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Sony’s Tablet S and P to get Ice cream Sandwich update as well


Sony hasn’t been the most popular tablet manufacturer this year. They came into the market a bit late and their products don’t really offer much more than the competition, specs-wise. There is no doubt that Sony has taken a much different approach in design, but what would make their tablets much more enticing would be the hottest Android version, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sony will treating all of its 2011 smartphone line-up with Android 4.0 starting next March/April. But some of you may be wondering what will happen with the tablets, though, which Sony has not mentioned when talking about the updates.

Sony has just released a statement about the matter, and both the Tablet S and P will indeed be getting an update to Ice Cream Sandwich. Sony has been working hard at keeping its devices up-to-date, so we assumed these bad boys would be getting ICS as well. It is always good to hear it straight from the manufacturer, though.

Sony Tabletâ„¢ is evolving, and we'd like to keep you informed with the latest updates.Today we're happy to confirm that an update to Android 4.0 will be available for Sony Tablet. Details including timing will be announced in due course, so please stay tuned.

As mentioned, we still do not know when these updates will be coming. We would assume that the time frame should be pretty close to that of the update to Sony’s smartphones, though. Sony promises to give us more information soon, so stay tuned for more details.

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Source: Sony UK

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  • zyphbear

    I’m glad to hear that Sony is pretty on the ball for plans to deploy ICS. And that the new tablets are part of that too.

    • booyootoo

      Let’s hope it’s not going to take too long, Even though I currently have no mobile Sony devices. They are becoming more and more attractive. Keeping supporting them will only make me consider one even more.

      • Jorge Eslava

        I second that, one of my top priorities when considering a phone or tablet purchase is the manufacturer’s record on updating devices.

        • mr 1338

          yep i am very pleased by sony´s new update and modding community support

      • ArticulateFool

        I agree. If Sony consistently meets these update commitments, they will be on my radar for my next device purchase(s).


    As we all have come to learn. One thing to say it another to do it.

    • DroidPower

      But saying is the first step, no?

  • olentz

    Sony needs to step up their game on tablet war if they are really serious on challenging Apple

    • damambt

      Who cares about 🍎 !
      Sony has gone on record, and that unlike the original Galaxy Tab (which some are pretty pissed about), its tablets WILL be getting ICS. THATS the real news.

      • scores87

        The galaxy tab was kinda like a fail maybe that is why they will not get the update,

        Does anyone know if SONY supports roms and hacks like Sony Ericsson?

      • hate samsung

        No more samsung product. I own galaxy s and galaxy tab 7 inch, both don’t have ics…..

  • goncalossilva

    Nice, another brand announcing ICS for some of their devices!

    *hint* Samsung *hint*

  • jamal adam

    This is good news. Now all we need are dates, dates, dates.

  • DroidPower

    Sweet, great move by Sony! If all the manufacturers can keep up with updating their version of Android, maybe the fragmentation problem will be reduced too!

  • AsakuraZero

    damn sony its doing it right on pushing this updates fast!, not like other companies who have GOOD phones and they are not pushing it because… the dammed skin.

    too bad sony its kinda expensive and their specs are not the best, but i do love their design and work with developers

  • myandroid99

    which i won this during the 25 days of tegra giveaway then i could have updated it to icecream sandwich ……oh well…….

    • myandroid99


  • psipher

    it’s good that manufactures are announcing upgrades to ICS…..However I find it odd that Google hasn’t done an official presentation on ICS for Tablets. They just did that presentation in Hong Kong for the Galaxy Nexus, but nothing for tablets….nothing to showcase what’s different/better from Honeycomb.

    • Nick Gray

      ICS for tablets is identical. In features to what the phone version has to offer. The only difference is that the launcher looks like Honeyconb. You get the same. New browser features, fave unlock, notification swiping and the contact cards as you do from ICS.

  • ramenchef

    Looks like sony is on top of Android updates. Hopefully other manufacturers follow suit.

  • Dan13

    I’m GLaD that Sony will be updating to ICS. None of their tablets are my favorites, not by a long shot. But upgrades are always good.

  • thel0nerang3r

    Related to Sony’s design and probably other tablets. Why do most have an aluminum backing? Apple did it, so it’ cool? I would prefer a rubberized back, would feel better in the hands.

  • fwtx

    this is good news for whomever won that tablet s from y’all

    • Jorge Branco

      So good news for the world’s only ‘tablet s’ owner then?

  • mercado79

    Sony does seem to have totally reversed course on the update train. Just a couple years ago they were the worst. Way to go Sony.

  • classic_hero

    Its good to hear that Sony is supporting their tablets but they still need to work on some new designs for the next tablets and maybe integrate some PlayStation stuff

  • Deeds

    Hopefully the updates come sooner rather than later

  • stenzor

    Too bad salt and pepper weren’t a big success.. Nice that they are keeping up with the updates though and not abandoning them

  • erimin

    Congrats for Sony1

  • Almog Ben David

    It is good news to hear that Sony going to upgrade their device, but they are again sleeping while standing because i am sure every company will upgrade to ICS before they do.
    I hope i have a mistake and with the name change come either attitude change and things will come faster.

  • vid500

    I’m glad to see that Sony is thinking about costumers, hope they bring to the market same new and good tablets. The design was great and maybe the only one that realy stands out(except of the transformer with the keybord). So can’t wait for the next year to see the new beasts that will come to the market.

  • reuben.andrades

    I saw a demo of the Sony tablet, I was amazes, you can play play station games and they are providing access to their library of movies. Now with I cream is something to consider now.

  • donger

    sony is getting better with android.

  • Reuben

    On a regular machine now, typing on the ipad sometimes is a little difficult. Sony is amazing, it allows you to play games on it from playstation and I think that is an added benefit. And now that Ice Cream sandwich is being upgraded to it. WOW

  • droilfade

    Every time I buy a Samsung thinking…no they’ll learn this time…they’ll update their devices..they’ll take case of the consumer.. Samsung learn please from your competitors atleast.

  • bellken

    Wow, Sony is getting serious about Android.

  • Donald Williams

    congrats to the sony owners. I am a Acer and NOW Lenovo (thanks andme) tablet owner

    I know Acer is updating but its still good to have a manufacture who supports their product to the end.

  • Lewis McGeary

    These are good signs from Sony, a strong message that ‘we support our products’, I hope they follow up as promised. This is a good reputation for an Android manufacturer to build, especially when contrasted with some others at the moment.
    If this continues I hope we see Sony in a much stronger position at this time next year.

  • Hall Lo

    Suhweeeeet! Sounds like sony is really getting serious on the android market ;D

  • corey

    I think sony is certainly up with the rest of them and the best supporter of products i know. i think the sony s will become more popular when it recovers from it’s late start

  • staryoshi

    It’s great to see that Sony is committed to an ICS update for many of their products. As we get closer to Q1/Q2 2012 we should have a clearer picture of who is supporting what.

  • Alex

    The upgrade is now installed on my Sony tablet P but now browsing or use of any Google app is only possible via WiFi.