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Samsung Galaxy Note shipments surpass 1 million units in only two months

Galaxy Note

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note a few months back, it was obvious that Android enthusiasts were excited about the hybrid tablet phone. But we never imagined that Samsung would ship 1 million units of the Galaxy Note in roughly two months. Keep in mind that the number of units shipped is always going to be higher than the number of units actually sold to consumers.

Regardless of how Samsung is calculating the success of the Galaxy Note, it’s clear that consumers are interested in a device that can bridge the gap between the smartphone and the tablet. The Galaxy Note’s 5.3-inch display delivers a unique user experience, the likes of which we really haven’t seen since the Dell Streak 5.

Samsung is expecting shipments of the Galaxy Note to increase into 2012 with the phone’s expected Q1 launch in the US market. The Samsung Galaxy Note has already made two separate appearances at the FCC (both times featuring support for AT&T’s network bands), but we’re hoping Samsung goes the route of the Galaxy S II and releases the US version of the Galaxy Note on as many carriers as possible. Of course, you can always buy an unlocked Galaxy Note from Amazon for $680 if you simply can’t wait any longer. You won’t be able to hop on AT&T’s blazing fast 4G LTE network, but you will be the talk of the town.

Will you be buying the Samsung Galaxy Note once it makes its US debut?

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Samsung Electronics Ships over 1 Million Units of Galaxy Note Globally

Samsung’s flagship smart device Galaxy Note has reached 1 million global shipping.

Samsung Electronics said on the 29th that it has shipped more than 1 million units of Galaxy Note globally. The worldwide sales of Galaxy Note are also on the rise in Europe and Asia including France, Germany, Hongkong and Taiwan. The rapid global sales of Galaxy Note are notable since it is creating a new market for something between smartphone and tablet pc. The speed of the global sales is expected to accelerate further next year when it will be available in the US.

Recently, Financial Times reviewed highly of Galaxy Note, commenting it as”a happy medium for consumers who want to carry just one device, rather than both a smartphone and a tablet and whatever other portable gadget they pick up on their way out”.

A Samsung official also said “1 million global shipping of Galaxy Note means it has well positioned itself as a market creator,” also adding “Samsung will continuously strengthen its leadership in the global smartphone market as well as create new markets with innovative devices.”

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  • dclaryjr

    This phone has jumped to the top of my “I want” list. I spent the morning trying to figure out how to modify my five-line Sprint account, and my VZW iPad plan, so that I could swing a separate AT&T plan for the Note. The thing that is stopping me is the thought of spending $650 on a device with no US warranty. If it comes to AT&T in the US, it will be very tempting.

    • zerosix

      I’m also wondering, why they don’t sell it in US.
      They would have sold 2 million units already.

      • Mauricio

        the note is great. I’m surprised it’s not in the us when I can see it in any store here in Brazil. I think the world has turned upside down…

        Now seriously, what’s the reason? A patent or carrier thing?

      • thel0nerang3r

        That’s probably the carriers holding it back. If a device is not approved by US carriers, it has very little chance of making it. I don’t know what the numbers look like, but I don’t think there are that many people that import devices through xpansys or what not.
        Actually, hint, hint AndroidAndMe, could you guys do an article on that? How many devices are gray market in the US?

    • jeff.j1990

      I thought so too. Samsung has delayed Galaxy S2 and now this in US. Wonder why this strategy?
      I am guessing Note is going debut in US with ICS and a quad core processor.

      • TaoRenCe

        Wow! Now if ever there was a reason to delay a great device, that would be it. The Galaxy Note shipping with ICS would be fantastic. We can only hope that to be the case.

    • kazahani

      I will hold off on this until they start pushing an ICS update. I learned my lesson about Samsung and software updates with my T-mobile Vibrant


  • ajonrichards

    I would buy the crap out of a Verizon Galaxy Note.

    • Adryan maldonado

      that comment doesnt even make sense and yet i completely agree with you. JK about the not making sense part though. Your comment made me lol

    • T1392

      I’d buy the crap out of a “LTE” Galaxy Note by Verizon. ;)

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I love the idea behind this phone. I HATE talking on the phone I’d prefer a bigger screen and this is decidedly bigger than anything else on the market. Too bad it’s an AT&T only device, for now.

    • iamXiV92a

      Coming to AT&T next quarter says my corporate buddy – No news on a AT&T Galaxy Nexus though

  • Adryan maldonado

    Wow. I wouldnt mind buying one. but unfortunately will not. Mostly im sure which is most peoples case is that i dont have the money and im already on a contract in this case with another carrier. But honestly if i was to get a new phone it would be this beast of a phoblet

  • staryoshi

    The note is a great middle ground between a phone and tablet in my opinion. when I replace my E4GT I will look at a phone/tablet hybrid with strong specs. It would be a fun platform to use and develop for.

  • droilfade

    I don’t know what it is about Samsung. It’s like a love & hate relationship. Galaxy S, S II and now the Note- all are successful devices- yet Samsung gets the most flak from their customers…lol!

    • thel0nerang3r

      I think most of us love the hadware. AMOLED screens are awesome. We are not too happy with their software. Also, their devices have been slow to get updates.

  • kimi

    I have this for about a month bought from Amazon and it feels great! I am falling in love in the this more and more each day. I totally recommend this!

    Bare in mind you need to have big hands to handle it like a phone which is not and issue in my case. :D :D :D

    • cxandroid

      You know what they say:

      Big hands mean…

      Big Gloves!

  • madtnotn

    Interesting idea, but not sure I would use it as a phone. Perhaps via Bluetooth only. Who really wants to hold a mini tablet to their ear.

    • cxandroid

      I do.

  • Louis A

    Damn, Samsung has definitely stroke a key with consumers. Their products seems to be selling very well. Kudos Samsung.

  • damambt

    i cant say that im not looking forward to having this baby come to the states. I definitely need something for my enormous hands to appear normal. My nexus s makes me look like some deformed creature. Plus, i cant seem to draft a decent text or email even with the assistance of swiftkey x. I’m only exaggerating but thats just how much i want this phone.

  • George

    No more Samsung. I have a Galaxy S, bought it just a year ago (January) and I am very satisfied with it. But I am satisfied because i have a custom ROM installed not because Samsung was very quick in delivering updates. And now the debacle with ICS.

    A Nexus will suffice next time around.

  • jeff.j1990

    This is great news not just for Samsung but for the whole Android ecosystem.

    If atleast one among the Andrid tablet sells well, the whole Android Tablet ecosystem is going to leap frog the iPad just as what Motorola Droid did to the phones.

  • B2L

    I’m selling my Galaxy Nexus to buy one. I don’t think I’ve ever drooled so much over any device before. Can’t wait to get it in a couple of weeks, now if only the White version was cheaper. :)

    • Anthony44

      I ran into someone with the note
      The note looks great a little big but managable
      The big downfall no ice cream and the software just looked ancient next to my sexy nexy

      No plus vanilla hell yeah other wise
      Vanilla nexus all day

      • andrpau

        Samsung has stated that the Note will recieve ICS during Q1.

        • Anthony44

          I get what your point but the nexus has it now .Samsung says Q1 who knows what that really means
          The nexus will then receive the next update first where does that leave the note

  • stenzor

    If the stylus actually worked well I’d buy it

    • B2L

      Care to elaborate? The stylus works amazing on my buddies Note.

      • stenzor

        I’ve asked several people about their Notes (on reddit and such) and they all said that the stylus was not good at all. Have you ever used a Wacom tablet? That’s what I imagined this stylus would be like.. but they are reporting really terrible pressure sensitivity levels. The other thing I’ve noticed from watching the videos is a very noticeable lag when you use the stylus… Sure that might be ok for writing, but for sketching and any sort of artwork it would be terrible.

        • B2L

          Yep, I have a Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch sitting at home. I didn’t expect the stylus to have the same pressure sensitivity that my Wacom tablet has. I think that would be expecting a little too much, even thougn the Note uses a Wacom digitizer. I haven’t noticed any lag, but my opinion may change after I get mine. (And have more time to play with it.) The stylus is just a bonus for me, and will come in handy for jotting ideas down, or making a quick sketch.

          • stenzor

            Here are a couple of quotes from this guy I was talking to about his Note:

            “I think the pen its self is terrible but further to that the software doesn’t really offer a need for it. The handwriting support isn’t faster or more accurate than Swype (which it ships with). The drawing software is “fine” but the pen is too insensitive to use it over your finger, and what else is there?” and “The Note feels like it has four or five [levels of pressure sensitivity]. In order to reach the lowest level of sensitivity you need to press fairly hard.”

            So while my Intuos3 has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, I don’t expect the Note to have nearly that many… but clearly there is something wrong when someone perceives there to only be 4 or 5 when there are supposed to be 128 (which is still pretty low imo for a company that has been developing pressure sensitive tablets for a long long time (Wacom)).

            Here are some other reports from xda forums:

            “No matter what pen style or radius choose, I can’t notice the pressure sensitive effect. I have a Wacom draw pad linked onto my desktop, I can find the significant difference between the results on desktop and Note.”

            “In all honesty the pressure sensitivity on the note has no real life value.. It more of a gimmick..”

            In regards to lag, you can see it very clearly in every video that showcases it.. Imagine trying to hatch something really fast.. the delay would be really annoying.

            Basically those are my main gripes.. I currently have a SGS2 so the only real good reason for me to buy a Note is for sketching on it, and I’ve always been waiting for a good tablet or phone with a pressure-sensitive stylus. That’s why this one disappoints me.

  • aconner22

    Having a smaller form that takes stylus input would be amazing. I’d take a stab at it.

  • Samar

    Just waiting patiently to get my hands on it.

  • Jordan

    I got mine about 3 weeks ago– Its bloody awesome! If you’re not daunted by the screen size (which many are) there’s nothing wrong with it. Runs like lightning, and the screen and camera are beautiful :)

  • R.S

    As much as I like the Samsung Note, I didn’t wait for the Nexus so I sure as heck wasn’t about to wait (and hope) for the Note.

    I’m happy with my Galaxy S II and don’t see myself replacing it any time soon.

  • jimtravis

    Purchased an unlocked Note via Amazon. Received in 2 days, inserted AT&T SIM, and Note works great. Note is now my favorite phone, I like it better than the Galaxy Nexus. Based on articles I have read, AT&T may offer a LTE version of the note in 2012. With LTE, the Note will be fantastic. Love the huge screen, and the digital stylus is frosting on the cake.

  • antoine66

    I would like to have this phone if tmobile decided to carry it.

    • antoine66

      Or if they made a version to support both tmobile and att networks

  • James

    Droid RAZR initial design?

  • Tung

    Note LTE version will be using a snapdragon processor, which is less capable than exynos processor in the international version of Note.

  • Hall Lo

    This fone although is a little too big, is very handsome. I want it :D

  • WlfHart

    If only T-Mo US would just pick this beauty up…

    • donger

      we can only wish

    • B2L

      On XDA there is a thread with them tearing down the Note. Surprisingly the Note is cable of 3G on T-Mobile, but for some reason they decided not to enable the 1700 band required for 3G. They may be able to enable it later on, if we get lucky.

  • cxandroid

    I really want this, I had the way US carriers lag at getting devices.

  • kimminer1

    Surely hope verizon carries this ph.

  • aeskulapio

    I picked up the G Note on Amazon and have been using it for the past three weeks.
    1 the screen realestate is amazing, as is thr screen quality itself
    2 great phone sound quality, very good speakerphone
    3 battery last well beyond 12 hours, often getting 18+ hours before needs to recharge

    The G Note has replaced my iP4 for daily carry and I leave my larger tablets home more consistently
    Would love this more if pentaband enabled

  • Karl Barrett

    I used to have a Galaxy S and loved it… broke the screen and didn’t think it was worth the £100 replacement and now live without a phone but use my Ipad2 and Macbook to stay connected… Missing a phone, loving my tablet but want to draw with a real nib not a rubber tipped pen…. Galaxy Note your all my dreams come true! Cant wait to buy one of these when money permits!