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Day 10: Win a Motorola Xoom


Now that we’ve put some names to faces around here, we want some of your ideas. To enter to win Day 10 of the 25 Days of Tegra, you’ll need to visit us with Google Currents and give a suggestion for a new channel we should add.

The Prize: Motorola Xoom WiFi

Highlights of the device include a 10.1 inch display, dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 32 GB of internal storage, 1GB RAM, a 5 MP rear camera, a 2 MP front camera, 8.02.11 b/g/n/ Wi-Fi connectivity all under a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Entries will be accepted for 23 hours after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on the calendar page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to win

If you hadn’t heard, today Android and Me launched onto Google Currents. You can subscribe to the And Me Current Edition by clicking this link with your mobile device. If you’d like some more info, you can read the post I put up earlier today.

To enter to win today, simply add our Current Edition to your library, have a look around, then come back here with a suggestion for us.

We’ve already got some standard channels like the latest news, devices, apps, and the like, along with some special rotating categories that feature specific authors or giveaways. We plan on updating the channels quite frequently, and since our users are such a big part of what we do around here, we wanted some input from you guys about what you’d like to see.

Alas, we know that Currents isn’t quite available in all areas yet, but if you’re location is listed in the rules above, you’re eligible to enter. Just make sure you study the original post and offer up a good suggestion.

Winner announced, comments closed

Congratulations to our winner, Eric. If that’s not you, keep an eye on the 25 Days of Tegra page for more chances to win!

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • ILoveAndroid


    1. Page transition could be faster
    2. There should be a page dedicated to videos
    3. If possible, some kind of chat room service would
    be awesome

    • damambt

      Great minds think alike. Personally, instead of a chatroom, i would like to be able to post my comments through the app itself, but overall i feel like its a pretty solid start!
      Great Work 👍

    • pryvateid

      Maybe it’s just me, but. My page transitions very fluidly. There is a page dedicated to videos on mine called “And Me TV”, you just scroll to the right after you get to the main Android and Me page. The chat room service is the only addition I’d see, but it wouldn’t hurt me if it wasn’t one either.

  • golfpedaler

    I love this site…

  • mr 1338

    maybe you can add a white text on black background for amoled devices?

  • cthonctic

    I hooked myself up with AndMe on Currents right after your mini-guide article yesterday and was rather pleased with what I saw. Now, Currents looks nice but it seems Google also still have to go over some rough edges and further optimize library synching, but that’s not you guys’ fault.

    I’d say as long as you keep your feed updated with the same stuff that’s also available via RSS but in the nice Currents format, you’re golden for the time being. :)

  • Jbolen818

    Looks great to me. I agree with some of the other posts that a setction dedicated to Roms with God chat feature would be nice. Other than that good stuff.

  • crunchybutternut

    I love it! Once it initially loads it is very pleasant to view and all of the content is fast/smooth.

    I honestly can’t think of anything that is missing!

  • frpst9

    I really like Currents. My only suggesting would be to improve the page transition time, but that might be more of an improvement for the application itself, rather than your content.

  • Meister_Li

    Since Google Currents isn’t available in my region on my phone, I can’t really say much to it… I’m still curious, tho! :o

  • peterfoeng

    All in all the layout and usefulness is great and I cant really think of big leap from here on, some touch up may be necessary to add bit and pieces

    One thing I could highlight though: not quiet sure if the effort of adding user comments would be that useful although everyone could have different perception. For me, it’s a news reading app after all (why would I bother reading other comments), so the button that will open the article in your browser I reckon would be sufficient.

  • cigardave

    I like the new Current app. Still playing with it. I wonder how to delete the older material. It doesn’t really say. I’ll keep looking.

    • mvndaai

      If long click on one of the icons it brings up 2 options, remove or reorder. So remove the ones you don’t like and move android and me to the front spot.

  • jakkuz

    Google currents ain’t available in your country, currently :(

  • mrmrchris

    My suggestion is to Google: let me have it in England. ,(

  • mrmrchris

    A serious suggestion, really tight integration with Google+. I think google need to bring strong Google+ integration into all of their services/apps to encourage people to join and be active in the network.

  • eldis

    Add a read count or a mark for hot/trending articles

  • lew247

    My suggestion is have a section on different roms and the advantages of different software as well as the pitfalls
    I’ve only just installed currents but its looking good so far, and I’m sure it would look better on a new free tablet :-)

  • AndyE

    I’m really liking currents. I can see how it would translate well to a tablet.. now i just need one!

    Also, i can’t wait for more blogs/services/etc. to get up and running on there!

  • AdamWNelson

    I would like to see ROM breakdowns for the Galaxy S2 phones. Also is it possible to be able to add comments through Currents? I couldn’t find anything to let me.

  • William McNair

    How about a favorite currents section?

  • eric peereboom

    I think it looks good the way it is.

  • btibi

    It seems to me that is a great start in a new promising form. Beside the latest news I put the cover to several articles:
    -hot topic
    - breaking news (in the word of android always have a breaking news)

    I would separate the apps and games section and make some groups
    - Apps of a day/week/month

    And it would be nice to see how many comments are wrote to each articles (like most discussed or hot topic)

  • Coltsfan74

    I like the currents site. I thing a tricks/tips section would be a good addition.

  • magnum80

    Sadly, Google Currents isn’t available in my country, but I’m super curious.

  • thekaz

    crud. I can’t use Currents because I am still on my Droid Eris because the Nexus hasn’t come out yet… that being said, if I won a Xoom tablet, I bet I could download it and check out A&M! :)

    • sap 26

      I know how you feel. I too have the Eris (blues). But please tell me you’re rooted. I’m running Currents with CM7.1. Let me know if I can help a fellow Eris sufferer.

  • Nick D

    I’ve +1-ed a few ideas I liked. So far the only other thing I’d like to see is a night-mode type setting to make things a bit less eye searing at night. Keep up the good work!

  • kest009

    I think it looks good as is my only concerns are with the load times of new articles, making sure the content is up to date, and with the app size for us folks with older phones and limited storage. So I guess the only thing you guys have control over is making sure your latest content is pushed to the service.

  • mclarensr

    Like Currents. Please add ‘tips and tricks’ and a ROMs section. Keep up the good work and please pick me for the winner.

  • jenskristian

    A video section would be nice.

  • Briareos

    Currents is pretty sweet. I’ll have to see if it’ll replace Feedly or not, but I do like the direction it’s going. My suggestion would be for an “App Of The Week.”

  • ChaosKiller

    “This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. ”

    But Currents isn’t :/

  • Tyler Tyvand

    Perhaps some sort hacking section

  • Wardell

    can not be installed in my devices country, but good idea making it resemble the mobile site

  • Aladdin

    Add a tutorial section

  • adaam93

    A rooting and ROMs section would be the best addition IMO.

  • biccochi

    A video section.

  • Merridus

    I don’t know if it’s possible but would be cool if there was a forum type area for it for community members to discuss things that aren’t necessarily to do with any of the stories currently posted like rooting devices and custom roms they have found etc.

  • frmorrison

    Fyi non US people can get currents from XDa. I liked the page.

    • renn9420

      This why I like the Android community and proud to be a part of it. Dev’s making it apps and features accessible to ppl who normally couldn’t get them and ppl like you helping them find where to go. Thank you for helping those who don’t say thanks.

  • BikerBob1789

    I like it – but would like to mark content as read and have it disappear like in Reader. I don’t see this is as a replacement for Reader at this point without this feature.

  • Demetrius Randolph

    I think a dedicated hacking/rooting channel would be perfect.

  • Alexis Piraina

    A section about the ROM/ROOT/HACKING would be perfedct

  • Jeremiah Akin

    I like Android Central’s Currents home page. It has several sections/topics you can choose on the right part of the page.

  • seoci

    I would remove some of the older content so that the sync time is lowered.

  • Logan Edwards

    I would group the Reviews, Apps next to each other.

  • vicitor

    a section for tips and tricks!

  • tttullyt

    I think it would be cool to see a section that posts trending topics from the comments section. This would be a good way for us to see what the majority of visitors are discussing and interested in.

  • jj71787

    I agree syncing took forever

  • charliethesuperturtle

    You need a section for mods and hacks for updates of custom roms like cyanogenmod on the toothpaaste kindle fire, cm9 on nexus s , etc. Also for root and root apps you would like to mention.

  • hass

    I want a XOOM :)

    • charliethesuperturtle

      Did you even like their currents page? Did you give them an idea?
      If you haven’t u Arent qualifyed

  • dhrandy


  • Ope


    1) AMOLED version
    2) Bring back the Andy and me Comics!!!!!
    3) Trends and comments if possible (couldn’t find the latter)

    All in all, I LIKE :-D

  • jorenko

    Sections for App and Game reviews (separetely) would be nice.

  • jeff327

    I think it looks great. The best thing I downloaded on currents to date.

  • Edzilla

    My suggestion: a tutorial section.

  • Tom Murphy

    Count me in again.I need a XOOM.

  • tonis79

    Ok, my two suggestions:
    1. A rooting section
    2. A section devoted to how bad Verizon has F’ed up the Nexus launch…

  • spoon201

    The site looks very good in Currents very clean. I think I may use it for Android and Me news rather then the mobile site. Only thing is there seems to be no way to comment on articles.

  • Mtyedavis

    I love that there’s a section dedicated to nexus rumors trolol

  • James Conley

    I noticed when I was on there that latest news was not chronological. I usually catch up on my last posts stopping when I saw the last post I read. That aside it’s still pretty cool and I’ll probably use .

  • Nicholas Vettese

    I saw that there was an Apps area, and I would love to see a few more (not too many though). Otherwise I really liked the layout and stories embedded.

  • Romone Rucker

    I want this

  • kenbr1960

    I would +1 the idea for a rooting/roms section.

  • nault89

    A How-to sections could be useful.

  • 94wolfpack

    Maybe I missed something but when I search for ‘androidandme’ or ‘android_and_me’ I get 25 editions and blogs found… ?? Is there a main one that I should use? I don’t see you listed under Science and Tech either.

    —Ahhh … I see I had to use my mobile device and click the link…

    Suggestion: make it searchable from a mobile device.
    The layout looks good and I like the sections.

  • AChackes

    Im sure it would look great on a tablet, but my LG Optimus can hardly handle it. Maybe I can offer more if I won this zoom! How about being able to comment on articles, that is my suggestion.

  • Lee Swanson

    Syncing takes a long time (I agree with others). Like the integration with Google reader. I think I like Pulse a little better.

  • Steve Heinrich

    Only thing I would suggest is a section for rooted devices or roms. Other than that it looks great. I like the idea of rotating sections.

    And once again, awesome tablet. Best of luck to everyone.

  • Kevin Amundson

    It definitely needs a section for ROMS.

  • ajonrichards

    Hopefully there’s a better way to access the comments section through Currents. Right now I can click on “view on” underneath the headline, which sends me to Currents’ internal browser, THEN click “launch in browser” to get to the comments section. Streamlining this somehow would be helpful.

  • renn9420

    I will agree with most ppl that commented that a section for rooting and ROMS would be great with tutorials. And maybe a SpyTech section that gives info on the latest gadgets that will be coming out and/or just recently been released. Sort of keeping the stuff that’s flying under the radar on the radar. And again UI is great.

    • renn9420

      And again I know I will probably not win but always willing to help Android And Me with suggestions bcuz A&M has helped me and so many others with tips and info. Thanks.

  • Cesar Torres

    Current is cool but takes forever. Good job on the current.

  • northend999

    My suggestion would be to come up with a way to exclude those items which I’ve already read, and possibly replace it with related content. Otherwise, it looks great. Keep up the good work.

  • Brian Horstmann

    Current looks really nice.

  • Diaeko

    look good

  • cunctator

    Google currents isn’t available in my country, I assume a big part of Europe has this problem. was that your intention?

    • cunctator

      didn’t read to the end, I apologize.
      I’m looking forward to it though, should it become available any time soon. Looks great from what I read in the article, but it’s kind of tough to make suggestions without seeing the real thing.

  • ciberspyder

    The app looks great, it’s a little slow to sync and load but good on the eyes. I would add an option next to “trending” that’s for latest updates and sort the articles as they’re released. Also, the option to have alerts when certain authors release an article would be nice.

  • Matt Siarny

    Like most have said a tutorials section for roms/rooting and a videos section would be good. Biggest things I would want changed are more app related than your site itself (ie. Sync time etc) looking forward to how currents improves and evolves.

  • jiggybyte

    I think a giveaway section would be great! ;-)

  • Dstroyax

    A tutorial section would be awesome. Great job with it already though. Keep it up!

  • hetalb

    A separate section for tutorials, ROMS would be helpful

  • honourbound68

    looks good on my Epic 4G. How about adding Android Tips?

  • reuben.andrades

    I love Current, the Android and Me edition on current is nice. You can add a section for Memebers comments on reviews or products.

  • renn9420

    And for the ppl that said its not up to date, that’s due to the app itself. When open Currents and tap Menu soft key/or button and go into sync settings, you’re able to set how often Currents syncs. This is bcuz its an offline reader. It won’t kill your battery always syncing and refreshing itself.

  • PiTTDRoiD

    Very cool….. I think that load in long time because there is not more user in this services… We wait that in short time all currents (app and service) work better

  • Danthes24

    Omg Currents is not available in my country..:(

  • custeve217

    The App is pretty cool. I looked around but couldn’t tell if there was a developer corner or intro to android dev for people that might be interested in learning how to tweak their phones themselves. I’m not a programmer but I know a little and it would be neat to see some simple things we could do.

  • renn9420

    Wow went to my profile and saw all the neg’s to my comments. Lol that’s Koo but giving neg’s doesn’t increase your chance of winning. But everyone is entitled to their open. Thanks anyway.

  • mikesuds

    Im not quite sure how it works but perhaps an easily accessible section for special features? for example, right now it could be a section dedicated to the 25 Days of Tegra. In the future who knows, but some sort of special features section would be neat! Maybe something for only the people who subscribe to AAM on Currents?

  • renn9420

    Sorry to hear about the totaled car. Dang that sucks especially before the holidays.

  • Nancy Williams

    On the transformer, and Currents looks really nice, however syncing is very slow, but possibly due to the rendering of the pages.

    As far as Android and me, and I thought it looked really sleek and made reading the article much more enjoyable.

  • wildkarrde21

    It seems to take forever to sync, although Currents is a neat idea.

  • Gumboman

    The App is nice. Took a while to sync. Definitely something to look at.

  • renn9420

    Just a heads up the first time it syncs A&M is long bcuz it is actually downloading the page information to the app. And what I did is unsubscribed to the others and left A&M. This helped with the time issue.

  • Nickedynick

    Maybe add a section for development / custom ROM news?

  • Julian Rafael1

    If there’s a way you can implement comments, that would be great.

  • djpayne2

    So far I wouldn’t chang a thing. I think it awwsome and very easy to use.

  • Kyle Mallory

    The And Me channel looks great. I think currents has more potential than Pulse. Pulse is easy to use but buggy for me. Videos in it never work right.

    I think currents should be able to put your library in to sections like tech, movies or tv, like you can do in Pulse

  • Cesar Ruiz

    A tutorial for like advanced users :)

  • gmaedzl

    Looks great, no need for a change yet.

  • Scott Eppler

    I agree with what most have said about the syncing being painfully slow :( Anyway, on ideas to add, the only thing I could think of is possibly seperating out a “Gaming” section from the “Apps” section, but even then I’m not sure if it’s necessary…it’s just there’s not much to add. You guys have one of the best Currents I’ve seen so far in my short use.

  • amarcionek

    Vendor and carrier specific channels are the way to go for us loyalists!

  • EwanRGR

    I have setup currents, and definitely put AandM on as one of my first items. But that’s partly because it seems the Currents offering is still pretty rusty around the edges. Having an iPad with Flipboard, Currents is very much missing the Facebook and Twitter integration that I was really hoping to find as I switch back to an Android tablet (Streak 7 4G).

    For your channels, I like the suggestion I saw above about a ROMs channel, and really wish y’all WOULD cover those more in depth. Right now I have to keep an eye on XDA Developers, Tabletroms, and Streakdroid – and that’s just for one device. Not to mention most of the folks talking about those don’t have multiple devices like y’all do for comparison.

    Of course it would also be nice if y’all could add a Tips and Tricks channel. There is a lot of Android that I have found through hit and miss, and I think y’all could help folks spend less time finding them and more time using them :-)

    Finally, having had a Xoom for a couple months before I got my iPad 2, I can say that it is a decent device that was hamstrung by Motorola not being price sensitive, and a bit of an over-reliance on Verizon. As the Galaxy Nexus folks are discovering, your telecom partner can be a hinderence just as much as a help.

  • NYCbgall021

    I love it as it is! The syncing is a bit too slow.

  • dutow

    Great app, but with very limited google reader support, so I’m staying with the goog old rss reader.

  • Fabio R

    Maybe u can sudivide devices in tablets and smartphones
    also a video review section would be nice
    and mybe some kind of wiki with tips and howto´s


    oh i forgot the channel how to win a motorola xoom :)

  • Nathan D.

    Yea! I’m legible to enter
    but anyway this is kinda user friendly but a video on who thing work would be nice

  • r1ch

    I really like Currents. I’m coming from Pulse so I’m very familiar with this sort of news aggregation tool, but I like the api and layout that Currents seems to offer.

    AndroidAndMe seem to have got off to a good start, especially with the related content links at the end of articles – really like that.

    One of the pre-provided feeds was for 500-something which just showed a stream of images – I think this could work well for an AAM Channel as just a stream of high quality Android device/related images. Most could be ripped for Wallpapers or just to check out some sexy tech ;-)

  • LV23

    Still no quad-core tablet? :(

  • Tony Omer

    Looks good….maybe categorizing would help, like tablet, phone, developers corner, os news things like that…

  • Piotr Andrzejewski

    That’s funny. My area is listed in rules above, but Google does not allow me to download Currents app.

    So my suggestion is that you should try to persuade Google to release their new products in all countries at the same time ;)

  • tequilya

    Currents looks kinda nice, but is slow and I hated the pagination (prefer to smoothly scroll through an article). I also missed tagging stuff as read as I do in the RSS feed / reader version of the site.

    I’ve been posting comments fairly frequently since you got us all jump started with this contest and I noticed that if you’r going to do that any delay in commenting on new posts means far fewer folks see them. The Currents updates seem to lag way behind even the RSS feeds which was already too much of a delay.

    Channels for ROMs would be great. Contrasting different roms, or touting features of new updates would be helpful.

  • Sifix

    I suggest to have a section only with roms stock and development ones with tests. E.g speed, battery design etc

  • redxeth

    Like it! Have been using both Pulse and Currents– like Currents better. Yeah, the pagination is a little annoying on the phone form factor. It’s designed for tablets I guess. Wish you could change that in settings.

    How much customization do you really have with these news aggregators?

  • Troy Hayes

    I would like to see more content on each page. A section just for ROMS. Scrolling lags, but I think thats an app issue. Also, syncing takes a bit too long.

  • Jgplainc

    I would like to see a section for device comparison based on carriers where current users could write reviews

  • dandroid4g

    This is gonna be great!

  • thechad

    looks good

    • thechad

      man i want to win this thing

  • probers1

    I like it. My only suggestion after my limited use is a section on roms. Somewhere to go see all the latest on CyanogenMod or other roms.

  • asimon

    Installed Currents with MarketEnabler in Europe. I’d recommend splitting Devices channel to Phones/Tablets and Apps channel to Apps/Games.

  • bellken

    I think it looks good, Just keep it current.

  • donger

    1+ tips & tricks section.

  • ramenchef

    I’d only really suggest a nicer banner on top. It’s a tad plain at the moment with just a black bar, the icon, and the text “current edition”

  • hokieprovita

    A developers channel be sweet!

  • hollyecat

    Load faster. But maybe that is my internet connection.

  • JayB95

    If I were to add something I think a RUMOR MILL section would be a good idea. Because with things like nexus and transformer prime dates changing all the time and what not it would be good to keep separate from regular news.

    This is the best mobile Site I’ve ever used and the only one I never wanted to switch to regular so props to you guys on that.

  • kazahani

    Wow! I love the layout Google has come up with here. Very crisp.

    I think there should be some premium content that you guys put out just for the Currents subscribers!

  • emalzenicky

    Not available in my country. However a section for accessories like docks, keyboards etc. could be useful. You could also write more about these to boost your shop :)

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile rahuly2k7

    I like the currents, but you guys need to make it more better, like use better designs on pages and nice graphics, but over all I like it..

  • Ekatomb

    I haven’t tried it yet, because it’s not available in Italy. Anyway I was thinking about porting the exact content of the site on Current. I mean, you already have a mobile website that works pretty fine, why use an environment like G-Current to bring on mobile the exact content on the mobile site? Imho is a little redundant. Since you have such a good instrument, why don’t you try to make something a little different? Maybe some sort of weekly publication with the best articles of the week…

  • calihawki

    Looks fine to me. Most of the comments are app related.

  • DroidPower

    Like many have already said, it’s very clean looking, which is great.

    I’m looking at this on an iPod touch, and when in portrait mode and looking at the overview layout, sometimes the title bar to the right overlaps with the date that it’s posted. This issue comes and goes.

  • alejoar

    To be honest, I’m not sure if I have any suggestion for your currents page. I looks well as it is. I love the lateral scrolling in currents, it’s way better for mobile devices, specially when you are on the bus or subway.

    All I can say is that I wish it would run smoother in my SGS, but that’s something google should take care.. or not :(

  • jvictorc

    Unfortunately, no Currents for me up in Canada. From the screenshots it looks pretty nice. Maybe add a section like the ‘Hotly Debated’ section you have on the site? You may not be able to see the comments on the app, but at least people will know where to look for the most commented posts.
    Or if you could make it available in Canada that would be good :P
    OR if you could send that Xoom over my way, that would be even better :D

  • pryvateid

    I love it, & I agree w/ @alejoar. I mean mine works great & it has everything I need. But mine runs smooth, so I don’t have that suggestion. I guess just commenting or some form of communication if that’s possible, but if that wasn’t possible I wouldn’t be bothered because I’m not easily accessing my news mobile, on the go, so I’m good. Great job, by the way.

  • jbcooley

    I’d like to see a roms section.

  • geiko

    Yeah, it’s because the app is caching all the content for offline viewing. That way, you can read A&M news when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

  • TJ Mir

    I think a tips and tricks section would be pretty cool.

  • GeauxLSU

    Roms section sounds like a good idea

  • squishy

    Tell Google to make it load quicker :)

  • auronblue

    I like the look. Very clean. I agree with others that there should be a video section. I would also like to see browser links to the articles. This way I can comment there rather than in Currents. The sync is already slow and comments would only make it worse.

  • cliffordgreer

    the Android and Me currents edition is awesome! Goodbye, Google Reader!

    I agree with previous comments about adding a ROMs or Hacking section.

    What would be great, also, would be a section detailing App development and Android device solutions to social problems needing tech driven solutions. For instance, headlines could be: “researchers use android to track drinking water quality for villagers” or “android can make your life better by….”

  • Rgbarret

    One thing that has always bothered me about news/article apps is the fact that you lose your spot when the orientation is changed. It may be a native setting for the app and be nothing you can change but it always bugs me especially when scrolling through a long list of articles.

  • ILoveComputers

    Looks very on my Nexus S, and I would love to see what it looks like on a tablet. I would like sections based on operating systems. One for gingerbread, honeycomb, and Ice Cream Sandwich. That would make it easier to find your updates based on what android version their on. I also would like to be able to comment directly, but that seems to be a limitation of Google Currents. Thanks looks great.

  • Dhatkidriteder

    My suggestions are that you add a personalization area where you can change theme colors and layout on the articles in, also to add favorites for when you want to go back reading the article again, to allow Googled Current users to post there own news and articles, and to allow users to have the ability to make favorite subscription so they will be able to get notifications when something new is added. Happy Day 10 of 25 days of Tegra! Pick me! =)

  • jeffb34

    Personally I feel that your currents feed is one the nicest out of all the ones I currently use. Maybe you guys could add exclusive currents content like special write ups or videos.

  • Ryan Mills

    To be utterly honest I find Google Currents just another news aggregate in Google’s long line of the news aggregates. If I had to change the application or the concept I would make it a “Crowd Sourced” RSS reader of people that you have circled through Google+. Consume Google Reader, Google News, and even Google Books. Make it one, easy on the eyes app.

    As for your particular Currents Page. I would add a section for Events, like the Big Android BBQ, or Google I/O. It would be as easy as implementing a tag pointer. Every time something is tagged it will automatically dropped in to that section so the reader can be up-to-date with the event it self and not have to drove through the site finding that content.

    Also, a contest section, writers section/s, . . . that’s all I have.

  • yogi

    Hi. My comment/suggestion is to add a dedicated tablet section rather than just the device section.

  • yankeesusa

    Currents is awesome. I guess my only suggestion is make a section just for giveaways. Other than that keep up the great work!

  • torooo123

    It’s mine.

  • torooo

    I’ve claimed it

  • jsheehan223

    Added you guys on Currents even before this contest came up! One of my favs. If I had any comments, see if you can come up with a few different sections there. Devices (which you have), maybe rumors, tablets, apps… Just a few. Keep up the good work with it. the only thing I’m not so happy with currents is it’s slow update schedule. however, that might be because I’ve got an OG Droid and it’s running CM7. It’s not as fast as it used to be.. lol

  • Canterrain

    I am commenting from within the app right now. So that works for me. The only annoyance was that I had to scroll to the bottom of the comments to post.

  • KeithG

    Looks pretty good in general. Would like to be able to see the article comments. Maybe just the top 5 popular or latest or a link directly to the article comment section so you don’t have to do – read in browser and then scroll to the comments.

  • Malanarth

    I channel that is similar to the devices channel, one that displays all current devices coming up for release. Including info such as release date/tech specs/other.

  • Logan Jinks

    You should definitely add a “Rumors” category to your articles just to keep that kinda of information separate from the official announcement stuff.

  • Ryan McFadden

    Currents is pretty awesome, just slow to sync but that’s not your fault. If it is possible, it would be nice to be able to comment (to enter the 25 days of tegra sweepstakes) through currents.

  • Lorenator

    I think, that it´s great!!

  • pepperonijack

    You wouldn’t imagine what I had to go through to get Currents in this non-U.S. country of mine (nah, I just popped in a spare T-Mo sim card).

    What I would suggest is a channel for a topic of the week that would contain a selection of articles on a same subject. The topic would change every week (or more often) and could be about something currently newsworthy (e.g. Galaxy Nexus), something timeless (e.g. developping for Android) or even something from the past (e.g. a retrospective on the OG Droid).

  • sockeqwe

    It take so long time, because everything is downloaded for offline reading … The plan is to make this personal magazine readable everywhere, even if there is no internet connection …

  • NamelessTed

    It would be better if I were viewing Currents on a 10″ screen :)

    I have only used it for a short while and its pretty slick, from what I have seen. I think most of the improvements I would suggest are probably out of your control, things that Google needs to change.

    Is it possible to have youtube videos launch the Youtube app instead of the mobile webpage? It might just be me but I hate how bloated the damn thing is.

  • sockeqwe

    It would be great, to have a separate app and separate games channel …

    But so far so good!

  • txbluesman

    Synced up fast on 4g. I would like to see a labeled section called contest. I like it.

  • jupiter8

    Hey Android guys, Currents is only available in the USA

  • sockeqwe

    For all of you, who is not living in the U.S.

    Here you can download the APK and install it on your device

    • McLovin

      I tried this on the Kindle Fire since they block the Android Market.

      The Kindle Fire allowed me to download the .apk, but when I went to install it, it said, “Application Not Installed”. Damn you Amazon!

  • Chad

    Reviews in their own section for more organization and a videos section, other than that XOOM ME!

  • John Jnflores

    I think it would be cool to have a “popular discussions” page for the most commented on articles and Google+ posts. Xoom!

  • Danny123

    It would be cool if we could see just a few comments

  • klziegler

    Hadn’t heard of Google Currents. Good channel would be accessories.

  • Matic Krmec

    it’s Ohh so annoying that it’s not available in all countries but I found a way to install and subscribe.

    The UI is nice but it’s a little wierd how articles are filtered/shown if you ask me. Rather see only one stream just like on the website.

  • Pete

    So far everything looks pretty good and split into well organized categories. The only thing I would strongly suggest is to add a channel that has all the articles on the site in order of posting Latest – Oldest (obviously only go back so far). The reason being that if I check Android and Me from my computer in the morning and want to check it again in a couple hours from Google Currents I will have to seek out the correct category to find anything that may have been posted since I last checked it on my computer in the morning. Theres no real easy way to see if anything “new” has been posted without digging through all the channels. It appears that the “latest news” channel only has important or big news that wont necessarily show if you have added a new post since I have last checked it. Hope this helps.

  • Jeff Wright

    it looks great didn’t know about currents thanks being new to currents It’s great

  • dacatalyst41

    Add a favorites or read later link/tab so you don’t have to search for an article you saw earlier but didnt have time to read.

  • Patrick E. Mahoney Jr.

    I really like it, you guys did a great job with the layout. I see a lot of comments giving feedback on the Google Currents app, which is fine, but I have some things that I’m pretty sure are YOUR guys’ work.

    I really like the banner on the top, but is there any way to maybe condense current news to only the first page, and then have a different banner for when you change pages, such as “Categories” or something? (Never mind, I just realized that if you continue swiping to the right it will go into “Latest News.” Maybe condense Current Issue into 1-2 pages and then have the rest be the latest stuff.)

    On “And Me Photos” I think you guys should probably start giving pictures names, it goes against the nice simple looking grain when you see a string of numbers and letters and underscores…

    For devices I think it might be cool to further categorize by manufacturer news.

    Finally, I don’t know if you guys have any control over this, but say I click on Galaxy Nexus Updates to read an article. When I click back to exit that section, it sends me back to the first page of the feed instead of the page with the Nexus news. Hopefully you guys can do something about it, if not I’m sure Google will fix it soon.

    Hopefully something I said will help you make a better feed!

  • dunneldeen

    I like the site. Agree it’s slow to download, but can accept that given it can be set to download via WiFi only. Anything to help reduce use of our precious data caps is good.

    I like the individual sections that you’ve chosen. Perhaps a couple sections, one for phones and one for tablets; that way it would be easier to home in on what you’re looking for news on.

  • nivekkev

    You guys pretty much nailed it, awesome piece of work, so the only thing I could think of doing, if possible is to allow themes or the ability to change the colors after all this is Android we are talking about…

  • Scott Bordelon

    Pretty cool app. My suggestion would to be mindful that the images used for articles/posts will be very small and thus, pictures look much better than text images. The current image for the post in the Devices section is an example of one that is indiscernable.

  • McLovin

    Can’t install Currents on Kindle Fire.

    I’d suggest finding a way to show articles in chronological order and complete. Some articles were not shown, for example, the how to install Currents article from yesterday.

    I always prefer the full desktop web browser experience since these mobile app versions always seem to leave stuff out.

  • jbycroft

    Google Currents is great, it takes a bit to load. At least I can use it on my iPhone!

  • icu

    I guess without being too granular offering multiple feeds with different kinds of content or subject matter would be great.

  • theapman

    Love Google Currents! Must have some sort of major announcement text pop-up alerts. For big news and advertisements.

  • royes

    I like what you have there and may switch to reading your articles from currents now all the time. My only suggestion is for the app and not your content. I would like to have an option to see more article headers at one time. An option for smaller images or text only.

  • Bart

    I’m liking the app, looks nice on my sgs 4g

  • Ervin Lukacs

    More pictures would be nice!

  • EmonAzzameen

    Finally logged in from outside the US and i’m pleased with the outcome of your site on google current. Still hoping for more content to come.

    With all the apps and mobile sites currently available, maybe current will manage to bring us a standard way of browsing experience optimized for our device.

  • kungpaodragon

    So Google put out a nice app, Currents. That in itself is great. I am happy to see you guys taking advantage of a great app. The immediate impression for me is great. I love it. I love the crispness of it all, that’s probably more of a Currents API than AndroidAndMe. I wouldn’t change a thing other than making sure it works smoothly. And thank you for bringing all the information together for us!

  • KennyL

    My biggest gripes are not with your edition but with Currents itself. But that is not what you are asking for so here is my suggestion: I think that it would be good for you guys to add a “How-To” section. The explosive growth of the Android OS means that there is a constant stream of newbies to the platform. Just like when people are dealing with any other brand, the first one to make a significant positive impression on a person is the one that people hold a special place in the heart for, regardless of all other factors. I really think that you guys have an opportunity for growth by showcasing your “how-to” articles in their own section and then advertise the crap out of it.

    Because Currents is still somewhat sluggish, people won’t spend a lot of time exploring certain editions. I fully expect that 60% of people that install currents in the next 3 weeks will uninstall it within 72 hours due to the lag in the program. Therefore, I recommend you put the “how-to’s” in the first 2 or 3 screens of your section, to grab the newbie’s attention and make a fan for life.

  • fekle

    seems to be a pretty awesome app, however, it is loading quite slow, and it would be great to choose which ones I want to load and which I dont ;)

  • jtrims

    Going by what I can see in the posts and what people are saying (Currents isn’t available in the UK D: ), the design is good but maybe have some way to have a dark background so its easier on the eyes :)

  • reverov

    I would like to see more subcategories with the long lists of articles so that it’s easier to get to the content you’re interested in.

  • Sam Savitt

    i like your currents edition, it is clean and subtle, which is a type of design i prefer. try not to make it too compact, spread it out and use one or two distinct colors, not too many. (green and white?)


    My suggestion mirrors some others I have read: Have a unread/read feature. Make the read articles disappear to discern from the “new”. It’s another great way as an addendum to the other readers i’m currently using. Awesome job!

  • mvndaai

    I would prefer a black background to read it at night like the 500px has. Theirs looks really crisp, why the android and me one just look like another of the manly.

  • ndub21

    Wow, Google’s Currents is pretty cool. Your channel looks and works great. It took me a few minutes to figure out what I was doing though. I think you should spit the Devices category up into Tablets and Phones. Due to the fact that there are so many devices, that is a very broad and large category. Keep up the good work!

  • Zakhar Zuban

    Google Currents is not available in UK:( What do I do?

  • Neil Calvin

    I think making three separate channels for software — Apps, Games, and Development — would be a good time saver for readers.

  • Roger Rabbi

    How’s about a tablet-specific channel?

  • revwillie

    a videos section would be cool

  • ph4nthom

    An app review section.

  • myslef

    Still seems new and all, maybe it’s my defy, but sometimes it finished syncing but nothing showed up. Then I did it again and it worked. Hope this will get fixed soon, as the app is actually quite interesting. And yes, I too think splitting the news into sections would be a welcome change.

  • dpleus

    I agree with a lot of the other commenters, in that, I think you have hit the nail on the head with how you currently have your edition of the Currents magazine srtup. The suggestions for a How To section is a great idea, but I would also like to suggest that the Devices section be split into a few parts, Tablets, Mobile Phones, and Other Devices. This will allow people who want to see a specific group of devices, get the latest news that much quicker.

  • jst4tim

    A tips and tricks channel would be a nice addition.

  • Skis03

    I agree with the masses saying syncing does take a little while. Over all it looks very good and it is very quick moving around the application. Overall I think it looks amazing. Just keep up the good work and keep the news coming.

  • Michael Henderson

    A video section.

  • molonlabe

    I like the set up better than pulse. It feels cleaner and I don’t get too confused with too many feeds. The response is a little slow but I like that I can read it offline.

  • CTown

    It would be nice if you can somehow get some comments in there. Perhaps this could be achieved by having a “Best Comments” section that lists on which article that the comment was made (like on the right-most column on this site). Come on, make it a tiny bit more social.

  • Chris Clark

    Wow, your logo fits perfectly in Currents. I like it. I also love how you used the categories to separate content. Some of the other Current feeds don’t do that well.

    I really don’t see any issues besides all the normal Current issues, low framerate, jerky scrolling, slow updates, etc.

  • kosure

    I feel like there’s something more important than devices to be on the front page. Overall I think it’s great!

  • Baxter77

    I think a tips and tricks section would fit great with the layout.

  • Ei91

    its really nice
    but i think you guy’s should add like a apps library ..for the rooted devices and put paid apps and some free links for those apps
    and every week you can show top apps
    it will be really great
    and i think most of android users will be happy of and your network will get bigger

  • John Walker

    I like it how it is. Looks really good on my screen

  • Kyle Zeltmann

    Needs a review section.

  • zenfloater

    syncing took forever

  • aholland1

    The app is cool and I agree, definitely follows the mobile site look in a good way. There’s lots of potential here for this to replace reader eventually, but people will have to get used to it first. Memory is a concern for me for offline caching, but I realize these are not issues you can address. As far as channel suggestions go, tutorials for devices are a good idea, maybe a showcase section apart from the main trending section of the app… Anything that makes it easy for the reader to find what they want, regardless of article age. Comments baked in would also be killer, but this too is an app limitation I’m sure. Keep up the good work!

  • faun

    How about a link at the end of the articles to go to the comments section on the mobile website? That way you can read discussion about the article after you’ve read it…

  • amgala

    Wow, awesome work so far! I’d maybe add a section for “About Us” where you give a summary of the site for people that don’t know. I know that androidandme is kind of self-explanatory, but still.

  • NeoDaNeenjah

    I really wish the background could a different color than white. Even a shade of light gray or brown would be better on the eyes and the the screen usage. Other than that, I am digging currents. I still preferr to use reader to track what rss feeds I have read, but now I use currents for top news headlines and magazine browsing.

  • Clinton Jackson

    Another suggestion would be to have channel to Gotta Be Mobile or Phandroid.

  • mcopeman23

    It would be nice to subscribe to device specific information. I have a nexus s i wanna know more about a nexus s than any other phone to see what I can do with it so that would help some.

  • cabrone

    Love it. Good work. A bit slow to sync but A+

  • Sean

    I wish it had a black background with white text to save battery on OLED screens.

  • hurric

    what happens when Current is not available in Canada what now?!

  • rloewy

    Looked at it on Currents. It looks good – and syncing was not too bad for me.

    What I would love to see is some content on making a Kindle Fire play nice with Google apps and services. Would love to be able to use Currents on my fire..

  • navarrolux

    The app looks great but I agree with some of the other comments. It takes a long time for the content to update. Also, I notice that other sites more closely mirror the info on the blog. I would like to see a lot of the same as I do in the site – as in the organization of the stories- after all, that’s the site I’ve come to love. ~ Keep up the good work!

  • Kilo720

    Black background wit wit txt
    A video n Rom channel

  • khenie

    Sync is too late .. i still dont see anything about yesterday news or posts

  • sp4rky

    Not much to recommend, I like the way it looks. Clean and simple which is what I’d want on my phone.

  • CiprianVeres

    The app look great

  • azswift

    I really liked the fact that all content was synced on the device, I’ve got a limited data plan and try to watch my cap. I’m still a fan of paper magazines, but love the way this meets MORE than halfway between paper and mobile web!

    I think the biggest strike against this will be, so far no ads. How will the publishers make any money? I don’t mind a few ads since i now Android & Me has got to pay the bills.

  • Craig LeBaron

    Maybe putting some separate app and ROM review sections. Also, if possible, make the article authors name clickable so that you can see other articles by that author.

  • whitegryphon

    Is there any way to have the link back to the main Current Edition screen from within the article?

  • navarrolux

    Add a section for ROMs

  • issac4760

    Maybe add a calander tab,or a Link. I rather go to the website than use currents though.

  • JonnyP

    I think a list of phones confirmed/rumored/denied to receive future Android updates would be nice.

  • OpenIntro

    Love Current and already had AndroidAndMe added! It’s my new favorite way to read on the go.

    How about a tips/trick section (kind of like a Lifehacker) for different Android things. From rooting to customization to how to overclock, etc.

  • Marvin Avilla

    Currents installed and u guys are added….looks great may be add the daily list for suggested apps?

  • rashed rab

    a video section would be great.

  • Willy Morgan

    Visually, I love your Android and Me current. I like the fact that it mirrors your website. I also like the fact that you have channels that mirror your navigation tab.

    One thing I could stand to be improved is the navigation path. After you scroll through the first four pages of the current edition, your immediately taken to the latest news. I think it’d be better after going through the first four pages it took you back to the first page so that you’re given the option of where you wish to go. Also, I think that dedicated channels to your authors and your store need to be added to your Current Edition. Otherwise, I think it’s nearly perfect.

    • ralphwiggum1

      Its simulating a magazine so goes from one section to the next. It is confusing though

      • Willy Morgan

        I understand it’s simulating a magazine, but if I have a magazine in my hands, I can look through the table of contents and decide where and I how I wish to peruse the information. In it’s current layout, with the continuous right scroll, it’s forcing you through articles that you wouldn’t normally read to get to something you might. It’s not horrible, but it’s not ideal either.

        • eyesparky

          The ‘Current Edition’ section is effectively the table of contents. Many publications only have a couple of pages of these, Android and Me have added quite a few more sections to jump you to where you need to go.

  • chiefs9089online

    I understand currents is like a magazine rather than an app, but some pull down menus or a better search bar would be appreciated. Trying to find certain articles can be a pain. A bookmark article feature (or perhaps I missed it) would be appreciated also. Overall, good job.

  • ralphwiggum1

    I compared the currents edition and the standard rss feed and was wondering if the currents edition is worth the extra effort. The standard feed looks great and easy to navigate and no additional work.

    Navigating the currents is a bit confusing, though looks great in my phone. Haven’t tried it on a tablet.

  • trevordaggers9

    I would love to see a dedicated rumor mill channel covering Android as a whole featuring device, platform and carrier/OEM rumors either in article form or web links.

  • Miguelito914

    I have been waiting for a forum and app like this for a while!!! Love using Pulse and this is a seamless transition. Some ideas might be integrating videos of 3-5mins of staff using their favorite gadgets and why. Make it more interactive and engage your followers on the Android revolution!! :-)

  • Lewis McGeary

    Well, UK here so no Currents for me, but I do have a suggestion.

    This Week in Android History.
    (or a more catchy title)
    This channel could would be a bit of nostalgia and reflection on what was happening in the world of Android at that time of year last year or earlier years. Device launches, scandals, version releases, rumors that panned out or didn’t.
    This could be done either as a new article summarising and linking to the old articles, or straight up just having the stream made of just the old articles.
    Either way it would be interesting and reasonably low maintenance as it would be referencing existing Android and Me material.

    Now a nice Xoom for Xmas would help ease my pain about missing out on Currents and other US only releases! Keep up the good work.

    • eyesparky

      You can side load the APK (I got it from XDA) and use Currents in the UK no problem.

      • Lewis McGeary

        Thanks, will look it up.
        Also I’ve noticed I wrote ‘could would’ up there, I blame teething problems as just installed SlideIT!

  • Donald Williams

    I front know looks promising. My only grip would be that it is not as current as the website. Also the latest news should be at the top left like a book not the bottom right… referring tho the 25 days of Xmas section.

    I can’t say there is much I would change.

  • DreamScar

    Seems like a lot of us would like to see some sort of ROM/Rooting section

  • JakeSiemer

    It’s pretty awesome as it is, but like others said, I would like to see a section dedicated to multimedia content such as videos or podcasts. It would be easy to queue this stuff up and listen to it on my way to work in the morning.

  • Khronykking

    Awesome How about a rating based tablet and phone sections i n was recently shopping and engadget had the universal rating down pat but not a fan because they are pretty I*hone favored love android and me way more oh and could do a ranking based on the scores

  • taketheleap

    Even though I can’t get it in my country (Canada), an idea:

    A Hangouts area, that could run you through tutorials, give live video demos of the latest devices or just have a chat about the latest Android news.

    Granted, it would need to have some moderation and/or topics-per-day, but I think it could work.

  • Krynn

    Ok, the channels are neat. I like how they make it easy to drill down to content.

    One channel I would like to see: Carrier News. Maybe even broken up by carrier, but that might be taking things too far.

    I don’t know if it’s possible with Currents, but it would be nice if you could manage column breaks within an article a little better. For example, often you’ll put a bold-face heading in front of a new section of the article. But the way Currents flows the article, that section header could end up anywhere. And when it ends up as the very last line of a column (especially when viewing in landscape mode on a tablet), it’s somewhat confusing at first. But like I said earlier, I’m not sure it’s anything that can be controlled.

    Other than that, I like what you’re doing with it so far!

  • supreme

    section just for videos will be good also tips.

    otherwise looking good!

  • mattya25

    It would be nice to have all tablet related stories an phone related stories segregated into their own tablet channel and phones channel. It might mean there are multiple locations to find a given article, but it offers an added line of organization.

  • Inquizitor

    I think the edition itself is fairly nice.

    I’ve noticed with a lot of articles that the “first page” only shows the Headline, the author, the top photo and a link to view on the site, and I have to scroll to the right to begin reading. Here’s a screenshot: I don’t know how this could be fixed, but it’s something that probably should be.

    For what it’s worth, I’m not really a fan of the top bar. The black is a little out of place, and doesn’t match the site’s UI. I’d suggest replacing it with either the dark gray of the navigation bar (it would be more of a difference than you think) or the lighter gray at the bottom of the page.

    Other than that, it’s hard to really suggest anything for you guys to add/fix rather than Google. The Currents app is horribly slow on my OG, and every time I open it I immediately want to just go back to Reader. Looks nice, though, and full articles + pictures is a plus.

  • danyR

    It’s a great read on currents, but I feel that there should be a section giving direct access to all articles in chronological order. Maybe in the last page, but it should be there for those times when I just want to read everything and make sure I don’t miss a single article.

    Also, editorials. Android and Me editorials were what made me come back initially, and they should be proeminently featured.

  • bowrycrue

    I think you need to have a favorite apps or best apps section

  • tobinandandroid

    I think it looks great, but I don’t know if you need the section with the tweets. I would just get on twitter or tweetdeck for that. If I’m reading Currents it’s for longer news stories. That’s just my opinion though. Other than that it’s awesome!

  • Shahed Mohammadi

    The design looks fine , but sync is slow

  • Petr Nuadar

    Well I hope I’m subscribed :)

  • Dylan

    I would like to be able to see the comments people have made. At least the comments with the highest ratings.

  • fellster

    I really like currents and Android and Me looks great on it. I would love to be able to search for a story.

  • eyesparky

    Now that was interesting. I already had Android and Me as a Feed from RSS so was wondering what the sections you were talking about were. Realised they were different beasts so used the Currents article to click on the link to subscribe to the formal edition. That is something that Google need to perhaps look at i.e. updating RSS feeds to full curated editions when they become available.

    Anyway, love the improvement of the edition over the straight RSS one. Perhaps a section for Google+ posts if you are going to use Google+ for more than straight links to the articles on the site e.g. Post and engage around different Android related subjects. Otherwise it is all looking good.

  • Jason Corry

    I really like it. I think the things that need to be fixed are related to Current. It is a bit slow.

  • rsawyer13

    Looks good

  • Oscar Ortega

    I think it looks good as is my only concerns are with the load times of new articles, amd making sure the content is up to date. Try to make article on app of the day/week or month.

  • laosgurllynn

    I like the current very much, a few extra channels from out suggestions should make it perfect. We would like the current to have updated infos to be exactly the same as the site.

  • dimmanramone

    Great that you are in Currents :) Anyone know btw how to mark an article as read?

  • dwilson6

    Currents is a really useful tool. It would be nice to be able to scroll down instead of sideways to move to the next part of the article.

  • Karen Minter

    Android and Me looks great in Currents. I like the sections that are there, but maybe a How-To section…..I’m a novice and look to sites like your’s to use my device beyond the average user.

  • thegross1

    I like it. Looks pretty on my phone

  • Joshua Melling

    I love it! but its really slow.

  • Leon Hitchens

    Love the currents library for this site, maybe do some exclusive content through currents?

  • Aaron Kemp

    quick access to videos and pictures so I guess a gallery section.

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    I’d like to see a section that covers some of the cool stuff you can do with Android, Lifehacker style.

    I understand that it’s kinda a narrow niche but it’s what I really like to see. :)

  • Six8Six

    How about an ‘ideas’ section. Something where we every day people put ideas forward, give feedback, on/for the android OS itself. Whether it be for future android iterations, or on newly released versions. I think it’d be interesting to know what people, other than google themselves, would do with an OS.

  • raichleb

    Great ap. I downloaded yesterday when you first mentions it. I was going to suggest a section dedicated to Galaxy Nexus rumors, but I see it’s already there!

  • Tankfantry

    I would much rather see a cleaner mobile site than the Currents. Everyone is to busy trying to make decent everything rather than make an awesome one thing.

  • BJ Beier

    I love the concept of syncing for offline viewing, gives me something too read in my Acer a100 when I don’t have a wireless connection around. The A&M layout is nice and I agree with others that a video section would be nice, but I’m not sure how well that will work with viewing offline. Great job guys!

  • priority9

    How can this contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia,
    when Google Currents is only available the US??

    Not fair.

  • Techrocket9

    I think the app looks really good. I might suggest cutting a few images from posts, though.

  • Karlnorway

    It looks cool. Hard to get for non US (like me)

  • dx_xbeck

    I think it looks great. Maybe use a different font and some color?

  • drunkpaper

    I still prefer the mobile site for news, solid

  • OzygarO

    JB “I think somebody was trying to write “Satan Lives” on that wall but they spelled it “Satin Lives”. EL.One of those textile worshiping cults no doubt.”

  • mukul.modi

    i think this is Current-wide…but syncing takes long time

  • Peter Dowling

    I haven’t seen the tablet layout, not having one… … … but on the phone it is very nice, I like it even better than your mobile site because of the prefetching built into Currents. However maybe have different channels, like one for carrier news sorta thing, so I can get all my news about VZW and not care about what AT&T is doing with T-mobile in the other room.

  • titaniumwombat

    Looks good but videos should be isolated I think. Just mho. :-) I’d love to test it on a new Xoom, should the hardware be provided…

  • Cyanimint

    Luckily the APK is available so I could try it as well. How about some nice trending tags in there?

  • mommyoops

    Really very cool. Found it pretty simple to navigate even as a novice user. I would love to see a section for new and novice android users with basic tips to get them started. A reader contribution area would also be nice as well as a chat area. As someone who isn’t the most tech savvy I glean a lot of my info from other day to day users. Good work!

  • Tyler Speidell

    I think it looks great currently. But a section for root/rom flashing tutorials might be nice.

  • sandynatchoius

    It looks cool.

  • DPtheKid

    page dedicated to videos.

  • dfmckay

    I think a dedicated section for root/rom would be cool.

  • Kris Ray

    Just more Galaxy Nexus articles (I can’t wait any longer)
    (the currents edition looks great!!)

  • oliverchinn

    winner winner!!

  • alexaac14

    Maybe add the option to view and make a comment

  • xmrsilentx

    Hope I’m not too late. I think an “Upcoming Events” section would be nice. Keep info on all the big events related to the community.

  • Marvles

    Yea It would nice if the comments section could be right there and easily accessible

  • droid904

    Really enjoying the contests and the new Currents app. I think a shortcut to share a list of your Currents feeds with others would be a really helpful feature.

  • dknunley

    Currents is awesome and I’m happy to see the cool Android and Me channel. It might be nice to add a channel dedicated to Android tablets with latest product news, tips and tricks, comparisons, deal of the day, etc., although you guys already have it covered very well. Congrats on launching a great Currents channel so quickly!

  • Adam Huddart

    Would love a Xoom shame I can’t download the app :(

  • Zak Lambert

    Looks perfect to me.

    • Brandon E

      You could have a “Top Comments” section where all the the top comments are posted in quotations giving users an incentive to participate

  • Ben Rollier

    Looks nice. Would like some higher resolution images though.

  • reinermatthew

    It would be great to have some device comparisons, perhaps a whole section for them. I’m not sure if you can make it interactive, but I would love to select a few models and read about each one.

  • wuud52

    I did not find you on Currents til I clicked the link, you should be searchable and findable through currents. Looks good.