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Poll: Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs: Do you prefer CyanogenMod 9 or MIUI 4?

cm9 vs miui 4

There’s no doubt that many Android fans already have their Ice Cream Sandwich-filled Galaxy Nexus. Many of us (especially Americans) are still waiting for this device to hit our local stores, but we’re more than eager to play around with Android 4.0. What happens with those users who don’t feel like they need new hardware to get the benefits of Ice Cream Sandwich, though?

When you know your phone is still good, and you want to stick with it for some more time, custom ROMs can be a great option. For some, it’s even better than waiting for the manufacturer update (which can take a long time). Two of the most famous custom ROMs out there are CyanogenMod and MIUI, and both offer very different interfaces.

While CyanogenMod is an AOSP ROM (hence very Android-esque), MIUI has taken things to another level and completely changed the way things look. Some consider the MIUI ROM to be too weird and flashy (looks much like iOS), while others believe it’s simply beautiful. As always, this is a matter of preference. The beauty of Android is that we all have the option to choose whatever we prefer.

Having said that, we would like to know what your preference is! MIUI has just released some images of what their Ice Cream Sandwich ROM will look like once it’s finished [1]. They have been working hard since the source code hit the streets and have made some great progress. We should at least be seeing some early builds soon. Check out the pictures below!

We do not have images of CyanogenMod 9 just yet, but as always, it should look pretty similar to stock Android 4.0. Many of us have been loving CyanogenMod for its stability and “stock” feel, among other reasons. If you’re a CyanogenMod fan waiting to get your hands on CM9, the CM team has just given us a quick update of their progress with the Android 4.0 ROM[2].

To summarize, the Cyanogen team is still working hard on cooking this ROM up for their long list of supported devices. They do claim to have multiple devices with ICS already running, though and mention that the first devices to get this ROM will most likely be devices with OMAP4, MSM8660/7X30 and Exynos processiors. As well as some Tegra 2 devices, which they have already mentioned.

There’s some good news and some bad news about CyanogenMod 9, as well. Good news is that the CyanogenMod team has stated that Carrier IQ has not, is not, and will never be present in any CM ROMs[3]. The bad news is that not every device in the supported list will be able to run CyanogenMod 9 with ICS. There’s one device that will be left off the list: the good ol’ Motorola Droid (OG).

So, which is your ROM of choice? Will you be going with CM9 or MIUI? We thought it would be a great idea to make a poll, just to see where our readers stand on this dilemma. Please participate, and let us know your reasons in the comments section!


  1. Source: MIUI ROM (Facebook)
  2. Source: CyanogenMod
  3. Source: CyanogenMod
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  • Shay D. Life

    I would have to go the CM9 route. Never really like miui roms. They’re nice, just not for me.

    • WarDrake

      too much like iOS for my taste… it leaves me with a sour aftertaste just looking at it…

      • erikiksaz

        Agree. Although in the past I’ve just used an alternative launcher to in attempt to de-apple the GUI. Only if stock android were as skinnable.

        • Inquizitor

          I actually just switched back from MIUI to CM7.1 on my OG. Using another launcher on MIUI is fun, but for me the performance just wasn’t usable anymore. CM actually has some surprisingly good theme capabilities (found a nice ICS one, if you want a link), I hope they’re kept in CM9.

          • punshkin

            since i dont have to worry about performance on my Galaxy S2 i was gonna use MIUI but after i heard how MIUI steals each and every line of Cyanogenmods hard work and uses it without giving credits + making money out of it (they are paid by Xiaomi) i refused to go with MIUI.

      • desean

        I agree with this. I would choose CM over MIUI. I think MIUI is just trying too hard to be like iOS.

      • NasLAU

        If I wanted ios I would get an iPhone. MIUI is useless to Android like me. But it’s a testament to the openness of Android. Anyone can get whatever floats their boat.

    • charliethesuperturtle

      Cyanogen for the win!
      oh and Edgar there are exceptions for the omap4s, cyanogen stated that the HP toothpaste will have cm9 before the fire and nook tablet and nook color, etc. That have omap4s.

    • orangestrat

      I really like how utilitarian CM is. Sometimes it can be a little opensource-itis, but once you figure it out, and get yourself set up, its user-friendly exactly the way you use it :)

    • Sean the Electrofreak


    • ishbuggy

      I wish the CM mods would release faster for my device. One of the main reasons I am using MIUI now is because it seems like issues with my phone get fixed faster. I do still long for CM though

  • grindking

    I’ve been running koush’s cm9 alpha 11 for the past 3 days and I’m absolutely loving it. The non updated google maps is a non issue, paid market apps I can do from the desktop, and the TTS engine likes to crash randomly but I don’t even use that feature. The rest of this rom is completely usable as a daily driver like koush says, and I have been so excited just to USE the phone. It is a completely different experience, I wasn’t impressed at all seeing videos of others using this new UI, or even pics of it, but when I finally did get a chance to use it, I just am absolutely in love lol. The folder organization is amazing and works very well, and the browser is leaps and bounds better than the gb one. I hope the future updates next year and the years beyond continue to push forward more usability out of the platform like this build has, I am super impressed by what google has done here. Thanks Google/Cyanogenmod team!

    • labrat

      For the TTS crashes there’s a simple fix:

      Settings -> Language & Input -> Text-to-speech output -> Pico TTS

      Agree with your comments, hard to go back to GB even if there’s some bugs and slow downs in Koush’s A11.

    • Greg

      I’ve been using CM9 on my Nexus S and I’m finding it similarly amazing. Works really well considering its alpha. I’d recommend it to anyone with a Nexus S, it really is a far better experience than any of the launchers I’ve previously used on android.

  • AsakuraZero

    say no to MIUI iphone like UI, i like a lot more the performance and the work of the cyanogen group so i will go cyanogen all the way

    • erik

      I really wish people would stop with this MIUI-iPhone nonsense. It may start out looking similar, but isn’t customization what Android is all about? I’ve seen countless MIUI setups that look absolutely 0% like iOS. It is what you make it. Like I always say to people that say Android is ugly…it’s only ugly if you make it ugly.

      • masterpfa

        I have to agree, I personally stayed away from MiUi initially as I did not like the launcher, but as soon as I was aware that any other launcher would work I was on it like a shot on my Nexus 1. The only reason I left MiUi was I wanted GingerBread which CM was for me the most suitable.

        I took the plunge however and purchased the Galaxy Nexus, I would though like to ghet ICS on my Desire HD, CM9 nighly’s????

      • Rich

        I realize, as with all of Android, that MIUI is fully customizable and can be made to be truly unique and beautiful on your phone. You have to take face value for things like this.

        Android is a huge operating system with millions upon millions of phones. However the Android Community is much smaller. An even smaller portion root their phones, a smaller segment of that try out new ROMS, and an even smaller number of people go all out and fully customize those ROMS. This is the exact same in every community.

        MIUI puts forward a face to its ROMS and that face is very much an iOS on Android appearance. Regardless of your reasons for being in the Android community, you have to realize that some people chose Android because they did not want an iOS device.

        I was part of that group. When I first started with Android I had an iPhone. I hated it. I hated Apple’s business practices, I hated the control they exerted on it. I sold it for a profit and got an Android phone. I haven’t looked back since. I do still try out every new iPhone that comes out, an advantage I have since I have a diehard iOS friend. And each time I see nothing new that blows me away, I see the stolen features Android has had for years already, I see the utter uncustomizability of the device.

        I give everything a chance. I’d love to try a WM7 device, but I don’t know a single person that owns one. I’m not an Android fanboy. I’ve seen what is out there and Android is the best currently available.

    • orangestrat

      This new stuff definitely looks like they’re following google and going for a more digital look, all thats really left is the four button dock.

  • markL

    i tried out miui a while ago but thought meh.

    i flashed the latest miui on two weeks ago and am completely sold. the ui hasnt really changed, its nice, i took a little more time to explore it and i like the things they’ve done. the best part is i think my device has more battery life. im surprised to make that claim, but i can now go 2.5 days without charging on my 2 year old nexus one.

    mobile data off, wifi on, cell on, and it lasts forever. while i dont remember trying, i thought i could only get about 30 hours out of CM7 with just wifi on. either way im convinced miui is very easy going on the battery.

  • CM9 for me and my gf’s EVO 4G

  • Charlesbrown79

    Personally I enjoy cyanogenmod over miui. I love the stock-ish look to the Cyanogenmod. I’ve tried MIUI before and although I’ve found it smooth and unique, I’ve also found it to not be completely translated. On my sensation I’ve triid the Sense 3.5 ROMs, which are very buggy and the MIUI ROMs, one of which I had to restore my phone because the lock screen would not unlock. I tend to have more success with the CM Team.

  • dcormier

    I’m very happy with the Galaxy Nexus I received this morning. =]

  • pixelswim

    I love trying out all of the UIs and ROMs that are out there. I wish there was an option on this poll for something like “I am going to flash them both, I love all things Android”

    • Alex Pena

      I agree, I’ve flashed so many ROMs I lost count. I a little new to andriod (almost 1 year) and I love flashing new ROMs, customizing my phone to the point were I feel it looks good, but also to learn new things every day about andriod and they community in general.

  • IPvFletch

    Evervolv ICS for EVO FTW!

  • w00x

    I currently use MIUI on my nexus one and love it. It made me loose a lot of the applications I installed with every ROM. Handcent SMS for instance. Flashlight, etc.

    When the ICS ROMs come up, I will try them both, because I don’t really like the stock Gingerbread experience but ICS may be something completely different. Once I try them, I will decide which one to stick with.

    The most important thing for me is the “trackball wake”, because I do not want to even touch my power button for something other than powering the device up.

    And I hope MIUI put some kind of an application drawer, because sticking all my apps in folders is not really my thing.

    • kush

      use alt app drawer in miui works wonderful just dont frget to get root explorer and move it to system and bam works great no lag nothing i have not tried cm9 although i use miui love it great battery and very smooth i can keep it underclocked and no lag i also have given evervolv a run to many bugs cam dont work screen shot dont work and it does not have 4g either so y not stick with a stable updated weekly miui i run miui on htc evo 4g set cpu on conserv 614 max 128min with jd and still pull about 1.5 days using mobile network not wifi……. i also like how each phone is diff with miui u can make it your own phone noone can really copy u if u put the time into it. miui also has about 90% of apps people dl built right in ” back up, data counter ect” then u got where with ur status back u can change the sprint network bs to what ever u want so miui deff gets my vote

  • stenzor

    One of the reasons I switched to Android was to get away from the iOS look. If CM9 gets here fast enough, I’ll be flashing to that on my SGS2

  • nmw407

    If I wanted an iphone look-a-like, then I’ll get an iphone. I like cyanogenmod, have liked what they do since the G1 days, so no MIUI for me.

  • xray49er

    where is the option for both using 1 for a couple days. then backing up the rom and trying the other for a couple days. Flashing roms is a vicious cycle.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Have you ever tried Boot Manager? You can install multiple ROMs in a single phone, and choose which one to urn, on boot. It is a great option if you like flashing a bunch of ROMs. You could have both, and then the stock one.

  • alec

    Hoping my tegra 2 atrix will be supported for CM9.

    • mogimaster

      Man, i agree with ya here. I’m loving CM7 nightlies on the Atrix, I can only dream how amazing CM9 will be.

  • Ryan F

    MIUI 4 for me, many people don’t realize that many MIUI images for American phones are based off cyanogen’s work so it’s kind of like you’re running a little bit of both.

    I think MIUI adds more general functionality out of box, and has it’s own great suite of apps, and I personally think their browser is superior to that of AOSP’s broswer.

    I’ll obviously will welcome both roms with open arms, but I think that people that bash MIUI just cause it’s another pretty face you can compare to iOS need to find a more compelling argument.

  • mikeyDroid

    Miui is incredibly clean, truly gorgeous, but at least for my OG, I found Miui to be a bit buggier than a solid CM Rom. I know the guys over at CM work incredibly hard (not to say Miui doesn’t) but CM is who I side with.

  • l0g0s

    I’ve been loving the LiquidSmooth ROMs lately so I’ll probably try CM when they release it for the TB. Not really feeling the UI of MIUI.

  • thenefield

    I have to say CM9. A co-worker of mine told me tried MIUI and liked it. Out of curiosity, I flashed my wife’s Sensation with it and she liked it. This was my first time trying it. I liked the design. It seemed to have a good sexy look and simplistic feel. I like the theme capability included. I like the fact that you can apply a certain component (i.e. Font, Lockscreen) of a theme and sort of mix and match between themes. I also like that there is a dedicated repository for just themes. I really wish Google would take this approach in a future version of Android. This would do away with fragmentation by providing a more simplistic and consistent way for OEMs to apply there customizations. The one killer for me is the home screen. I much prefer having an app drawer and customizing my home screens as need be than app icons just randomly placed across screens. Just too cluttery for me. With that said, long live CyanogenMod!

  • AmericanJedi001

    I’ve been using the CM7 alpha on my Epic 4G, and it’s amazingly stable and usable. I’m excited to seeing CM7 completed, and I’m looking forward to CM9 as well!

  • Nate B.

    CyanogenMod 9 all the way because you actually get the IC look and feel. MIUI hasn’t changed anything. Okay, a bunch of themes, and features but they haven’t really changed anything. They just changed icons and made things look sharper of what was already there. It’s not a bad UI but I really think it was hyped up beyond what it really is. When I used it for the first time it was sweet because it was something new. When they changed it and called it an evolution, well, it really wasn’t an evolution. They just changed the icons and lock screen methods. More themes. Themes are cool but they don’t change the functionality or anything. Cool looks to go with personalities I guess but MIUI is really the hype. They need a real overhaul. They will probably take the small cosmetic looks and features and call it ICS MIUI 4 or something. I want the pure experience. IC is that good it doesn’t need to be reshaped. Cyanogenmod will most likely add tweaks but not use a launcher anymore to mock the look like in CM7. If anything I think it could tweaked as far as overclocking but nothing more. Then again, I’m sure CM9 can surprise us and still give us the IC look and feel.

  • calihawki

    CM9 all the way!!!!

  • CrunchySmooth

    Cyanogen all the way.

    Also miui doesn’t release the source for their changes to the os and there is no way to verify who the developers are. Funny to see some people freak over CarrierIQ yet they are ok with closed source from China.

  • aj

    Im really looking forward to ics on my galaxy tab. Although I haven’t really seen an update. Although I feel my for my bionic I will have to wait for motorola as the development for ics on it seems limited right now.

  • reflux83

    I have been using CyanogenMod Since I have had the Mytouch3G, Now I have the G2X and CM work way better than stock ever did. I am eagerly awaiting CM9 for the G2X, but I also understand that there is difficulty getting the proper drivers for the tegra2 for ICS. I could be wrong, Regardless I am looking forward to flashing CM9.

  • Stu

    I really dont get the “miui looks like an iphone” “if i wanted an iphone i would get one” comments. it literally takes 5 seconds to change the icons to something different. after that, the only iphone-ish part is the lack of an app drawer. and with folders, i see no need for one.

    i prefer the T9 dialer, contact ‘quick jump”, lock screen (pretty much endless abilities with the theme engine in miui) gallery, its got a great file manager on board already, the browser is better than AOSP imo, as is the camera, sms looks better than aosp, notification bar is much more usable, settings are laid out nicer IMO.

    obviously i am going to give whatever one comes first to my lowley thunderbolt. they are both going to be great. from what i have played with (alpha builds) i am really looking forward to ICS in general, be it MIUI, AOSP, whatever.

    • Andy in Indy

      By back up phone is a Thunderbolt and I think I’ll keep MIUI on it for when I need to pull it out.

  • CJ LaFleur

    I tried to flash cm7 on my captivate and it hard bricked beyond repair lol!

  • Matt

    I was/still am a CyanogenMod lover but I’ve been using MIUI for the past 5 months, very stable and fast ROM. Beautiful to look at. I’ll be grabbing MIUI over CM9.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      I will probably be trying both. And then Ill keep whichever feels better. I like stock, though, so I will probably stick with CM9…

  • jenskristian

    Cyanogenmod for my Galaxy S 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. No question.

  • Deeds

    Cyanogenmod 9 is the only ICS ROM worth flashing, and I’ll be putting it on my Sensation as soon as it becomes available.

  • Toonshorty

    Oxygen 3 for my Desire.

    CyanogenMod is good but I’m not a fan of all the extra features they put on, great for some but I like to keep the ROM as basic as possible and work from there.

    Oxygen is the fastest and cleanest ROM I’ve ever seen.

    Can’t wait to throw some ICS at my phone when it’s back from repair (been 7 days without a phone, I’m getting horrible withdrawal symptoms).

  • Andy in Indy

    My phone is new enough that I will eventually get ICS. Wy wife, OTOH, has an LG Revolution and the MIUI ersion is looking good for her, provided it has USB hosting.

  • Kevin Amundson

    I’ll be flashing Cyanogen 9 since I don’t have the funds to spring for a Galaxy Nexus at this time.

  • kush
  • Kwills 88

    I was a bit iffy about the whole tron blue on ICS but after trying out some custom roms with some ICS like treats, I’ve grown to love and gotten attached to the color and it looks really great on my SGSII,so now I am really looking forward to Cyan9…plus cyan had been great to me and my G1 for years.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Yeah, it takes a bit of getting used to. It will feel much better if you have been using a Honeycomb device, though. I kinda like the way it makes you feel at home if you use a tablet in combination with your smartphone.

  • Finn Kempers

    I’m probably gonna be getting MIUI 4 for it’s good interface and smooth look. I have always trusted MIUI to give me the best of Android so that is what I am doing:D

  • DroidSamurai

    No offensive to the MIUI team and I believe they are all honest people. I am a Chinese myself (American citizen), but I just don’t feel comfortable using a smartphone OS made by a team of developers mostly composed of Mainland Chinese. I see no reason to believe they have any malicious purposes, but I feel better using CM.

  • fc1032

    As a package, I like MIUI more, but one a day to day basis (and practicality considered), CM has always been faster.

    To be fair I’m using a N1 and MIUI hasn’t felt speedy on it for a while (and I haven’t used their latest versions)

    Still, going with a Galaxy Nexus should let me taste both :)

  • Rashad

    I’m sure MIUI is good and all, but I am just instantly turned off by how much it looks like iOS. Cyanogen all the way for me.

  • Dan13

    Could someone help this newbie out? I’m wondering if it is at all possible to install android on an iPod touch. I got it before I knew of the awesomness of Android, and I just have to wet my appetite for android somehow while I save up some funds for a real handset. Thanks!

    Oh, one more thing. Can I restore iOS 5 to it afterwards, just in case I sell it to help get a handset.

  • Marcus Nolasco

    Honestly, I prefer Cyanogenmod. I feel like MIUI is too iPhoneish. I love the stock look and feel of Cyanogenmod. I will stick with it

    • hldc1

      Too iPhoneish. That’s another reason. If I wanted an iPhone, I’d get an iPhone. Thankfully, I have no desire to get an iPhone.

  • hldc1

    Simple. CM9. It’s a good product.

    Plus, I don’t trust mainland China software developers.

  • LukeT32

    My poor little Droid left out to dry… CM7 has been fun though.

  • Ironzey

    “None. I’m waiting on my carrier to update my device”

    Really, is this still a thing? What carriers are standing in the way of updates? I knew this used to be the case but is this still going on? We can’t really blame carriers if the manufacturer doesn’t create the update in the first place.

  • Nathan

    well my phone to old and I highly doubt that they are going to support it anyways, so I’m going to buy a new phone to get my fix =)

  • tspeidell

    For those that say “I can’t use MIUI, I need an app drawer, not apps strewn across the screen.” New folder, name it App Drawer, move to dock, put your apps in it. BOOM. App drawer!

  • Donnieace

    They are both great ROMS. I find myself switching between the two after a few weeks.

    The QQ Launcher on MIUI is awesome and I tend to use that one when I feel like having an app drawer.

    Can’t hate on any of the flavors of Android being dished out to us. It’s fun running both :)

  • redraider133

    I bought a cheap fascinate online and loaded it with jt’s ICS and am loving it. Def will hold me over until the nexus arrives on verizon.

    • cxandroid

      There is something so very right about ICS on my fascinate.

  • dougarthur

    Can’t wait for ICS to hit CyanogenMod for the Samsung Galaxy S2 SkyRocket which has better CPU than the Galaxy Nexus.

  • jathak

    If got an OG Droid, so I can’t use CM9 (I’m currently on Peter Alfonso’s GPA rom). I prefer stock experience though, so if my phone was supported I’d go with CM9.

    • dl22

      I am on the OG Droid too, losing support from the CM team is a saaad day. I’ve had much better stability with Alfonso’s lately too, hes got it down, not too much customization!

  • lukerv4

    CM all the way!

  • intel8140

    I say CyanogenMod 9 will be the best ROM. They know what they are doing.

  • eioous

    Not quite sure yet but I am downloading MIUI4 right now to give it a shot.

  • Luke Haviland

    CyanogenMod is pretty awesome.
    I’ve always liked them.

  • spintrex

    This will be my first time flashing a smartphone so I don’t know what to expect. I would like to have something as close to the stock product as possible but its always great to have more than one option.

    MIUI looks appealing visually but there’s something about it that isn’t drawing me in as CM9 is. Hope to see some CM9 shots soon.

  • ralphwiggum1

    I haven’t used cm on my phone since G1, but really liked MIUI on Droid X and my wife’s G2. MIUI tweaks so much of android that it truly becomes beautiful. MIUI already had data tracking as well a sms response popup when you get an sms. Other things like the menu organization and notification toggles were great. I don’t like the MIUI launcher since im used to the app drawer, and MIUI places all appear on the desktop.

    But I have cm7 on my touchpad since really worked hard to get it functional on it, but would replace it with any tablet optimized flavor of android.

  • rmcsc

    I honestly see no difference in this version of MIUI from the last. Or, well, any previous version.

  • NegativeOne13

    I’m very thankful for all the devs that put their time into making Cyanogenmod. Whether its CM6 or CM7 or CM9, I have loved the way Cyanogenmod fits my lifestyle. The simplicity of it, the minor tweaks that just make the Android experience just that much better. Not to mention when it’s to a stable status, boy is it stable.

  • smisa27

    I have been a CM user since the days of the G1. And now that I have my G2, I am still running CM7, eagerly waiting for CM9. Hopefully it will still support the G2. I just love how stable and clean their look is. MIUI is very similar to iOS, and that’s the reason I didn’t get an iPhone. I loved the interface and widgets with Android. With MIUI, I feel like I loose that ability and am stuck with an iOS clone. CM all the way for me! =)

  • bdyc731

    cm9 is the best. waiting to flash it in my nexus one

  • mugurelu

    I have a malata zpad which is not supported by neither of them :(

  • cherrytree

    Sent from my SGS running ICS! THANKS to onecosmic for this amazing rom!

  • tigervyh

    I’d go with which ever comes out first, then try out the others reputable ones that comes along…:)

  • xfaith

    Just flashed CM9 build 3 last night for Captivate, and in process of downloading Build 5 for it. Liking ICS. Now I dont feel the need to run out and buy something new, maybe in a a few months I will let my captivate go……

  • e36bmer

    I would like to try out CM9. I have an ICS build on my sgs1, and I like it. I really don’t see much functionality differences, mainly just looks better and is easier to navigate menus. Somehow… I have never tried MIUI. I’ve probably been through 100 roms and 4 phones since my DROID, but haven’t tried it yet… that’s it. I’m downloading MIUI to see what it’s all about.

    • cxandroid

      Dont forget to try out the multitude of lockscreens and themes.

  • kush

    Don’t forget MIUI extended setting it has volume tweak status bar tweak and app drawer ;)

  • ToonPanda

    I’ve been using CM untill a few days ago, then decided to give MIUI a try. I must say that MIUI surprised me in a good way! Shortcut to take screenshots, very clean look,… However there are some subtle things from CM I miss on my MIUI ROM now.

    I’d love to try out both ROMs on my HTC Desire, if they both still support it.

    Can’t wait, and a huge thanks to the both devteams!

  • Darknight42020

    CM9. Using onecosmic’s ICS port for the vibrant atm but still watching developement with CM9

  • papakyriazis

    thats easy : CM9 & one of the main reasons is constant updates

    • frusak

      I agree with you and koush has done an exc job and he is putting allot of time in it

  • fede77m

    i try cyanogen at start and never leave it

    • DjKarras

      I tried also, and it took me a while to try MIUI but in the end I’ve stuck for MIUI. When CM9 comes out, I’ll be giving it a try, though.

      • cxandroid

        Amen, try em both, again and again, though I usually settle on MIUI also.

  • SHMM

    Milestone (Droid), ICS support MIUI! I think in the UI or ease-of-MIUI.

    • SHMM

      And MIUI-ICS was made based on the CyanogenMod?

  • lekky

    CM like most others!

  • fekle

    Im using CM7 nightlies on my SGSII now and I’m going to switch to the first CM9 nightlies as soon as they are out, however, I’ve already tried MIUI but i didn’t really like the fact that you don’t have an app drawer, and even the whole rest of the ROM was too much iOS-like for me!

  • SuperAndroid

    Looking at CM at the moment, my S2 is loving the mention of “Exynos processiors”

  • NasLAU

    Although I chose CM in the poll I’m hoping to get a Galaxy Nexus.

  • donger

    Cyanogen mod all the way.

  • rocktoonz

    I’m not wild about the look of Miui for the most part. That’s because I personally think it’s too iOSish, and I HATE iOS. I love CM7 on my DInc, have been running it since almost the day I got it. When CM9 becomes stable enough for the DInc to be a daily driver, I’ll be grabbing it.

  • damambt

    CM9! Very responsive but i just have to figure out this USB problem I’m having. I have to go into CWM Recovery if i want to sync music and pics on my Nexus S.

  • Alex Pena

    I think i’ll stick with CM9, both are great. The pictures of MIUI 4 dont really seem like much has changed, yeah I might be wrong but judging from the pictures it looks like they just slapped on ICS with a few UI changes.

  • basketfullofdroids

    keep em coming. android is about choices. I regularly change roms between miui and cm.

  • gagz

    I dont know why people likemiui more than cyanogen, better buy an iphone..
    cm9 is the way to goooo……

    • wild

      Don’t like MIUI’s “IOS like” interface

      • eioous

        “IOS like” but still waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy more customizable.

  • mmsr5

    CM9 definitely

  • LilSmurf2009

    CM9 all the way.

  • CoatedMoose

    I am partial to CM9, but my poor old HTC Magic just can’t keep up – CM dropped support for it after CM6.

  • aranea

    I don’t like iOS and how childish it looks sometime. So Cyanogen for me. I wish they officially supported my Atrix.

  • wyngo

    Recently bought a Rezound in Amazon’s penny sale, so I’ll probably get acquainted with these ROMs pretty soon. Anything’s better than a resource hog like Sense.

  • Walter Sobchak

    Something has always freaked me out about miui. Carrier IQ type freak me out.

  • goodevilgenius

    My poor Droid 2 is still stuck on FroYo, so I’m planning on flashing a custom rom next week.
    I prefer stock Android, so I’ll be going with CyanogenMod. I’ve played with it a bit, and really like it.

  • carlosestremera

    cyanogenmod – for its trustworthiness, history and because it’s a “legal” and approved rom…

  • cxandroid

    I’ve always been a fan of MIUI, since my D1. Those who say it looks like an iphone obviously have not seen how customizable and themeable it is.

    But, I am currently running an ICS rom, and its just very very … Right.

    I may not feel the need for MIUI.

  • Aladdin

    Miui is cool and all but cyanogenmod just feels better to me. I’ve been rocking cyanogen mod since the g1 days.

  • Aspeds2989

    The only thing in MIUI that looks like an iPhone is the icons in the home launcher. That’s about it people. “Don’t judge a book by its.. blah blah.”

  • BillyMaysHere

    cm9!! ftw

  • falvey6607


  • eioous

    Man I really want that MIUI4 on my DZ

  • Sketchy alx

    I’ll be sticking with Cyanogen on my OG Evo until I upgrade. However, I can’t help but wonder what the next Sense UI will look like once HTC finally get their devices running ICS.

  • goncalossilva

    Whatever that has ICS in it :D

  • Kilo720

    I haven’t rooted my phone yet but cm rom look stable n good as vanilla android get

  • Vipitus

    MIUI ICS looks really nice, but I prefer fast and smooth CyanogenMod 9 ;)

  • sylar

    Sorry MIUI but I’m a CyanogenMod man myself. Not to say that it doesn’t have good things about it I just like CyanogenMod better.

  • kurtosterhage

    I’ll be switching to CM7 or CM9, whichever is out first for my Epic 4G Touch, but I may try out Samsung’s stock version of ICS when it comes out.

  • Mark Thompson

    MIUI all the way

  • w9jds

    Personally I used to love CyanogenMod. However, once they started adding more and more things I started steering away from it and stumbled upon MIUI. I love them both but I will probably be flashing MIUI.

  • Andy

    MIUI all the way. Can’t get enough of that slick UI it provides. Not to mention how easy it is to customize it on the run.

  • Diaeko

    definetly CyanogenMod 9!
    cm rules!

  • akareem89

    Muiu looks too iOS like, it doesnt have the more industrial feeling of ICS

  • Ilyse Rose

    I really like MIUI but I’m not sure how much I trust it, plus on the whole I like the look of Cyanogen better

  • osc707

    i’m a big fan of minimalist UIs. i love the way ICS looks

  • Umarfaruk M

    i go with CM!

  • Albert Altman

    I would like to see CM9 more than MIUI. CM is very clean and fast with simple graphics, I don’t Like iPhone style UI

  • Tom Murphy


  • droilfade

    I like both….BUT! I’ll have to go with CM9 :D

  • sumairmh

    Have tried both MIUI-au v4.0.3 and ICS CM9 4.0.3… as of now MIUI version is a bit buggy and lags and CM is amazingly snappy for beta phase… in GB roms i have always preferred MIUI-AU over ANY OTHER rom… the customisation that MIUI offers is just unbeatable… and ppl who think that it is too iphonish, i’ll ask you this, who keeps their rom in the same look that it comes right after it was flashed???

    There are loads of themes offered by MIUI and you can practically change everything to look like anything you want, if you dont wanna use an external launcher, use an app called altdrawer…

    Bottomline: For ICS as of now CM9, but for GB MIUI always…

    HTC Desire Bravo GSM (Amoled)
    Stock Hboot

  • Johann

    I like miui and cyanogen… miui have interesting UI posibilities, if you like the interfaces and the visual details miui has worked hard, bit if you like the perfomance and the same style of UI with a little more details cyanogen is the best choice

  • nikosmalakas


    • iliasmalakas