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Brothers in Arms 2 joins Gameloft’s growing library of freemium Android games

Brother in Arms 2

This week Gameloft converted another one of their classic titles into a freemium game. Brother in Arms 2 Free+ is the latest game that Gameloft allows you to download for free and then use in-app purchases to unlock special items and speed up the game’s progress. Other recent freemium games include GT Racing Motor Academy, Let’s Golf 3 and Uno.

In Brother in Arms 2, players can earn dog tags and XP as they play that can be used to unlock tons of extra features and gear to customize their soldier, or purchase Medals to unlock them faster. As Gameloft says, “It’s up to you!”

Some of us are sick of the whole freemium craze and wish game developers would allow us to just purchase the title once, but all the Top Grossing Apps in the Android Market are still following the freemium model so don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

Highlights of Brother in Arms 2 include:

  • Experience every front of the war with 50 missions to unlock across 5 locations: Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany, Sicily
  • Challenge up to 5 friends on five multiplayer maps
  • Pilot 3 vehicles including the tank, off-road vehicle or glider, or gun down enemies from the vehicle or tank turret
  • A wide range of realistic weapons: machine guns, bazookas, sniper rifles, flamethrowers and more
  • Compelling cinematic moments with more interaction between you and your squad members
  • Stunning graphics and authentic settings inspired by real life battlefields from WWII

I played through the original Brother in Arms 2 last year when it was released and found it was an enjoyable game. If you were a fan of Modern Combat 2 or first person shooters, then definitely download this game and give it a try.

Next up on the freemium train? Fishing Kings.

Source: Brother in Arms 2 Free+

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  • Alex

    Remember when Gameloft didn’t release any titles into the Android Market? I am so glad that they changed that.

    • seven2k

      Oh yeah…the new of Android being past 40% market share motivated them.

      • Alex

        Haha exactly. Funny how good of a motivater the ability to make an enormous profit is

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      It only took 4.5 billion app downloads to make them change their minds.

  • Toonshorty

    Those graphics are insane for a mobile device.

    My PS2 couldn’t even do that.

    • Alex

      Ahh the good old PS2. Outdated but never forgotten haha. Considering the rate that processors are evolving, it’s only a matter of time before games like this beat your PS3 as well

      • Toonshorty

        Wouldn’t surprise me.

        Console graphics aren’t even that great, which is partly why I’m a PC gamer. Consoles really need to be updated soon or they’ll really fall behind.

        PS2 is great though.

        I’m still an avid player of Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2) – possibly my favourite game.

        • raminscc

          Not to get off topic but the ps3 and Xbox 360 graphics are pure shit for this day and age. Its driving down graphics on pc (console ports)

          Back to the topic: Freemium is fine as long as the game is still fully playable without paid content. Having a shit pistol to play through the whole game = whack

      • spintrex

        Typically the lifespan between consoles runs about six years, rumor is the console front will get an announcement next year of their latest product. If you look at the handheld department PS Vita is coming out early next year and hosts some pretty great graphics, close to that of PS3, but the lifespan of the Vita is probably expected for a couple years where smartphones might then exceed both in performance and graphics.

        With Sony buying Sony Ericsson it would be pretty cool to see some integration between smartphones, handhelds, and consoles.

    • stenzor

      Well if the new Transformer Prime rivals the XBOX 360 in graphics performance, I don’t see a very good road ahead for consoles

      • kevin charliethesuperturtle

        Your wrong at that, the 360 is still a lot more powerful than the transformer prime
        If it was that power it would die in 5 minutes and light your pants on fire

        • Alex

          But on the upside, it would be a bit more exciting than a 360 XD

        • raminscc

          The Xbox 360 has an extremely outdated $20 gpu. Its shit.

          • Bryan Stoner

            I wish my shit could run Gears.

    • Mark Thompson

      My PS2 disc tray makes a good cup holder.

  • CJ LaFleur

    this is gonna look sweet on my new transformer prime :)!

    • sqlguy

      Market says my Transformer is not valid for the game. What the H do I need?????

  • Briareos

    I don’t have a problem with freemium games, so long as the free part isn’t completely hobbled if I don’t want to pony up a buck here and a buck there for game-related stuff I can’t get any other way. If that’s the way it’s going to be then yeah, just let me pay $5 or whatever and get the whole thing outright. Don’t nickle-and-dime me to death.

    • mikeyDroid

      I completely agree – Some games would run you up forever just to “get all out of it”… I guess that’s their mission.

    • stenzor

      This is very reminiscent of the DLC debacle on PC and consoles

      • ph4nthom

        At least some DLC has added value to the game. I’ll fork over 10 bucks for 10 or so hours of extra game play of my favorite games.

    • Deeds

      I think the same thing, if they are going to make you pay for some features, just make me pay for the game outright and not to unlock more things

    • dharr18


    • dfmckay

      Fully agree with you, I think that’s why most people hate freemium games.

  • deez1234

    Glad they are giving us more free options. This is a pretty solid game!

  • mikeyDroid

    What’s with almost none of their games working on the Razr? Doesn’t even let me DL them.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Im sorry to sound stupid but what exactly is freemium?

    • stenzor

      A new buzzword

    • Euki

      Excuse my answer if its wrong, but i do believe freemium are free apps that could or do require you to use in-app purchases if you want to unlock additional features. Like for this game, Medals are used as lives and when you run out, you cant play anymore and need to buy more medals.

      • Adryan maldonado

        appreciate the info. I thought thats what i was but that would i hope your mostly wrong in a good way. LIke DD second wave you can purchase stuff but you dont have to to progress. You just have to spend countless hours beating stages which is fine by me. Another good IMHO is wind up knight. Yes it does ask you to pay for the next few books but you can unlock them with coins you earn but you may never be able to buy anything else although there is some balance since you win awards for completing certain things. Anyways as long as it doenst completely prevent you from moving foward i have no problem with these “freemium” games

  • zyphbear

    I really think there should be two versions of these games, 1 that is the ‘freemium’ model if people just want to try it out, but also a “full” version that just delivers the whole game with all extras included at a better price. So if the person just wants to buy it all and not use the in app purchases, they get a deal out of it.
    While I’m not a fan of ‘freemium’ programs, I get why they are doing it, it’s basically this generation’s version of ‘shareware’ and if you don’t like it, you haven’t paid anything. But sometimes demo versions are better for that, or even just upgrades (you got the demo app, but want the full game, you just download a sub-app and get the full game, but I imagine that would be an issue with pirates.)

  • slimx30

    from what I have been reading this game isn’t compatible for a lot of devices. is this game for dual cores only? it sais my vibrant is not compatible. I wish there was a list of supported devices

  • mikeyDroid

    I can’t stand the word freemium…

  • azulpiscina

    can I use the sixaxis controller to play?


  • Diaeko

    look great
    but no multiplayer?

  • Emmanuel Lazcano

    Huh.. So I can’t find the game on the android market. :?

  • OutofPlace

    I’ve never been much of a gamer on my phone or tablet. But I love when developers push the envelope on what these devices can do. Keep pushing the hardware manufacturers to make better and faster devices. It benefits all of us!

  • Androidcrazed6

    This might be a newbie question so please bare with me

    So as we all know the Iphone 4s supposedly has a better gaming chip than any android phone ( correct me if im wrong )

    And Samsung designs the chip correct?

    So how come Samsung just integrates it to their phones?? o.O

    I would very much appreciate the response

  • Nathan D.

    Sweet once I get something that can Handel it I’ll play it for good two hours =)


    No go on the Galaxy Nexus… WAAAAAA :( !

  • HoLfElDeR

    This is so gooooood

  • spintrex

    Just tried it on GSII with gyroscope setting…. that was pretty frustrating

  • Danthes24

    Wow this game looks just like u play games on PC.:D

  • akjax

    Damn that game looks awesome. Trying that for sure.

  • Louis Atu

    Can’t what to try it out on the galaxy nexus, come on friday lol

  • humidity

    Trying this out!

  • laosgurllynn

    Nice graphics! Im going to give it a try.

  • Hall Lo

    Its so good to see more good and free games coming to Android :D

    • thechad

      I agree. more is better

  • Peter Dowling

    Yes, finally we can compete with the top level games in iOS and its play-abillity on devices like mine (droid 2) are decent, so go for the programmers who keep up with old devices like mine

  • engineerga

    These games irritate me. Like Blood and Glory, for instance… you have to buy coins with real money, or you keep getting your butt handed to you by guys with better equipment. I have gotten pretty far with no money, but I have lost as many add I have won, and it is obvious that I need to but credits/coins to enjoy it and succeed. Contract Killer: Zombies is even worse. I can’t afford ant of the recommended guns, and I just started. Why are the recommended guns for missions already this expensive?

    Makes me not like anything with Glu Mobile on it, since I think it is going to hound me for money and pop up push notifications all the time for their other games.

  • Matthew Reynolds

    nice game for free

  • gpmillerjax

    excellent free game!

  • Kenneth Ohonba

    What about Dungeon Hunters 3? When is that being released?

  • AvantGuard

    I’d love to do more mobile gaming, but my Optimus seems inadequate and there’s nothing available for my Fire. Anybody got any ideas?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Did you try Dead Space on your Kindle Fire?

      • AvantGuard

        See that? That’s good hustle.

        (runs off to stop working and buy/play Dead Space)

  • Marc’us H.

    I’ve always found FPS on mobile devices quite useless. They lag, and it’s too much going on on such a small screen. Tablets might work better w/ the Tegra processors though, but that’s TBD as we see more from them.

    • Torrance Barber


  • PrinterPaper

    I couldn’t stop this thing from using notifications so I had to uninstall.

  • anikko

    wasn’t there a brothers in arms game for the PSP once? I may be thinking of something else.

  • levelm

    Gameloft is always a hit or miss experience. I can’t wait to get a new phone so I can start enjoying some better games.

  • Michael Ian

    As usual, gameloft like to be the special kid who only gives out treats to the popular kids to look cool. I can’t believe something like the galaxy nexus isn’t allowed to be able to run this.

  • cb2000a

    Looks good…how come I have a rank of 1 now when I was 2 yesterday? How is this system figured out anyway?

  • e36bmer

    I still think they could offer a buy the whole game price, as well as the fremium model. Give us choice!

    • SigInTheHead

      completely agree with this.

  • Jorge Eslava

    And its not available for my Asus Transformer… why would any game developer not support a high end tablet?

    • behzadbayat

      it does not work in my P7300 too. no worries,

  • MJM128

    Doesn’t show up in my market :( I’m sad.

  • Vipitus

    Shame it’s not available for my Galaxy S :(

  • Repminister

    gr8 game but I don’t like controls on mobile fps games. Got to get ICS and a controller :P

  • hirschtec


  • donger

    it’s nice that it’s free. keep them coming.

    • Fabio Rojas


  • eyesparky

    Looks really good. Hopefully it is really playable all the way through without having to pay to progress. I have no problem with games charging those who want to leap ahead through sections as long as the main timeline is not compromised or made overly impenetrable to force in app purchase. Be interesting to see how this pans out.

  • behzadbayat

    It does not run on my galaxy tab 8.9

  • mrbill187

    gameloft needs to put their entire library in the market.

  • Ivan Todorov

    Nice shooter on good OS from a nice company

  • Ilyse Rose

    Even though their games are awesome, Gameloft sucks are their Android offerings and upkeep.

  • ihatefanboys

    Free for a nice looking game like this sucks even harder when i cant even download it to my G2, what gives ? only for dual core phones ??

    btw anyone know how to change my avatar picture.

  • honourbound68

    Wish I had a nice tab to use this on

  • Darknight42020

    I agree with just purchasing the title and thats the end of it. With in app purchases they’ve got you because they can just keep adding content that will cost you and when all is said, you’ve paid 4x what the game would of cost in the first place. Pursuit of the all mighty dollar…

  • JC005

    Another shooter game I can suck at. Hahaha

  • behzadbayat

    Any suggestion? as it crashes as soon as I open it in my Galaxy tab P7300!

  • Andrew Foister

    Wish they’d support the rezound with these games…

  • aranea

    This is a pretty good selling strategy and would never work in ios due to lots of Apple tax.