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Casio joins the smart watch boom with its new G-SHOCK


Ready to rock that G-SHOCK again? These watches have been quite popular for many years, but our phones took their jobs. It’s now rare to see a watch around (let alone a G-SHOCK). Right when the “smart watch” is starting to become the next big thing (as soon as manufacturers get it right), Casio has decided to jump in on the action with the new G-SHOCK GB-6900.

This watch connects to your smartphone and notifies you of incoming calls, emails and messages. Aside from synchronizing the time, users would also be able to change sound modes and set alarms on smartphones straight from their wrist instead of having to take the device out of their pockets. These are not the most important features in this G-SHOCK watch, though.

It connects via Bluetooth LE (Low Energy), which is a Bluetooth 4.0 feature that uses much less power for connectivity. This feature will allow your watch’s battery life to run up to about 2 years on a CR2032 watch battery. This is pretty impressive compared to other smart watches, which will not make it through a week on a single charge.

As you may have noticed, this device looks nothing like the other smart watches on the market. Relatively, it also does nothing compared to them. While it gives you notifications for your messages, it does not seem that you can read them like you can with competing devices.

Apparently Casio is trying to make a smartphone accessory while staying true to its roots as a watch maker. This looks just like the traditional Casio G-SHOCK we used to rock some years ago. If you miss wearing a watch, but haven’t been able to justify purchasing one, this just might be your chance. While it doesn’t have as many functions, the few that it does have can be very helpful.

Starting March 16, 2012, this watch will be available in Japan and will be compatible with the NEC Medias LTE N-04D and the NEC Medias PP N-01D. (Let’s hope it reaches more devices and countries soon). Casio’s plan was to release it this month, but the floods in Thailand delayed production. The price is not yet known, but be prepared to pay quite a bit for one of these. G-SHOCK watches are known for being expensive, and we do not believe that will be changing.

What do you guys say? Would you wear a G-SHOCK again? Would you rather have more features or better battery life in a watch?

Via: Tech Crunch

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  • damambt

    A geek/hipsters dream! time to replace my old g-shock.

    • LukeT32

      I see this coming in handy for nurses and what not who always wear watches to measure someone’s pulse. It is a nice cross between a classic watch and a “smart” watch.

  • stenzor

    Good ol’ Casio, bringing me back to my childhood

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Yeah, I remember rockin’ the ‘ol G-Shock way back when… good times!

  • aykutb

    i always wanted a g-shock when i was a child,well it’s about time my dream come true.

  • oddball

    Actually I am wearing a gshock right now. If Casio includes the solar power feature that the gshocks currently come with this is my next watch.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    They should sponsor me! I kinda want to check out this watch! lol

  • erimin

    love it!


    na not for me.. im not a watch guy. raising my arm to look at my watch , takes as much effort as raising my phone

    • meh

      Really? Reaching in your pocket, pulling out your phone, and pressing the button on the side is just as quick as glancing at your wrist? If you think this, you’re an idiot.

      G shocks/protreks/suuntos are great especially if you like lap functions and want to record time lapses in an active setting. Infinetely more convenient than fiddling in your pocket for a phone.
      Plus you get to sport some swag, but if you’re not a watch guy, I’m almost positive you’re not very fashionable to begin with.

  • cabrone

    This would really round out my watch collection nicely!!!! DO WANT

  • Anthony55

    Do you have to have Bluetooth 4.0 to connect? I think the G-Nex is only Bluetooth 3.0…

    • pjamies

      Your right .. the G-Nexus only has BT 3.0
      But look at the list of cert phones .. only 2 NEC phones
      are listed (so far) as they probably rock BT 4.0.
      I’m sure more will show up, but the real question is ..
      Does this phone do enough to make you want to drop the
      $$$ to buy 1 ???
      Now your wrist will chime, your phone will chime .. damn …
      I’m going to sound like Big Ben !! everytime I get a mesg ..

      Guys, just wait .. there will be a HUD set of glasses soon that
      will project all of your emails, txt’s .. etc (Voice Activated) and it
      will make this G-Shock watch look so 5mins ago !!

    • pjamies
  • zyphbear

    While it’s great more companies are trying, I think they need to be able to do a little more, not just a notification, but some basics like weather, calendar, being able to read a text as it arrives, answer your phone or even get something basic like stock or sport ticker.

    Maybe having the smart functions added AFTER is not the best choice, decide to add it FIRST, then design the rest of the watch.

  • SmithDroid

    I like the battery life, but it needs to do more for me. Read messages, control music, HR monitor, etc. Separate itself from the crowd.

  • vid500

    While I think everyone of us had or has a Casio watch and we all were pretty proud of it, I do think that it would have to do a bit more for me to buy it. But the battery time is unbeatable. It shuld allow you to read the SMS, missed calls,… and have a little control over your phone.

  • Donald Williams

    I wear a watch and to be honest Casio is not my flavor. I like the more business type watches with the all metal surroundings. My favorite watch is the citizen eco drive that i bought maybe 10years ago. Yea its old and worn out and its even being held together with some paperclips and super glue but i have never had to replace a battery and it still looks decent. Ill keep my eye out for a different watch and maybe more features.

    • SGB101

      my Tag is 11 this year and never needed to change the battery, however it doesnt have bluetooth

  • kimminer1

    too small to see?

  • Nathan D.

    That cool to hear and I wouldn’t mind getting one but I rather wait until these type of watches get better.

  • pekosROB

    Interesting. And I was just thinking how I would like a new digital watch, it’s been a while. I’ve been using analog watches for quite some time lately. What was that statistic about how many Android users wear watches again?

  • Dirty_Azkals

    Why wait? Kinda left out the fact that the Apple 4S already has Bluetooth 4.0 built in!

  • Brian Merrill

    How is this android news?

  • Adam G

    well i still rock a g-shock it has temp and barometric pressure and solar charging no battery change needed!

  • Hall Lo

    If it comes to more phone it sure can get more popular.

  • Samar

    Is it Water proof ? & Can it sync over cloud ?

    Am I pushing it… ;-) ..May be.

  • aranea

    When it comes to watches I like classic looking ones. You know with the arms and stuff. I also don’t see too much point in being notified by my watch about and incoming call when I can hear my phone’s beep.

  • Joshua

    Sorry, I was a Swatch kind of dude…

    Anyway, Sharp came out with a new one and I would rather it look like a watch and have limited functionality than what some of you are saying. Sharp’s is awesome because it will vibrate if you get a call and it just shows the caller number, i don’t have to pull my phone out of my pocket if it’s, bank of america, discover, capital one, or any of those other ridiculous fools who leant me money!

  • adaam93

    I was already looking into a new watch, maybe this will be it, I look forward to more details.

  • Markus Laumann

    Just yesterday I was missing my old Timex Ironman due to redundancy. Maybe this could fill it’s place…

  • jimtravis

    Even though I leave the house with multiple mobile devices, still wear a watch daily. For checking the time, the watch is best. No bright light from smartphone screen in darker area like a movie theater when checking time to determine bus you will catch after movie etc., and in summer weather, just a glance is needed. In winter, may have to move jacket sleeve. I like a device whose battery lasts a minimum of a year, and can be discreetly checked.

    This watch sounds like a nice enhancement, but will probably check out the rooted / hacked MotoACTV which can’t really be compared to these Casio’s since the MotoACTV is quite a bit more expensive. Have owned multiple Casio watches over the years, and have received good service from all of them. Owned a Casio BOSS many years ago complete with spreadsheet, and it was one of my favorites.

  • honourbound68

    geez.. i’ve been wearing my solar g-shock for over 5 years. i didn’t think i’d ever want to replace it til now :(

  • classic_hero

    this is interesting but I havent worn a watch in like….actually I dont think Ive ever worn a watch, but I do support future smart watches

  • Troy

    I bet this infringes on one of apples patents…

    • raichleb

      That’s right. Apple did patent time, didn’t they?

  • smeghead68

    Haven’t worn a watch in years. This ugly thing is not about to change my mind. Never liked the plastic watch look.

  • Billy

    Never liked the look of the g-shock and never worn one. Looks cool though and sure it meets some needs.

  • http://Note Uncemister

    Damn skippy I’d buy one of these! White one please!

  • jakkuz

    Haven’t worn a watch since mobile phones become cheap enough. Beside, they are pretty ugly.

  • Josh Anderson

    I’ve been wearing a G-Shock since high school, and am currently 31 years old. My eyes just about fell out of my head when I saw this. Like someone up there previously said, if they retain the solar capabilities of the previous/current models, I will be in for one for sure.

    Who am I kidding, I’ll get one regardless.

  • Armisis

    All it needs is Android Wear and I’m in.