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The LG Spectrum is yet another Android headed for Verizon; when will they ever stop?


Verizon has one killer lineup of devices. In the past six months alone, Big Red has launched a flurry of LTE powered smartphones from all different manufacturers, in a range of specs and sizes. But when is enough, enough?

A new handset for Verizon has been leaked today being called the LG Spectrum (Revolution 2). Rumored to launch with support for Verizon’s LTE network, the Spectrum is said to come packing a 720p display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor and an eight megapixel camera. If the Spectrum sounds familiar already, that’s because it’s essentially the Verizon version of the LG Optimus LTE. Or LG Nitro for AT&T. All three devices may look slightly different, but their internals are all the same.

While the Spectrum will undoubtedly be a welcome addition for some, others may argue that Verizon is reaching the point of over saturation. A wide range of options to suit everyone’s taste is great, but has Verizon taken it too far?

Let’s take a look at Verizon’s lineup. Including devices that are slated to release shortly, Verizon carries the Droid Bionic, Motorola Razr, HTC Rezound, Galaxy Nexus, Droid 4, Samsung Illusion, Samsung Stratosphere, Droid 3, HTC Thunderbolt, LG Enlighten, Pantech Breakout, HTC Rhyme, Droid Charge, LG Revolution, Xperia Play, Droid X2, G’zOne Commando, Droid Incredible 2, LG Vortex, Motorola Citrus, Samsung Continuum, Samsung Fascinate and Motorola Droid Pro.

Just in case you stopped counting, that’s a grand total of 23 devices not counting the Spectrum. 23 devices that have to be maintained with security and firmware updates among other things. In my mind, that is simply way too many devices for the average consumer to ever make an educated decision.

Did you know that if you visit Verizon’s website, you can buy a certified pre-owned Droid Pro for $49 dollars with a two-year contract? Did you know that a brand new Droid Pro with a two-year contract is free? Verizon is carrying so many devices, they can’t even properly manage their own system.

Of course, getting rid of some older devices would help keep things straightened out. Slowing down would do a lot of good and keep this problem from happening again.

Everyone wants their chance at releasing the next big device on the number one carrier in America. And everyone should get that chance, but maybe they should only get it once every six months.

What do you think? Is Verizon’s massive, ever-growing lineup for the best, or is it too much of a good thing? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • ramenchef

    Verizon and manufacturers should really slow down. I think a low, mid, and high end device released every 9-12 months would be perfect. 10 would be ideal since consumers get an upgrade every 10 months.

    • Legend

      Knowing myself, I’d hate the look of every single one of them. I’m picky..

      • Samar

        I believe the same. But they need to get the Off Contract prices down. And have a return policy too :-)

    • LukeT32

      Half the phones on that list are “old”. Each manufacter has a high, mid, and low device. So a Samsung fan might get a mid range samsung for the wife and a low range Samsung for the child with the high range unit for themselves. And half those phones won’t be getting updated by the manufacter anyway, so no updates to worry about on Verizon’s end.

  • Jimmy13

    Choice is good. Just wouldn’t choose a LG. The LG ally was so sad I may never look at them again for a smartphone.

    • thechad


    • Samar

      Personally, I think their UI needs to be more intuitive. Look at HTC’s Sense UI.

  • BlkSquad

    Far too much. Choice is good but when there are many with very similar specs it’s too hard to decide.

    • Futureboy

      Call me crazy, but I’ll take “too many to choose from” over “not enough to choose from” any day of the week.

      • Patricio Acuña

        Boy you are right.

        they might need to categorize the phones in “economic’ “mid range” ” top tier”

        it would be easier even for us androidtarts.. Because honestly i have problem researching for the high end phones becuase… THERE TOO MANY PHONES! >_>

      • lxgeorge

        I agree, although I’d rather it not be “so much that they can’t manage themselves”…

  • jd092

    I think one of the reasons there were so many LTE devices launched is everyone’s first device was essentially a flop. Moto couldn’t get the bionic together, the Thunderbolt, Charge, and Revolution had lots of issues. So it may be that some of the reason we have so many devices is for all the manufacturers to redeem themselves and put out a good device instead of one with last years hardware and bugs everywhere.

  • stenzor

    The question is.. will they ever release it?

  • Galen20K

    now I’m a Smartphone and tech fanatic and even “I” think this is all just a bit too much. Seriously they need to start spreading them out a little more, its really getting ridiculous. Choice is good of course but this is somewhat deluding their own brand names in the process.

  • moelsen8

    They really need to slow the F down. All they’re doing is pissing off their own customers off by selling them phones that have major bugs at launch.. then throwing them under the bus by launching the next flagship a week later.

  • Chuxter

    This is one reason why there isn’t very much hype over individual Android phones. Android phone manufacturers have monthly phone releases which result in small, gradual upgrades. Over time, the upgrades are drastic (compare an android phone with one released a full year ago and the difference is remarkable), but it’s less exciting when you compare a new phone to last month’s phone.

    But don’t get me wrong; I personally prefer to have a more regularly release schedules as opposed to a new phone release once-a-year – as Apple does it. I do see, however, how looking at the list of 23 phones can be a bit overwhelming to the average consumer.

    • Thomas Biard

      So far, I think Motorola has given their phones the biggest hype with games and challenges at launch along with awesome advertising. If every manufacturer gave this much attention to each phone, they wouldn’t have time to throw any-ole-phone on the market.

    • ags29

      I couldn’t have said it better than chuxster the chucker.

  • Thomas Biard

    I’m glad Verizon has a stellar group of phones. It is nice to have new releases out every couple of months or so because then whenever your contract is up you are ready for the latest and greatest…the probelm is that yours is no longer latest and greatest by the time you get it home.

    Fewer phones would be better in the sense that it ensure that developers spend a lot more time with each phone getting it rooted and ROMs created, and carriers would support each phone in future releases a while longer…


  • Inquizitor

    Really makes me sad how they keep pushing out all these new devices no problem, yet refuse to even talk about the Galaxy Nexus.

    • moelsen8

      yeah but in defense of the nexus, they don’t talk much or at all about the other phones either. the first official word you usually get is the press release the morning they’re announced. verizon’s horrible with launches in recent memory.

  • myandroid99

    looks like a nice phone


    LG ? no thank you.. But take it easy Verizon…

  • thaghost

    i dont see anything wrong with what they are doing. it is the custiomers job to let the rep know what they are looking for. then it is the rep’s responsibility to show the customers which of those 23 phones fits their usage the best. also, the customer can feel free to read the description of the phones online to get a better idea…damn i should work for verizon, lol

  • zyphbear

    I would have to agree, just do a few low end, and a nice selection of high end and leave it at that, stop over saturating the choice of devices or people are going to start getting confused on which ones are as worthwhile.

  • aholland1

    It is maddening to say the least. Every manufacturer should be allowed one high end and one mid to low range phone every 6 months to curb buyer’s remorse and ensure that the current devices can circulate and see better update support. The problem is it’s developing at a breakneck pace leaving uneducated consumers seeing it as one big Droid horde; which is great for the mascot but invariably means a trade-off of some sort. I think Kurzweil called it the Singularity o_O

  • Louis A

    I am all for it. The more the better, maybe it cause the mofos to drop prices.

    • Samar


  • bettadaze

    can’t say i think its over saturated considering there’s really only 1 real option everyone (android nerds at least) wants in the Nexus.

    even im on the fence with that. a ICS device in an Incredible 2 sizing is what I really want for Xmas.

  • Dan13

    It’s great that they are giving us consumers so many choices, but It just seems so unorganized. Release a low, mid, and high end device every six months at most, and keep them available for a year, then discontinue them. I think that would allow more time to create quality products while keeping up with the fast pace of progress.

  • Marc’us H.

    Verizon cycles through phones like … like … well I can’t think of a colorful analogy, but they really need to slow down. We’re on the Droid 4 in less than a week, and it’s ONLY BEEN TWO YEARS! As for LG … MAKE A FRIGGIN ANDROID PHONE THAT DOESN’T DIE IN JUST 4 HOURS … worst. battery life. ever.

  • zapote21

    Why does it have to stop?

  • n25philly

    I think this is more of a problem with them all going to one carrier. Choice is good until there isn’t much choice if it’s only with one carrier. Not everyone wants Verizon.

  • jwier

    If there were real differences in the devices, I could see more as better. But every phone coming out is just bigger (screen size), faster proc, more Megapixels, more memory/storage.

    my wife wanted a smaller phone that wasn’t a dog (speed-wise). My only choice was the Ryhme or an iPhone (I wouldn’t waste money on the old phones that couldn’t keep up with android releases).

    Bigger is not always better!

  • Andy_jr

    That’s a lot of choices, many of which are very similar. But since I really prefer physical keyboards, there seems to be only one high-end choice that interests me (when it ever gets released): the Droid 4.

  • Hall Lo

    Another great device :D

  • Marlon Rompis

    Wow so many choices for the customer. I remembered years ago when Verizon had the worst phone line-up compared to att and tmo. Now verizon has arguably the best phone line-up for the buyer.

    • phaet2112

      But their LTE phones still are battery hogs…and their plans are really expensive past 2 gb, so you either spend a huge amount of money to take advantage of LTE, or you have a phone that lasts 5 hrs per charge. They need to figure out a LTE/CDMA combo radio pretty fast.

  • dantman

    “Spectrum”, Seriously?

    Please tell me this phone will die off before I see another headline with the word “Spectrum” in it that’s ‘not’ about a carrier and their wireless spectrum.

  • BigCiX

    Out of all those phones I would only buy the Bionic, Nexus, RAZR, Rezound and the Spectrum. Verizon can keep the rest.

  • spintrex

    Verizon just loves to dangle food in front of starving people…. wasn’t there something about a Galaxy Nexus

    • JayMonster

      In all fairness, VZW isn’t dangling anything. It is not like they announced any of these phones (granted Google announced the Nexus, but VZW wasn’t a part of it). Rather, it is leaks and press releases from Mfrs that show us phones well before release.

  • MrLanDocamMando

    Yes I think it is too massive, and I think the line up of android phones in general is way too vast. In my opinion Android is a better operating system than apple, but one thing apple kind of does right is they stick to a small number of devices which enables them to specialize and refine there os, and focus on other aspects. Now the aggressive move that android has made to produce a wide variety of phones these past years has helped the growth of the company to be a top major player in the phone industry, but now they need to slow down and refine their own product. They have so many powerful phones that have done unimaginable groundbreaking things, we get that and appreciate it, but the shelf life of these powerful phones seems to be getting shorter and shorter. They need to focus on the phones that they already have out, and stop making new ones every couple months its getting a bit ridiculous, and this is coming from a big fan of android. P.S nvidia tegras methods of operation is a huge offender of rushing, they are already coming out with tegra 3 and haven’t done much in my opinion with tegra 2.

  • humidity

    I can’t get enough!

  • CJ LaFleur

    They may have way too many devices, but they could have way too few devices like att! No wonder att has the lowest customer satisfaction and vzw has highest. Why does vzwget all the good phones

  • Alec Waddelow

    I have to give Verizon props for promoting their LTE network, and getting out capable devices. On the other hand, them having so many devices makes it difficult for the average consumer to choose a handset efficiently.

    • JayMonster

      For the “average” consumer it is not about “efficiency” it is about what looks cool or what has that one thing they want.

      Maybe they want a keyboard, or a phone that comes with “great headphones” or comes in purple. Whatever their “hook” is… That is what they want.

      This is the one part of marketing that Apple doesn’t get (or doesn’t care about). One size does not fit all, and trying to narrow down by what is the best for everyone, only leaves others saying, “but what about what I want? ”

      Is the camera a throw away feature like Motorola seems to think? Is it OK to havr a GPS that never locks, like Samsung seems to think is OK? Is having Beats audio built in more important than a decent battery as HTC seems to think is the case?

      Since there is no “perfect phone” (despite what iFanboys think), picking a phone is more about choosing the compromise thay best suits you.

  • 12noonclock

    No way, the more terrific phones the better…buyer beware.

  • jamal

    Choices are great but 23, soon to be 24, that’s unnecessary. Verizon, Please Stop. Sincerely, A concerned Citizen

  • Blaw

    Too Fast… Too Little… They should take their time with all these LTE phones. They messed up on their 1st time and now are trying too hard to make up for it. Droid 4 coming out just a few months after Droid 3 is the perfect example. Take your time, make it right !

  • HoLfElDeR

    Go android

  • triangle

    I don’t have a problem with Verizon having that many devices. A company that big can support a lot of different devices. It’s really up to them to manage it in a better way, but they have the resources to do that if they choose. However, if I’m a manufacturer, I have to question why I would want to field my best products in such a cluttered lineup. Wouldn’t some of these devices be better served at one of the other carriers? Unless Verizon is guaranteeing me a certain amount of sales, I think some of the new devices would be better at Sprint or T-Mobile, where they might be the best handset in the lineup, instead of being one of many…

  • Ilyse Rose

    I have absolutely no faith in an LG Android phone. After they royally messed up the G2X I feel the same way about LG as I do about Samsung. Until I see it in person and read first hand reviews, nothing they do will impress me.

  • Nathan D.

    there will be never enough, that how humans roll.

  • jimtravis

    The more options the better. It is nice as a consumer to have a wide choice in features, screen size, etc. My only concern with a large number of options is vendor / carrier may loose focus when the next great thing is released a few weeks later, and not quickly fix problems (every newly released phones has them), or work on version updates because they have already moved onto the next, great thing.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Honestly LG is one of the WORST android devices on the planet especially the Lg Revolution. Otherwise verizon has a great LTE lineup on a very good network still growing. LTE is the future and there devices will grow…

  • Peter Dowling

    ICS? No? Don’t care then. GNexus here I come (gotta replace my droid 2)

    • Samar

      Good for You man.

  • blaseb

    Verizon grabs almost any Android phone they can! Geezzz

  • Androidcrazed6

    Why cant phones come to Sprint!!!!

  • Ben Hayden

    I think they are going overboard a little bit. It seems like everyday they are introducing a new phone.

    • Samar

      The more, the better.. :-)

  • ZRod

    But will they launch the Galaxy Nexus?

  • nwilliam3

    I’m surprised to still see some high-end phone coming to market without Android 4.0. 2.3.x is fine for mid and lower tier phones, but I think all high-end phone should be designed specifically for 4.0 now. I don’t trust the carriers or the OEMs to do a good job of getting these phones migrated to 4.0.

  • Drake Paulsen

    I Work for Verizon, The Revolution is a HORRIBLE device. If this actually comes out, I hope it is WAY better than the ‘first’ one.

  • Legend

    Spectrum? LTE? I see what you did there LG…

  • Adryan maldonado

    Verizons new slogan. Instead of “can you hear me now”. Am I OVER saturated with phones now? Good keep em coming”. I love a variety but its going to confuse and frustrate the basic consumer. Sure us tech geeks love to see some degree new phones come out with super specs. But you 3 now possibly 4 phones with pratically all the same specs(nexus top dog due to ICS) and people get lost in the wave of phones. Then they seek the *phone since its so simple . Just one device. One simple rememorable name and style. I dont think they need 10 different 1ghz model phones with lte, front facing cameras, and 512 gb of ram. Just like they dont need 10 more phones with dual cores, 4.3 inch screens, Hd screens, 1gb of ram. The only that seperates these phones is names,body styles(even those can start to look alike) and little gimmicks( Rezound=beats, Razr=super thin and light which is pretty nice though, and now the Lg spectrum with from what i can see no gimmick which doesnt help). SLOW DOWN VERIZON

  • gherea

    looks like a nice phone

  • Samar

    Let it roll LG. Give us something Good after the Nitro..

  • eliander mendoza

    ill make this short to me it is sort of not good. Why you may ask? well because too many phones means like the post say “Did you know that if you visit Verizon’s website, you can buy a certified pre-owned Droid Pro for $49 dollars with a two-year contract? Did you know that a brand new Droid Pro with a two-year contract is free? Verizon is carrying so many devices, they can’t even properly manage their own system.” another reason is because you will not get the upgrade on time, maybe a year later… Phone needs the update, they get it for a reason…. could be to fix bugs, to tighten up the security or flaws, or just to make the phone look fu****g cool.

  • HoLfElDeR

    That would be awesome!

  • Petr Nuadar

    I really don’t like LG phones… This seems OK but still it’s mediocre

  • JayMonster

    Honesty I see no reason for the them to stop. How many “flip phones” did there used to be? Choice is never a bad thing. The only reason some see it as a problem is because they want to *THE* phone, and that is is much harder when there is something new always “just around the corner.”

    For Joe Consumer, they aren’t looking what is coming out soon, they look at what is out now, picked their favorite. From what is out AT THAT TIME and buy it. So each manufacturer wants what is (they hope), the best option virtually at all times across all the spectrums. Plus you wind up with some lemons like the Motorola Citrus that hang around because they simply can’t unload them.

    We tend to look at every option, looking for the next “it” phone (even making fun of mid-range phones that weren’t expected to be a flagship and wondering why iy isn’t), but for most people, the only thing that matters is what is now… Not recently… Or “soon”.. It. Just now.

  • Lee Swanson

    I could never get a LG Phone. I’m creative.

  • mmark27

    Eh, LG, schmeLG

  • mmark27

    Verizon is on course to confuse every single phone buyer ever. Pick a dedicated line of high end phones and stick with it. Then get a few crap-tastic phones for the low end. Done. Stop delaying the Galaxy Nexus for the US.

  • GeauxLSU

    The are probably giving away the Droid Pro to get the new ones out of the system, but charging for the refurbished ones to keep a good stock of them for warrenty replacements.

  • ndub21

    Verizon has an absurd number of Android phones. I love their support for Android. The Droid was the phone that really brought Android mainstream, so props to Verizon for that. AT&T has been picking up the slack and improving their Android lineup lately (of course they had to after they lost iPhone exclusivity).

  • bellken

    the more the better, since, it will help prices drop, eventually

    • donger


  • CTown

    There is no such thing as too many little green robots, it’s a fact!

  • NasLAU

    I just don’t want to deal with Verizon period. I don’t care how many phones they have.

  • sgumer

    verizon has so many phones how does anyone choose. so many are android too. it might be too saturated.

  • Ryan

    bought this bad boy this week. Its fast as hell, i get better service, takes fantastic pictures, plays movies/videos with INCREDIBLE quality with NO freezing, buffering, ect., my only complaint is that at times the browser stops working and wint start working until you pop the battery out and restart the phone. another worthy mention is i got a free media dock, free dock for a computer, free hands free headset, an extra free battery, free silicone cover, free extrs charger, and free screen protectors! yeaaa buddy! also, inmy opinion….this phone by far has the best screen resolution i have ever seen on ANY phone from anycompany, best on the market by far.

    As far as all you people complaining about too many phones, educate yourself if you’re going to buy a new phone. No company could or would ever be as successful as verizon by only putting out one phone from each price level every 6 months. That would be stupid. Bottom line, you are the consumer, it is your responsibility to know your own mobile needs. How dare verizon make enough phones to satisfy everyone!! ha right…and i bet anyone crying about it is a damn liberal too. boohoo……