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Android Market surpasses 10 billion downloads drops 10 popular apps to 10 cents


The Android Market has recently crossed the threshold of 10 billion downloads and in celebration of that momentous achievement Google has dropped the price on 10 of the top selling apps in the Market to the bargain price of just 10 cents a piece. The following apps are included in the deal or you can just hit the source link below to see them all on a single page.

I own almost all of these apps and for 10 cents you should absolutely buy each and every one of them if you think there is any chance you might ever use them.

Happy shopping and a big congratulations to Google on 10 billion downloads!

Update: As the promo says this is just part of 10 days of deals, so you should be checking back each day for new 10 cent titles.

Update 2: Google posted the graph below on the Android Developers Blog which depicts the insane growth rate of Market downloads, not of course terribly surprising considering the explosion in device activations, but impressive nonetheless. The Market is currently seeing a billion downloads a month.

Via: Android Developers Blog

Source: Android Market

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    I got all the ones I did not have already :) . Thanx Google

    • WarDrake

      Alphalt, Here i come! :D

      • THE STIG

        Thanks to everyone, everywhere for downloading apps. WE brought this sale. And by continuing to support developers we’ll get a lot more killer apps.

        • thunsaker

          Agreed, best way to get awesome apps is to pay for them, or support them through ads.

          • Andrew Hughes

            Don’t forget donating directly from their website.

          • mr 1338

            you can STILL buy the apps from yesterday for 0.10 today :D

      • kevin charliethesuperturtle

        Not supported on hp toothpaste

      • AndroidJunkie

        I’d join ya if only they let me for the htc incredible :(

        they should have an device option in the drop down on to purchase for an unregistered android device, that way you have the app/game for future devices..

    • Alex

      Google is my favorite company ever. Like I wouldn’t mind if they had a monopoly over the internet.

      • stenzor

        Google’s generosity gets me giddy

    • BiGMERF

      Google just announced on Gplus that they will be giving apps for 10 cents everyday for th next week !! sweet

    • desean

      I have even gotten the apps that I already have (via Amazon’s free app of the day). Bought 9 of the 10 apps today!

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Crapppp I’m too late… they’re all back to their normal prices now.

  • ndub21

    I’ll have to buy the few of these that I don’t have! The Android Market has come such a long way since the beginning of Android. I remember being frustrated when so many good apps were iOS only, but now Android is getting tons of exclusives and getting apps before iOS. Long live Android!

    • stenzor

      Yeah there is a great selection… hopefully the success of the market will get developers thinking more about good design in their apps because that seems to be a prevalent problem with Android

  • Jeb

    The Paper camera app looks very interesting. I am wondering if anyone knows when Swype will make its market debut

    • Anthony Domanico

      All signs point to never. They contract with manufacturers to include it on devices, which probably means they can’t release it in the market yet.

    • BiGMERF

      Im waiting for an ICS upgrade.. I miss so much

      • kevin charliethesuperturtle

        100 :O

    • Futureboy

      Paper Camera is fun, especially at 10 cents.

      Regarding Swype, if you haven’t used SwiftKey X, try it. You can’t lose for 10 cents.
      I bought it a while ago at $4.99 and never looked back. I would buy it at that price again in a heart beat, so 10 cents is a steal.
      Make sure you give it some time and use it regularly. Give it time to learn your typing patterns. That’s when the real magic starts happening. I regularly type entire sentenced with just the predictions.

    • Christopher Wueste

      You do know though that you can go to to download it for youself. Just sign up for the beta.

    • Arnold

      Just buy FlextT9 it works even better than Swype !

      Did you know that the FlextT9 parent company, Nuance, did buy Swype ?

  • golcarcol

    Wow this is a pretty sweet deal. However, I wonder if Google pays the developers of these apps the full price whenever someone buys it right now though.

    • Repminister

      We can hope that it doesn’t do the same as Amazon :)

      • golcarcol

        Speaking of…* grabs phone and checks Amazon’s free daily app *

        • Futureboy

          lol… I am now conditioned to check Amazon’s app daily. I wake up, shut off the alarm and grab my phone to check the app before even getting out of bed! It’s kind of like a “slow wake” process. Much better than solving math equations like some alarm apps have.

          • golcarcol

            heh what I ended up doing was using Tasker to create a notification around 10am every day reminding me to check Amazon App. Then when I click it, I have it so that it opens said app =P

    • faun

      Alternatively they might’ve negotiated some kind of bulk-purchase deal – which would still be good for the app developers to move a large quantity even at lower margin, but would be less expensive for google.

      • golcarcol

        Yea, that was my exact line of thinking. Even at a low price, they might still make some profit.

  • goncalossilva

    I already have most of them, but wow… wow!

    They should do this more often. What a bargain for so many *great* apps!

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Asphalt 6 is a great deal for only a dime!

    • mikeyDroid

      Yea I thought that may have been cool to try out but it’s not compatible with the Razr.

    • J-Man

      Hopefully giving them some more incentive to stop ignoring the Android Market with most of their titles.

    • Canterrain

      Hey Taylor,

      Not to get topic but, about a year ago you wrote an article detailing 7 reasons you were leaving tmobile for att to get the atrix. But now your tag line says you are still with tmobile on the nexus S, a phone that doesn’t have some of those biggest reasons you listed.

      Have you thought about a follow up article? The reasons why you didn’t go to/stay with att/atrix?

    • goncalossilva

      *Any* of these apps is a great deal for only a dime. I’m still wow’ed by this. 10 apps at 10 cents, every day for 10 days :D

  • Billy

    That was 101 pennies well spent! … Apparently, sketchbook had a 1 cent tax.

    Woot. Thanks for the heads up!

    I downloaded a couple of these free (daily app) from the AMZ market … not sure what is going to happen now that I bought them from the Android Market now.

    • mikeyDroid

      Yea, what’s with the 1 cent tax on Sketchbook? Lol.

    • Antwan

      LOL! I wouldn’t be surprised if the Developer lives in California, New York, or some other state with mandatory tax on cyber sales.

  • thekaz

    grrr.. okay, here’s a pet peeve with the market.. I currently have a Droid Eris (POS, I know), and I want to upgrade to either a Razr, Rezound or Nexus, but I am waiting for the Nexus to come out.. I’d love to purchase SoundHound now, at this price, but it won’t install on the Eris, so I cannot even give them my money to have it ready for when I upgrade my phone..

    • J-Man

      Been using my Nexus for a week now and I can highly recommend it! So fast, the screen is amazing and since the volume bug is now fully fixed (here in the UK I got mine already pre-fixed by Samsung, even before the update) it is an amazing phone!

      Forget about the Razr or Rezound. ;)

      Oh, and sorry to hear about you not being able to get the apps…

    • PlowRox

      hmm you could modify the build.prop on your device…to something thats newer and that allows that app on the market…then it will show up for you… chk xda forums for how 2 do that ! Installing a new Gingerbread [based] rom will also do the trick too!

      Good luck!

      p.s. Thank you google!

    • Don Gray

      Can you do it through your computer?

  • Donald Williams

    Hell yea. My daughter and wife will love this deal. Bought the coloring ones for the wife’s new tablet (once i win one from here).

    Thanks for the update

  • Red

    Apparently none of my devices are compatible with Asphalt 6. I have a Droid Incredible (understandable), Toshiba Thrive, and a Droid Razr.

  • J-Man

    Freaking amazing! SoundHound and Minecraft alone are worth it!

  • Chris Lewis

    This is why I love Google!!

  • ajonrichards

    In for the switftkey and great little war game! Thanks, Google! Also, AndroidandMe for the heads up!

  • Black Kristos

    Of course, everything on here that I want, but have not already purchased, is incompatable with my device. DAMN YOU VERIZON! WHERE IS MY NEXUS?!? :)

  • Briareos

    I bought them all, including the ones I got as the Free App Of The Day on Amazon. Better to have them installed through the Market so they get updated on time, than to have to deal with Amazon’s Appstore and all its hassle.

    • msgnyc

      Did the same. I rather have them thru the Android marketplace then Amazon marketplace. More timely updates.

    • Aaron Neyer

      Likewise, just rebought Swiftkey and Soundhound. And then I also bought every other one except for the coloring for kids one.

  • osc707

    woot, going to have to go take a look!

  • mrmrchris

    I grabbed paper camera and sketchbook. £0.20! What a bargain.

  • mikeyDroid

    I just bought them all, because I can, and I probably won’t touch them.

    • mikeyDroid

      Okay I lied, I bought like 2.

  • Sam Savitt

    thank you and me saved me some cash

  • msgnyc

    Grabbed me a few new apps on the cheap =P
    Wont let me get asphalt tho. Processing error. :(

  • faun

    Also available in the UK: 10 pence per item

    • J-Man

      And in Euroland it’s 10 euro cents each. UK high-five!

  • Thomas Taylor

    Nice – my Matrix 4G is in the shop getting the touchscreen replaced (btw – thumbs down on – they’ve had my phone for a month, due to supplier issues with touchscreens, but have not initiated a single contact – I’ve had to hassle them to get any information). BUT, now that you can use Market on a browser, I can get these now and they’ll come to my device when I get it back!

  • superboriqua

    Good Lord thats alot of money

  • Adryan maldonado

    YES!!!!! This is freaking awsome. i think google should have done something like from the beginning but oh well thats fine with me

  • eioous

    wow…that is pretty awesome of them

  • tequilya

    Bought all I could. Apparently Asphalt 6 is not compatible with my original Droid (not surprised) nor my ASUS Transformer (surprised).

    That second one really has me puzzled, I thought with Tegra 2 and all the Transformer would be able to run just about anything for a little while at least. Tegra 3′s aren’t even shipping yet are they?

  • Cyanimint

    Aaahh! I don’t care if Minecraft’s incompatible with my current phone, I’ll get my Galaxy Nexus this week! Noooooooo… :(

  • rishabhbhatia36

    i wish i had my transformer prime right now

  • luis maldonado

    So we have the potential to have 100 new apps for only 10 dollars!? Count me in!

  • Kevin Amundson

    Google sure knows how to give us a great gift!

  • Brook Marin

    been looking for a few games to play on my G2X… Thanks for the tip! Between this, .99 movie rentals, and free music the android market is awesome!!

  • Diaeko

    thats a great gift!

  • ijonb

    Swiftkey and Sketchbook are both awesome steals!

  • Toonshorty

    A thousand thanks to Android and Me for telling me about this.

    My phone is out for repair and I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

  • Oscar Ortega

    Im going to buy all of them ;)

  • thechad

    I love Google! Google for President of the world!! Who’s with me?

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    Awesome! I will buy them right now and download them on my new phone that i will be getting in January since my Samsung Vibrant is really slow for most of these apps. Thank you GOOGLE!!!!

  • Daniel Brierton

    Sweet! Picked up Minecraft and SoundHound. Bring on the next 9 days :D

  • Starship

    Aww. Asphalt HD doesn’t work on my incredible :-/ Too bad you cant purchase apps and save them for upgrades.

    • Sean Riley

      Ask a friend if you can activate your market account on their phone for a minute and then just immediately delete it again. Or you could go into a carrier store and do it. It’ll be waiting for you when you upgrade.

  • spintrex

    This promotion plus the Amazon Free App of the day makes having an Android even better

  • mclarensr

    Not a bad list to start with. Got most of these, or at least the ones I wanted, for free on Amazon Marketplace daily free app.

    • Sean Riley

      I actually picked up a couple that I already had for free from the Amazon Appstore just because I prefer the update process in the Market.

  • David Posso

    I already own all of them except Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro because i hardly exercise, but now I’m going with this great deal…

  • Josh McAllister

    10 CENT APPS, FOR 10 DAYS. There is a picture of Need For Speed and Flight Track on there. HOPEFULLY they put SwiftKey TABLET X on there soon! I bought the ones I didn’t have, even though I probably won’t use some of them. 10 CENTS for 10 APPS is 1 dollar a day. So 10 days later, that’s 100 APPS for 10 DOLLARS! I’m VERY excited!

  • Rob Vermeij

    That Google and congratulations with this great achievement :) On to the next 10 billion!

  • TAN5150

    This is great move on their part. That and $.99 movies when Apple hits you with $3.99 to $4.99HD for the same thing.

  • mugurelu


    Sry, nothing more to say, busy lifting my jaw from the ground…….. impossible!


  • Kaote

    Just upgrades my SketchBook express to SketchBook Mobile, great price for the extra functions.

  • omgjoz

    This is great! …And they say us Android users don’t buy apps. Ha!

  • pekosROB

    Even though I don’t care about Minecraft, I figured for ten cents why not? Maybe it’ll give me something to build next time I’m taking a dump.

    TMI? Well you should have stopped reading after I said for ten cents why not and downloaded it!

  • Shadowlore

    Actually went ahead and bought the ones I hadn’t bought before, including those that were free via the Amazon appstore.

    Quite honestly, if people pass up these titles, at 10 cents each, they should check their sanity levels ;)

  • ArticulateFool

    Love me some good quality discount apps!

  • Alex Pitts

    thanks for the heads up on this, I just went on an app shopping spree

  • Vipitus

    I don’t need any of them now, but it’s nice from Google ;)

  • olen

    damn you can’t buy apps for a u dont have. crap. why cant i just buy them and download it later on my new device?

    • olen


    • Sean Riley

      As I told someone else you could always either borrow a friends phone briefly and activate your account just long enough to download them or you could do the same at a carrier store.

  • whazzup969

    I wish that more of these would run on my hacked gtablet.

  • Elliot Powell

    Of Course this happens mere two days after i plunk down the $7 for Minecraft

  • seven2k

    Time to make it rain dimes and nickels!!

    • Anthony E

      Don’t forget pennies!!

  • Don Gray

    Damn you Google! Don’t you know I have obligations. I can’t be using all these amazing apps that you are giving me for such an insane price.

  • Fabio Rojas

    love u google I just bought my first apps!

  • dafi81


  • EwanRGR

    I’d like to buy some of these for the tablet I am expecting to get next week. But if it isn’t compatible with my current device, it looks like it won’t let me. Any ideas?

  • NamelessTed

    Bought a few of these for $.10. One this that is annoying is that Google won’t let you by an app if it isn’t officially supported by your device, even online. I currently have a Nook Color and a Droid, will hopefully be getting a Transformer or some other tablet for Xmas so these apps will be useful.

    I had to modify my build.prop to make Google think I already own a Transformer. A bit annoying, but it worked to buy the games.

  • kevin charliethesuperturtle

    :D cheap apps, so I can get 10 for $1.00?

  • alexandro meza

    Good things come to those who wait. Unfortunately i had already bought the majority of these apps. The only one I’m missing is the color and draw app for kids. Enjoy the savings and Merry Christmas to all.

  • HoLfElDeR

    They should have more often this kind of things



  • Nathan D.

    ill most likely get them all then later when I upgrade actually use them. =)

  • inerdtia

    Being an Android user is just getting better and better.
    - Former iOS addict

  • dEris

    We are awesome!!!

  • ramenchef

    This is going to be an app buying spree these next few days.

  • dharr18

    For anyone who missed it. ADW EX will be part of this in the coming days. The dev also has a big update getting ready to roll out, if it isn’t there already.

  • Ilyse Rose

    Can’t wait to spend all my Christmas shopping money on apps!

    • flipjack

      The most you’ll spend in the 10 days is $10. lol =P

  • asifriyaz


  • humidity

    I wish there was a way to purchase apps without having to download them like the Amazon Appstore.

  • fenixshaw

    Between this and the amazon appstore, my library is growing :) looking forward to the next 9 days to see what treats await us.

  • thechad

    Just download them all!

  • osc707

    get swiftkey!

  • Luke Haviland

    awesome, thanks for the heads up

  • rkumarfun

    10c, why not FREE :)

  • levelm

    $.10 each — Of course I had to buy them all!

  • Michael Ian

    Bought em’ all to hahah I love google

  • classic_hero

    I think I have them all already, Oh well

  • Hall Lo

    Such a good early Christmas gift from Google! Thanks ;D

  • MJM128

    Now this is a good deal. Already purchased soundhound for the normal price like a year ago.

  • burnnhell

    Cant go wrong with 10 apps for a buck!

  • gorwin

    Amazon app store.

  • Alan Radtke

    Too bad they dont offer the HD (tablett) version

  • Fede Montemurri

    Nice app. Sketchbook and field runner the best

  • Lewis McGeary

    Bought 6 of these and looking forward to the rest of the Promo.
    So far Minecraft hangs my Nexus S

  • hirschtec

    Thanx Google!! Buy both!

  • donger

    great deal on great apps. Wouldn’t mind paying full for these.

  • indra

    bought some of them already, and end up buying all the rest of the 10c apps :)
    thanks Goo

  • KatSelezneva

    Thanks! I especially liked SketchBook Mobile, but unfortunately it’s incompatible with my phone ((( However, it’a a very good way attract still more attention to Android Market and its applications. How can mobile app developers help your business?

  • raminscc

    I got all of them. Even if I don’t use them I want to support the developers. Yes its not much but I’m a broke ass college student :).

    Damn evo doesn’t Support asphalt!!! I want to buy it for my next phone!

    • Aleksander Avsnes

      Find someone who has a competitable phone, add your google account, (deactivate sync pretty fast, unless you want your pics, mail, contacts, etc on your friends phone), buy the app, sign out! There you go – you|ll have it “forever”. :)

  • dutow

    I got all of them. But wouldn’t be better for google to give theese apps for free? Probably the transaction fees are greater than their prices…

  • mrbill187

    I own most of these through amazon, but went ahead and bought minecraft and asphault 6.

  • poke50uk

    I just got a couple – but shame they don’t seem to change every day

  • harryville

    Just got five of them today. Awaiting more every day!! :-)

  • Aaron Kemp

    Ow No, now I have Minecraft on my phone, this isn’t good, it is but it isn’t.

  • DjKarras

    Switfkey X at 10c is a steal!

  • Granit Luzhnica

    That is huge!

  • Granit Luzhnica

    I bought all of them that were compatible with my tablet (Lenovo a1). I wanted to buy the others as well despite the incompatibility but it seems that is not possible.

  • Davids Kuma

    These apps I heve to get! NOW!
    I like Minecraft Pocket Edition

  • Albert Altman

    Congrats google :)

  • awundrin

    This is a tablet I have always wanted-love it’s specs and handsome looks

  • David Matthews

    Just bought them all… what a bargain… edmundo on my homescreen might encourage me to lose this gut haha

    • David Matthews

      Endomondo… my bad

  • Aleksander Avsnes

    Sweet! Just waiting for round two…

  • Danny123

    This is why Android is more popular than iOS.

  • honourbound68

    Love android. Can’t wait for the next batch of apps

  • Darknight42020

    Grabbing every app I think I MIGHT WANT OR NEED. Lol, just incase… and to help out the economy of course lol!

  • gherea

    Very nice job from Google!

  • nault89

    Anyone else having trouble with air syncpurchased today?

  • midijunkie

    My purchase worked well but after installing Minecraft or Asphalt it says that my license is bad :/

  • antfelici

    Is anyone else having problems downloading SoundHound?

  • antfelici

    Great bargains

  • ordio

    Really appreciate the heads up :).. Love day two items!!

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    And yes, this is why Android is so good people, is time you get this fact straight. Google Ãœber Alles!

  • Ryan Gails

    The sale continues today and there are a bunch of new apps on sale. This is a great promotion. Got Minecraft Pocket Edition for .10 that’s pretty sick.

  • lufy0000

    Can’t wait for the next 8 days of sale, already bought so many….saved so much…………some of the apps used to sell for more than 6 dollars

  • Fr354N3SS

    Always support the Devs and their team. I have more than a dozen games with half of them me paying for. Even if the free ones that are around started charging. I would most definitely pay for it and support.

    KUDOS to all Devs their team.

  • ralphwiggum1

    Great first two days in terms of app selection. Spent a dollar already for well over $30 in apps. Even repurchased freebie apps from Amazon, since the apps take forever to receive updates on the Amazon Appstore.

  • Jason Hernandez

    Helluva deal we are getting! Can’t wait to see what they offer over the next 8 days.

  • ralphwiggum1

    Also, this is one of the first times I’ve seen a sale on the Android Market. There’s always some sale in the Apple App Store… never less than a dollar though (unless free). Makes checking out the market more worthwhile.

  • Luke Haviland

    Great Little War Game is really fun
    I wasnt expecting much but i was up all night playing it
    and for 10cents its an amazing deal

  • aranea

    Does anyone know where the new 10cent deals list is? I couldn’t find it.

  • aranea

    Never mind! Found it. I was being blind.

  • Sean BillyMaysHere


  • jamal

    The Android Google+ page just posted more details on the 10 billion downloads.

  • cristian donose

    This is the greatest thing that happened for Android, but to bad i missed the first day. Had some good apps.

  • Samar


  • seansin

    This is good deal for Android users…

  • jerkyshore


  • Randy

    Wow that graph clearly shows growth at an exponential scale. Super impresive! DROID! Yeah

  • Maurizio Bonelli


  • HoLfElDeR

    There are to many games, they should add more usefull app insted of games

  • tkitty93

    To bad.. my credit card account blocked

  • Epillelpifath

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