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Early AT&T LTE tests are impressive to say the least


When AT&T and LG teamed up to show off the LTE enabled LG Nitro in New York City earlier this week, it was discovered that AT&T’s network LTE was live and kicking. Download speeds on the Nitro weren’t as impressive as some of the LTE speeds we’ve seen before, but 7 Mbps down is impressive nonetheless. Fortunately, that’s not the best AT&T’s LTE is capable of. Some speed tests performed on a Samsung Skyrocket and Galaxy Tab 8.9 were sent into BGR today that make even the fastest of mobile networks look like dial-up.

Performed in Pima, right outside of Phoenix, Arizona, speed tests on the Samsung Skyrocket broke 38 Mbps down and 10Mbps up. These numbers probably aren’t representative of how things will play out once AT&T’s LTE network goes official in the area, but even half that would be incredible.

AT&T hasn’t announced any plans for LTE in New York or Phoenix yet, but these kinds of numbers don’t lie. This is definitely LTE.

What do you think? If you could consistently get data speeds near 40Mbps, would you switch to AT&T?

Source: BGR

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  • stenzor

    I think a big issue with LTE right now is that it eats up so much battery power that most phones don’t last a day

    • charliethesuperturtle

      And I can pass my data overage just as fast ;D

    • Gr8gorilla

      Everyone forgets that Verizon had similar speeds when LTE first went live? I guess people expect it from Verizon, so it’s not news worthy. Since ATT has had network performance issues, a good product from them is more news worthy.

    • uzunoff

      I don’t think that all the speed will be enough to fix their crappy customer service, and they overpriced plans.
      But having Nexus Prime in their line up will be a very tempting reason to overlook all their crap.

    • seven2k

      you’re right…lte is nice but not practical. Let’s see if Tegra can do something with the power consumption


    At those speeds, I would finish my month’s data allotment in… Just under 53 seconds.

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Thats ridiculous… and while I may get “only” 12 Mbps on Sprint’s WiMAX, at least my data is unlimited. I stream Netflix on 4G at work all the time, stream Pandora constantly, download ROMs and audio books, apps and data like crazy.

      It’s fortunate that ICS has the data tracking and limiting functions, because if I wasn’t on unlimited, I’d be breaking my cap a few days into the month.

      • thechad

        dude where do you work that you can stream Netflix while working?

    • uzunoff

      I don’t think that the access to higher data rate will make your apps use more of it….

      It doesn’t make sense

      • Billy

        It’s just that you can do more faster. Even on 3g I find loading some pages takes forever and have trouble with streaming content at times. Assuming the connection is reliable, the faster speeds will ensure I use more data.

  • Decoder

    That’s faster than my comcast connection at home o.o I personally don’t need those speeds on my mobile, but it’s cool to see technology progressing :D

  • Dan13

    Soooo much faster than my home network. But I agree with stenzor, LTE eats up too much battery. Hopefully all those breakthroughs in batteries these last few months will become a reality soon.

  • arber

    My rogers LTE goes to 60mbps when i’m in downtown toronto. Though still nice speeds just very little real world usage. I’m a heavy power user and use my lte + hspa+ see very little difference in speed. Just sometimes my videos load a little faster

  • erikiksaz

    As much as I hate ATT, I would eventually have to switch out to some form of LTE. I’m currently on TMO now and I am just fine (typically net 3-5Mbps), but once the rest of the providers get caught up to 20+Mbps speeds, it’ll be hard to not switch.

    It sure as hell doesn’t help that the Galaxy Nexus passed through the FCC for ATT and not Tmobile =/

    • TGeezy86

      For T-mobile, its all about the phone. My Galaxy S2 regularly nets me a cool ~14-20Mbps down and around 3mbps up. It’s not LTE, but its more than fast enough for ANYTHING you could possibly do on a mobile phone. Actually, LTE is overkill (in battery life especially) when it comes to perusing websites and social apps….

    • TGeezy86

      And one more thing: The Galaxy Nexus is a pentaband HSPA+ phone; buy it, and it’ll work on both 2g and 3g for both Tmobile and AT&T. Its FCC-certified for both.

  • abel

    Test Date: Nov 24, 2011 1:22:29 pm
    Connection Type: Lte
    Server: Houston, TX
    Download: 38.26 Mbps
    Upload: 13.31 Mbps
    Ping: 44 ms

    A detailed image for this result can be found here:

  • abel

    Test Date: Dec 2, 2011 4:38:27 pm
    Connection Type: Lte
    Server: Austin, TX
    Download: 22.16 Mbps
    Upload: 13.49 Mbps
    Ping: 61 ms

    A detailed image for this result can be found here:

    This is from my Vivid, awesome speeds in Houston Tx

  • dcormier

    Yeah, networks are pretty fast when there aren’t many people using them.

  • Nathan

    Indeed it is impressive but I wouldn’t switch

  • Mighty_O

    Its impressive but the network is pretty fast when there aren’t many people using them.

  • spintrex

    Hmmm so this is what caused Samsung Skyrocket’s battery to explode in a guy’s pocket yesterday…. gotta love that 4G LTE speed!

  • infallFat

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    Seriously why you need so much speed on a cell phone ?

    • TimeOut42

      The biggest advantage about the increased speed for me is when I need to do remote desktop type work and I don’t have a network connection that I can use. I also work with students in high schools and connecting personal hardware to school networks is a pain and then it’s normally a hobbled connect (no connecting to SVN and FTP servers for example). So, I can turn on the hotspot and support the small group of programmers that I’m working with.

      While, it could be easy to eat through your data ration by streaming netflix or youtube all day; the real benefit comes from just being able to do what you’ve normally been doing, just much much faster.

  • Sha

    Verizon lte is no joke in nyc/queens

    samsung droid charge

  • inviolable

    Screw at&t

  • nwilliam3

    You can have all the speed in the world but if you network doesn’t reach anybody does it really matter?

  • Johnston212

    OMG, as long as I keep my unlimited data, I will be in heaven. They have already launched LTE in my home city of Athens, so I could finally get some insane speeds. Now, if they could only improve their DSL speeds, since we are stuck with Charter only for the alternatives.

  • dacatalyst41

    Those speeds are impressive! Now if they can just manage to spend some money on the existing markets that are still pulling 2G speeds, this world might be a better place! So much for priorities.

  • levelm

    If I was the only one using my cable internet it’d be pretty damn fast too.

  • smisa27

    See? AT&T’s doing just fine without T-Mobile. Leave T-Mobile alone!

  • msgnyc

    Not bad at all. Almost as fast as my home network.

  • mimogear

    With these speeds!: tether ;)

  • Richard Yarrell

    Yes I can confirm 37down and 31up on my Skyrocket here in Manhattan New York. I started to see a different symbol appear on my skyrocket early Thursday afternoon around 4pm here that said 4gLTE when normally it always said just 4g. These speeds were very great when I went back home to the Bronx my normal 4g symbol returned without the LTE symbol so that let know that LTE hasn’t reached the outer area of Manhattan. When I woke up Friday morning I went back to Manhattan again and the symbol changed again on my Skyrocket to 4gLTE so now I know Manhattan has LTE with At&t and this speed is great. Gosh what a life I have my black Friday special Skyrocket for 1penny on At&t and my current Htc Rezound on Verizon can’t have anything better that’s for sure this Galaxy S2 Skyrocket is definitely a special device.. Whoever would’ve known I would have 1device on At&t and 1 device on Verizon after my long EVO run on sprint having the Evo 4g and Evo 3d what a whacky 2years. I plan on going for the gold on both networks with getting the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon then the Galaxy Note on At&t

    • Savitt

      similar for me as well and same phone represent!

  • BlkSquad

    Makes me glad I’ve still got unlimited.

  • mugurelu

    Wow, great speeds, apparently this is the future, and were heading full speed ahead.

  • Johnston212

    Haven’t done a speed test since I heard about the LTE, might need to do that on my Atrix 4G. Hopefully AT&T will have some good (and reasonably priced) LTE Android options by March. Who knows, maybe they will even have an actual Atrix 2, lol

  • TimeOut42

    LTE in San Antonio has been ranging from about 20 to 42 and about 10 to 18 up. Really quite amazing how quickly cell phones are advancing in terms of their network speed!

  • e=revs

    i dnt need lte sucking the life outta my battery
    or atleast untill battery tech improves

  • honourbound68

    6 more months till my sprint contract expires!! then it’s either big red or the evil empire

  • Dlux

    Good, now bring it to the metro Detroit area sooner rather then later. Please?

  • ndub21

    Yea, I know Houston LTE gets some insane 30Mb+ speeds, which is why I am so torn on the Galaxy Nexus. Yea, HSPA+ gets better battery life, but it would be pretty cool to hop on that LTE network. We really need an improvement in battery tech. Bad.

  • Savitt

    i have the skyrocket in nyc on the upper west side. and i was getting 25 download and 12 upload consistently. my tops were 42 download and 18 upload. and i got my highs a bunch of times

    • Savitt

      and it is giving me the LTE signal throughout upper to mid manhattan

  • dwickman

    Seattle please!

  • Azaurath

    IF they can maintain those speeds, then maybe. But that is a very big IF!

  • Fabio R

    There is no functional LTE in germany :(

  • Mikael

    Why so slow? Most cities in Sweden (that has LTE) tops at between 50 and 80 Mb/s while Stockholm (the capital) tops at 102 Mb/s.

  • ferman

    The speeds are awesome! The only thing that sucks with LTE is that stupid battery performance.

  • evil2uce

    I think some of you may be getting it twisted. LTE w/ CDMA chugs the battery. We’ve only seen “4G” in the US w/ CDMA radios from both Sprint and Verizon. Granted, both have given us very weak batteries in the long run, but GSM has always been easy on the battery, for instance look at Blackberry devices between Verizon and AT&T. A lot is TBD w/ how AT&T will do with their LTE. And, yes they have shown off some rather impressive speeds with less than a dozen devices on the network, but Verizon and Sprint also showcased their 4G aircards and phones the first weeks of launch in this same fashion. When the network expands and more than 3 devices are on the LTE network, I think we should hold any judgment.

  • phaet2112

    HSPA is fine for Netflix and other Pandora streaming- I don’t see much utility in LTE other than complete abandonment of cable providers for home internet use. And the unreliability of a wireless signal/traffic can dampen that. It would be nice to mention what their idea is for phasing out their 1 and 2g phones as well to free up bandwidth.

  • David Fishman

    Well those LTE data speeds are officially 15x my wifi.

  • humidity

    We’ll see how fast those speeds are after it goes live.

  • goodevilgenius

    I had to explain to my mom why her “4G” AT&T phone wasn’t really 4G. I wish they had never started calling HSPA+ 4G and waited until they actually had LTE, to avoid this confusion.

  • carlosestremera

    speeds are tempting but can they remain on top of their game and not screw everyone over afterwards…i’ll hold out to see what happens after this whole at&t-mobile drama is over…

  • alec

    All of these LTE speeds are great and what not, but if you’re a new subscriber, who does not have access to unlimited data, what’s the point? You have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for that LTE goodness. These tiered plans are no good.

  • breinhar

    I currently dont use over 2gb a month on my iPhone but I wonder if I had an lte phone if I would use more data or just get the same less than 2gb faster.

  • BillyMaysHere

    verizon ftw :)

  • poopster

    OOoo I always wanted a smartphone to be used as a super hotspot.

    • poopster

      I NEED MY 4G FIX!

  • The_Diz

    Step 1. Light up 10 LTE markets with approx. 0.01% adoption
    Step 2. Run LTE speedtests on an empty network
    Step 3. PR the hell out of said tests
    Step 4. ???
    Step 5. Profit

  • sylar

    Yea I think I see lots of people going over their data caps when this first comes out.

  • Ironzey

    I’d like to see the tests performed after people start using it.

  • redman618

    Yes I can vouch these CRAZY speeds here in Houston, TX on the Samsung Skyrocket. Oh did I forget to mention that I have unlimited data plan grandfathered in. Here is when I get back at ATT for screwing me for so long hahahaha!!

  • Henry Gomes

    Is it just me…but why does AT&T’s 4GLTE logo suck so bad…Seems like they decided to just add flames, and it would communicate…isn’t the LTE the selling point

  • Louis Atu

    We just have to wait and see how the speed handles traffic with it gets introduced on many markets. I have a feeling it will go down.

  • Ilyse Rose

    Even though I’m not an AT&T fan I do love being in NY where the fast speeds are launched pretty much first.

  • rayfri

    is there any benefit in using your LTE smartphone or tablet as a tethering hotspot for multiple devices around your home…? I.e. Have all the family members access it via a wifi tethering tool and thus allowing for the sharing of the speeds. Of course it would help to have an uncapped data subscription and keeping it plugged in like a normal router to overcome the battery issues…