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Please share your Verizon Galaxy Nexus launch stories

Verizon store

Today is the big day that all the hardcore nerds around here have been waiting on for a really long time. Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus is now on sale at the Verizon Wireless online store, and it will be in stores and other authorized retailers by morning.

Our local Verizon Wireless store was taking reservations, so I’m headed to bed so I can wake up and grab mine in the morning. Unfortunately we are hearing that a lot of locations are first come, first serve and quantities are limited.

Are any crazy Android fans up this late waiting in front of your small town Verizon store?

We plan to share our launch stories and we want to hear yours, too. Please share how your purchase experience went and let us know if you learned anything new.

Did you skip the crowds and order online from Verizon or Amazon? If you purchased offline, what retailer did you buy from? Was there a line at your store? Did you ask how many units they had for sale? Did you buy any accessories? Did you get that special $100 off coupon that some previous Altel customers were offered? Did your Verizon location have the double data promotion?

p.s. If you want a flashback, go read the Nexus S launch stories from last year

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  • jaxidian

    This will be the WORST launch ever for me! I’ve been working since Wednesday morning (it’s now Thursday morning at 3:30am). I’m probably going to get out of here and go home to sleep in about an hour but I also want to be at the VZW store when it opens, at 10am. From there, I go back to work. Then I have a user group meeting after work that I help run. Then after that, I get to go home, and work from home to make a deployment for work. That’ll probably finish around 3am and I’ll go to sleep. Then I get up and go back to work on Friday morning. I’m leaving work early Friday to go help setup for and run another tech event with developers from all over Indianapolis attending. That’ll be finished at 10am and I’ll drive home 45 minutes from there and probably crash. Then I’ll wake up Saturday morning and only then will I really have time to play with my Nexus!

    Terrible, I tell you, Terrible!!!

    • ramenchef

      Wow, you have it really rough. Hope everything turns out great for you!

      • ruvort

        same here. I hope for the best

    • faun

      Surely it’d be a better option to just order it online or pick it up on the weekend… Why go through all that if you won’t even have time to enjoy it?

      I mean you’ve waited this long, right?

    • Anthony44

      Hey could be worst imagine all that and coming home to a iPhone gee that’ll really suck camel balls

    • g nexta

      sorry to hear that. (un)fortunately, this will be the best for me! I woke up at 3 am from anticipation, and have the day off work today, so I can get to know my gn! my only complaint is that the next 3 1/2 hours will be incredibly long, waiting impatiently for the store to open!

    • Aniruddha Barapatre

      Whoa…that’s terrible…You should’ve rather ordered online…

    • Marco Perez

      I had to work Wednesday morning as I well. I got online and ordered it. Not only will it be here Friday before 3pm, but it was $50 less, and I didn’t have to pay a $35 activation fee. Totally won on that one! Plus I don’t have to worry about waiting a bunch of time worrying if I’ll get a Galaxy Nexus or not. :) Highly recommended!

    • kingrounds

      I also have to constantly work and am unable to enjoy until at least Sunday after 3pm.
      However, it is all of this work that allows me the enourmous funding of the items I want.

  • jaxidian

    So an alternative story that isn’t so bad….

    A couple weeks ago, I ordered some S-Line cases from eBay for the Nexus. I REALLY enjoyed these cases on my TBolt and they only cost ~$2 shipped, so I figured, what the hell, let’s order some. Well, they should be delivered either Thursday or Friday! PERFECT timing!

    Additionally, as soon as the Nexus launch was made official, I put my TBolt up for sale on Swappa. Well, I wasn’t the only one. So I figured I’d end up having to wait a while before somebody bought my phone. Lo and behold, my phone was sold (no questions asked) within ~7 hours of putting it up for sale! GREAT timing!

    Now I will REALLY kill somebody if the GNex is delayed since my TBolt needs to be shipped tomorrow afternoon! But this timing is working out pretty well! (if you ignore my other story, anyways)

  • mikeytusa

    I ordered online from Verizon. Not a big fan of people and crowds and Verizon sales reps.

    • MJM128

      Lets give them an arrow to the knee!

  • Pmaddadyou

    I posted the story online last week about the sign Verizon had outside one of their stores with Galaxy Nexus availablity plastered all over it. When the lady told me they couldn’t sell them yet, she told me to write my number down and she’ll give me a call when she found out a concrete date for release. I thought she would forget or didn’t care about my Nexus obsession enough to actually call but when I got a call from her this morning I was so stoked. she said she would set one aside for me so when I get off work I can stop by and pick it up. fortunately for me I get off around the same time the stores opens so EPIC WIN for me

  • zyphbear

    Also for anyone who gets one in a store, can you share how busy it is there? Maybe approximitly how many people you see in your local store?

    • zyphbear

      Also, I noticed that Amazon’s Pricing is $199, though they are already saying it’s back ordered by 8-9 days. Maybe their price will come down sooner than some other outlets. (Here’s Hoping!)

    • redraider133

      There were about 7 people in my store. All were there a little before they opened at 8. Supposedly the store had around 15 so I would assume they will sell out by later tonight since they already sold half of them in the first 10 minutes. I was surprised to see this since usually there are no lines.

    • Tiros

      Pulled up to the store at 8:50, only 5 cars waiting. Store opened promptly at 9:00, each of us matched with a sales rep and got started. Allowing 10 minutes for problems with the sales terminal (not unexpected), was out the door with an activated Nex at 9:20.

      Existing plan transferred over without a problem. Got my upgrade and loyalty credits.

      During the 20 minutes I was in the store, at least 15 more people came in. I think the VZW reps are in for a long day. Hang in there!

  • evelio

    I went to a Verizon Store yesterday around 5pm, they took my data and told me to wait 15 minutes… after 30 minutes they told me to come back today early, open by 8am, “the system wasn’t working properly, they will keep trying” they said… not sure what means but hopefully I’ll get my long waited device… soon… no more than a month

  • jaxidian

    I’m about to drive by my store on the way home. I’ll take some pics if there are people camped outside.

    • chochopr

      I just drove to my local store and no one is camping out and the WHITE Droid Razr comes out today too. Available online now.

  • TechWings

    I’ve been trying to get it on LetsTalk, on a family plan using the promo code; however, they’re only discounting one of the two phones, so I think I’m going to wait until tomorrow, give them a call, and see if they’ll discount both phones. If not I’m just going to go to a Verizon store. I know I’ll pay more, but I’ll leave with device in hand.

    • DroidSamurai

      All you need to do is to place the order separately.

  • Mary

    iPhone 4S is much better, att is much better than vzw.
    I have an iPhone 4S from att

    • chochopr


    • Anthony44

      mary ur stuck in the matrix, stop taking the blue pill
      Go to Verizon and take the Big Red pill and see the truth

      • Legend

        this comment is full of win

    • the5thdimension

      Mary must’ve lost her mind…

    • Leo

      Trolling ass

  • Anthropic

    I’m so glad in Australia all the networks will get it, should be popular here.

  • professandobey

    First, if you are still looking for a good deal, go to and enter the code “$75VZN” It’s only $175 when upgrading your plan or $150 for new plans.

    The deal was supposed to go live at 12:01 PST, but frantic refreshing of the page turned up the same message from earlier: “This Product Is Not Available In Your Area.” After 12:15, I get the opportunity to put it in my cart. Not too bad so far.

    The site makes it a little confusing on how to keep your unlimited data plan. You need to click on “add/edit services” from within your cart, then select “Upgrades Only – Keep My Current Data Feature.” Still good.

    So I’m trying to place my order (on LetsTalk), then my home internet goes out as I’m ready to check out! Fortunately, I have a Chromebook with 3G, so I whip it out and use my free mobile data to place the order. ::whew::

    …But then I don’t know the last 4 of the SSN of the family plan main account holder (which is something that the site requires), and she’s not answering her phone! I made my best guess from memory, but hopefully, if it’s a problem they’ll give me a chance to correct it tomorrow morning. Why does VZW have to drop this on us with so little notice? At least it’s finally coming!

    I suppose my story can’t be worse than any we’re going to hear tomorrow where some people will no doubt have stories of going from store to store searching far and wide coming up empty handed.

    • YNWA

      Thanks for saving me $150. Amazon has too long of a wait.

    • st4xor

      I just used the LetsTalk deal as well. $175 for an upgrade and overnight shipping. It didn’t look like it used my last $50 “new every two” discount either, so maybe I can give that to a family member later.

      OG Droid, you’ve been good to me, but its high time for a new toy!

    • Black Kristos

      Huh. For my area, it comes up costing $229. Ah well, I can wait a few days for Amazon.

      • YNWA

        Even with the coupon? Thats weird.

        • Black Kristos

          Yeah, for some reason it wouldn’t apply the coupon the first couple of tries, but it worked eventually. Got mine & it’ll be in hand tomorrow.

    • triangle

      I’m ordered this morning with Let’s hope it goes smoothly. Can’t wait until it arrives.

    • Mast3rShake

      I use to have a 3G phone with unlimited data, if I sign up with a 4G phone should I just upgrade to the 10 GB of data a month since I can’t keep unlimited?

      • Adam

        You can keep unlimited. The 3g-4g doesn’t undo your unlimited status.

    • professandobey


      I called them on Thursday morning to update the SSN and make sure it would go through smoothly. They then informed me that mine would be backordered 1-2 weeks due to it being held up for carrier approval while they ran out of stock. I was bummed, but glad to get it for only $175, so I reminded myself that I waited since July (yes, true story involving my OG Droid getting stolen, and going without a phone at all for 3 months to keep my unlimited data and save the upgrade) and would be fine waiting a bit longer.

      On Friday I get an email from them telling me to contact them regarding my order. When I call, they tell me that Verizon won’t let them place the order while keeping my unlimited data; I could only keep my unlimited data if I buy from a Verizon store. So I canceled my order and bought from a Verizon store that afternoon, which was pretty smooth. I’m glad I have my Galaxy Nexus now, but I’m sad that I had to pay $250 (with an employer discount). A few hours later, I get an email from Lets Talk giving me $25 credit for accessories due to the back order (I hear everyone who was backordered got this); I wonder if it still would work for me since I canceled.

      For all those wondering, I don’t think (based on my experience) Lets Talk will do anything that will make you lose your unlimited data without talking to you first. Even though they were backordered and I wasn’t able to complete my order from them, I am still satisfied with Lets Talk. I thank them for offering such a great deal and would order from them in the future.

  • Alan

    Ordered from Verizon web page at 1:01 am. Received the 4 g at no price increase and phone at 249.


    I really have no luanch story. IMported mines weeks ago.. But it did give me a chuckle reading my story from last year. Lol. Memories

    • B2L

      I’ve only been playing with my GSM Gnex for a couple of days. But I sure do love it! I’ve been comparing it to my Nexus S, and it seriously feels ten times better. (And I thought my NS was a pretty quick device.)

      Also congrats Verizon users! It’s about time you guys got it. :)

      • teqnick

        I upgraded from nexus s too and it’s the mutt’s nuts! Best display i’ve ever seen!

  • teseract

    I was planning on asking my boss to let me take a long lunch so I could run down and grab one.

    Then I got my Verizon bill. I went to a family plan and gave my kid my old original Droid so I could stay contract free. I get a 22% discount due to my corporate discount, so I was expecting $80 for the plan + $30 for data for me $30 for data for her +$5 for parental controls minus 22% for the discount plus the $35 activation fee and taxes. So call it $155. Instead I got a bill for $292!

    For some reason they dropped my discount completely, refunded me the $65 for my previous plan for the period 11/09-12/08, CHARGED ME BACK MY DISCOUNT, then backdated the family plan to 11/8/11 even though the new phone didn’t get activated until 11/25 — THEN they want to bill me *a month in advance* for the plan and data (with no discount) even though my account is in good standing and I’ve never been late on a payment.

    Of course the rep told me NONE of this when I agreed to add the second line or I’d never have done it; I’d have picked up a cheap T-mobile phone on EBay and put her on a month to month plan!

    Needless to say, I’m not going to go get a Galaxy Nexus and get locked into a contract when they’re trying to shake me down like I’m a money tree.

    I swear Verizon is doing everything in their power to keep me from getting this phone!

    • B2L

      Ouch! That’s pretty rough.

    • kingrounds

      You can still contact Verizon, or Best Buy can process the account and adjust.
      There are ways to fix, but don’t let it sit to long, then you surely agree.

      • teseract

        Yup, e-mailed my company’s Verizon rep asking him WTF was going on and saying I’d happy switch to AT&T or T-Mobile as I get a corporate discount through them too. I’m awaiting his reply.

  • Jake

    All this fuss about the GN. . Bought mine based on the good reviews at the Verge. Hope you guys are not disappointed like I was. Bad sound quality. Bad call quality Bad photo quality. Over sensitive volume control. Average battery life. Abysmal app compatibility.(like ebay and Virgin online Tivo record UK)contact search is buggy. Traded mine in for an iPhone 4s and though it’s not perfect in terms of customisation it still beats the nexus to the ground. In a pulp in overall quality and execution. (oh did I mention integrated upload to Picasa albums does not work?). The list goes on and on.

    • Anthony44

      Jake perhaps the phone!!!!!
      Ya know I’m glad u have that iPhone interesting though all over you tube different story
      Jus saying man

    • redraider133

      Well the iphone 4s doesn’t have that great of battery life either. I mean a simple google search will show the many complaints of that. Plus it doesn’t have lte and has that tiny screen, of course it should have good battery life. Plus IOS is pretty much a glorified app launcher.

    • g nexta

      oh god. to begin with, this is still 2011, not 2033, so you won’t find a phone that has allll that is available today. gnex is for people that want what it has, as opposed to what iP offers. that simple. give n take, mainly preference. (*beh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh*) I’m tired of counting sheep.

    • destinydmm

      Jake (and anyone else having issues) my recommendation to you would be to apply the update if you haven’t yet. Then once that goes through, call whatever number is available in the UK to update your roaming capabilities (towers). Make sure your camera is not on a lower setting by default change it to the 720p setting for a higher resolution (plus its a phone camera not a Nikon LOL). For battery life make sure you do not have wifi, bluetooth or gps on when not in use. Also if this setting is available in wifi settings turn the sleep policy to off (usually only in rooted phones but Koush from Cyanagen mod does work for Samsung now too, so it may be there!!!)

      Also it always a matter of preference, if you like the iPhone go with the iPhone if you want to have more control over your phone and what it can do, plus flash, then go with Android. Hope your smartphone experience gets better!!!

  • MoSDeeb

    I’ll be at my local store about 30 minutes prior to opening. Hopefully a seamless experience.

    I have been awaiting this moment quite a while as have others haha

    • g nexta

      sound just like me. I was first at 30, then a douche jumped in at 5! I jumped in front of him oh the douchhhhhhe…..the knew I was first. wish I accounted for those that he jumped in front of… fffffffff….

  • krishna sheth

    this has been one of the worst launch i can remember

  • thekaz

    I can see being excited and wanting to have this in one’s hands as soon as possible, but me personally, I still want some time to play around before deciding if it is for me or not. I’ll try to get to a store to try one as soon as I can.

    If anyone is thinking of waiting in line because they are afraid the phone will sell out — I just don’t see that happening no matter how good this phone is.

    and if I DO decide this is the phone for me, I sure hope I am right about it not selling out :)

    • LukeT32

      I just went to my local store to check one out. My ugrade isn’t available till Jan 16th and it seemed pretty sweet. I played with the new razor too. I think the razor looks a lot sharper (not display just the phone overal), but how can you turn down ICS?!

  • roamdeus

    OK so now that its launching finally why is it that it took so long to be release we need to know this verizon

    • themanwithsauce

      Bug fixes and network stability. My razrs all had issues with data and lockups and VZW didn’t think nexus buyers soul put up with joyrides months down the line.

  • azulpiscina

    where I can find in europe? lol

  • sgumer

    i would wait in line at the store if i had verizon, but i dont so i will not have to worry. good luck to those who did wait in line.

  • Sean BillyMaysHere

    I walked into best buy on sunday 12-11 and they sold me one. :) enough said.


  • RobBull75

    There were already some people milling around the Verizon store in Ogilvie station in downtown Chicago at 6:35 am. Not sure what time it opens, but it can’t be before 9 o’clock or so.

  • Peter Dowling

    Its finals week, so I didn’t go get one as soon as it came out, what do you think I am, an isheep?

  • Louis A

    Waiting with excitement. Woke up, getting my breakfast. I’m suppose to start work today at 8am. I called in saying I am a little sick and I will be there at 11am :) (please don’t tell my boss haha lol) I’m gonna head down to the local verizon and pick up this hot cake.

  • Derek

    I’ve been running Team Hacksung’s Ice Cream Sandwich on my SGS for a few days now. Not impressed with ICS at all. The people app sucks! The lack of Facebook integration sucks! Having to use Friendcaster just to import friends and then they bring in super low res photos and they look terrible. Dont like the integrated app drawer either. It’s definitely not all ICS was cracked up to be.

    • destinydmm

      You are using a custom ROM that is most likely Gingerbread with an ICS theme. This is because the code for ICS hasn’t been released until recently if at all. CyanogenMod hasn’t even released ICS (CM9) yet. No one else will have released it until Cyanogen does because most ROMs use thier base to build their roms anyways.

      • destinydmm

        If you were running CM9 then my mistake it was based off the ICS code but even then it was just an Alpha and no where near 100%

  • Wayne

    I’m grabbing a bite to eat before my store opens at 9am. I passed by it on the way here and didn’t see any one. Let’s hope a line doesn’t form by the time I’m done eating! I’m kind of anxious…!

  • epps720

    I already stopped by the store to see if they opened early…no luck. I already setup a “meeting” on my work calendar from 10am to 11:30 to go grab this thing. Merry early Christmas to me!

    • epps720

      Update: just traded in my loaner Razr and picked up the G-Nex a short while ago. The salesman at Verizon was as miserable as can be and had no idea what he was doing or anything about phones. He was trying to ask me why I was trading in the Razr for the G-Nexus saying the Razr was a better phone.

      As far as the phone goes, so far this phone is no disappointment. The screen is huge and the resolution is unreal. Haven’t had a chance to download my apps but the phone is soo smooth and the camera is ridiculously fast. Same processer as the Razr but I definitely notice the difference in how fluid it is. Loving it!!

  • Jeb

    Yall have fun with those VZW stores and all

  • thekaz

    hey all – I see posts on other blogs (yes, I am ashamed to admit I read other android blogs… but I always check here first!) that you can get this baby online cheaper, but I always hear warnings about some of these online sellers. Granted, if you look hard enough, you could find negative reviews on ANYTHING on the internet, but I was wondering if it is worth the extra cash (keeping in mind I still have my last $50 NE2 discount @ verizon) to get directly from Verizon.

    Having it in my hand right away is not a factor.


    • kingrounds

      In store is discount and fun. I find BB is best with buy back, if you get warranty (can cancel before 1 mo over) you get buy back for less. Also more acc and discounts and 30day price match guarantee at BB.

      Is a way to get the quad core in 6 months or so.

      Just my .02

  • Lee Swanson

    Verizon really doesn’t do a great job with launches. I got my last phone at It was a great experience and I got the phone for 100 cheaper than getting it a Verizon. I would totally do it again.

    • YNWA

      Yeah I have had a good experience with them as well in the past. Unfortunately right now it is showing an 8-9 day backorder for this phone, and since I am in Washington, they charge tax for me, so it isn’t such a good deal.

  • Adam Jones

    As bright and early as i could be, i logged on to I found the Nexus live and ready to purchase. And to my surprise an upgrade promotion for $249 (not just $299). A live chat box popped up. Sure, i got questions, why not. First thig i asked was “tell me about any promotion you may have for switchnig from a 3G phone to a 4G phone.” Her response: “Sure. We can provide you with a $100 credit on your bill when you switch from 3G to 4G.”

    Oh wow! thats great! Nexus now $149. Lucky for me, I have several visa gift cards i can use to pay my bill. $111 in gift cards to be exact. So i’ll charge that $149 to my bill (pls taxes and $12.99 overnight by 3PM shipping).

    Grand total for me was $70.39 after tax tag and title (and discounts)!

    • Adam Jones

      OK so i figured on the $249 was my listed price because of my $50 NE2 $=discount i forgot about.

      To top things all off, i got a great supplemental insurance policy for Accidents (Go Aflac) and i just got a nice claim paid that covered th $70 plus some. FREE!

  • YNWA

    Just ordered mine from Lets Talk for $154.99 using the info in this comment above:

    Free overnight shipping, and no sales tax in WA, so I would say that is the best deal out there. Now hopefully they don’t cancel the order or something lame like that for using the $75 coupon. With any luck I could have the phone by Friday!

  • themanwithsauce

    After the fiasco that was my Droid razr, corporate Verizon has my nexus in the mail. On the one hand, no line :). On the other, it’s gonna bea few days :(

  • Mast3rShake

    Advise please.

    Should I buy this today or do you think I should just wait maybe 3-6 months for a quadcore phone?

    • YNWA

      If you don’t care about the latest updates from Google, then I would say to wait. Google won’t be releasing a replacement for this phone for another year.

      Quad-core will really only show performance increases for gaming, and it will probably be minor other than that. Dual-core with 1 GB of RAM is what Android needs to be smooth. Anything over that isn’t going to speed things up much more. Just my two cents.

    • redraider133

      Depends if you want updates right away or want the latest and greatest specs. Google won’t release another nexus anytime soon since they are like apple with their 1 refresh a year google phone.

    • kingrounds

      Why doesn’t anyone notice or talk about the Buy Back from BBMobile?
      This is a great way to buy now and buy later.
      Spend more money all the time, its the American Way !

  • redraider133

    Was about 6 people(including myself) in line when doors opened at 8. Store supposedly had 15 or so and everyone got a nexus that wanted one so far. Was in and out within 20 minutes. Pretty good after how this launch when that there were no hiccups today. Loving the phone so far.

  • raichleb

    Did anyone who went to the website and signed up for official notification from Verizon get notified? I know I didn’t.

    I was actually in my local store at about 4:45 yesterday (Central time) when they got official notification. They open in about 40 minutes, so I’ll be there shortly to greet them.

    • geewhipped

      Same here. Didn’t get crap.

  • Danny Calderon

    The only thing this phone has over most Verizon high end phones is that it’s a Google experience phone, and Verizon botched the launch big time

  • geewhipped

    There were 3 of us waiting at the store outside of Allentown, PA at 8am. I called last night and asked if they were reserving phones and they told me “first come, first served.”
    By the time I left (8:15), there were 9 or 10 people in there buying GNs.
    I haven’t played with the phone much yet because I want to unlock the bootloader first (since it will wipe the phone).

  • Jbo

    I’ve been watching the yak on this phone for two months. Finally it comes. My wife and 2 year old son were eating breakfast on the side walk when they opened this morning. The one and only geek family in our town evidently ready for a new contract. She had the store to herself, the first pick of the new Nexus litter. “Ahhh…”.

  • breinhar

    I’ll probably stop by and check it out even though I got tired of waitin and bought a 4s. I hope they have some display ones to play with.

  • Andrew Elliott

    There was only me and another guy before the store opened in Tallahassee, fl. But as soon as the store opened there were 15 ppl who had all reserved phones. Lady said they had about 20 left

  • Danny Calderon

    Does this phone have any carrier or OEM apps?

  • mclarensr

    Good to see this day finally here. Dont care much for the Verzion version. Now hopefully we dont have to wait this long for the GSM version.

  • Billy

    Stopping by in an hour. I want to order online but my voice plan isn’t offered anymore. It looks like buying through VZW allows me to keep my current voice plans in place … but not through a third party.

    Keeping unlimited data seems fine either way.

  • Tim

    Target Mobile has it for new customers at $220 and upgrades for $250. BUT would ship in 2-3 days. Still not bad.

  • humidity

    I plan on waiting for about 30-45 min before the store opens!


    I just called tmobile and they offer me stay with them and they will give me the galaxy SII for free, i dont know what to do? should I leave and grab my nexus or wait till the nexus is available on tmobile? what you guys think?

  • Marcus

    I will wait. Until the price drops. And until it lands on AT&T. :)

  • Wayne

    Got there about 8:40 and there were already 20 people waiting. Luckily they had more than enough and i got my phone! Still setting it up and playing aroubd with it. So far so good!

  • Adryan maldonado

    :’( i have no verizon nexus launch story. But i will make a trip to the verizon store today just to play with it

    • Walter

      I do that with every phone that comes out(thats better then what I got of course) lol I love it and do t plan to stop even if I don’t buy a single one

  • TJ Tang

    I picked up my Galaxy Nexus at 7am this morning at the train station Verizon stand. I ended up being first in line, they had 10 phones in stock. I ended up getting $150 off the $299 price. Currently I am having issues with syncing Gmail and Contacts. Calendar and everything else syncs ok. Is anyone else seeing issues with syncing gmail and contacts?

  • jeff327

    My Nexus will be here tomorrow morning. The wait is killing me. I do not have a great launch story as I ordered mine online. But I did set my alarms to wake up at 1:00 AM to order it. So my launch story is my wife now thinks she is married to a bigger geek today then she did on Wednesday. :)

  • Chris Fatica

    Just got back from a Verizon store. Picked up my Galaxy Nexus. They wouldn’t tell me how many they had in stock. They had most the accessories but ran out of the extended batteries. I was there 15 minutes before the door opened and was still fourth in line! Took me about an hour from walking in the door and walking out. Now i’m enjoying some ICS!!!!!

  • Mast3rShake

    What do you think out there?

    Should I buy this today or do you think I should just wait maybe 3-6 months for a quadcore phone?

  • miked

    My local VZW store normally opens at 9 AM. I arrived about 8:30 am and there were about eight people at my location. The store ended up opening early at around 7:45am. Everything went very smoothly, plenty of staff available to help the first set that arrived. When i spoke with the salesman he told me that they might not make it through the day before running out. Glad i got in early. I have already received the 4.02 update as well. The phone is beautiful and did not expect it to be this THIN!

    • miked

      Type 8:45 am

  • Chris

    Showed up at 8:30, walked into the store at 8:50 (opened at 9). Was out of there by 9:15. Bought the extra battery pack, double case, and screen protector. Ran $250 for me. Love my discount from my employer. Was 40% off everything. 4 people were there buying the Nexus, one was there for an iPhone. Store had plenty of stock.

  • Tony Torres

    Gee I could have seen this coming? No lines Lol Verizon pissed a lot of people off with the GN launch. Epic FAIL!

  • SCArsonist

    While the salesman was typing my info into the computer, another saleswoman came over and asked if “that phone” (code-like emphasis) had been released. Word hadn’t gotten around to everyone, it seems. Then they all got a good laugh when I pulled out my old phone, an original Razr with Cingular branding.

    Made out like a bandit on the price thanks to a generous corporate discount.

  • federalreserve

    Exchanged my iPhone 4S for a Galaxy Nexus today over the phone… couldn’t wait to get rid of it! The Nexus should arrive Saturday or Monday.

    • DroidPower

      they let you do that?

  • nytobos

    I got to a store in boston at 645 and was the first in line.
    I got the phone and im obsessed.
    I can’t stop playing with it. My coworkers think I should do work but they just don’t understand.

  • JxLegend

    Walked in expecting to pay the $650 walked out paying only $300 …. dont know why i didnt have an upgrade until 2013

  • Christian St. Cyr

    Called a Best Buy mall store and asked to have one of the few they had left reserved. The president of our company is at our office this morning otherwise I would have been out the door as soon as I checked google reader I’ve never had Verizon so I hope credit check goes fine. I’ve had every other carrier this year. Kind of epic that I’ll have had all four carriers in the same year. Had a Nexus One on AT&T and was super happy until someone knocked it out of my hands and it started rebooting. I got a Sprint Nexus S and the data connection was abismal and I returned it before the software update came out. I swapped out with a T-Mobile Nexus S and it has been ok but I’ve never felt attached to it like I did my Nexus One. Anyway kind of my Nexus history blah blah. Heading out at noon to get my GN.

  • Clinton Jackson

    Arrived at local Verizon store in the mall at 9am, was 3rd person to get the GN. Brought the baby home and it did the software update and it just finished loading all my previous apps. Awesome display, some learning curve for ICS, great phone.

  • g nexta

    store opened at 10, first to get one, it’s now rebooting with the first update. funny thing, I asked about google wallet, SHE HAD NO IDEA WHAT THAT WAS!!!!!

    • eliander mendoza

      Lol that’s funny >.< they are lyimg or that person lives under a rock, and yet she works for verizon? I am a mad dog when it comes to knowledge of smartphones why can't i get a job there then? :(

      • kingrounds

        Because they don’t want knowledge, they want cheap!

  • keen

    There are forty to fifty people in line at one of the downtown Seattle Verizon stores.

  • sunrise

    Everyone on Verizon getting their Galaxy Nexus are really lucky. How exciting, I hope you guys enjoy your phone!

  • giggles

    Here’s my launch story- I bought the razr instead.


    It was super simple. My store opened at 9am, made a quick phonecall to check on some payment details and what their availability of the item looked like.

    Called work while cruising over to the store, let them know I’d be in at 10:30am.

    Walk in, check in, wait, wait, wait, while watching the trove of apparent IT Directors. My name gets called, walk up, toss it to my phone bill, put in my Gmail info, walk out the door and get to work at 10:30.

    Flawless Victory.

  • Shadowlore

    Tried ordering last nite, and their system went down as I did, which left me with an unusable device (Droid X)

    Went to the local store to straighten it all out at 9am sharp, and was the only person there. Told them what happened, and the guy (who had been on vacation) didn’t realize the Nexus was available for sale yet. He went and got me 2 outta the back room, as well as all the accessories he could find (screen protectors only).

    Wound up having him just cancel the order from last nite, and he started to process the activation on my phone…

    Then all hell broke loose.

    Their phones started going nuts… people started walking in wanting to get the Nexus. Quote from the guy I was working with: ‘Wow.. there’s gonna be some P***ed off people…’

    “Why’s that??”

    ‘We only have 30 in stock’

    Had some trouble getting the discounts working ($100 off, $50 NE2 upgrade, and $50 Living Social)… but wound up walking out of the store with 2 Nexuses, and a mail to home order for 2 car docks, 2 packs of screen savers, 2 extended batteries, and 2 charging stations… grand total? $508.22

    Oh yeah.. when I walked out.. there were 41 people in the store, not including the employees… yeah.. there’s gonna be some disappointed customers.

    • JxLegend

      Yeah there were only 30 at the one I went to too. There were about 10 people besides me when I left so they have a better chance. Though one store I called only had 3!

    • Marco Perez

      $508.22, hard core. Nevertheless, I support you! Lol!
      I had actually forgotten about the $50 living socials coupon I’d bought, I’m glad you brought it up! Anybody know the difference between the charging dock on the bottom of the phone vs. the charging dock on side (the three dots?)

      • Shadowlore

        While I bought the docks (mounts) for the Nexus, I have no doubt I’m going to wind up getting the ‘proper’ docks when they’re available.

        The difference is the 3 pin charge dock allows for integrated charging and audio… so you plug your power and minidin connector into the dock, and it handles the rest. (nothing to plug into the phone at all)

        Verizons, however, doesn’t have that option, so you still have to hang the wires off your phone itself.

    • Black Kristos

      Got mine through the LetsTalk deal, so I’m going to have to use the LivingSocial deal on one of those car docks!

    • Jeff

      the agent ringing up the person next to me wouldn’t let him use the living social deal and his NE2 at the same time. he had to choose one or the other.

      • Shadowlore

        I thought I wouldn’t be able to, but the guy said he’d just apply it to the accessories instead… So yeah, he had to ring me up twice. Still.. no big deal :)

  • Jimmy13

    Grats to all the new owners!!

  • nathan118

    Anyone verify if it has free wifi and tether?

    • Marco Perez

      Prob not, but I believe the phone has already been rooted and it’s not a complicated process.

      • John

        I thought it’s unlocked, not rooted.

    • Bob McCollugh

      Agreed….can anyone check the wifi/tether settings and see what’s in there?

  • Billy

    Called my VZW store around 9:40am central and asked if they had any. They said yes and agreed to hold one.

    Got there and the transaction went smooth as butter. They had a few accessories such as cases, car charger and screen protector but no batteries.

    Sales rep said they had been pretty busy and got 2 cases in which was about 20-30 he said.

    He said it was way smaller than the RAZR launch where they had about 70-80 at launch.

    So far so good … still playing!

    Speed test showed 10mbps down, 1mbps up from my office where I had 1 4g bar.

  • wyngo

    Amazon lured me away from the path of the righteous when they offered the Rezound for a penny. I don’t regret it, but to everyone who’s getting a nexus today, enjoy!

  • cvette83

    I got into my train station in Chicago this morning at about 645am. At the Verizon kiosk, there was probably a line of 10-15 people waiting for them to open. Not sure how long they had been in line though. Hopefully I’ll have a couple minutes before catching the train back home to stop by and play around with it. Anyway, that’s my little Nexus launch story.

  • Ilyse Rose

    Looking forward to going back and reading all these experiences. It shows just how big a phone nerd I can be, which is why I’m not shocked when friends make fun of me.

    • kingrounds

      Reading them now, awaiting the time I can buy one for myself.
      I am never shocked, welcome the comments with open arms.

      Would have to say ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ did great for that as well.

  • Quasar

    Right now, my story is all about waiting. I’m hoping Verizon doesn’t have exclusivity very long so I can buy an unlocked GSM version here in the US for under $700.

  • Pete

    I just stopped by the local Verizon store at lunch to fondle the Nexus. Right off the bat – I pulled it from the wall and the backplate pulled off because that’s what they had the security cable attached to. Actually, I’m kinda disappointed in how it appears to snap on – it looks like eventually the plastic tabs might break. It probably wouldn’t be an issue for awhile though and maybe there will be third party covers or something. Or a case would render it moot, too. Either way it was awkward grabbing it and having it fall apart immediately! Luckily no one noticed.

    I played with it a bit – it’s definitely fast. I’m not sure about the size, it’s really big, but I don’t know if it isn’t manageable. Plus it was awkward handling in general because it was tethered by the security cable and a USB cable.

    I didn’t buy yet but plan to in the next week or so, my OG Droid is crapping out more frequently lately and the wife wants to go together to upgrade phones. I’ll probably still end up getting the Nexus though.

  • Grout

    I arrived to the newest store in the area (Pittsburgh, PA) around 8:55am and was 8th in line. The whole process took almost 90 minutes, but I was able to walk out with a Galaxy Nexus for $249 with my corporate discount! I could not be happier with this phone.

  • Samar

    Not on Verizon, but will share the story..:-)

  • MoSDeeb

    Walked in, bought it, walked out. I am really digging this phone haha

  • Steve Smith

    Could someone please see if it has free wifi hotspot?

    • Alan

      It is capable but it cost extra.

  • gregd9288

    First store I waited on line for about a half hour in the cold in NYC. Once I got to the front of the line at the Store they told me I could not purchase the phone because i wanted to purchase it at retail price. They said that only upgrades could be done today and tomorrow I could come back and buy it at retail. I went to another Verizon store and they had no problem selling it to me at retail.

  • David Hughes

    Success, arrived 5 minutes before opening and about 20 folks in front of me. The poor lady in front was the only female in the line and all she wanted to was to activate her lame iPhones, which I was happy to say sorry you have a bad phone to activate. But it was smooth, VZW had a fully staff counter and was able to help about seven people at one time. I was in and out within 30 minutes with phone in hand. Quickest I have ever gotten out of a VZW store.

  • Kyle

    Smooth like butta! I had been in communication w/ the RadioShack across the street from my office and when they got the shipment they knew to hold on to one for me. I walked over this morning at 9, and by 9:30 I was back in my office salivating over my beautiful new phone!
    If I had any patience at all I would have waited until the device is released on T-MO, just to punish VZN for botching this launch.

  • Marc’us H.

    Surrounded by Authorized Retailers … nadda. Figure might as well order it.

  • Blaw

    I’m on vacation, today’s my last day.. Gotta go back tomorrow to work. So, i got up early went to the Verizon store (they open at 9:00AM it’s a kiosk at a mall) I was told they would start selling it at 10:00AM. Went and looked around the mall for a while, came back at 9:50AM and got to be the first one. 4 more Nexus to be owner were there as well. It’s been a great day :-)

  • nwilliam3

    Stopped by my local Verizon Premium Retailer yesterday and asked if they had the Nexus in stock. The guy said no, they just got confirmation about the release on a conference call and his stock should be arriving on the afternoon truck.

    I was the area again last night, so I stopped to to see if I could play with one of the models that came in (okay, beg for them to release it to me early), but was told it didn’t show up. However, they did have confirmation that the shipment was at the UPS hub and would arrive in the morning between 9 and 11 at the latest.

    Showed up at 10:30 this morning and they still were not in. They said they’d call me and would set one back for me. 1:30, still no call so I went back to the store figuring they got busy or had a staff change. Still no phones. For some reason they had all been shipped to a sister store 30 min. away. Should be here in the next hour.

    So basically, I went from being jerked around by corporate Verizon to be jerked around by my local Verizon. If I lived closer to another store, I’d have went there by now. They have until 3:30 to get me my phone or I order it online with next day shipping.

    • kingrounds

      This is not a Verizon, this is an Independent Co. taking your process.
      I say 3 strikes there out., go to somewhere else.
      Somewhere that treats you like real money and helps.

  • Ethan

    I called my local Verizon Corporate store (Waterloo, Iowa) last night after the announcement hit the internet. They said they would indeed be selling it but didn’t tell me how much were in stock. They also said they don’t reserve phones and they would sell on a first-come, first-serve basis. I had a final exam today at 10:00 am and I made it to the store by 11:15. The store was relatively empty with maybe 4 total customers in it. The first representative that approached me asked how she could help and I asked if they had any nexus units in stock. She said yes and was able to ring me up instantly. I ended up even getting the phone for $245 because I’m still on a family plan with my dad, and his company gets a 25% discount. It feels great to finally get my hands on the Galaxy Nexus. The wait was worth it!

  • Anto

    In Boston, the VZ was out of stock in 90 mins. I have mine, and though.
    The VZ customer representative told me that they didn’t expect a crowd and were understocked. They had to call in extra personel to handle the line (which wasn’t *that* big, but still sizeable at 8:30 am)

  • Nathan D.

    Lucky verizion users ;P

    • donger

      get a gsm one.

  • Iria

    Samsung launched the Galaxy Nexus in Italy on the 1st of December but the actual product arrived only in a few stores just a couple of days ago.
    Honestly I envy all of you, you knew precisely WHERE and WHEN it would be available beforehand, we had almost no information about it, the only way to find it was calling the various stores everyday to know if the shipments from Samsung arrived (and most of the stores knew nothing about the very existence of the Galaxy Nexus)

    I managed to get mine two days ago just because I was very very persistent.

    Worst launch ever.

  • gelfud

    I rolled into my corp store at 9:00e and only one other person was there. I got my phone… in and out in 20 mins. I saw no signs of a rush to purchase this phone.

    Great phone, but only 2 bars of 4g at my office. We shall see what it is like at home.

  • Paul

    I was at my Verizon store when it opened. I played with one Nexus they had on the floor. I was sorely disappointed by its terrible build quality. The back cover kept popping off in my hands. Felt very cheap and I couldn’t believe they wanted $300 for this thing. I had planned on upgrading. All the hype told me this was the ultimate phone.

    I left with a Rezound. That’s my Nexus story. I’ll wait for ICS on a solid phone.


    • FJ

      seems like the verizon employees screwed up the unit. the battery cover isn’t that bad, it snapped off neatly for me and, really, the idea here is light and thin. if you want metal, get an iPhone.

  • Scott B.

    I went to my local Verizon store, which opened at 10am, after checking Amazon to see if they had a lower price for upgrades. the $20 differeance wasn’t enough for me to get it online. Got to the store right at 10 and there was maybe 15-17 people waiting in line and filing in the door. It was pretty much uneventful. Talked with the guy who came in right after me and he informed me that he had thought of going to another store about 5 miles away cause they opened at 8 but he decided against it. That was a good idea because about 10-15 minutes after I got to the store 2 guys came in and I overheard them telling the “Welcome agent” that they had gone to that same store and they had run out. I think they mentioned the other store only had 3! Unsure of that though.

    Anyways, Kept occasionally talking with the guy who came into the store at the same time as me as we waited about an hour to be served. Not bad in my opinion since with the 5 employees on hand to help with customers it was only about 10-15 minutes each group of customers. I noticed a guy about 4 people behind me in the “line” had the same name as me. The guy who came in right behind me had a unique name so I knew I was the first Scott on the list since I knew he was right behind me on the “list” as well. So when my name was called I made sure to be close to the help desks. Sure enough they call out “Scott” and the other Scott immediately shoots to the desks. I stop him and mention that their are 2 “Scott”s and that I’m the one they are calling. The other Scott says. “I know for a fact that I’m the one they’re calling.” Meanwhile the Verizon emlpoyee who called our name is checking the e-list. I respond to the other Scott that, “No “guy-behind-me” came in at the same time as me and he is next on the list. Therefore I’m the correct Scott.” The guy behind me confirms this and the Verizon guy asks if the other Scott is “Scott soandso” and he replies he is. The Verizon guy just smiles and says sorry but that I am the next in line and I go up to the desk.

    The Verizon guy who helped me was really friendly and didn’t try and press any extras onto me, unlike the guy who helped me upgrade to the original Droid 2 years ago who kept insisting I take more crap. Had him bill my account for the phone and he confirmed my concern about being grandfathered in with my Unlimited Data. Was out of the store a little after 11am and on my way to work. been playing with my Galaxy and I’m loving it so far. Other then the pompous asshole who is also named Scott, that’s exactly how he acted not being angry about it, my launch day was pretty smooth.

  • destinydmm

    I was up all night. I called VZW @ 1 & 2. At 2 was going to get the Nexus for $199.99 but declined because I was going to lose my NE2 upgrade discount. LOL. So I went to sleep woke up at 8AM called VZW again trying to get the 3G to 4G smartphone upgrade discount. I called about 10 times for about 2 hours. I finally got the $100 off and keep my NE2 discount (2 lines on my account were up to upgrade). My phone has been shipped and should be here by tomorrow, worst case Sat. I’ll be going to get the extended battery and otterbox case tomorrow morning after work!!! Gotta love it!!!!

    Droid Life post:
    Reddit discussion:

  • jefmes

    Just about 6+ months ago I bought an Atrix at Best Buy, and since I upgrade often enough I thought I’d try out their Best Buy upgrade program (extra $30 at time of purchase.) It took a while to get everything squared away, but I ended up getting $320 back on a gift card from the Atrix, which pretty much paid for the Nexus. :) I’m going to have a stripped down, barebones account to pay for still on AT&T until I put a replacement device on that contract, but getting a Nexus for ~$70 out the door was pretty cool. Yes, of course I paid the extra $30 originally and some other fees, but overall it worked out well for me.

    And I don’t know what some of you are talking about regarding the build quality on this thing – some of the older Samsung phones felt cheap and fragile. This thing feels solid to me. I’m used to Motorola build quality (hardware I’m talking, not Motoblah) and this is the first Samsung I’ve thought stood up. It’s a great phone so far, and ICS is going to be huge as it starts to hit other phones. I feel like THIS is what Android has been striving to be. It feels fully baked, as much as I liked Gingerbread and Froyo, Android 4.0 is the real Android 1.0. It makes everything prior feel like beta.

  • Joseph Banks

    one of the easiest pick-ups i ever had. went into the shop (a smaller one than the one i use to frequent) after i ate my lunch with the kids and was surprised only one customer was in there. asked if they had the Nexus and they said they just got it in. they were more stoked than me. lol. as they hooked it up and got it together, the guys were in awe of the speed and screen. cats were mad envious. lol. it was quick and i was out of there. just made one call and i’m charging it now. it will be a good 2 years with this phone. wonder what kind of phone will come out in 2013? lol

  • Rock826

    Went to the store near me at noon and they are already out of stock. Good that there was one kept on display and got a chance to play with it.

  • Randy C

    Here’s my story: Went to Pine St Verizon at San Francisco 7:00AM, and there were 4 people in line. So I went to a local deli, had breakfast and relaxed. At 7:45AM, I went back and I was the 10th person in line. At 8:00AM, the store opened and there were 20 of us in line, and they were letting in a few people at a time. When I got to the counter, I asked if the $100 is available and he said no and claimed “he knows more about it than the manager.” So i’m just whatever, but I did get a $40 discount for having a Corporate discount account. So I walked out w/ my Galaxy Nexus for $318.xx. By the time I got outside, there was about 25-30 people in line still, and about 10 inside the store also. The manager said they received 55 Galaxy Nexus.

    • Sean-Franc

      My partner was actually in line with this guy. Small world. He left a little early for work that day and picked his up on the way. Said it was a breeze.

  • kungpaodragon

    Like some here. Woke up at 3AM EST and ordered it from Thinking to myself, “Alright!” About 11AM, got an email saying it’s on backorder. Double checked by going to website and checked order status. Frustrated. Called customer server, waited 20 minutes, was able to cancel order.

    Immediately after work, called a couple of BestBuys and found one that carries it. Could’ve gone to a VZN store but wanted to use my BestBuy gift card. Went and waited in line for an hour. Simply because the dumb locals can’t decide what they want. Then finally got my device.

    Painful, but only because letstalk dropped the ball. But then I saw some people was able to get it. So it was truly confusing. I’d think twice before using them again.

    But all in all, not as painful as our iPhone fans having to camp out and wait in line for days for an inferior 3G phone.

  • Sathariel

    After reading some of the stories here, I guess I was one of the luckier ones. I went to my nearest Verizon store during my lunch period and they said that they had just ran out so I decided to try my luck again with a store a little farther away. Lucky for me it was one of the bigger stores and other than me there was maybe 1 or 2 other people there for the Galaxy Nexus. I’m glad I went to this one because the sales rep was great; I told him what I wanted and he just went and got it, didn’t try to push any accessories or gimmicks on me. Other than the fact that I had to wait 20 minutes because the place was busy with people buying Droid Charges and HTC Rezounds, it was fairly hassle free.

    I’m currently playing with it now, ICS does get some getting use it. I dislike that there’s no “menu” button like I’m use to with the older version of android but overall I love the phone.

  • FelisLachesis

    I got to my local VZW store at around 7:30 am. The store opened at 8 yesterday, and a couple of people were in line. One person wasn’t even there to get a new phone; she just had an issue with her current phone. Most of us were talking about our (then) current phones, mostly OGs and a couple of X’s. We had one convert from Blackberry (YAY!). Most of the OGs were running, or had run, CM7.

    By the time the doors opened, there were 9 or 10 people in line, No one was looking for the RAZR White (not surprised). We got in, and the store set up a table with the current accessories. I picked up the Otterbox case and the car holder. I paid $390 out the door.

    I don’t like the car holder, but since I drive a lot, usually in some quite unfamiliar places, I heavily depend on my phone as a GPS navigation unit. Once the better one we saw earlier gets released, I’ll probably buy that and see if that’s any better.

    • destinydmm

      Read that tha Verizon car dock was very cheap and that if you wanted it you should wait until the one from overseas comes as it has the prongs and is made better. The alternative is to buy from Amazon uk.

  • Sean-Franc

    Here’s a little story about the SAMOLED screen on the Galaxy Nexus: My partner and I got our Nexus’ a day apart. Upon comparing the two, we noticed the screen on my partners’ device had a lot more banding and dark spots than mine. We just took his back, showed the two screens and the rep in San Francisco did a DOA return and swapped it out. The device also had much higher banding and dark spots than my device, but the reps refused to swap out another phone because they said it wasn’t a known issue and they “can’t just check every phone to make sure it works.” We even got that in writing on the back of “Dickie’s” business card. He’s going to another Verizon store in the City to get a better one…

    Bottom line is, all Galaxy Nexus devices have a small amount of banding/graininess when viewed at automatic (or about 10%) brightness. However, if you notice extreme banding, kinda like a linen texture, or any heavily noticeable dark spots, don’t leave the store without switching it out. Compare against another Galaxy Nexus if you can. I’ve also noticed that the banding is more prominent on devices with a cooler color temperature than normal.

  • Joshua Melling

    I live in hawaii so when I walked into verizon They only had one left and they where the only store island wide to get a shipment. so I got really lucky!

    • blaseb

      Lucky man!

  • nathan118

    Didn’t actually buy one, but my local verizon store didn’t even have them Thursday. Friday they finally had them, but didn’t have any out on display. Got the guy to open a box and let me hold one, but didn’t even get to power it up. Talk about a massive fail.

    Now to decide if I want to wait for T-mobile to get it, or import!

  • Richard Yarrell

    I couldn’t have asked for a better time or launch my actual first carrier purchase. The Verizon store at 5th avenue 22nd had 375 units and over 50plus people on line when i arrived at 1015 am. I finally left at 12:45 pm everything went smooth and oh yeah they sold out those 375 devices by 3pm..Today they are still sold out awaiting more devices if that doesn’t show the power of galaxy nexus then i dont know what does.

  • Danny Calderon

    Will the galaxy nexus be available for Tmobile or will it have to buy an unlocked gsm version?

  • AceoStar

    My launch story is pretty boring. I had mandatory PTO, so I took the day off and hit up the store when it opened. There wasnt even a demo unit up until I walked in and no propaganda. One dude saw the android sticker on my old ass phone and smiled and asked if I was here for the Nexus and I said you bet. They mentioned the lack of Droid branding as the reason for no advertising. One other bearded fellow came in asking for the nexus while I was there. I chatted with him about the launch a bit while they spent 1.5 hrs ringing me in.

    Finally got my dream phone tho :)

  • Ari32

    Mine went really smooth. Arrived at 8:30 am, and stood in line with 4 other guys. Store opened up at 9 and i walked out with two Galaxy Nexus’ (Nexi?), one for me and one for my fiancee, by 9:30. Absolutely love this phone!

  • FJ

    I ordered online and Verizon owes me a $100 credit so I got it for $169 ($269.99 on verizon’s site for customers when ordering w/ new two-year agreement, minus the $100). Arrived earlier than FedEx indicated – ordered Thursday AM, got here Saturday; guess FedEx does this close to Xmas to get more packages out (Saturday delivery usually carries an extra fee).

    I’d love the phone more if Google acknowledged the connectivity (wifi/3g/4g) & battery life issues many users such as myself are experiencing, and would love it more if they gave us a timeframe on a potential 4.0.3 release that will address them. If I don’t hear more by a few days before the return deadline, I’ll be forced to return it and either go back to my talk and text Samsung Convoy or wait for a new Android 4 phone.

  • Jack Thakar

    I was lucky enough to pick one up at 5 PM at my local Verizon store. Unlocked the bootloader and rooted as soon as I got it, and I’m now waiting for Peter Alfonso’s 4.0.3 build. The cell connection has occasionally stopped working, but it would usually reconnect within a couple of minutes. Hopefully 4.0.3 will fix that.

  • blaseb

    I wish T-Mobile would grab this phone..

  • ruvort

    I wish all carriers had all phones period.

  • Ric1511

    Don’t have a launch story, but my GN is in Fort Worth, TX right now, from there it will go to Houston to my parents’ house, where they will then ship it to me in San Diego to avoid the ridiculous CA tax they wanted to charge me. :) It will get to me on Saturday, just in time for some ICS goodness on Christmas. :)

  • Cecil

    I would definitely say that I am a hard

    I’ve owned all the iPhones and at the time I thought the sun would rise and fall iPhone. Not any more.

    I waited patiently through the relentlessness of it back and forth of when is Verizon going to release it I thought I was going to lose my mind.

    I got mine at RadioShack in a small town in Tx.

    Between the Verizon store and Radio Shack They received only 1. Every where else was out.

    I got mine on Christmas eve & the most negative thing about the experience was I had to wait three hours for some reason they couldn’t get the 4G card to work in the store.

    I love it but Ice Cream Sandwich is still in ongoing development by Google some of the settings and functions are hard to figure out when you come from gingerbread.

    I was very excited to use my Google wallet for the first time today

    I love the phone. +++.