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Rumor: Verizon Galaxy Nexus coming 12/31?


Well what have we here? There’s a growing theory that Verizon and Google are still hard at work perfecting the final release software version for the Galaxy Nexus, perhaps to include Google Wallet and/or enhancements/bugfixes for the LTE radio that may be causing some issues. Whatever the reason, the oft-rumored release date of December 9th is here with nary a word from Verizon.

There have been countless rumors floating around about when the Galaxy Nexus will actually be released on Big Red’s network. Last night, we received a tip from an employee from the mobile department of a large regional retailer who was starting to receive their shipment of Galaxy Nexus devices. Written in big black Sharpie on the shipping box are the words: “Street Date 12/31/11.” (You can check the pictures out for yourself in the gallery).

We must add a huge caveat here that these pictures could easily be faked; anyone who’s anyone has a Sharpie lying around, and can easily have added these words and sent in the pictures just to mess with us. We hope they didn’t, but it’s definitely possible, so take this story with a grain of salt (hence the rumor tag). Also, we acknowledge that certain retailers may be getting the Galaxy Nexus after it goes on sale at Verizon and major national retailers such as Best Buy.

Should the December 31st date hold, the Galaxy Nexus would release a full two and a half months after it was announced on October 18th. Though not nearly as long as we waited for Verizon to release the Motorola DROID Bionic, it’s still a pretty significant wait for what might be the most hotly anticipated Android device to date.

We are just about as sick as you are of hearing all of the rumored dates, and want Verizon to just shut up and take our money. We’re still hoping this device will come out before 2011 is over, and we’re sure many of you are as well. Hopefully we’ll hear from Verizon soon.

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Update: For what it’s worth, Kellen of Droid-Life is reporting that December 15th is Verizon’s new target launch date for the Galaxy Nexus. Other retailers like Fry’s, Costco, Best Buy, and Radio Shack could still sell the device on their own launch schedules.

Update 2: Verizon has confirmed they will sell the Galaxy Nexus on December 15th. This leak came from Fry’s so they could be selling a GSM version on 12/31.

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  • Shadowlore

    Hear more? Don’t you mean ‘Hear Something… ANYTHING from Verizon’???

    • pekosROB

      Seriously. I’m not planning on getting the GN but I am annoyed it hasn’t come out or had any press yet on release date! C’mon Google, at least communicate some! Y’all told us to wait another week for the showing of the GN but now you can’t even give us a tip or hint as to what’s going on??

      • Kevin

        It’s not Google that’s failing in communication. It’s Verizon.

        I guarantee this the first and LAST Nexus device that Verizon gets. They’ve completely botched this launch.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Fair enough. word removed.

      • Shadowlore

        Didn’t mean to sound like an arse.. just getting sick of the Yo Yo effect they’re doing to us. The whole situation would be funny, if it wasn’t so reminiscent of the Nexus One.

        At this point, I’m wondering if they’re doing some of this outta spite. Rumors were floating around on Tuesday that their Sr Management was PO’d that the press had the release date (today) before they announced it. The whole debacle has just shown how inept their marketing dept really is.

        As the wife pointed out, their Sr VP of marketing, Marni Walden was so GaGa over the Razr, it’s no surprise that this phone has gotten the treatment it has.

        The biggest problem, in all honesty, is their lack of communication. If they came out and said: ‘Hey.. we know we’re screwing this up, here’s why:’, people would be more forgiving. They might lose a few sales from it, but the lack of communication causes companies to lose CUSTOMERS, not just sales.

        I dunno if everyone remembers.. but they initially didn’t say anything about the device, until a huge list of all their email addresses, and everyone showed them the ‘Reddit Effect’.

        I wonder if the same thing happening could encourage them to be more forthcoming with info regarding this device.


        • Joelseph

          Absolutely! I have been sitting on my upgrade for months and frequently wiping my OG Droid in anticipation of something great. I think the gnex is that something… but this is agonizing.

          • LukeT32

            Me too…. it better be before the year end!

        • PanyGF1

          You are absolutely correct. The problem is their lack of communications. Are they purposely trying to alienate customers? Seriously, if this isn’t released before Christmas, I’m skipping this one. My Thunderbolt really does everything I need. I know this may be hard for people, but the only way Verizon is going to learn is if we teach them a lesson and treat them the way they treat us.

          • twospirits

            Totally agree on that.

          • erikiksaz

            I suspect that they may not be aiming to alienate customers.

            If anything they are probably trying to dampen the GN launch as much as possible so that Google might stop with future CDMA Nexi.

            I think ultimately Verizon wants full control over the handset, and Google will not allow for it. It confuses me because Verizon allows Apple to go without any carrier bloatware, so I don’t see what the problem is.

        • Brian Singer-Towns

          Completely agree. If the phone is released next week I may just jump carriers completely for a better deal with unlimited data.

        • Brian Singer-Towns

          Completely agree. If the phone isn’t released next week I may just jump carriers completely for a better deal with unlimited data.

    • Jawabba

      Can you hear me now? NOPE.

      • Joshua Melling

        This always the big problem…… the company need to listen to the consumers. but that is not what this is really about is it? they should really stick to there dates and know what need to get done.

    • YMS123

      At this rate the Nexus won’t be first ICS phone in in US…

      • Joshua Melling

        That would be funny! now wouldn’t it!

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Not getting the Galaxy Nexus out in time for the holidays = utter fail.

      Google, I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson here; exclusive releases suck.

      • twospirits

        regardless if Google learns a lesson here or not, bottom line is that Verizon is their biggest customer. So it seems that Verizon can get away with holding up a phone that may not be needing to be held up. It also give credence to the fact that they are withholding putting Google Wallet on the device since they have their own version and Google hasn’t said anything about it and probably won’t.

      • tequilya

        I think that is the key point. Google should be ringmaster… Set some minimum specs for the next OS, require stock implementation and then see what manufacturer and carrier can team up to bring the first qualifying product to market.

        The victors emerge triumphant with the Nexus name, all others can rot on the arena floor…

      • Uncagedchipmunk

        What Google needs to do it re-open their online store and sell it directly to us.

        • GUEST

          I liked the online store just needed to be complimented by in-store or other outlet sale.

        • Anthony E

          I don’t understand why they couldn’t have non-exclusives AND open the online store. You get more users if everyone in the region who wants the device is free to get it the way they want it.

          Who cares if the carrier won’t run ads for you? RUN YOUR OWN!

    • seven2k

      I think Verizon messed this thing up so much. Too much info on the limitation came out. The GN is not attractive on Verizon.

    • PanyGF1

      Any wonder Apple released the iPhone on AT&T first!?

      • Jack Thakar

        Apple actually offered the iPhone to Verizon before AT&T, but Verizon turned down Apple’s demands (no VZW logo or bloatware).

    • charliethesuperturtle

      So the galaxy nexus is coking 12-31-11? Maybe?

    • charliethesuperturtle

      I wwant here at least a pre realse commercial coming out

  • JoelSeph

    I wonder how much money Verizon is losing on this. This phone will sell like crazy either way, but man… A lot of people are giving up on waiting. Or at least saying they are. I don’t understand why Verizon doesn’t even acknowledge the wait, and give us something so people don’t keep drawing their own conclusions.

    • Shadowlore

      The longer they wait, the more Razrs, Rezounds, Zyboards, they can sell.. god I’ve not see this many Z’s in a sentence since I used to draw comics of people sleeping. Zzzzzzzzzz

      oh.. and then they can make them into white, blue, fuchsia, and gold sparkles…. because 1 standard color isn’t enough.

      • Joelseph


      • Brandon

        Maybe google should change the name to the Nexuz LOL

        • Shadowlore

          Heck yeah!!! Then they’d release it.

          (Not going to lie, I actually giggle-snorted when I read your comment ;)

        • stenzor

          Galaxy Nexux Infuze 5Q

        • Nick

          but there’s no ‘z’. Nexus LoLz?

          • LSH99

            No ‘Z’ in Xyboard, while we’re at it, but that’s ok… Verizon ztill zuckz. ;)

      • returnpol

        well as long as they release it before the 15 of January it could mean a lot of returns of Razrs, Rezounds, Zybords….. Return policy is extented through the holidays

        • dreamdoggy22

          That’s what worries me. Them pushing the release past the 15th because they can’t afford all of the returns.

      • Shadowlore

        Ack.. I was just informed it’s ‘Xyboard’.. oh well… a dumb name is a dumb name.

    • kenny G

      Verizon is not losing money by delaying release of GN. The longer they delay the more likely people will give up and buy a Razr or Rezound. they make more money on those compared to GN. Unless people really leave V because of the delay. which i find unlikely. all those complaining about leaving V are but hurts venting.

      • tickif

        Or they will give and go buy a galaxy s2 on sprint like i am seriously considering. It is the closest thing you can get, so why the hell not. My plan will cost the same either way and coverage Where I live is good. I’m sick of how verizon is handling this and I think may just give up on them. Hope theylike losing customers

    • stenzor

      I think they don’t want to announce a date yet in case there will be delays and they will be wrong. People would be a lot angrier if they don’t meet a launch date, so not announcing one is a way of avoiding that problem….I guess

      • Alex

        Or maybe they hooked up a random number generator to their release date and set it to display a different number every three days. On Monday the release date will probably be December 151st XD

      • Nick

        I disagree. The release date is clearly strategic. Think about it, they’re already shipping them. They’re gonna sit in a box until they decide to sell. They’ve also already said that we will get an OTA update within two hours of activation. I’m with kenny G, they just want to sell more razrs.

  • keridel

    Verizon seem to be systematically destroying any chance of this phone being a success. i think google should say “your exclusive was from the 17th of november for one month. its not our problem you didnt release it in time” then just let the rest of the carriers have it

    • Futureboy

      Agreed. They should have something like that in their agreement, if not this time, they should have it next time, which at the very least, allows them to start pushing to previous Nexus phones.

      • DroidSamurai

        I bet 1 cent that it’s indeed in the agreement. The thing is, if Google’s lawyers didn’t put such obvious demand into the agreement, they probably could get sued.

    • stenzor

      Yes. I think Google needs to be independent and launch on as many carriers as it can right away. There’s no point in making phones exclusive if Google’s goal is to get as many Android devices as they can out into the world

      • joyu

        They tried that with the original Nexus and failed. You can’t charge retail for a phone when the subsidy is built into the plan (except t-mobile)

        • DroidSamurai

          Exactly. Unless the carriers are willing to charge you less monthly when you purchase the phone yourself, very few people will be willing to buy their own phones.

        • stenzor

          Just because they launch it on many carriers doesn’t mean there won’t be a subsidy… All I’m saying is that Google shouldn’t be exclusive when launching their phones. They are at a point now where they can be calling the shots because of their market share. It would only hurt the carriers if they didn’t want to launch the Google Nexus.

          • keridel

            and if the carriers changed the outragous business model and moved to the more european way then it wouldnt be an issue.

  • raichleb

    This is just getting uglier by the day.

  • mothy

    Really no proof these are verizon nexus phones

    • Anthony Domanico

      They could be the GSM model, but that’s a HUGE stretch.

  • zyphbear

    I really can’t wait for Verizon to announce something, at this rate, it will start getting announced on other US carriers before Verizon releases it! If they had an exclusive agreement for a certain amount of time, they really need to get moving since they are burning that up through all these delays and issues.


    Along with this, the GSM version is probably being pushed further and further away…

  • Anthony Domanico

    Yeah, we debated even posting this because of the pictures, but we don’t have reason to think our tipster doctored the photos (especially since they wanted to remain anonymous)

    • BiGMERF

      my cuz walked into a verizon store in Brooklyn Ny and was told there stock arrived but they were instructed to ship them back.. I was on the phone with him when they told him this.

    • ken

      Yeah i am sure you didn’t debate very long. Androidandme is losing credibility with me. between this and yesterdays ‘North’ America post it is obvious to me that you guys are contributing way too much noise on these stupid unconfirmed rumors. This stuff is down there with something some CSR told you. You guys suck.

      • BiGMERF

        Then leave Ken… No sit I go to reports 100 percent facts. Rumors are a big part of the game and stimulate conversation.. Isnt that why most of us visit blogs? If you want facts, goto Verizons Nexus page and keep hitting refresh.!

        • BiGMERF

          site* not sit .lol

  • CJ

    Here’s a crazy idea…. “Stop Reporting Rumors!” That in and of itself would be a great thing. And please don’t give key the BS about just passing along what you’ve heard and that you’re doing it because we want to know. You’re doing it for page hits!

    • Anthony Domanico

      Here’s a newsflash for you: every story that gets posted on every site in the WORLD goes live because they want people to read it.

      I can count on 0 fingers the number of times I’ve said “Man, I think I want to write up this story, and I want nobody to read it.”

      Seriously, everyone wants every story they write to get tons of pageviews. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a damned liar.

    • keridel

      Dearest CJ,

      You are a dick

      That is all

      • JLix

        Dear Keridel,

        You may change your name, but your ugly mug is still the same.

        BiGMERF hates your face!

        That is all.

    • Jason

      Android and Me needs to take a stand. This has gotten to the point of ridiculousness and you’re just squandering your legitimacy when you lend credibility to these rumors. Just post the officially announced release date or you’re just playing their game.

      • LSH99

        How are they “squandering their legitimacy” when they’re explicitly stating that these are rumors and, in fact, including ENTIRE PARAGRAPHS to further acknowledge explain that fact. You have every right to believe these things to be true or not, but nobody is making you read these sites.

  • ndub21

    Here we go AGAIN…. For about the 20th time. This is so stupid, it’s really just embarrasing for Google and Verizon both. They really need to get it together or issue a statement, or SOMETHING!!!!

  • dl22

    This isn’t fun anymore.

  • plasmoidia

    What is the orange in the first picture? Labels with writing that has been obscured? That pattern looks rather odd.

  • aakash

    i would rather recommend AAM to stop posting the ‘rumors’. Instead of making us ‘informed’, it is making us frustrated. I will believe the rumors when I have a Galaxy Nexus in my hand.

    • Anthony Domanico

      This is probably our last rumor on this for a while. You’ll note that we haven’t posted every rumor that was out there, but chose to post this one since it hadn’t been covered yet.

      There were several rumors to be had yesterday, including 12/12, 12/15, and 12/23.

      • Robin Eng

        Really you’re being picky about the rumors you post? A box with a sharpie date sounds like a legitimate rumor to you? I can’t imagine how bad the rumors are that you pass on!

        • Angie

          The guy who tipped us gave more details about who he was, but we chose to protect his identity. It seemed interesting enough and at least somewhat legitimate. Also we didn’t present it as being absolutely true.

          • Angie Wimberly

            I suck at logging in apparently.

  • Nick Gray

    I’m so done with all the Nexus news until the phone actually gets released. Google should blacklist Verizon and make sure they never launch another Nexus device.

    • Brandon

      I’m a Verizon customer and I completely agree with you.

    • triangle

      I’m pretty sure that Google is frustrated with this. Verizon is demanding too much control because they are #1 right now, so the next nexus will probably debut on Sprint when they finally have LTE or even possibly AT&T if they stop feeling as though they have to do everything that apple says.

  • inoozie

    Well, at least we have a trend of making each next rumored release date go in shorter intervals. So, the last one 9th -> 12th = 3 days. Previous rumored dates were more than a week apart. At least we see progress in something))))

  • tagon

    This is such a joke, why can’t they just announce the date so we know.

    • redraider133

      Agree. people would feel much better if they had a date they knew it was coming. Yeah I know delays can happen, but if that is the case and the phones were not ready why send them to the stores than? Usually you don’t do that until it is ready to be sold.

  • Wayne Winkler

    Are the numerous daily rumors making anyone physically exhausted? I’m at a point where I don’t just want this phone. I NEED a new phone, my OG Droid’s plug is a daily fight to get it to charge and it’s getting worse every day.

    But I hold out hoping the phone I want comes out so I’m not forced to buy something I don’t really want and either hold onto or hope I can return it and sadly pay a restocking fee.

  • phssthpok

    The key to this article is the 2.5 month delay between demo and release. That’s a *long* time in Android world given how fast the hardware upgrades. I’ve said it before but this sort of stuff is what killed the Dell Streak 5. If it’s got so many bugs you can’t sell it, you shouldn’t announce it. If you’ve got other products in the pipe you want to sell first, wait to announce it. Apple at least gets this part right.

  • David Hughes

    Looks like the move Verizon holds this up the more hype I am seeing, This was supposed to be announced Oct 9, but was delayed for couple weeks and now it’s been months. I wish Verizon would just accept that Android is an open platform and they need to keep their hands out phone, if only they did not have a great Network

    • jawabba

      Congrats on being in the 1%

  • Joshua Naylor

    I’m starting to get really angry… The fact that it has shipped and is just sitting in store rooms makes me want to hurt someone.

    I am planning on going to costco today and hoping that an inept clerk will unknowingly break street date. I went into a verizon outlet type store yesterday and the guy told me he accidently sold a phone last week before he was supposed to – so it does happen.

    • Anthony Domanico

      We’ve also heard rumors that stores such as costco are being instructed to ship them back.

  • Nate B.

    This is….

    • Joelseph


      • ArticulateFool


  • cmorris

    I imagine that releasing just after the holidays will hurt their sales, but that means more for phones for the savvy customers on release day, I guess.

  • Counsel

    Handled on IN a V store last night and was told today. When I went to buy today, I was told next Friday.

    Could be V is worried no allowing Google Wallet violates the terms of their license re acquired spectrum… Not sure, but V seems … inept to me.

  • mikeyDroid

    Are you KIDDING me?………………………………………………………………………

  • thekaz

    12/31?!?! Christmas is ruined!!!!!!!

    • twospirits

      but perfect for 3 kings day

      but then again, Verizon will postpone that date into valentine’s Day.

      Funny how history repeats itself.

  • MrMrMan

    Google needs to grow a pair of balls and say F*** you Verizon and release it on other carriers. It’s funny how this phone is available everywhere but the United States all because they let Verizon s*** on them. So much for their flagship phone. At this point I’m wondering if this phone is even worth waiting for.

    • jawabba

      I wonder how Samsung feels about all this.

      • cxandroid

        Honestly, I wonder if Samsung isn’t part of the problem. Several of Samsungs high end phones have been problematical on Verizon. I know, I have a Fascinate…

        • redraider133

          that wasn’t really high end though. I am sure samsung already made money off of the initial shipment of nexus so they are still making money whether verizon sells it or not.

    • twospirits

      Like i mentioned above, it is Verizon that has Google by the balls. Google can’t say screw you at this point cause
      1-the contract they signed probably stated delays such as this
      2-Google sells way too many phones on Verizon and can’t risk losing the commitment of pissing them off and having them sell more non-android phones.

      • redraider133

        Except verizon loves moto and they aren’t going to sell less of those phones if google pulled the nexus.. That would actually favor verizon since they can bloat those phones up and lock them down, something they can’t do with the nexus.

  • Black Kristos

    If I hadn’t already been sitting on a 2.5 year old phone, I’d wait for the first big HTC 4.0 device, but I imagine that by the time the GN finally hits the streets, I’ll be past ready to trade up.

  • Lee Swanson

    Should be before Christmas :-(

  • Trenton

    Notice the “street date” pic doesn’t even show the nexus boxes…I hope its fake

  • JediJP

    Verizon is putting out a coupon for $100 off any LTE phone that expires on December 25. A December 31 date makes great sense so they won’t lose that $100 per phone on a new product. It’s all part of their master plan. Bottom line is Verizon knows one phone will not make many people jump ship. You may not wait for the Nexus but you’ll settle for something else as they know they have the better network. The phone will also launch with problems. I know of no phone that ever has. Verizon won’t be quick to fix those problems either because there is no incentive for them to do so. In the long run….they win!

  • YMS123

    (Sometime in late 2012) Ring..Ring, Hi Google, its Verizon, we were wondering if we could get an exclusive release on the Nexus again…what do mean “before 2014″? Hello? Hello?

  • OpenIntro

    Companies everywhere are taking notes on how NOT to launch a flagship product. This is awful.

    • cxandroid

      Except no launch has been announced!

      If it wasn’t for all you nosy people snooping around…


  • Louis A

    Shame on you verizon, now go frack your self.

  • Nelis

    I couldn’t take this crap of a launch anymore and neither could my OG Droid so last week I went and upgraded to the HTC Rezound just to hold me over since their return policy changed for the holidays letting me exchange/return until Jan. 15th. If by then it still doesn’t happen, well then I guess I’m poop outta luck, for lack of a better term. I couldn’t have possibly stayed with my OG Droid for another day. Hope they get it together before my hopes of owning a GNex are gone forever.

  • mclarensr

    Does anyone know what the delay is EXACTLY? The first, and probably last, official thing I read was that they were delaying the release out of respect for Mr. Jobs (which I did not buy).

  • miked

    This would be more believable if there was one picture that showed the side of the box with the top of the box opened and galaxy nexii easily viewable.

  • auronblue

    At this rate, this phone better be absolutely bug-free. After this long of a wait, if they have the same trouble with this as they did with the Thunderbolt, people are going to be pissed…like tying the phones to a brick and throwing them through VZ retail stores pissed. I smell an Occupy Verizon campaign coming.

  • tonis79

    Anyone who’s anyone huh? Note to self…buy a Sharpie. Seriously, I’m going to start posting random release dates on the web.

    • tobias funke

      You know androidandme would totally post it too.

  • ElvisonD

    It Would Take Verizon To Kill This For Us…I Never Liked Verizon, And Now I Hate It…SMH!!!

  • arminla

    How do you even publish this as a rumor??

    I am going to start sending you picture now with a sharpie. Do you not have trustie sources?

  • Billy

    They are going to miss the holiday season … really?

  • Brett

    What about the deal that Verizon is doing with doubled data caps for the same price, is this phone going to be released before the deal ends? Last I heard it expires and the end of the year. One reason I was willing to switch to Verizon was 4GB for the price of 2GB.

  • oddball

    And the farce continues.

    ********************************BREAKING NEWS STORY****************************************

    Ok maybe that isn’t quite right but that’s what it seems like. Honestly the phone was going to be the hottest phone of THIS year and it’s been pushed back to the point that it will be the first big phone of NEXT year.

  • epps720

    Is officially on suicide watch!

  • Charlesbrown79

    When I got the Nexus S last year, all it took was a phone call to Best Buy mobile and I received my phone 2 days later. There was release dates and proper communication from both Google and T-Mobile. One of the smoothest transactions I’ve encountered.

    This waiting game and rumor mill for the Galaxy Nexus is crazy. A simple release date would suffice. I hope Google is paying attention. Verizon was obviously the bad choice. I’ve yet to see one commercial for a Galaxy Nexus…the marketing alone is horrid. The ball hasn’t just been dropped, it was dropped, bounced into an active wood chipper and the remains have been spat all over the faces of the US Android community.

    That being said, I’d still buy it of it came to T-Mobile.

    • twospirits

      lmao, that has to be the funniest thing i read this morning. and yet so true.

  • n25philly

    Coming out in December of 2031? At this rate that is starting to make sense!

  • Ilyse Rose

    I’m not going to believe anything until I see a legit Verizon announcement. Everything so far has been wrong

  • gweedo767

    I can put a sharpie to a box too!

  • lufy0000

    When will the rumor stop and come to reality………….come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn….release the phone already

  • Richard Yarrell

    In all honesty Verizon is pitiful and should be ashamed of there sad ass organization of this launch. Regardless I am still getting the Galaxy Nexus but lesson learned best coverage does not mean the best they are far from that collectively…

    • squiddy20

      1. “should be ashamed of [their] sad ass organization” Learn to spell correctly.
      2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m 90% certain that Verizon has never officially come out and said the Galaxy Nexus would be released on “x” date. As far as I know, they’ve only given a rough time frame, before the end of the year, and we’re still well within that. May I also remind you that the very first word of the title of this very article is “RUMOR…”, which generally means it could be true and it could also NOT be true. You’re just the gullible little moron who took all the rumors and leaks to be true and straight from Verizon’s PR department.

      Shut up already. It’ll come when Verizon damn well feels like releasing it and no amount of childish crying and bitching from you is going to change that.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Oh please you USELESS ASS your nothing more than a BROKE living a sad life in some dark lonely basement at your mom’s. Anyone reading your posts already knows your not purchasing anything your just site seeing.. Go play with yourself LOSER

        • squiddy20

          Again with the childish, unfounded insults? How mature of you. Why don’t you try rebutting my comments with substantial comments of your own? Unless you enjoy making yourself look like a complete and total moron who can’t back up his own comments?
          And just an fyi, you are way off base in relation to where/how I live. You know nothing about me and most likely never will. Keep guessing though! :)

        • Michael Dugan

          Useless broke loser?

          Page two. I’m glad this was brought to my attention. I will never donate another penny to the Bowery Mission as long as you are either employed there, or continue to act the way you do. My money is not going to teach people like you how to use a smartphone so they can be insulting, demeaning hypocrites. I certainly won’t refrain from donating annual $2500 Christmas donation, but the Bowery Mission won’t be getting it.

  • Slith

    If it is December 31st, I am waiting for a Tegra phone. That is, if I like my Prime as much as I am assuming.

  • boogs

    I found a post-it outside the mall entrance. get this, it has the date 12/21. get this other thing, there is a verizon corp store at the back of the mall. this is not a rumor. this is an androidandme fact. let’s run with it before the other blogs get wind.

  • Greg

    I’m not reading a single comment…but I just have to say that this article is a new low for this site. Enough said.

  • James Conley

    I miss when HTC made the NEXUS :(

    • Ilyse Rose

      Me too. HTC is my favorite manufacturer, I love their hardware. My last 3 phones have been HTC and I don’t see myself switching any time soon.

  • breinhar

    Every day I’m reaffirmed that I made a good decision to stop waiting and just buy a phone now.

  • Kaote

    So when is that ASUS tegra 3 phone coming out? May as well wait for that at this point.

  • Ray Tchoulakian

    I look at that “street date” photo and immediately think of the “Eat More Chikn” signs written by the cows in the Chik-Fil-A commercials.

  • Emmanuel Lazcano

    Well so much for having the phone by Christmas.

  • MoSDeeb

    This has been a poorly handled product launch. I don’t think we’ll see another Nexus launch after this one for a while.

    Why can’t Google just release a version compatible with Verizon LTE and not sold through Verizon. That’s my hope at least for the next Nexus phone.

  • mikeytusa

    I definitely agree that Verizon should never be permitted to launch another Nexus Device. I just hope Google buys Sprint and turns that company around so I can switch to Sprint and get my Nexus devices from them.

  • BigCiX

    Its just going to get delayed until next year. That way a new version won’t come out til 2013.

  • eioous

    So I guess that means no Nexus for Christmas.

    • Newbee

      This is one of the most EPIC FAILS EVER. I can’t understand why anyone still has service with Veri- let me take your money- zon. I would never pay so much more for the same service, it’s really stupid. They currently have the phone I want, but I would rather wait and wait and wait before I gave them one cent of my money. The rezound 1.5 ghz, 720 p screen with 8 megapixel camera will blow away this crap nexus once it gets ICS just like so many phones on the market right now. I hope google learned a valuable lesson here and either NEVER deals with this awful company or grow a pair. I would hope for the ladder. I was really looking forward to a pure google experience and am a huge HTC fan. Google needs to do themselves a favor along with all of the android fans out there and give the contract back to HTC for the future for all carriers not this garbage exclusivity to this crap carrier. I can only sit back and hope that this grossly hurts the sales of verizon when everyone else scoops up the SGS2, amaze, or similar hardware that will take this phone to school.

  • Kam_Pewter

    I wont believe anything about the GN being released until AFTER it is released, and maybe not even then.

  • Marko! L

    I really cant believe we have these in canada already.. I had my hands on one today and its an awesome device

  • DirtySimpleClean
  • Annoyed Verizon Customer

    “We must add a huge caveat here that these pictures could easily be faked; anyone who’s anyone has a Sharpie lying around, and can easily have added these words and sent in the pictures just to mess with us.”

    Given the track record of other “leaks” published on the web for the past month and a half, why would you bother posting a photo of a plain cardboard box with magic marker scribbled on it? Verizon is pissing us off by silently letting this phone slip into obsolescence. These “news” sites are only pouring gasoline on the fire of disappointment.

    Regarding the 12/31 date, it’s the only release date we can count on since the only word Verizon will give is “by the end of the year.”

  • Gary

    I have confirmed the galaxy Nexus has arrived at a big box store near me but they are unable to sell the phone due to Verizon not authorizing the sale yet. This is actually my first smartphone purchase and I am in my early 50′s so this really sucks big time for myself since I have less years to enjoy it than most of you here (assuming) and I’m growing more impatient as I speak of it. I was told the release is a definite for December 15, 2011.

  • Deeds

    Are you sure you’re not lying, because if we have been burned before on past rumors

  • Marc’us H.

    Someone somewhere is composing their own Usual Suspects cork-board of Galaxy Nexus theories and speculations.

  • NegativeOne13

    December 15th is the date. I just got off the phone with my local VZW store. It is privately owned in a small town where they order the phone in, instead of in stock. They said they were unable to order it until December 15th due to being back dated. Also the 15th is a Thursday, VZW favored release date.

  • Hall Lo

    sigh…. this launch is so messed up, and at first Google said we would see Galaxy Nexus coming out sooner than we thought, but what now?

  • ama332

    So, since I’ve been waiting since April when the Bionic was announced to get the new cutting edge phone to replace my OG Droid, is there any word on Droid 4? Thoughts on Razr vs. Bionic?

    • NegativeOne13

      You’re posting about Motorola phones…. and Droid phones…. in a Samsung… Nexus…. article?

  • frmorrison

    Verizon needs to get some PR, this issue of no communication is getting annoying.

  • cb2000a

    The funny thing is that they are arriving at the stores…so Verizon is just sitting on the release date (to boost sales of Razr and Rezound?).

  • humidity

    I’m a little skeptical…

  • ddmart

    I won’t be surprised if At&t or Sprint release the Nexus faster than Verizon

  • biggie Getty

    I wish this site posted and verified ages. Seems to be populated by pre-pubescent teen girls. Whiney bitches. Grow up!

  • sylar

    Well at least we know it will get over here eventually.

  • beatrixasdfghjk.

    31st of December?
    What’s the point of that?
    Then they miss the entire Christmas period…

  • kimminer1

    So much dissapointment

  • inerdtia


  • txbluesman

    As you noted in you update, I also ran into some Verizon reps at my local best buy yesterday morning. They also told me the 15th is what they are targeting. We will see.

  • Jack Thakar

    One thing that I’m sort of surprised has not happened yet is Sprint or T-Mobile (or possibly even AT&T) using the Galaxy Nexus delay to their advantage in an ad hyping their SGSII model.
    Maybe they don’t want to be on bad terms with Google?

  • IntlGrizzly

    Droid Life is reporting that 12/15 is the new target date

  • Dan13

    If this is the case, I’ll just skip the whole thing and wait for the galaxy SIII

    • redraider133

      I just hope it comes to verizon this time. I wanted the sgs2 and they passed supposedly for this, which seems like they want nothing to do with.

  • donger

    release the phone already Verizon. There’s plenty of us waiting for the GSM version.

  • spattigilli

    It is too much of a delay… close 2 2 months of release and no announcement from Google / Verizon. I am not sure how many are still stil waiting to get hands on this device, but Galaxy Nexus might be loosing the charm the longer it gets to release on Verizon

  • Tony Torres

    Yea Google and Verizon have completely fucked up the GN’s Realize!

  • Richard Yarrell

    I guess the best company in the carrier business just stumped there own toe. Way to go Verizon this is what happens when your head is firmly stuck up your greedy butt..

  • Richard Yarrell
    • squiddy20

      HAHAHAHA! You wouldn’t know anything about this article if you weren’t for me! What a joke! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      • Richard Yarrell

        The funny part is the JOKE is on you. I will have my GALAXY NEXUS on Sunday at llam. And one thing I do know about your SORRY butt is you won’t be purchasing this device because it’s beyond your means..Let’s not forget your the owner of a rooted USELESS Samsung Moment and someone with a five year old laptop. In the real world you don’t even belong in these forums. Keep window shopping that’s all your good for.

        • squiddy20

          1. “I will have my GALAXY NEXUS on Sunday at llam.” Hmmmmm I seriously doubt that. You said you’d have the Evo 3D “day one” of release date back when the RUMORS were saying it would be out June 4th. You said you’d have the Galaxy Nexus “day one” back when the RUMORS were saying it would be out in November. You again said you’d have the Galaxy Nexus “day one” when the RUMORS said it would be out December 9th. That day has come and gone and still no Galaxy Nexus. Notice a pattern here? You stupidly base your “purchasing decision” on little more than a RUMOR. Try waiting for cold hard facts before saying you’ll get something. Not only are you proved wrong on the release date, you look foolish for saying you’ll be getting something when you can in no way back it up.
          2. Let’s not forget that my “useless” Samsung Moment can do basically everything your current phone can do, if a little less dolled up and shiny. So, your insult is meaningless there. I in fact have a less than 3 year old laptop, and even if I had a 5 year old laptop, it would certainly beat anything you’ve got since you don’t have a full fledged computer anyway. So again, meaningless insult there too.
          3. “In the real world”, “these” forums are for anyone and everyone even remotely interested in Android. Whether you’re buying, selling, just looking around, keeping up with Android news, it’s all open to everyone. Go take your extremely childish mentality somewhere else.
          4. I find it exceptionally sad that you are also insulting me about my economic status when you know relatively nothing about me, while not even 4 years ago, you were a poor “bum” living on the streets of NYC. See page 2: Not only are you showing how little humanity you have, you are also acting like that part of your life never happened and that you are better than everyone else, when that just isn’t true. Especially with the needless (not to mention childish) insults you spat out at everyone who isn’t as crazy as you. So no, the joke is actually on you, funny kid.

        • redraider133

          Dick where is the nexus you were getting at 11am???

  • mikesuds

    So yesterday, Dec 9th, I went into my local Verizon. I talked to an employee I had talked to previously about the Galaxy Nexus. Last time I was there he knew nothing about it… This time I asked if they’d gotten their shipment in and if they had one that I could check out. He said “I was just playing with one in the back.” I said oh yeah? how is it? Can I check it out? He said, “oh you want to SEE ONE?” I was like hell yes I want to see one. Felt like he was trollin’ me. So he goes and gets it and just leaves me alone to check it out.

    This thing was crazy thin and crazy fast. I was actually really surprised how thin it was even after comparing it to all the photos that have been released. It was pretty ridiculous. It felt really really nice in hand to me, I dont have giant hands or anything but I had absolutely no problem handling the thing.

    The screen was amazing. It was bright and colorful, and no matter how close I looked I couldnt find any evidence of the screen being subpar in anyway.

    The onscreen buttons worked perfectly. I was pretty impressed with the overall feel of ICS. I have used Honeycomb only sparingly while checking out tablets at stores, so while I am very used to Gingerbread on my OG Droid, ICS was a great step up.

    The button and various jack positioning are great, exactly where they feel they should be, at least to me.

    This is long enough, so I will wrap it up. The phone seems great and I cant wait to get one and dive in to it. One thing that made me think is that the store rep said that he had been playing with it but that he found it to be confusing. He’s no nerd, and he doesnt seem all that impressed, but one thing he said was that he liked his Razr way more. Now I would think maybe he just wanted to get a sale and convince me to get the Razr but he already knew I Wasnt budging in that I want the Nexus, and he talked about how he thought ICS was confusing to him and he liked Motorolas setup way more.

    He also said that they get at least 2-3 calls a day asking about the phones release date, and that I should check back in a few days, which I’m assuming that if he knows anything simply means next week sometime. I live just outside of Harrisburg, PA so it’s not a huge city or anything. I Was suprised to hear they had so much interest in the phone around here.

    tl;dr – after playing with the nexus first hand, the hype holds up. I want one.

  • honourbound68

    it’s coming on 12/18. saw the release date at work (nope i don’t work for vzw).

    • redraider133

      you mean the 15th? The 18th is a sunday and many retailers are saying they have been told the 15th unless it gets delayed again.

      • honourbound68

        oops i guess i’ll have to look it up again. i don’t remember now if its 15th or 19th. but if it’s delayed again it will be updated on the screen.

        • honourbound68

          my screen at work still says 12/14

  • redraider133

    I think if verizon waited that long they would be crazy. Right after Christmas is not a time people are out spending a lot of money especially not on phones. You would think they would want to have this out before Christmas for those who have money to spend for the holidays and which will be gone after that.

  • LJAllTheWay

    I hear It was just pushed back to February 30, 2012.

  • eliander mendoza

    I want this phone but it is really taking a long time to come out….

  • Alexandra Sedlack

    wish this would be before Christmas for sure. My boyfriend has been dying for this phone

  • kungpaodragon

    this whole ordeal kinda turns me off about Verizon. I’m not really sure if they are the ones to blame for the delay. Based on the fact that the phone is already released at UK and Canada, I’d have to say it’s Verizon. I hope their service will be better…

  • jst4tim

    This may be what takes me from ATT to VZW.

  • Danny Calderon

    Unless it’s coming out on Tmobile on the same day, you can file this under don’t care

  • cristian cristiandonose

    Today was launched here in Romania on Vodafone network…hope is coming for Orange too.

  • doktorzee

    I don’t see why it takes them so long. The GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus is great! I’m using it on T-Mobile USA.