

  • blars1206

    I actually don’t mind Touchwiz, although not my preferred UI. I have a Vibrant and use custom roms anyway, but my wife who also has a Vibrant keeps hers stock. So even this few updates would be huge for improving her experience. Even though I would LOVE to see the real ICS experience on our phones, I still would appreciate the other option.

  • RandomRobotics

    I have a Samsung Captivate, and I still haven’t seen the “major update” to 2.3 that the article refers to. Samsung and AT&T have really bungled this phone, making mistakes all along the way. From ridiculous OS lockdowns (like hiding the non-market apps option) to the incredibly delayed update to Froyo, it has been a bad experience for an Android fan. It’s not even that great of a phone – the battery life is less than a full day at work, the touchscreen lags like crazy.
    When my contract is up, I will be switching carriers and phone manufacturers.

  • elijahblake

    if it’s ICS without Touchwiz then it’s a WIN!!!

  • theexel

    We have gotten no news of any kind of update for our Samsung Vibrants. No Gingerbread update, not even a small 2.2.1 update, and I honestly believe that’s just plain wrong. This has nothing to do with this phone being too slow or too old to run Gingerbread, heck.. it can even run Ice Cream Sandwich. And before you stop reading, no.. this isn’t one of those threads that is just posted to complain, we have to do something about this. Maybe some people don’t care for an update, maybe some don’t understand what an actual OFFICIAL update could do for us users and devs. The lack of support for this device from both T-Mobile and Samsung has been horrible. Ask a representative from T-Mobile about an update, they’ll say; Oh, It’s coming.. Samsung is working on it. Ask a representative from Samsung about an update, they’ll say; It’s being worked on.. no ETA. So now, either both of the companies are clueless of their own product, and honestly don’t know what is going on, or they just won’t give us a straight.. ‘No, you won’t be getting an update.’ which I think is dumb. I got hooked on Android because of it’s openness, the support and the community. One of the only major updates that we got was through KIES, it wasn’t even OTA. Maybe most of you don’t care, but T-Mobile and Samsung should do right by us. I don’t care about getting the latest and the greatest, I honestly would respect both Samsung and T-Mobile more if they gave us a straight answer.

    So, what I’m asking is.. please help us by signing this petition and spreading the link wherever you can, because we have the power to fight this, we have the numbers and we can do it. This phone isn’t super old, it’s one of the best phones I’ve owned. Samsung did a great job with it, but that gives them no reason to stop supporting it. I got this on a two year contract, they should atleast support it for two years, and simply because it’s in the Android spirit.

    Link here:…cream-sandwich

    Please feel free to spread it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, anywhere you see fit! If we get some headline news on Android blogs and sites, that’d be great, too!

    Samsung and T-Mobile, we need an answer.

    • clocinnorcal

      While I don’t use the tmo/samsung builds of the OS, I do wish they would keep their devices updated at least the length of time my contract is. This problem is more Tmobile than Samsung. Sammy released their code for GB a while back. Its up to Tmo to bring it to our Vibrants. And while I have rooted and flashed many roms for this phone, only the 2.2 versions are completely stable. GB and CM7 roms are great but they will never completely iron out certain bugs (gps, 911) until the Vibrant builds are released from tmo/samsung. Cyanogen states they are not supporting any future builds for the Vibrant due to the 911 issue.
      Whatever Samsung decides to do with this ICS debacle, I’m almost certain this really only pertains to the International version. Relying on US carriers on this issue is a gamble at best.

    • Voliam


    • Mike

      FYI: The link doesn’t work.

  • Oskar Wismierski

    All that’s left is flashing a custom rom ;) They already have early stages of ICS working on galaxy S so it won’t be long until a more stable version comes ;)

  • Adam Jones

    do Nexus updates come from Google or the phone manufacturer? Where will Galaxy Nexus updates come from I wonder?

  • Lux143

    I have never had such left in the dust service until i bought my galaxy s. Updates never came, or arrived 6 months later than we were told. horrible horrible compatibility for software apps etc..
    I’m so glad there is such a huge modding community for roms and kernels otherwise i would have hated this phone.

  • Numbertwo

    Does this include the galaxy s 4g from tmobile?

  • OpenIntro

    Maybe this is somewhat naive, but why doesn’t Samsung (or other companies) utilize the genius Android community, like on XDA, to create an ICS ROM for them? Maybe hire someone as a freelancer or maybe hold a contest. There are positives and negatives here, but it seems like it would be a good option for them since they don’t feel like it deserves the time spent, yet there are people willing to spend the time!

    • clocinnorcal

      Samsung needs to write the code for it because Samsung built the phone. Devs at XDA are genius’s but even they need Samsung to release the initial build for the phone before getting started. Besides, cyanogen roms are pretty much what you just described, plus they are pretty much Vanilla builds to boot!!

  • Marv Oppenheim

    I am so annoyed with Samsung for not upgrading its OS that when my contract is over, I am going to an Iphone.

  • Voliam

    I would be satisfied with an upgrade to Gingerbread on my ATT Captivate!
    Waiting for the warranty to expire before I root it..

  • Robert Whittaker

    The problem is that in this technolgy sector at the moment things are moving so quick it’s impossible to keep up. But the phone you bought still works the same as it always did without the updates. So the question should be if ICS wasn’t out there would you be happy with what you paid for or jump ship anyway.

    Going to an iphone? Well they can keep up because it’s not such a leap in o/s as ICS. and all my friends can tell you horror stories about the last couple of updates.

  • Zack

    This is very disappointing information. I’ve got a fascinate that is getting ICS rooted on it ASAP

    • chris

      be careful i bricked my vibrant trying to root it -__- NOT A FUN EXPERIENCE still using a back up piece of shit while my friend tries to unblock it :(

  • Troy

    Ill be very upset with samsung decides not update the galaxy player. it has the specs of the galaxy s and it just came out. If it doesn’t get the update they haven’t even supported the device for 3 months. It came put in october…

  • sandwich11

    Guys, I love updates just as much as anyone, but you have to see it from Samsung’s perspective. They don’t want to lose customers by issuing an update that will drastically change their phones. I know many Android owners that are clueless about their phones. If Samsung were to update the Galaxy S line to vanilla Android 4.0, there would be customers that would want to return their phones! Giving the customer a choice between updating or not, as some have suggested, is beyond many users. I don’t believe your average user will be interested in learning about what ICS is and if they should update. I’ve been with Android since 1.6, and I prefer Touchwiz over Vanilla. If you hate Touchwiz, then you probably shouldn’t have bought a Galaxy S. The Nexus would have been a better bet.

  • Matt

    I still have the Samsung Vibrant. I made the mistake in being a first adopter and bought the phone outright for $400+ since I don’t want to subscribe to a two year contract. It is still a good phone, I just find it frustrating that a new iteration came out a few months later and getting updates is like pulling teeth. The value pack may help, but when it is time for a new phone, I don’t think I will be getting Samsung.

    • chris

      same shit happened to me bought mine and literally a month later the same phone with 4g and a front camera comes out i was so pissed because it was the same price as mine but i couldn’t trade in smmfh

  • chris

    what they need to do is at least come out with something i think its been a year since i last updated my phone went as far as bricking it trying to put it on ics smh samsung needs to do something w.e there gonna do NOW!!! sick and tired of this waiting!

  • Mergatroid

    I own a Fascinate 4G and would be pretty disappointed if they don’t get ICS working on this phone. However, more to the point, I also own a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and STILL have not seen ICS.

    To top it off with a cherry, there is a Samsung app store update at the moment and I’ve been trying to install it on my Fascinate for a week and it just won’t work. Because of this, I can no longer download apps from the Samsung app store on my Fascinate.

    I bought the Tab 10.1 because of the interoperability with my Samsung camera and my Fascinate phone, and now I can’t use the Remote Viewfinder software software on my Tab. It just won’t work. I’ve also found that the Allshare software on the Fascinate is awesome, but the Allshare version for the Tab 10.1 sucks. It just jumbles all your content together making it hard to find what your looking for, while the version for the Fascinate displays a folder view that keeps all your media organized in folders as it should be.

    If Samsung doesn’t address these issues soon, they will have lost a good customer.

  • zafar khan

    I need upgrade of Gingerbread 2.3 for samsung vibrant T959 any idea OR news please guide me Thank you.