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HTC Super Tool unlocks bootloader, roots most devices


There is no doubt that most users are shied away from messing with the guts of their devices. Not only does this usually void your warranty, but there is also a danger of bricking your device (if things aren’t done correctly). One-click methods are the way to go for all “non-techy” users out there, or those who prefer simpler methods. The guys at XDA Developers know this, where an awesome tool has recently been released for HTC users.

The HTC Super Tool works much like other recent options out there (like It is a Windows program that does all the work for you when rooting and unlocking a bootloader.

This third-party tool has surpassed even HTC’s bootloader unlocking tool, which is limited to a few devices. Devices for which this tool has been reported working for include the Evo Design 4G, Evo 4G, Evo 3D, Evo Shift, G2, MT3Gs, MT4G, MT4Gs, Inspire, Sensation, Incredible, Wildfire S, and the Amaze 4G.

As you can see, the list is not bad at all. This pretty much covers the whole EVO family, most of the myTouch family, and many of the popular HTC devices out there. If your smartphone is not on the list, there is still a chance that it might work, but hasn’t been tested yet. If you are feeling extra adventurous, you could give it a try and let the developer know how it goes.

Please remember that tampering with your device’s software is not supported by HTC or your carrier. If you choose to do so, no one takes any responsibility, but you. Your warranty may be void after using HTC Super Tool, and there might be a chance of your device’s functionality being affected.

Now the disclaimer is out of the way. If you have been considering rooting your HTC device, but do not like those complicated guides, this might be your best bet. Go ahead and try it if you are up to it, and let us know how things went. You can download it straight from XDA Developer’s site.

To all HTC users – do you think this is the best or easiest way to root your HTC device? If not, what option do you think is best?

Via: The Verge

Source: XDA Developers

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  • keridel

    Its great when these programs surface. Android dev community is the most active and skillfull around.

    • Jorge Eslava

      Power to the people!

    • Dave

      Have unlocked bootloader on wildfire s with s on..used supertool v3 ..guess what nothing seems to have changed supertool say rooted does all the flashing pretty colours when rooted but no go when try superuser.busybox etc.etc.etc hope someone has better stop xtc clip…

      • Hamzah

        Same problem here. I see that you posted this comment a while a go and was wondering if you solved the prob. If so please tell me how!

        • Chelsea

          I’m in the same boat as you two but a year/two years later. Anything figured out?

  • staryoshi

    It’s a neat option for HTC rooters. Let us know how it works! :)

    • Chris Chapman

      I’m about to try it now! :P

  • Chris Chapman

    If this thing can root a S-ON HTC Wildfire S, I would like to officially state that Android And Me is my favourite Android site in the world. That is all. :P

    • Nick Gray

      So… did it work?

    • AmericanJedi001

      While I understand how you’re excited that AndroidAndMe brought you the news, it would actually be the hacker community at XDA that made the root possible. Just reminding you where credit is due!

  • zyphbear

    As Cool as this is and As Much as I would love to use this on my aging MT3Gs, I’m already having enough issues with the connector in the screen disconnecting and screen touches not being recognized correctly. I think I will just wait to upgrade instead.

  • Zagrash

    Hmmm, I’ve managed to avoid rooting my G2 up until now, but it’s nice to know this tool is available. I’d also be curious to know how well it works for everybody.

    • Nick Gray

      If you read through the forums it looks like it works pretty well. Congratulations on lasting this long with your G2 without root. There’s a whole world of ROMs and hacks out there for the G2 right now and you can even play around with a few beta Android 4.0 builds that developers have whipped up.

      Just remember to do a full system backup before you start flashing new ROMs so that you can get back to your stock phone if anything goes wrong.

    • benben

      You should definitely stop avoiding that!
      The G2/Desire Z has a huge developer base and a lot of fine ROMs are available for it. Also, touch recovery which is absolutely awesome!
      My DZ is already rooted but I’m curious to know if this method works for others.

    • serenada

      The answer is, apparently, poorly. I tried to run my G2 through the steps, failed repeatedly, finally looked at more of the (at the time) 81 pages of comments, and most of them were people having problems. Including other G2 owners whose process failed at the same point mine did. I’ll check in periodically to see if anyone addresses that, but I’m not optimistic. It’s not the one stop shop simple solution this article (or others I’ve seen around) paints it to be for everyone.

      I’ve only rooted one Android device before–I’m definitely not a pro. Which is one reason I was looking forward to this. But even with research, I am still stumped as to how to make *this* process work. I may try another.

  • smithey253

    Contemplating rooting my Sensation XE with this, the process looks so much simpler than all the other methods I have looked at.

    • buakugan

      so it works on htc sensation xe , sorry i am new at this as it is my first phone

  • Mark

    I know the list said it works for the G2 but can anybody actually confirm this? Makes me motivated to want to root my G2 now.

  • ArticulateFool

    Great work XDA developers!

    This will save time for many people.

  • Arturo Castro

    this is great, you could root it and when you have to take it in for repair you could use the same tool to unroot. =]

  • w9jds

    I think it is great that awhile ago everyone had to figure out how to unlock the bootloaders and how to root your phone. Even then when HTC asked what the community wanted for the bootloaders no one actually believed they would do it. I am very glad that HTC started opening up their phones for the development community.

  • HogFan77

    AWESOME!!!!! Now when can I use it on my incREDible 2?

  • erimin

    Great ! If anyone can confirms if it works on G2… thanks in advance.

    • Alan Reboli

      Yes this works for the G2

      • erimin

        thanks man ! appreciated.

        • serenada

          Did you get it to work? Because the dev rescinded his specification that it was after most who tried couldn’t seem to get it functioning.

  • ihatefanboys

    Sounds great, but i wont root my G2 until a stable ICS ROM comes out. Any idea on when thats gonna happen ?

  • DLX1

    Looks good from an old man’s point of view,not being technically savvy gonna give it a try on my Amaze, will post results :)

  • Vance

    I think I will give this a try on my HTC Desire. I’ve rooted it before, the long way, and loaded CM7, but have since gotten a new one and have been putting off doing it again.
    Is there a similar tool for re-partitioning the on-board memory to make more space for App storage? That was also a cumbersome manual process when I did it before.

  • ihatefanboys

    since i cant post on the 25 days of Tegra forum because im under 90…..just want to say how incoherently the contest was run. You say at the beginning of the month how the contest would be to reward members and “power users”, but about 20 out of the 25 days the only stipulation to enter was to “leave a comment below” giving any random shmo with an account a chance to win. It just seems you wanted to have a contest but didnt really have a plan as to how to actually run it. Adding a twitter account, or an avatar, or filling out our profiles is lame when you have a rating system you raved about as vital to the contest. You could have easily escalated every day the rating number needed to enter the days contest, starting at a low number, like 10 and then up to above 90, like it is today…..but no, you do that on the last day.

    Im not trying troll you guys because i love this site and the opportunity this contest gave, but i think it could have been initiated better.

    • Futureboy

      ….or… we can simply be thankful that they gave away anything at all. They didn’t have to. They don’t owe us. If they want to give away awesome stuff, they can certainly do so however they see fit. I was locked out of the last day too even though I’ve been a part of this community for over a year (just didn’t create an account right away) and I’m not upset or bitter. I am sure I speak for a great many of people here when I say that we are grateful for any and every opportunity they gave us to win some awesome gear regardless of how they did it.

      • Futureboy

        Also, if you have feedback, I’m sure they would love to hear it. However, the better route would have been to use the “contact us” form, rather than going off-topic in another post.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Very nice HTC. I also heard from xda that HTC is up to the GPL compliance code as they have released source code for all their devices. HTC is getting better and better every month

    • Nick Gray

      HTC was the best at this before this past summer. For some reason, they stopped releasing source code for their phones and created a backlog of over a half dozen phones.

      • Stalte

        I feel like it was something carrier related. You are right as soon the power phones hit last summer htc stopped giving out source code.

  • matt

    Does this work for the Rezound?

    • Stalte

      I don’t hear about that phone a lot developer wise. I think it hit a little too late in the year for anyone to get on board with it. Plus anyone in the development community got the Galaxy Nexus instead of the Rezound, mostly because it’s a google phone. But I have been wrong before.

  • David Alderman

    Unfortunately this tool does not achieve S-off on the Rezound.

  • vid500

    Nice choice. My isn’t listed. maybe I’ll try it when my warranty expires.:) I don’t dare to mess with it becouse of my depandence on it. But really nice work.

  • S

    Desire HD anyone?
    Oh and, if this would happen to not work with my DHD and i still try it, whats the worst that can happen?

  • WlfHart

    Anyone try this on an HD2 yet? Want to upgrade to ICS…

  • CD

    How about the View? Anyone try it yet?

  • beeftacos

    Tried it on EVO 3D, not much luck. Took two attempts at Prep to get it to work (or at least a semblance of working), and attempts at Root were largely unsuccessful. I’ll mess around with it again later.

    • Alan Reboli

      What hboot are you on? I think this process is going to be slightly hindered because of the 1.5 snafu. If you’re on 1.4 I bet this this works perfectly. I’m on 1.5 and didn’t even try it. Look fun though :)

      • beeftacos

        Yeah, I was looking at some articles about the hboot. I’m definitely on 1.5. I need to go through htcdev for the official bootloader unlock. Boo!

  • Skis03

    Always nice when you can get a program that does the work for ya.

  • nrorm

    anyone confirm if this works on 2.3.3 for the shift?

  • JoeInAlbany

    Skimmed through 70+ pages of the thread over at XDA (yes, I need a life…).

    Looks like the method is largely unsuccessful at this time. Some folks are getting Root, most are not. Very few are getting successfull S-Off.

    Might be worth holding off on this one for now.

    • Anne A

      Thanks for checking. That’s a bummer, but I’m glad that it’s working for some people. When I rooted my Sensation, I was really nervous about bricking my device. If it works, it will definitely alleviate those fears of rooting.

  • tpulu

    Great tool for the less”tech savvy”crowd. I’m somewhere in the middle lol. Hopefully the developers at xda crack the bootloader in the Rezound soon. Getting by alright without root so far, but as CM9 gets closer, I’m starting to get the itch lol

  • Nathan D.

    sweet I’m going to see if this works on my brother’s MT3GS.

  • _Diego

    This is a very good guide for HTC Desire-owners:

    This covers everything; from rooting to sd partitioning to flashing a custom ROM
    Have fun! :-)

  • Slith

    Anyone tried the Thunderbolt? Used Revolutionary last time.

  • uknowme

    Sounds cool too bad I have hboot 1.5 on my 3D.

  • sdtrinity3

    It took a few tries to get my Sensaction unlocked and rooted, so any one click way is much appreciated! Especially when I’ll be doing the same for my gf’s phone.

    • Steve V

      Did you use this to root your sensation? I have never rooted and have no idea how, but have wanted to for a few months now. But with no experience, am very afraid . . .

      • sdtrinity3

        Then you can try out that HTC Super Tool and let us know :)

  • Anne A

    This is great news! My friend has been complaining about her “outdated” MT4G and I’ve always suggested the rooted route, but she’s too afraid to give it a try. This one-click root process will be really helpful.

  • Cristhian Bañales

    On EVO3D Couldn’t get S-OFF but rooting was easy. Revolutionary is still better btw

  • Danny Calderon

    finally i’ll be able to root my MT4G! had a hell of a time the regular way

  • aykutb

    at least HTC does something about it, yet again i’m satisfied as a consumer :)

  • NR

    Anyone have success on a MT3GS running 2.2?

  • nivekkev

    Was considering rooting if ICS was not coming to the MT4G, then I hear if you have Gingerbread you can’t root, now this, I may just give it a try. Tried to root my Behold II a bazillion times the long way, but it never would take. So now that I have another fone that looks like it may not get anymore upgrade luv, this is right on time…

    still have to learn about the roms though…

  • Jorge Branco

    Are people getting stingy with their +1s these days? Or are there just no good comments around? I find it hard to believe it’s the latter

  • thegross1

    Now if it only worked for my rezound. That thing is locked down tight!

  • Samar

    Well Done HTC. If You can’t fight the “root’ers”, join in. That’s the name of the game.

    Interesting to see what other manufacturers (Samsung / Moto and so on) will do now ?

  • jenskristian

    I don’t have a HTC Device, but sweet tool!

  • Danny Calderon

    Tried it on my MT4G, doesn’t work, keeps saying can’t find path or something like that.

  • kneeldug

    Remember, HTC is decent for development, but not great.
    1. They are sending out locked bootloaders and there are no known exploits for them. They are engaged in the same back and forth against developers that any other manufacturer is.
    2. They have non-standard bluetooth stacks, kernel defects, and Android non-compliance issues (e.g., the camera).
    My complaints are due to experience on the Evo3D. It’s a wonderful piece of hardware, but could be much better if HTC managed things a bit better and were more friendly to developers.

  • JMan

    OK, I am new to all of this. What exactly is rooting a phone and what purpose does it serve? I have a HTC 4G Sensation. With this program, what exactly am I doing to my phone? Just need to find out more information on what all this rooting a phone stuff means please. Thank you!

  • classic_hero

    Nice I was looking for a better way to root my friends Inspire

  • Tran Lang

    This is a super easy tool to unlock the boot loader on the HTC Sensation 4G. I did it.
    @JMan, if you own an HTC Sensation 4G and if you want to take more control on your phone, i.e. getting rid of the bloatwares, installing a custom rom, and a lot more, first you need to unlock the boot loader using this super tool. Next step is root your phone and then install a custom rom on your phone and a lot of other apps. This is a very exciting and fun thing to play with your phone. The good thing on Android device is you can take control of your device, not like the stupid Apple devices that you can not anything with them. Your first place to visit is and see for yourself. Happy rooting!

  • Homncruse

    I remember the days before all these 1-clicker simple utilities. Rooting my old G1 was a process that took a couple *hours* my first time with lots of panicked “oh crap oh crap oh crap didibreakit” moments: back-updating an old version of Android (1.5), using the exploit that ran any program typed on the physical keyboard, getting a remote command shell, etc.

    One-clickers are nice to have, but they do unfortunately cause a lot of support questions from novice users who don’t do the background research they really should just in case things go wrong.

  • donger

    root away

  • Hall Lo

    Good! Now I can have my non-techy friends root their phones by themselves! :D

  • rzentz

    It’s about time that more than one manufacturer does this for us android followers!!!

  • LOKI

    Unfortunately this didn’t work on my wife’s Wildfire S (S-ON). If anyone knows how to achieve S-OFF on that sucker please post!

  • Ruben H.

    A bit confused here..been waiting for a root for the Wildfire S. Will this S-off?

  • kawi

    can htc super tool make s-off wildfire s a510e, hboot 1.03?
    almost all rooting forum guide, but try still s-on…
    JUN 2 2011,16:17:50

  • vern336

    I unlocked bootloader on my Wildfire s with the method on htcdev’s site, then tried to root using supertools v3.0, it didnt work, still s-on and not rooted

    Wildfire S
    *** UNLOCKED ***
    Marvel PVT SHIP S-ON RL
    HBOOT 1.08.0099
    NOV 20 2011, 19:09:21

  • Ruben Hernandez

    Anyone know why it’s not working on Wildfire S?

  • svm

    I need to root mt Marvel Wildfire S.But i can find the download link of this software.Can anyone give it to me?
    [email protected]

  • Cajo

    This is a great news for me.
    Can I backup my Wildfire S or something so I can unroot it later not to void warranty ?
    And what is the best method to keep my warranty ? I mean even if it requires S-Off

  • ms

    after running the tool, I get 10 choices to select, should I proceed through all of them from 1 to 10, ?

    • Moustafa Ibrahim

      Choose 1first, then 3 (it will tell you if it is rooted although it told me it is rooted in spite of errors in the process)

  • Sandy

    I have tried HTC Super tool as well as revolutionary but it doesnt work (no S-off and no root possible) on my HTC Sensation XE (Beats Audio). this is probably because i have updated the software. Now how do i uninstall the update? Can you please help

  • tnorris

    Does it work for the tmobile amaze 4g let me know so I don’t Fuck it all up just spent a lot of money on phone and I don’t want it to go to waste I’m not very technologially advanced. Get at me

  • »»Ankit««

    did any one did S- off in HTC wild fire s a510e.. plz help me … i am fed up of low memory … [email protected]

  • minminoo

    download this software

  • minminoo

    htc super tool root download

  • Tom

    Arghhh! Another rooting tool that has failed me! Process tells me it has rooted and cannot gain root acess after. Considering dropping my Android Wildfire A3333 (Jailbreaking is simple in comparison).

    • Moustafa Ibrahim

      This happened to me too.
      I got bootloader unlocked & the tool didn’t work.
      So I tried rooting the usual way with from SD & it worked.

  • ceewazy

    Title; unlocking bootloader on my htc wildfire s

    I try so many times to unlock bootloader on my htc wildfire s android version 2.3.5, software number 2.13.401.3 with htcdev but after i send my token code this is what i read

    (We’re sorry, but it appears your attempt to unlock the bootloader on this device has failed. This could be caused by several factors including simple errors in the entry of the unlock token, problems with your device, or a lack of manufacturer support for the unlocking process. Please see the specific error code listed below, and try again if necessary.
    Error Code: Invalid Bootloader Token Length.
    Error Reason: The submitted Token appears to be the wrong length and won\’t work)

    Please this is my token code,


    can you help me get my unlocking key, i will be very happy.

    • Ghazanfar

      just copy all the code in notepad then remove black spaces in the beginning of all lines in code paragraph then paste it in website text box. Then it will work.

  • Shilpa

    hi, Wt exactly is the success rate this far? Does it work for HTC wildfire (not s) .awaiting response.

  • Adtc

    If I use the SuperTool to “unlock the bootloader”, will the phone still do a factory reset?

    I went almost all the way through the official unlocking steps at HTCdev but stopped short of actually unlocking the bootloader because it warned me that all personal data will be erased (which IMO is very ridiculous because half of what I did wouldn’t even be possible if I didn’t have access to the phone a’la personal data!)

    Is it possible to unlock the bootloader while AVOIDING a factory reset? I believe it should be possible because I don’t think the unlocking depends on the phone being reset, and the reset is only done to protect personal data (which isn’t necessary when the phone owner himself is unlocking).

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

  • Montassar

    You can get an unlock code from here:

  • Heather

    Well I did it a reboot. My phone was messing up and not letting me have any service in areas I knew I had it. I did do it without my sim card……and ….it worked!! with a system 4.0 upgrade

  • Miguel Sahagun

    I cant find file abd.exe and it told me to go here: \android-sdk-windows\platform-tools, but i have no idea where it is, i need better explanation, Someone willing to help? im confused

  • malau

    Reading through the forum comments it seems that the app no longer works for most people.
    It doesn’t seem worth the risk messing up your phone for an app that doesn’t work.

  • bala

    will this tool work for my htc explorer

    • Ghazanfar

      it should. First unlock by visiting htcdev?com and unlock your boot loader by following the instructions on the website of htcdev.

  • Ghazanfar

    Although my cell HTC LEGEND was not listed anywhere when i googled. Then i unlocked boot loader from htcdev and rooted htc Legend with htc super tool and its working great. Now i am free to install custom roms.

  • sarfraz

    will it work for my HTC amaze 4g… b/c on my region pakistan is not listed…

  • ROBOKO555

    Give us other link to download htc drivers, there is an error in the one that you gave us!!

  • socrates

    Meu celular e htc rhyme, nao aceita desbloquear o bootloader