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Samsung Christmas gift: no Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab


Samsung has delivered a devastating blow, announcing that the original Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab will not be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. Since the Galaxy S features the same hardware configuration as the Nexus S (which is currently receiving an OTA update to ICS), Samsung claims that the phone’s limited ROM and RAM are insufficient since they would not be able to fit TouchWiz, video calling software, and other various carrier services.

With more than 10 million units sold, the Samsung Galaxy S was the very first successful Android phone in Samsung’s lineup. We’re curious to see how consumers react to the news. A short while ago, HTC faced a similar situation with the HTC Desire since the handset did not feature enough internal memory to run Gingerbread with HTC Sense. Public outcry forced HTC to eventually release a Gingerbread update with a lighter version of HTC Sense.

We know that stripping out features from TouchWiz in order to make Android 4.0 fit on the Samsung Galaxy S may not sound like an ideal solution for all consumers, but we’re guessing that most would like to at least have the option of upgrading to ICS even if it’s not the full experience that Samsung wants its customers to have.

Via: The Verge

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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  • stenzor

    This is terrible news :(

    • YMS123

      The plus its here will be plenty of custom ICS roms, at least Galaxy S owners won’t end up with some Ice Cream Touchwich mash up

      • taketheleap

        And THIS is why I donate to Cyanogen.

        • mr 1338

          As much as i´d like to see ICS on the original Galaxy S it´s been almost 18 months since it´s release and that is as long as the update alliance has approved for.
          in the end Samsung needs to make money and you dont pay 900for an iPhone but 450 for a Galaxy and so the life time of our devices are somewhat shorter

          i like new phones so i am fine with it^^

          if only contracts werent 2years minimum…..

          • tmihai20

            This is just a lame excuse, if you pardon me saying that. Google Nexus S will receive the ICS update. If you ask me, the fact that TouchWiz on ICS won’t run on the first Galaxy S is just a lame excuse. Lon live CyanogenMod. You must not pay double for a phone to get longer software support. I guess ICS on the first Galaxy S would hurt the new Galaxy S II. It’s just marketing after all.

          • George

            Not a good reason. Galaxy S was still on sale 4 months ago. So someone who just bought it has no chance of a 2 year update plan.

            If they sell it, they should support it.

        • Lewis McGeary

          I find it an interesting position for Samsung that customers turn to Cyanogenmod to provide ICS where they can’t, since it was’t that long ago they signed the founder up as an employee!!
          Must be a complex working relationship!

      • desean

        yea, custom rom like cyanogenmod will fill the gap

        • CJ LaFleur

          Cm7 bricked my galaxy s.

          • Samar

            Really ?

          • roight….

            correction: YOU bricked your galaxy s.

          • mr 1338

            thousands of flashed phones without a noticable amount of bricks so maybe you made a little misstake…

          • angelo

            buy a usb jig then go to xda and learn how to use odin. its almost impossible to brick this phone

          • tmihai20

            No offence, but if you are not sure with what you are doing, don’t do it. One would think that by now instructions on flashing a custom ROM like CyanogenMod would be clear on a popular device like the Galaxy S…

        • Nick Gray

          I’m a huge supported of custom ROMs, but the average consumer shouldn’t need to root their device to simply get the latest version of Android. Samsung and HTC have realized that their hardware specs are the main reason they are not able to get the latest Android versions to fit on their phones.

          We will still see this issue going forward with low-end devices, but my guess is that high-end phones will not be affected going forward.

    • Thomas Biard

      I’ll pour some out for the Nexus S.

    • thechad

      Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz reminds me of yellow snow. And we all know everything is better without Wiz on it!

      • lxgeorge

        Haha well played sir

      • Paydrow

        Haha, I agree, ICS Stock UI looks so much better than TouchWiz anyway…I would only miss swiping right to call and left to message, that would be it.

    • Jorge Branco

      Oh hey thanks Samsung! I’ve got your present right here in my pocket…

      …………………./´¯/) ………………..,/¯../………………./…./…………./´¯/’…’/´¯¯`·¸ ………./’/…/…./……./¨¯\……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’) ………\……………..’…../……….”…\………. _.·´ …………\…………..( …………..\………….\…

      • Jorge Branco

        Well that failed worse than anything. Thanks mobile formatting. Was obviously meant to be the finger *embarrassed*

        • Anthony E

          Wow, that sir, was VERY funny! LMAO.

  • madtnotn

    Lump of Coal…

    • Thomas Biard

      Naughty list…this year and next.

      • Nick Gray

        Samsung’s been on my naughty list for a while already.

  • damambt

    What a bummer, I know a couple people who were early adopters of this great device and I’m sure that they will be pissed. Feels like when i first bought that Archos Internet Tablet w/Android 1.6 — What a let down! 👎

    • Steve Heinrich

      This is what it felt like to own a G1… sadness. At least there’s still the developer community.

  • olentz

    The seven inch original galaxy tab or galaxy tab 10.1 ?

    • redraider133

      7 inch.

  • zyphbear

    It does sound like the issue is a cross between technical requirements and really wanting TouchWiz. I would elect for non-TouchWiz, but I guess that’s why It would be better to just root it.

    • Shadowlore

      Agreed. I suspect that we’ll see ICS out for the devices at some point, but it’ll probably come via 3rd party (obviously).

      Still, it’s kind of disappointing for the original Galaxy Tab owners… I don’t know about everyone, but I actually LIKED the form-factor of the original 7″ Tabs.. we have a couple here at the office, and they felt like they were almost the perfect size. (For me, I suspect 8″ would be perfect.. but to each their own)

      As for the Galaxy S, with the update fiasco’s that happened with those devices, I’m actually shocked they even came out and announced anything regarding them. Still, it’s always better to know, rather than keeping your customers guessing on release dates. (*slight underhanded lob at VZW ;)

  • Gulpo

    Hmmm I’m already starting to regret buying the Galaxy SII Skyrocket… well to be honest, I regretted it after seeing the ridiculous name. Looks like I will have to root and head to roms on my fiance’s Captivate.

    • iamXiV92a

      Why? Samsung has already said they’re going to put ICS on the Skyrocket starting early 2012. I don’t regret my purchase at all!

      • Crickerman

        Hopefully….. My T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant has yet to receive the gingerbread update :-/

        • Jason

          Right? I have the 4g Tmob version and I would settle for ginger at this point. Makes me consider not buying a Sammy phone again.

          • clocinnorcal

            ICS? What about a GB update to my Vibrant. Seems like I have been waiting forever! Come on now, at least give me Gingerbread :(

          • angelo

            the galaxy s 4g has gingerbread but the vibrant does not

        • Justin Ziemba

          There is a totally stable ICS port available already for the Vibrant. I put it on my wife’s phone & it is great.

          Rooting is so easy now, I don’t understand why anyone would be waiting for their carrier.

          • clocinnorcal

            Yes, I know, though its not exactly totally stable. Until Samsung releases a source code for the Vibrant it will never be completely stable. Same with GB. I would use a GB Rom for Vibrant, but due to no source code, GPS, 911 dialer and deep sleep will never work properly. Thus my request for at least GB!!!!!

  • staryoshi

    That’s a shame for people with those devices. Personally, I wish that Touchwiz could be enabled or disabled with a factory reset… It’s fine for Gingerbread, but when ICS comes to my Epic 4G Touch I’d rather have the stock ICS experience without having to root.

    • Shadowlore

      I wish the custom UI overlays were entirely optional on ALL devices. Allow the user to determine if they want it or not.. not force-feed it down everyone’s throat.

      Touchwiz, Blur, Sense.. they all have SOME merits, but let the user determine if they want to sacrifice their device for those ‘benefits’, or go stock.

  • redraider133

    They should do what htc did for the one phone and just remove the skin. That would solve the memory issue since it wouldnt have a skin taking up more memory/ram.

  • Jeremy

    Hell, they won’t even upgrade the things to Gingerbread. Mine S is stuck of Froyo. Hence why I gave it to my dad and got the Amaze. I was over Samsung’s BS and lies.

    • cxandroid

      You sure about that? even the redheaded Fascinate got Gingerbread a few weeks ago.

      • angelo

        ya the galaxy s 4g has gingerbread but the original vibrant still doesnt.

        • clocinnorcal

          co sign. No GB love for Vibrant :(

  • AsakuraZero

    samsung you are doing it wrong, good thing is that galaxy S will have CM9 but, no stock option for the phone kinda sucks, and its also harder to develop without it

    • Shadowlore

      Might want to note, the Vibrant variant won’t see ‘official’ CM9 due to the 911 bug they can’t seem to get around. ;)

    • clocinnorcal

      Vibrant wont even get CM9 due to no source code from sammy. CM has already announced that they arent supporting Vibrant anymore due to 911 dialer.

  • Rhino3081

    Noy too suprising, seeing as how the Galaxy S here in the USa is just now getting 2.3. Samsung would reather have you buy a new phone. Here’s to CM9 :)

  • Toonshorty

    It’s getting silly now.

    Overlays aren’t only slowing down updates, but stopping them altogether. That is of course assuming that Samsung aren’t telling us porkies.

    Developers could easily fit an ICS + TouchWiz ROM onto the Galaxy S.

    I’m surprised there aren’t more companies shipping phones with stock android.

    • DroidSamurai

      >> I’m surprised there aren’t more companies shipping phones with stock android.

      Simple — they don’t want to sell you an Android phone. They want you to buy “THEIR” phones, a Sense phone (for HTC), or a TouchWiz phone (for Samsung), etc. The custom skin is created to lock customer in.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Wow that really sucks. Thats messed up Samsung. Well for those that have been he OG galaxy s phones or the tab you can count on cyanogenmod to take care of your not being upgraded woes and it will be pure ICS and not touchwiz

    • clocinnorcal

      Everyone except Vibrant owners :(

  • dedioste

    They also confirmed that most of their 2011 fall lineup will not be upgraded. Only Galaxy R will, while W and Y will not.
    I bought a Galaxy W last month, quite confident that it was going to be upgraded to ICS (HW specs fulfill ICS requirements and excede them).
    Now I discover that, due to some strange marketing reason, my brand new phone, launched 4 months ago, will not get an upgrade.
    Ok, i can live with it, as it will take more than a year to see apps that require ICS, but i have to say that i will think more than twice next time before buying something Samsung branded.

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    No Sh*t!! Galaxy S barely got froyo 2.2 and no sign of Gingerbread 2.3, there is no way in this world we would see ICS 4.0 on Galaxy S lines.

    • redraider133

      Fascinate and epic got gb update.

      •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

        That’s good! My Vibrant didn’t get anything, just froyo.. even that if you don’t know how to connect to Kies and update it, good luck you’ll be stuck with 2.1

        • Shadowlore

          I actually wonder if the Vibrant has more issues than people originally thought. Team douche has said they’ve had problems developing CM9 for it, due to some oddball radio issues and no 911 capabilies.

  • Logan Edwards

    I stopped caring about Samsung’s moves a long time ago. The guys over at xda do a phenomenal job with their custom roms… and touchwiz is horrendous.

  • Steve Heinrich

    There just seems to be no phone you can buy that will make it several updates into the future without a little rooting magic. I feel bad for the people with these devices. Luckily the developer community will most likely be there to remedy the slight misery of this news.

  • magicfor

    that kind of sucks. but at least there’s CM9 =)

    • hansedog

      no there isn’t (well maybe) it depends on your device…the vibrant (t-mobile) just got dropped from CM and there will be no ice cream sammich for it from them…this is just another nail in the coffin, now if only my contract were complete

  • HoLfElDeR

    So disapointing :(

  • cxandroid

    Total BS.

    I’m running Teamhacksung’s ICS on my Galaxy S Fascinate, and it runs really well.

    Wonder, If we threw a big enough fit, would they at least post or better yet Open Source their drivers (currently binary blobs) so at least the community Devs can have a go at it?

    While jt1134 is doing a fantastic job on the Fascinate, The build appears to be using a modified Froyo Kernel, it would be a lot better if Devs didn’t have to hack the Drivers as well.

    • cxandroid

      Er, modified Gingerbread kernel

    • Nick Gray

      If people speak up and complain to samsung about this we could see them release something with a stripped down version of TouchWiz so that advanced users will be satisfied. HTC caved in with the HTC Desire which probably only sold 1/4 of what the Galaxy S sold.

      Hit Samsung up on Facebook or Twitter and give them hell!

  • dafi81

    they don’t care about costumers only money! stupid and short sighted

  • spintrex

    That is a low blow to GS owners but it seems in order for Samsung to maintain all of its features, that distinguishes them from other manufacturers, it must take up room that leaves ICS in the dark.

    Having a GSII I wonder if I will face the same fate down the road but it doesn’t seem as likely having a dual-core processor. Way I see it the phones are evolving as computers and we still see dual-core as a norm and quad-core as more of a extra addition so hopefully GSII is safe.

    • cxandroid

      Don’t count on it.

    • JhonnyQ

      Eventually they’ll say the GS2 has too little memory… or it’s screen doesn’t have the proper width/height ratio… or it’s too thin… or whatever it’s needed for you, trusty consumer, to buy a new phone. As stated above, I REALLY doubt they can’t fit touchwiz into the phone.

  • jamal adam

    Leaving over 10 million people just like that. That’s cold, even for you Samsung.

  • jimtravis

    Disappointing, but assuming the real reason is lack of space, then not much you can do. I like Samsung products – my current favorite tablet is the 8.9 Tab, my two current favorite phones are the Galaxy Nexus, and Note, and the last 2 TV’s I purchased were Samsung. That being said, Samsung has to improve in the availability of updates for their many fine products, and the time frame they are available.

  • GeauxLSU

    Looks like Samsung hasn’t improved their poor upgrade reputation.

  • Marvin Avilla

    This is gotta be a breach of contract or something or false advertising on samsung side….someone talk to a lawyer we might have a case hear against samsung…….

  • DroidPower

    That is sad. The Galaxy S is only 21 months old!

    • Nick Gray

      True, but the it’s technically outlived even the new update standards set forth by the Android update alliance.

  • VS

    This was exactly the main issue when trying to decide between HTC Amaze and SGII. I remember when my ex and I were on Sprint, I went EVO and got SG Epic. The EVO was updated to 2.3 before she even got 2.2! She ended up having a myriad of problems with the Epic and ended up going EVO anyways.

    I have my doubts about HTC’s commitment to allow open development (seems Sony is trying really hard to excel in this area lately), but I cant see myself ever owning a Sammy device based on past experience (both mine and their track record).

  • zoe

    will it be the same for Galaxy S 2?

    • JhonnyQ

      Eventually, you can bet on it.

  • Donald Williams

    I dont own a Samsung but it is a bummer to see plenty of phones/ tablets not being updated due to restrictions in RAM or ROM and possibly a sense overlay. In this case it sounds like they can either dumb down the touchwiz like HTC or remove it all together. Sad day for the millions and … millions of SGS1 owners.

    • alexanderharri3

      The Desire was one phone. Sammy with the Galaxy S series produces a handful of phones to distribute to the various carriers….more phones means more differences to update…which means after less than a year you won’t see any more official updates. Smartphones are still “new” to carriers and manufacturers in that new software versions are expected by power users when it is made available. Until the first Android phone, if your phone got more than 1 update it was rare…and Apple controlled its own updates, much like the Nexus phones.

  • ramenchef

    This is sad news for owners of those devices. As usual, developer overlays not only cost time to deploy the latest Android OS, they even prevent it from happening.

  • Skis03

    Not a fan that the Galaxy Tab isn’t going to get it!

  • Thomas Taylor

    If most warranties are a year, and most early Galaxy S adopters are the ones who are most interested in the upgrade, then rooting is a no-risk option for them, and an OS ROM will be available by the time Samsung could have delivered ICS anyway. Most Android users are not the power users who read this blog, and won’t really care.

    That said, this is a bummer and shows that manufacturers need to plan ahe
    ad more when spec’ing their phones. That Android would continue to upgrade, and that those upgrades would probably be bigger isn’t exactly tough to figure out.

    I’m fully expecting to have to root my Atrix 4G to get ICS. But I already voiced my warranty by breaking the screen and having it repaired by a third-party repair shop.

    • JhonnyQ

      Still, I think it’s not the point in here… Of course, most of the SGS1 owners won’t even know they need/want an update. But to stop giving support to a less than 2 years old ex-flaship product?… Come on, even some extended warrantys have 2 years coverage.

  • Marcus

    I think they should just give them ICS even if it means getting rid of some features.

  • Kevin Amundson

    Forget TouchWiz and give the customers the option to upgrade to ICS.

  • psipher

    Yet more reason to stick with stock Android.

  • JIW

    I’m not trying to be a downer, but I’m not sure why any of us “expect” the bigger manufacturers to upgrade most of the current or previous generation devices to ICS. Doing so would give us a reason to not buy new devices… which is sort of counter intuitive from a business perspective. I suspect each brand will cherry pick a few obvious devices to upgrade in order to spread some good will. Then… we will start hearing a lot of BS (see above) about how certain devices aren’t capable of running ICS. The unlucky ones will either have to buy new devices or custom ROM (when available) our current phones. The vast majority of Android users looking to move to ICS will, no doubt, purchase new devices when they are eligible (which is the sort of the point).

    But that’s just my 2 cents. I love my Atrix 4G and would LOVE an ICS upgrade. But I’m not holding my breath. I’m upgrade eligible in May — which will come a hell of a lot faster then an OTA update (and probably faster then a stable ROM as well).

    • DROID Sam

      Your concept is exactly what OEMs whant you to think. They have trained you and a lot of consumers well. But you wouldn’t be saying the same thing if your computer didn’t get the latest service pack update simply because it was a few months old. Its clear that custom UIs are not going anywhere, but consumers shouldn’t be stuck on an old version of an OS simply because samsung can’t fit its bloatware on top of the standard OS.

  • honourbound68

    This is why my next phone will have pure google xperience. I’m done with Sammy and tw

  • aranea

    For me this is the last nail in the coffin. My next phone is going to be a nexus! This again shows that Google has to take charge by producing one high end phone per year through Motorola and keep it updated as long as possible so others will have to upgrade or fail.

    • alexanderharri3

      Nexus is the front of the curve, if not hardware (NFC) it’s always software for about 2 years. Perfect phone if you like to stay updated with the most recent Android OS. No skin = no problem.

  • Jonathan Harford

    Ridiculous. This is why from now on I’m going to stick to phones with “Nexus” in their names.

  • LilSmurf2009

    Everybody that owns a sammy should off expected that. I

  • LilSmurf2009

    Everybody that owns a sammy should off expected that. I mean the galaxy S devices didnt even get gingerbread.

  • Billy

    Thank goodness for the Android developer community…. They can make anything work!

  • Thomas MacDougall

    well, now rooting we shall go

  • vitriolix

    The only way this stops is to vote with your wallet. Never buy a skinned phone.

  • n25philly

    Anyone actually surprised? If it’s because you want to sell new phones Samsung then unlock the t-mobile bands on the Galaxy Note and I’ll gladly buy a new phone

  • Oscar Ortega

    This is what it felt like to own a G1… sadness. ;(
    Now its all nexus now and forever!!

  • fwtx

    this is a bummer, i feel like they just dont want to have to make 4 different roms and deal with all 4 carriers, after theyre gonna have to do that with GS2

  • MyMilan

    Well if the article was right, and I’m sure it was, and Samsung will not upgrade to 4.0, then my Christmas gift to Samsung is to keep my money in my wallet and buy a phone from another company. Merry Christmas Samsung. Looks like we spent the same amount on each other….

  • X

    Gnusmas you are retarded noobs why you think some we are so stuppid ?

  • myandroid99

    at least they will probably have cynagenmod 9

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Then take out touchwiz like HTC did with the HTC Desire by taking out sense

    • alexanderharri3

      That would be the obvious response to “it works, but not with TouchWiz”…just take it off..

    • DROID Sam

      Yeah, but HTC has a history of listening to their customers because they are a much smaller company and they have built up their reputation based on consumer referrals. Samsung is simply goijng on brand recognition.

  • oddball

    Is touchwiz really that resource heavy? Samsung (except those updated direct from Google) has really dropped the ball on their software updates(yes I know most OEMs aren’t much better). I love their hardware and moving to custom ROMS is fairly easy but getting updates to top level hardware is something that should be expected. At some point Google is going to have to take a hand in this as the skins are starting to be viewed as totally different OS as the User experience from device to device is totally different.

  • Jorge Eslava

    As popular as this phone is I’m pretty sure if enough customers complain they will end up updating it.

  • alexanderharri3

    Nexus S has it – same hardware more or less….ROM Devs shall fill in the gap with time…what more can be expected from Sammy…some phones are STILL yet to get gingerbread after launching after gingerbread was released..

  • cherrytree

    This SUCKS! Really like Samsung products, but this is a absolutly no go! They do no support a phone witch is only one year old!

  • cherrytree

    They should open up the source code at least! So that the REAL GREAT DEVS can make this happen to us!

  • slimx30

    at least they got the gingerbread update. my samsung vibrant never made it passed 2.2 froyo.

    • Samar

      The Gingerbread update was only few weeks back..isn’t it ?

      Anyways, sucks not to get ICS update , but as others said, go Cynogen Mode Developers, Go.

  • Kelly

    I’d just be happy if Samsung would put some effort into making sure everything on their Android implementations worked like it’s supposed to. Bluetooth SPP is a joke on Samsung phones. I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 where a manifest receiver never gets called unless the app is already running. Trying to build a mildly-sophisticated app that runs on all Android devices is harder than it should be, thanks to companies like Samsung, LG, even Motorola, etc. concentrating more on putting out 300 phones per year than on putting out, say, 10 solid and reliable phones.

  • Luke Haviland

    oh sammy…why do you make such great devices then poop all over the software?

  • sunrise

    As customers we go on sites to rant and rave, but the only real way to make Samsung listen up is with the power of the dollar.

    Some Galaxy S variants such as the Vibrant are still on Froyo and will probably never get even Gingerbread.

    Simply put, you want Samsung to listen up then don’t purchase their products. However, Galaxy S2 sold millions, many probably were original Galaxy S owners. Samsung will never learn if they don’t get hit in the wallet.

  • Martjn2

    Aaa damn! I’m sorry for all you guys “/
    Merry christmas from sweden

  • MyMilan

    Didn’t you hear…. ICS doesn’t stand for ice cream sandwich – it stands for Inconsiderate Catastrophe Samsung…

  • brixred

    that sux, but i know we’ll have some roms to fix this problem.

  • Anthony E

    That sucks :(

  • martin0176

    Oh people… please stop complaining… Who cares? There are options! Root it, put CM or ICSSGS on it. I’m running my captivate with ICS on it now.
    Yes, I semi-bricked it switching between CM9 and ICSSGS (no service). Yes, I fixed it using ODIN.
    Just read and you’re good to go.
    You’re not at mercy of Samsung or your provider… The choice is yours.

  • tonis79

    This is absolute bull shit. I was forced to take a Samsung galaxy s4g when my mytouch 4g crapped out on me and now I’m stuck on gingerbread? I knew this would happen, I even told the tech help girl that I knew Samsung was lousy at doing updates…guess they proved my point. Keep your crappy sense and just give Mr vanilla ics!

  • classic_hero

    That’s too bad but I know most of those owners will probably upgrade soon anyway

  • Logan Jinks

    This is why I only want a Nexus device from now on

  • Linkinmark5

    Sprint just pushed GB OTA to the Epic4G

  • T-ONE

    Though it does suck 18 months is well out of the range for the alliance update schedule. The Nexus is a NEXus device no comparisons even if it is a samsung phone. Personally

  • Stella

    This is sad news for me and a few members of my family. My phone is rooted so I can always flash a ROM but this isn’t the solution for everyone. Hopefully, they give us an option of upgrading to vanilla ICS without the TW or a modified TW.

  • T-One

    No biggie though cause Im already running ics on my galaxy s, its a beta but no major force close issues so far and its day 4 and im loving the look and feel. This should hold me over just fine till I can purchase my gsm Galaxy Nexus

    • DROID Sam

      That’s not the point. Anyone can root and load a custom rom, but samsung needs to work harder and prove to consumers that they will not be left behind when majoy updates come along. I’m sure samsung will have ics for the GSII but if this pattern keepsplaying out the GSII will not be getting the JellyBean update next year.

  • erimin

    Really too bad… Merry christmas to all!

  • vid500

    Really bad for the users since the phones are not that old. Have the same problem with my HTC desire HD and still don’t know if I will see the ICS on it.

  • donger

    that sucks

  • raichleb

    Too bad. I really liked the Galaxy Tab, although I haven’t used it since picking up the Nexus phone.

  • ArticulateFool

    Legacy hardware. Almost as old as the Nexus one and this many people weren’t outraged that google left it in the dust.

    It would be too costly amd cumbersome for Samsung to keep updating this legacy hardware.

  • cristian cristiandonose

    I hate this . I hoped or an update but now i know is not going to happen. Is there a place where to complain about this?> Maybe we can change there minds.

    • DROID Sam

      Start a Facebook Page and get a few thousand fans. Samsung will listen if consumers rally together.

  • Hall Lo

    Uhh what? :(…. so… time for custom ICS roms!!! :D

  • wild

    Cyanogenmod will save galaxy owners)

  • mcbride1969


    • goldenboyrb

      sadly said… I agree… Samsung Galaxy S feels cheap and extremely light. doesn’t feel like holding a phone at all. HTC FTW

  • IliketoChoose

    Mmmm I feel so good to have upgraded from a Galaxy S to a GalaxyNEXUS . Hello Google!

  • ultraman

    come on sammy

  • caelim

    Rly….. Wow

  • DROID Sam

    OK Samsung, this is it! You won’t be getting any more of my money from now on.

  • Bryce

    I have to say, I have I have bought allot of Samsung products. But this is the first time I have ever been disappointed with them.

  • yankeesusa

    This isn’t that bad of news. First if your rooted then you most likely will be able to install an ics custom rom. 2nd by the time ics is released on other samsung phones most people will qualify for a renewal with their respective companies and will be able to get a newer phone that handles ics better not to mention has a lot better features than the sgs1. You can’t blame samsung for this. What about all those complaints from people with low end android phones that are complaining that android sucks because their phone can’t handle it? This prevents a lot of that and keeps android fans happy and from going to ios, which is now suing companies instead of making their product better.

  • Androiboy

    It looks like we’ve won! Samsung is rethinking ICS on the GS and GT.

  • MCSE
  • Plumber17

    Not everyone wants to root their device or knows how, its a shame that Samsung won’t update their devices, S2 and original galaxy tab to ICS, I hope they realize that they will run off their loyal customers to apple, IPad and Iphone. Take care of us and we will continue to buy your products.

  • Lux143

    This is why samsung is a joke…10 MILLION……”MILLION” people bought this phone….and they are turning their back on ALL of them…such a pathetic joke.
    I HATE corporate.
    They have no idea what they are doing when this happens…its crap like this that made me refuse to buy a galaxy S2. I will not buy from samsung again because their support is AWFUL

  • deep

    does ice cream sandwich support galaxy r ??

  • steven sundquist

    Conflicting Stories in the News.