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Video: MIUI for the HP TouchPad available now

Development of CyanogenMod for the HP TouchPad has been going strong for quite some time now, but other Android alternatives for the discontinued tablet haven’t been easy to come by. Thankfully, that’s about to change.

A MIUI alpha ROM has found its way online that’s surprisingly good, considering how long it’s been out. The ROM was originally released on Wednesday, and multi-touch, Wi-Fi, audio, Bluetooth and all sensors are already working properly. In fact, the only thing not working is the on-screen menu keys, which can be replaced with a simple app. Of course there a few other miscellaneous bugs, but it’s certainly stable enough for daily use.

The rate at which the HP TouchPad has been turned into a fully functional Android tablet is nothing short of amazing. Just recently, CyanogenMod Alpha 3.5 was released for the TouchPad, bringing even more stability and performance enhancements to the device. And with webOS recently open sourced, there’s a good chance development is on the cusp of really picking up.

For more information on MIUI for the HP TouchPad, including download links and install tutorials, visit XDA.

Via: Phandroid

Source: XDA

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  • Christopher Chavez


    • Dustin Earley

      This kinda really, really makes me wish I would have bought a TouchPad.

      • Jorge Eslava

        We really missed a great deal, but I’m still happy with my Asus Transformer, just waiting for Cyanogenmod ICS goodnes.

      • civy76

        I use both webOS and Android and I can tell you that webOS is great as well. I really enjoy flicking apps :)

        And the Touchpad deals are not over yet. Some are popping out every now and then. Just yesterday you had this chance:

      • McLovin

        ebay is your best bet. The going price is ~250 for a 32g and if you are persistent you can find them under that price.

        Another place to watch what’s happening is slick deals:

        • Donald Williams

          thats a link to another forum with 2500 pages. WOW thats a lot on the HP. Yea i also tried to snag one but i was late on the news and the staples store laughed at me about even asking. :”(

      • Nick

        I’ll sell you mine.

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        Yeah I’m one of those that wished I’d picked one up for $99 too…

    • tmihai20

      You can experience some MIUI goodness regardless the ROM you are using RIGHT NOW by going to and starting to download MIUI lockscreens like there is no tomorrow. It looks and feels amazing on my CM 7.1.0, although there are some minor problems with localization. Bye bye boring lockscreen, hello MIUI lockscreen!

  • Billy

    This is excellent news. I was just asking about the progress of Android on a Touchpad in a recent comment. Woot!

    The touchpad has decent specs. A good build should run really well. Excited!!!

  • King Chris Scott

    I’m sad that I wasn’t able to get my hands on a $99 “DroidPad” but I do like the progress you guys have made on it.

    • LukeT32

      Agreed. Really think I should just get a Prime. :)

  • xfaith

    K Im still bitter I missed on the ebay “firesale” heheh. Would have been great. But i am glad that work is continuing on these devices for the folks who were able to get them.

    • iFonePhag4S

      Dude everyone who missed out on $99 16 GB Touchpads could easily remedy their situation by buying one for $200 brand new on Craigslist. It’s not a lot of money for what you get. Besides webOS isn’t bad on it’s own. Man up and solve your problems. I was able to score 4 from Sam’s Club, 1 from On Sale, and one more from Craigslist. All for friends and family. The last one was from Craigslist and was a 16 GB for $200 still in sealed box. Still a great deal in comparison to a Kindle Fire.

  • eliander mendoza

    only MIUI lovers will be here since i am one who prefers MIUI over other roms i got to say this is looking sweet man nice job.

  • mmmark111

    This is awesome. My GF loves MIUI so this is definitely going on her Touchpad.

  • stenzor

    Nice! This makes a touchpad a great mid-range tablet

  • Craig Mogi

    I think that I’m going to try this out on my Touchpad after i try out the CM 3.5 Alpha. The development that’s going on for this thing is amazing. I can’t wait until they get some CM9 running on this badboy, that’ll be amazing.

  • cherrytree

    With every news like this i’m getting more disapointet, that i didn’t get a touchpad at the firesale! :’(

  • Martjn2

    I can’t even get the touchpad here in europe. with it’s cheap price i would have boughty several of them :O

    • tmihai20

      Who wouldn’t buy one? Even I would, I am now looking for a nice deal on an Android tablet. Since Touchpad is going to become an Android tablet and the price is low, I would have bought one, but I would not pay 200 USD on a 99 USB Touchpad just to buy one.

  • Hall Lo

    Good for all the lucky ppl who got their touchpad during the firesale! Its getting so much love from the androids community :D

  • marcustg

    I use MIUI in my phone and I love it! Pretty nice on a tablet!

  • Tipika


  • MJM128

    I’m hopping the Kindle Fire gets a taste soon.

  • Joel Bird

    I still have my Aussie fire sale touchpad, would love to give this a go.

  • damambt

    I can’t believe i missed the hp ebay store firesale! 😣

  • thekaz

    nice! so when is Android and Me giving one of these away? :)

    • YMS123

      As soon as it has a Tegra chip in it

  • lxgeorge

    Looks great! Although I was hoping to see an awesome tablet UI for MIUI

  • DEA call 2

    Samuel Hurd the black drug dealer!!!!! All black are criminals

  • Aleksandar Simov

    i don’t know why, but i don’t like the design :/

  • securifirm

    Looks pretty good…once ICS comes to the touchpad then I’ll install that otherwise it’s a giant phone without the dialer. Pretty useless IMHO

  • zyphbear

    Even though Cyanagon Mod has been developed further, I’m glad more groups/companies are giving alternate builds for the now Defunct device. I can’t wait for once they are ready, that it would basically be a one click process for those that don’t understand it all.

  • Aladdin

    I can’t wait til it gets Ice Cream Sandwich, until then, though I’ll be using WebOs

    • Samar

      Do we even know that this h/w will suport ICS ?

      • 94wolfpack

        I don’t “know” but given that the HW for the HP touchpad came out a good 7-8 mos later than the nexus S, it seems like a fairly safe bet. I too am waiting on ICS to port Android to my TPs. But if for some reason it doesn’t support it I’ll be putting CM7 on it.

      • frmorrison

        The Touchpad can support ICS, and the CM team is working on porting it.

  • Samar

    First Impressions are Nice.

  • ramenchef

    Touchpads sound like a great low cost alternative for those who like to tweak and mod.

  • Louis A

    Nice, once again android is too the rescue lol

  • Adryan maldonado

    Now im really made that i didnt get one

    • Adryan maldonado

      really mad* that i didnt get one

  • pritams

    I was already in pain for missing out the $99 it’s becoming torture..sob::

  • zerosix

    MIUI available for Touchpad, Touchpad not available for people:(

  • Thomas Biard

    The hype on the Touchpad is still too new for me to even consider buying one off Craigslist or Ebay…but as ROMs come out and the hype wears down, this may be an option for those of us who didn’t pounce originally.

  • Ilyse Rose

    That is looking slick, now I’m even more sad that I missed out on their huge sale a while back.

  • charliethesuperturtle

    HP toothpaste not touchpad,
    but I prefer cm7 but glad there is more developement on my toothpaste and btw cm7 alpha 3.5 came out yesterday

  • plp27

    very nice tablet

  • sgumer

    this is amazing for all those who own it or can get it for cheap because now it will be a better tablet thanks to these mods.

  • counsel dew

    Can we get some dual-boot loveliness from the modders? Perchance someone wants to keep WebOS aroung too…


    This looks pretty cool so far but im sticking with CM7 :)

  • DroidPower

    Looks pretty good. But, still waiting for CM7 to release the beta! fingers crossed

  • ccn_cristi

    Looks great! Amazing how fast they developed an almost complete ROM. Too bad I didn’t had the luck to get a touchpad at 99$

  • the5thdimension

    I was one of the lucky ones that got a Touchpad during the $99 firesale. I love the tablet and WebOs is really a nice OS. However, the tablet does lag a bit and some apps tend to run a bit slow. I would really like to see Honeycomb or ICS on the touchpad. I think that’s the only way I would enjoy Android on it. Don’t know, but I might be selling it soon.

  • humidity

    Sweet, more options!

  • Danny Calderon

    Maybe they can hack the BB playbook, saw it at radioschack for 199

  • Luke Haviland

    i think its embarrassing for HP when people only wanted it when they thought android might be ported to it.