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Apple provides ridiculous list of changes Samsung can make to avoid legal trouble

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At this point, it’s been pretty well established that Samsung is going to have to make some changes to their devices if they want to avoid any more legal trouble from Apple. But just what kind of changes can they make? They’ve already altered the appearance of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany, but it wasn’t enough to avoid the wrath of Apple’s legal team. Thankfully, Apple has been ever-so-kind as to offer a list of what Samsung can do to make their devices more unique.

When it comes to phones, Samsung could make the following changes:

  • Front surface that isn’t black.
  • Overall shape that isn’t rectangular, or doesn’t have rounded corners.
  • Display screens that aren’t centered on the front face and have substantial lateral borders.
  • Non-horizontal speaker slots.
  • Front surfaces with substantial adornment.
  • No front bezel at all.

And as for tablets:

  • Overall shape that isn’t rectangular, or doesn’t have rounded corners.
  • Thick frames rather than a thin rim around the front surface.
  • Front surface that isn’t entirely flat.
  • Profiles that aren’t thin.
  • Cluttered appearance.

At this point, you may be thinking, “Hey, this covers just about every other smartphone and tablet released in the last four years!” And you’d be right. According to this list, Samsung would have to make their tablets thicker, clutter their UI, do away with rectangles and lose flat surfaces. Smartphones should no longer be black (will Apple try to call dibs on white phones too?), Samsung has to do away with any bezels (so they can be picked on for copying the iPhone 4?), horizontal speaker grills are not allowed and, again, rectangles are no-nos.

Apple doesn’t necessarily expect Samsung to comply to every option listed, but we already know by their actions to block sales of the modified Tab 10.1N that just one change isn’t going to be enough. Hopefully, the legal system will step in here and lay down the law on what is an acceptable level of change. If even half of either list provided is expected of any manufacturer, you can kiss Android as we know it goodbye.

Source: The Verge

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  • Deeds

    So what can their phones look like? And how do you make an non-flat tablet?

    • WarDrake

      aparently Android tables are now going to be crystal balls… white crystal balls of course…
      Damn… apple is ridiculous!

      • Dan

        Oh and WarDrake, those crystal balls can’t be white. The first ipods were white, Apple would sue for that too. Close though

        • Alex

          And forget any of the other colors as well. Remember “nano chromatic”?

        • raminscc

          Perhaps a beige bent disc shape! I think its ridiculous but it could drive innovation. No bezel means more space for screen. Phones with nothing in front but screen are long overdue!

          • WarDrake

            Also very easy to damage, but yes, i’d love to see a phone with no bezel ^_^

      • LV23

        Maybe Apple should make its phones and tablets almost round balls like a bitted-apple. And of course they should be green. When they’ll do such devices they can be sure nobody will copy their handy work.

        • mimogear

          Worms love apples. Have some cables coming out of it too.

      • Tangent

        Sorry, but the spherical shape you mention is obviously far too similar to the shape of an apple. Samsung would clearly be copying Apple’s logo and would need to be sued again.

        I suspect Apple wouldn’t be happy with anything other than lumpy brown phones and tablets…

      • Omega_2

        White? Nah, Android GREEN.

    • Dan

      Here’s what this is.

      Apple is so full of themselves that they believe that they are the only ones capable of the intelligence needed to decide a smartphone should be rectangular. The idea simply out ways the intellectual knowledge of any and all non Apple employees, therefore the idea simply had to of been stolen!

      And there is NOWAY that anybody would be oh so smart as to comprehend the need of rounded corners so a “phone” slips into your pocket nicely!! Samsung had to of stolen that idea from the first iPods!

      And who on earth would know that people desire a glass screen to be SMOOTH! Human beings are simply to retarded to know that people don’t like the feel of sandpaper! That idea had to of been stolen from the iPod touch!

      And Black!!….. really I’m speechless on that one… it’s a color…

      So there you are, Apple thinks were all a bunch of fu**ing morons and Apple employees are the only Engineers smart enough to design a flat, black, smooth, rectangle and we should all bow our heads to Apples all mighty power……. Pardon my Language, but fuck you Apple.

      • LV23

        What can you expect from a sick* people?
        If the boss is sick => all disciples will become infected.
        It is a shame that death is not contagious…

        *mentally ill

        • Legend

          Lol!! bad joke but still good

          • Dev-CreativeReach

            Apple’s simply playing dirty with there business and it could get them in trouble eventually.

        • Aladdin

          Do you read what you write?

      • orangestrat

        A sandpaper screen would be alright on a 7 inch tablet, that way, they wouldn’t have to include an extra peice for sanding off half of your fingers so you can use your DOA tablet.



      • desean

        I wonder what the German court was thinking when they ruled in Apple’s favour. Hopefully after seeing this “request”, they would wake up and stop siding with Apple.

        • sylar

          I sure hope your right but court systems are crazy. The people in the right lose and those where were wrong walk away with all of your money.

      • ToonPanda

        I couldn’t agree more! On the other hand, if Apple dares to send a letter like that, it must mean that they have some sort of patents on all those things listed. They can’t simply go throwing news around that they are the only ones with the right to create a black rectangular device. I do believe that they have patents on them, and then who’s to blame? Apple, or the guys that granted Apple these patents?

        I already was an Android fanatic, but this kind of news is what makes me more certain than ever. Apple is a company with a far to great ego.

        • Alex

          If anything this is an example of how flawed the patent system really is when it comes to newer things such as mobile phones. Consider patents on UI and software; if a company creates a great algorithm to do something and it takes them months upon months to make (cough cough Google cough cough), then they should be able to patent that, as it is something specific that they created before anyone else. But, patents on “unlocking a device using a gesture that moves in a direction” and patents on “rounded edges” and especially patents on “black” are just ridiculous and impede the growth of the mobile industry just because one company decided to file ambiguous patents that could cover any design of device or UI that would make using the device easy.

          • sylar

            Yep how about if someone patented a color and then no one else could use it for anything that would be something like this.

          • nawatsgirl

            Well, they cannot just patent the color black. They have to somehow prove that it was their design.

            And yes, the patents are ridiculous, but also ingenious from a monopolistic perspective. It’s not like Apple is the first company to do this. Chick-Fil-A is suing “Eat More Kale” guy for confusing customers.

            It is entirely intended to stunt “the growth of the mobile industry” so that Apple can maintain it’s lead.

      • Peter Reginald

        amen to that!

      • mm777

        i don’t know 1000 grit sandpaper feels damn awesome on my cheek.

    • jivemaster

      I find it strange that Apple doesn’t realise it’s designs are largely tv like, which is actually stepping on Samsung’s original design foundations.

    • NegativeOne13

      Those lists are quite ignorant. But… if there is one thing that can be done…. Samsung can do it.

    • uzunoff

      Could anybody with good imagination and photoshop skills, enlighten us by giving us an example what such phone or a tablet may look like.
      I am VERY curious to see that creation.

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      The sick part of all of this is that Samsung has been manufacturing hardware components like the SoC (CPU+GPU+RAM) in the iPhone 3GS for years.

      IMO, Samsung should just tell Apple to go screw themselves.

      • Jimbo

        Its not that easy…would you have stopped manufacturing components for the highest selling phone? Don’t get me wrong, im no apple fanboy, I’m android for life. But as much as I would hate anyone in particular passing money up isn’t an option

    • KatSelezneva

      To avoid these claims entirely, Samsung should produce pink spherical phones without displays. Clash of the Titans: Samsung vs. Apple

  • TatiG

    that is it, Apple has to be broken up.

    • faun

      Don’t worry, in a few years their market-share will have either have been deeply eroded as more people turn away from their closed and oppressive business practices, or they will have been forced to tone it way down.

  • Nate B.

    There is no way in the world this can fly. I mean this is common basic features. That’s like asking some native to stop doing something native. How do these things even fly with the courts?! People in this world are beyond asses and it’s sad to say we as human beings are capable of things like this all for some damn power and success. I honestly hope Apple falls one day as a company because of their ways.

    • iucidium

      Because it’ll inject cash into the Am…..
      Oh, the Chinese economy by needing to make iPhones for those newly phone-less Samsung customers. Its either that or a Windows Phone

  • ranwanimator


    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptangya Ziiinnggggggg… Ni!

  • Kwills 88

    So apparently Samsung phones should look octagon with white/gray screens and nothing else?

    What the hell man, it’s ironic that they aren’t going after others simply because Samsung is the one on their ass in the competitive market share.

    • orangestrat

      I think they’re going after them because touchwiz is a really obvious kang of the iphone. Its hard to patent something like that (thankfully) so they had to drop that angle, but now they’re spitefully taking every angle they can. A little childish? yes. Dick move? absolutely. Does sammy have it coming? you bet.
      I think its great, touchwiz 5 will look nothing like the iphone and nothing like the current version, and they might actually bring something great to the table.

      • iucidium

        I haven’t seen Apple trying to close down MIUI…………

        • Huitre

          Of course, because they copy/pasta the notifications of MIUI !

  • stenzor

    Apple: trolls of the tech world

    • Emil


  • Dan13

    HAHAHAHA! I forgot all about that movie.

  • ranwanimator

    Seriously though, arrogant much? Non rectangular? How about it’s a rectangle because that’s what happens when you lay out things in a grid like fashion. Is a square acceptable or does that fall under the category of rectangle too? What about a parallelogram? Rhombus? I can see all of use using the new Galaxy Equilateral Triangle next year. Man I hate Apple.

    • Wes

      what about a trapezoid?

    • orangestrat

      There’s the off chance that they have a point. How do you know that a triangle phone isn’t awesome?

    • sylar

      I love that. I can see people using a triangular phone…no i really can’t maybe a square one though.

  • Toonshorty

    The fuck is this?

    “Overall shape that isn’t rectangular, or doesn’t have rounded corners.”

    Not sure if serious or just stupid.

    • BruceCLin

      Probably a stupid being serious.

      • Dannyboy

        Probably a stupid trying being seirous

        • AndroidJunkie

          this list is hilarious. Apple should be embarrassed this has been published.

          No, they didn’t invent the wheel, but I wouldn’t be surprised that they’re waiting for a patent approval on that too.. any day now! oh and the USPO will blindly grant it to them too lol..

          • frpst9


            Could you make that wheel a little less round?

  • cmorris

    All I can think of is drawing a parallel between this and pre-WWII appeasement.

    • faun

      That seems… a little extreme.

  • james bricknell

    what an apalling load of tosh.

    surely this wouldnt stand up in court? what kind of judge would think this fair?

    only a turnip…

    • zodiac38

      thought the same too. and then the tab 10.1 was banned in germany… wtf????

  • erikiksaz

    Maybe it’s time for Samsung to patent the following:

    -Screen size > 3.5 inches
    -Curved screens
    -Antenna designs that don’t attenuate the signal when the phone is held =p
    -No button design on the front face of the phone

    Hell if apple can get away with attempting to patent a rounded off rectangle I don’t see why any of those wouldn’t fly, hah

  • alec

    Can’t have a flat front surface? You’ve gotta be shitting me apple.

    • AsakuraZero

      well more nexus like phones i dont mind tbh

  • criddar

    So when Apple makes a flat, rectangular TV with a black front… will they automatically take over that patent too? It’s just a huge tablet you put on your wall right? Sorry Sammy, no more TVs for you either.

    It’s getting a little silly, and I think the irony is that Apple’s insanity is going to destroy the value of their own IP assets. One key ruling against them over something stupid and they could lose the authority to defend any of them, even when it’s legit.

  • TGeezy

    Is this a joke? Maybe a Christmas prank courtesy Apple’s legal team? This CANNOT be serious… are they LOOKING to gey smacked down in court? Smh. Grow up House That Jobs Built, grow up.

  • NamelessTed

    Asking that other phones and tablet to not be rectangular is the singular most ridiculous fucking request I could possibly ever imagine. I mean, Apple didn’t invent the rectangle. The rectangle has been the standard shape of any type of display since FOREVER. Even before we had TVs we had books and maps that were all rectangular.

    Apple lawyers are officially insane.

    • anyoneelse

      just like trying to invent a wheel that is not round..even a week has wtf..

  • AsakuraZero

    and we have a winner for stupidty..

    seriously apple? what are you expecting from the cellphone manufacturer

  • Dragonithe

    Why don’t make a phone that uses another form of interacting whit the devices than a touchscreen, like a big yellow octagon(not round) trackpad.

  • mikeyDroid

    Lol sounds like more of a.. “haha we’ve been getting your products banned everywhere and now we’re just going to kick you while you’re down”… let’s hope things change for the better and Apple doesn’t get away with this junk anymore.

  • mikeyDroid

    Next Apple request: A device that doesn’t power on.

    • CJ LaFleur

      Next Apple request: stop making anything and for samsung to willingly stop doing business

      • Dannyboy

        Next Apple request: remove icons and menu transitions from the OS

  • charliethesuperturtle

    Apple is a bully
    Samsung is the bullied along with all other tablet and phone manufacturers

  • Nathan

    Wow this super f’ing dumm, they did this for two reason, one they want to keep suing Samsung or block them because no way in hell Samsung going to change all that cuz that will make their product ugly in more then one way, or two want Samsung to make the changes so that there device are ugly and don’t out sell the iPhone since they can’t compete anymore they are during like dogs with their tail between their leg.

  • stenzor

    Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!

  • Mighty_O

    ill guess i will just buy Dwight Shrute pyramid tablet!

  • mikeytusa

    Wow that list is rediculous. So basically, Samsung needs to make triangular tablets with a surface that feels like sand paper, octogon shaped speakers and the body should be made of green plastic. Where can I preorder?

  • Chevy1981

    Even me being an Apple guy I did find myself chuckling and saying “Geez, really? Common.” That being said there are two phones that have come out recently that definitely follow most of these guidelines that make even a die hard Apple guy like me jealous. Like the Galaxy Nexus and Nokia Lumia 800. Both of these were a breath of fresh air with their designs. I’m all for competition, and those two phones prove that you don’t have to copy in order to compete. I’ll let you guys tear into me now for being a troll lol!!

    • Jack

      I think the iPhone is an extremely good product. Its not for me, but it doesn’t make it horrible. This kinda BS though makes me hate apple. What such an extreme way to prohibit growth and weaken an economy. If you do this it scares others of coming out and trying their own business. My ancestors should have copyrighted and patented the log cabin. That way, even if you used your own logs and land you would have to give me monies. Just saying.

      • Chevy1981

        Believe me, I see your point. It is kind of a silly list and does give a big challenge to designers. Being a designer myself though, if my boss came to me with this list I would probably laugh at first then actually sit down and work out some designs. While I agree it is ridiculous, you can either do one of two things. Sit back and complain and say the rules are garbage and wait until they change or you can challenge yourself to work within the guidelines and think outside the box create something new and innovative. Why does a phone need to be rectangular? The Palm Pre was a beautiful phone and it wasn’t rectangular, nor is the Galaxy Nexus really. Whether people like Apple or not what they have done here is force their competition to sit down and really work out some innovative designs so that we can all have phones that look amazing. That’s the silver lining here……..but it’s probably easier to just complain ;)

        • Futureboy

          Agreed that this list should be used as inspiration for designers, and instances like this should be used to spark innovation. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Apple’s FAR over-reaching patent claims need to be fought, and fought hard to avoid future ridiculous patent claims. They don’t own rectangles or colors and as long as nobody is trying to pass their device off as an apple product, they are wasting a lot of people’s time and money.

  • spintrex

    Makes me wish I had made a patent on the color black and rectangular shapes for smartphones.

    ‘Samsung, we’re gonna need to go ahead and move you downstairs into storage B. We have some new people coming in, and we need all the space we can get. So if you could just go ahead and pack up your stuff and move it down there, that would be terrific, OK? Thanks..’

  • aj

    So can apple sue book makers? Rounded corners, black cover, rectangular shape dang sounds like an ipad already(sarcastically said) . May be apple should just sue people for having rounded edges. Stupid apple. I hope they’re legal team implodes from how retarded these suggestions/demands are.

    • spintrex

      Maybe they’re just black rounded rectangles in the inside and envy everyone who is different.

  • Jack

    This is getting extreme. Sorry but you can’t sell your phone cause it looks like a phone. Sounds more like, hey you are making a competitive product, and you can’t do that. Next Ford will sue Chevy for having a vehicle with four tires. How dare they.

  • Kindroid

    Time to take Apple to the copyright and patent woodshed and whip the hell out of them.

  • teecruz

    “…and, again, rectangles are no-nos.”

    that probably made my day. seriously.. Apple, when will give up your company & join stand-up comedy?

  • kerul

    I believe the patent office needs to change. Registering a very general idea is lame. Based on the current trend, anybody could register a patent of a sphere-shaped ball, then everybody else need to design a cubic ball in order to not getting sued. Rediculous…

  • BigCiX


  • Danny

    Wow…. I usually have a lot to say to badmouth Apple, but this article speaks for itself..

    Thank you Apple! You finally made yourself look so stupid that I have nothing to say!!

    Way to go!… idiots..

  • CJ LaFleur

    Apple is trying to assert a self proclaimed absolute control over the tech world! This is another example of their tyranny and despotism! This is their last-ditch attempt to hold their monopoly. What samsung should do is file a lawsuit for harrassment! We need trustbusters!

  • R.S

    Other than the old “Zack Morris” phones and models similar to it, what phones haven’t have a black screen that was flat and rectangular or square? How many phones don’t have round edges? Very few!

    Apple is simply prolonging the sale of Samsung products for as long as they possibly can. Every day their competition isn’t selling their tablet is an extra day for Apple to sell theirs.

    This list of suggestions is just an attempt (a poor one at that) to seem reasonable. That way they can say “Hey, we tried to work with you but you refused to work with us so we had no choice but to sue you.”

    I do wonder, with this ridiculous list, if Apple fanboys will finally see how stupid Apple’s claims are or if they will continue to blindly follow Apple.

  • Anthony44

    Oh lord what the heck just maybe Apple tree’s can sue apple for using their name and logo (as he sits and vomit)

  • Andy in Indy

    It is possible that, like submitting altered photos to the judge, this will hurt Apple’s case more than help it. Some of these, like a rectangular shape and flat surface, are matters of ergonomics and function: they are design not style. For Apple to request them show an unwillingness to take this seriously and this kind of frivolousness will open counter charges of harassment.

    Also, by taking this stand they lock themselves into a design style that is rapidly becoming dated by devices with larger screens. If they try to introduce a slab phone without a black bezel, it will nullify their position.

    This was a BAD move for them!

  • Ashamed of my Mac

    I have been a Apple computer owner since 96 and have never owned a PC, entertained owning an iPhone, and got a Droid, but I have to say that’s much as I love my Mac, I am ashamed and really sick of them, including their fanboys and the prima dona attitude they display.

    I honestly think my next computer will be a PC or a Chrome laptop. Giving that out of control asswipe of a company my money is over.

    Can’t beat them fair, sue them. As much as people bash Google, they at least keep trying to invent.

    • Raptor

      Ashamed that u r ashamed by American intellectural property and probably the last and only achievement of recent years.

  • mustybooks

    I fart in your general direction!

  • Raptor

    Looks like Apple doing poor job with that. What rectangular shape? It’s all about style and trend! I think all that above was not necessary and somewhat ridiculous. Just look how Levis and Wrangler suffocated all the 6234565435645771000000000 thieves and counterfeiters of the jeans trends and style.

    And why they do not fight copiers in America? Meantime stolen design tablets and cellphones are freely lie on the shelves just across the Apple headquarters in Fry’s Electronics in quantities 100:1. Including the closest twin bro of iPhone 3 – the unlocked Galaxy S Vibrant ROTFL (didn’t i mention like people asked me for all 1.5 years “Is this an iPhone?” — i definitely know what i am talking about)

    We are talking about around 1-2%, a 2-5 dollars in royalties, is this a problem for copiers? All copy-n-pasters have to pay — and only then do what they want.

  • apay

    AHAHAH, they want android to create an holographic UI !
    Such kindness !

  • thekaz

    Apple probably also copyrighted all the suggested changes so that Samsung will have to pay them for every phone sold.. And I am sure Microsoft will find some way to make money off of it, as well…

    What a cocky bunch of pr!cks…

    • sylar

      Oh that really wouldn’t surprise me much.

  • E-man

    Well this ruins things for consumers.

  • Dr.Carpy

    I truly believe everyone deserves their day in court. However, when a corporate entity such as Apple routinely abuses patent law and makes a mockery of court time, something needs to be done. This list shows Apple to be not only ridiculous, but also trying to stifle innovation and competition. Their needs to be court sanctions, and possible government intervention. This is getting absurd! This is again a small reminder of why I find Apple loathsome.

  • lostsync

    Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S III:

  • RohithPunk

    Dear Apple,
    You don’t fuckin’ want to tell Samsung what to do.. You don’t own them.. We know that you are indirectly threatening/black mailing Samsung to basically quit to make some of world’s nest gadgets we ‘ve ever seen.. You are basically threatening them to change each n everything their gadgets sport.. Compete like a man.. When you call yourself the best out there then why are you apple-dicks fuckin’ afraid of Samsung?!!!!

  • RohithPunk

    sorry for the typo..

  • E

    From the company that once said think differently they sure as hell have stupid ideas for Samsung

  • jathak

    This is ridiculous. While Samsung’s phones may be the most like iOS, I’d still say there’s enough difference for there not to be confusion.
    “Cluttered appearance” Really? What are you going to demand next? That Samsung makes their phones triangular?

  • mavensage

    The list is just a round about way of saying: Don’t make tablets!

  • msgnyc

    Apple can’t truly be serious with this one now can they?

    How in the hell do you patent the color black? Or slim? how in the hell can you patent being slim???

  • Ciela

    Apple must be retarded to think they can get away with that

    • nwilliam3

      But they do get away with it! Australia have both banned competitors products simply because they sort of look and act like Apple products. Intellectual property law is a complete disaster almost everywhere right now and nobody know how to exploit it better than Apple.

  • nwilliam3

    The thing that most drives me nuts about Apple is that just about every thing they have ever produced has been based on a product that somebody else did before them. Mac based on work done by Xerox, iPod based on a number of other mp3 players, iPad based on tablets, iCloud based on DropBox and Google. And in copying all these people they call themselves innovators!! Yet if anybody else makes a product that is even close to theirs (apparently close now is defined as being roughly rectangle and black) they send out a pack of rabid attorneys.

    Drives me nuts!

  • minimage

    Perhaps Samsung should make their tablets red and shaped like apples, and then let’s see what fits Cupertino has!

  • Dan13

    I thought Apple was the bee’s knees back when I knew nothing about tech. Luckily, that’s not where I am now, and these demands are infuriating. *Starts shouting like Apple would actually listen* “Ya’ know what you’ve given Samsung? Lemons! And now they’re gonna burn your store down! WITH THE LEMONS!”

  • jst4tim

    Legalities it’s a bunch of BS coming from both sides.

  • poopster

    Samsung needs to up their game and shut apple up once and for all.

  • intel8140

    Apple is full of BS. I hope Samsung wins and bans iPhone 4s in some countries.

  • poopster

    whats with the color patent and slim patent…. are they serious?!
    the color black has been around for …forever and slim was created by slim jims!

  • Jorge Branco

    Patenting shapes and colours is kind of the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard

  • dacatalyst41

    I wish Adam was still alive so he could sue Apple for patent infringement from the fruit he took a bite of! Idiots! I’m glad there request for a ban in the US got shot down. Common sense prevails!

  • kentrburton

    Just CRAZY

  • rkumarfun

    I hope I win a device in the contests so I can get these free apps

  • jdawg334

    Over the past week, sounds like apple needs to patent the Exploding phone too. Now if a Samsung phone explodes, Apple can sue for that too.

    • justabamajammer


  • pnegron20

    This is a bit over the top. I would like to see samsung implement the no bezel feature on tablets though.

  • mimogear

    I was thinking about how to make an attractive tablet given the suggestions. The render I scrapped turned out to be a mix of the Acer Iconia Tab, Asus Eee Pad Slider, and a phone with a centered-to-the-side camera on the back.

    Then I realized hey! the cutout corners of the Droid Razr and Xoom look like they were designed for style and possibly to prevent legal dispute.

    Sexy can still be achieved with these crazy suggestions. Maybe the little extra size will allow for some extra ports XDD But well it’ll take one smart noggin to do that ;) Samsung can do it!

  • spintrex

    Why can’t this whole lawsuit bonanza just lead to Apple creating a product that branches away from its protected image. I believe one of the reasons to the success of their products is the ability for consumers to identify the product thus leading to such a strong attachment towards everything that encompasses that image.

    • spintrex

      I wish they could understand that although products may look very similar it does not mean that both will sell well. Apple has the whole manipulation of the masses down and that’s a factor that drives sales.

      SOOO I just hope they can throw out some more creative juices and revamp the foundation to encourage competition to try drastic innovations as well.

  • rmcsc

    Behold: the Apple-approved Samsung Galaxy Tab prototype surfaces! Here’s the leaked picture:

    • oddball

      No no no it’s this one.

      Really what ever happened to making a better product to win customers. Apple really needs to take a look at what they have become. Stop trying to sue your competition out of the market and innovate

      • rmcsc

        Let’s see here:

        * It’s triangular. It’s not rectangular nor have rounded corners. Check!
        * It has a thick frame around it. Check!
        * The front surface looks flat. Minus 1!
        * Doesn’t look thin. Check!
        * Looks hella cluttered. Check!

        I think Apple might sue the hell out of Dunder Mifflin: that tablet is flat!

        [That is hilarious, by the way!]

  • orangestrat

    I went into this article expecting the guidelines to be

    1.) Less of the clear attempts to squeeze as much out of “Its like an iphone, but, you know, not..” as humanly possible.
    2.) Seriously, cut that out.

    But these are actually kind of silly. Its like apple doesn’t know what their “innovative and instantly recognizable style” is. Don’t they claim to be the design people?

  • dabious

    “Profiles that aren’t thin.” lol…

  • smisa27

    I’m actually sick of all these patent file infringements. There has been WAAAY too many patent suing going on lately. I mean I also understand that they are going over something they patented, but at the same time, why patent something that could help your industry grow and further the competition?

  • mrbill187

    it’s obvious apple invented the shape ‘rectangle’ and the color ‘black’.

  • Chrislewissd

    This list says a lot about apple…..

    • cherrytree

      This list says APPLE SUCKS!

  • e36bmer

    Apple is stupid, and the courts for buying(or getting paid) into this mess. At this sense, Ford should kick every car off the road. Their model T was the first car to become popular… so every car since imitates it and should not be allowed to sell.

  • neskasi

    This law suit is getting beyond ridiculous but I don’t want it to stop. It’s hilarious.

  • amassingham

    Not only does it cover every smartphone that’s been on the market for years – but a whole bunch of *non* smart phones as well! Not to mention there was that Digital photo frame that samsung released *way* before the iPhone that looks almost identical to its tablets that are on the market today.

    This lawsuit is just ridiculous, and it makes me more and more shocked each day that Apple is actually getting away with this stuff.

  • Costanza

    Thank god Apple didn’t invent the wheel – else we all wouldn’t be allowed to have round wheels on our non iCars.

  • Justin Underscore

    Wow… there are a lot of WTFs on that list, but non-rectangular screens? Seriously? I suppose it could be *interesting* to experiment with alternative screen shapes, but it hardly seems wise for Samsung to make that their main business. Let’s all get circle-shaped phones, and then when they die, we can use them as coasters or frisbees or something… until Apple announces that it actually owns circular screens too and releases the iCoaster.

  • ToonPanda

    Srsly GTFO Apple… If Samsung takes this to international court, there’s no way that Apple is gonna get what they want!
    They basically make a list to make other tabs/phone less attractive and thicker. These aren’t patents any more, this is bullshit. And I’m not writing this because I’m an android fan, I write this because it is bullshit.
    What’s next? Porsche suing Audi because they make cars with 4 wheels?

  • Flight777

    Ok, this patent system is getting rediculous. It is a way to hold innovation back for years and Apple is gratefully making use of it. There should be a new system where these general techniques can’t be patented or at least not for forever. Maybe 1 – 2 years and so the original creator can have is competition advantage before it is released to the rest of the companies.
    Apple is now showing potential customers their true “selves” and only make a bad name for themselves. Really Apple? With these demands my flat screen PC monitor may also be qualified for a lawsuit :-)

    • mimogear

      I prance around the office citing news like this and how wonderful android is but my friends still buy iPhones. Apple has such a grapple hold on consumer opinion that even extremely stupid news like this isn’t bad enough to tarnish their reputation. Just today a couple in target was looking at Apple products like they were the only thing on the market. It drove me )(*#% nuts!

      And yea I agree the patent system is really messed up. It’s great for the little guy though~

      • Flight777

        Yep, I see the same. Even my older sister (36), no matter how many arguments I throw at her why not to buy Apple, she simplies buys Apple because “It is Apple and thus good” :S I mean, Apple products are good in build quality (I have to admit) but only for people who want very basic functionality and have money to spare as it are the most overpriced products ever.

        But on-topic. Like I said before, the patent system is dumb but that is the way it is. What I find really “childish” from Apple it their “can’t beat them, sue them” mantra. I mean, they were ahead of the competition for 1-2 years, first with the iPhone, later with the iPad. Other companies are now catching up or overtaking Apple. Not because they are all copying Apple (well, Apple at least showed there was a market for Smartphones and Tablets) but bacause Apple is not innovating enough anymore. The first gen iPhone and iPad where good and innovative, but the generations after that were simply made faster and had some small additional features (better camera etc.). The OS is still the same as 4 years ago (apart from some small tweaks) and they are now, with the introduction of IOS5, starting to copy Android with the notifications bar etc.
        So because they see their market share decrease rapidly now with the rise of other manufacturers, they did not decide to make another big innovation. No, they are just milking their “old” products by sueing other companies so that innovation is drastically decreased and Apple can still sell their “old-gen” products. Want a real life example of the not so innovative Apple anymore? One word: iPhone4S
        By the way, Microsoft is doing the same, albeit below-radar, as Apple by asking license fees for Android handsets. Fortunately, they have not (yet) sued a company and demanded for a sales ban (or not that I know of).

        I rest my case :P

  • djnumarv

    Screw apple they scared of the competition since this company will only last the next 5 yrs with out steve jobs. Android is here to take over!

  • fonix232

    This is bullshit. Apple is just trying to force a ban on the devices, and telling the court that “they gave them an option already”. This is not an option, it’s simply that they can’t compete with them.
    Apple, will you finally understand that there’s nothing innovative in a black, flat, thin rectangle with rounded corners? Or, where should they put the screen, to the backside of the phone? This is getting more and more ridiculous, next time Apple will tell Samsung to get rid of the smartphone title (what is clearly NOT an Apple innovation, there were smartphones back in 2002 already, when Apple only had a shitty overpriced CRT-computer), or sue themselves for the iPad being similar to the iPhone. These changes would make Samsung impossible to sell anything if they comply, and that is called (almost) monopoly today (and it’s illegal by international laws).

  • sergio reyes

    wow, thats just ridiculous!

  • CoatedMoose

    I can’t decide if I should be loling or crying. (Or both?)

  • frusak

    If u failed in life get a job as an apple lawyer

  • mugurelu

    And when i think i was dangerously close buying an ipad…

  • 00quantameister

    Frankly, these list of changes should be proof that what Apple is engaged here is nothing short of extortion, legal intimidation, & anti-competitive practices. Nothing in our laws gives Apple that much exclusivity on a design. All PC’s look the same, we don’t see Apple suing other PC manufacturers who copy the iMac! There has to be many examples of prior art that should invalidate Apple claims. Frankly the suggestions are nothing short of laughable.

    All cars have steering wheels, a windshield, a gas powered engine, similar colors, & tires. You don’t see Mercedes Benz suing the crap out of every other auto maker for having round black tires, a gas powered engine, & a rear view mirror? This is beyond ridiculous to the point of being redonkulous!

    There’s no way that anyone with half a brain will confuse a Samsung Galaxy Tab & an iPad. If the giant SAMSUNG logo wasn’t a dead giveaway that this is not an Apple product? Or the fact that it doesn’t have Apple’s logo splashed on the back. Or the fact that iOS & Android OS do not look or function anywhere near the same. Visually there’s a difference in the icons, the location of icons, the use or lack of widgets, & the Google logos on most Android devices! You’d have to be a complete idiot to look at a Samsung tablet and say that’s an iPad. I’m sorry but most people aren’t that dumb.

    • Mark

      I have people who were asking which iphone and ipaq you have

      • Angie Wimberly

        I think out in the wild the tablets could be confused but at the point of sale people are going to be looking for the iPad sign if they’ve been won over by their marketing.

  • fede77m

    Apple is loosing the fight and do that ridiculous actions… I hate apple more and more

  • mark

    Really apple? I am not sure to feel bad for you or not. epic fail! Lg should sue you for copying their phone in the beginning. Creative should sue you again.

    Samsung going take this joke and invent something new for smartphone, music player, and tablet that will be out of this world and then shove it at apple’s face (don’t need to be ass bc is that great) to make them beg for mercy

  • cnu4u

    Its like one student telling other student not to read same text book for the academics.

    What if Samsung gives a list (below) of changes for Apple?

    1) Have full Apple logo instead bitten.
    2) Change logo color to Red as there is no while apple exists.
    3) Change zero from circle shape to square or rectangle shape.

    No offense on anyone, I too use Apple & Samsung products.

  • wombas

    Apple just pretending to have done it first … megalomaniacs.

  • lekky

    How worried are apple right now

  • Jeremiah

    This is completely fair – Samsung should do it right after Apple stops using all the UI elements that they stoled from Xerox Park…

  • SuperAndroid

    They should make a Movie about all this.

    • Danny B

      There’s a good satire in here, but it would be too close to the truth.

  • spoon201

    This is insane Apple would have a monoply if Samsung complied. What I do not understand is why Apple is so afraid of some healthy competition.

  • honourbound68

    as if apple didn’t “steal” ideas from others… geez..

  • cesjr02

    it’s all about money.

  • Dlux


  • wwinkler

    I knew there was a reason I didn’t support Apple products. Why don’t they add the following to that list.

    -Devices may not be charged with electricity.
    -Use tin cans to make and receive phone calls.
    -Instead of visual gui interfaces, try an all braille option.

    Makes me dislike apple products even more.

  • Gurka123

    This is just ridiculous! It’s the same thing as if a car manufacturer told every other car company to take away the motor and build them the Flintstone way…

  • zyphbear

    Next thing Apple will suggest it is 5 lbs and a pyramid shape!

  • DannyBiker

    When will they ever understand that creativity is always the key…

  • adaam93

    “We don’t know how to make innovative exciting products any more, so we’re just going to sue you to keep you from making phones that look vaguely like ours.”

  • carlosestremera

    front surface that isn’t black??? so now they got patents on colors of the device??? seriously? wow!

    • carlosestremera

      no rounded corners…sorry had to revisit this – it’s still so very mind-boggling…

  • tequilya

    The joke its on all of you. That list of demands is clearly a satire piece from the onion, misquoted as real news.

    (if only that were true – the patent system is so flipping broken)

  • kungpaodragon

    I am so sick of Apple. This is like saying “you can’t make a car with 4 wheels”. I get it if Samsung truly copies a technology invented by Apple. This is not the same. They’re only doing this because they’re afraid. They know Samsung makes very competitive products with Android, which packs way more features than iOS and they can only go after them by saying Samsung’s phone looks like iPhone. I guess everyone should start suing each other for anything.

    If anything, maybe Google should sue Apple on Siri (which is very similar to Android Voice Search to me). Maybe iMessaging, which is similar to Google Talk. You think no? I think Google can twist them the same way Apple twists things.

    Apple is what Microsoft used to be, which many hated and became Apple fans. That has reversed. Apple is now the opposition to creativity, innovation, and competition. As much as I respect their focus on making quality products, I despise their policy on patenting. Things are a little different now that you’re the Goliath, huh, Apple?

    • Danny B

      I must say I’m surprised that Google hasn’t come in swinging on Samsung’s side. Surely they must realise that if Apple is victorious over Samsung, then the next largest Android manufacturer, or Android itself, could be the next target?

      And does anyone else remember that old ’1984′ Apple ad?

  • pdowling

    This is so stupid, I feel like Apple is just trying to hold on to something that they are losing. They know the smartphone war is over, Android phones are consistently now better than the iOS alternatives. As the tablet market picks up as well, Android will dominate there. When we see $200 Tegra 2 devices then people will really wish they hadn’t bought that iPad2 for so much

  • AceoStar

    Cluttered appearance, lol.

  • GUI_Center

    May as well tell them they can only sell pen and paper… lame apple, lame

  • ffff00

    Late comment, but I can’t see how the courts have let this gone on so long. Apple is enforcing the most broad patents. No black rectangles. Has it really come to this? Our patent system is terrible, along with the worlds view of Apple, seeing as they would let this kind of anti-competitve behavior happen.

  • Mighty_O

    I should patent apple trees, apple pie, apple juice?

  • MrMrMan

    Pretty much asking them not to make anything.

  • MoSDeeb

    Minimalism should not be patented, since that what the design truly is.

  • wild

    Destroy Apple, save the world :)

  • J-Man

    That statement oozes condescending mentality.

  • rr2009

    just ridiculous!

  • cxandroid

    I dont know, i’m up for a triangular device with a warped screen, orange bezel, and lots of clutter.

  • phaet2112

    * Must be bedazzled with at least 3 non-sequential colors

    * Must emit 65 db screech in random 15 minute increments.

    * Must operate at temperatures no cooler than 85 degrees celsius.

  • raminscc

    All of apples patents are bullshit common sense. Multitouch, gestures, color, software appearance, basic phone shape. Samsung has some real technology patents in 3g and wireless and a shitload more..

  • LilSmurf2009

    I dont get it? I mean u said it your self thats every phone available in past 4 years. So why do courts keep on letting apple do something like this. So no phone in the world can have round corners just because apples producst have round corner? What tha [email protected]#$$? I mean i cant believe theres actually a patent for round corners. Lol

  • Jeb

    i think it’s about time for common sense to start to take over on these ridiculous suits…..

  • Rgbarret

    Wow can’t wait for circle phones and tabs with rippled screens that come in pink or purple.

  • Brandy4777

    The “non flat” option doesn’t even make sense to me. Who comes up with this stuff?

    • ajonrichards

      Would the Sony Tablet S be considered “non-flat”? Because that is kind of terrible.

  • aranea

    Well this also shows that Apple products are nothing more than pretty looking toys. Their charm lies in the marketing.

  • vitebsk66

    So, Apple obviously feels threatened by Samsung. Sad that their only idea for dealing with serious competition is to try to eliminate their competitors. What ever happened to “adapt and innovate”?

  • Mykhaylo Tkachuk

    Someone, stop apple before it’s too late…

    And why Apple doesn’t sue apples? Apples stole their logo!

  • diasia9622

    Oh good gracious! How ridiculous.

  • Walter Sobchak

    I wanted to say this is unbelievable, but then looked at who is demanding it.

  • minimage

    I’ve got it! Make the phone shaped like a football (American football), but have the screen rectangular! That would probably feel pretty good in my hands, actually.

  • ccn_cristi

    Suing for shape and color…this is not real! F**k Apple, they are too full of themselves.

    Make a round transparent phone with a holographic emitter :))

  • breinhar

    I am an iPhone owner and even I think this is just getting silly

  • alee

    At least in the U.S., most of what Apple is requiring, would come from DESIGN patents, which cover purely ornamental aspects. When you’re talking about a patent for an invention, that’s a UTILITY patent. I’d expect that there’s a similar distinction in Germany.

    Anyway, I really liked it when a few weeks ago, Samsung cited devices shown in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey to show that people had come up with many aspects of Apple’s designs before.

  • vid500

    Next steep is, that they say screens of other devices shulden’t be flat becouse theirs is. or any other company isn’t allowed to use metal and plastic. Bullshit.
    Why can’t they be interested in the common progress of the technology.

  • yohimbe

    As long as android isn’t leading the pack, they will always be followers. The iPhone 4 came out how long ago and we are now just getting 1, count it, 1 phone that can match or exceed the dpi?! The LG something for at&t, which would be the top phone out there, trey it’s os is already antiquated! It is sipping with gingerbread with a promise of getting ics some time next year. They need to stop all these crappy phones for android and demand a standard. Fragmentation sucks! I love android, but I and most almost NEVER get current os on the phone.

    • gadgetaddict

      You do realize that Toshiba had a Windows Mobile phone with 313ppi in 2007 / 2008 long before Apple had a display with over 300 ppi

  • Canterrain

    Apparently, they should make a tablet like this…

  • Canterrain

    This time while logged in!

    Apparently they should make a tablet like this…

  • jefflarkin

    It seems to me that this list is going to hurt Apple’s case. What judge could look at this and not see that the complaint is completely without merit?

    That said, I’m totally stoked to buy my spherical Galaxy S III. Now we know that “S” is for “sphere.”

  • ILoveComputers

    Wow, this is just ridiculous. I disagree that they need to make all these changes, if they did, all tablets as we know it(except the IPad) would be radically different.

  • mingchan06

    Ugh, oh my gosh this is crazy….damn apple

  • falvey6607

    no surprise here

  • avataranjie

    tis the time when trolls are in town

  • J. Williams

    Lol wow I have seen it all now, lol.

  • mclarensr

    oh wow, what is left?

  • Musicsessions

    Here’s what it ALL comes down to: The only color apple, their lawyers, and the courts that hear them see is green. As long as izombies throw money(green) their way they’re going to continue in their rant. I respected apple when they were about innovation, not anymore.

  • jetman123

    apple needs to grow up as a company. the general tech consumer is getting smarter to competition abd rather than changing their performance they just attack the current successor on hardware. go Samsung and android ftw

  • AmericanJedi001

    I can’t believe how ballsy the Apple Gang is–they actually have the nerve to state that Samsung’s phones and tablets aren’t allowed to look or be shaped like phones and tablets.

    I’ll admit that the iPhone 4/4S and Siri are pretty nice, but F*** Apple and their ways.

  • Numbertwo

    Apple is the umbrella of the real world so many izombies in this world!

  • Silver

    Ah yes the Sony Walkman…

    Overal shape that is retangular? Check.
    Rounded Corners? Check.
    Black Front surfaces? Check.
    “Thin” profile? Check.
    Flat surfaces? Check. – Hell most products have flat surfaces. You ever seen an old laptop with a bulging ball in the middle of the LCD screen? I hope not unless it is a laptop with a CRT screen.

    And here I’m typing on my HP keyboard that came with my computer from back in 2005. It’s sleek, black, flat, have a silver outlining to the keyboard, retangular, and rounded corners. Damn… how dare HP steal the designs from Apple’s phone. Oh shoot, my monitor screen is the same thing! Oh and my old Sony Trinitron TV I got from 2001 too… oh my god. There’s definitely a serious case of people copying Apple here.

  • ihatefanboys

    Next request from Apple : All devices can no longer be rectangles, but round apple shapes. Also all devices can no longer be touch sensitive, they must be “tongue sensitive”

    The purpose being that even though it wont be an apple device, when poor dumb shmo’s on the street see our apple shaped tablets and see us licking them, it will prompt them to immediately think of Apple and they will be compelled to buy an Apple product immediately.

    WTF ! I’m not Samsung’s biggest fan, but if i were them I’d raise my middle finger and tell Apple to “sit on this and spin fuckers”

  • minimage

    I just started wondering if this is a sign that I need to sell my Apple stock. I mean, if they are THIS worried about competition….

  • Ben

    Looks like a suggested list of “Ways to make Samsung devices suck”

  • Richard Yarrell

    Apple should just go piss on themselves and eat shit. Anyone with an apple product should just go do the same as well. Samsung/Htc rules this space….

  • Darknight42020

    Everything Apple does nowadays is rediculous…enough said.

  • eioous

    This list is horribly rediculous

  • sylar

    This is all so stupid. So if one company patented rectangular screens then they would be the only one who could make T.V.’s in their current form. Everybody else would have to make them square or something. What would we do if someone patented breathing?

  • SCJaredJ

    Ok, so the easiest way around this would be to ditch the rectangular size. All you’d need to do is have the top end of the phone be about 2mm skinnier (so that’s 1mm off each side) than the bottom. Boom. You’d never notice that it’s not actually rectangular and now you’d have the world’s first trapeDROIDdal phone. See what i did there??

  • Billy

    Kind of speechless. So ridiculous.

  • ilysespieces

    I really don’t understand any of this, honestly.

  • rothenbenrg

    That entirely changes the whole device! Can’t we just have our Androids and be left alone?

  • ddmart

    Besides the fact that asking to change a shape and color of device is beyond ridiculous I wonder what would happen if it would go through.

    It would actually be kind of interesting to see a change in shape. Anyone ever see the marketing campaign for the pomegranate phone? It was purposely a hoax but at least its an idea as to what a different shape and color would be.

    So yeah it is kind of ridiculous to tell Samsung to layoff the Applejuice but with a powerhouse that is Samsung I think they both the will and the way to still create a successful product that appeals to its consumers. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that we can’t simply disclose a phone as being rectangular and shouldn’t limit ourselves to the potential possibilities that the future can hold for Android.

  • Vitti

    Wow. Apple never ceases to amaze me. Good thing they created ALL technology. Don’t know where we would be without them. Probably still using typewriters right?

  • kzlife

    Why don’t they give up -.-’

  • Duncan Mackenzie

    I don’t know about you guys In the USA but In the UK It’s against the law to waste police or the court’s time. I suppose that’s why Samsung has sold a gazillion Galaxy S and Galaxy S2′s over here without a peep from Apple. Apple know If they tried that crap here In the UK then they would get bitch slapped all over the place.

    A few of my friends and family have various types of iphones and I’ve never mistakenly picked their device up thinking It was my GS2. I used to have respect for Apple and Mr Jobs but this has just gone too far, It’s time for common sense to take over and to tell Apple to stop acting like a petulant child.

  • Aaron Kemp

    This is ludicrous, so Apple dont wont anyone making phones that have any sort of style, they want all of their competitors to make big bulky grey unstylish phones so theirs look better. Seem fair?

  • MarkT

    Yeah, so… err Samsung..If you could just put the screen on the back and make sure it runs on D cells? Then we won’t have a problem…


  • Danny Calderon

    So does Apple think it has the patent on the color black white the slab phone style and phones with icons on the screen

  • Louis Atu

    I think the forgot one item on the list, the one that says “don’t worry about us, we are full of shit with a stick up our ass”

  • wes-txt

    Thankfully, the US federal judge shot down Apples request for injunction against Samsung.

    The court found “that a size that can be handheld, a screen that encompasses a large portion of the front face of the smartphone, and a speaker on the upper portion of the front face of the product are non-ornamental.” (source:,2817,2397195,00.asp)

    Samsung has probably infringed on some reasonable Apple patents, but these are just ridiculous.

  • Danthes24

    So as this post sais Samsung should give up on making anything that has screens. Apple sure asks a lot that isn’t right.

  • rashad360

    Why does apple sound so desperate here? Let Samsung have their smartphones and tablets, if you are really so scared of Samsung then get to work making superior products so the market will decide.

  • jameshkd

    that’s is just retarted, “you can’t make a tablet that is thin because we already did that”.. apple is such an as******

  • Diaeko

    why god dont put the apple on the list for appels changes
    this is stolen to :O :O

  • pritams

    Hmm….rectangles,circles….Who has the patent for FIRE actually..I’m afraid apple may soon patent that too…after all they have now started to think they define civilization..I can understand their point though..after all it all started with an Apple..RIGHT!?!?

  • Homncruse

    I want my next Samsung device to be dodecahedron-shaped and multi-colored, like this:

  • Ares77

    You know what? Samsung should just come out with the best teched out phone EVER! like a Blue Bee ( or —> a phone with a paper thin screen that slides out! Hell yes! And then once they have attracted all the consumers with their unbeatable tech just look at Apple and say “you know what thanks! those requests you made were awesome. By the way, sorry for taking away all of your clients xD”

  • Mark

    Only one question here: WWJD – What Would Jobs Do?

  • VSG1314

    HOLY F**K!!!! I remember making a flat, black rectangle with rounded corners when I was in Kindergarten! I’m calling my lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louis Nicolaou

    I think apple should take its staff and go for an endless trip to h*ll and leave our balls @@ alone. They are already big enough to explode

  • harryville

    how can they patent the design? a painter doesnt patent the design of his picture.

  • sp4rky

    This has to flattering to Samsung. Yeah it sucks too but this just lets them know they are on the top.

  • mimefly

    Here in Europe, it is ridiculous that Apple has ‘won’. As a designer, I also find that the iphone is differennt enough from the samsung galaxy series! heck, i like the samsung design better ;-)

    I am NOT an apple user, or ever will be.

    It is throwing away money those lawsuits, if apple would just invest this into buying a country or somethin…LOL

  • Albert Altman

    It makes me feel angry, knowing Apple is trying to eliminate the OPEN SOURCE competitor.
    Samsung should offer a list as well, including turning all the lights off at apples HQ, locking down the building and going home should be on it. or how about an IPAD 3 that should be a stone because ELECTRONICS in a Tablet Computer is a patent too ???

    Seriously stop this BS and let others compete fairly, Don’t stop or prevent progress. we are where we are today because of the competition …

  • Velvet

    In my opinion Apple’s strategy is bad for them first ’cause they only try to defend a patent based rent instead of moving forward faster than their competitor on the tech front.
    This is a long term catastrophic strategy…. After all that’s their choice to play bully and mess with everybody…

    Anyway I’m goin’ to get me a Asus T. Prime and leave those two where they are!


  • Danerisms

    I really love the idea of a not square, cluttered appearing tablet that isn’t flat and it thick I want it to be atleast 2 inches.

  • Max Bertz

    Hey Samsung, build a baseball-shaped phone just to throw it in Apples greedy face….

  • ibap


  • ariesness

    Maybe instead of coming up with these lists of ridiculous requirements, Apple should focus more on improving and innovating their products -___-

  • awundrin

    Gawd how I despise Apple! Never been a fan and never will be.

  • Sean BillyMaysHere

    android > apple
    game over.

  • KatSelezneva

    I tried to imagine how an ideal Samsung phone from Apple’s point of view will look like. So, it’s
    round (or even triangular),
    with a wavy surface,
    with a square display in the corner of the device,
    with a vertical speaker opening in the left lower corner,
    with adornment on the front surface (e.g., strasses),
    with a thick sloping bezel.

    For this wonderful device I suggest a name like Increepible Wavy I.

    The full article here: An ideal Samsung phone from Apple’s point of view

  • seansin

    The list is just ridiculous. Next time Samsung can sue Apple for the iTV design.

  • ramenchef

    Apple legal team is just ridiculous.

  • Jay Rocha

    It used to be that Apple didn’t bother me as much as their blind fanboys. Let’s not mistake that for liking any of their products or services. Now that they are getting into pissing matches with everyone instead of trying to design a product that is actually superior… I’ve renewed my dislike for crApple.
    As more and more people learn to use smartphones… they’ll hopefully realize that iPhones are not superior in any category.
    Springtime for Android and Open Source… Winter for Apple and iLife… :-)

  • Lennart Regebro

    Note also that Samsung had a photoframe that breaks all the above rule *before Apple announced the iPhone!*

    In other words, Apple, with this list, provides a clear an unambiguous list of design elements they stole from Samsung.