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T-Mobile is the most festive carrier these holidays; Musicals and giveaways galore

Every major US carrier is celebrating the holidays in its own way, but T-Mobile seems to be the most festive. There are white phones and good deals coming up from all other carriers, but T-Mobile has decided to make things a bit more exciting. Aside from wishing us a happy holiday, with their new commercials “Home for the Holidays” and “4G Wonderland,” they are also holding a fun “Find the Elf” game for those who want to earn a $1000 prize and a Samsung Galaxy S II with a full year of service.

The idea is that this Elf will be going from store to store during the holidays, where you will have to be the first one to find him. It is pretty much a scavenger hunt. In order to win, one must find the elf at one of the many participating T-Mobile stores in the country.

T-Mobile will send out tweets, giving you clues of where the elf happens to be at the moment. If you want to get these clues, simply follow @TMobile, and you can start hunting this little guy down. If you decipher the clues right, just head to the T-Mobile store where you believe this elf is located, and be the first to find him. After that, simply send @TMobile a tweet saying you have found the elf, and the goodies are yours!

Great musicals, good deals, and amazing prizes – Not a bad way to celebrate with your customers, T-Mobile! Take a look at the Find the Elf video below, and check out the official site for more details. After you are all set to start the scavenger hunt, sit back, relax and watch Carly and all the other girls in magenta.

What do you say? Are you guys participating? It might be worth the try!

Via: TMobile (Youtube)

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Dlux

    Geographic restricted contests bug me.

  • stenzor

    Those T-Mobile ads are simply…. fabulous!

  • kest009

    was actually at the mall when they filmed this, pretty cool in person, tmo definitely appears to be the carrier having the most fun out there.

    • Alex

      Thats cool! Yeah, I’m so glad that they aren’t going to be eaten by AT&T

    • spintrex

      Holy crap where did they all come from… that must have been pretty random but cool nonetheless

      • kest009

        yeah, i only saw a handful of the people in the dresses standing around and once they started clapping and running it seemed like they were everywhere…

  • ranwanimator

    I’d rather see a penny sale on phones like the other big carriers. I don’t have the time or fuel to be driving all over tarnation looking for a bloody elf for the CHANCE to win a phone.

    • thechad

      and it looked like they were only going to be in 3 cities. yeah like Im going to fly there to get a free phone.

    • sanchezkk

      I’m with rawminator. It’s an awesome prize, but I don’t have any free time for that.

  • ArticulateFool

    How about spreading some cheer by releasing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus!

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Yeah, sorry T-Mo but all I want for Christmas is a Sprint Galaxy Nexus, and doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

  • heeros

    I’m impressed with T-mobiles efforts. I really enjoyed the rhymes in the first video. And the last one was really impressive. I’m just wondering how it sounded there in person, since the sound was definitively studio recorded.

    • kest009

      they were pumping the sound through some large speakers that they brought, still sounded pretty big. it was actually a fairly big production, as soon as i got to the mall you could tell they were going to film something, lots of cameras and crew members running around everywhere setting things up, they shot it 3 or 4 times throughout the day.

  • Kevin Amundson

    I wish I lived close enough to participate…

  • spintrex

    Sounds fun but wonder which cities will be included

  • Futureboy

    Read contest eligibility as:

    Open to all unemployed US residents who have nothing but time on their hands and who live within a half mile of each store that the elves will be appearing at because, let’s be honest, what are your chances of spotting the elf faster than someone already standing INSIDE the store?
    No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

  • Johnathan Prochaska

    When they sing “4G wonderland,” it always sounds like “orgy wonderland” if I’m not paying attention.

    • Angie Wimberly

      Weird, we thought the same thing yesterday, haha.

    • Mark Thompson

      You mean they’re not saying orgy?

  • spintrex

    Probably inappropriate but they look like a Nazi army at the end

  • spaceinvader0165

    Finally the T-Mobile USA marketing team is doing some awesome T-Mobile UK type flash mob things!

  • zyphbear

    While I won’t be participating in the contest, I do think the singing flash mob idea is great and they did it really well too. I hope they do it more around the country and even though it’s an ad in the end, it really would cheer some people up.

  • Black Kristos

    Looks like it’s just these areas:

    New York City – 12/7
    Los Angeles – 12/14
    Atlanta – 12/16

  • Elliot Powell

    I love T-mobile, They have the marketing right and the prices right (though the 2gb throttling cap sucks), they just need to work on their coverage, which they are. I have had them for 10 years now and I have watched them expand and speed up before my eyes. Places where I was roaming a few years ago now have HSPA+. Deutsche telekom need to know T-mobile USA have ardent fans out there with lots of faith in the “scrappy lil company” and the AT&T&tmobile will lose customers if they merge.

  • WarDrake

    That was an awesome musical ^_^

  • Chad

    What I do like about T-Mobile and their marketing, even though they may not always hit it on the head they have fun with it and make it very family central – unlike Verizon where i feel like i have to be some top secret spy or a robot to be able to use their service, like seriously if they actually invested that money on their loyal customers that they put into their high-tech, futuristic-looking ads their prices probably wouldn’t be so high. Sprint is just all over the place in their marketing right now and barely see their spots and AT&T marketing is too busy trying to push a deal that’s not going to pass, once again wasted money.. so it’s safe to say T-Mobile is at least winning this battle in the wireless war.

  • Adryan maldonado

    ALmost not really though makes wish i was on tmobile.

  • grnlantern79

    And has the hottest spokeswoman :) HoHoHo

  • Nathan D.

    Well this help ease the pain of no T-Mobile deals in store.

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile rahuly2k7

    I got T-mobile and I love them, I have been with them for almost 8 years… I don’t want them merging with crappy AT&T. That was some great commercials, they spend good money. People need to trust t-mobile more and signup with them.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile rahuly2k7

    I got T-mobile and I love them, I have been with them for almost 8 years… I don’t want them merging with crappy AT&T. That was some great commercials, they spend good money. People needs to trust t-mobile more and signup with them.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  • kevin charliethesuperturtle

    One reason to stalk an elf
    I was going to do that anyway so
    Free prizes for me :D


    Going to be a merry Christmas for T-Mobile

  • mikeyDroid

    I love t-mobs pink.

  • inerdtia

    I am about tired of all that magenta already.

  • Bryan Stoner

    My brain makes me think orgy wonderland. Anyway the contest is a neat idea. But what if someone who just happens to be in the store tweets it first -.- That would suck for the elf hunters.

  • Ilyse Rose

    I love TMobile and love free things, but contests like this always make me super anxious. I wanna find an elf :(

  • humidity

    Go T-Mobile!

  • Louis Atu

    They should add a video about drop calls cuz it’s getting ridiculous. Come on galaxy nexus so I can get off tmobile.

  • nawatsgirl

    I want to do this so badly! I wish verizon did fun things like this because I don’t think Tmobile works well at all where I am.

  • laosgurllynn

    OMG! I wish I was apart of those ladies wearing pink! T-Mobile all of the way!!

  • jst4tim

    T-Mo has been pretty tempting for me since I moved they are pretty big here.

  • rkumarfun

    Go ATT-Mobile. Ooops, T-Mobile ;)

  • Mark Thompson

    It’s nice to see a carrier that’s not so serious. A fun company coupled with some awesome phones is a win.

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

    To bad there isnt a T-mobile store close by lol

  • MJM128

    Carllly :) Too bad she isn’t sold at T-Mobile stores.

  • donger

    Tmobile FTW

  • yankeesusa

    Now that they are no longer being bought by att I’m thinking of switching over to them if my signal with sprint keeps sinking. They have some really nice phones.

  • antfelici

    It really sounds like they’re saying “Orgy Wonderland”

  • Darknight42020

    I would join in with the fun, but driving hours to get somewhere on only a hunch doesn’t seem like it would be much fun. The contest is restricted to areas I am nowhere near :(

  • honourbound68

    I’d like to switch to tmobile but wish they’d get t he nexus

    • phaet2112

      the international version of the nexus works with tmo

  • bsuke

    I love T-mobile!

  • LukeT32

    Nice promo and nice phone….. too bad your stuck on T-Mobile. :)

  • jakymiwm

    I don’t know about you guys but I think she is hot and I wish I was at that mall. I live write by it.

  • James Conley

    I love tmobile… not ready to elf hunt right now though ;)

  • aranea

    I had to leave T-Mo for ATT and I’m not very happy with them. I hope they can’t buy T-Mo. Besides T-Mo has the best girl in their commercials.

  • Samar

    No Wonder, why AT&T is eyeing out for T-mobile.