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If AT&T deal falls through, Dish Network interested in T-Mobile


At this point, it’s really starting to look like the AT&T-Mobile deal is going to be abandoned. AT&T has asked for a stay until January 18th in the court case with the DOJ so that they can continue to “evaluate all options.” It’s not looking good.

The proposed acquisition has been met with a great deal of opposition from consumers, competitors and the government. Today’s request shows that AT&T doesn’t know what to do next. We have no real idea what kind of deal AT&T will offer up to try and save the acquisition, or what will happen to T-Mobile of AT&T decides to back away.

With the future of T-Mobile so uncertain, the company has become an interesting prospect for some rather unlikely suitors. Dish Network’s Chief Executive Officer Joseph Clayton told Bloomberg that if the AT&T and T-Mobile deal falls through, his company would be interested in partnering with T-Mobile. Dish Network has been actively acquiring spectrum lately, but doesn’t have enough to launch a network of their own.

We’re not interested in making money on selling our spectrum. We want to use it to create a national wireless network, video, voice and data. We’ve got expertise in satellite-TV, and we will in satellite broadband. The voice part, we’ll need some help with.Joseph ClaytonDish Network

If nothing else, Dish would still be interested in any customers or spectrum AT&T may drop to keep the merger alive.

Should the merger end up being abandoned, T-Mobile will definitely live on in one way or another. Whether it’s through another wireless carrier, a satellite company or something completely unpredicted, Magenta’s story is far from over.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • stenzor

    Dish Network still exists?

    • CTown

      I have Dish Network, it still exists!

      Anyway, it’s nice to know that there are other LTE interested companies that want to take over T-Mobile (since T-Mobile does not have any announced upgrade plans LTE). Also, if Dish makes a LTE network it won’t interfere with GPS like other satellite based networks!

      • doktorzee

        Who really cares about LTE? Do we really need ridiculous speeds on our phones? T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is faster than my home DSL connection. Pages load quickly, I can watch High-Def NetFlix movies, etc. LTE is just an extra battery drain without much benefit over HSPA+, which still has more life left in it.

      • doktorzee

        And another thing, there’s too much fragmentation of the LTE bands, so no LTE roaming between carriers.

    • BiGMERF

      you dont know it still exists?

      • stenzor

        It’s a joke -.-

        • taketheleap

          It’s a trap!

    • uzunoff

      Dish Network rocks!!
      I don’t like a lot of companies but T-Mobile, Google and Dish Network are definitely my favorite.

      If you could remember Dish Network partnered with Google with Google TV. They have the most advanced receivers with sling players. Their technology is the best.

      Although they need a little bit of help with the Customer Service, and that is where T-mobile can also teach them a few tricks.

      I say that’s the best case Scenario. Dish Mobile

      • newmexican

        I am with you,
        I use services on all three and have no complaints. I can see some synergies between Dish and T-Mo that would rock. So FCC and DoJ please send AT&T packing and let this happen ;-)

        • doktorzee

          As long as Dish doesn’t repurpose the 1700 MHz spectrum, which would make our 3G and “4G” handset functionality worthless.

    • brian

      I used to work for dish network… I was in the tornado that wiped out joplin missouri back in may…. when i called dish to ask for a transfer because i didnt want to live there anymore they told me no… I was a good employee too with the numbers to show it. They need to work on their HR before thinking of moving on.

  • Bryan Stoner

    To me the Dish network name sounds like a random pizza joint. I’ll stick with the big bad carriers.

    • stenzor

      A network of pizza sounds yummy

      • Futureboy

        What type of crust would you like? Broadband, or thin client?

    • Jaz

      Your sticking with the big bad carriers? Then stick with the big fat bill. Just because a company is famous and big doesn’t mean its good. Just look at ATT. I have been with sprint for the past 10 years and I also had verizon at the same time and my service was always on par with verizon and I was paying cheaper on sprint. So bigger doesn’t always mean better. Dish network is the way to go for me. Low prices,great service, awesome technology and of course a bunch of FREE HD CHANNELS!

  • ranwanimator

    I feel like a broken record.
    Lose/Lose for T-Mo Customers.

    • ranwanimator

      Apparently this was not a well received comment.

  • zyphbear

    This is really surprising to hear Dish might be interested in getting in the wireless game.
    I would be interested to see what kind of pricing they would offer.

    • erikiksaz

      Cross our fingers that they’ll just bank roll Tmobile without changing things up too much. So long as they don’t jack up the prices.

    • lxgeorge

      Don’t forget what phones they would offer! This being an Android blog and all haha

    • phaet2112

      Dish service was good and cheap for the few years I had it- so it would be great to get a bundle with Tmo now. Even Verizon doesnt offer any sort of bundling with wireless and their FiOS around here, which is insane. Not even $5.

  • JC005

    Can’t wait for a t mobile satellite phone.

    • Ian

      An affordable satellite phone, now that would be amazing indeed.

  • Thomas Biard

    Is this to counter Verizon’s FiOS intertnet/tv/phone and their cell service, and ATT’s U-verse/phone and cellular service? Guess the comparison is dead on then…

  • Louis A

    Dish network as phone carrier?…..”We’re not interested in making money on selling our spectrum. We want to use it to create a national wireless network, video, voice and data. We’ve got expertise in satellite-TV, and we will in satellite broadband. The voice part, we’ll need some help with”….

    think….I smell BS!! No thanks!

  • Jimmy13

    Bah I gotta figure out where I am taking my business if they crash and the big red seems the best for an android offering… Le sigh. I like my cheap reliable network. Works awesome here in town and the loyalty programs are nice.

    • cvette83

      Couldn’t agree more. I see/hear people complain about T-Mobile but I’ve always found the service reliable. And because of their Android selection, I’d go with big red too if I ever decided to leave.

  • MoSDeeb

    This doesn’t sound promising either, unless it will provide T-Mobile with enough spectrum to build out an LTE network.

    On another note:

    The Content Provider Industry teaming up with the Wireless Industry. Both industries do not have enough competition as it is and there is talks of partnerships? Ugh…

  • jamal

    Better than AT&T, that’s for sure.

    • Torrance Barber


    • AndyNguyen36

      AT&T can’t even compete with them! High price, low reception in tons of areas.

    • Samar

      Well Said man.

  • rantmo

    What a bizarre combination. I just can’t quite wrap my head around the resulting corporate entity that would come to be. I don’t really have an opinion about Dish but if it’s just spectrum they want and in the process they leave T-Mobile more or less alone I could live with it.

  • Wunako

    lol i have dish it would be cool to see them buy TMo (who i also have). but you have to wonder how that would work out… in the end would be cool to see dish step up to be a major competitor against AT&T and maybe some cool way to incorprate they’re Blockbuster aquisition into what ever TMo turns out to be

    • Anne L.

      Exactly what I was thinking, too. I have more faith in a Dish Network acquisition of T-Mo than an AT&T one, especially now that they’ve sorta reviewed Blockbuster from death. Maybe T-Mo customers can get exclusive Blockbuster streaming through their smartphones a la Netflix Instant Streaming. Or some kind of exclusive Dish Network OnDemand content just for T-mo subscribers? Lots of possibilities! :)

  • Nathan D.

    well look at the bright side dish network on your phone but direct tv is sooo much better, but that my opinion.

  • ramenchef

    I really wish more people would sign up with t-mobile. They just need more infrastructure, and they’d be able to be able to compete more effectively.

  • ajonrichards

    Yeah this doesn’t make any sense, other than there being a large company with enough capital to play around with the idea of floating a failing wireless carrier.

  • Jaz

    If Tmobile got bought Out by dish I would definitely give them a try. Tmobile is gsm, has great phones, decent coverage where I live and dish network has great service. This would be a win win.

  • Danerisms

    I think this could be interesting. Dish Network has very aggressive pricing on their services and I would expect that pricing would carry through to their mobile division. Additionally, they have a large quantity of customers and would perhaps be able to increase the subscriber base by leveraging their customers.

  • Danerisms

    Also, everyone talks about supporting a failing mobile company. No one says T-Mobile would have to continue failing. It could be a very successful company with the right leadership.

  • BlkSquad

    Tmobile video on demand with support for Dish DVR? Sounds good, add in the Blockbuster rentals with games and movies and i think we’d have a winner if the prices stayed down. If this happened and the TMo network would cover my area, I’d definitely dump ATT and DirecTV.

    • Samar

      Same here dude.

  • Kaote

    I’d be interested to see how this plays out, Both are kind of the bargin companies in their respective markets, could make for some interesting pricing.

  • Danny Calderon

    Maybe they’ll start doing bundle pkgs like Verizon

  • euio

    bring on the 2g/3g/4g/satellite phones!

  • Deeds

    Anything is better than AT&T

  • kwills88

    Deep down I wish Google would get involved since majority of t-mobile’s phones are Android devices. And it would take a jab at apple since they snubbed T-mobile from getting the iPhone and would also beat them to the punch of owning their own mobile network which Steve Jobs wanted.

    • jsweetser2

      I think last year, or the year before – Google put a ridiculous bid on some crazy amount of network. I think their plan was either to drive up the price for another company (not sure who bought it) or, if it worked, get into the mobile business. If Google came out with mobile network capacity, i’d go with it in a heartbeat – regardless of price.

      I actually think MILLIONS of people would – simply because it’s Google, it’d be good. Much like if Blizzard came out with a game for $100 bucks, instead of the usual 59.95, 10 million people would buy it – because it’s Blizzard.

      • euio

        i would give google all my money if they owned a cell company.

        but i think you have to have bad customer service to be a cell company, so google will never qualify.

    • Jeb

      I agree, if Google were to buy T-Mobile, i’d never leave the service. Though right now, it is very cheap.

  • ndub21

    Maybe AT&T should have “evaluated all options” before they commited to buying T-Mobile. My prices going up because of this will not sit well with me.

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

    With a DVR on your phone so you can watch all your favorite shows on the go lol

  • Tim

    I’ll probably be jumping ship probably anyways. I like them but they seem to be ready to dump t-mobile.

  • Wayne Winkler

    This interests me and makes me happy as it doesn’t kill a sector of competition but possibly makes it thrive. More interesting to think about dish now owns blockbuster and trying to directly compete with netflix.

    Then they would would buy a major carrier, and compete in the mobile marketing, combine the two and interesting prospectives comes to mind.

  • jsweetser2

    DishMobile! lol. At this point, i feel that if Tmobile goes on alone, we’ll suffer from no money being pumped into the network anymore because they have none, thus no new areas getting new 3G/4G/LtE upgrades…if another random company takes over, who knows what will happen. It could be amazing, it could be terribad – and there doesn’t seem to be much in between. I’ll stick around for awhile to see what happens mid next year I think – loyalty does still count for something. At least to me it does.

  • Charlesbrown79

    I’m a Dish Network & T-Mobile subscriber and could get behind this merger.

  • Chad

    This actually might work out, they admit that they need help in entering the wireless arena so they would be willing to help more than hurt. I think they actually want to see T-Mobile thrive and become a stronger competitor and not just kill it and swallow it up like AT&T does

  • GeauxLSU

    I’ve been with Dish Network for over 10 years and have been very happy with them. Also have been with Verizon for over 10 years and have a very sweet plan with them, so I don’t see myself switching carriers unless something amazing comes along. But if I were with T-Mobile I would much rather Dish Network take them over than AT&T.

  • markL

    i still dont know why tmobile will fail if they dont merge. i must have missed it when everyone came to that conclusion. i’ve been a happy tmobile customer for years now and this talk of “merge or t mobile dies” is a complete shock to me.

    how/why whats going on.

    • inviolable

      You should take a look at the numbers over the months and years. Your personal experience with a company doesn’t necessarily reflect their internal progression.

  • inviolable

    Noooo c’mon Cablevision wake up

  • inthelab

    It would be nice for T-Mobile’s TV App, much more content if Dish allows it.

  • Charlesbrown79

    Maybe they could do what time warner does and make dish network app exclusively for T-Mobile.

  • n25philly

    This could work…

  • btelks

    I’ll be happy if tmobile is not bought by at&t, but not as much my wife. She wants the iPhone and they are getting tougher and tougher to jailbreak.

  • myandroid99

    what does a tv company have to do with a telephone company

  • eioous

    Dish > ATT. As a TMO customer I would much rather have a DISH buyout.

  • Marc’us H.

    I’d be skeptical of a company that (as far as I know) has no real expertise in the mobile market. If Dish were to jump in, I would kind of go under the assumption that T-Mobile would have to drop to almost a prepaid service. AT&T would at least try to sustain a network (I’m not saying that AT&T’s purchase of the company is any better for the consumer), but it’s definitely would not be a step forward by any means.

  • la_resistance28

    Fascinating. Lots of potential if Dish is able to integrate some of their exclusive TV content, provide quality mobile TV streaming, and give package discounts for their Blockbuster video streaming, it could be a really worthy value proposition. Not too sure on Dish’s operational abilities to run T-Mo retail stores and customer service though.

    • phaet2112

      That is why you keep the operation mostly in place- the retail chains run themselves, you just dictate spectrum direction and where to expand.

  • humidity

    That’s an interesting merge. I wonder how they’ll incorporate the two companies if it happens.

  • staryoshi

    A dish network / t-mobile partnership sounds intriguing, actually… The service integration possibilities have potential.

  • Marcus

    I don’t want T-Mobile and AT&T to merge. But I also think it would be weird if Dish and T-Mobile did. :\

  • Bman1126

    Does this mean satellite phones and TV on the go?

  • flip3547

    I have never had an issue with T-mobile, they have always taken care of anything I’ve needed from them. I’m just curious why we don’t see more new phones out of them, it seems all the other cell companies consistently have a new phone coming out, it’s been awhile for T-Mobile. Being that the Sensation was to become the flagship, what could be next and when?

  • txbluesman

    T-Mobile will still get a boost from this deal not going through. A 3 billion in cash kind of boost. Not too bad for just trying to sell.

  • Ilyse Rose

    I would love for TMo and Sprint to team up, I think they could do great and low-cost things together.

  • thechad

    so..T-Dish or Dish Mobile or T-Dish Mobile Network or TDMN for short

  • WlfHart

    Not surprising that Dish would be interested. I’ve heard rumours that Cox is interested in doing the mobile phone carrier bit.

  • goldenboyrb

    THANK GOD!!! FCC please don’t approve this deal!! I’d rather DISH take over. AT&T and T-Mobile are the only major GSM providers, and if they do merge somehow, I can sense bad service all around, since they will be THE ONLY ONE.

  • EwanRGR

    Still think that T-Mobile selling the infrastructure to AT&T, and then becoming an MVNO makes the most sense for both companies. Guess we’ll see by mid-January (based on the latest filings) whether they go that route or not.

  • xfaith

    That sounds like cox communications joining the wireless party. Not sure on the service but the price in SD looked crazier then AT&T.

    Dish should stay with what they do TV and Internet.

    • azswift

      They also own what’s left of Blockbuster

  • blaseb


  • jst4tim

    So who would benefit more T-Mo or Dish if they merged?

  • droiddewd

    This is curious. Most people think the companies would be combining whereas my understanding of it appears that Direct TV would acquire Tmobile but just have it under their umbrella of companies they own. Its definitely more appealing than ATT.

  • minimage

    If Dish Network want to give me all the ESPN channels on my phone for free, I’ll approve that deal.

  • aranea

    Maybe they can bring some different angle to phone business. You know not only fixed plans starting with 40 dollar voice minutes + data but flexible plans where you can select how many voice minutes and data you want.

  • levelm

    It’s really an interesting combo and WAY more attractive than AT&T.

  • mvndaai

    Tmobile just madea bad decision doing 3g a late as they did. They should have skipped it and they would have been the best Lte.

    • Samar

      Yep. LTE is the future. Verizon took pretty good advantage of this.

  • Samar

    Wud be interesting to see if anybody else steps in !

  • smisa27

    This would be interesting to see how Dish would take T-Mobile. But no doubt, it would be much better than AT&T.

  • jimnguyen

    hopefully if this merger goes though Dish can maybe make the signal better?

  • Matthew Morrison

    I think anything would be better than Tmo disapearing, 4 is better than 3 ahen it comez to the consumer.

  • azswift

    Dish network already owns Blockbuster, maybe they want to get the Blockbuster streaming app exclusively on a bunch of devices.

    • jimnguyen

      that’ll be nice actually. Like how directTV offers NFL live streaming !!

  • ld6772

    This makes a lot of sense, what with the comcast/verizon wireless deal, I can see cable and satellite companies partnering with cell networks more and more. However, I am not sure if a deal with Dish Network will be good for TMo, but I can’t imagine it being any worse that being swallowed up by AT&T

  • tagon

    The whole reason I left Tmo was the coverage, if Dish could help them with that while keeping the same cheaper service I could see myself going back in a few years.

  • vitebsk66

    This one’s of interest to me, being a current T-Mobile customer. With all the talk of take-overs and mergers, I’m thinking I’ll go month-to-month when my contract is up in the spring. We’ve been happy with T-Mo for six years now, but I’m concerned what will happen “under new management”.

    I’m intrigued by some of the newcomers like Virgin Mobile and now Republic Wireless. It’ll be interesting to see how all that evolves. I’m almost always near wi-fi, so the prospect of a more affordable approach relying on wi-fi appeals to me.

  • kimminer1

    I hope Dish tv doesn’t mess this up. I have really liked dish for11 yrs.

    • donger

      wow that is a long time.

  • Jhall222

    Hopefully this will happen soon!!

  • mcnaughtyy

    I hope it doesnt, i would rather see a directv partnership with tmo, but i doubt it

  • OnIn2


  • Tankfantry

    would be cool if we could bundle the services for a slightly cheaper price.

  • kungpaodragon

    Awesome. I would actually like this. Even though I’m probably leaving tmo for Verizon and Galaxy Nexus. This would at least keep the market as competitive if not more by keeping AT&T’s evil reach away.

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

    I still think Google should buy T-mobile.

    • awesomellamas57

      google should just buy dish and t-mobile. therefore they have a mobile device brand with a dedicated carrier that can provide fast satellite tv streaming directly to the device

  • Santana

    Interesting to find out what comes of this

  • dacatalyst41

    This just looks like it could turn out bad….I’m not getting a good feeling about this. Could be my inner hate for T-Mobile’s pink themes!

  • sgumer

    this deal has been going on forever. i dont think it is gonna happen either. t-mobile may be lost in the mix. they have gone really down since this deal first started. maybe dish can help them somehow.

  • gr8cop

    Im not sure that Dish Network is the best option for purchasing TMO USA…Dish is far behind Directv and TMOUSA is continuing to fall behind the other big 4. No matter what happens with AT&T TMO buyout, we TMO subscribers are in limbo.

  • ibap

    They’ve got a cute name to use, but I’m not sure about the rest.

  • RobBull75

    I’m all for it if Dish can push out speeds faster than cable.

  • Scotty Brown

    Partnering does not equal purchasing. I believe the context used here was as using T-Mobile to offer a wireless solution to complete their bundle of services.

    Just like Comcast used Sprint (and now uses Verizon I think), Century Link uses Verizon, Direct used Qwest, etc…