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Sony Ericsson Arc HD appears again before CES


The Xperia Arc was one of Sony Ericsson’s best selling smartphones this year, so it’s no surprise the company is gearing up for the sequel. The original device never appeared on any of the major US carriers, but now that Sony has purchased Ericsson’s stake and decided to focus on high-end phones, next year could be a different story.

We have already seen a handful of Xperia Arc HD (codename Nozomi) leaks appear across the web and now GSMArena delivers the clearest shots of the device yet. Last time we saw the Arc HD in white and now it appears in black, so expect multiple color options at launch. The hardware specs were previously leaked, but the new source confirms earlier rumors.

Rumored specs of the Xperia Arc HD include:

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 4.3 inch 720p HD display
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3 CPU
  • 12 MP camera with FullHD recording
  • 1 GB RAM, 16 or 32 GB internal storage
  • HDMI port

New details revealed in the latest leak include a lack of microSD card and a non-user-replaceable battery. There is also still no mention of NFC support.

Current test units are still running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but there’s a small chance the device could launch with Android 4.0. As Nick pointed out earlier, Sony Ericsson was the first handset maker to demo a non-Nexus phone with Android 2.3 at CES 2011, so maybe they could be first with Android 4.0 at CES 2012.

Overall it looks like a nice device, but I don’t see anything too special that makes it stand out from the crowd. Most of the high end devices now feature 720p HD displays and dual-core processors, but the 12 MP camera would be one of the higher spec’d for Android phones.

Look for more updates in the coming weeks when we head to Vegas again for CES.

Source: GSMArena

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  • Thomas Biard

    Sony builld quality; TOP : Sony device support; not even close to the top.

    • pikahatonjon

      seriously guys. click on the gsmarena link. there are more pictures there. and no, you wont be disappointed. this device is…SEXY

    • Sil Claeys

      I agree 100%! I have always been happy with the look, the feel of my Sony Ericsson, but the fact that they just don’t support their phones is a deal breaker. Sad.

      • LukeT32

        Hopefully that will change now that Sony is running the show….

  • staryoshi

    The replaceable battery is important to me, but when phones offer 16/32GB of internal storage mSD expansion is less important. However, it’s still something I value in a phone. I’ll be expanding my Epic 4G Touch with a 16 or 32GB mSD card soon :)

    • staryoshi

      I forgot to mention that the specs look fairly impressive, too. I’m anxious to see the implementation of Tegra 3 and faster dual core processors in the near future though :)

      • darkhorse166

        I thought Sony were pretty much married to Qualcomm on the smartphone chipset front. Then again, so is HTC, and they’ve had rumours of a Tegra 3 phone. I’d love to see a Sony Tegra phone myself.

        From this angle, the phone’s display almost looks like it’s not the gapless design of the panel they have in the Xperia Arc, which would be a shame…

        • phaet2112

          Is it straight to the edge, or a millimeter bevel at most?

          Their own skin looked nice on previous androids, less plasticky than sense and not as garish as touchwiz, they just never had the horsepower to run it.

    • faun

      No way… I use my phone as my primary MP3-player so even if it comes with 32GB internally I still want that option for microSD. Not having to worry about running out of storage space is one of the main reasons I went Android in the first place!

    • desean

      The replaceable battery is important to me too. That is one (of the many) reason why I don’t use the iPhone :)

  • Bryan Stoner

    The device itself looks pretty nice. But a dual core processor spec’d phone releasing on the verge of a quad-core era is a so-so deal. I wonder if the physical buttons will replace the soft buttons if this gets Android 4.0.

  • stenzor

    12MP is probably a little overkill; I can’t wait to see what Sony brings to the table next year though

    • lxgeorge

      Especially when an 8MP can pretty much deliver the same performance if it has a good sensor. After that MP start losing significance.

      • Nathan D.

        doesn’t hurt to add some either =P

        • stenzor

          Well it sure hurts the amount of storage space.. especially if you take a lot of photos and there is no SD card support

  • SCJaredJ

    Not digging the bottom of this phone. Reminds me of the LG G2X’s space on the bottom, and I found that rather annoying…like a waste of space. Wish they’d hold off and ditch the buttons and go screen-only.

  • dpleus

    I’ll take one. I miss my old Sony Ericsson phone, and I like the clean lines and looks of this phone. I for one hope that this makes it to the US shores.

  • YellowDucati

    Keep trying Sony. I still haven’t forgiven you for what you did to the miniDisc.


    Little to late for this one.. Bit with Sonys recent commitment to Android respect support now. Then again you neVer know

  • Patricio Acuña

    no NFC, no S4 chip, no SD card slot, no replaceable battery MEANS SUPER MEGA DEAL BREAKEEEEER

    nuff said

    • Patricio Acuña

      and i forgot NO ICS? please sony WHY U NO do it right?

  • zyphbear

    This is looking like a really nice device, If it had ICS with the merged storage (like the Galaxy Nexus), I would be more inclined to want it and not be as worried of the lack of SD storage.

    While it’s a little blocky, I think I can deal with it if they can prove that the device can take a fall or two on the corner (like Amazon showed with some of the original and 2nd gen Kindle).

  • Nathan D.

    Nice device but kinda late to the game, also the bottom of the phone isn’t doing wonders for it either.

  • Skis03

    I dislike when new phones come out with Gingerbread.

  • unwiredmedic

    Sony does make a nice camera, and they use Zeiss lenses on a lot of cameras, so maybe this will have it too. Would Gingerbread be used? I think only for initial testing, but they would plan on a public release with ICS, especially to generate more buzz around CES. Looks like a nice processor too, even though it won’t be a quad-core. CM9 ought to be waiting to pounce on this device too.

    I would strongly consider getting one of these when it releases.

  • goncalossilva

    The price point for the Arc is very appealing. If they keep the price point while boosting the specs like that… well, it’ll be a killer device :)

    • goncalossilva

      I should have added that the price point is appealing *in Europe*, not sure how it is in the US.

    • Danny

      Was coming here to say the same thing. If the price is as good as the Arc is here in the UK, then I will be sure to pick one up.

  • Jimmy13

    12 megapixel camera seems like it would make loading your gallery app a sad adventure.

  • protozeloz

    I wonder if this will be pentile not that it matters but this phone is a beast! Hope i see the good camera quality SE is well known for

  • Martjn2

    I Think ericsson sold justa about the right time since they always make phones that has 6 months old tecnology, they are always behind…

  • HoLfElDeR

    Non replaceable is the thing i dont like, but mabey some it will be good, will have to wait to see, and it needs more ram

  • aakash

    i was just thinking this – why doesn’t every manufacturer provide vanilla android? wouldn’t it be easy for them too?

  • vid500

    Looks like a good phone, but the 12 MP camera is in my view just over the top. The 12MP do not bring better quality of pictures with the usuall optics, it just makes you need more space for them.

  • nwilliam3

    I think taking phone designed for Android 2.3.x and turning them into Android 4.0 might be a receipt for disaster. That’s a big reason why I’m holding out for the Nexus, instead of jumping at something else.

    I know it can done and it will probably be okay, but I think people are going to want phones that are designed specifically for 4.0 and beyond.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Agreed. I like when the phone is made to easily handle the OS with specs that go beyond to accommodate for future updates. Although it’s always hard to spec a phone for future Android OS releases.

      • Steve Heinrich

        With that said this phone should handle ICS easily, but it is would be nice if it was designed for ICS specifically.

  • ccn_cristi

    Non replaceble battery ? Why ??? I hope at least it will be a very good battery…

  • breinhar

    12 mp really doesn’t mean anything. It just means you’ll have bigger pictures not better pictures.

  • Louis A

    I think the feature big battle of the android manufactures will be fought between sony and samsung.

  • iamXiV92a

    VERY NICE device. I really like the clear button panel near the bottom!

  • ags29

    With NFC and a newer processor (preferably the S4) I’m all over this like syrup on a pancake. Well, maybe.. The next phone I get needs to be able to do something my Sensation can’t do. An upgraded screen alone is not worth upgrading, I think.

  • Ser

    Qualcomm soc -> skip

  • myandroid99

    ics would look nice on this

  • eioous

    12 mp camera…hmmmmmmm. Nice

  • Marc’us H.

    It all sounds great except for that “Ericsson” part on the end …

  • Hall Lo

    It looks soooo good… but y there is no nfc chip :(….

  • humidity

    I can’t wait to see all the new phones out of CES 2012!

  • jamal

    It better launch with ICS, that’s all.

  • dandroid4g

    This phone looks sexy ;)

  • blaseb

    12 MP Camer.. DAMN! Phones hot!

  • blaseb

    12 MP Camera.. DAMN! Phones hot!

  • aranea

    All that hardware and still comes with GB instead of ICS. Will not be a popular device.

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

    I want my pocket lint all over that thing.

  • Anthropic

    Sony really need to upgrade OS faster, the original ARC was great but had an out of date version of the OS and it looks like they’re pulling the same trick all over again.

    At least they can count on it being the most popular device in Japan.

  • zippyioa

    GB not ICS, no micro SD, fixed battery…… #EPICFAIL

  • laosgurllynn

    I dont care what this phone has, it always hot, lol.

  • kzlife

    Their design is MUCH better than all the other phones they have done in the past.. sorry, but I’ve always hated their design.

  • eliander mendoza

    WOW it does look sexy ^_^ wait so the phone lights up where the back button line is? that is something cool and you can distinguished from others. With that being said don’t you guys think samsung should do something similar to their smartphone/tablets to avoid apple’s crap?

  • msgnyc

    “New details revealed in the latest leak include a lack of microSD card and a non-user-replaceable battery.”


    Wtf is up with this no sd card trend and now moving to non removable battery trend?
    Does everyone have to try to be like Apple? Automatic no sale for me if this is true.

  • ToonPanda

    Damn…. :)
    The original arc already was awesome :)

  • benben

    I am not a big fan of SE’s designs so far but this one actually looks really nice judging from the picture. I’m looking forward to seeing ‘pure’ Sony devices in the future.

  • PiTTDRoiD

    Sony to ask yourself when you put android on your PSP?

  • Davids Kuma

    4.3″ is huge size for phone!

  • kusic

    This one is sexy, but somehow I just dont want sony/ericsson anymore. The last one I have bought for my wife was X8. Such a shit.

    • msgnyc

      Well you may be in luck then. This may turn out to be a Sony Xperia ARC HD rather then a Sony Ericson ARC HD now that Sony bought out Ericsons portion of the company. ;)

      And as for the x8, what were you expecting when buying a mid level device? The thing is under $200 un subsidized……
      Did you expect it to stack up well against all the higher end devices or something o_O?

  • gherea

    The device looks pretty nice.

  • donger

    sexy 12mp camera.

  • Adryan maldonado

    YAWNNNNN!!!! can i please get quad core now and super hd/3d screen phone with 2 gbs of ram and a 4.3 inch screen please. Jk. Ok all joking aside this does look like a very nice phone butttt and this is a big but i dont like sonys heavy custom skin but i could always root and custom rom it since sony supports the devs if my memory serves me correctly so why am i complaining

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Bet it will be on ATT -_-, show some T-mobile love SE!

  • saimies

    Not impressed. Poor design. I will never like to hold even a quad core device with an 18MP camera if it looks this bad.
    No OLED screen.
    I loved Sony Ericsson and was pretty much impressed with Arc S design, but this is disappointing.