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Select GameStop stores will provide hands-on time with the Transformer Prime this weekend


Want to spend some quality time with the sold-out Asus Transformer Prime this weekend before it hits stores on December 19th? GameStop announced today that select stores nationwide will have the Transformer Prime available for demo beginning this weekend. Unfortunately they didn’t provide a list of locations, so you will have to contact your local store and ask about the promo.

Let us know in the comments if you find a store that has the Prime on demo.

Update: As pointed out in the comments, GameStop has a store finder to see if the Transformer Prime demo is available within 100 miles of your location.

Source: GameStop PR

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  • stenzor

    I wonder if there will be any demo units in Canadian Gamestops? Probably not.. we always get the shaft :(

    • CJ LaFleur

      No, you get the galaxy nexus before us.

      • stenzor

        Fair point ;)

        • punshkin

          i wonder if german gamestop stores will have them?

          • lolwut

            There are gamestop’s in Germany? What do they call them? SpielPause?

    • erikiksaz

      Yeah, I don’t know what you’re complaining ah-boot =p

      Although by December 19th hopefully we’d get our GN in the states, too.

      • goncalossilva

        You can already get it unlocked, but it’s crazy expensive :|

    • beatrixasdfghjk.

      I don’t know what you’re crying about.

      Australia is always last T____TT.

    • mikesuds

      This reminds me of all the ATT and T-Mobile folks crying about the SGN and Verizon exclusivity… we’ve never had one at Verizon, let us have our moment! (PS – Don’t care about exclusivity, only that we’re finally getting one.)

  • mikeytusa

    Nice — it’s supposed to snow here so I guess I have nothing better to do than go check it out.

  • Nathan

    Well you know where I’m going this weekend =)

    • Alex

      Yeah they may have to forcibly remove me from the store

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      I can’t go see it, because then I’ll want to buy it. And I’ve got enough crap to buy for the holidays! :(


    Called my local store, they will have it on display tomorrow morning. Guess who is going to go look at it tomorrow

    • erikiksaz

      Dang I will have to tell my gf’s dad. He’s contemplating the Prime VS ipad2. He currently uses a Nexus one (I got their whole family to run Nexi phones, hah), so I don’t know why he’s so trepidatious about getting the Prime.

    • BiGMERF

      I went to the store and checked it out..pretty sweet. made a lil shitty vid . by the way noticed the games pre installed were removable

      • mimogear

        The new settings bar looks so sleek. And DANG we got a Nexus ownER HERE!! Nice video! +!

        • BiGMERF

          there are few of us here with a Galaxy Nexus

  • charliethesuperturtle

    My store has it but I won’t tell you where
    I don’t want to wait for my turn :0

  • NGagen

    I’m not positive, but I think this link should tell you which GameStop stores will have one to try out… It at least tells you which stores will carry it. (Mine doesn’t)

    • Azaurath

      The closest one to me is in Maryland. Bah!

  • FutureShock

    Cool. Be nice to try it out. I was curious about it. Seems like a great Android tablet.

  • fwtx

    i think this is good just to get android tablets more attention, i mean we all know theyre awesome, but alot of people dont even realize they exist.

  • GUI_Center

    Going to have to check out my local gamestop for this! awesome

  • AChackes


  • nmoline

    I’m going to have to run over there and see what all the Hype is about!

  • dandroid4g

    Just thinking of how awesome this tablet now makes me feel tingly about how next
    year’s tablets will be like :)

  • Sketchy alx

    I still find it kinda weird to see tablets in Gamestop. But i guess times are changing. :-)

    • Futureboy

      Tablets are quickly becoming a popular gaming device so it makes sense for Gamestop to sell them.

      In fact they are selling the original Transformer “with Bonus.” The bonus is a suite of pre-loaded games.
      The site says the tablet is “customized by Gamestop, and confirmed reports from slickdeals users state that this means they open the manufacturer’s sealed box, load their games then re-seal. I don’t know if this matters to anyone, but it should be known.

      The link to the original Transformer on Gamestop is below, but here’s the description of the “bonus” from their site:

      Bonus Item
      Purchase a New Android(TM) Tablet Customized by GameStop and get free digital games!

      Free Digital Games:
      Dead Space
      Sonic CD
      Monster Madness
      Riptide GP
      Kongregate Arcade App: 600+ free games & new titles added weekly. Earn badges, compare scores, and more.

      Online / Store Customers: Games are pre-loaded on tablet.

      I imagine that if they in fact “customize” the Prime the list of games may be different.

      • Futureboy

        Update… the Gamestop website states that “all” Android tablets they sell are customized.

        From their website:

        Plus, all Androidâ„¢ tablets sold by GameStop have been customized by GameStop to include 6 free digital games, the Kongregate Arcade app, a Digital Game Informer link and more.

        • Sketchy alx

          I see that mobile gaming is really taking off, but I guess it’s surprising due to how Gamestop makes most of their money.
          I wonder how long they can remain in business when it seems like most of their business involves selling new games and reselling used games for profit.
          Unless they find a way to “trade in” apps, or start carrying vintage systems/games.
          Everyone seems to be going digital, which is great. But I don’t know if the Kongregate app is going to last with so many other appstores available (Amazon, Android, GetJar, etc)

  • baldypal

    Asus is going to sneak up from behind and steal the tablet crown. Watch out Motoro-what the hell is a XyBoard?

    • baldypal

      I guess one bad thing about this upgrade and downgrade system is i don’t know who downgraded my comment. Wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings! Sorry! didn’t know you already owned a XyBoard and could take offence to my comment.

  • roamdeus

    Damn I think I should b there b4 it opens just in case there’s a line

  • ddmart

    What? Gamestop is evolving!

    • ddmart

      Congratulations! Your Gamestop evolved into………

  • staryoshi

    I would like to get my hands on this thing before I make a decision about the purchase… I have a good chunk of gamestop credit that would be well-spent on it, too :P

  • codemonkey19

    I’ll have to check out my local Gamestop stores. I wonder what apps they will have available for people to check out.

  • levelm

    Gameloft is now putting out GameStop press releases? Freudian slip =)

  • mavensage

    Of course I live in a town where they don’t even sell tablets in Gamestop yet :(

  • intel8140

    I will be going to Game Stop this weekend. :)

  • jst4tim

    I guess I know where I will be doing some shopping at this weekend.

  • myandroid99

    i wonder if they’ll give out any for free……

    • YMS123

      They aren’t, stop wondering

  • bdub

    Have a local gamestop, but its a pretty small market, doubting a visit by the prime fairy.

  • dacatalyst41

    My years of “Where’s Waldo” training are about to pay off!

  • Luke Haviland

    do they sell tablets?
    gamestop is getting too strong
    they always surprise me

  • spintrex

    Ugh I always get bombarded at my local Gamestop with preorders, powerup rewards, preowned games, trade ins, magazine subscriptions, extended video game warranties, @#^&*(% , and more!

    Wonder if Gamestop will put bloatware on tablets in the future.

  • undyingsum

    Hope they have it mine, although I have to work all weekend :(

  • kentrburton

    I have not been in a a gamestop for some time… I may have to head in for a test drive. Trying to decide anddroid tablet or laptop.

  • Cullen

    Might have to stop and check this out!

  • humidity

    Apparently AZ is not participating in demoing it early…

  • mimogear

    This would be so nice!! The tablet gaming market will really kick off with the Prime. Good move GameStop~ XD

  • jlp

    I just can’t picture tablet devices as gaming machines… maybe it’s just my age. The Transformer does look pretty nice, though.

    • mimogear

      I wanna downvote. But then you make up for it with an upvote.

      With full video mirroring and a controller, this tablet could easily turn into a portable gaming machine and a standalone console. Tegra zone will be amazing, you just wait!

  • seggerman5926

    Ooh toys!!!:)

  • smisa27

    ooo! this should be rather fun! maybe this will tease me even more to get a tablet..even though i’m actually waiting til one with nfc comes out. now that would be an awesome tablet! of course it would need tegra 3 and ics

  • mrbill187

    quad core goodness!~

  • cxandroid

    Very nice, thanks for the heads up.

  • msgnyc

    Gamestops near me wont be doing this. :(

  • tequilya

    Set our company prez up with an original transformer and he loves it. Can’t wait to check out the new one

  • willieyo


  • Vidi

    Great to hear that :) to bad no GameStop near me

  • Kevlan

    And of course no store near me has t..

  • Gir

    That tablet with the dock, and battery life is worth checking out. Just have to get out there and drive in the snow….

  • Darknight42020

    Geez, two stores in my town and neither one will have it. Kinda wanted to check it out myself before serious thought.

  • Karan O

    Where I’m Living There’s No Such a thing Like That!:(
    Even Asus PriMe!:(

  • deivs001

    That’s too bad, in my country we even don’t have GameSpot store.

  • mugurelu

    I want one in my town!!!

  • fede77m

    I love transformer prime, i want it!! let get the money

  • superboriqua

    Don’t know why gamestop would sell stuff they can’t make money off once its sold

    • wwinkler

      My understanding they are looking into offering their own branded tablet soon and preload their gaming app Kongregate or however it’s spelled on them. So maybe they are using this as a launching pad and showing how their app works on a tegra device.

  • lekky

    Lucky lucky Americans…!

    • Futureboy

      Yes, we are all so lucky to still be waiting on the Galaxy Nexus. Not everything is all “puppy dogs and roses” over here.

  • honourbound68

    wonder if they’ll have at least 10 units to sell per location. i see this going fast… :(

  • nephroid

    I still don’t like Gamestop though.

  • droid

    ooh need to go play with one!

  • wwinkler

    I think this is cool I don’t know of another retail store you can find the Asus Transformer in. Does Best Buy carry them? I’ve played with the first model after a co worker brought one in with the docking station.

    The product is definitely very nice and I’m thinking about saving up to get one. None the less, will have to see if I can go out today and play with one of these.

  • cesjr02

    Just update my Transformer to ICS and I’ll be happy.

  • Dlux

    Nothing even remotely close to the metro Detroit area. :(

  • frpst9

    Very pumped for this device. Looking like Gamestop may be the best option too, given the Amazon issues.

  • Rich

    Now I have a reason to actually enter a GameStop.

    • donger


    • kernel14

      exact thing i said! lol

    • Silver

      Lol! I use to LOVE gamestop but they seem to have gone down and down… now they start selling these stuff? Interesting but either way it now gives me a chance to see if they have improved and… get to test drive the new Transformer Prime!

  • foister82

    none will be in display at any of the 3 gamestops in my hometown :(

  • ndub21

    Well what do you know? There is one only 3.3 miles away. I’ll have to try to convince my wife to let us swing over by there today while we’re out.

  • mikesuds

    There are none within 50 miles of Harrisburg, PA… bummer!

    • Michael C.

      Pfft… There are none anywhere within my entire country, nor in any of the countries bordering it! :p #middleeastproblems

  • MoSDeeb

    Looking forward to ICS or CM9 on this beadt

  • kungpaodragon

    I’m gonna start being more vocal so I can enter the contests… :( That said. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Have a Transformer now and looking forward to replace it with Prime.

    • kungpaodragon

      Why -1? :(

  • enyce36

    Ya this definitely seems like a beast of a tablet and cant wait to mess around with this one :)

  • AceoStar

    Great idea. For gamestop to continue its run, it needs to continue to try and embrace the mobile gaming as much as possible.

  • bwmanx

    I might have to go to my neighborhood Gamestop and check it out.

  • cabrone

    It is unfortunate that, in my experience, the gamestop in my area only employees teen jerks who are not well informed. Hope they re staff that location so this can be fully effective!

  • zyphbear

    I hate to be the one to say this, but this would actually mean I would have to visit a GameStop and deal with their pre-order pushing. I also wonder if they will try to be competitive in their pricing to some other places like BestBuy or Amazon.

    • zyphbear

      Correction: At $350 for the 10.1″ that is actually a pretty good deal. I stand corrected. Thanks for the link.

      Wow, Depending on how things go for christmas, I may have to go to my local store to pick one up after trading in some games for a tablet!

  • ffff00

    No participating stores within 100 miles of Las Vegas? wtf

  • jefflarkin

    Well, the closest store to me is 93 miles away, so I guess I won’t be checking it out. I didn’t realize that GS was making such a tablet push. I might seriously consider trading my Wii, which is largely collecting dust, for a tablet.

  • Fusci

    Are they still allowing pre-orders after the cancellations?

  • MrMrMan

    Man that is way too far for me.

  • speedsurfer6

    This time it better be for real because when go to my local GameStop the thing supposed to be there is there so I’m not trying to the bad guy but you shouldn’t get your hopes to high

    • spintrex

      They added a store finder so you can know which Gamestops have the device

  • wontsttle4less


  • cheeseasaurus

    Has to be on a day I’m busy? I guess I’ll wait til best buy shelves them. Hopefully in the next week or two.

  • ferman

    I find this to be genius and also stupid. I hate gamestop but this will allow tons of people to see how awesome tablets are.

    The marketing stuff Google has been doing with its flagship ICS devices has been great.

  • br14n

    I try to steer clear of GameStop, but they’ve apparently activated the tractor beam.

  • evil2uce

    …Am, am I going to have to sign up for a subscription to Game Informer, or reserve something?

  • asuman1179

    I am worried that we will not be able to remove what they install. Does anyone else think this will be an issue?

  • Adalid cortes

    I just headed over to the game stop on university Ave in Palo Alto CA. They had a display unit I played around with and man is it Snappy and light even with all the security bull crap it had on !! I was seriously contemplating on stealing it lol. I love it and I placed a pre order on it at store near my house now can’t wait till I can pick it up

  • dl22

    Shame some orders got canceled on Amazon, I am looking forward to smoooooth tablet action!

  • jjoseph

    Really wish my Gamestop had a demo unit, nearest one that has a Prime on display is around 100 miles away :(

  • Brandy4777

    I wish my store would have a demo unit, but I’m willing to bet they won’t. They rarely even have the games I’m looking for. If their staff wasn’t so helpful I would skip them altogether.

  • Eng. Paydrow

    I went to a game stop which was supposed to have ite and got some [email protected]#$& answer as to why they didn’t have it even though the website said they would. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  • goodevilgenius

    Sadly, none near me. I would love to try one of those out. That’s at the very top of my Christmas wish list.

  • diasia9622

    That’ll be nifty

  • Kainoah Arnold

    I might have to go check that out hopefully they’re doing it at the gamestop near me. I cant wait to get one of these things man best tablet ever, will be purchasing one as soon as I can, probably december

    • Kainoah Arnold

      I meant january lol…man the closest one is SF?!?! That SUCKS! Guess I wont be playing with it

  • seven2k

    Damn 15 miles away…Chino California

  • phaet2112

    Highly desired tablet to play with + Flu season = happy H1N1 in your nostrils

  • sap26

    Doh! No Prime time for me. That’s one more device I’m waiting for…

  • Chrislewissd

    I think ill wait to just buy one

  • dandroid4g

    I hope all this hype is true XD

  • BillyMaysHere

    i hope so too

  • mingchan06

    Omg i hope this will be at a gamestop in my hometown. It would be awesome since i have been anticipating this for a while.

  • falvey6607


  • akareem89

    I just dont trust gamestop products..

    • YMS123

      The Prime isn’t out yet, any one they’re selling is brand spanking new, which makes it an Asus product, not a Gamestop product

  • mclarensr

    Not a fan of GameStop, but might stop by to see the Transformer Prime if I dont have to wait too long, given the buzz and specs of ATP.

  • newlights

    well darn, I would like to participate but no way my store will have it.

  • rtsrrt

    I like GS alot I have membership there and me and kids trade in and buy used games there all the time the service at me local Government is great I would purchase a tablet there no problem the credit yo get for trading in games would just be a added bonus.

  • poopster

    Poo I don’t think it’s going to come to my area any time soon -.-

  • Kilo720

    Imma have to hit up gamestop n see this baby in action

  • Ben

    Oooooh snap. I usually don’t really like Gamestop because their stores smell like feet and I don’t have a game system but this will definitely be worth a visit.

  • SweSnow

    I’m going to gamestop today altogh, they might not have it in sweden…

  • eioous

    …And Movies too
    …Ans also Tablets!!!

  • aj

    Sigh they didn’t do it in San Antonio.

  • MrBubs94

    I want one kjhfaskdhfiopfioew

  • sylar


  • mstavros2

    I can’t walk in to our local Game Stop. It smells horribly of mold or some other stankess. I don’t know how people can go in there, let alone work there.

  • King Chris Scott

    my local GS didn’t have a demo…sad face

  • JonJJon

    Would be great if they brought some to London, would be great to have a go on the first quad core tablet

  • Bryan Stoner

    I went to gamestop and asked if the had a Transformer Prime Demo. The guy replied, “We don’t even have our consoles turned on”. The next one I went to I asked if they had the Transformer Prime the guy said, “What’s that?”. Poor Asus -.- We need to spread the word!!!!!

  • Shadowlore

    Checked for this, this past weekend.. the only Gamestop that had the preview in my area was the one in a VERY VERY high crime area. Not sure WTH they were thinking doing this.. can’t think of anyone that’s optioning for a high end device would ever want to go to that area and risk being mugged or their car broken into.


  • Diaeko

    I wonder if there will be any demo units in GermanGamestops hehe

  • Mike Hanel


  • Louis Nicolaou

    What about uk??? Why is always uk so late in receiving tech devices? I havent seen the droid razr yet and is supposed to be in stores!!!

  • Albert Altman

    I don’t really see a use in this device other than gaming and currently there aren’t so many exciting games to play on this device anyways :)
    yes GTA3 is coming and many more will follow, but as it is right now I really don’t see any reason to upgrade Tegra2 devices to Tegra3.

  • Ilyse Rose

    I really love getting to use live displays, but I don’t trust Gamestop to do a good job of marketing that they have these, outside of blogs like these that only we read.