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Rumor: Verizon Galaxy Nexus delayed…again


Though at this point we can’t say we’re necessarily surprised, it appears the Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone will see yet another launch date. Earlier this week, it looked as though December 9th was the day, as both Verizon and Best Buy stores were starting to receive shipments of the flagship Android 4.0 Google phone.

Droid-Life received a slew of emails this morning which indicate that the Galaxy Nexus is no longer launching on Friday, but has been postponed to a yet to be determined date. Corroborating these emails were snapshots of Verizon’s internal Equipment Guide system. Just a few days ago, the Equipment Guide system was showing the Galaxy Nexus with a launch date of 12/9, but today’s update has changed that page to state a less-optimistic “coming soon.”

With the rumored launch just two days away, and still no official announcement to be had from Verizon, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that this phone will not be launching on Friday. Though the fact that stores are starting to receive their inventories is hopeful, with all the delays that have hit the LTE version, we’re starting to doubt that Verizon will actually see this phone in 2011.

Update: Add December 13th to the never ending list of rumored launch dates.

Source: Droid-Life

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  • GUI_Center

    Here we go again… FAIL!

    • B2L

      Seriously, this is the worst Nexus launch ever!

      • GUI_Center

        At this point they should sell it for $200 for all the trouble they have given us. At least for the first week for all the people anxiously awaiting the launch.

        • CJ LaFleur

          Forget worst nexus launch. This may be the worst launch of any device in history! You people (vzw and google) need to get your stories straight and get on the same page with each other! This has gone past the point Of being rediculous!

          • Sean the Electrofreak

            I do hope Google learns one thing from this; carrier exclusivity sucks for everyone.

          • Rickey

            technically the officail verizon wireless managment never confirmed the launch date is all the people making rumors which is why you are getting so anxious

          • ToonPanda

            Sean said it. Why can’t they let us choose our device AND our carrier?

          • redraider133

            idk bionic was pretty bad too lol.

        • kevin charliethesuperturtle

          it should be free with contract >:O

          • GUI_Center

            Even better! :D

      • Alex

        “Launch” is a bit of stretch….more like Nexus delay

        • erikiksaz

          It is practically the whole nexus one debacle all over again, except with tons more hype.

          • jwill

            HYPE?, Verizon has held this device underwraps for months. the hype has come from the android fan sites and people (myself included) wanting to get their hands on the nexus. the delay may very well be Verizon’s fault but they haven’t invested anywhere near the advertising or push that they have done with the RAZR or ReZound

          • TJungus

            Except the N1 was released within a month, if not sooner, of announcement. This phone is vaporware in the USA.

      • koorsr

        I might even go as far as saying this is one of the worst phone launches I’ve ever seen. Currently it’s between this and the Bionic.

        • thekaz

          good lord.. I’ve been waiting since my upgrade date last March to get rid of this Eris and get a dream phone.. grr…

          • cattlebane

            I’m with you. I’ve been waiting since my upgrade date last February to get rid of my LG Env touch to finally get my first smartphone. Was going to get the Thunderbolt, but the battery life scared me off, so I waited for the Bionic, but the hype for the Galaxy S II, which ended up not being released on Verizon. So I decided to wait for the Galaxy Nexus. At this point, I might just get the iPhone :p

          • Andy Goteroff

            Then what are you waiting for? Get an iPhone 4S.

      • http://None Javier Bastardo

        For US at least, EU already enjoying that PURE Google Nexus experience…

        • Chad

          EU and those in the US who have HSPA+ supported carriers who imported or bought from a US distributor. My Galaxy Nexus came today and is waiting for my arrival from work :)

          • Paul

            What US distributor did you buy it from? I’m HSPA+ too, and am getting pretty sick of waiting.

          • Chad

            You can get it from Expansys USA or Negri Electronics or even on Amazon. I got mine brand new off Amazon.

        • Rob Stemen

          We don’t even get the benifit of a PURE Google Nexus experience. We get stuck with Verizon’s bloat and their refusal to use Google Wallet.

          • Jack Thakar

            The bloat is only two apps and can easily be removed (either disabled through ICS’s feature or by rooting). Google Wallet has been hacked onto it.
            While it may not be 100% pure Google experience, it’s the closest thing from Verizon since the OG Droid (and that even had Amazon MP3 preloaded).

      • ben steel

        Hahahaha…remember, it was 2 months ago TO THE DAY! That it was Samsung and Google were ready to announce the new “Nexus”

        You have to doubt the capabilities and functionality of Google, Samsung and Verizon’s Tech, Promotion, Publicity and Production departments to be able to work together

        Makes you wonder how they manage to put their socks on every morning..?

        • titaniumwombat


      • 5n4r35

        Worst on since the last Nexus on Verizon launch. Which never actyually came to pass.

      • lanza_david

        Had to be Verizon…

      • Tony Torres

        seriously they should have taken notes on apples iphone launches! when you show a highly anticipated device, its in your best intrest to release relativly soon while people are still intrested. Oh well maybe the next nexus wont be a FAIL! I blame verizon!

    • faun

      What I want to know is who has dropped the ball, though?

      Ordinarily you could say it’s definitely Verizon since the phone has already launched internationally, but the handset is significantly different – it could equally be problems from Samsung, or (far less likely) Google.

      Either way, definitely not what one would call a particularly good launch process…

      • Usman Ansari

        If the VZW handsets are already arriving, it’s not a Samsung issue. I’m betting it’s Verizon trying to milk more from Razr and Rezound sales.

        • seth

          ^ this and nothing else

        • titaniumwombat

          HTC slipped VZ a few mil to do this, hoping to recover some of that 30% decline…

        • phlame

          you got it!

        • Tony Torres

          That could be why, never really thought about it that way!

      • Jack Thakar

        I heard that this more recent delay is due to Best Buy not having them in stock, but that’s just a rumor.

    • seven2k

      Big mistake going with Verizon…they are totally ruining this launch!

    • Futureboy

      Let’s fix this once and for all…

      “Announcing the Galaxy Nexus! With a launch scheduled EVERY DAY tomorrow through next December!”

    • BiGMERF

      Fail?… This has become down right Comical !

    • Louis Atu

      I think we should find the email of the verizon sales or lunch or who ever is encharge of this lunch and send them a “Fuck you” email.

    • stenzor

      Well let’s look on the bright side… at least they’re getting a lot of press….

    • pikahatonjon



      • pikahatonjon

        lol system glitched up. also. i JUST realized that i posted the same thing as someone else. gg i lose

    • pikahatonjon


    • AndyNguyen36

      3, 2, … wait hold on for another 6 months.

  • Bryan Stoner


    • kazahani

      I wish I could be mad about this, but sadly I just don’t care anymore. I’m waiting for Tegra 3 phones in February.

      • TJungus

        As much as it pains me to say, I’m with you on this. If you are rooted then you’ve been enjoying ICS for several weeks already. The appeal of this phone has rapidly declined.

        • Jack Thakar

          Not if you still have an OG Droid.

      • titaniumwombat

        Probably be there before the VZnexus hits anyway :-P

      • awundrin

        I totally agree kazahani – don’t care anymore myself. It’s a major fail as far as marketing goes!

  • Shadowlore

    Biggest upside to this.. with other stores (BB and RadioShack) getting inventory on these devices already.. I’d say it’s safe to bet one or more of the stores will ‘accidentally’ still sell them having already read the documentation that indicates it releases on the 9th.

    Even if VZW doesn’t officially release it, you’re going to have phones sold… YMMV may vary, but I’m willing to bet you could call some non-VZW Corp stores early on the 9th, and buy one.

    • Anthony Domanico

      probably. If I were best buy, I’d do it just to spite verizon at this point.

      • Angela

        No you wouldn’t. Not when doing so could lose you the contract with Verizon and make it so you never sell another phone of theirs.

        • Anthony Domanico

          Yeah, like Verizon would stop contracting with Best Buy on one “innocent mistake”

          • Shadowlore

            As Anthony pointed out, it’s highly unlikely Verizon would break contracts due to this. Bestbuy would get a slap on the wrist for not moving fast enough to stop the sales (and lets face it, BB is notorious for catching mistakes too late) and they’d move on. VZW would have a larger ‘install base’ for beta testing, and they could plead ignorance to it and point out: ‘We told them to not sell the devices’.

            That sorta thing goes on behind the scenes more than you might think ;)

          • Shane Dumas

            I just talked to an independent Verizon retailer yesterday. He said they were getting in 5 phones today. I was going to wait till tomorrow to see if I could get one from him early. I will be checking with him today to see if he can accidentally sell me one this week. I am hoping he doesn’t know about the delay and will sell me one. I will let you know if I get it or not.

      • TT

        First phone they try to sell will not activate … one call to VZW and sales will stop. I don’t think sales of non activated phones are permitted.

        • GeauxLSU

          If you are buying it off contract I don’t see any problem with them selling non-activated phones. If you order a phone online it is not activated until you get it and either go online or call in to activate it.

    • LukeT32

      As much as I would much rather get the phone from an offical VZW store I would go to BestBuy and get one.

  • frpst9

    I realize they’ve never “officially” made mention of a release date, but this is so frustrating that I’m actually considering switching carriers.

    I might even wait for the AT&T version of the device. Or at this rate, AT&T might actually put the device out first!

    • Jack Thakar

      AT&T’s not going to release it first. Google has a exclusivity contract with Verizon. The other carriers will get it, but not until after Verizon.

  • Kevin Amundson

    NOOOO!!!!! Not again… At least Verizon should tell us why they are delaying the phone.

    • Kevin Amundson

      That’s probably the sad truth.

    • Nick Gray

      I know we’re all pissed about this, but since Verizon has never announced an official launch date, it’s technically not a delay. I’d say that 90% of all consumers have still not heard about this phone.

      • Anthony Domanico

        Yeah, then verizon should not put dates in their internal system. ever. They know that shit gets leaked out, and it makes them look like they don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to launches.

        • Brandon

          I agree. A lot of these leaks we get are intentional.

        • R.S

          Maybe they are doing it on purpose to make these so called credible sources who provide the leaks look bad.

          What better way to handle leaks than to provide false information for the leaks.

    • bruce080

      After all the media hype about Carrier IQ, Verizon realized their mistake by not secretly installing this software on our phones, and are going to finally jump on the bandwagon with the Nexus Prime.

  • Cody Riddar

    I’ve been so excited for this phone. But now I’m thinking, if they can’t even get it out the door, how many more problems will it have on their network? Major red flags in my mind.

    I may just have to get a GSM one off Amazon, and stick with my AT&T account until the HTC Edge is out.

    • Clint Haynes

      As a Fascinate owner, I can say, this is a real concern, over a year later, it still has issues, and only got Gingerbread a few days ago!

      Something about high end Samsung devices and Verizon don’t mix.

  • Ba Pak

    Does the Verizon’s launch date affect other carrier launch dates as well? So say Verizon launches in January, we wouldn’t be able to get a handset until after their “exclusive” nexus rights has passed say Feb or March?

    • Nick Gray

      Doubt it. If Google is working on launching the phone with other carriers already, T-Mobile AT&T and Sprint would be pissed if they had to wait an extra 2-3 weeks because of Verizon’s issues with their LTE network. Why punish everyone else because of Verizon?

      • AnotherHiggins

        Verizon must have an exclusivity contract, and we don’t know the details of the contract.

        It /could/ have a hard-coded expiration date, regardless of how badly Verizon screws up the launch.

        – OR –

        It could just as easily grant Verizon exclusive sales for X months, regardless of start date.

        I hope it’s the former rather than the later, but I don’t think the public knows either way.

  • oko loko

    It seems many are so eager to get one :)

  • Merridus

    How long until they decide “Actually we might as well wait for the next one now”?

    • thepwneddroid

      Nexus One “launch” anyone?

  • olentz

    Google should just start selling it like Nexus One! Straight from the source yo

    • Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, they learned their lesson from that the first time. Sales of the Nexus One were abysmal.

      • Nick Gray

        true, but there’s no reason why Google couldn’t make the Galaxy Nexus available directly to consumers through their site. Yes, Verizon and Sprint customers would still have to wait, but T-Mobile and AT&T subscribers wouldn’t have to worry about all this crap.

      • Ironzey Lewis

        Abysmal, or not the earth shaking event that everyone was hyping it up to be? They (Google) would do very well by selling it themselves. Hopefully they’ll learn from this launch.

      • olentz

        True. But rather than completely shut off the store, they should tweak the process to make it work.

        On another note, Google may want to see how Apple does it. Verizon, Sprint and AT&T sells iPhone 4s, but Apple still have total control when they launch it.

      • Ba pak

        The biggest issue Google has with selling phones themselves is they don’t have a good grasp on customer service.

        Biggest issue with Nexus release was Google relied on users helping each other through the Nexus one Forums they setup. That all fine and good for us techies, but for the normal user, they value 1 on 1 help from a person they can talk to. And frankly I doubt Google wants to go in that direction.

    • Suz

      I couldn’t agree more!

  • dl22

    Thanks for posting this, I was starting to feel like a traitor having to go to droid-life so much to get updates!

    I have been calling all 5 of my local stores the last two days and not once have I gotten an aknowledgement of the device launching anytime soon. The last guy I talked to said Dec.20th(ish). Sigh.

    • Shadowlore

      Called the local store (can literally see it out my window here at work) and was told while they can’t comment on the date of the device, they expect there will be an ‘abnormally large need for the device accessories on Friday’.

      Take it as you will.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Hey now, we like the folks at Droid-Life.

      • dl22

        ha, I know, its more of an design thing.

        I just have a hard time with the the design of a lot of the other android sites.

        They are so cluttered and sometimes ugly they feel like a caricature of common android stereotypes.

      • triangle

        Agreed. There’s enough room for multiple android sites. However, that site is really tilted toward the OG Verizon Droid fanbase and those upgrading from there. Not a bad thing, but the discussions here are much, much better. And no one says “u mad bro?” on every post. Though of course, now that I’ve said it, I’m sure some one will say that here every post…

  • psipher

    this is turning into another Droid Bionic….delay after delay.
    Thankfully I’m not eligible for an upgrade until March, so I can wait…hopefully by then all the major bugs are taken care of and the price has dropped.

    • kazahani

      By march we will have ICS phones running Tegra 3. Go for one of those.

      • Nick Gray

        or qualcomm’s new S4 chips. Tegra 3 and S4 powered devices should get a lot better battery life.

    • tequilya

      There really is no rhyme or reason to their delays. The conspiracy theorists saying that the Nexus delay is on purpose to somehow promote the Droid line need only look back to the Bionic non-release to see that no moniker is immune from the buzzkill that is Verizon Marketing.

  • Marc’us H.

    I’m hearing 12/12 now.

  • AceoStar

    least favorite article today :*(

  • bill

    I hope its not to.fix Google wallet and make it work on the nexus . I would be pissed if its the reason

    • mikesuds

      We all know that the modding community can push out updates and features faster than Verizon anyhow, so that better not be the case!

      • 666

        There’s a difference between a well tested update/features and what the community comes up with.

  • DroidSamurai

    This is why I hate exclusivity.

  • james bricknell

    they are clearly doing it on purpose now. they are trying to push the “droid” range.

    • JLix

      Shut It. BiGMERF still hates your face!!!!

  • James Woods

    Verizon just seem like trouble…

  • Suz

    This is getting ridiculous. By the time this phone actually comes out, there will be something else we are all dying to get and posting on here about.

    Side note: A friend of mine in AZ said that a store here is expected to get 50 of them on Friday?? Yeah I don’t know anymore, its all just he said/she said.

  • Diaeko

    WTTTTFFFFFFF i wrong whit them????
    where is the problem?
    are there afraid that the iPhone 4 asS wont sell?!?!!

  • ArticulateFool

    If they delay it farther then it will overlap with the Droid 4 release and Verizon will keep the nexus collecting dust on a shelf.

  • spintrex

    I knew it…. I commented in another post ‘watch they delay it to next month at the last minute’… It’s beginning to seem like Galaxy Nexus is nothing more than just a myth in the tech world, the bigfoot of smartphones

    • Clint Haynes

      The Galaxy Nexus Forever.

      • raichleb

        I’m assuming the forever part of that statement refers to the amount of time one has to wait for its release.

        • Anthony Domanico

          I think (and hope) it was a Duke Nukem reference? lol

          • raichleb

            Well, that’s just what happens when you let old farts like me post to the board. I miss all those new-fangled reference you young whiper-snappers are throwing around.

    • ajonrichards

      Isn’t the point of a nexus phone to be a flagship, significantly advanced device? I what going to be the point of this when there’s arguably better/comparable Android phones on the market in such a close timeframe?

    • spintrex

      And to think, back in September, I was going to wait to hopefully get this device on Sprint… and stay stuck with a Blackberry curve #FirstWorldProblems…. thankfully I upgraded to the GSII..we have become best friends

  • Clint Haynes

    I am so glad I am not waiting on this device, I have a month until I can re-up my contract w/ discount.

    But I will be getting it at that time.

    I guess I’ll get to see some of the early bugs ironed out before I have to worry about them.

  • antfelici

    What a surprise!

  • OpenIntro

    Here’s to hoping Google learns their lesson with Verizon. This has become a joke.

    • iamXiV92a

      But with the iPhone launch, everything was spot on – go figure… :-/

      I too hope that Google has learned their lesson with this – just put it on AT&T (please!) and call it a day. let Verizon figure out what they’re doing first and they when get their act together, let them quietly launch it. Apologies to those on Verizon waiting on this magnificent device.

      • moelsen8

        the iphone launch was spot on because apple was probably in a better position to strongarm verizon than google. they seem to get whatever they want when they launch an iphone. visual voicemail for free? no problem.

  • marc

    this sucks honestly been waiting for a nexus for verizon and this happens.ridiculous on verizons part.

  • frmorrison

    I hope VNZ doesn’t get another exclusive release from Google again.

  • Ted

    You can take the surprise out if you sign up for the Nexus info page from Verizon. They will send you an email before launch…A no brainer!!!

    • Brian

      UH I guess you have never signed up for their release emails before?? You MAY get the email a week after the release. Hardly ever before.

  • turing

    This launch has been a disaster. Hopefully Google will learn their lesson.

    • b00sted

      I am still pissed about the nexus one debacle

  • raichleb

    There’s an old axiom in business: under-promise and over-deliver. If Verizon told us from the beginning that this thing would be available by ” the end of the year,” I would have been excited to see it on 12/30. Now, I’ll be disgusted whenever it’s released.

    But I’ll still probably but it.

    • Rich

      Hasn’t the only “official release” information (stated with regard to Verizon) been “…by the end of the year…”?

      • raichleb

        You make a good point. I’m not sure Verizon has officially released any date, so I suppose I can’t blame them completely.

        But surely they recognize the level of attention this has received among what amounts to their most enthusiastic customer – us. I think they’d be wise to do something to manage expectations and not allow one disappointment after another.

  • mikeyDroid


  • AvatarZ

    very frustrating – such a terrible release … and other than people here, likely no one cares

  • Black Kristos

    Le sigh.

  • jckeyes

    Holy Failsauce Batman! I could probably build this SOB from scratch before they get it released.

  • txbluesman

    I think since Verizon is doing all this, screw them and send us ns4g owners the ics update before Verizon launches the new device. It’s not Googles fault.

  • Trevor Cameron

    Wow… I really was not a fan of big red before and now all of this. My OG Droid died, so I had to go to Cricket and get a low end, albeit Gingerbread, phone to get me through until the Nexus came out.

    Now here I am two months later and still no release date. Carrier exclusivity is not a good thing, especially when it comes to Verizon. One of the reasons that Android is successful is has focused on the user not the consumer, not the carrier. Verizon is trying to change that culture which is very, very sad to see. :0(

  • Renato S.

    I bet it’s Verizon trying do the things their way completely ignoring what Nexus line up means.

    Oh, but I want bloatware, I want locked bootloader, I don’t want Google Wallet, etc…

  • plasmoidia

    Droid-Life has an update saying that the issue may be related to LTE network issues on Verizon’s front. Still quite frustrating, but if so, at least it would not be a phone-related problem. This has just been a horrible launch. Let’s hope Google is learning some lessons and has the next Nexus (and Android release) ready to go before announcing it. Would be much better that way.

  • markL

    it will be coming up on TWO MONTHS since they announced it and we cant buy it yet, and no word yet on release. AS WELL AS the almost certain exclusivity for verizon after it launches. verizon is just fucking everyone over by delaying so they can get whatever shit software they want on there. hopefully google doesnt put up with this sub par partner behavior anymore and gets their product in peoples hands.

  • David Hughes

    Crushed once again on a rumor

  • rsawyer13

    Google needs to learn from this and clarify release dates and conditions before selling phones with Verizon again.

  • levelm

    I don’t think my OG DROID can hold on much longer =\

  • Starship

    I’m a Cubs fan: I’m used to disappointment

    • ben dover

      I’m a cards fan so I +1′d your comment ;-P lol

      (for those that don’t know, cards and cubs are rivals)

  • moelsen8

    i’m feeling better all the time about jumping on the bionic on release day.. after its half-year delay or so..

  • thr970

    Wow again, what is up Verizon, hope they end up explaining the reasons. Think will try ICS rom on my phone to see if it is worth it

  • j1429

    I have been following this release for months and updating google searches every 20 minutes… I just called VZW they said no date for the galaxy nexus but she seemed to know more than she shared (called 4 other times earlier this week and they seemed very honest with me about not knowing).

    I then called Costco…they said Friday without a doubt, she was positive….call your local stores and see what they tell you…I hope the delay is just a rumor, I cannot deal with my original droid anymore!

    Yes, Costco could be wrong and didn’t get the memo yet but it’s something to keep my hopes up. Just wanted to share.

  • j1429

    I have been following this release for months and updating google searches every 20 minutes… I just called VZW they said no date for the galaxy nexus but she seemed to know more than she shared (called 4 other times earlier this week and they seemed very honest with me about not knowing).

    I then called Costco…they said Friday without a doubt, she was positive….call your local stores and see what they tell you…I hope the delay is just a rumor, I cannot deal with my original droid anymore!

    Yes, Costco could be wrong and didn’t get the memo yet but it’s something to keep my hopes up. Just wanted to share my experience.

    • ben dover

      well if Costco is just uninformed, then lets just hope they stay uninformed until after the 9th! :)

  • pjamies

    Funny, Bell Mobility Canada is still on for Dec 9th, with Pre-sale delivery starting today !!
    Why would Verizon have such an issue putting these (Pure Android) phones out ? .. it’s not like they have to do anything to them, (beside maybe add a splash screen) ..
    It sounds like they are having issues adding the spy-ware to the devices !!

  • Brandon Peters

    The only positive of this entire fiasco, we all know how NOT to launch a device

  • Nate B.

    Lmao! I can’t believe this lol. Google and Big Read are to big ass fails. I mean what is Google thinking to do this exclusive mess. It would’ve been out on other carriers by now. This phone is somewhat irrelevant to me honestly. I’m more curious about the next one now. Thank devs for CM9.

    • Black Kristos

      I wouldn’t blame Google. Keep in mind that the Nexus One was only on T-Mobile for 2 months before AT&T got it, while Verizon and Sprint never did. Also that T-Mobile & AT&T got the Nexus S at the same time, but Sprint didn’t get it until 5 months later, while again Verizon never did.

      While I agree that Verizon has bungled this release, don’t be mad at Google about so called “exclusivity”, when the Nexus line has always been staggered here in the US.

  • kazahani

    Droid Bionic: Epic fail.

    Galaxy Nexus: Epic fail.

    Verizon: Epic fail.

  • ben dover

    At this point you might as well call it the Droid Bionic 2… :)

    Verizon sure does have some epic phone launch fails!

  • halo0

    Verizon should be ashamed of themselves!!! It’s been almost 2 MONTHS since Google and Samsung unveiled the gnex, and VZW is still beating around the bush. WTF Verizon. WTF.

  • jamal

    Come on Google, force Verizon to start selling the Galaxy Nexus.

    • ben dover

      better yet. let other carriers go around verizon’s exclusive and start selling it before them!

      I’m waiting for it to come to ATT or TMO anyway.

  • Charlesbrown79

    Rumor has it this is why I’m keeping T-Mo…

    • Chad


  • Michael Catley

    This certainly keeps getting worse and worse for the Americans. Google needs to cut out the middle men and start their own carrier service, putting Verizon out of business. I will hopefully be getting my Nexus from Vodafone on 8th which is a sister company of verizon in the UK.

  • Louis Atu

    Like I said the other day; a phone that’s arguably the best in 2011 is about to be released in 3 days and the carrier doesn’t come forward to talk about or lunch it???? Stuff like this is making me feel better about my decision to forget about this phone and get a Samsung galaxy s2

    Galaxy Nexus = Epic fail

    Verizon = Fuck you = Epic Fail

  • ndub21

    I don’t care about the Verizon version. Where is my unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus??? My bet is that this Verizon debacle has caused the GSM version to be delayed because of some BS temporary exclusivity agreement. Come on Google, I thought you were better than this.

  • Billy

    What is a Nexus … im just drawing a disappointment coma now …

  • n25philly

    I’m getting ready to give up on android. (for phones at least) So sick of the BS. I’m on t-mobile. My Vibrant in a mess. If I completely start the phone from scratch it works well for like a week. This is just starts having issues where it freezes up, force closes on everything and worse. I have people telling me they can’t leave me messages.

    I want a new phone, but what? A Galaxy S II was appealing before all the 720p screen phones started coming out. Anything good coming out is going to Verizon of AT&T only. I get my phone through work so to switch I have to pay on my own which I don’t really want to do.

    The manufacturers and carriers keep pulling this BS and all we can do is sit there and take it. They all need to stop postponing phones for months at a time to put crap skins no one wants on them. We shouldn’t have to wait 5+ months for phones that are out in Europe to come to the US. They need to stop putting out phones that are only for one specific carrier. What you lose in money from the carriers you’ll more than make up for in customer loyalty.

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m tired of be screwed by these companies and expected to just take it and smile. I’m really thinking about switching to a WP7. I hate how locked down it is, but it at least works and is available, which is better than where I am now.

  • Elliot Powell

    That’s why Google should not have carrier exclusivity when they release their Nexus Lines. Why can’t they get a deal like apple, they control the software, the carriers control the network and release the phone on the same day on all major carriers….

  • Aaron Kemp

    As someone from outside the states I really cant understand why it takes so long to launch a phone. I understand its carrier specific but still the phone probably has been finished for a long time.

    Get it out there quick otherwise people are going to lose interest.

    • nwilliam3

      Verizon wants people to lose interest. They would prefer you buy their more profitable phones that carry all the bloatware. I firmly believe that Verizon is selling this phone only so that they don’t have to compete with it during the holiday season. So they keep delaying it though the peak buying period so that the average buyer gets the phones that have their bloatware on it.

      • cb2000a

        I am so glad I left Verizon. This is typical of them…..delays…delays…delays. I pay far less now and am just as happy with my service (and love my phone).

        • nwilliam3

          If I could get the coverage I need, I’d leave too!

  • Thom Cuneo

    I think the problem is that Google fans like me and almost everyone that is reading this blog is OK with the Beta version of things that Google releases and fixes as they go. this is not a Verizon way of doing thing and especial after the Xoom 4G fiasco I’m sure they want everything to their standards before release.
    I want this phone, but i can wait because i want it as a Verizon LTE device. If i couldn’t wait I’d spend $700 import one and go get a t-mo sim.

  • rdawg

    Let me throw this theory at you guys. Verizon buys the exclusive rights to this phone.. WHY????

    Verizon realizes this phone is a legimitate threat of taking customers to another provider in the US, so they buy the exclusive rights. They set the release date of THE NEXUS around the same time as they drop another set of Smartphones that are good but not the Nexus, (amazing this is the same time span the first line of droid phones buyers come up for contract), they get people to highly anticipate this release, but keep delaying it. This pisses off the masses but all the while they keep releasing those other phones/// rezound, droid 4 (maybe), razr. So all the people who are pissed, and not willing to wait until verizon drops this phone, but also not willing to leave out of rage, lock themselves into a 2 year contract on a phone they have all their crap on.

    Give it up to the guy who though of this brilliant strategy, honestly, it is amazing.

    • Black Kristos

      You assume there is some sort of exclusive right for verizon and this phone, when that is simply speculation.

      • b00sted

        I think the other carriers would of been taking advantage of this BS if not

        • Black Kristos

          As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, this is not new for the Nexus line in the US. The closest we’ve seen is the Nexus S was released to T-Mobile and AT&T at the same time. Never has a Nexus been released to all carriers at once.

      • nwilliam3

        It’s exclusive for right now and that is all that matters. Prevent it from competing against the RAZR and Rezound though the peak holiday period. That’s all Verizon is trying to do.

    • nwilliam3

      I’ve been saying this for a few weeks. Verizon has no desire to sell the Nexus, they just don’t want anybody else selling it. So they buy it and put it on the shelf so that it is not competing with their crapware filled RAZR and Rezound during the peak holiday buying period.

      Great strategy by Verizon. They know that they have the best network and that most people simply can’t leave because of it. So what do you do?

    • Dominick

      I totally agree..”buy off” the competition and then control the release to your market advantage without losing customers. Brilliant.

  • Ilyse Rose

    I don’t think anyone is really surprised by this.

  • Chazzers

    This is becoming tiresome. It seems as though they keep pushing back the release date because they keep messing with the device- no Wallet, Verizon’s bloatware, etc.

  • aakash

    oh, i am tired of this now. i will believe it when I get a Nexus Galaxy in my hand…

  • aakash

    if it goes on like this, it will be time for Galaxy Nexus II…!!!

  • n25philly

    Lol, so many people are complaining about this and saying how horrible it is yet they are still going to reward them by buying it. That’s telling them it’s ok, so it’s not going to change.

    • nwilliam3

      I’d love to tell Verizon to go F-off, but I need the coverage and there really isn’t another option. Beside a lot of this is being done by Verizon to get people to go buy their crapware filled RAZR and Rezound.

      So while it is frustrating, by waiting for the Nexus we are actually doing more to send a message to them that we can’t be forced into buying their crap phones.

  • MoSDeeb

    So… many… delays… But it hasn’t been officially announced, so is it a delay?

    Not happy about waiting though

  • b00sted

    this is really starting to piss me off.. my OG just cant hold out much longer ;(

    • nwilliam3

      I wish I could vote this up more than once. My OG is really struggling and I’ve been waiting since June for a new phone.

      • n25philly

        I did it for you

  • Slith

    What the heck could the delay be this late in the game? Is it Verizon just holding it up or is it Google with ICS reqs, or didn’t Samsung produce enough?

    I’m nearly to the point of waiting for a Tegra phone now.

  • lanza_david


  • http://Note Uncemister

    Aaaand I’ve officially given upon the Galaxy Nexus. At this rate my bionic will see ICS before this device is even released…

  • mrmrchris

    What?! I’m in the UK so I’ve had mine for two weeks, but even I hate verizon!

    • VerizonSucks

      Classic. That’s why our two countries remain close. God Save the Queen – and deliver us the Galaxy Nexus!!!

  • jakymiwm

    The demo software is not yet ready for it. I know that for a fact.

  • fwtx

    this is just sad

  • triangle

    Verizon is trying to sell RAZRs. Their CEO was carrying one today and singing its praises at an investor conference this morning.

    Unfortunately, now that they realize that the Galaxy Nexus is going to be a huge phone, they are waiting to release it. It’s not like the RAZR and Rezound were delayed because it was thought they would cause network problems. They probably still activated a ton of those phones.

  • bettadaze

    wish i wasnt losing interest in waiting for this so fast. but, so few stock androids to go around.

  • nwilliam3

    I don’t mind delays if there are actual bugs. My big issue is the total lack of communication. I rather they communicate anticipated launch dates and then communicate why they are pushing them out. Instead the leave us in the dark to grasp at rumors only to be constantly disappointed.

    I sure Verizon doesn’t want to publish dates because they are afraid people won’t buy a phone today if they know when the next one is going to be released. But they just pissing us all off like this.

  • itzxdjx

    Ahh this makes me a little bit happier that i got a sg2 and stayed on att, but seriously hurry up! Haha

  • thaghost

    SILLY GOOGLE!! That’s what you get for not launching it on Tmobile. HA HA. This is almost as worse as the Bionic.

  • ElvisonD

    -_________- If this keeps up, by the time this actually comes out, we’ll have better Android phones in the market…just sayin…This is ridiculous!!!!!

  • csampson89

    welp…where’s the next big thing

  • MrMrMan

    Thanks Google! Don’t know why you gave this phone to Verizon to screw up… Hope that cash keeps you warm as you alienate and piss off your faithful Android fans.

    • MrMrMan

      This was going to be my next phone to replace my Nexus One. Now I don’t know… They screwed themselves in the long run by going after short term gain. This phone should’ve been on every carrier.

  • YMS123

    Verizon executive : “But… If we release the Nexus now, who will buy the Razr or Rezound? Lets delay it a week or two, no one will notice”…

    • Marc’us H.

      Then the people who purchased the RAZR or Rezound will throw a fit when the Galaxy Nexus is dropped, AND they drop the price of both the RAZR and Rezound $50-$100… sigh…

  • the5thdimension

    This has gotta be the most ridiculous launch of any product ever. Google should have never given Verizon exclusivity on this phone. Verizon’s Android success has come at the hands of the “DROID” phones. They could care less about the Nexus. Verizon is making a mockery of Google with this bullshit. I can’t just drop $750 to import the GSM version, so I gotta wait until it hits T-Mobile and I’m pretty certain Verizon is prolonging that whole thing with their bullshit. It’s just crazy! I hope Google learned their lesson on this one.

  • Dev1359

    It’s starting to feel like Google and Samsung just want this phone to fail. I mean seriously, how the hell does Steve Wozniak get to have this phone weeks before any of us do? It just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Hall Lo

    What the? Such a fail launch….. Such an excellent phone + all these delays…. such a shame :(

  • Shane Dumas

    Verizon wireless is happy to announce the launch of the Droid Insane and HTC Blaze. Both phones come with quad core processor, NFC, 720P HD screens, 2400ma battery, 64gb storage and ICS.

    Oh yeah and the Galaxy Nexus is now available from Verizon Wireless.


    That sounds more like it. They are waiting to launch the phone till the competition is ahead so they don’t have to play games to sell other bloated phones. The more the delay goes on the more I think this is true. They have launched lots of phones with issues and now they don’t think it is right.

  • HoLfElDeR

    ande we wati again

  • phacues

    I may be wrong but I don’t see that date posted anywhere on the form from when this was made. How do we know this isn’t an old form we are looking at? Do I think the phone us coming out Friday? Probably not but this and every other site I went to had no date or it said Friday the 12th when Friday is the 9th

    • mothy

      My friend that works for Verizon as a rep said it was supposed to be Friday, they told the reps today it is postponed with no reason or new date given.

  • Deeds

    When will they finally release the thing? Hopefully no more delays.

  • Taylor

    I kinda hate to say it, but after the delays also seen on the Asus Transformer Prime, Google may need to adopt a more unified strategy (a la Apple) in software/product rollouts. Granted there has never been an official date, it’s been almost two months since the ICS debut, and “soon” was a long time ago, in the tech lexicon.

  • esgat

    When this phone eventually comes out. Please I’m asking the whole android community. Do not purchase this device. So Verizon can see the damage they cause.

  • Shawn Flanagan

    I just wish they would release it on carriers that are less evil than Verizon.

  • breinhar

    Now I am so glad I gave up constantly waiting for it and bought a 4s. I needed it for att and was afraid id have to wait until 2012 and then by that time it’s worth waiting for newer phones. After already waiting since march.

  • mothy

    Seriously can Verizon screw this up any worse!!!

  • DRA

    I’m not even surprised and I won’t be surprised if they try to stretch this out all the way in to the new year go to hell Verizon

  • AndroidCowboy

    This is the worst launch of the best device I have witnessed. Google really needs to enforce more control over their product distribution and launch.

  • miked

    great white buffalo

  • JosephInEgypt

    HAHAHA!!! I CALLED IT!!! EPIC FAIL!! Wow,… no one I know even cares about this phone anymore….here come the quadcores!!

  • ama332

    I waited 6 months for the Bionic, then didn’t buy it because it was halfway to obsolete. I’ve played with the RAZR, like some aspects but don’t love it, and was holding out for the Galaxy because of ICS. Now, my ancient OG Droid desperately needs replacement so I can run any app developed recently, and I just don’t know if I can wait forever. Darn you Verizon! What a Love/Hate relationship we have!

  • Judah-Dean Abbey

    Doesn’t that suck :/

  • donger

    Really? stop teasing us!

  • IntlGrizzly

    You have got to be kidding me

  • humidity

    I was all excited to leave work early to get in line on Friday… /sigh

  • Annoyed Verizon Customer

    What I don’t understand is how Verizon Wireless and Best Buy retail stores can be receiving units and the official release date is being delayed without ever being announced. Seriously. WTF?!

  • anikko

    between this and the Verizon specific apps on the phone, I don’t think I’ll ever be a Verizon user. what a fiasco!

  • Ben Rodriguez

    This is really disappointing. I really hope the Galaxy Nexus is released on Tmo.

  • mojeda

    On December 13th we’ll probably get the same result as the Nexus One, Galaxy Nexus will be skipping Verizon and we will be stuck with having to choose another phone.

  • tpulu

    They’ll delay it until Dec. 24th, and have a big Merry Christmas campaign. Although… if they did this and had it for free on contract…. ? Hmmm… but really that’s no excuse, the longer they wait, the more heated everyone gets. They’re definitely not doing themselves any favors here. I sense they are burning many bridges with long time customers who have been waiting patiently for this phone.

  • Ben Marvin

    Shaking my head. I can’t even read these stories anymore. And not even sure why I care, I’m not even a Verizon customer. Where’s the T-Mobile version?

  • megatec45

    I wish they would finally release this phone so they can release the update for my Galaxy SII soon :(

  • Glenn Falvey

    This makes me so mad! I can’t wait for this phone!

  • Adryan maldonado

    ERRRR!!!!. Sometimes i have verizon. seriously. Enough with keeping the phones secret till they freaking launch. We are all sick and tired of guessing and playing these stupid games. Verizon is like the J.J abrahms(cloverfield,super 8) of carriers.

  • Clint Haynes

    In this thread:

    A whole bunch of panties in a bunch about the “delayed” launch of a device that has not even had a date announced.
    (btw, I want one too)

  • smwinn7

    Unannounced device cannot be delayed but I’m still sad I was hoping I could get one for work but sadly I have to choose by friday

  • RootMe

    So, how bout a + 1 for the worst no product release by verizon. This beats the release of the Bionic.

  • laosgurllynn

    As long as it gets to launch in the U.S. Im ok with that, but I do like to see it launch too for MY hands on.

  • nevsdad

    I will just kick back with my Droid X and waiiiitttttttt!

  • Sean BillyMaysHere


  • dnar56

    Dear lord, the space shuttle challenger had a better “launch” than this already outdated device.

  • bigpar

    Verizon you’re ridiculous…please get it together soon….

  • Sean BillyMaysHere

    i’ll still buy it

  • Sean BillyMaysHere

    i’ll still buy it
    but ill still buy it :)

  • VerizonSucks

    For a while it was fun reading everyone’s reaction to the delays in releasing the Galaxy Nexus thingy by Verizon. But now it is old news and practically expected – the delay that is.

    What we should do is quit making any comments about it. Stop calling the Verizon stores. Stop sending verbose emails to Samsung or Verizon or your grandmother. Not one of them cares how we feel nor will they adjust their sales tactics to accommodate us – well, your grandmother might if she was selling the thing.

    Just let it slide off the radar. Better yet, commit to NOT buying it when it comes out. How freakin’ long do you think Verizon and Samsung will take to recover their losses if no one buys the damn thing.

    Let’s hear it for a boycott!!!!!! As Johnny Cochran would have said,

    “If there ain’t no Nexus stop tryin’ to vex us.” or was it

    “The Nexus ain’t it and we don’t give a shit!!!”

  • Sundaypostman

    I say the delay is due to the LTE problems. They probably were not sure when they would be up and running 100% so they decided not to release a 4G phone while it can’t get on the 4G network.

  • Sundaypostman

    I’ve been an AT&T iPhone customer for a few years now. Recently (February) I moved to an area where AT&T has no 3g coverage. Not only am I stuck on the Edge network, I am using “Off-Network” towers, of which they limit data to 100 MB before turning off your data.

    I was waiting for the new iPhone before switching to Verizon, but after being disappointed by the 4S, I decided to wait a little long for the Nexus. This wait is getting really hard.

    Unlike most of you, I’m not just updating to a new phone, I’m updating from a non-working network to a new network, and I’ll get to re-experience what it’s like to actually be able to use data!

    This wait is unbareable.

  • hofacekilla

    I’m seriously losing all interest here. It’s time for google to open up the nexus to other carriers instead of bonjanglin on this launch.

  • Nikonhead

    This is nothing compared to waiting for the unsuccessful Bionic. That drama went on for 9 months. I’m sure we will all have the SGN in our hands by Xmas. Does anyone know if the SGN will be 16 or 32GB?

  • kungpaodragon

    I am starting to think maybe Apple blocks the launch date since Verizon also carries iPhone 4Gs now.

  • kungpaodragon

    At least unlike others, we’re not dying to buy an inferior product. Which never makes sense to me. I can’t tell if they’re ignorant or in denial… I mean, 3G? Really?

  • Jack 43

    Is this phone that big of a deal? Really?

  • trustme

    It has been delayed approx a week due to software issues. The speculation here is borderline insane. Chill people. This phone isn’t that big of a deal anyhow….other than ics, which will soon be available on many other devices via ota download or rooting. It has a sub-par camera and no external memory. The UI is beyond bland. I just don’t understand the hype.

  • ramenchef

    Not sure why people are up in arms as verizon never officially announced a release date.

  • Jhall222


  • phssthpok

    This really is a botched launch that seems to plague a lot of the Android phones. Specifically, it feels like there’s a long delay between product demo and the product hitting the shelf, especially when we’re told “coming soon.” I’m absolutely convinced the Dell Streak line was an epic fail because they couldn’t deliver that device in the Americas in a timely fashion.

    Apple announces late but seems to make the product available shortly after (if you’re willing to wait in line…thank you Samsung!), keeping the excitement high. Here’s the flagship Google phone, fully unlocked, fully customizable (oops) and it’s delayed so long it’s not exciting.

    To be honest, I’m disappointed in the specs of the phone as well. I have a young daughter and really need/want a rocking camera. The 5 MP vs whatever size isn’t as big a deal as the apparently suboptimal sensor. No removable storage is lame and I actually use FM in the gym to listen to the tv and play audio through the car stereo. But I was willing to overlook that for a Google Experience phone that would receive timely updates. But the delay will probably leave me looking for the next great device.

    Unlike Apple, the technology cycle on Android phones is just too fast to make people wait very long to buy. We’re at a place where quad core phones are due out soon and phone prices drop by a half or more within a couple months.

    The new Qualcomm 4G chipset’s been announced/released that might finally make 4G less of a power hog and Sharp has their new uber-camera sensor with image stabilization. Slap those in the same chassis with an unlocked bootloader and I’m all over it.

  • ezc

    I am not planning to buy the Galaxy Nexus because I am stuck with my Nexus S. I have been following this closely though.

    This the first time I have to give Apple the credit for managing customer expectation.

    They scheduled their launch of the device periodically and give an exact date and price for the device at the launch. This typically launch with in a week or two after the announcement.

    Why cant the Google and Verizon in this situation learn from its competitors or even do better than its competitors. Google and Verizon needs to think as its customer do. They need to manage their customer expectations better. If they are not ready to launch with the details push out the announcements. What part of creating customer experience and values do they not understand.

  • Cody Riddar

    I waited and waited for this phone, but then came to the conclusion… if Verizon can’t get it out the door, how messed up is it going to be?

    So two days ago I just grabbed an SGS2 Skyrocket off eBay and am going to stick with AT&T for now and avoid Verizon’s LTE issues and release quagmire.

    That being said, I have zero buyers remorse. Once ICS is on my new SGS2, the only thing I won’t have is the GNex screen resolution. But everything else is the same OR better. Winning.

    It would be sweet if VZ finally released the phone and nobody showed up to buy it. Maybe they’d get it right the next time.

  • mebrunner24

    I went to my local Radioshack and got to power up and hold the only one in stock. The sales rep also went on to tell me about a release this Sunday the 11th…

    I would love this to be true..
    Just wondering if anyone else has heard this news?

  • cristian cristiandonose

    We are getting this on Vodafone on 14 of december here in Romania. Hopre wiil be on Orange network soon…

  • ILoveComputers

    Come on. I’m having A LOT of awkward conversations when people look at my phone, say it’s nice and where can you buy it, and I have to explain you can’t because the newest phone is having launch problems, and they aren’t selling anymore Nexus S’s. I’m on the T-Mobile Nexus S

  • Samar

    Looking at few of the comments, Galaxy Nexus sounds like a forbidden fruit…LOL…worth waiting for, I guess.

  • jerkyshore

    what’s the big deal with the Verizon Nexus? get a simple one and that’s all

  • Tom Murphy


  • blaseb


  • Danerisms

    At this rate Cyangenmod will be done before the Nexus releases.

  • eioous

    Wow….Thanks Verizon, this is only the phone of the Year and your SCREWING IT UP!!!

  • kimminer1

    sad very sad

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile rahuly2k7

    This phone is never going to release.. Google did a horrible job with this phone.. Instead of sticking with just cone carrier they should have have made this phone just like Nexus one open to all… COME ON GOOGLE!!!

  • rushikh

    Hey can I get some ranking points :P Yah unfortunate that the date hasn’t been announced, but why Verizon? Could this have been because of the 2 years free data with the Cr-48?

  • redraider133

    “Coming soon” the two words verizon customers hate to hear.

  • Alexandra Sedlack

    so uncooL!

  • jordanfritzsche

    This is just getting ridiculous! Just release it already before it turns into the Bionic

  • madtnotn

    Can’t say I am surprised.

  • cristian cristiandonose

    As off today the phone is officialy available in Romania on Vodafone network.

  • Nathan D.

    fail # 56983321523154 night aswell be $200 on contract since their will be better phones when it finally come out

  • Vap1d-

    I was seriously considering jumping from T-Mo to Verizon for this device. If it had come out last week I would have. LTE coverage from VZ is pretty extensive where I live (T-Mo does have HSPA+ 42 here too but not as large a deployment) but after this waiting game I just don’t know. The HSPA version is starting to trickle into more well known etailers, Newegg has it @ $699 w/ free shipping now.. Think I’m going to wait till after the first of the year and see if the HSPA version drops to $650, if so thanks anyway Verizon I’ll stick w/ T-Mo..

  • dustind

    It’s the 13th… Somehow I doubt it very very much.

    • HoLfElDeR

      Mabe it will be relised on 31.12 :D

  • sonicshorz

    I’m no Prophet but Jesus is coming soon!

  • Marc’us H.

    FINALLY ANNOUNCED!!!! Tomorrow!!!!!!!