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Amazon canceling some Transformer Prime pre-orders


One of our twitter followers, WWJoshDew, shared a picture with us via his twitter account of an email he received from Amazon’s customer service team. Apparently, Amazon sold out of the Transformer Prime so fast that they outsold their pre-order stock. As a result, Amazon is contacting some customers advising them that their preorder has been cancelled.

Amazon is citing lack of availability from suppliers as their reason for cancelling orders, and advising these customers who have had their preorders cancelled to go to another retailer to preorder the Prime in time for it’s mid-December release. Most other retailers are also sold out, however, leaving those with cancelled orders out in the cold.

WWJoshDew had ordered the 32GB Amethyst Gray version of the Transformer Prime, though we suspect this supply issue affects all 4 Transformer Prime SKUs. See Amazon’s full cancellation notice in the following snapshot:

Update: Amazon responded to Josh re-iterating that their supplier told Amazon that the Transformer Prime “was no longer available,” even though we know it’s coming later this month. See their updated response here.

Update 2:¬†Another twitterer Criddar¬†let us know that he tried to change the shipping speed on his preorder to 2-day shipping, and was informed his tablet would arrive around January 18th, 2012. Hopefully we aren’t seeing another delay to the Transformer Prime, which is set to launch on December 19th.

Update 3: Gamestop is contacting their customers and informing them the Transformer Prime will launch December 19th. That might be your best bet to pick one up in person on launch day. [via Phandroid]

Anyone else out there have their pre-order cancelled by Amazon? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Josh McAllister
    • Josh McAllister

      BTW, I had reactivated my Prime membership this morning (around 4 am CT) and changed mine to one day shipping for 3.99. The email was several hours after that happened. It still said I would get it after the 25th.!/disturbed1/status/142536252900642816
      (I have two twitters)

  • Nate B.


  • pekosROB

    I wish B&H Photo would hurry up and give me an update! A good one that is!

  • criddar

    I changed it to 2-day shipping (Amazon Prime member, didn’t realize I hadn’t checked the option), and was then warned that it would ship after December 25th, and given an estimated ship date of January 18, 2012.

    Also waiting on the GNex too. Getting very good at being patient this holiday season.

  • WarDrake

    My order got cancelled to, and i didn’t even get the courtesy of an email…
    i actually got my order in on Nov 18, who else has theirs cancelled from this date?

  • Taylor

    I just got my email message, and to say I’m livid would be a massive understatement! Ordered within 2 hours of the listing going up, too. Why do I pay for Prime if not to avoid being bent over? On the plus side, I my keyboard dock hasn’t been cancelled… yet…

  • Shay D. Life

    Am I the only one that feels there should be some sort of retributions for this type of mishap? I mean, if you have an order and they wait until the last minute to figure out they can’t fill it you should be able to get a hefty discount when it does show up due to being loyal. Big business…

    • Taylor

      A loyalty discount, or dibs on being first in line when they do become available. As of right now, it’s a “get back in line when we have ‘em” scenario. This is the kind of customer service I expect from Walmart!

      • Droid Dewd

        This sucks. I’m not surprised as Amazon had trouble holding unto the OG TF earlier this year. I hope they do honor that type of customer service and give the jilted buyers some kind of recoup like being first in line when they get more stock.

  • Zephyr

    My was cancelled today. I sent them a nasti-gram. No response yet.

    I cancelled the keyboard portion of the order myself. No sense having that ship without the tablet. Grrrrr……

    • Zephyr

      Amazon got back to me, and here’s part of what they said:

      We normally obtain this item from a supplier who can usually send it to us from the time your order is placed; however, in this case, the supplier took longer than expected to respond to us, and has confirmed that the item is no longer available and we do apologize for that.


      But they did give me a $10 credit for my next order, which is a nice gesture. I think they are just not able to handle this whole pre-order thing, surprisingly.

  • Shackled

    You hearing this Asus, there is a strong demand for your device. Get to work!

    • Josh McAllister

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I make YouTube videos and was REALLY excited about getting my Transformer Prime and making videos for people… (How to root, overclock, and etc). But now I can’t. ;-(

    • stenzor

      Yes, at least it’s a good indication that this tablet will sell like hotcakes!

  • evelio

    I hope won’t do this (crossed fingers)

    • mogimaster

      I’m with you there, I ordered from CompUSA which is owned by, they closed the pre-orders just recently, but I’m hoping they didn’t overshoot without realizing and start cancelling orders.

  • Kaote

    Cancelled as well, Not gonna get to upset about it, I’ll just pick one up when supplies arent so limited. n the mean time I’ll just continue to enjoy my Gen1 Transformer.

    • WarDrake

      you already have one, i was getting this as a christmas present for myself, i didn’t buy the original transformer 2 months ago, becaues i figured i’d wait for this one, and now they do this…

  • omgjoz

    Same here. Amazon really let me down on this one, its what I get for talking them up all the time.

  • fwtx

    This is one of the ONLY reasons i like apple and how they operate. things like this rarely happen with apple, if they say something with be released on a certain date, you can be very sure that it will be, and if you have a preoder, you can be very sure that it will be delivered when they say it will. Everything else about android is better in my opinion, but the fact that they have control over every step of the process definitely ensures a smoother buying experience.

    • jay.rocha

      @ftwx. How quickly you forget that Apple promises things all the time and fails to follow through. They’ve been promising an Apple TV for over a year… They lure you in with the rumors of an iPhone 5, but give you the 4S… They tell you about the “White iPhone” that becomes akin to a unicorn in the tech world… Apple does this all the time… yet fanboys keep flocking to their outdated devices.

      • fwtx

        i agree they are outdated, but most of what youre saying is based on rumor, yes the iphone 5 was rumored but it was never promised by the company, i am in no way saying the products are superior, simply that the delivery method is. its a business advantage of controlling all the steps of the product. i’m saying i wish android could be as efficient as apple when it comes to delivering me a product on time

        • jay.rocha

          Now I see what you are saying. Apple controls their product from the R&D through delivery. Android devices on the other hand start from Google (software) go to manufacturers (hardware) and then get shipped to multiple retailers (Amazon, Newegg, etc.). The problem is that what you are calling Apple efficiency translates into zero to no options of devices. Android devices are by nature less controlled and thereby give you a multitude of options for phones, tablets, TVs and much more. I’ll take a little uncertainty from Android over the dictatorship of Apple any day. :-)

        • jay.rocha

          P.S. Sorry if I sounded a bit angry in the first reply… my Transformer Prime was cancelled too… :-( Very bad start to the weekend.

          • fwtx

            haha its fine i understand, and yea thats what i meant, and like i said i agree, i mean i waited months from when the bionic was announced to when i was actually able to buy it (well another version of it that is fairly different than what was originally announced) but i would never trade my bionic for an iphone. in the end the trouble is worth it, i just wish it was easier sometimes

        • charliethesuperturtle

          well me and my friends kind of voted you up so you would be able to enter the other give aways (sony tablet s article)

    • stenzor

      This happens with Apple quite frequently actually, especially with popular devices like the iPhone


    geez what the hell is going on !?

  • mikeytusa

    I ordered 2 of them from Amazon the day they became available for my business partners. Hopefully those don’t get cancelled.

  • Gary Jones

    Mine was cancelled as well…. :(


    I thought Amazon got there stuff directly from the manufacturer. Is this asus doing this

    • Taylor

      More likely Amazon gets their stuff through an import clearing house who may not have had a sufficiently firm contract with Asus to meet the demand.

  • rlauzon

    I got my cancellation from Amazon about an hour ago.

    I am not pleased.

  • AsakuraZero

    am i the only not surprised about this? the first TF had the same problem, this one could have an even higher demand now its asus fault of not making enough tablets or pushing them too

    the bright side of it? not being an early adopter helps to avoid early defects and in this case i might get it with ICS pre-installed.

    if you think about it its not THAT bad

  • stenzor

    Shouldn’t Amazon know (at least approximately) the number of devices they will receive and limit the amount of pre-orders to that number? Sounds trivial to me.. but maybe it’s not entirely their fault.

  • reflux83

    At This point I am glad I am waiting to pick one up til after the holidays.

  • Dr.Carpy

    Maybe Amazon is hoping we’ll all buy Kindle Fires! I kid, because I care and my order is toast as well.

    • rlauzon

      Since they sold out in one day, we all ordered on Nov. 22.

  • Slith

    No cancellation email from Amazon yet. with my luck I am sure it will come shortly.

  • jkinsey88

    Didn’t the first Transformer have this issue? You’d think ASUS would be making those things like crazy to keep up with demand. Oh well. I won’t even be able to get one for a long while. Sucks for all the early orders though.

  • Whizadree

    How Many of you that were canceled today ordered the 64GB Grey (AMAZON) and if so what day did you place it , I ordered mine on the 22nd Nov

  • asuman1179

    Not sure what I am going to do. I order the 32GB Grey on 22nd and it was canceled. Don’t like buying things from Best Buy or Gamestop. But might have to think about doing it.

  • TennisTIme

    I received my cancellation letter this morning. I pre-ordered on Nov. 22. Reordered through Best Buy. Hoping my keyboard dock still makes it from Amazon. I’m hoping they’ll arrive at least somewhere near the same time.

  • Whizadree

    Its going to be like Black Friday all over again when actual the shops have the transformer in stock , ,

  • Lance D.

    screw Amazon, they canceled my pre-order as well. Bezos can suck it.

  • Triseven

    I got screwed by Amazon too today. I just wanted to let you know that I went to my local GameStop and put $50.00 down on the pre order that they say will be in on the 19th of Dec for pick up.

    • Lance D.

      yeah, I preordered it from gamestop a few days before because it looked like they are actually going to have the tablet on it’s release date.

  • TinTin

    Ugh I want one NOW!

  • undyingsum

    Luckily my champagne gold pre order hasn’t been cancelled yet :)

  • tonis79

    I love how you guys say all this stuff about giving something back to the customer like these retailers even give a crap about the customer. Customer service is dying fast these days and yes, to do the right thing they should offer something, that whole $10 thing is a slap in the face…how about a years worth of Amazon Prime???

  • mjc4513

    I’m pissed at Amazon, never buying from them again!

  • bdyc731

    hot item. i feel old already with my TF101

  • DjKarras

    Is the international release date also December 19th or is it just in the US?

  • honourbound68

    i wonder how many units each retailer will have… im not willing to wait in line like i did for my iPad2 =P

  • humidity

    That sucks. Hopefully we’ll be able to order it on launch day.

    • GUI_Center

      Yeah hopefully the demand will make them realize they need to have more production completed before launch. It was pushed back from 8/9 to 19th so that does give them more time to pump some units out.

  • w4rsh4w

    My order is still open, however; the ship dates changed from “after Dec 25,” to Jan 12, 2012 for the tablet and, “we’ll notify you…” for the dock. Such disappointing releases for the two big items I’ve been waiting a long time for, TPrime and GNexus.

  • Slith

    My order has now been changed to shipping after December 25th. Ugh!

  • Walter Sobchak

    Canceled, this sucks.

  • goodevilgenius

    I sure hope none of those cancelled orders was intended as a Christmas present for me.

  • carlosestremera


  • neil14n

    The transformer prime is a good tablet even head to head with an ipad2 but has a long app startup and the speakers are no Mach for those in the iPad’s 1 and 2 great APPLE ALTERNATIVE

    • Lance D.

      seeing that the only benchmarks for performance between the iPad 1/2 and the transformer prime is with android honeycomb installed, we haven’t even seen the full performance of the prime yet seeing that honeycomb only supports up to a dual core processor, I will really be looking forward to seeing how truly much more powerful the Prime is when ICS with it’s quad core support is installed, essentially doubling processor performance. but, for me even if the iPad was 1000 times better I would still not be interested in it. Apple is way too “Disney” for my tastes, I really don’t need or want anybody telling Me what I should and shouldn’t do with the things I own.

  • neil14n

    O ya

  • mingchan06

    What, really??? Well i guess illjust wait until the launch date to get it in my hometown.

  • Damien

    I pre-ordered both the Amethist Gray 32GB and the Docking Keyboard station on Nov 22, the day it came up, on

    Just got the Delayed shipping notice email for both items.

    No way I can be part of the “oversold” bunch. I think the delay is on EVERY order.

  • anoniem01

    This sucks great time. Probably means that the European shipping date will also be much later (maybe now as an easter present?).

  • w9jds

    What?!?! I was just on the phone with tigerdirect for two hours the day before yesterday and they told me that it was releasing on the 9th. What is going on?!?! lol. As long as my pre-order isn’t cancelled I should be fine.

    • w9jds

      Also, Having it say that it would be shipped by is way better than what I have listed. Apparently anything that is pre-ordered at tigerdirect is automatically listed as back-ordered because they don’t have any in stock. So it shows me absolutely nothing.

  • trying yr luck

    My Amazon pre-order for the 32GB Champagne is still active, but it still has an expected January 10th expected delivery date.

    So I hedged and pre-ordered another 32GB Champagne on I’ll see which one ships first and cancel the other. and Amex have a policy where the order cannot be charged until the item ships

    • na

      I got the other color in 64gb flavor and says expected to be delivered Jan 29th. GRRRRR I wish i had preordered when Amazon had that weird item posting that said windows 7 OS with the cheaper price lol. Right now the item’s page is no longer there when i click on the link from my order. I wasn’t satisfied with the Transformer and have waited all year for a new tablet generation so I’m kinda pissed with all this delay business then out of stock business. I placed my order Nov 22nd. I was provided a Kindle Fire from my job so I’m using that right now till I can get a prime. I heard that the lenovo is supposed to have a 1920×1200 res screen early next year so I might wait even longer or go with a *gasp* ipad 3.

  • Ilyse Rose

    Now I’m glad the BF didn’t go with the Prime, with his luck he’d be in one of the cancelled groups.

  • Doode

    Too many cry babies and whiners around here! Get back to work! If you’re pissed at ASUS, then get a [email protected] iPad :D

    I’ve pre-ordered back in Nov 22 in Amazon and personally, I don’t mind the delay if they can get the device working properly as advertised.

  • DonCubano

    I got a cancel order from J&R today. They gave me one excuse at first for my cancel blaming PayPal. PayPal said they didn’t cancel the order & that it was J&R that issued the refund. So then after talking again with J&R apparently the item SKU from ASUS was changed from what J&R advertised on their website when the order was placed. Because the SKU changed (only on the tablet, not the keyboard) they cancelled my order. I was able to re-place my order but it is unknown when I will receive the order but at least they gave me free shipping for being loyal.

    • Lance D.

      I am so glad I canceled mine from J&R and preordered from Gamestop. I went for the bundle and paid extra for faster shipping rather than free.
      I really hope they don’t screw me, I also ordered the KB dock from them, If they cancel me I will cancel everything from them and just wait. (defiantly won’t be loyal to GS if they screw me)

  • Jay Rocha

    Gee… why am I not surprised that Best Buy changed my Pre-order to a Back-order? And my local Game Stop won’t even be getting any devices in the forseeable future since they are “too small of a store”. :-(

    • Dave

      Mine, too. I also received an email from Amazon that my order was canceled erroneously and that I could reorder if I wanted. I get a $10 gift certificate out of it if whatever I order next time actually gets to me.