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Day 10: Win a Motorola Xoom


Now that we’ve put some names to faces around here, we want some of your ideas. To enter to win Day 10 of the 25 Days of Tegra, you’ll need to visit us with Google Currents and give a suggestion for a new channel we should add.

The Prize: Motorola Xoom WiFi

Highlights of the device include a 10.1 inch display, dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 32 GB of internal storage, 1GB RAM, a 5 MP rear camera, a 2 MP front camera, 8.02.11 b/g/n/ Wi-Fi connectivity all under a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Entries will be accepted for 23 hours after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on the calendar page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to win

If you hadn’t heard, today Android and Me launched onto Google Currents. You can subscribe to the And Me Current Edition by clicking this link with your mobile device. If you’d like some more info, you can read the post I put up earlier today.

To enter to win today, simply add our Current Edition to your library, have a look around, then come back here with a suggestion for us.

We’ve already got some standard channels like the latest news, devices, apps, and the like, along with some special rotating categories that feature specific authors or giveaways. We plan on updating the channels quite frequently, and since our users are such a big part of what we do around here, we wanted some input from you guys about what you’d like to see.

Alas, we know that Currents isn’t quite available in all areas yet, but if you’re location is listed in the rules above, you’re eligible to enter. Just make sure you study the original post and offer up a good suggestion.

Winner announced, comments closed

Congratulations to our winner, Eric. If that’s not you, keep an eye on the 25 Days of Tegra page for more chances to win!

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • Cody Hilton

    I wish i owned an Android device

    • vitebsk66

      Right there with you, Cody. It seems we’re not eligible to win an Android device since we don’t already own one.

      • Samar

        So, it’s like only people with either a smartphone or tablet can participate in the contest. That sucks man.. :-(

  • Daniel Brierton

    To be honest I can’t really fault it. Perhaps higher res images would be the only thing. Lots of black border around them. Nothing major, but it would be nice.

    Really fits in with the Android And Me header. Looks like it belongs there.

  • poke50uk

    It’s stupidly slow :s

    I’m not sure about the devices tab on the front page, quite liked the new and reviews on the first page.

    Next page should be Apps, Devices, Competitions…

    3rd Page & 4th are fine.

    I really miss my notification bar in Currents, but having your black bar is annoying when I’m used to my own black notification bar. Make it the same colour grey as the one on the top of this page.

    The bar also take an age to load up for some reason, and having it as “Current Edition” rather than “A&Me News or something” is a little odd too.

  • Michael DiGiovanni

    Make it easier to find you guys.

  • James Thorp

    Looks great to me. I honestly haven’t used currents enough to find anything I don’t like. Keep up the great job guys, and gal.

  • Alex Pena

    It’s really nice

  • koorsr

    A homepage of sorts would be nice instead of just jumping straight into the list of articles.

  • sahaskatta

    I just setup a Google Currents account for a client. I’d suggest using the tablet of contents which link to feeds for different topics. For instance one for Reviews, one for News, one for Videos, etc.

    This makes it a lot more magazine-like rather than simply displaying the basic WordPress homepage feed.

    Just hope Google rolls out some updates to improve performance of Currents soon. It’s rather painfully slow.

  • jax5ter

    I like how the home screen looks when you first click on Android and me in your library. But when you click an article id prefer scrolling down than sliding from right to left. Also if you could have different categories that you can slide through (this can be a sliding feature in form of different tabs) like “androidandme feed” , “trending/hot topics” and such.Other than that the app looks good!

  • droid tider

    You can add a section comparing carrier plans.

  • Dan13

    It would be nice to see the Galaxy Nexus updates on the front, instead of two swipes over. So many people (including me) are starving for any information we can get on that phone. A few less swipes would save precious seconds in the quest for the precious morsels of Galaxy Nexus info!

  • rutgers2k

    I think. I commented already.

  • Akash Doshi

    Latest from the forums would be good!

  • wicked4u2c

    How about a section for beginners. Although I am an advance user, I think your site should cater to new Android users or converts from iOS. This will make your site a one stop place for all Android users. You can have sub sections like getting started or the basics etc.

  • David

    Higher Res photos. And the ability to change text size (if that is possible).

  • luis Hernandez

    How about a meet the authors section? I’d like to know more about you guys.

  • firestarter99

    instead of and me make it android and me like you website it will help with the search. also when im reading an article instead of scrolling sideways can i scroll up and down for the same article and side to side for new ones.

    • WlfHart

      Definitely agree with both of those.

  • snowbrdrfreak

    As much as I like google currents, and the dolphin browser rss feed, I wish there was an app for androidandme so I could quickly access the site.

  • jlawou

    How about the “Trending Tags” section. That is something I have found interesting on the site.

  • iamXiV92a

    A section with accessory reviews perhaps? I’m sure everyone here wants to protect their Android investment as much as I do

  • alexander betafan7

    Downloaded currents, added androidandme. Cool, I dig it. For a suggestion,any way to allow the current time to be shown at top? Prob a google thing, but would be nice to see notifications without exiting app.

  • dillonb93

    I’ve been looking at it for about an hour now and can’t really say anything bad about it, the layout is really nice and I prefer it over the mobile site. As stated before the pics could have a higher resolution but it really isn’t a big deal since I’ll be able to see and use most of the devices in person.

  • moelsen8

    it’s pretty awesome and gave me a reason to finally check out google currents. it’s a pretty awesome app, and your edition looks really sharp. awesome.

  • Jay Rocha

    It’s thanks to Android and Me that I learned about Google Currents. I downloaded the app only minutes after you guys posted about it! Thanks. I’ve been using Currents non-stop since. :-)

  • asiekman

    For the purposes I would use it for such as checking latest news and rumors it serves it’s purpose. Other than that, I think a decent set of article topics agreed upon by the community or most popular would be good to choose from on the “homescreen”

  • mattlary

    I haven’t played with currents enough yet to give any good suggestions; your edition looks very good and more extensive than other editions I’ve seen.


  • OutofPlace

    I added you guys a couple of days ago to my Currents feed (I think it was in day seven of the 25 days of Tegra). I don’t know if this has to do with you or Currents but the latest news has the day 4 contest (from December 3) as the cover story. It’s probably just an issue with tagging…

    That being said, I went looking for you instead of using the link above. I’m going to wipe what I loaded from searching for you through Currents and click the link. Maybe that will solve the issue. It’s cool you guys are keeping current though (pun intended). Have a great weekend!

  • philippegee

    Subscribed and loving google currents! My suggestion is to have some carrier specific channels that have news for all of that carriers phones.

  • tjwwm0m

    It’d be nice to read comments or, as someone else suggested, trending comments. It does sync very slowly. Overall it’s nice though.

  • pritams

    Very well done,working absolutely fine here..

  • dboftlp

    Yea, I like it a lot! Great implementation.

  • Qrkchrm

    I love it, but I’d like it to be faster

  • ishbuggy

    I think the edition could have another row of stories on the front page for 10″ tablets. Only 5 stories seems a bit sparse sometimes. It is beautiful though :-)

  • get2him

    finaly currents arrived in germany. nice!

  • JustinUnderscore

    It looks great! Most of the things I would change are actually issues with the Currents app (sync speed, for example, and having to reload a page when switching screen orientation), not the Android and Me articles themselves.

    I did notice one thing you might want to take into account in the future though: page breaks right after section titles. On pages 7 and 9 of the original post (as viewed in Currents on my device), there are dangling titles with the following content pushed to the next page by images that are too big to fit in the remaining space.

    I’m not sure what the best way of handling that would be, but if you can specify page breaks right before section titles, that might help it look a bit cleaner. Apart from that little thing, it’s very nice indeed. Good job!

  • mjazar12

    I really wish we could get the news on the first page than a swipe would led to the various hubs such as devices

  • ccn_cristi

    Actually it looks great how it is now :)
    The slowness i think it’s attributed to the app or maybe my phone ? :S

    4 pages of top stories on my phone. Guess on a tablet that’s a bit on the short side, I agree with ishbuggy.

  • Mannie213

    Its like android and me magazine…and I look important reading it :P lovin’ this guys!

  • Ecarttev

    Its a nice app. The android and me section has good highlights of the content.
    I haven’t been able to test it out much as it keeps crashiing on my hacked HP touchpad.

  • Jose Miguel Longo

    I hope you guys can launch an onto the Amazon Market so that I can utilize androidandme on my Kindle Fire!!! #KindleFire #MotorolaXoom

  • b984rnr

    Most of the suggestions I have would be to Google, not Android and Me. I think having a tab setup would be nice. That way users could jump to a hub without having to swipe a bunch of times (i.e. to get from page 4 of the current edition back to “devices” on page one.).

    Overall it is pretty nice, but probably not something I’ll use a lot.

  • mikeytusa

    Looks good. I wish there was a way to comment through Google Currents. Kind of annoying to have to go back into a browser.

  • JarlSX

    currents is nice, but it should show full articles, otherwise i’m not using it

  • ddmart

    One thing that I think would be interesting would be a rank system for articles only available for the Current version, providing an exclusive point of view through Google currents.. I don’t know if this is actually possible but despite Android and Me looking visually great I think there should be more of an active type of community feel.

    To add on to that it would be interesting to see what other viewers might be reading through an access to older articles or articles that are off topic but still tech related.

  • akashwani

    Already subscribed on Day 1. :) and it looks pretty good for now.

    The only thing I can think of is: Better organised content. It would be great if you can get the “Latest News” to scroll vertically, instead of it spread across the multiple horizontal panes. Take a cue from “Forbes-Latest News” Google Currents content organization.

    Good work though!

  • megatec45

    I like the layout, easy to navigate, plenty of photos, easy to read. I wouldn’t change anything, nice job!

  • aj34

    Thanks for giving me an easy way to get started installing and using Google Currents. It is pretty awesome.!

    After poking around for a bit I don’t understand the difference between the Android and me “Current Edition” and “Latest news” sections. They look pretty much the same with the same news stories.

    In the sections area, at the top I would like a quick way see all the main section headers and jump to a section. Example: I bring up the sections layout and I have to scroll for awhile to find the reviews section. It would be great if I didn’t have to scroll and could just click a link that would pop me down to the reviews area.

    This is a really awesome way to read Android and me on my phone! Keep up the great work expanding into new areas and using the latest tech.

  • damambt

    App looks great, pretty soon i might have to replace pulse with this to get my feeds. Either way, I wouldn’t mind having this sweet tablet to browse my AndroidAnMe!

  • JonasKulde

    I think your And Me Current Edition looks real great… it’s really easy to read the articles…. Though I think it would be nice with a “Rumors channel”.

  • ethernetgeek

    I just wish Currents would update more frequently. Other than that, I think it looks awesome!

  • Chris Lewis

    Looks like you guys have it pretty well covered on google currents! I would like to see a devices section though

  • drg1389

    Your currents issue looks great. I would add higher resolution images, be able to post comments if possible, a rumors section would be good too.

  • laosgurllynn

    This giveaway has gotten me hyped thinking that today might be my lucky day. If this giveaway ever happens again next year, I would like to see the ‘winners’ channel in the current.

  • halo0

    I would actually say use fewer categories. It feels like too many to me, I doubt I’d ever scroll more than a couple of pages…

  • lancaster09

    Not sure why Taylor gets his own section and no one else… I would like to see a RUMORS section or a DEAL ALERT section… I really love the reviews, apps, and devices section.

  • spintrex

    Overall the app works great and its even better to have Androidandme synced up with it. The only improvements I think would be pretty interesting would be adding a section of photos for upcoming devices, apps, etc.

    One feature that i found neat in another feed was each tab had a different header, a header labeled ‘Articles’ and everything pertaining to articles was on that tab/page such as latest news, previous articles, etc.

    I think each tab should kind of be unique in a small way such as a different layout or a slight change of color.

    Can’t wait to see where Currents and Androidandme will go in the future!

  • euio

    My best suggestion is, stop being so awesome.

    The current is sucking me in.

    I think I will start using that instead of google reader.
    It would be nice if, in the device section, I could read about only specific devices, but I think that might a lot of work for a small benefit.

  • perlowin

    I guess I really lack imagination, as I really can’t think of anything to add, but I’m sure as time goes on you guys will… If possible, i’d like to see more then 3 items on a page. Also, again if possible given any constraints of Currents, a check box on articles that would allow me to keep articles for later reading.

  • Stefan75

    looks good, i am liking the concept of Google Currents.

  • ozetadev

    A “Best Comments” or something along those lines would be an awesome idea for a channel. Great design, and idea. Loving it.

  • ffff00

    I like it. Higher res images would be nice though. I see a lot of people agree with me on this.

  • mdwilson37

    I didnt quite like how if you scroll left, it takes you to the next page, but if the article is done and you scroll left, it takes you to the next article… I mean sure it reflects the magazine style of reading, but personally I would prefer to scroll up or down for the next page in the article, and left or right for the next article….

  • w00x

    I think that an exact copy of the website’s contents will be fine. I am not really sure what the purpose of the Twitter posts or the Flickr gallery is.

    Currents looks like a good RSS reader and I am glad that A&M is on it already.

  • gorwin

    Im confused, we do have to comment to win? or just subscribe… Anyways it looks nice, I wish it had more RSS like functionality, but it is pretty.

  • Alex Carlson

    Wish you could comment on posts

  • Samuel Garcia

    Looks good like the nexus updates

  • lanza_david

    You guys are doing great! keep it up!

  • Michael N

    Looks really good! It’d would be nice to have a front page section about Android App deals, whether on Market or Amazon Appstore.

  • YMS123

    Its quite perfect in my opinion, perhaps adding a section called “meet the editors”, with a picture and short description with links to follow them facebook/Twitter/Google plus

  • Jelmer Smid

    It would be cool to

  • Borislav Kalaydzhiev

    I would like to see some Android development topics.

    • Mozes

      I second that

  • Luis Garcia

    I would to see a section of just unreleased (upcoming) items of software.

  • Bryan Stoner

    A dark gray banner would be a little easier for the eyes. The black makes it seem like it extends the bezel of my device which makes the content look kinda squished.

    Other than that everything looks wonderful! You guys did an excellent job XD

  • Ekatomb

    Imho you should try to differenciate the mobil website from the Current publication. I mean, current brings content on mobile, what i the of cloning the mobile site?

  • appolusionist

    I would like larger images on the default view, but it might be a setting that I have not seen yet. A picture is worth a thousand words after all.

  • David Keller

    Awesome! I would like to see a trending tags section, or a AndroidandMe profiled phone of the week section would be cool.

  • GospelofAndy

    Android and Me on currents looks great!

  • android4all

    A device comparison section would be nice =). Other than that it looks great

  • teknqe

    any chance for a little color on it, its just a lot of whitespace with text and lower quality images.

    also, it would be nice to see comments but i haven’t seen any other editions that included comments.

  • ranwanimator

    I don’t know if it’s an a&m issue or a Currents issue, but on my wife’s iPhone (sacrilege I know) the copy on the header buttons does not render correctly. The description overlays the title making both illegible.

  • aranea

    I like the look and feel of it but I’d put the comment leaving box on top of the comments. It takes so many swipes to scroll all the way down on a phone’s screen.

  • Grant Molden

    I would like to see a comments section. It could also use some more color. Otherwise, it is great!

  • Dan Allen

    Sweet Androidandme! Thank you for helping me get my lazy butt out the door with this app. I’m looking forward to using it more with your feeds. Now please please please let it be!

  • Ricardo Carrilo

    I would suggest a Games Channel. Based on this article ( games account for 25% of downloads and from what I gather mobile gaming is going to keep growing.

  • skugern

    I’d like to see captions in the photo section.

  • Eric Ortiz

    Possibly a “rumors” section where all the latest gossip is spread. That way, the actual news is separate from the speculation. Definitely love it though!

  • gideonskeep

    Would loved to have checked it out. I’m banking on a mobile device this Christmas so I can envelope me in the Android experience. Friends at work have already sold me on it. We’ll see if the economy was better to Santa than it was to me this year.

  • Zach Dunton

    I think that faster loading times would probably be the biggest suggextion I have.

  • eon69nc

    I would suggest a section which deals accessories for android products.

  • shanebecks

    Looks nice! I guess a little more colour variation on some pages backgrounds wouldn’t hurt though ;-)

  • laosgurllynn

    Waiting for this..

    • laosgurllynn

      I would like to add some different themes according to the holidays just to spice up the Google Currents page for AAM.

  • doswald

    As a first time user of currents, I found it a little slow in retrieving data (even while I was using a good wifi connection) Android and Me: nothing wrong with it .. its just slow.

  • João Pedro Santos

    My suggestion: Make it available in Portugal!?!?!?!?

  • Anthropic

    Nice, you could include the Google Android Developers Blog feed as well, for the extra nerdy perhaps?

  • Dylan

    I like the look and feel probably going to be using currents to check Android and Me from now on

  • Canterrain

    Weird. I thought I could comment from currents. I had it there, it looked like it went through and then it didn’t. Ah well, I like what I’ve seen.

  • evulsockmonkey

    I was going to get this tablet but my wife got laid off and I need the extra dough to survive. What a shame this thing is awesome!

  • dhachkow

    I like the way that Android and Me works on Currents. The layout flows nicely and reading on it is great. I have a few issues with Currents itself, hiding the whole status bar at the top of my screen and how slow it was to sync the first time with my account, which was empty. It seemed to take hours for it to do the initial sync.

  • tagon

    Looks good love how it is more then a copy of the site

  • themanwithsauce

    Good stuff. Always did like the XOOm. Might get me more into social apps if I had a tablet.

  • evulsockmonkey

    I think adding news about new phone technologies also a daily video on new devices and how tI’d and tips and tricks. Also the latest news on rooting and developer news. A good mix of all these things plus what you already offer would be the ultimate one stop Android news app

  • dustind

    In the devices section the line where the author and day the article was posted could be smaller. There is a large amount of line spacing between the title it and the preview text. Three lines of preview text would be nice. Also maybe flipping the order the author and day and formatting that line. Date left aligned and author right?

  • RandomRobotics

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really get the navigation in Current. I can’t tell the difference between a Channel and an Article, and after swiping to the right about a hundred times i realized the ‘dots’ at the bottom have very little meaning… Looks nice, but I prefer Reader.

  • redraider133

    Love the look, runs much smoother than the old mobile site. Finally greater and easier navigation while on your phone.

  • renn9420

    Wonder why so many neg’s given.

  • jerkyjones

    Top comments or most commented post in the last 48-72 hours. Also…

    Did you ever know that you’re my heeeerrooooo……….you’re everything I would like to beeeeee…

  • jessiku

    It would be nice with a calander section where you can find things like upcoming events, releases etc…

  • ngosta

    It’s pretty nice.

  • Julio Chavez

    It would be cool if you could comment from inside the app, otherwise it’s great!

  • jtthegreat

    I am liking the currents layout but I’m not a big fan of the pseudo browser

  • duneblade

    Very sleek, good implementation with Currents. Probably not an Android and Me thing, but I wish Currents would slow down on the battery usage.

  • theonlymikeg

    not sure if I posted already, but I like the current edition, wish me luck on #10

  • escalatoraccident

    Hey, got it downloaded and subscribed. Only thing I could think of to add is an upcoming section. Like announcements or stay tuned for events and releases etc …

  • Gordon Wheeler

    I have added And Me to my library. It looks good. I can’t think of anything that I would change on first impressions. I do like the suggestion of a games channel that someone else made.

    I even tweeted….

  • br14n

    Do away with “Taylor’s Posts.” Seems elitist. If he has a section, then everyone else should.

  • eioous

    It would be nice to somehow see your profile, maybe you guy can also add a Google+ login here like the Twitter login. Just a thought.

    25 Days of Tegra Day 10, Better post Now Time is Almost up!!!

    Good luck to all….Especially Me!

  • redman618

    This was the first subscription that I read. Just throwing this out there but may section for phones, one for tablets and one for accessories (Google TV). Also how about a rooting section. Just my two thoughts.

  • SLCMotor

    I like it how it is, maybe a tips/tricks area or top 10 device/review. Keep up the were great work.

  • cxandroid

    Add the ‘view on androidandme’ to the end of the article, so the reader doesn’t have to backtrack several (or a dozen) pages once they get to the end.

  • sargas

    Would be nice to be able to easily check special pages, like the Tegra countdown page.

  • Lane Montgomery

    I see you have an “And Me TV” channel, nothing under it. Maybee that would be a good space for stories with videos.

  • jlp

    Seems kind of cool, but the interface seems a little clunky. It doesn’t let me navigate with the D-pad on my physical keyboard. Probably not something you can change as it’s most likely to be a Google Currents thing.

  • amnbcn

    First of all, I think your request for user feedback is excellent. Perhaps you could make a regular section on Channels which poses a question and/or poll to solicit feedback via the website. Think “rants and raves” but with a bit more control. Changing the question will keep interest and responses coming. When enough users participate, you will become the voice for consumers and a source for Google.

    Other ideas would include a rumor mill section. This keeps speculation separate from the facts in “Latest News”. I notice that several of your categories overlap in some ways. For example, the Droid Razr review references a battery saving app from Verizon /Moto. Instead of explaining the app in length onion this

  • adrian macias

    I actually really like the current edition of android and me its laid out really well and thought out thoughtfully. Any problems I have with it is probably because of the app itself.

  • Ryan Cowley

    The navigation is mhe it hard to make navigation easy though so good job, everything else is O_O Awesome. 9/10 I can’t currently think of anything that could make Your Google Current’s better, ill get back to you if i have any ideas.

  • PRTaz3

    Current app is actually a very cool app. I ride the subway everyday and having an app that can make articles good for offline reading is great. The Android and me edition is cool. I like how you break it down to different sections such as devices and apps. Would suggest subcategories such as HTC, Moto, Samsung under devices and Games, production, tools under apps. But overall its a great start. Can see this definitely translating to my first tablet…still hoping to get one soon. Maybe this Xoom can be it. Here’s hoping.

  • amnbcn

    *in* (dyac) length in this post, just insert a link over to apps and put the review there. Do the same anytime you find overlap.

    Finally, I also think an “Up And(roid) Coming” app spotlight section would be nice. This gives the smaller devs a shot at some publicity while giving users much needed exposure to new, worthwhile apps that are both safe and useful as reviewed by AndMe. Thereby, keeping the android developer community competitive and thriving.

  • mipd1980

    Looks better than other tech sites currents pages. Keep it up. maybe you can have a contests group.

  • spazby

    I love it!!!

  • Ric1511

    I haven’t read the 755 suggestions, but I would suggest adding some sort of a quick add comment link at the end of each article. It would not only take you directly to the comment box, but also let you view other comments afterwards. I realize this is not what Currents is about, but it would be nice to have the option instead of swiping back to the first page, clicking view on, and scrolling down to the comment box. Otherwise, very nicely done!

  • HexiJosh

    Looks great. Perhaps an accessory section?

  • w9jds

    I actually really like the way it is laid out. For some reason some of the titles are smashed on my phone but that can be fixed with screen density. I also like how it isn’t just standard for every page you turn. Reading the articles are nice, good spacing between lines for easily staying where you are and text size just right. Runs very smooth and love the reporting you guys do. Give it a good thumbs up :)

    Don’t have a tablet to test it on so not sure about that. Thanks for all of this Christmas cheer.

  • minimage

    How about a channel that would be about your readers? It could be about a comment that contained particularly useful information, or one that everyone found hilarious. It could have posts about a reader’s success stories. It could be sort of like a magazine’s viewer mail page, if you like. Pictures of readers with their chosen devices, or screenshots of their home screens, etc., could also be posted. Sounds kind of silly, maybe, but when ordinary folks share things like that, it gives other ordinary folks ideas about how they can make their devices work better for them. Dunno what you’d call the channel, though…”AaM and You?” “Reader Bits?”

  • Ryan Phatbowler

    I like it the way it is. The format looks great. Would love to see it on a tablet.

  • LukeT32

    Looks good…….. Except no where does it say I won a tablet. :)

  • renn9420

    These are all good suggestions. Great ways to help.

  • PapaLos

    Thinking about this all day, and the best I could come up with is a kind of ”Then & Now” section. Pairing a recently released Android phone with popular phone that was released like 5 or 6 years ago (different time frames with every post). Comparing them not to show how good Android is, but to show how far technology has come in such a short time. Maybe make it exclusive to Currents?

    If you want to spice it up even more, throw in your prediction of what a phone will have [however long into the past you went] in the future.

    Its not something I could say I’ve seen around, but then again, I don’t visit that many sites.

    Sorry if its been said already, breezed through a few comments but not all. Thanks for another awesome tablet!

  • renn9420

    Here’s one, why not a section where we get to know the staff of Android And Me/ or Dev’s and get their person insight into apps ROMs and gadgets.

    • renn9420

      What I mean what they personally use. The phones apps and ROMS. Their daily drivers.

  • crua9

    One thing I would do is make a QR code so we can scan it instead of hunting for your site on their. But besides that I would add more pictures and add a how to for other sites

  • renn9420

    And no matter what improvements are made there is always something that can be approved on in one way shape or form. That is evolution. Android is the ideal form of evolution.

  • luillo

    A rumors and a concepts channel

  • Joshua Barta

    Maybe a section for advanced users… rooting, ROMs, etc? Or a section for app developers

  • William Cardoza

    Wow, honestly It looks awesome. My newest reading method when i’m on the thrown. Thanks. I would like to see a mod/root category. Other then that, i’m good.

  • RiverDog

    My suggestion would just be to keep it fresh. I noticed as I took a look around that I saw news items I had read days ago. Other than that amazing job!

  • Jennie Tran

    A “tip of the day” type thing would be good.

  • azgothpoet

    An editorial section would be nice. Or one which talks about modding android specifically (articles covering news from xda)

  • yoaj

    Add a section for Android ROMs
    Add a section for upcoming Android phones/tablets

    All aside, so far so good. Keep up the good work!

    [email protected]

  • frankthgr8

    I know I’m not the only one who thought that the images could be higher res…

  • Jeff Jghoward1202

    Thanks for introducing me to Currents…. Only suggestion would be something like a device spotlight/battle, and maybe a how-to tip of the day

  • ijonb

    Love it! Was one of the first adds when I installed on release day. Only thing I would say is, remember that articles with photos look far more interesting.

  • Bpear96

    Looks nice to me, but i still prefer your mobile site, which looks amazing btw

  • Monkeyman364

    Like everyone else said, higher Res images. Also you guys aren’t found by searching “android” so that would help your page to be seen a bit more.

  • dangdave

    Love it!!! Can’t see anything to make it better then it already is.

  • laosgurllynn

    I would prefer the site better. But the Google Current is a good way to expand.

  • olentz


  • bigpar

    Looks great! It might be helpful to see user comments under the article (not sure if that is even possible in currents…). Overall the interface is really it!

  • Alexandra Sedlack

    looks cool but maybe better resolution for pictures if i had to choose

  • Ophois

    Looks good, I’d suggest higher resolution photos, tips and a few other sections. Mods, interesting useful applications, device spotlights, how-to

  • Glenn Falvey

    um a tip of the day maybe?

  • Aladdin

    Honestly, the mobile site is much more comfortable and nicer to use.

  • phfeiler

    Looks Great! Loving Google Current. Suggestion would be to maybe condense the contests into one topic like Devices, Tweets, etc.

  • raminscc

    I think it looks great maybe have the name AndroidAndMe in the title.

  • WallaceD

    I’m not a big fan of Currents (yet), but the Android and Me edition looks great! My only suggestion would be more high res images.

  • lufy0000

    definitely need a top comment section….with the user names of individuals who received top push by other users

  • renn9420

    Good luck to everyone.

  • staryoshi

    I finally got my new phone today, so I was able to set up currents and check out the AndroidandMe spread… It looks great! My suggestion would be to add a community-oriented section… Top comments, popular contributors… something like that.

  • jakymiwm

    I am not sure if I like the side to side action but I think that is a default app thong.

    • jakymiwm


  • renn9420

    Wow this is a long day. Lol so many great suggestions been trying to read them all myself. So I can imagine how it must be for Android And Me.

  • SmithDroid

    I like there app section, but I think you should break it up into sections like games and productivity apps.

  • rdot

    you could make a section on brand wars since there all this cut throat competition such as the apple and samsung law suites or like microsoft vs google

  • JBTurpin

    Advancements in medicine and changes in the business of healthcare would certainly be a churning current.

  • Stephan Rachuk

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  • Samar

    I just wish the contest was open to all, also to those without smartphone or tablets.

  • Snoogans

    I love how the actual articles look and feel, and I’d like to see a section for “gaming.”

    I do feel a little lag when looking at some lists.
    Except I think that’s more of an issue with currents than you guys.

  • tobin_o

    Pretty nice, comfortable layout, but is there any option for reading vertically, rather than as a series of pages, or is this simply how Currents operates?

  • mrjlwilliams

    I’m in

  • Luke Haviland

    :) I Love Android and ME

  • Anselm Friedrich

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  • Anthropic

    Seriously, if one day of the 25 isn’t an Asus Transformer 2 with dock, or if I don’t win it, I am going to be totally ungrateful about all this pent up excitement And Me have created and whinge for at least two whole paragraphs!

  • jdawg334

    There should be equal love for the newbies on this site and if you must go by rank then have one contest for above 25 then one contest below 25 excluding the OGs. It’s beginning to seem like this whole contest thing is to gain publicity online and attract people and get them to sign up but only give the prizes to your old-time favorites. Favoritsm is unfair and rather shady on your part JS

    • Lewis McGeary

      To be fair, they need to strike a balance between attracting new users, rewarding loyal longer term members and promoting user engagement. I think it’s going ok so far, a few I have not been eligible for, which is frustrating, but I can see the reason. It wouldn’t be good for long term loyal users to see a competition like this being won by a lot of people who have just registered, don’t participate and leave after the competition.
      We should be grateful for the competitions we can enter, and take this cue to increase participation, comment, ‘plus’ other peoples comments etc and get ranking up to try to be eligible for the next one with this kind of restriction.

  • oliverchinn

    Access to videos would be cool

  • chrism28

    I would prefer a vertical scroller instead of vertical for latest news.

    The categories are laid out pretty nicely. After the the first page with headlines, I’d probably have the most visited sections right after.

  • miked

    I like the layout, someone mentioned higher res images but id be careful sometimes it like like Currents takes forever to sync even over wifi.

  • Thesian

    Google Currents seems like an attempt to make Webpages in Magazines for you phone or Tablet. That being said, I like what you’ve done, and on a phone the images look fine, but on my tablet, they looked a little off.

  • Thesian

    Google Currents seems like an attempt to make Webpages into Magazines for you phone or Tablet. That being said, I like what you’ve done, and on a phone the images look fine, but on my tablet, they looked a little off.

  • hurric

    Table of contents ofsome sort would be nice

  • rushikh

    It would be nice for it to be split up into sections for trending tags.

  • PiTTDRoiD

    If I make a deep analitic…there is a problem with the firts articles…when I click in any of them…it open without screen adjust. This look bad in my galaxy s i9000…

  • coggy9

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  • bradpitcher

    I think the currents edition looks really good. Maybe you could adda channel about contests in general.

  • Jason Hernandez

    It’s pretty slick. Maybe incorporating some multi-touch functions for navigating with the articles.

  • Alexandra Sedlack

    who won?

    • Lewis McGeary

      Nobody, the’ve come to their senses and realised giving all these tablets away is crazy!

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

    My latest news is never up to date. Maybe I just don’t know how to use it yet lol. Looks good though.

  • Tony Torres

    goog currents is terrible, flip board on my sisters iphone is far superior, but i do like the layout of currents

  • alejoar

    Since there has been no winner elected, I’ll take the place voluntarily with honour and dignity.

    Please contact me privately for delivery details.

    • Chris Lewis

      haha thank you so much for doing this. I am sure everyone here appreciates it lol!

      • alejoar

        I appreciate your gratefulness, but it’s not necessary.

        Today it’s me, tomorrow it could be you.