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Sharp reveals the best mobile camera module with image stabilization we have ever seen


Last week Sharp introduced a new camera module with optical image stabilization that features the industry’s thinnest profile (5.47 mm). The module is able to capture images up to 12.1-Megapixel, features a 1/3.2-type CMOS sensor, and can record full 1080p HD video. The real star of the show here is the optical image stabilization.

Sharp’s new camera module uses a lens-shift system to control the lens inside the module, which helps it capture high-quality images in bad situations like with low lighting or with moving subjects. The Sharp Aquos SH-01D available on NTT Docomo is the first Android phone to feature this new camera module and it’s already on sale in Japan.

Check out the demo videos below for an idea of what to expect. We don’t think the Sharp Aquos will make it out of Japan, so head over to Engadget where Richard Lai shares his first impressions of the phone.

Via: Sharp

Source: YouTube

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    Hmmm a Sharp phone…. I have to see and read more about it over time to warm up.

    • TruFactz

      And then think about the Sidekicks……….

      • mr 1338

        imagine how SHARP these Videos will be xD cant wait to see phones overdoing point and shoot cameras :D

        • Alex

          I wonder why Sharp hasn’t sold any phones in the US… Or any new phones at least

    • erikiksaz

      No more huge humps on our phones!

  • YellowDucati

    Maybe they can put that in the Galaxy Nexus when it comes out next year.

    • stenzor

      Oh snap!

    • Billy

      It’s still coming out?

    • WarDrake

      You shouldn’t listen to rumors, they keep saying it’ll come out at some point ^_^

    • charliethesuperturtle


      • Sean the Electrofreak

        Maybe it’ll be out by the time they announce the next Nexus phone!

  • stenzor

    Exciting! Can’t wait to see this in new phones

    • YellowDucati

      Dang stenzor. 98. You are almost in BiGMERF range.

      Race to 100!

      • BiGMERF

        yea what took me years to do.. Now takes you just a few weeks.. Tenure needs to be a bigger part of the system

        • charliethesuperturtle

          Cough cough I am still at 97? Do I get no credit :(

  • DroidSamurai

    When will we see the day we can replace component of a smartphone like how we can do that to a PC today?

    • faun

      Lively never. You’d need to have so much wasted space inside the phone in order to provide that kind of modality it just wouldn’t make sense for a mobile system.

      Plus of course it’s not in any of the manufacturer’s best interests!

  • goncalossilva

    The video is *really* impressive. I want this technology on my smartphone now :D

    • stenzor

      I agree, the video looks Sharp


        With these camera on smartphones, I won’t be needing my digital camera during events and outings. :D

  • thechad

    This and a pico projector would really just be awesome.

    • thechad

      Pico projector built into the phone that is.

      • Taylor Wimberly

        HTC is rumored to have an Android phone with a pico projector coming at Mobile World Congress in February.

        • WarDrake

          Now this would make me switch from Samsung to HTC

  • Futureboy

    This is great progress. It doesn’t matter if the phone never makes it out of Japan, as long as the camera makes it out of Japan inside other phones.

  • AndroidJunkie

    that’d make a nice front facing camera :)
    seriously, they need to start upping those damn front facing camera resolutions.
    if bandwidth is an issue, they can downsample, compress, etc if required. no excuses!

  • Thomas Biard

    Combine great quality photo and video, and decrease the time from button click to snapshot and we have ourselves a winner. Hopefully as quadcores come out, we will see more power devotion to the cameras on such devices.

  • oddball

    That is pretty impressive. Anything that lets me use one less device is a plus so a GOOD camera with image stabilization in my phone would be a lifesaver when I am out with the kids

  • Kashif

    Sorry, Apple has bought the whole stock with his big cash. #EvilEmpire

  • Ben Rollier

    Wow, very nice!

  • jamal

    Woah!! That’s some crazy stability right there.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    It’s cool, but I think I want some better low light performance. Hell, I’d take less MP if it meant I can take pictures in my house at night without them looking like doo doo.

  • zyphbear

    That is fantastic! I know i’m pretty shaky and this would work great if it also works well for photos!

  • Alex Pena

    That’s pretty cool!

  • Diaeko

    wow that’s amazing
    and it’s already out
    these japanese are way further

  • Six8Six

    Wouldnt be surprised if Apple decides to use this module in a future model. Although, by then there will be something ‘better’ most likely

  • donger

    that’s awesome. my next next phone better have this or something similar.

  • cherrytree

    No need of a digicam anymore?!;-)


      Indeed. :D

  • Leo Young

    Wow. I am glad I watched the videos. I had no idea that imaged stabilization, in camera, was so good.

  • olentz

    This technology + great high iso capabilities = awesome picture in low light condition!

  • Fabio R

    Something sharp coming from SHARP finally

  • HoLfElDeR

    Me want this

  • Deeds

    Any idea when this will come to the US? I want it.

  • darkhorse166

    Meh. Sensor size isn’t large enough, so it’ll still be noisy as heck in lower light conditions. Call me back when Sharp have made a 1/2.3″ or 1/2″ version of this.

    • breinhar

      Hell lets just jump to a 4/3 or 35mm sensor on smart phones so we can start taking real pictures. I’d also like changeable lenses!

  • sylar

    Man I would like to have this in my phone. But still cool to know that things are advancing and we will eventually get something like this in our phones eventually. But who knows something better may come out before this becomes very wide spread that’s how technology is these days. But any thing that lets me take better pictures will be well appreciated.

  • dafi81

    To be honest it looks really nice but I can wait! This quality will be standard in a year or so!
    There is strength in calmness ;)

  • Jamie

    Yes please

  • James Conley

    The Pico projector on the HTC phone would be cool. Only fear is that it fires up and the battery burst into flames. Maybe they’ll have the new lithium battery technology soon.

  • Jeb

    hmmm, wonder if this one will wind up in the Nexus 4?

  • Nathan Mikami

    ehh, not all that special really.

  • Louis Atu

    I see the next big blockbuster shoot on mobile phone with big and huge camera gears or should I say phone gears and big lens lol.

  • jimtravis

    Very impressive demos particularly if the optical stabilization works as well in real world, handheld picture taking. Love to have an optical stabilization camera in my next phone along with excellent low light capability since most of the pictures I take with the phone are in low light conditions without a tripod.

  • humidity

    Wow, that’s amazing!

  • smisa27

    Wow! I am surprised and happy to hear of the specs of this camera. Definitely amazing stuff! Can’t wait to try this out.


    Will we be expecting a sharper camera and quad-core phones for the next year?

  • mikeymop

    Nexus 4 anyone?

  • seansin

    Image stablisation for smartphone is good… at least we can take decent without the shake.

  • zippyioa

    Looks nice, but will sharp use this to relaunch themselves into the phone market by keeping it for themselves, or will we see their snapper in other brands??

  • sgumer

    that is one small camera. it has good features too. the pics seem pretty sharp. i wonder where they plan on putting this thing.

  • coryteague

    wow.. thats awesome.. when are we going to see this on a nexus device?