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Day 12: Acer Iconia Tab A100


We’re a dozen days into the 25 Days of Tegra and we figured it was about time we showed some thanks to our contest host. To win today, you’ll need to send a thank you tweet to @NVIDIATegra.

The Prize: Acer Iconia Tab A100

Highlights of the device include a 7-inch Super AMOLED display, dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 8GB of internal storage, 5MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, 8.02.11 b/g/n/ Wi-Fi connectivity.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Entries will be accepted for 23 hours after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on the calendar page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to win

To enter to win today, all you need to do is send a tweet to @NVIDIATegra. Not only did they hook us up with a whole sack of awesome devices, they gave us complete control of the contest. We’ve had a blast setting up the daily giveaways and just wanted to make sure our contest host knows how much our community appreciated it.

To makes things simple, or if you’re just lazy, you can use the tweetbox below. If you’re a wild and crazy guy, try changing it up a bit. The only requirement is that you include a mention to @NVIDIATegra. After you’re done, come back and post a comment here to enter to win (yes, we’ll be checking the winner for a valid tweet). Please make sure that your Twitter handle is linked up to your And Me Account. We’ll be tracking the tweets with RowFeeder, a nifty little service for monitoring social action.

Winner announced, comments closed

Congrats to our winner, @techvudu, who just scored an Acer Iconia Tab A100 with his tweet:

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • GUI_Center

    Another awesome prize! Good luck all!

    • YMS123

      Thanks!, good luck to you too!!!

    • pikahatonjon

      good luck gaiz!

  • levigarret

    Well, no luck on scoring a touchpad today, maybe I was meant to have this instead!

    • erikiksaz

      My whole family was trying to get a touchpad for my bro, no luck there either =/

      • GUI_Center

        I scored 1 for my dad, wasnt easy but he is happy now.

        • Anselm Friedrich

          i couldn’t believe how fast that thing sold out!

      • GUI_Center

        Congrats on the xoom btw! ;)

  • stenzor

    Awesome, thanks again Androidandme and NVIDIA for this great giveaway

    • latouffe

      Thanks for everything! And hail to Nvidia :)

  • kwills88

    I don’t wanna look at my brother’s ipad anymore so I really need a win…goodluck and merry Christmas to whoever wins.

  • Patricio Acuña

    another day, another tablet, and more android love. thats why i like this website, full of awesome

  • Ironzey Lewis

    What’s a Twitter? Just kidding! Merry Christmas/ Holidays.

  • AJcologne4

    Free tablet? yes please!

  • Futureboy

    On the 12th day of Tegra… I wish everyone good luck!

  • laosgurllynn

    My tweet is posted. Good luck everyone.

  • blaseb

    im so excited! Tablets ftw!

  • xfaith

    Tweeted, never know. Shot down with the touchpads over @ ebay…..

  • nwilliam3

    Another cool contest! Tweet is posted.

  • Himal Limbu

    finally i can take part on this one. wish i had opened the account when i started opening this site like more than a year ago.

    • xfaith

      same here. Guess it just a little contest to take the leap..

  • mlcottingham
  • mrcrusha

    This is exciting.. and so close to Christmas!!! Good luck and merry Christmas everyone!!

  • Bryan Stoner

    You guys are the BEST!! I can’t stop saying that XDD Keep up all the great work you’ve been doing. I’m lovin the articles ;) To everyone entering GOODDD LUCKKK!!! ^O^

  • Michael C.

    I think I’m the most grateful that they didn’t limit it to “legal residents the US and Canada only” like most online contests are.

  • Omar Santiago

    Tweet sent! Fingers crossed! My favorite NFL team lost today hopefully my favorite robot will make me happy! :)

  • Grandmaster

    Another day another tab! Good luck everyone!

  • Dan13

    Wohoo!!! More tablet awesomeness!

  • spintrex

    Nothing like a midnight tweet! Boy how I want to try out the quad core processor on the Transformer Prime!!! I know the delay will be worth it

  • levelm

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some awesome tech!

  • anikko

    tegra ftw!

  • AndyNguyen36


    - Kool Aid guy

  • Kevin Amundson

    Thank you NVIDIA for the Tegra powered Android gear!

  • WarDrake

    It’s awesome of Nvidia to sponsor this contest :D
    Best of luck Guys.

  • techvudu

    awesomesauce. 7″ is the ideal tablet size for me. Nvidia, you had me at TWIMTBP

  • breinhar

    Another great giveaway!

  • alxrock

    Dirty Dozen. Tweeted and hoping to win!

  • MrMrMan

    Yup. I’m lazy.

  • traicer

    went with the lazy way

  • NegativeOne13

    Best of luck everyone.

  • DreamScar

    Tweet sent!

  • jlehto43


  • Jake Bailey

    Mine’s in. Username tehsusenoh, if it somehow manages to not be in my profile.

  • fwtx

    i tweeted at them!

  • jcsoccer


  • Peter Dowling

    Tweeted your line
    That tab looks so fine
    I hope this rhyme
    makes it mine

  • Jerome S

    NVIDIA amazes me, so I’ve tweeted :) And hello to everyone!

  • Matt Siarny

    Tweeted, thanks to both you and nvidia for the giveaways. Good luck to all.

  • dfmckay

    tweeted and hoping to win!

  • Wojciech ZiÄ™tek

    Is it better than Galaxy Tab 7″? With tegra, hell yeah!

  • Tazdeviloo7

    Thanks nVidia and Androidandme for these giveaways! NVIDIA, keep making awesome chips!

  • jak2rocks

    Woot woot! I hope I win this one. My birthday’s the 14th and I could sure use a tablet. Also, my mom’s birthday was today, so I might even give it to her if I win.

  • dandroid4g

    I love NVIDIA and Androidande :)

  • dandroid4g

    I love NVIDIA and Androidandme :)

    • dandroid4g

      sorry for repost :/

  • Inquizitor

    Here we go! I actually gotta commend you guys on the rules today, people should be thanking NVidia for this. Plus, it’s another contest I’m eligible for, which is always a nice bonus.

  • Karlnorway

    Its done ;)

    Hoping to have something shipped to me by the end of these 25 days of Tegra

  • flamesbladeflcl

    7inched of honeycomb goodness sounds nice

  • Brandon Blanton

    NVIDIA and Android and Me rockin’ it Santa Claus style. Whose lap do I have to sit on to win one of these things?

  • Varemenos

    Cool stuff!

  • Adryan maldonado

    I want to win but as always congrats to who ever wins and enjoy your portanle tablet

  • bender

    <3 @NVIDIATegra

  • afedorychak

    I gifted Iconia A500 to my grandma, lol)

    She never used a computer before in her life. Now, she has somehow learned how to google talk to me.

  • TehFoz

    Good luck everyone

  • msgnyc

    Changed up the line abit, but it’s sent. ;)
    Good luck everyone and once again, Thank you NVIDIA.
    You guys are awesome for this hosting this holiday giveaway for the A&M community.

  • Ben Rollier

    Definitely wouldn’t mind that. Good luck all :)

  • Charlesbrown79

    Done and done

  • probers1

    Tweeted. Keep the contests I am eligible for coming. Loving this.

  • roamin

    Thanks NVIDIA & Android and Me, best contest ever!
    Good luck all.

  • Kavman

    Woo-hoo. More awesome toys. Thanks guys!

  • Josh Crampton

    It would be goodo if I could win this, then my sister will have something to use instead of my iPad.

  • cunctator

    yummy. looks delicous!

  • Kilo720

    I’m in @KiloSmash

  • Joshua Melling

    Loven it!

  • Petru-Mugurel Lingurar

    A new week has begun, our luck has restarted, it’s our time to win now!

    Good luck everybody, and thanks Android and Me for being here with us with great news and wonderful contests!

    Good luck yallll !!!!

  • jdawg334

    Awesome contest and great prize-Best of luck to all!

  • Anthony Massingham

    Pretty rad.

  • theonlymikeg

    the wife would like this one….

  • chiefs9089online

    Thanks to NVIDIA and the ANDROID AND ME team!

  • ags29

    On a roll.

  • Agustin Lee

    …and thanks Android and Me for the chance to win the cool Tegra swag.

  • Dave Kratter

    Twitted! ;)

  • Cody Hilton

    I really want to own a tablet

  • Anthropic
  • Gordon Wheeler

    Tweeted! Lazy, but Tweeted. Thanks for another great prize.

  • Sathariel

    Good luck to all on this awesome tablet.

  • Jeice

    Done and done. SPIN THE WHEEL AND LAND ON ME!


  • Julio Chavez

    tweeted and commented, thanks A&M!!

  • myvoiceinthewind

    Tweeted. I’m in.

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    Good luck everyone! 7-inch tablets for the win!

  • Alberto Elias

    Tweet sent :)

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  • NGagen

    I tweeted

  • krazyguy729

    Hope i win a tablet!

  • burnnhell

    Entered again! 13 more chances to be a winner winner chicken dinner! Good luck everyone!

  • dacatalyst41

    Done! Now if it will be EASY for them to pick me…

  • John Jnflores

    Tweeted, done and done.

  • smooney3


  • ltdanno

    awesome stuff provided by#NVIDIATegra thanks again @NVIDIATegra

    • ltdanno

      done! can’t wait to be a wiener lol

  • Techrocket9

    Contest = Entered

  • JC005

    My little boy told me to say “Ca-Chow” like Lightning McQueen. He’s awesome like that. :-)

  • Oscar Ortega

    12th day here i come!!! :) not my favorite kind of tablet but hey i want to win one!! lol good luck to everyone once again!

  • myandroid99

    This tablet is amazing like all others

  • Petr Kolář

    Win win win!

  • Todd Thedell

    Another awesome contest, thanks.

  • br14n

    Awesomeness tweeted.

  • Matthew Reynolds

    sweet tablet!!!

  • jamal

    Tweet has been delivered to santa, hopefully he brings me something nice in return.

  • jimtravis

    Sent the tweet, I was happy to do it. It was great of NVIDIA to sponsor the holiday giveaway particularly with minimal restrictions / control.

    The A100, the first Honeycomb 7 inch tablet, is nice, but wish the battery life was a bit better.

  • krtlarson

    looks awesome!

  • diasia9622

    Ooooo, nice tablet!

  • alee

    I tweeted! Another nice prize!

  • Ryan Phatbowler

    My blog followers will hear all about my winning. The devices that are being given away are top of the line. Working at a hospital I interact with people everyday and I would love to show off a new tablet to the administrators, they would be so jealous.

  • Tony Torres

    tweeted! fingers crossed :)

  • James Thorp

    Day 12 came quick. Hope to make this mine. Good luck everyone.

  • natembcop

    Tweeted! Let’s go, Taiwanese brands!

  • Emmanuel Lazcano

    Thanks NVIDIA and AndroidAndMe! :)

  • ltdanno

    +1 tweeded tweeded Done!=entered! ; )

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    I tweeted and am hoping for the best!

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    Tweet Tweet! :D

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    Let’s do this.

  • jordanfritzsche

    This is pretty awesome of them! thanks for the contests nVidia!

  • Taylor

    Those NVIDIA folks are so awesome!!! Just salivating waiting to get that Tegra 3…

  • Oscar OskarMULA

    Done! :-) Lol!

  • btibi

    Big thanks for the prizes, It is a very good thing and also a great ad for the tegra devices.

  • Trinhbo

    Cool beans! Good luck!

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    All tweeted :) Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

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    You got my tweet. Sweet looking tablet BTW

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    Thanks for all the chances to win.

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    Tweeted! The combination of NVIDIA and Android and Me equal EPIC!!!! love you guys!

  • tequilya

    Incredible contest, great fun and got me started participating here too.

  • Kenneth Ohonba

    Thanks To A&M and Nvidia for this awesome contest and Good luck to everyone else………

  • LJAllTheWay

    Tweet tweet. I’m in on showing the twitter love.

  • oddball

    Good luck everyone hope you are all having as much fun with this contest as I am

  • KatSelezneva

    I’ve tweeted it. Hopefully, I’ll win!

  • Ecarttev

    Thank You has been sent.


    Missed out on the touchpad today. Maybe it was an omen so I could win one of these???

  • adeida

    Hope I win! Signed up just to give it a show – never know.

  • Eric Prenen

    Mentioned @NVIDIATegra That means i’m in ;)

  • jk0l

    chirp chirp chirp
    tweet tweet tweet

  • Nickedynick

    Voila! 12th time lucky?

  • Badmonkey

    I am in – See tweet from @DavidSHolt on Twitter.

  • Matt Alpha_X80

    Sent the tweet, now lets win a tablet!!!

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    My tweet has been posted. Buenas suerte! :)

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    Thanks indeed @tegra and Androidandme.

    • cxandroid


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    done and done. Good luck everyone

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    Ty for putting on this contest!

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    Seems to be fewer people commenting this on, I really hope to win 1 before christmas!

  • MonsterSports

    Tweet.Tweet :)I

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    Thanks indeed @NVIDIATegra and Androidandme.

  • ltdanno

    free device = were do I sign hell ya!

  • b984rnr

    Another failed contest attempt (Xoom family), another new day with a new attempt. Hopefully different results. Nvidia really does rock!

  • Shayla Ferguson

    I feel like a winner!

  • Olliedcy

    Great products and even better support of the android comunity!

  • lufy0000

    nice….qualify for this contest …..hope i can get my rank up more so i can enter other ones as well

  • Piatnik 81

    Tweet send. Maybe this time i’ll be more lucky.

  • Sean BillyMaysHere

    Lucky number 12!!

  • smisa27

    first of the smaller tablets..not bad

  • oko loko

    Will this tweet be lucky one for me?

  • Quinn Fowler

    I still have hopes of winning, now lets see hope become reality.

  • crippa

    Let it be mine!

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    Great prizes. Hopefully I win something during this giveaway! Thanks Android and Me and Nvidia! Oh and good luck to everyone!

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    Haha good idea :).. will be tweeting for sure.. Thanks for the opportunity!

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    I hope i get to one at least one of these contest

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    Tweeted :). Nice contest btw, especially with the pricey prizes…

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    Good luck to everyone…but I hope I win most of all.

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    Well keeping my fingers crossed on this one…

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    Good luck.

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    Well well I know the statistics is against me, but “I want some gadget, pretty please…”

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    Ah, I like this one. Same size as a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet with a real version of Android on it! And cameras!

  • ccn_cristi

    Tweet done, comment done, tablet…done ? :D!/CyTracker/status/146123815192231938

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    Yes It is almost like the Nook Tablet..:D

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    And thanks to Android and Me for putting the work in to make these giveaways interesting and fun.

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    Hope to get my hands on a new @nvidiategra soon!

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    Man, I really hope for I can win one of these.

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    Ok did everything needed ,now just waiting for my prize:))

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    Incredible prize-I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one but will congratulate the winner if it’s not me! Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize.

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    hope i will win this one

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    Sent! Thanks for the contest and good luck everyone! :-)

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    Well I tweeted. I didn’t use the box though. If I win this one its not going to the kids. I want a 7 incher for myself to read on.

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    dashing through the snow in a one horse open slay over the hills we go hoping i win today ha ha ha

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    Thanks for the wonderful contest. Happy Holidays to all, and good luck everyone.

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    this is an amazing giveaway. thanks nvidia and androidandme!

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    I don’t use Twitter, but good luck & Merry Christmas to whoever wins this! :-)

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    Tweet compleet!
    I know I spelled complete wrong.

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    I’m too unlucky to win. But I like the chances to try. Thank you. I’ll be especially grateful for the tablet if I somehow won it.

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    And thank you to you too!

    Tweet sent.

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    just tweeted. hope I win this time!

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    kinda awesome that everyone is saying thank you to them.

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    this i s one awesome xmas – android for all! :D

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    Just tweeted, hope I win this device. Good luck everyone!

  • Donald Williams

    12 for 12… Love these types of contest. Not only are they simple they make things easy for you to win. (like the previous 11)

    Thank you Clark and Thank you AndroidandMe, if it was not for you I would not be sporting a IdeaPad K1 soon!

    Good Luck to everyone out there!

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    Tweet sent. Hoping this is my day :)

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    big round of applause for nvidi and androidandme! Thanks

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    Nice device, would be an awsome Christmas gift… to me of course ;)
    And of course, good luck to everyone!


    Very best of luck to all. Congrats to the winner

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    Now I want something good to eat!!

    Maybe a bite out of a tegra device


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    it’s damn cool that the can be 25 days of Tegra contests!!!!

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    Tweeted the above info… Please include me in your drawing…..

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    Im ready to win

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    NVIDIA thank you for some great upcoming hardware be excited about

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    Great job Android and Me. Been following you since ur inception. Make my christmas awesome. Nvdiategra…. U make android awesome. Good luck people. Android forever.

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    Great contest, thanks for the chance to win a great device this holiday season. Been a long time reader first time commenter

  • Jorge Eslava

    So much Tegra 2 goodness, there’s going to be 25 extremely happy people by Christmas.

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  • Anselm Friedrich

    no luck yet, maybe now.

  • Oskar Wismierski

    This tab would look great under my Christmas tree! Come on.. help a math student out! :P

  • Luke Haviland

    Thank you Nvidia and Thank you Android And Me!


  • hopscotchjunkie

    Simple as that, eh? Done, done, and I’m not even out of bed yet.

    Of course, if I had one of these lovely tablets to entertain myself I might never get out of bed at all. Ah well, I can dream (I’m in the right place for it).

    • Zipgenie

      Another awesome prize! Merry Christmas

  • fbis251

    Even though I’m probably not going to win anything, I’m very thankful that nvidia provided all the cool swag. :D Very generous.

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  • HoLfElDeR

    I juste Tweeted, so now i am waiting for my prize :D hohohooh

  • Dan Doan

    Still wondering what the big deal is over tablets..

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    Tomorrow is lucky 13 but I’ll take this one too

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    (s/t)weeeet! :)

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    thank you much nvidia and

  • Egomantes

    Je,je… a ver si tengo suerte y el Iconia se viene pa España…
    Good luck everyone!

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  • LV23

    No luck yet – another chance to win a Tab.

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    so lets hope for luck :-)

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    Tweeted !

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    Trying again. Considering the cheap tab is sold out, and I really want one, MIGHT AS WELL, give it a shot… :)

  • orangestrat

    I literally got a twitter just to enter contests like this, and now I use it to keep track of devs and bands :)

    • King Chris Scott

      I like the dedication brother

      • lxgeorge

        And you used your Twitter picture as your avatar just like me! I like it

    • dl22

      yup, twitter is much more useful than people make it out to be!

    • googleshark

      me three

    • charliethesuperturtle

      Hey android and me yesterday my score was 5350 and now its 190, what’s up with that?????

    • LukeT32

      I still say twitter is silly.

    • Rockstar323

      lol I did the same thing. I started a twitter account just to enter contests, now I use it all the time.

    • Thomas Biard

      Same here. Plus, there is some great humor flying around under certain hashtags.

    • clarkeblaise

      Got a twitter just for contests like these, it’s a great way to keep up with Android news as well! Thanks AaM!

  • glennw

    Tweeted. Happy holidays!

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    Another day, another tablet. Sweet. But when will see some Tegra phones for prizes?

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