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HTC commences Honeycomb rollout for the HTC Flyer


Honeycomb for the HTC Flyer has arrived! Earlier today HTC started pushing out a new 210 MB update (version 3.55.405.1) to the HTC Flyer that delivers Honeycomb to HTC’s first tablet device. For now, the update is only being pushed out to the 3G enabled version of the tablet, which is only sold in Europe. Those of you who own the WiFi-only version of the Flyer will need to wait a little bit longer in order to get a taste of Honeycomb.

Ready for some ‘sweet’ news? The GSM version of the HTC Flyer tablet, available in Europe, is beginning to receive updates to Honeycomb beginning today! Honeycomb brings a ton of improvements to Android on tablets, including the latest version of HTC Sense for Tablet with enhanced Internet browsing, Mail, Calendar and more all optimized for the 7HTC

While it’s exciting to see HTC finally deliver on the promise of a Honeycomb update for the HTC Flyer, we’re already looking forward to the future. With Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) already in the wild, we can’t help but wonder how long it will take HTC to send out the next update for the device. If HTC keeps things moving at the same pace, ICS for the HTC Flyer may be available by July of 2012.

Does Honeycomb on the HTC Flyer change your opinion of HTC’s Scribe enabled 7-inch tablet?

Source: HTC

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  • Steven Carver

    This feels a bit redundant. There are already capacitive buttons on the face of the device. I was sorta expecting them to take the soft buttons out. Just feels a bit sloppy in my opinion.

    • stenzor

      At least this way Apple can’t sue them for having too few buttons!

      • kevin charliethesuperturtle

        But remember it has
        black bezal
        Flat screen…..

        • sylar

          uses touch gestures and has a grid layout.

      • Steven Carver


  • stenzor

    HTC really needs to pick up the pace and get ICS on it

    • Alex

      I feel like they would be better off scrapping it and starting anew; the competition for tablets is leaving the Flyer behind, especially with the Transformer Prime right around the corner

    • kevin charliethesuperturtle

      I agree but the flyer is sort of outdated due to some tablets ( transformer prime) kicking its ass in specs

  • alexandro meza

    i saw one of these on craigslist like 3 months ago for 150.00, i guess the guy was not happy with it. I should of bought it.

    • erikiksaz

      …And the value of all current ebayed/craiglisted Flier’s increases twofold…

    • Bryan Stoner

      craigslist? you sure it wasn’t THC?

  • Bryan Stoner

    That will certainly hold people over till Ice Cream Sandwich~ Keep it comin HTC!

  • NasLAU

    Why bother? I guess since they took their sweet time with Honeycomb they might as well get it out. But seriously, why not go straight to ICS?

    • Simon Sebastian

      customizing android OS to sense always takes ages.
      and since this is HTCs first Honeycomb device it took them extra long so they have probably been working on it for weeks/months and decided to finish it before they let you wait 3 more months for ics

      • golcarcol

        Also, they started development of Honeycomb way before ICS source was released, which meant that they probably already had an post-beta build by that time. It would have been a waste of time, resources and money to just scrap all the work that they had done up to that point. Besides, they probably sent the engineers to start working on an ICS build as soon as the source came out.

      • ijonb

        IMO, if 1 thing will Kill Android, it is the customization of Android.

        I train technology, and it’s almost impossible for me to train Android, because nothing is consistent. How can a person learn something if every device is different. That’s the real fragmentation.

        • Nick Gray

          It’ll be one of the cheapest and most versatile Honeycomb tablets on the market. What’s not appealing about that?

  • ajonrichards

    No one’s going to want this no matter how updated it is, if it’s still pricing At $299.

  • Josh McAllister

    Honeycomb? Really? ICS is whats new and what people want.

  • nportelli

    I hope ICS comes out sooner, since there is probably less of a jump. The Flyer was made for ICS with it’s pen support.

    • ally_spots

      That’s what I was thinking. We’ll have to see how other Honeycomb tablets are updated to Android 4.0 to give us a timeline.

  • Lane Montgomery

    If HTC came out with a date certain for ICS then I would buy, but I have a feeling I wouldn’t much like the date.

  • flamesbladeflcl

    I’m just hoping they bring this update to the evo view too. It really isn’t a bad tablet (I’m on one right now). I got one for free from the verge and I would love some honeycomb on it. Ideally I want cm9 though

  • Ironzey Ironzey

    I wonder what they have worked out with respect to the stylus.

    • Nick Gray

      Digital pen input works a little differently in HC. You can now use the pen as a regular stylus without it automatically taking a screenshot that you can write on. It still only works with a select number of apps, but the overall experience is a bit better than what it was in Gingerbread.

  • Davids Kuma

    Wow. I have not seen Honeycomb in live but videos are amazing.

  • oddball

    If the price comes down a little this would be a very nice device for those who don’t want to live on the edge of the Android world. We all want ICS on our devices but a decent honeycomb device in the $220-$250 range would be really nice. Especially with the pen that htc has for this one

    • kevin charliethesuperturtle

      The pen is special isn’t it

  • Sketchy alx

    I had a Flyer for a few weeks but ended up returning it. HTC was so slow with updating it, BestBuy seems to have stopped stocking them, the community on XDA is small (I think there was really only one ROM available). I took it back since it seems to be falling far behind.
    It’s a beautiful tablet and well built. The screen was alright, not the best. But at this point, I don’t think it’ll keep up when there are newer, better tablets just around the corner.

    • Futureboy

      I did the same thing, except for the fact that I lost track of my return window and now I own it.

      I’ve been toying with the idea of getting the Transformer Prime, but I prefer the slider format, and I haven’t heard if they are going to make a Prime Slider.

      This news is awesome because I never thought the Flyer would get an update.
      Good for HTC for updating it. They could have just scrapped the update, so it says a lot that they are pushing the update even if it is late in the game.

      The thing I love about the flyer is the camera has touch to focus which is an awesome feature. Now I’m really looking forward to using Movie Studio app (even if it is a bit basic), on Honeycomb!

  • Diaeko

    tooo late!
    when will the put ics on this 2013?

    • Nick Gray

      ICS will probably come by May of June of 2012. Since Google never officially release HC, it’s hard to say when HTC actually started working on a HC build for the Flyer. Things should be a bit differently with Android 4.0 since Google has released the source code to everyone at the same time.

  • Louis Atu

    Good competition for Samsung galaxy 7″

    • Jonathan

      Way better than the regular 7in tab, and about the same compared to the tab plus

  • mugurelu

    Waiting for ics…. and wainting….

    still waiting…

  • Nathan Diaz

    Yea! One tablet down

  • PapaLos

    My mother has a Flyer and she loves it for what she uses it for (basic stuff).

    I played with it and the Gingerbread kind of killed it for me. Just like playing with a huge phone. I’m glad they got out Honeycomb and hope they continue to update it. I don’t see it staying at $299 for long,

    Imagine a $250 honeycomb tablet by HTC? That’ll breath a whole new life into the device.

    And I know the demand for ICS is great, but I wasn’t even expecting the Flyer to get honeycomb. If I were an owner of this tablet, I’d be happy with what I could get.

  • Oscar Ortega

    My next tablet?……?

  • sylar

    Yay another late update. Well I guess some folks will be happy.

    • droid sam

      I’m going to be very happy as soon as my wifi version gets the update. The rumor isthat the update makes thepenfield input a lot betterhan it already is.

  • donger

    about time. it’s good that HTC is supporting this device.

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Really hoping we’ll see some quicker version updates after ICS. :-\

  • Stephen

    I got it for a good price at Best Buy and have been extremely happy with my Flyer. I happen to love having pen input, and it was a key selling point for me.

    The only other device that has this option right now is the Galaxy Note, and that isn’t available in the US.

    You guys who always chase the latest and greatest hardware specs are fools. If you want to throw away your cash every two weeks, go right ahead.

    The Flyer works and works well. I’m glad for this update but would stick with the Flyer even without it. I have had zero problems with it.

    • droidsam

      Exactly what I was going to psay. Its not about the specs. Its about finding a product that fits your needs.

      • Bill

        Agreed. There will always be the next “better than yours” device, but if you shop intelligently then you will be happy with what you got. I love my flyer and it’s an excellent product.

  • LukeT32

    Should have skipped HC and gone to ICS.

    • droid sam

      That’s the stupidest thing I have heard today. So Your think it would be a better idea to just scrap the hc update which has been in the works for nearly six months so flyer owners can wait another six month’s when they can get honeycomb now?

  • eioous

    Really…just now getting Honeycomb. Almost as bad as phone just now getting Gingerbread.

    • Jamie

      How is that bad? It’s not like gingerbread was horrible. I guess that you always buy the newest thing then because you’re making an argument that is quite unintelligent

  • eioous

    Really…just now getting Honeycomb. Almost as bad as phones just now getting Gingerbread.

  • BrotherL

    I pictured this tablet to get old quick because of it’s phone-like UI and because it just seemed like a rushed product from HTC to get into the tablet market, but this update should attract some new buyers and make those who paid good money (around the time of it’s release) very happy. This would make a great Christmas gift, considering that it’s only $299 at Best Buy, but none of their stores around the area I live carry it anymore :-(

  • jenskristian

    I already have the Tab 10.1, but ICS on the Flyer might just make me get one to play with.

  • thechad

    I would love to see the flyer go on deep discount so i could get them for my kids. The drawing program would be awesome for them.

  • honourbound68

    I’d love for the flyer to sell for 199 or less.

  • Ilyse Rose

    I’ve wanted a Flyer for a while but by this point I’m just better off waiting for the next big thing. Plus I’m low on funds, so even if I were to buy it it wouldn’t be for a few months.
    I just want a tablet :(

  • Daniel

    I have to laugh at all the people putting down this great tablet. Why would you expect something that has a higher screen resolution and iPad besting hardware to be cheaper JUST because it has a 2-inch smaller screen than the iPad? Also the Flyer is VERY capable and with a 1.5ghz processor I say that it’ll still be a snappy device. And how the hell do you expect to be able to travel with a 10.1 inch device? That’s pretty huge if you ask me. That was the thing that made me change my mind to a 7-inch when I was shopping. Finally, yes people, ICS is on the way. But NOBODY ELSE HAS IT! Except the Nexus. So sit tight and let them work and then you can complain about how ICS is outdated soon.

  • Samar

    Waiting for ICS :-)

  • coryteague

    oh sweet jezzebub. Why? if ICS is right around the corner why why why don’t all devices have the most updated OS. It all has to do with the stupid UI over-lays from companies. PEOPLE LIKE STOCK. get over it. move on and start having devices that get upgraded with everything else that is available.

    maybe we should go to having to purchase the OS like windows and Mac make us do? I would gladly do that if I knew that all my android devices would be upgraded at the same time.