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Google Nexus Watch, anyone?

google-nexus-watch Image via: sabih.ahmed with Creative Commons

While some believe that Android has reached its peak, many of us trust that Google will continue to innovate with Android and the mobile industry in general. Aside from working on phones and the operating system, another way to improve Android would be by manufacturing better accessories. And one of the most promising ideas, while still not successful, is the smartwatch.

The idea of creating “the first screen” (second being the phone, third being the computer/laptop, fourth being the TV, etc.) has been already though of. In fact many companies have tried to manufacture smartwatches, but they have been unsuccessful in reaching wide adoption. Some examples include the Sony Ericsson LiveviewMotorola MotoActvWIMM One and i’mWatch.

Needless to say, none of these became that popular. You’ve probably never even heard of some of them. That’s because smartwatch manufacturers haven’t quite hit the sweet spot for the consumer. These devices are either too buggy, too dependent on a phone, ugly or simply too expensive (sometimes all adjectives apply). Could it be that this market is simply not necessary? Or has the right device just not been manufactured?

Why would a smartwatch even be necessary? Personally, the idea of the smartwatch seems ingenious. It probably wouldn’t be worth it for the person who just wants to avoid pulling out a phone to check the time, but some people could make great use of such a device. Aside from that, it would be cool and fun.

Imagine being in a meeting, class, or any place where it would be inconvenient to reach for your phone. You could see your text messages, emails or social network interaction right from your wrist. I don’t know about you, but pulling out my phone to check the time is really annoying if I’m running late somewhere, walking from bus to bus or driving around in crazy traffic.

Also, how many times a day do we pull our phones out of our pockets to check a message or email, just to see that it was some sort of spam? Between personal and work emails, I get an email about every 5-15 minutes on average (depending on the time of the day). I can assure you, I would rather not have pulled out my phone for about half of them.

The market is there, the idea just hasn’t been implemented correctly. And it seems Google (and Apple) are trying to change this. According to the New York Times, Google and Apple have been hard at work on this problem. Both of these companies plan to improvethe functionality of smartphones with wearable devices, and apparently, have been manufacturing and testing them this year.

This would not only include a smartwatch; the sources speak of wearable devices in general. Many of us have definitely been interested in the watches that have been popping out lately. We quickly turn our heads after learning more details, though. Could it be that the big boys will make something good out of this concept? We definitely hope so.

As of now, we will have to wait and see. And don’t forget to take this with a grain of salt. While this comes from the New York Times, it is still considered a rumor. And bigger publishers have been wrong before. With that said, what do you guys think? Are you in for a Nexus Watch if it’s well done and priced right?

Via: The Verge

Source: The New York Times

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  • Shawn Flanagan

    Interesting idea! I’d give it a shot, assuming I didn’t need a data plan to sue one.

    • Shawn Flanagan

      *use, not sue.

      • Alex George

        It was probably a subliminal response from seeing the word “Apple”

    • Thomas Biard

      Or if they made it so you could use GPS without a data plan. Use it as a run tracker/body health tracker/workout register and many many more ideas. I suggest no data plan, but have Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS capabilites so a whole new range of apps can be created to maximize “smart device” technology.

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      If it had NFC it’d be sweet. Imagine inviting someone to a party by tapping your watch to theirs or their phone.

  • triplem

    At least there’s no room for bloat-wear on a watch!

    • damambt

      you read my mind

    • goncalossilva

      If there’s one thing where companies get creative, it’s when thinking about getting bloatware on your stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised :p

      • alxrock

        And then they’ll squeeze in some Ads that’ll take up 1/5 of your screen

  • damambt

    As long as its a pure google experienced untarnished by bloatware. Then yes, I would love one.

  • cfvonner

    I could see it if it synced my Google calendar appointments and alarmed accordingly, but otherwise I think it would be pretty impractical. I also wouldn’t want to pay a $30 data plan for a “smart watch”!

    • azswift

      Could they make it connect via bluetooth to my phone and then ask my phone to grab updates for a sync process?

  • ajonrichards

    Personally, a MotoActv will likely be my next splurge purchase. These devices are entirely unnecessary, but it seems each subsequent iteration of the smart watch becomes more desirable than the last.

  • SCJaredJ

    In response to article title: No. Haven’t worn a watch in years, and this probably isn’t the device that’ll get me to change. Not that you guys/girls won’t love this, but I’ll pass.

  • Jack Thakar

    I think the only way that I would see myself using a smartwatch is if it was an accessory for smartphones. It could connect through Bluetooth to the phone in order to receive emails, SMS, and social network updates. What would be really cool is if the smartwatch had an NFC sensor or something that would allow you to exchange contact information with a handshake.

    A smartwatch as a separate device altogether would be impractical in my opinion.

  • zyphbear

    I personally would love a smartwatch! I would love to be able to see who texted and e-mailed me (if it’s spam or not), be able to mark to delete or archive on the device, check the time, even see things like weather that I would normally have to pull my device out for. Make it sleeker and more like a normal watch.

    Only big issue is that these have been so expensive, I think they need to be able to keep these under $100. If it can do extra things like the MotoActv, that’s great, but it’s still too much.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Some form of navigation would be cool, too!

    • B2L

      Agreed, the current prices are too unreasonable. If they cost $100, I would buy one immediately.

  • HoLfElDeR

    NIce one, i will definetly buy one if they decide to produce

  • geiko

    Companies certainly are trying to get into this market (the sleep tracking bands and whatnot). I’m not sure if Android can work on those as is. It’d have to be skinned, with all unnecessary features removed. Also, they’re too big. Besides those, I’m sure they could work. I don’t see Google doing a Nexus Watch though.

    Also, check out the new NinjaUnboxing from Nexus.

  • McLovin

    I’m looking forward to these. I wear a watch and would be considered old school since most of the new kids don’t wear watches anymore because they have a cell phone with the time on it.

    I’m wearing a Matsucom OnHand wristwatch 16-bit DOS right now. I even have a C compiler for it. But all this is pre-Y-2-K tech and it all died after after the tech crash of 2000. So I’m very excited to see this kind of stuff coming back.

    My wishes for this would of course it would be bluetooth capable but not so much that it needs to be constantly tethered to the phone. When I go jogging I don’t want to carry my phone. So I hope they incorporate some standalone capability.

  • xfaith

    I think the size of the watch would be to small for anything worth while to post to it. Would it be sync’d to your phone? Or would it be another item entirely?

    Would be cool if it could do some sort of Heads up Display, or Hologram so its floating in the air above your phone….yea yea a few years off for that probably.

    I guess if it showed just # of emails/ txts/ & time, but to actually read anything would take forever on a scrolling screen that size.

  • Marcus

    I’ve never really looked into smart watches before, but hearing about this makes me curious. I’d actually love to try out one of these watches. It’d be so cool!

  • Healthy

    Battery requirements are huge for this. Give it a mirasol display and inductive charging and you might have a usable product.

    I’d definitely want one if done right. Though my taste in watches demands something pretty solid, tough to do at consumer tech prices.

  • Brook Marin
  • Ironzey Lewis

    People still wear watches?!?!?

    All kidding aside, a smart watch would have to last more than a day (24 hrs). I’m pretty short sighted when it come to tech and innovation. In the past I’ve asked “Why would I want to carry a cellphone when there are phones all over the place?”I was also guilty of saying “why would I want to surf the internet on a phone when I have a computer right here?”

    I’m going on record now and asking, Why would anyone want to use a watch to augment a phones screen? Also how long would a charge last in something like this? If I have to charge it every night along with my phone and tablet it’s not for me.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      The battery life is an important factor, for sure. It wouldn’t be so great if we had to charge this thing everyday.

      As for your other comments, that is what I was telling me colleagues. I definitely think this is one of those devices that we now say “what the hell is this good for?” Once we actually have it, and if it is carried out right, we will realize how convenient it actually can be… I believe.

  • Danny Calderon

    I wouldn’t buy one just because I tend to break them

  • Rob Vermeij

    I would love it because I love gadgets, but if you take a serious look; would you need one? Sure it is more comfortable then to get your phone out of your pocket, but would you still need your phone then, because your watch can do most things (incl. calling) already. Some might say you need your phone for a bigger screen, but that is what your tablet is for :P

  • Nathan D.

    No, unless it super good I wouldn’t waste my time with it unless it’s a touch screen that can go on the Internet.

  • kusine

    No way. Anything large enough to be useful and read without holding it up to your face is no better than a handheld device.

  • NegativeOne13

    I’d rather have a Nexus utility belt.

  • Donald Williams

    At my job we are forbidden to use cell phones for they would slow us down, “take money from the company”, and personal calls a flat NO NO. Don’t get me wrong we all still carry our phones with us and hide in a dark corner away from the cameras to take a peak at what message or call is on the other end. I can say one thing having a well designed, professional looking, not overpriced piece of “PHONE” on my wrist would be great! I wear a watch now to check the time, I feel naked without one, that and a hat. I could defiantly use this at the job and everyone would continue to think I’m the Android guru. Don’t worry I owe it all to andme!

    • Donald Williams

      Ops forgot to add for talking to my wrist. (at the end)

  • stenzor

    If it looks nice, I would wear it.. Most people today wear watches as a fashion accessory. I still use mine to check the time, but I think of it as jewelry. Most of the concept watches either look too big and bulky, or too geeky to actually wear with anything but a TRON suit

  • clorj

    You could never risk breaking the screen like I did on my hd2, and majel could certainly improve usability. “Computer, send text to x.” Majel; ” What would like to say?” Boss: “Who the hell are you taking to?”

  • Martjn2

    If it comes with a tegra 3 processor, a 8 mp camera, 1 gb of ram and only costs about 50$ maybe i’ll consider it :P

    No but seriously, if they suceed making a cool watch i would buy it. I mean it’s more worth than all theese expensive rolexes i don’t use…

  • Chuck Mullen

    *YAWN* NEXT…

  • jimtravis

    I am a gadget addict, and would welcome a Nexus watch. I would need data connectivity preferably shared with my cell phone since the watch should not use much data, and the last thing I need is another data plan.

    Other than checking the time, my main use would be the transit tracking app which estimates bus actual arrival times based on GPS data from all buses. Currently, have phone in hand while walking to bus stop, watch would be much easier.

    Currently have a Nano on watch band, but like all Apple mobile devices, it looks nice, but is too limited for my needs.

  • Mike Hanel

    it HAS to be stylish… I don’t even use my watch to tell time. I still pull my phone out of my pocket lol

  • Adryan maldonado

    Im sorry i see the your point I personally think it would be a waste of money. If it’s like under 50 bucks then maybe.

  • zerosix

    That’s continue of my comment about ecosystem. This accesoire will be a bargain at price less than $100.

  • thekaz

    hmm.. so rather than looking at my cell phone during my boss’ meeting, you suggest I repeated look at my watch..?

    not sure that’s much better.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Valid point.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Probably not better, but I think it would be much more discrete.. It would be less likely to be noticed…

      • thekaz

        probably true in most places. I, however, work in a place where everyone seem to be constantly on their phones or iPads during meetings anyway. Not sure how we get away with it. must be the nature of the business…

  • rashad360

    I’d love a smartwatch that links to my phone, there has been many times where I just wanted to check the time or a text message that wasn’t really worth my time, but I still *had* to pull the phone out of my pocket.

    This is the future if it were implemented right.

  • Diaeko

    no style

  • Steve Heinrich

    If they could figure something out that makes good sense and looks halfway decent I might consider it. I am curious to see how app developers would utilize this. Right now notifications and time checking seem to be the best reason to have a smartwatch.

  • Tal

    Yes. I would want an Android watch. But … first lets fix the Master/Slave issue!

    If you have a smartphone and a tablet, would it make sense for the tablet to be the master connectivity device? Heck NO! The smartphone will have the connectivity and the tablet would be able to enjoy from it. Same logic should apply to the smartphone, watch relationship … meaning that the SMALLER the device, the more it makes sense to have it as the PRIMARY/MASTER source.

    Therefore, a watch could be the 24 hour device that goes with you. Even inside the house, when you usually put your cell aside. It should have 3G and data connectivity. It should be able to Function On ITS OWN.

    Now add a base phone capability. Be able to somehow pull it from your wrist (which is a billion$ innovation if you get it right), and use it as a small headset!
    And since its always connected add the usual social notifications. Mostly allowing you to consume and then leverage other bigger devices to input too.

  • dandroid4g

    I would definitely try it!

  • Peter Dowling

    I am going to pass on this one, I don’t want to spend over 100 dollars for a watch when the phone in my pocket does more

  • booyootoo

    I own a SE liveview and the features are great.the problem is the device doesn’t work properly.

    I would really love to see a nexus watch for around €100 – €200.

  • jaymzie

    While I think it’s a great idea I feel like 80% of your argument is that you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket to check the time, pretty sure wristwatches have been telling the time for quite a few years now, smart or not

  • Hall Lo

    Dun think it has a really big market for smart-watch for now, but i want one xD

  • evelio

    This is something I always wanted even as an accessory but none of existent devices are good enough to buy them

  • jamal adam

    My swag would be on the up and up with a watch lool

  • jsweetser2

    I’d love to have a slim, waterproof watch to wear at work. I can get in to trouble for using my phone while in the kitchen prepping or cooking – a watch would save me the effort of hiding it to find out if the message was important or not.

  • ahodge007

    I like the sound of it all but for me the price have to be right because I’m not buying a watch that is more expensive then a smartphone. I would like to see text,email, and time. On top of that blue tooth to be able to connect with my phone and talk through my watch and have possibly speech -to-text on it as well. think that would be cool. and gps too.

  • brian tam

    I would!

  • dafi81

    maybe nice!

  • Fabio R

    i would buy one :)

  • CJ LaFleur

    I’d be the first to buy one for the right price!

  • PiTTDRoiD

    Okix….somebody can say me what is the time?…

  • AceoStar

    DAE sing the inspector gadget theme song while reading about smart watches?

  • Torrance Barber

    Some more creative interactions between Android devices (Phone, tablet, and watch) would be interesting. Can’t wait to see what Google cooks up. However, I’ll cosign on what I’ve been reading. No data plan!

  • heresthething

    “I don’t know about you, but pulling out my phone to check the time is really annoying if I’m running late somewhere, walking from bus to bus or driving around in crazy traffic”

    that’s why i wear a watch. like, you know, a regular, old school, analog watch…

  • keridel

    i had a liveview.

    it was crappy. and fell out of it’s watch strap and broke on the ground. bad times

  • Jorge Eslava

    I don’t know how you could text or navigate through emails on a watch but I’m sure if Google wants to make it possible they’ll find a way.

  • ramenchef

    This is a pretty novel concept. I doubt it sells well beyond a small niche of “nerds” though.

  • Lewis McGeary

    I could go for a watch with the right functionality. Something that works with the phone, but can be used independently too, and waterproof. The problem would be making the decision of what to leave out of the watch to keep the price as low as possible, I think it would need:
    Bluetooth, obviously,
    GPS, to track exercise without your phone,
    Some storage for music to stream to bluetooth headphones while exercising,
    Microphone and speaker, possibly front facing camera.

    That doesn’t leave out too much really does it, oh well. No data connectivity should cut the cost a bit, and perhaps a resistive touchscreen(not much room for multi-touch, and would help with using while wearing gloves)

  • ArticulateFool

    Interesting idea. I would hate having to charge a watch every day though.

    • beatrixasdfghjk.

      Oh yeah, I hadn’t thought of that…

      I wouldn’t get one though; I already have a beautiful watch (:

  • iamXiV92a

    I’d sport one, assuming Verizon wasn’t in charge of the launch (ha ha). Seriously though, I think the smartwatch is a fantastic idea – bettery life would have to be beyond “a full day’s charge” for it to make a dent in the general public, I think.

  • Joshua Melling

    I want one!

  • lokidokie

    I’d buy one

  • redxeth

    That would be great! Just have it as an extension of your phone– as second screen. No additional data plan required. Imagine being able to watch a miniature of your fave TV show discreetly during a meeting!

    Or better- have appointment reminders on there.

    Oooh– and using it as a phone– ala Dick Tracy!

  • mclarensr

    I would.

  • Louis A

    Cute but no thanks!

  • techvudu

    I don’t even care what it does. I’m a self proclaimed watch snob and I want one. There are a few others out there that do a pretty nice job of syncing to your phone, but a Nexus is a Nexus. I’m in. Where do I NFC my cash over to?

  • Pjax

    Apple has their work cut out for them. Just put bluetooth and open the Nano for APIs and they’re all set.

    I personally think that the Nano’s form factor is brilliant.

  • alee

    As many people have noted, few people want to charge a watch every day. Battery life is likely to be one reason why using an iPod Nano as a watch isn’t more popular than it now is.

    About calling the NYT article a rumor: What’s actually in the article seems to be on reasonably solid ground, that Google and Apple are doing research into various concepts for these, and are building devices to test out. This certainly doesn’t mean that these will result in actual products on the market any time in the next few years.

    • pjax

      currently, the Nano Watch is the most popular “smartwatch” so far.

      release an SDK for the Nano and it will be all set

  • Truckerniner

    It’s cool and unique

  • donger

    a nexus watch? make it happen google.

  • Voliam

    Nah, I’ll just wait until they can display it on my glasses, or windshield!
    BTW, if your’re always checking your phone for the time, why wouldn’t you wear a watch to begin with?

  • Alex Pena

    I wouldn’t buy a smart watch ever but I think the idea of it is pretty cool. For the email thing, I get a lot of spam emails all the time and it is really annoying pulling out my phone and seeing that it was spam for a old mens yoga class. It would be cool to have the watch so when you received a spam email just look at the watch and it’s say spam so you wouldn’t have to pull out you’re phone and you could just delete it straight from the watch or something.

  • humidity

    I’ve seen a few of these pop up but I agree that no one has made a good one yet.

  • Andy_jr

    I think this could be useful. If the price was reasonable, I’d get one.

  • Priya gill

    The google nexus watches is the one of the important part of the Watch industry. Due to technological innovation of android most of the consumer products will be intercepted by android.
    It will be the next best thing in the coming years. When innovation is at it best.

  • speakthetruth

    I know i’m at the wrong place to say this but….. i think apple has a better chance of creating a device that syncs or communicates with ur smartphone, in this case the iPhone, better, since they seem to do that pretty well. They’re also into well designed products so we know we would get something really nice to look at too. I don’t know if it could be possible but if it were to include iCloud it would be really nice, of course we’re talking about years in the making but you know apple….. they tend to make great unified products.

  • ZTLaidlaw

    I would absolutely love one! And I’m sure it wouldn’t need a data plan if it’s already Bluetooth-tethered to a smartphone. A watch would be a convenient extension to our other mobile devices, a central hub to bring them together.