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An interview with the Samsung Galaxy Note designers


The Samsung Galaxy Note is headed to the US early next year so we thought you might want to check out this cool interview with the designers of the device. Samsung Tomorrow got the chance to sit down with Galaxy Note designer SangSik Park and UX (user experience) designer YoungMi Kim where they discussed their inspirations for the device.

When asked to describe the device in one word SangSik Park said, “The Galaxy Note is ‘sensibility’.  It’s not just a phone with top of the line specifications.  It’s a product that was created through a fundamental transformation of the input system to allow users to intuitively store their thoughts and emotions.”

Some of us have cracked jokes about the sheer size of the massive 5.3 inch HD Super AMOLED display, but Park says they based it on thorough market research for one-hand usage. Hit up the source link for the full interview.

Dell’s 5-inch Streak didn’t perform that well in the US, but I have a feeling Samsung will do better this time around. How many readers out there have been waiting on a smartphone with a 5-inch display?

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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  • stenzor

    I would get a Note for my mother.. She would love it since she constantly complains that text is “too small” on my 1080p 22″ monitor.

    • Emmanuel Rodriguez

      I was thinking of this for my mom too.

      • eliander mendoza

        thanks for the idea, if i could just get one for Christmas…

  • oranges13

    If the stylus performance is good, this would be an awesome device to have. Large enough for writing on (though larger would be better), while not too large to outweigh the use as a phone.

    I still wish that noteslate had actually taken off :(

  • Thomas Biard

    I think 4.5″ would be my limit. Considering I use bluetooth most of the time, holding a “huge” phone up to my ear isn’t a big probelm, but fitting a 5 incher into my pocket could be more difficult.

    (Yes I see the joke, no I don’t care to comment on the validity of that statement)

    • MJM128

      5 incher in ur pocket…still made me lol :D

    • desean

      Yeah same here. My 4.3″ SGS2 is already big enough for me. Any bigger will be too big for my pocket :)

  • staryoshi

    If I didn’t already have an Epic 4G Touch, I would be interested in the Note. It’s large enough to do a few things other phones can’t, and small enough to fit in my pocket. The hardware specs do not disappoint, either.

    • marty22

      i hate asians.they smell

      • XXX

        You know why???? because you are melling their Sh*t… LOL….. Go and wash your face ;)

      • XXX

        You know why???? because you are smelling their Sh*t… LOL….. Go and wash your face ;)

  • goncalossilva

    Let’s no forget that being very big also means that it’s awesome for multimedia – either photos, videos or documents. Plus: it still fits in your pocket!

  • Hall Lo

    I would want the note :) its a bit too big but still its a decent device

  • tpulu

    Very good looking device, despite its huge size. I’d be interested in it if it came my way.

    • Samar

      ME too, looking fwd to it. Is it launching the same time in Canada too ?

  • yogi

    I’m all over this when it lands. Have the iphone 4 and android tab. I use my phone when teaching students (taking notes and reviewing plans mostly). I could use the large screen and pen to help in teaching them by marking up examples of using it as a mini white board. Can’t wait!

  • Samar

    Looks cool..just wondering, how much bigger can they get to just maintain a thin line b/w tablet and phone. I guess it depnds on the pocket size. :-)

    • delinear

      They’re already calling it a hybrid of the two – I guess with the stylus it’s kind of a PDA from yesteryear (I had a PDA about this size 8 years or so ago). I was very tempted by this device, I think it’s probably as big as you can go and still be truly portable.

      If it came with vanilla ICS out of the box instead of 2.3+Touchwiz or whatever I would definitely have bought one, but I was stung already with my Desire and not getting updates until months after they were released.

  • Andy_jr

    I think that will be a good size. You can never have too much screen real estate!

  • Curt Hibbs

    I want one!

  • Tal

    Its the perfect device thus far!
    A 6″ device could have been even better maybe. But I will have this one. Am living in Canada and would probably buy from NewEgg or from HandTec.
    NewEgg was 690$ but now 700$. HandTec is about 680$ based on pound to cad$ conversion.
    I doubt I can force myself to wait till Feb 2012. I will also prob get my ICS sooner with an unlocked international version.
    What do you think?

  • kimminer1

    I don’t think it is selling well in
    Europe. I hope verizon will carry it

    • traicer

      yea it doesn’t seem like its selling that well. it looks like a good phone.

      • andrpau

        It IS a good phone. And I actually think it’s selling really well…
        The place where I bought mine sold out on day 1.

  • phaet2112

    Dell failed because of its awful specs- this at least has the processing power and screen quality to succeed as a large phone/pda.

  • alxrock

    I am on that list! I love the idea of a big screen, and I like the idea of bringing back the stylus for more precision.

  • aranea

    I think the screen is too big to be a phone especially for guys because most of us carry our phones in our pockets. Yet I like the idea of handwriting. Given that Google had the Gesture Search out for a while now I always wondered why they haven’t added a keyboard function to type like that. Are they waiting for Apple to do it first?

  • Lewis McGeary

    It’s too big for me, a phone needs to sit comfortably in my front jeans pocket. My phone use is purely personal/leisure, I can see people wanting it if they use it for work or study.

  • zyphbear

    As nice as the note seems to be, I think it’s all about the pricing and carriers. If AT&T doesn’t price it well, it could flop just as bad as the Streak. Price it similar to tablet plans.

  • Jon Garrett

    you people are taking the “its too big” line too far. so what its big, its not a phone, it’s a note pad.

  • lxgeorge

    I would break this wayy to easily. Maybe in 50 or so years when I go out less XD


    im not going to lie , i find it oddly appealing

  • Futureboy

    I think it’s a nice device for those who want a tablet and a phone, but don’t want to carry around two devices. It will probably carve out its own little niche and do well.

  • triangle

    There will definitely be a market for this. It’s a question of how big, which depends on how many carriers it will sell it. It will be great for a work phone for many professionals. There are also people like Kevin Tofel who like big screens that you can carry around. I would love to have one.

  • Aleksandar Simov

    Will 5-inch mobile fit in my jeans pocket?

    • alxrock

      as long as they’re not skinny jeans. :P

  • EwanRGR

    What’s “funny” is that I’ve found the perfect phone size to be 7 inches (Streak 7 4G) for myself. I love that it’s big enough to read most sites, easy to read email, can display a scanned manga page, and is a great size for a Swype keyboard. I find that using the Streak as a speakerphone gives me a lot more flexibility, and wonder why someone would want to hold a radiation device (note I didn’t say radioactive) that close to their head anyway.

    Obviously YMMV :-)

  • Dan13

    That 5.3 inch screen is amazing! But for me, it’s to big. However, my sister would love because she loves to draw. She has been drooling over this phone for a while and waiting for it to come subsidized to the U.S.

  • donger

    the GN is already too big for me lol.

  • FSFatScooter

    Not me, even if I could a-ford it.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Would be awesome if it came to tmobile in the spring with quad core and 84mbps 4G

  • Adryan maldonado

    While i have nothing agains there research i am not one of the many people that would want a Tabphone. Its been said many times. To small to be a tablet. To big to really be a phone.

  • ramenchef

    If only this phone had the GNexus screen size or a tad bigger, then it would be perfect

  • Eric

    I just ordered an off contract/unlocked galaxy note from earlier today. I probably wont have it until next week with the shipping and the waiting is already driving me nuts.

  • dandroid4g

    This looks awesome. Phablet :P

  • RayMatthew


  • Ilyse Rose

    I really like the Note, it’s just plain good looking.

  • techvudu

    I love the path Samsung is moving along with. The note bridges the gap a little better than Dell’s attempt, and will fit nicely in between the tablet and phone space. The pen functions sound really well thought out which will be well received in the States. I plan on grabbing one when they hit our shelves. Samsung’s display simply cant be beat IMO and with further advances will continue to stand out among the rest. Plus Apple cant really sue them for this device, they have nothing like it. Oh wait, it has rounded corners and a screen.

  • GiqueGEAR_Todd

    That screen size doesn’t scare me at all ! I long for the stylus days of old, but I won’t give up my capacitive screen.

  • Joshua

    The failure of the Streak had nothing to do with it’s size, lol. It failed because Dell is totally disconnected from the wants of the consumer. The screen size was the ONLY good thing about it.

  • psychohellcat

    ATT service on this phone may be a deal breaker. If a phone doesn’t have true 4G, its only half a phone (hspa+ doesnt count). ATT is litteraly 2 years behind in 4G deployment. This is the decision people will have to make between the Note on ATT and Nexus on Verizon.

  • RRR

    Sick of granulated pixelated ugly or nonreadable badly scalable small fonts and constant zooming on the screens perfectly capable to compete with our laptop and even desktop monitors. C’mon this is like 20″ monitor equivalent at 9″ from eyes. Make this currently semi-720p with the real 720p non-pentile matrix – and I’d most probably buy it for $200 with 2 year plan. Do1080p and I’d buy for double of that. Otherwise no, would get it only with the promotion “take two phones at $0 with the plan” like T-mob sometimes do

  • psychohellcat

    5.3“ ain’t too big BTW. I wish it was bigger. You can fit a 6“ phone in your Levi’s depending on if it has physical buttons (Nexus) and if the screen pushes the edges. Also, thickness is a factor but its possible.

    • delinear

      The Nexus is 4.6″ but as it’s measured diagonally from corner to corner a 5.3″ phone won’t be -that- much bigger. My Nexus fits in a pocket, I think the Note would be about the max size you could carry around without modified or extra deep pockets :)

  • mr. android

    Im the number one android fan there is , i love it but we know androids are not made for ipods only , thats why we already have tablets and phones , not to forget samsung made it , its just so sucky and cheap at making electronics and cell phones etc.

  • android lover

    you can see they had a hard time writing live , i would say the device is great but samsung is just so crappy , if htc was behind it , it would of been something else , something better

  • ndub21

    A 5″ screen may be too much for me. They do say bigger is better though…

  • Aspeds2989

    It’s nice, but I don’t feel like their job was too hard. It looks like they just flattened and stretched out a SGSII.

    • RRR

      Exactly. Which makes it even cheaper not more expensive to build – look at Frys 6-7″ $90 tablets

  • Mr. Note

    Hello everybody. I have one and I can only say that its absolutely amazing. Powerfull device with huge sAMOLED display and large battery. 3 or 4 days of normal use is no problem. Playing games on this is new experience compared to my previous device which was Desire HD. Just go and buy one!

  • joey

    i’ll take two in white please.

  • chuksy

    Perfect size in my opinion

  • xfaith

    I might grab one of these, will see when its expected in the states. I will have to check it out before I make any real commitment to this one, it sounds cool at 5, but that might be pushing it in size for the phone for me.

    On a side not I am still waiting for the “PadPhone” to come out and see what that will be about. Hopefully sooner then later..

  • orangestrat

    I think the streak didnt do well because it was way bigger than anything else at the time, the guys selling it were like “oh, that…thats a streak, its for people with giant bear hands” then the whole market realised that everyone has giant bear hands and that 5 inches is only a little bit gigantic. That and no one wants a dell.

  • Martjn2

    Samsung <3 costumers

  • masterpfa

    I have tried the Samsung Galaxy Note in store and I was impressed especially with media playback and surfing, the things I would most likely be looking at on a device of this size.

    With the specs and Samsung media hub this would suffice as a phone/tablet replacement although realistically using either a wired earpiece or bluetooth for calls might be advisable.

    I didn’t get the Note at the time as I had being delivered later the Galaxy Nexus, but had I not got that the Note might have been too difficult to resist

  • Jordan

    Mine should be arriving on monday! YES!

    Had the streak, but it was horrendous in hardware and software design. Looking forward to samsung’s attempt, and think it will do well.

    Ice-Cream Sandwich is going to be amazing on that screen!

  • dave 19137

    I could handle a 5.5 inch. I rarely make calls. I’m either thinking of a larger phone or an iphone/tabel. Either way, size and stability are my next device requirements.

  • Dan Jones

    I wouldn’t mind a five-inch phone at all, I don’t think. In fact, I think it would be a nice middle-of-the-ground between a traditional phone and a tablet. I hate reading on my phone, because the screen is too small, but I don’t want to have to carry a tablet around with me all the time, just in case I want to do a little reading on the subway. I think this would be a good compromise.

  • redman618

    Me perseonally, I had a Dell Streak when Best Buy ran them at the 50 price point, because it was the only android I could afford at the time. Go figure it turned out to be one of my favorite phones. The size does get you attention when you pull it out, but the advantage of watching a movie on a screen that size is awesome, not to mention web browsing. Yes Dell did clusterfuck the advertisement, deployement and support of the phone (thank God for DJ Steve). As long as Samsung does not expect these to move as fast as the Nexus, and realize this is a niche phone they should be pleasently surprised with this phone. Now I have to figure out how to trade my SGS II Skyrocket for one of these bad boys!!

    • pritams

      I second you…

  • Louis A

    I will get something like this for my mom. I see as it made for business older (>40) group

  • Tim Morrison

    unfortunately they messed up on the stylus design.
    The button is really hard to find let alone hold…..and it really needs to be 3inches longer via a screw out type extender

  • jimtravis

    Since using the Dell Streak 5″ tablet, I have been a fan of the larger size screens. If I had to give up all my toys but one, the one I would have kept until recently was the Dell Streak 5″ device. The 5″ size is an excellent combo from weight, bulk, size, cumbersomeness, pocketability, web, video, and overall PIA to carry around perspectives. After using the 5″ Streak, the 4″ screen sizes seemed small, and the less than 4″ screens seemed puny. I enjoyed the web, watching videos, and all 3rd party apps much more on the 5″ screen than its smaller relatives. I did take a pass on the 7″ Streak due to its dull specs.

    Since the Note was announced, I have been waiting for the Note to be released in the US. I have been using a Galaxy Player 5 tethered to a Nexus S since it was available at BB, and I love the device. Similar to the Streak 5, it is an excellent device from the same perspectives listed in prior paragraph. If the Player had a cell radio, it would be my prime device.

    The Note has an even bigger screen with better specs along with the pen input dessert. Can’t wait for its USA release. I looked at the Galaxy Nexus in BB today (I have the One, and S). Although nice, the screen seems small after the Player, and although tall, the screen is a bit too narrow for me since I like portrait orientation for many apps. At this time, I am taking a pass on the Galaxy Nexus, and waiting for the Note.

    • jimtravis

      Well, I lasted all of two days. Bought the Galaxy Nexus today at BB Mobile While having dinner next door to the store, reported 20MB per sec download, that is better than the fastest DSL in my home.

      The Nexus is impressive; however, I am still interested in the Note even if off contract. I purchased the Mobile Hot Spot with the Galaxy Nexus so I could use the Galaxy Nexus tethered to the Note when I wanted an even larger screen, or use the digital pen.

  • sgumer

    that is an amazing size for a display. i am not sure how well it will work here in the us. the size may do it in for a smartphone (at least for guys who have to carry it in their pockets). i will definitely be taking a closer look.

  • thechad

    I want it.

  • gherea

    Looks cool!!

  • humidity

    I think that screen may be a little too big for me.

  • Shazam

    I want more Note news!

  • Shazam

    Thanks for the Note news.

  • devoncatt

    My note is on it’s way , I should receive sometime today! I will write a review of my first day. Good and bad, especially since I am switching from an iphone to a Note. I would like to hear more Note news ?