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AT&T: Be prepared for higher prices if we do not acquire T-Mobile


AT&T‘s proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile has been one of the hottest topics in the tech industry this year. AT&T claims to need T-Mobile’s spectrum to build out their LTE network, and T-Mobile is going bankrupt – best option would be a merge, right? We wouldn’t be ranting and worrying if things were that simple, though. Such acquisition would bring many consequences, with some being potentially harmful to the cellphone industry.

One of the main concerns is that this deal could substantially harm competition. Not only would one of the 4 biggest carriers be disappearing, but AT&T would easily become the largest carrier in the US, and would give them an essential monopoly on the GSM market. If competition goes down, this means that carriers would have the freedom to charge higher prices, since less companies would be taking away the customers. And we all know that carriers are big businesses, and if they can get away with charging more, they will.

What happens if this deal happens to be blocked, though? While Verizon is not very worried about this, Sprint happens to be one of the most important companies fighting against this merger. And while we are all trying to stop it (or support it), the companies still have their problems to deal with. AT&T needs spectrum for LTE, as they will not be able to handle the load of users, and T-Mobile is still broke and Deutsche Telekom doesn’t want to give them any money.

According to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, blocking this deal would be the worst outcome for customers. Claiming that AT&T is still in need of spectrum, he mentions that prices would have to rise in order to offer good service to its customers, a move AT&T customers would none too happy about.

Regulators can’t keep up with the changes in the industry.Randall StephensonAT&T CEO

Of course, if AT&T was to raise the prices too high, they would also lose many of their customers (hence why competition helps). Sprint did mention that they believe AT&T to be badly investing in their network, and that AT&T wouldn’t necessarily need T-Mobile to have LTE reach customers. Should be easier said than done, but it sure beats raising everyone’s bill, especially with, you know, competition out there.

Judge Huvelle will be holding a hearing today at the US District Court. This is in preparation for trial coming February 13th, 2012. We will have to wait and see how things unfold. What do you guys think? Do you believe Stephenson’s comment is necessarily right? Will AT&T really be forced to raise the prices, or are there better alternatives? Will you be switching carriers if this becomes true?

Via: TmoNews

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

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  • wwJOSHdo

    Anyone else happy they DON’T have AT&T? I am!

    • moelsen8

      switched to big red a few years ago and haven’t looked back..

      • Futureboy

        Even though they are the most expensive, Verizon’s excellent service and coverage are certainly attractive. What concerns me the most about them is that they are “tweaking” the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus is supposed to be a pure Google experience phone and once a carrier starts customizing it to meet their needs (requesting the removal of Google Wallet), it’s no longer pure. It leads me to wonder what other adjustments they’ve made. Tethering blocking? I wouldn’t be surprised. Only time will tell.

        • mshramek

          What this article leaves out is that T-Mobile gets 3 or 4 billion if the deal doesn’t happen. That would actually give T-Mobile enough cash to get some of its affairs in order. Either to be sold to another company, a Chinese company is interested, or to start to turn themselves around and get some activations in order.

          So actually this deal not going through is a win for T-Mobile in some regards. I really dont’ see this deal happening so ATT is going to be writing a big check for this.

          • Usman Ansari

            Not only do they get those billions in cash, they also get a sweetheart deal on some of AT&T’s spectrum.. This deal not going through would be a boon to T-mobile!

          • hatersontherock

            T-mobile wouldn’t get the money dt would but att would have to pay T-mobile 1 billion dollar roaming agreement. But the so called break up fee said it would be 3 billion in cash 2 billion in spectrum and 1 billion on roaming agreements but no one had talk about that in months.

        • Strider91

          My thoughts exactly. Im currently on Big Red and was super excited that they FINALLY jumped on the Nexus boat. Now with all the changes they have made (Verizon branding the crap out of it) I am seriously considering importing and going to another carrier. Why can’t Verizon just be what they are, a CARRIER, and I get the phone I want, a GOOGLE phone pure, plain and simple. *Sigh*……

          • Jack Thakar

            The branding doesn’t bother me that much. There’s only two apps that actually have some use (unlike a million game demos or the Blockbuster app) and they can be disabled through ICS. I hate that they removed the Google logo and replaced it with a Verizon one. However, none of the branding will stop be from buying the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon. What’s stopping me from buying it, and slowly convincing me to switch to another carrier, is that it’s not out yet.

        • Andrew Castro

          Its that excellent COVERAGE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE that AT&T will never have. Yup raise it too high And people will turn away to AT&T, just common sense.

    • DroidSamurai

      Words for AT&T execs: Be prepared for customers leaving AT&T if you raise prices.

      • damambt

        I don’t mind paying termination fees for a family plan of 4. Im sure Verizon will be more than happy to take my business.

    • Deeds

      Left AT&T for T-Mo, now I might be forced back to them

    • Alex

      I have T-Mobile so I’m more happy than most that I DON’T have AT&T now

      • BiGMERF

        I signed my contract recently with tmo to lock in my price. Will reevaluate it once its up.. If the takeover actually ever happens

      • WlfHart

        Ditto, still a bit nervous about the whole thing somehow happening… Really like the GSM, but never had a good experience with AT&T.

    • stenzor

      Seems like AT&T’s business faults are negatively affecting their consumers… which they shouldn’t be

    • charliethesuperturtle

      I’m sure I am!

    • titaniumwombat

      After a roaming error that left me with a $600 bill and no sway from AT$T, I swore I would never give them another dime, even if they became the cheapest service with the best network.

      They’re a bunch of crooks. That is all.

  • Galen20K

    Not surprising in the Least. Very happy I don’t have Att and very glad that the deal is in such peril. If only DT would actually want to give T-Mobile USA some of the Billions and Billions of dollars all these years to actually compete. As it is T-Mobile USA has done a fantastic job considering its Parent company NEVER gave them any money for anything including building the network out or for exclusives. I imagine an alternate reality where DT did the reverse for its USA wing instead of just throwing buckets of money to its other T-Mobile brands around the world while leaving us all dry.

    Again I say why did they even buy into our Country if they don’t like us and never intended to fully support its company here… *shrugs**

    • cb2000a

      Agreed…TMobile never really had a chance. They have done amazingly well considering.

  • jd092

    Yes! AT&T wants to charge their customers more for service that already does not work. So glad I don’t have to deal with this crap. Big Red actually knows how to invest in a network.

    • Tony Torres

      so true! even in a popular metropolitan city like Chicago there network is pretty spotty! so glad i dont have att!

  • ranwanimator

    If AT&T has used their profits from their exclusive iPhone days to expand their network, they wouldn’t be in the shape they are now. Now that Verizon also has the iPhone and people are flocking away from AT&Ts crappy crappy network, they (AT&T) are whining and complaining that things aren’t fair. Boo hoo. You made your bed, now sleep in it and quit trying to get in T-Mo’s pants.

    • ben dover

      I could be wrong but the “flocking away” never really seemed to happen. AT&T is still very much the preferred carrier to buy an iPhone on. From reviews and editorials I’ve read, seems like Verizon’s 3g service isn’t as good as AT&T’s for the iPhone.

      Once Apple wakes up and smells the 4G coffee, there could very well be a flocking away from AT&T

      • Hye_Tech

        From all the reviews I’ve read and from my own experiences (use to have a Verizon iPhone), I never read that AT&T’s 3G is better than Verizon. It’s theoretically faster but Verizon’s is much more reliable and consistent with speeds. They could have HSPA+ (just like T-Mobile, which I also use to have) but it doesn’t mean diddly squat if the speeds are jumping up and down all over the place. AT&T and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ (faux g) are theoretical speeds that they will never reach because of their inconsistencies.

  • erikiksaz

    I’m sorry but that is such a crock of sh!t.

    ATT can shove it. If Tmobile goes down, it’ll be verizon for me.

  • Dee

    Because if AT&T acquired T-mobile prices were gonna stay the same. -__-
    Nice try AT&T, this is just them trying to get their customer base behind the merger.
    “Support our merger or pay more for service.”

    • Joshua Melling

      Its really a rotten threat, but how can the consumers get t mobile for them? There threatening the wrong group!

  • ben dover

    I had AT&T for years. I never had the issues everyone complained about. However, I switched to Sprint to get the Evo 4G due to AT&T’s lack of android phones at the time. (backflip anyone?…)

    Over time Sprint’s network went down the drain and I get about 300k down on 3g now. not cool!

    Verizon is way to expensive and Tmobile doesn’t have as strong of coverage as AT&T or Verizon does.

    If the Galaxy Nexus comes to AT&T soon, I’m switching back. Regardless of possible rate increases. I doubt they will go higher than Verizon…

    But regardless, this is bad news. Why can’t American carriers switch to a European model for mobile service!?

    • tmo1138

      “Why can’t American carriers switch to a European model for mobile service!?”

      You mean the one that’s driving DT into bankruptcy today?

      • AppleFUD

        Because the U.S. government is bought and paid for by big businesses like Verizon & AT&T. . . just look how often Congress jumps all over the FCC when they try to do something right for consumers.

      • Usman Ansari

        B.S. European and Asian carriers are doing fine because they know their place in society. Rather than being gatekeepers and phone dealers, they are just infrastructure pipes for us to use for our consumption. That’s a mobile carrier model that works..not the shit Americans have to deal with..

    • James

      I did the exact same thing and also had no problems with AT&T (a few dropped calls here and there but nothing to write home about). If I had $700 to throw away I’d buy the GSM Nexus and go right back to AT&T. Sadly I don’t, so I’ll be switching to Verizon when they release the Nexus.

    • frettfreak

      Dude.. i would price your plan with EVERYTHING included before you make that statement about vzw being too expensive. its been a little bit since i priced my particular plan, but VZW and ATT were almost identical when i priced it.

      • ben dover

        Verizon: (family)
        unlimited family text
        2gb $30/mo data (on each phone)

        total: $170

        Sprint: (family)
        1500mins (includes unlimited mobile to mobile, any carrier)
        unlimited family text
        unlimited data
        + $10 4g service on both phones

        total: $150

        700mins (includes unlimited mobile to mobile, any carrier AND roll over mins)
        unlimited family text
        2gb $25/mo data (on each phone)

        total: $150

        I get about $35 off my sprint bill with my discount. I’ll only get about $10-15 on verizon and AT&T.

        Verizon will end up costing me $30-40 more a month…

        • dnar56

          Actually right now there is a promotion where you get 4gb instead of 2. Verizon = win ;)

        • dnar56

          And why are you comparing 1400 min with 700????

          • ben dover

            because ATT has mobile to any mobile and rollover minutes.

            with verizon, I have to account for every call I make to other mobiles outside of verizon and no roll over minutes.

    • dnar56

      Are you high? gAyT&T and Verizon have almost identical prices yet Verizon is too expensive?

      You can also buy an unlocked nexus to switch over to the oh so low priced att service today!

  • fatalysis

    Once this deal officially falls apart, I think Google should really take a look at purchasing T-Mobile. All the confusion surrounding when the Galaxy Nexus is coming out looks to me like Verizon’s attempt to bully their way to control the product. Since Google already owns a hardware manufacturer (Motorola) they might as well take over a service provider to have complete control of a piece of the mobile industry.

    • Jennie Tran


      • Alex

        Best of all, the service on Google’s network would be totally free! You would just see a few ads once and a while

    • Homncruse

      This is a sound idea, but do you think that would fly through the various government departments?

      Software: Android (Google)
      Hardware: Motorola (Google)
      Carrier: T-Mobile (Google)

      I just don’t see that combo going through DoJ unfortunately. The merger between AT&T and T-Mobile is already a monopolistic nightmare; and Google’s purchase of T-Mobile (assuming they’re even interested) would be an even greater monopoly, because then they’d own the entire trifecta – which is more than even Apple can claim.

      • Bob

        Not the same as AT&T purchasing T-Mobile. If that goes through it does create less competition and consolidates spectrum.

        Google+Motorola+T-Mobile would keep competition in the wireless carrier industry, but, Google would have control over hardware of one carrier (Motorola) and have assets to invest in a carrier/network (T-Mobile.) Their OS would still be just as available to other hardware manufacturers (HTC, Samsung, LG, plus the others) and these hardware makers would be free to offer it to other carriers.

        It would give preference and priority to one hardware manufacturer and one carrier network, but, things like that happen anyway.

      • dfmckay

        Legally I don’t think the DoJ could do anything if Google bought Tmobile. Monopoly rules are designed so that one company can’t own a business or service that is exclusive to a market ie. one company owning all the grocery stores in a city.

    • Usman Ansari

      Perhaps.. But not for us Goog shareholders.

    • charliethesuperturtle

      Google’s 4g network, now bigger than ever!

  • erikiksaz

    AND I just remembered a prior article that mentioned that ATT is willing to shell out more money to purchase Tmobile for its spectrum, EVEN THOUGH making the necessary network upgrades to LTE would have been a cheaper alternative.

    • frmorrison

      I have read articles that it is less money to buy T-Mobile than build out a LTE infrastructure. The big issue is getting land rights for all those towers.

      I think AT&T will restructure the deal so that it will pass the regulators (like buying 40% of the spectrum, then letting Sprint and VZN get the rest).

  • theonlymikeg

    this would be good, since they will have to pay tmo a few billion and people will then flock to tmo and att will go bye bye :)

    Viva La TMOUS!

  • David O

    “T-Mobile is still broke and Deutsche Telekom doesn’t want to give them any money”

    NOT true. T-Mobile is actually profitable and is on track to send 5.3 BILLION in EBITDA to DT at the end of this year.

    The reason DT is looking to divest itself of T-Mobile is because of the weakend position of the dollar and because Robert Dotson didn’t get the iPhone for T-Mobile when he had the chance.

    • MoSDeeb

      A fellow accountant? I didn’t think many people looked over T-Mobile’s financials anymore outside of those directly linked to T-Mobile corporate or brokers.

    • cb2000a

      They don’t need the iphone…

    • Futureboy

      Given that they are profitable, wouldn’t it make sense to buy themselves out and become a new independent company? I know there is a lot of legal an financial loopholes to jump through, but it has successfully been done before. If they’re getting no support from DT, and they’re profitable on their own, why not just split off?

  • MoSDeeb

    Prices were going to increase regardless of the outcome.

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Too true.

      Either A) they get a monopoly on GSM bands in the US, and hike their rates because they’ll have exclusivity on all GSM-only phones, or B) the deal doesn’t go through so they hike their rates to make up for the billions they have to give to T-Mobile as part of the acquisition agreement, regardless of whether or not it actually goes through.

  • Billy

    Nothing like threats of higher prices to build support for something most people don’t want …. This is all part of their customer service improvement degradation strategy ….

    Left ATT a while back and happy with the choice although every carrier has their issues.

  • zyphbear

    Sure, it would go UP without the merger. I bet it’s really like ‘due to us spending the $4b in this failed merger, we’re taxing our customers for the money.

    And of course, there is also the fact that in any merger they have done if the price has ever gone DOWN? Nope. Not ever. So I say the FCC should call their bluff.

    • zyphbear

      T-Mobile’s Service has been going down since merger was announced in March. Delayed texts, failed sending or delivery of texts, duplicate texts, dropped calls, calls going directly to VM, signal dropped inside of house (used to be 3-4 bars, now lucky if you get 2, many times I drop to none), Data dropping to super slow speeds. Even when outside or in big areas like around malls, sometimes my signal just drops out totally.

      When I call in to get help, I get the same answer “maintenance in your area, it should be back to normal soon”, I just stopped calling at this point. I have heard AT&T is worse, at this point, even though I have been with T-Mobile for more than 9 years, I’m jumping ship.

      • Samuel

        I have to disagree, in San antonio i have 4g coverage wherever i go, at least in my area service has always remained the same (great coverage to, even in mexico when i went). I do have to say it takes alot longer to reach customer service when i call 611, it was a nightmare waiting to order a sensation 4g as an upgrade to my vibrant, after the 20 minute mark i gave up, i ended up going to the store and buying it.

        • zyphbear

          I have personally gone to the store with the issue many times and they have said “oh just call customer service instead.” There was even one time that my phone said “No SIM” and I went to a store and instead of just replacing my SIM, they made me buy something first. I called customer service and they credited my account for the accessory, and haven’t had any other issues since or before.

      • Ironzey Lewis

        I have to disagree also. It seems that ever since the merger was announced my service has gotten better. While it’s was alway far fro stellat I see more bars everywhere. When I do visit Denver (the closest really big city) I get some pretty decent speeds.

        When I need customer service (not often) they have been resposive. This is the same Tmo I’ve come to love. There service (speed-wise) isn’t the best but it’s good enough for my purposes.

        I have a sneaking suspision that AT&T isn’t really THAT bad. It seems we (tech people) like to whine about a lot of things. I bet being a AT&T customer may not be THAT bad, I’m just not at the point where I’m willing to try them out.

        • zyphbear

          I live in the Orlando, FL area, and I was originally considering sticking it out when I first heard about the merger, just in the hope that it wouldn’t go through, so I wouldn’t be bailing on the company that has served me well for 8+ years. But then shortly after, everything started going south with both my service and my partner’s service (he has been with T-Mobile for about 12 years). We have totally different devices and both having just as many issues in the area.

          Also, I removed this part that I WAS going to include in this post, but felt it sounded too negative, but it seems some feel I was making a judgement about a company like i hadn’t been with them:

          I at one point was with AT&T (over ten years ago) and even though I was a fully post paid customer, I was treated like a 3rd class client. It may have been my age, but I paid for every feature I could get on a phone. more than once I was ignored when I went into a store. I can say that personally there was even one time i was forced to wait over 45 minutes to get help in a store that had 4 employees and only one other customer in the store. I tried several times I get help, and was just ignored and said things like “I’m busy, someone will be with you soon”. Once I finally got someone (the employee that was helping the OTHER customer finally was finished), so they finally said “what can I do for you?”, (I tried staying calm since it wasn’t their fault their coworkers are jerks), And I said I wanted to get a nicer phone with more features and even was willing to add more features on my plan, they just said “Are you out of contract?” Of course I wasn’t, but I was willing to pay full price for a new device. They started being rude and said I couldn’t BUY a new phone anyway, even at full price. I even called on the phone and not only were they not apologetic about the store, they refused to let me buy one either. Not too long after, I cancelled my account and briefly was with Cricket before going to T-Mobile.

          Just a few years ago, I thought I should consider giving them another chance when my contract was up, but Then my mother had a horrible experience with them as well when she called in about her signal dropping out. She had her own post-paid line with them as well and was given a terrible run around and bad experience as well. To the point that she paid the ETF on her contract and jumped to Verizon within a week. She now refuses to ever go back either.

          My Partner had recently told me about a similar issue to what I had some years ago as well, now will not go to them either. I think things like their terrible customer service and lackluster performance is what pushes people away.

  • YMS123

    Sounds like a lose/lose situation for consumers…

  • Kaote

    The deal falls apart and AT&T starts make threats like a spoiled little child. I am glad the FCC spanked them, maybe the DOJ can send them off to bed now.

  • Bryan Stoner

    If t-mobile goes bankrupt could all the carriers split the t-mobile’s network between themselves? Just a thought.

    • n25philly

      Odds are if T-Mobile just went out of business the spectrum would be auctioned off. That would let them all have a shot at it.

      • Usman Ansari

        That’s not how bananas kruptcy works..

  • Dlux

    This is just more fuel for the fire for me personally to just pay the EFT cost on my contract and go somewhere else.

  • Thomas Biard

    Here are my two cents…If AT&T’s prices go up, there will no longer be a big benefit for people to either switch over or stay with AT&T (at least in Southern California). My sister’s family switched to save money and tried to stay on it to save money but they had such poor reception and so many dropped calls, both personal and business, they switched back. If their low prices go away, they will lose a huge chunk of their clientel.

  • pikahatonjon

    as every day that passes, t-mobile’s $30 unlimited text unlimited data 100 minute prepaid plan sounds more and more enticing
    FU at&t

    • cb2000a

      I am on the TMo $50 unlimited voice, text, data (coming from Verizon) and could not be happier. I really like the wifi calling feature and the Samsung Ex2 is an awesome phone (once rooted),

      • Alex

        I never realised how useful a feature WiFi calling was until I found myself in a hotel with absolutely no cell service but excellent (and free) WiFi. I’m actually quite surprised that Verizon or other carriers haven’t implemented a similar service — it works well, and allows them to slow their expansion of coverage, as those without coverage could simply use WiFi.

  • frettfreak

    I was a long time ATT customer and i really hate those guys! I say block the damn merger, let them raise prices and see where their customers go!! ATT network isnt that great, and they have NOTHING you cant get somewhere else.

  • bettadaze

    higher prices from AT&T, supposed family data from Verizon coming soon, and at least keeping prices the same…why even bother threatening that info encouraging people to jump ship.

  • ariesness

    “Claiming that AT&T is still in need of spectrum, he mentions that prices would have to rise in order to offer good service to its customers” Um, what? It’s more like prices would have to rise in order to continue offering sh*tty services. I loathe you AT&T.

  • Shadowlore

    Dirtbag move. Yet, I’m not shocked in any way.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Wow that soundd like a threat. Screw att if they want to screw over there customers because they didnt get what they wanted. I would hate to be an at&t customer right about since my contract started but i would regret it even

  • flip3547

    It’s all I ever hear from people, that customer service is so shotty. Now it’s been announced that they ARE the worst in that field…. Now they are going to tell people, get ready to get a bigger bill! I’m real glad I didnt elect for them so long ago when I went for my first phone!

  • Marc’us H.


    • Marc’us H.

      But really, what good ACTUALLY comes from this for AT&T and it’s customers? You’re already 2nd w/ consumer base. What could you possibly do more w/ the money you’d get? UPGRADE THE NETWORK!? Pffahahahahahahaha.

    • Ziggy

      I need TP for my bunghole!

  • vannaleths

    Im glad im not with AT&T. But I’m with Tmobile. And if this deal happens, im switching. Ill be with many others who will do the same.

  • Cody Riddar

    AT&T doesn’t want the additional spectrum to provide a better, cheaper service for their customers. That’s just the spin coming out of their marketing department.

    AT&T wants the additional spectrum so they can block international carriers who are rabid to gain entrance to US markets.

    AT&T knows that someone like China Telecom will buy T-Mobile and their spectrum and a strong competitor will enter the market, if they can’t get their hands on it first. (see here: )

    Bottom line: the consumer wins if AT&T is blocked.

  • humidity

    I was never a fan of AT&T before and this only further seals the deal.

  • ramenchef

    Record profits, raise prices. I hate the state of US wireless carriers. Why can’t we be like europe with internet/tv/wireless providers?

  • levelm

    Classic entitlement syndrome. I hope they raise their prices and all their customers bail.

  • megahexs

    Corporate America, that’s just how it is

  • jakymiwm

    It is all a game to have people complain and have it get passed. I see through it and I hope everyone else does. AT&T need to get kicked in the balls.

  • redraider133

    This looks like something they are saying since what they presented in the first review didn’t cut it so maybe they think by using the we will raise prices that will change the DOJ and FCC’s opinions. Would be interesting to see how many switch carriers when they hike the prices up.

  • Jeremiah Akin

    Yes, but we also have to be ready for higher prices if the do buy T-mobile.

  • Silver

    Wow… I’m an AT&T customer and usually I’m fine with the things they do. But now they even “threaten” their own clients? They really pushing it and it’s just stupid. “We’re going to raise your price because we can’t get something that we want”. They are acting like spoiled brats.

  • adc123

    I highly doubt Tmobile is bankrupt their still making money 33million customers DT is just setting a goal for them that can’t be achieved Dt is just being ruthless being the fourth largest carrier isn’t even bad.

  • Oscar Ortega

    Glad im not with [email protected] !!

  • tonis79

    The other headline will read: AT&T: “T-Mobile, we are totally going to F up what you know as customer service.”

  • megatec45

    They are saying higher prices without the merger, but if they become a monopoly, they can charge any price they want to and force you to buy any crappie phone they have.

  • aranea

    I’m also one of the opponents of this merger. Competition is good for us -the customers. There are also several big companies in other countries, which provide good service with limited spectrum. This is so American: I can’t do with what I have so I need to acquire more resources. Instead ATT should invest in making its spectrum use more efficient.

    On another note as an ATT customer if they raise prices and keep crappy service I’d leave them.

  • GrendelJapan

    Here’s a solution: share spectrum. If all carriers shared spectrum, we’d be fine. Of course, if all phones worked with any carrier, we (that is, the consumer) would actually have genuine choice and you (that is, the mobile carrier market) would have genuine competition, neither of which the big carriers want.

  • BigCiX

    So they are raising the prices so that we can help pay for the failure of acquiring T-Mobile.

  • rashad360

    Still sitting pretty with T-mo. Grass is definitely greener over here!

  • inviolable

    lol they don’t know when to quit

  • Geraldo Riviera

    AT&T: Be prepared for me to leave T-Mobile if you acquire them

  • Geraldo Riviera

    I mean, isn’t this extortion?

    They’re seriously using extortion as an argument against the negative potential of a monopolistic position in the marketplace? Are they idiots?

    • Taylor

      AT&T seems to think acting like a petulant, spoiled child will win them fans at the FCC or with the public. Customers will flee irregardless now.

  • mark

    Isn’t Att making like 500 million dollars each quarter? Why don’t they just take a few $$ out of the higher ups bonuses and put it back into their network?

  • James Conley

    I’ll be gone faster than the flash if they take over mt network. AT&T seems to either hate their customers or think they aren’t too quick.

  • myandroid99

    these guys are causing too many problems

  • phaet2112

    tmobile is not broke…

  • Taylor

    I will NOT be an AT&T customer ever again. Back in the days of “digital PCS” and the old TDMA network, I loved ‘em, and sold them as the finest service around. Then I tried Pacific Bell (free phone contest winner) which was great until it (finally) became Cingular. Cingular was HORRID and the merger of AT&T and Cingular brought all of Cingular’s baggage and mistreatment of customers and AT&T’s investment dollars. I started out on AirTouch, which later was folded into the network that would become Verizon, and the prices always ran high. In short, T-Mobile has always offered me a great combination of reasonable prices and stellar customer service, even through all the growing pains. After all of the history, I trust neither of the bigs to be customer-oriented, and I never will. Sprint may be having my dollars for the forseeable future….

  • charliethesuperturtle

    Consumers: be prepared to go bankrupt because if you charge us more we ditch

  • jefflarkin

    Blah, blah, blah. AT&T is increasingly good at spinning things exactly how they need to make this deal go through.

  • 4TOPS

    T mobile or not if my rates go up im out, Sprint, us cell, verizion, boost anything but greedy at&t!

  • YNWA

    AT&T: Be prepared for everyone to get off your shitty network! Seriously making threats like that? Who would want to be a customer of theirs?

    First AT&T couldn’t get the iPhone right on the network, now they are failing at 4G implementation.

  • Michael Ian

    This is becoming ridiculous. I’m appalled that things like this still happens today. If this happens, I’m sure to jump ship to Sprint which seems to have the least complaints among user and provides plans that makes sense (except charging extra for tethering). And yes, even non contract companies such as boost or virgin.

  • Alex Pena

    Sucks for AT&T! I’m currently with them and I they happen to raise the prices I’m jumping to another ship! I don’t think the merger will take place but I cant afford Verizon and I’ve had bad service with Sprint so I don’t want to go back to them. So IF they merge they will dominate the GSM and may or may not raise prices. But if they don’t prices WILL go up anyways :(

    I hope there’s an alternative, I really do…

  • donger

    I didn’t like At&T or their use to be Iphone exclusivity.

  • mclarensr

    Ouch, just signed a 2 year contract with Big Blue.

  • rfvgyhn

    Here’s to hoping the deal doesn’t go through, ATT loses a ton of money, has to sell of all their spectrum to someone (or even multiple someones) decent, and we never hear from them again. It makes me sad, cause I know it will never happen.

  • EwanRGR

    Find it interesting that some folks are signing contracts to “lock in” a price. This is exactly why I have a month-to-month plan. Originally was on Virgin Mobile, and then when I got a Streak 7 I was able to move to T-mobile without any Early Termination Fees or other hassles. If T-Mob gets expensive, then perhaps I go to Verizon.

    While I don’t need it with T-mobile (since the Streak has built-in 4G), this is why I have a PHS-300 router – so I can just change USB sticks and move without repurchasing everything. I know that’s “one more thing to carry”, but it can pay dividends.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I said it loud and clear back in March and now it turned out just as I said. This deal would not happen CASE CLOSED. Now it’s time to take it out on there customers JUST LIKE COWARDS. They remind me of Verizon thinking they are bigger than Google which they are not. Google wallet is android Galaxy Nexus is android Google is android and the time has come that At&t and Verizon realize they are NOTHING without google plain and simple. Now VERIZON get off your flat ass and get the GALAXY NEXUS out by December 15th and it better have google wallet on it…

    • squiddy20

      Since you obviously didn’t read the article, do that now. It never mentions that the AT&T/T-Mobile merger won’t happen. It *probably* won’t, but stranger things have happened. We have to wait for another 2 months until we REALLY know for sure if it is/is not going to happen. Try reading for once in your life.
      “Google is android” Wrong as usual Dick. If you had flipped that around, you would have been 100% correct, but to say Google is Android is just plain stupid. Google is more than Android. Google is Internet search. Google is Internet ads. Google is making our lives easier. Google is Gmail and all of the other services they offer. Get it right.
      “the time has come that At&t and Verizon realize they are NOTHING without google” Also wrong there. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and all the other carriers worldwide were doing juuuust fine without Google and Apple several years ago. Even if Apple and Google’s phone OS’s suddenly dropped off the face off the Earth, the carriers would still be around selling feature phones. The carriers are MORE THAN Google. Once again, you show how little you know/understand.
      “Now VERIZON get off your flat ass and get the GALAXY NEXUS out by December 15th and it better have google wallet on it” …..Or what? What could measly little you do to a multi BILLION dollar company? Whine, bitch, and complain? Oh yeah, cause that’s worked soooo well so far from the thousands of other Verizon customers wanting the Galaxy Nexus. Get a grip. You have no clue how insignificant you are to Verizon. Oh, and given the info found here: it’s highly unlikely the Galaxy Nexus will launch with Google Wallet. “CASE CLOSED”

  • pekosROB

    So glad I’m on Verizon with unlimited data… left AT&T for the EVO on Sprint then came to Verizon a year later.

  • Tony Torres

    LOL i told my cousins not to switch to att but they didnt listen LMAO!!!!!

  • AceoStar

    Can’t say I’m surprised to here this threat

  • AceoStar

    Can’t say I’m surprised to hear this threat

  • jawabba

    I think its funny that they assume we have any control over this. I’m happily overspending at Verizon anyway, waiting on my Galaxy Nexus

  • minimage

    AT&T can be prepared for me to ignore them, as I always have.

  • Winski

    Truly breathtaking. These AT&T clowns are now threatening the consumer ? It is absolute proof how little these clowns care about the customer under any circumstances. Find another carrier. Dump these clowns like a bad habit.

  • shadowxof

    Does anyone else see this happening? AT&T raises prices….customers get angry…..customers leave AT&T for T-Mobile….T-Mobile gets out of bankruptcy….Everyone hates AT&T. Sounds like a win win situation for me

  • smisa27

    Wow! Just by the title, I thought AT&T acted like a kid. Just because they don’t get what they want, they have to “threat” in order to hopefully get what they want. It kind of reminds me of the days when a kid would say,

    “Why can’t I go to your birthday party? FINE! Mine’s going to be better, and I won’t invite you to mine!”

    Wow, AT&T……..

  • honourbound68

    at&t would be idiots to raise prices. they’re already the worst in customer service and becoming non-competitive in price would just drive another nail into their coffin. They need to concentrate on catching up to VZW with LTE.

  • DroidPower

    If they raise their prices any higher, they’d be on par with Verizon. And Verizon does have better coverage, people looking to make a choice at the same budget would probably choose Verizon (or a cheaper option). No?

  • granpa

    Att is already the most expensive carrier. they raise their prices they will lose even more customers

  • ndub21

    Ha, be prepared for me to switch carriers if you do.

  • kungpaodragon

    “Hey. You can bend over now and give me more money if I don’t get T-Mobile. Or you can help me get T-Mobile first, then bend over when I’ll still raise the price on you because I can. What are you going to do? Leave?”

  • hachem28

    “Be prepared for higher prices” haha no be prepared to lose customers, what dont carriers get about prices, you higher them you lose, you lower them you lose
    –bypass>override– OUT

  • thechad

    All the iPhone people will stick it out no matter how high the prices go.

  • HexiJosh

    Sounds to me like they just want to punish and piss every one of their customers off if they don’t get their way.

  • Samar

    It was bound to happen considering how much AT&T has lost in past few months..all those customers bad reviews..Oh boy..

  • staryoshi

    I like verizon quite a bit, but their lack of unlimited data with new contracts and slowness to release thier gnexus pushed me to Sprint. I just finished day one with my new epic 4g touch and I love it. I hope this merger is denied and that tmobile can make use of their fresh funding. This oligopoly needs more competition, not less.

  • xfaith

    I have the unlimited data on AT&T so I am kind of stuck unless I want to start over with a cap. I know I probably dont use anywhere near “unlimited” but its nice to not have to worry about some number and worry about overages.

    I am ok with the current plan and have no plans to change it any time soon, I might pick up another phone so hopefully that wont mess with any of the plan I have.

    I was glad to hear that if I pick up a 4G phone that my data plan will switch to umlimted 4G for the same price I am currently paying for the 3G, just have to wait and see whats available when I can upgrade. Currently using Captivate running TeamHackSung ICS build……

  • King Chris Scott

    Being on Tmobile and now on att I would love it if I could get Tmobile Coverage but still stay with a company that can get the newest and best phones and that’s att and not Tmobile

  • Brandy4777

    I’m glad I don’t have ATT, but mostly for the customer service. The tiered data plan they went to is actually better than Verizon I think. Thankfully I’m grandfathered in…for now anyway.

  • Elliot Powell

    I think it’s an empty threat at best. As The FCC T-mobile’s Low prices has kept Verizon and ATT “honest”. But the Trend Lately though is that the smaller companies are following What the larger ones are i.e. the Data caps. That’s why if this deal does go through I am going over to Sprint.

  • Danny Calderon

    if the sale goes thru tmobile customers lose , if the sale doesnt go thru tmobile cutomers lose , either way it sux

  • firestarter99

    this is one of the many reason that when i was leaving t-mobile that i when to sprint instead of ATT. when they say shit like this i just find it hard for people to still use them and just not switch companies

  • Louis A

    That’s why I am really interested in carries like Republic Wireless only problem is I may not get the phone that I want. So glad I am not with at&t. Hopefully other carriers can emerge and drive competition.

  • kimminer1

    Boo to att

  • eliander mendoza

    If AT&T can’t get what they want, they might charge more for sure. If AT&T actually does charge me at least $1 more than what i paid right now i am so out of that company…… going to verizon not spring. Spring is not that good :)

  • Bman1126

    I’m Glad ATT didn’t get T-mobile because then I would be forced to leave and I love my Tmobile. I hope that ATT does raise their pricing because maybe more people would come over to t-mobile and they could make some money and turn things around.

  • Alexandra Sedlack


  • Rob

    If demand outpaces supply for AT&T’s data, then naturally, they should raise prices. If they keep the price the same, then too many people will use it and it won’t work well for anyone.

    It does sound to me that AT&T has shamefully succeeded in turning this into a discussion about bandwidth. Taking a step back, I’m unconvinced this isn’t just about acquiring a major player for what will likely be pennies on the dollar without having to significantly alter one’s structure. But obviously, if you’re AT&T, you can’t just say that…

    There’s probably truth in all sides: I bet Sprint is right in that the proper adjustments can possibly be made without the acquisition; that AT&T’s job would be far easier if they could acquire T-Mobile rather than rework all of their equipment; and prices will likely have to rise as we’re all using more data on a limited amount of bandwidth.

  • jamal

    So basically, its either let us buy T-mobile or we’ll increase prices for customers. Smooth move AT&T, really smooth.

  • inerdtia

    What a joke. I switched to Big Red and dumped them already. They lied about the iPhone 4S speeds on their HSPA+ network.

  • Omar

    I was always of the opinion that T-Mobile customers are underpaying for their service, and the fact that the company is broke despite their popularity is proof of this. The merger would have been the best outcome for customers of both companies, and lower-priced options are still available for those who want to pay less (MVNOs, Sprint, and regional carriers).

    The fact is it takes big companies to build out big networks, especially as often as technology is changing. It doesn’t surprise me that if the merger doesn’t go through we’ll have to pay in other ways. I was already sticking with AT&T despite their higher prices because I knew they were using the profit to invest in building their network–I’ve seen noticeable speed improvements in my neck of the woods.

    I’ll have to see how much the price hike is before deciding to switch, but in general you get what you pay for. I like that AT&T doesn’t throttle my speeds when I go over my limit, and I like that I can use the phone and the Web at the same time.

  • jst4tim

    This could push alot of people over to VZW me included.

  • Peter Dowling

    Ah Verizon thank you for at least not being a jerk about your prices. I like your LTE, and your phones are amazing too (the RAZR, G Nexus, Rezound lineup is insane). I just feel bad for Sprint in all this. Terrible 4g (comparatively, and their LTE has hit snags) AT&T should really learn from these other models of how to treat customers, because without their iPhone exclusivity, what do they have?

    • Omar

      I compared Verizon’s prices for the plan I’m on with AT&T, and it came out to $5 more per month.

      Sprint does have inferior 4G, which is why it’s fighting for its survival at the moment so it can fix its mistakes on that front. Once all the major carriers are on LTE (except T-Mobile, which has no LTE plan at the moment), things will get interesting.

      T-Mobile should just be a bump in the road at this point. Normally more competition should be a good thing, but the market should be able to pick winners and losers too.

  • AndyNguyen36

    AT&T has really got to learn from other’s mistakes. I have been traveling throughout California and have noticed the vast differences in connection, which can be pretty deceiving. I can have full bars yet barely hear the other end of the phone, or one bar and hear the other line perfectly.

    Diminished service for a bumped up price, sounds like Netflix anyone? They will definitely lose customers once they bump up prices.

    Also, I should note aside that in Hong Kong, cell phone bills can average $20 with texting, unlimited minutes/data, AND video calls from your phones (yes, this isn’t uncommon amongst users there). AND I found this out 2 years ago. Stop the greed and bump up quality AT&T.

  • Lone

    This is how the market works. If a company can’t keep up, the competition gets their business. Imagine if a percentage of ATT customers fled to Tmobile. Tmobile would become more of a power player.
    The market wont be hurt if ATT is hurt. Customers will just go elsewhere.

    • Omar

      If AT&T raises prices though, expect other carriers to follow.

  • Jon Shiflett

    Sad they have to charge more for the same service. They have to be covering their costs currently.

    • Omar

      It’s not really the same service though … it’s being improved all the time to accommodate increased demand and new technology. Covering costs isn’t enough. They have to be able to add capacity, roll out new capability, and still return a profit to shareholders.

      I think people take for granted that our landlines were built through a government-regulated monopoly precisely so that the company could achieve the size and scale needed to bring telelphone service to every home in America, in part through a Universal Service Fee (USF). I wish we could take a similar approach to wireless.

  • aceofhearts24

    AT&T will not raise their prices if the merger doesn’t go through. This is a bluff on their part so perhaps people will push for the merger. I have AT&T but I feel as if their tactics just like any big telecom company are greedy and unfair. They do not care about their customers interests. They are the ones that put a limit on data when Sprint, a smaller carrier still offers unlimited. This is complete B/S from AT&T. I just hope w/e happens we don’t get completely screwed. Otherwise I’m going to be forced to switch!

  • andremorua

    AT&T network crapy???? ha-ha-ha… the whole attitude and the rest is crapy. They are trying to squeeze everything from you… and if you had a previous plan from a previous provider they will sabotage you….

  • EmeryLee

    I think KDDI America ( should look at acquiring T-Mobile. They run AU ( in Japan and they have an excellent system there. Maybe they can translate some of their success over there to success here in the US market.

  • sgumer

    arent the prices for at&t high enough already. what else can they charge for crappy service.

  • superusermode

    AT&T tried stacking the deck in their favor and I hope their plan backfires. Hopefully DirectTV’s interest in T-Mobile yields some positive results. The industry needs more competition, not Ma Bell round 2. AT&T had a good run but they were too busy pocketing the profits and carrying politicians on their payroll instead of reinvesting in their network and now they’re desperately trying to play catch up.