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Android activations jump 264%, 3.7 million new devices come to life over Christmas weekend


If you thought that 700,000 daily Android activations was an impressive number, you’re in for a treat. Andy Rubin has just announced via Twitter that there were 3.7 million new Android devices activated over the Christmas weekend. To put that in perspective, that number is two and a half times higher than the average day. Unfortunately, the numbers are not broken down by OS version, so we don’t know how many of those Android devices are tablets vs smartphones. We’re hoping that the holiday season will help give Android tablets a slight surge and help Android gain some market share in the tablet segment.

Speaking of tablets, because of the way Google reports activations, we also don’t know how many non-carrier branded devices such as the Kindle Fire were activated over the holiday weekend. Since the Kindle Fire was the #1 selling (and most gifted) item on Amazon this holiday season, it’s possible that activations were upwards of 5 million on Christmas weekend alone.

Flurry has also released some numbers of their own, seemingly confirming Andy Rubin’s handset activation claims. They even went a step further and revealed that there were more than 392 million application downloads between Android and iOS over the same Christmas weekend, nearly double the 108 million baseline daily activations reported by Flurry in December.

Were you one of the lucky people to activate one of the 3.7 million new Android devices or are you impatiently waiting to see what manufacturers unveil at CES in a few short weeks?

Via: The Verge

Source: Andy Rubin

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  • geiko

    That’s awesome. Hopefully most of those were 2.3 or higher devices. 2012 is the year of the Android tablet. The same thing Google’s done with the smartphone, they need to do with the tablet. After that, it’s world domination.

    • tmihai20

      I am hoping to activate an Android tablet in the near future (wink, wink a Transformer Prime from Androidandme). I think the majority were Gingerbread devices.

      • Jorge Eslava

        And hopefully soon to be ICS devices.

  • al smith

    Activated a Toshiba tablet…

  • rzentz


  • Donald Williams

    This family was one of the lucky activators. We activated an Acer A100. Wanted to activate the Lenovo but wife thought it was too big. Come on 10″ is not large. LOL

    Way to go Andy!!!!

    • chaboud

      “…but wife thought it was too big. Come on 10″ is not large. LOL”

      Wow… just wow. Good for you.

  • Steve Heinrich

    Holy crap! This is awesome! Kind of makes my 2 Android activations over the past 4 years look like the size of earth in the grand scheme of the universe. I need to step up my game.

  • Deeds

    That’s crazy! At this rate, android will take over the world

  • staryoshi

    There was no tablet me…yet :) in q3 we shall see. It’s great to see a ton of Android activations both with handsets and tablets though :)

    • staryoshi

      For me* I’m still working on typing with my E4GT :P

  • Skis03

    That is amazing, I still need to get on that list for new tablet owners.

  • ArticulateFool

    Holy balls!!!

    I bet it’s largely all those kindle fire gifts!

    • Nick Gray

      Since the Kindle Fire, Nook Color and Nook Tablet are not “with Google” devices, they are not counted in Google’s activation numbers.

  • redman618

    So it looks like the word finally got out about Android! Now just for giggles, I wonder what the fruit company’s numbers were for the same period? Like a previous post I just hope as well that they were at least 2.3 or higher. No need to push a lot a large amount of product just to claim the top spot. Remember its about quality not quantity!!

    • tmihai20

      I didn’t hear or see any ad from Google so that it could mean that Google made this possible. I held a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GT-P7500) in my hands just the other day, my neighbors won it at a raffle held at a company New Year’s Eve celebration. I was blown away just like they were (they are not used to any IT devices). We need some healthy competition from Android. When 2 or more products compete against each other, we, the users, are the winners.

      • redman618

        Yes you bring up a good point between 2 products competing. Its just amazing to the daily progress Android makes. If Google makes this happening by jump starting sales and giving away products, what would the difference be as opposed to when companies give their products away in SWAG bags to the people who could afford them. I gotta respect Google for at least making a psuedo grassroots attempt. As opposed to giving them to Kim Kardashian and wait for her to tweet about it. Give the the product to a true fan and watch your walking advertisement set the world a blaze!!

  • Wilson Lara

    Looking forward to hopefully activating a Galaxy Nexus.

  • tkimball

    lets be honest who doesnt want an android

  • redraider133

    Good to see android continues to grow.

  • oddball

    Go Android. Between the Nexus and the discounts I saw running on tablets I was hoping this would be a good holiday for the OS but that’s huge

  • Danny Calderon

    I activated a Galaxy S2 on Tmobile this weekend, glad I could help :-)

  • pebenito

    Good to hear that the momentum is continuing.

  • vid500

    Woow, amazing. Wish I was one of them. But still waiting for the Transformer Prime.:)

  • donger

    Android is going strong

  • E

    This is amazing speaks for itself what ppl are demanding now a days… Android is flexing its muscles showing the potential to crush the competition.

  • dfrnz

    My Ma will be activating a device in a few days:)

  • stenzor

    I, for one, welcome our new Android overlords

  • pmex83

    Nice, android is only getting bigger!

  • Coltsfan74

    No new activations for me, unfortunately. Can’t wait to see what comes out at CES

  • TaoRenCe

    It’s a testament to the appeal of Android to the consumer and the vendor. I wonder if that company that sold the rights to Android to Google saw this coming……

  • Nathan D.

    Grow, grow, and keep growing! Take over the world android! wuhahahahaha! Just kidding =D

  • jimtravis

    Music to the ears for us Android fans. Don’t get lax with all this success Google, keep up the good work!

  • Marc’us H.

    There’s so much variety out there for Android this is tremendous. I knew Android would do well for the holiday, but WOW.

  • blars1206

    Having started with the G1 and now having a Vibrant, I am simply in awe of the progress. But it really is a BIG THANKS to all the developers of the great apps in the market. Without them, Android wouldn’t be near what it is. I still give a ton a credit to Google because that chance wouldn’t have even been there if they did things differently.

  • Brian Merrill

    I’ve noticed a lot of people buying the cheap android tablets. The cobys, archos, etc…do these count?

  • Abo72

    It is the same I see in Hungary! A lot of people bought Android phone in the last months.
    Like it!