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Humor: Carrier IQ disguises government spy machine in Furby camouflage


No, this story isn’t really about Carrier IQ, or Furby for that matter. Rather, this story is about DragonBot, a cool student project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that turns your Android smartphone into a dancing Furby-esque dragon robot. Best of all, you can control DragonBot with your Android tablet.

I’m not even going to try to sit here and explain to you how awesome DragonBot is. Check out the video for yourself, and leave a comment below telling us how much you want MIT to mass produce these things and put them on store shelves.

Since Vimeo videos don’t always display right on mobile, you can check out the video by clicking here or on the source link below.

Source: Vimeo

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  • ramenchef

    Haha, that video is pretty awesome.

  • zyphbear

    This is so cool and cute! I so want one! I wonder how much they would want to charge for this?

    Since they talked about the virtual version available on your Android device, I would love to give it a try first too!

  • stenzor

    Furbies freak me out.. this freaks me out more

    • thel0nerang3r

      Anything that scares little children is worth having! err.. for halloween, i mean.

  • desean

    Now they just need to get it to move with its feet. This is cool!

  • AsakuraZero

    ok that little guy its cute, im a guy and i can say, i find this utterly cute jajaja

  • ranwanimator

    And I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

    • Anthony Domanico

      That’s exactly what I was thi….all glory to the Hypnotoad.

  • eliander mendoza

    they need a better camera in the robot, a color camera. looks great though…

    • Adam Setapen

      The camera is color, we were just streaming black and white for better performance =P

  • olentz

  • Louis A

    lol pretty funny. Make it move, clab and do the rumba lol

  • Darknight42020

    I’m impressed. Want one already lol. Many possibilities…

  • mikesuds

    I’m really into seeing anything where Android is used to power things that you wouldn’t expect it to, shows it’s power!

  • alxrock

    lol that’s awesome! Much better than other similar products (like the Wappy Dog for the Nintendo DS) My kids would love this.

  • Zagdroid

    Whew! I am glad you marked this as “humor” I would hate to see what DragonBot could do with my personal info. :)

    • Anthony Domanico

      DragonBot is real… the Carrier IQ tie is NOT.

  • frmorrison

    Dragonbot is awesome.

  • NegativeOne13

    Is there a feature where I can send it to the kitchen to make me a sandwich?

    • Lane Montgomery

      it’s not called bitch bot

      • NegativeOne13

        Dragonbot could be codename for BitchBot

  • Lee Swanson

    They just came out with the list of all the phones that had Carrier IQ on it. My old dumb phone (Samsung Hue) was on the list.

  • Adryan maldonado

    ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ONEEE!!!!!!! 5 bucks says thats the prize on day 25 with a galaxy nexus inside of it and with a transformer prime to control it.

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      It’s 25 days of Tegra, so I’m guessing we won’t see a GN. ;)

  • Marcus

    That is pretty amazing. Haha. I like when it says: “but we don’t want to anger the dragon…” XD

  • Rockstar323

    At least when these things become self aware and start killing everyone it will be a cute, furry death.

  • pritams


  • professandobey

    The cool thing is that by using a phone as the brain and eyes, they can produce these much cheaper than if it had to have it’s own processor, screen, camera, etc. Same with the tablet controller, they don’t need to sell a proprietary remote, but use something people already have.

  • inviolable

    That thing is creepy looking..just like furbies ..which I had finally gotten out of my head

  • Samar

    Can we make it to go washroom by itself ? Can that be programmed !

  • ArticulateFool

    This would be fun to terrorize my dogs with!

  • HoLfElDeR

    hahahah so fun, i would definitely buy one if they decide to produce

  • Ilyse Rose

    Pretty funny

  • behzadbayat

    So amazing and actually a nice platform.

  • eClipse

    Take all the junk android phones and use them, great, but I’m not going to use a $400 phone and a $500 tablet to build a $9 dancing toy.

    • superusermode

      What about using a cheap mini-tablet with wifi in it and then use your $400 phone to control it?

  • MJM128

    Where can I get one?

  • beatrixasdfghjk.

    I won’t lie, that thing creeps me out >>

  • sgumer

    that is pretty cool. the monster looks weird and it will probably be in my dreams tonight.

  • Zhi Hao

    Can they make a version with a cat? Cats are cute…. Especially kittens :)

  • Dan Jones

    Dawwwwww. That’s adorable. I want it so bad.


    LOL thats pretty neat

  • xfaith

    They need to get this down to like 150$ or so and I would so get this. This was awesome to watch the video, and cant wait to see what else they will be able to do with this in the future. I have been searching for toys that use the phones as a controller..

    You have Sphero (which is not out yet)
    Blue Drone (not out yet)
    Tank (cant remember full name of that one) which is out.

    1000$ is a little much for me. :

  • tequilya

    Sounds like great fun for the old Droid if they didn’t have to be so expensive

  • dacatalyst41

    There is something very disturbing about Carrier IQ already. This video doesn’t help! lol….#FREAKY

  • humidity


  • MrSub

    I want one…

  • Luke Haviland

    this is why i love android
    apple would probably sue the students for doing this with an iPhone.
    android is amazing
    this project is so cool

  • donger

    lol interesting concept.

  • vid500

    Funny and scary at the same time:) A great job. I would miss my phone if it would be in it.

  • dpleus

    Fairly cute and interesting. It does look like they need to work on their “movements” as they were a bit less than graceful or smooth. But it’s a great proof of concept at least.

  • dirt_squirrel

    i remember when Furbys were relevant.
    Dane Cook was too, i think…