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Verizon stores sell out of Galaxy Nexus within hours, but Amazon has it for $149

Verizon store

We just returned from our local Verizon Wireless store where the Galaxy Nexus sold out within the first hour. The store we visited only received 30 units, but we overheard that more were arriving daily. If you missed out on the Galaxy Nexus in stores and still want to pick one up, Amazon has the Verizon Galaxy Nexus for $149 with 2-year contract, but you’ll have to wait 8-9 days for them to ship it out.

Other retailers where the Verizon Galaxy Nexus might be available include Best Buy, Costco, Radio Shack, Fry’s and other authorized resellers.

I’ve only had the phone for a couple hours, but as Anthony described earlier it’s the best Android phone available period. If you decide to pick up the phone, don’t forget to share your Galaxy Nexus launch story with us.

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  • zyphbear

    Not that surprising that the sold out, I wonder how many they stocked each store with.
    I think I’ll end up going through amazon, they are getting some fantastic deals on the GN!

    • DroidSamurai

      Delivery from Amazon is estimated to be 8 to 9 days. It’s basically sold out — they are just taking backorders now.

      • Black Kristos

        Yeah, this and the earlier $199 tag is what convinced me to go with Let’s Talk. My GN is being shipped today for delivery tomorrow free.

        • Chris

          Same here! I can’t wait. Do you know if their delivery requires a signature though?Might need to change the shipping address to my office.

          • whip

            Should be an indirect signature required.

        • DroidSamurai

          Yours are being shipped already? Damn, I ordered minutes after they allowed me to add to cart, and it’s now showing as backordered.

        • st4xor

          I didn’t place my LetsTalk order until about 8AM est. My order is still pending “carrier approval”, and my order details page lists the status as “Backordered-In Stock on unknown”

  • Danerisms

    I want some ice creamy goodness, but I am on T-Mobile and rocking a G2X. Can’t wait for my update/Cyanogen!

  • Abraham Williams

    The store I got mine at in Portland, ME got eight devices and sold out within the first hour.

    • Black Kristos

      I’m in Portland, too. Glad that I didn’t try to make my way to the store. Got mine online.

  • Peter Dowling

    Wow, I guess they should delay phones more often? Please don;t though

    • redraider133

      The bionic was delayed and didn’t sell like this lol.

      • Fritzo

        The Bionic was delayed by 6 MONTHS—it was eclipsed by newer tech by the time it came out. If it came out in March 2011 I would have bought one.

  • frpst9

    Just think of how fast these would have sold out if Verizon had done ANY marketing for the device?

    Glad to hear that you can still order them via Amazon though. Hopefully they have a substantial cache of devices.

    • DroidSamurai

      >> Just think of how fast these would have sold out if Verizon had done ANY marketing for the device?

      Yup. There’s still no TV commercials for the Galaxy Nexus from VZW — there probably will never be one.

      • RevisChrist

        >> Yup. There’s still no TV commercials for the Galaxy Nexus from VZW – there probably will never be one.

        I agree it should have been a marketing push b4 the launch but they actually have 4 commercials now for it…I saw one last night during the Falcons/Jags game…

        - Bohemian Rhapsody with all the girls singing on Hangouts
        - Beatbox with all the guys beatboxing on Hangouts
        - The Kid trying to use face unlock to get in his dad phone << The one i saw last night
        - A mashup of all of the commercials (in that one it seems 2b more to come from the looks of it)


    my store has only sold 6 so far according to the rep.. Orlando is Iphone territory I guess

  • YellowDucati


    Did you got to Austin stores? If so which one? I’m thinking of going after work but it might not be worth it.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Went to the store in north Austin on 183.

  • redraider133

    The store I went to supposedly had 15 units and 7 of them were gone in the first 10 minutes of opening at 8am. I was surprised there were actually people waiting for this phone and I wasn’t the only one.

  • stenzor

    As much as this sucks for people who can’t get the phone because it’s not in stock, it’s also great publicity because it makes the device seem highly-demanded by the public

  • Lee Swanson

    Impressive! Does anyone know if the 149 at amazon if for customers new to Verizion?

    • thekaz

      yes. upgrade is $249.

      • Futureboy

        It kills me that loyal customers pay more. Or perhaps it’s simply that these giant companies don’t look at us as loyal customers, but rather as prisoners.

  • AsakuraZero

    this is good this shows that people WANTED the nexus its had a fever like the Iphone and thats not bad…

  • ranwanimator

    Amazon is back ordered.

  • azulpiscina

    Shut up and take my money!

    “Backordered. Usually ships in 8 to 9 days”


    • phaet2112

      Still pretty fast turnaround time for such a desired item- better than backordered 2-4 weeks

  • redraider133

    Maybe this will show verizon people do not want locked down devices and that the nexus will sell pretty well among their customers. I mean they did 0 advertising for it and it is selling better than their droid line which they pump all the money into. Selling a phone that you don’t have to advertise because it sells itself seems like something any company would want.

    • DroidSamurai

      It remains to be seen how well it does better than the Droid line, like the RAZR. Yes, it’s sold out in many stores, but as you can read from above, each store only has a handful of Galaxy Nexus in stock. Let’s say there are 2000 Verizon stores in the US, and each of them has 20 GN. We are talking about 40,000 only.

      I really hope the sales of the Galaxy Nexus beat the RAZR with a large margin because this is the only way to convince VZW that it makes sense to sell a Nexus next year. Yes, just beating it a little bit is not enough. The RAZR has to be beaten down so much that there’s no way VZW can deny the effect of a Nexus.

      • redraider133

        I know many stores only had a small amount but you also have to figure that the razr did not sell out anywhere AFAIK. They may have stocked more, but I know at least around me stores get the same amount of pretty much every high end phone on launch day. Plus there was no lines for the razr in my area or pretty much every area and look at the various places with lines for the nexus. Even the iphone didn’t have a line when it came to verizon. That is saying something.

  • hldc1

    Unfortunately, I have to wait until Monday/Tuesday. Seriously wanting some ICS goodness right now. I had the Nexus One, and am currently using a seriously modded myTouch 4G. Definitely looking forward to going back to a Nexus device.

  • lxgeorge

    $149? That’s less than my G1 cost! God technology moves quickly

    • Futureboy

      I don’t know that it’s the technology getting smaller/faster/cheaper as much as it is a much better promotion. A quick search reveals that the off-contract price of the G1 was $399. The off-contract price of the Galaxy Nexus is approximately $700.

  • hldc1

    I wonder if you can use the GSM battery door (Google branding instead of Verizon branding) on the Verizon version. Anybody?

    • redraider133

      No doesn’t work.Phil Nickinson @philnickinson

      Nope. RT @the_tides: Out of curiosity, does the GSM Galaxy Nexus battery cover fit on the LTE version? @philnickinson

      • hldc1

        Thanks. Guess I’ll have to magic marker it.

  • Jeb

    Not surprised that the store ran out. If Best Buy runs out though, then that will be a shocker.

  • NegativeOne13

    I stayed up late last night so I could order it. Order was placed at 12:06 CST and says it has been shipped.

  • Wilson Lara

    Having only 8-30 devices per store and then saying that it sold out in an hour makes it seem like the Galaxy Nexus is a very sought after device. There are hardly any people in the general public who even know the Galaxy Nexus exists.

  • Kimbo

    So the last time I left a comment, I went on and on about how I would never get this thing through Verizon on principle… bloatware is bad I said, no Google Wallet is bad I said… Yeah, well, guess who just left T-Mobile and bought this thing through Amazon? Sigh. I’m such a dick. Oh well, at least I’ll be a happy dick when my phone arrives.

    • hldc1

      Looking to be on the same boat. Also planning on being a future former T-Mobile customer.

  • nephalim3

    I just back from the store with mine. It seemed almost everyone was buying one too.

  • thekaz

    So.. have store*s* sold out, or just the one you went to..? I see a few other people claiming their local store sold out, but the title is a pretty broad statement.

    • Derek

      I just looked online and every single best buy within 100 miles has them in stock.

  • staryoshi

    I disagree that it’s the best android phone… I didn’t enjoy using it when I stopped in at my Verizon store. The feel just wasn’t there… But that’s my opinion. It will be a great phone for many, though.

  • Fricaya

    What’s funny is that Verizon are going to get brutally assaulted by the amount of sales for the Galaxy Nexus then wonder why the hell they didn’t push it as much as the Razr.

  • Thomas Biard

    Imagine that, the “internets” have an “unlimited” quantity and physical phones in brick and motar sell out…who woulda thunk it?

  • Billy

    My store only had about 30 also … I have no doubt they sold out. Lucky they were kind enough to hold one. ICS is so yummy.

  • Marc’us H.

    From what I’m hearing from the stores in my area, not a tremendous amount was sent out (in comparison to say the RAZR or iPhone launch). At most what they were able to tell me was “about a dozen” were shipped to the store.

  • David Keller

    It’s nice to know the Galaxy Nexus is already off to a great start!

  • honourbound68

    I just love amazon lol

  • itzxdjx

    Very nice to see the galaxy nexus start like this.

  • HoLfElDeR

    Who can wait, i cant

  • Chris Lewis

    haha I wonder how many white droid razors they will sell today

    • donger

      lol, the white one does look like eye candy

  • beatrixasdfghjk.

    Only 30 phones in a store?

    Wow, and for the amount of hype it got earlier, I’d have expected more ):

  • Emmanuel Lazcano

    For $150 plus tax, I might actually do it! Yay amazon for student budgets!

  • Jason

    I walked into the Waco, TX store at almost noon today. The sales rep had no idea this was released today because I was the only person who had come in looking for it all day. Too bad I discovered I’m not eligible for an upgrade for another 13 days…

    • Chris

      I wasn’t eligible until 12/29 at all, went to the store to check out and they said i was then went to the desk to talk the guy and he said i wasn’t, got back to work called up Customer Service, and now i will be getting one Monday. Got to a corporate store and check then if that comes up with nothing then call *611. Supposedly they won’t let you upgrade early to a 4G phone or iphone.

      • Joe

        You can upgrade early for a $20 fee. Then you pay the two year contract price. Oh and make sure to make them give you the gift card for your current phone. That way THEY pay the $20 early upgrade fee!

        • Chris

          The $20 fee upgrade is for only those who have annual upgrade that had a 49.99 plan or higher before they stopped offering it, i have the base plan.

  • Adam Jones

    I was anxious about buying it online this morning. But in the end it was worth it. I got to take advantage of the $50 discount for online purchase and the chat rep gave me the $100 off for 3G to 4G discount. I made out like a fat cat!

  • Ilyse Rose

    I’m really glad to see they’ve sold out, that sounds pretty awesome.

  • Ari32

    I arrived at my Verizon store a little before it opened and waited with 4 other people. I ended up buying 2 (the other was for my fiancee). Other than that, i think that particular store has some units left. Verizon’s fault for not marketing this thing.

    • Derek

      I think you’re right. Nobody even knows about this phone other than people like us who are phone tech geeks.

  • Brian

    Hmm, where do you guys live that they are selling out? Every Best Buy that I see around where I live, as well as 4 hours north, has them in stock and the one I went to claimed to only have sold 3. The Verizon store around me had them this evening.

    Not the release I expected but I am not going to complain. I guess this might be what they get for not advertising and letting the fan base be the only ones to hype it up.

    Psychologically, the general public needs to be told which phones are cool (ie. iPhone)

    I just need to decide if I want to pay the premium to have the phone right now when I don’t NEED it.

  • ramenchef

    Hopefully this means google will market their future Nexus devices more agressively. Hopefully they release on US GSM carriers as well.

  • merlintw

    Wish I had the cash to get out of this Bionic (which is an ok phone but not as good as this one) and grab the Nexus.

    Come on Lottery! Help a brother out!!!

  • xfaith

    Now that the wait is over for everyone, how long till GSM on carrier. I know I could get unlocked but I dont see the point as I am not saving anything if I bring a phone to AT&T. About the only carrier that gave a discount if you had a phone was TMobile (not sure if they do that anymore)And I dont want to loose my unlimited data on AT&T. .

  • Richard Yarrell

    My Verizon store on 5th Avenue and 22nd street in Manhattan had 375 units at 10am Thursday Morning. I arrived at 10:20 am there was 77 people on line ahead of me. I left the store at 12:45pm..

  • Robert Whittaker

    Wow – I can’t beleive you actually have to pay for your handsets! And people over here think everything is cheap in the US.

  • Derek

    HTC Rezound is better hardware than the Galaxy Nexus, especially the display. Rezound has true 1280×720, Galaxy Nexus has pentile matrix. Rezound just doesnt have ICS.

  • Rebel Rose

    First and only person to walk into the store that morning and I bought the last nexus : )

  • nsnsmj

    Wow, good for Google and Samsung. I think this is the first time I ever heard of an Android phone selling out and having launch lines.

    • Brian

      @Derek, no one here cares about your Rezound. I doubt you’ll be persuading anyone that wants a GN. Troll somewhere else. “Is better hardware”? I think you are missing the point to the Nexus. Have fun with your bloatware and the wait on ICS. It going to be hard to notice a difference in true RGB vs. pentile matrix with such high PPIs to begin with. Care to participate in a double blind test?

      As for saying these are selling out, I am really thinking that this is more of a quantity to store issue than anything. Plenty of Best Buys have these things and I am willing to bet my local Verizon store has them in stock.

      As for the launch lines, can’t argue that however it IS just a phone.

  • jimtravis

    I lasted all of 2 days. I was holding off for the Note (fan of large screens), but the credit card took itself out of my wallet today at the Best Buy Mobile store next door to where I was going for dinner. Screen is fantastic, great build quality, and LTE amazing. While waiting for my meal in the restaurant next door, the Galaxy Nexus was reaching 20MB per sec downloads assuming the app is accurate. That is considerably faster than my home DSL. A major consideration for purchasing now is the double data special may be ending the end of the year. Took the plunge, and at least on this initial day, very happy with the new Galaxy Nexus. I do have a Nexus One, and Nexus S; they were lonely for their latest, and greatest new relative.

    • Brian

      I couldn’t hold out either….there were just too many stores with these around to hold out :) Joking. While they are still available everywhere I look, I was offered a web price match that made the deal worth it.

      Seriously though, most stores are still on their first shipments.

  • humidity

    Wow, glad I got there when Verizon opened!

    • Brian

      Are you being sarcastic?

  • CanUDgit

    I should have waited for this phone…