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Day 15: Motorola Atrix 4G with Lapdock


For Day 15 of the 25 Days of Tegra, we’re giving you a chance to win a Motorola Atrix. To enter to win today, your And Me Account will need a rank of at least 45 or higher.

The Prize: Motorola Atrix and Lapdock

Today we are giving away an unlocked global version of the Motorola Atrix 4G and the Motorola Lapdock. Highlights of the Atrix include Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 4 inch qHD display, Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB RAM, 5 MP rear camera, 0.3 MP front camera and finger print reader.

Contest Rules

This contest is only open to residents of the United States, since the phone is designed to operate on AT&T. Entries will be accepted for 23 hours after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on the calendar page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to win

To enter to win today, your And Me Account will need a rank of at least 45. Like always, And Me Accounts can score points by leaving comments, earning votes on said comments, and generally just being a helpful member of the community. If you’ve got a high enough rank, you’ll be able to leave a comment below. If you don’t, the comment box will be disabled.

Winner announced, comments closed

Congrats to our winner, Al, who just scored a Motorola Atrix 4G and lapdock from @NVIDIATegra. Stay tuned for more!

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • GUI_Center

    Great prize! Good Luck all!

    • mr 1338

      i cant play the raffle this time as european but i wish good luck to everyone entering!

      • r1ch

        I bought an AT&T Atrix from the US back in April and it works great in the UK, ok so it’s not 4G but we’ve only got 3G networks here anyway. My brother has a iPhone 3G and is so jealous of my Atrix so this way he could get mine, and I’ll use this…another iPhone convert!

        I’ve been wanting to use a Lapdock for ages – please let me enter! Thanks AAM and nVidia. :)

    • LukeT32

      I haz cheezburger?

    • BiGMERF

      Almost forgot to enter

  • eioous

    12/15/2011…Happy Birthday to me!!! A Tegra device to celebrate would be Awesome!

    • pikahatonjon

      Good luck everyone!
      -sent from my iphone 2g

      • mercado79

        Ouch. Good luck to you! LOL.

    • renn9420

      Happy birthday and best of luck on winning this.

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Happy Birthday!

      My birthday was 2 weeks ago. I’m going to hope this ends up being a belated birthday present. ;)

      • eioous

        Thanks for the B-Day wishes. Good luck to all.

    • latouffe

      Happy Birthday! :)
      And good luck to everyone!!!!
      And the contests for tablets ended?

    • levigarret

      Happy Bday . . . Hope it works better for you than it did Tuesday on my bday, ha

    • Jes

      Always nice to meet another fellow Sagittarius.

      Happy birthday and good luck!! :)

    • jak2rocks

      Happy birthday! Mine was yesterday.

      • renn9420

        Happy belated birthday

  • alxrock

    Looks like I”m in another one. Good luck my peeps.

  • Ilyse Rose

    Good luck everyone!

  • jaxidian

    I am a Power User!



    • stenzor

      Ha, I saw that too.. was wondering what that was about

  • Futureboy

    Sweeeeeeet! Best of luck to all!

  • stenzor

    Yay! Fingerprint reader sounds cool

  • BlkSquad

    I want it!

  • ArticulateFool

    I made the cut!

  • ben dover

    want this, me does.

  • Techrocket9

    I’m in!

    • lxgeorge

      Let’s do this!

  • tengo

    I always wanted to get my hands on one of these to try it out. The lapdock concept is awesome.

  • TornadoTexan

    It has a Tegra 2 processor, runs android 2.3 and on the screenshot it’s 24 degrees on the 24th of February. That is 2 x 2 the number of 2′s. Speaking of 2, that reminds me of poop.

  • staryoshi

    Good luck to all! If I do win a smartphone it’s going to my girlfriend… If it’s a tablet, it’s mine =P

    Thanks again to AndroidandMe and nVidia for running/sponsoring this contest! :)

  • msgnyc

    Count me in.
    /crosses fingers.
    While I would’ve loved to win a Tab previously, I actually do need a new phone. XD

    • msgnyc

      btw, good luck everyone. =P

  • Ironzey Lewis

    Cool, good luck all.

  • alee

    Fingerprint reader? That’s a nice feature! I’m also interested in trying out the lapdock.

  • jamal

    Good luck to my fellow peeps.

  • mikeytusa

    Oh man! Look who just barely made the cut!

    • Ilyse Rose

      Way to go! Legit at exactly 45, that’s quite a feat.

    • jaxidian

      … so what happens if I downvote you? haha, just kidding, I wouldn’t do that! Here’s a +1 just for the scare! :-P

  • myandroid99

    Nice phone hope everyone wins:-) :-)

  • jckeyes

    Here we go again!

  • mavensage

    Again, this looks good, especially with the lapdock. Maybe if it works well enough I can throw my net book away? Its not like my net book is all that powerful or fast anyway.

  • CeeJay

    Woot! Thanks for including Canada this time!!!

  • YMS123

    Nice phone, and it includes lapdock, cool!
    Good luck to all!

  • tpulu

    Wow, my rank is exactly 45 lol, a sign perhaps? Good luck everyone!

  • Emmanuel Lazcano

    72.35 :)

  • rashad360

    Like two prizes in one, count me in!

  • pcon

    This would be great to have. Especially since I’m looking to travel internationally more.

  • Steven steve19137

    Good grief, this is awesome! I would love one of these!

  • AvantGuard

    This. Is. Awesome. So psyched. I love the ever-increasing levels, too.

  • itzxdjx

    O good thing i just got an atrix 2 give me so i can have whole family

  • renn9420

    One of you lucky ppl will win this and will really enjoy it. Good luck to everyone. Had one but gave it away. But did enjoy it for awhile.

  • kurtosterhage

    Awesome prize today! The fingerprint reader is an awesome feature that more phones should have.

  • Dave Kratter

    Oh man I just made it!

    I think this time is a winner!

  • Peter Dowling

    I love Motorola Products, and think this lapdock idea is a great one, well until the padfone comes out from Asus, but still. Atrix was and is better than my current phone so sounds amazing!

  • Charlesbrown79

    Not sure what I’d do with it but game on.

  • nwilliam3

    Come on baby the 25th is starting to get close!

  • cfvonner

    An Atrix would be very cool! I’m in.

  • olentz

    Atrix – is this the phone with that finger scanner thing?

  • Jack Thakar

    Awesome. I’ve always wanted to try the lapdock, but given the reviews I wouldn’t buy it if I was buying a phone that supports it.

  • the5thdimension

    Here I am checking in for day 15. Just barely made this one by 5 points. I’m out here doing work on androidandme trying to get my score up everyday. I have a feeling there’ll be a giveaway for members 75+. I need to get there! Good luck everyone!

  • spintrex

    Btw I just noticed that at the lower right hand corner of Androidandme there’s a small smiley face LOL…. Good luck everyone! This will be a gift… trying to convince the gf to not sway over to the forbidden fruit

  • Jimmy13

    This would be awesome. My company gave me an iPhone 3g and this would be an awesome replacement. Thanks for the contest and good luck everyone.

  • Marcus

    This is the very phone that was stolen from me. Well, not this one of course, but it was an Atrix :P it would be a coincidence to win. Haha. Good luck to everyone!

  • CTown

    Is Motorola popular overseas? I wonder how well they do without the whole “Droid” branding. I know Samsung and HTC can’t use any “Droid” branding outside of Verizon either, but when I hear “Droid” I mostly think of Motorola!

  • Joel Bird

    Look at all these comment ninjas. So quick! ENTER!

  • cmorris

    I like that the phones are joining the tablets as prizes, mainly because I need a new one.

  • Billy

    Solid device! Some fast commenters here! Thanks Android & Me along with Nvidia for the glorious fun!

  • cxandroid

    Now thats a kickass device, best of both worlds.

  • humidity

    Here we go!

  • Jorge Eslava

    Good luck to the few of us, our odds are looking better today.

  • NGagen

    Would be awesome to win!

  • NamelessTed

    Boomshakalaka. Sign me up.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Wow i hope they dont ask for 100 rank. Nah jk. they can ask for whatever cause androidandme is so awesome. Thanks for giving all this stuff away and thanks to nvidia for providing it all. Hope someone wins whether its me or not cause im sure someone will be super happy

  • tequilya

    Still just barely making the cut, woot!

    Quick, somebody upvote me so i can enter tomorrow too ;)

    Good luck all!

    • cxandroid

      There ya go, Good luck!

  • Hall Lo

    Global version! :D Thanks guys for the contest and this time not restricting to US only!

  • jimtravis

    Would love to add this unlocked gem of a device to my electronic “toy / gadget” chest.
    Good luck to all.

  • Louis A

    Approaching planet Atrix. Prepare the Tegra cannons. This’s Droid Louis, let’s get this in.

  • AceoStar

    He’s heating up!

  • beatrixasdfghjk.

    I worry that this will be the last ranked one I can enter ):

    Then again, I thought that when I was on five, and when I was on fifteen…

  • Dan13

    I’ve been eyeballing this one since it came out, love the fingerprint reader.
    Good luck everyone!

  • NegativeOne13

    Good luck everyone!

  • natthompson72

    Boom. Let’s do this.

  • ranwanimator

    Consider this post commented and may the best random number generated win!

  • Kevin Amundson

    Day 15! So many great prizes and still 10 more to go! Thanks for this great contest AndroidandMe!

  • rmcsc

    Motorola has some great devices. This one is no exception.

    The Backflip, on the other hand…

  • Kainoah Arnold

    Yes! Made the cut again, the number of entrees is getting smaller and smaller of course, as always theres a much higher of a chance for those of us with a higher rank to win. Good luck guys! Hope I win something in the next 11 days haha

  • frpst9

    Good luck everyone! Crossing fingers!

  • Dale Bebeau

    Well, I got my licence today, but another prize would be nice :D

  • Jorge Moreno

    here I am again!…

  • frmorrison

    SWTOR early start and a new smartphone?

  • AsakuraZero

    man i always liked the atrix and now having the chance to get one is… gold

  • mmmark111

    Good luck!

  • Thomas Biard

    The numbers are dwindling! I would love this! Seriously, a lapdock with it? YES PLEASE! I played with a lapdock at the Verizon store and thought “I could get used to this”

  • Taylor

    So, umm, like… I want one. Just saying.

  • DroidSamurai

    I hate to put a negative comment here, but among all the prizes that have been revealed so far, the Atrix w/ Lapdock is the one I want the least.

  • Anthony E

    Me plz.

  • Nickedynick

    Yes please!

    • Nickedynick

      Oops: No thanks! I’m not in the US…

  • oddball

    Very nice toy Good luck everyone

  • AndroidJunkie

    rock on!

  • donger

    weeee, here we go.

  • Anthony Massingham


  • WarDrake

    I claim this tablet in the name of me!

  • ramenchef

    Oh boy, here we go.

  • erikiksaz

    The gf would be much obliged!

  • fwtx

    I really want to win something!

  • teecruz

    Yes, please. :)
    today is my lucky day!

  • Chuxter

    All I want for Christmas is a free Motorola Atrix and Lapdock.

  • Charlesbrown79

    It would be pretty bad ass if day 25 was one of every tegra device in this contest.

  • Oscar Rivas

    I should really start commenting more on androidandme! The ranks are getting higher and higher! Lol!

  • protozeloz

    Good luck guys! Cheers

  • Adam Clark

    other day other chance to win! will it be me?

  • Bryan Stoner

    Oo baby that’s one nice device!! Again thanks androidandme you guys are awesome!! XDD

  • Fabio R

    ohhh me want me want this


    Good luck to all and congrats to the winner

    • renn9420

      Wow your at 100

  • Torrance Barber

    The path to free stuff narrows. Good luck to you all

  • Danny Calderon

    In it to win it

  • McLovin

    Good luck to all!

  • Steve Heinrich

    Another nice device!

    Can’t believe it has been 15 days already. Thanks again to And Me for hosting all of this. For an Android lover this contest has been like Christmas morning every single day.

    Good luck to everyone yet again!

  • CJ LaFleur

    Good luck everyone

  • uknowme

    YAY! Good luck to all.

  • Kent Burton

    very cool … I hope I win

  • Adam Jones

    Good luck everyone! This too would make a great test device for my “just getting started” Android development!

  • Nathan D.

    I desperately need a new phone, I must try to win one even though the odds are against me.

    • jak2rocks

      How are the odds against you? You have a 97…

  • wwJOSHdo

    I got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this time! I just want to win! lol

  • thechad


  • roamdeus

    Its been 15 days and I still didn’t win anything im crossing my fingers and hoping I get a chance on this one….. good luck everybody

  • Kaote

    I’ll throw my name in the ring on this one even though my phone plan is with TMO, Does anyone know if the Atrix can run on TMO bands?

  • thekaz


  • levigarret

    I normally stumble out of the house in the morning and read some news at work while drinking coffee. This contest has got me checking my computer before I leave the house and pulling up AndroidAndMe first thing at the office! This contest is awesome!

    • Steve Heinrich

      I have been the same way. I find myself laying in bed at 5am blasting my eyes with my phone’s screen to enter these.

  • blaseb

    Awesome. This is a great prize, as usual. SO excited! Good luck everyone! :)

  • YellowDucati

    Android laptop FTW

  • techvudu

    Actually not a bad phone once rooted and flashed with a proper Rom. Keyboard is useful and makes you look twice as fancy. Good luck everyone.

  • aakash

    its not my birthday…. my birthday was not even in the last few weeks, my birthday isn’t going to come in the next few weeks, but who needs a reason to present oneself with a gift like this? :) best of luck everyone…

  • keridel

    Again not too sure about why its US only…. but good luck everyone!

  • Diaeko

    crossing fingers and everything else for some luck to win.
    but good luck to everyone

  • Sean BillyMaysHere

    Happy nexus day!!

  • Rob Vermeij

    Let try it again :-)

  • B2L

    Good luck everyone! We all should have pretty decent odds for this contest. :) I definitely hope I win.

  • nportelli

    Here is a random comment not about the device…Is/does Android and Me have metrics on how many people entered each day? Would be interesting.

    • jak2rocks

      I’m sure they can find out.

  • Aaron Neyer

    My atrix got hit with a Frisbee and now drops connection fairly often. A new one would be nice. And I wouldn’t mind a lap dock either.

  • Inquizitor

    I honestly don’t even really care about this one. Nexus came out today.

  • damambt

    I have always wanted to buy this phone but i didn’t cause i couldnt get the dock. Maybe this contest is meant for me.

  • Aladdin

    This is a really nice prize!

  • Lee Swanson

    Awesome! Count me in.

  • mrjlwilliams

    Boo…this is starting to look dark…lol. But, I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! Keep it coming…

  • br14n

    Sometimes I refer to my girlfriend as a “lapdock”.

    • kazahani

      Wow, I bet she loves that =/

  • kazahani

    Yay Atrix! I’ve been wanting to switch to AT&T anyway!

  • pekosROB

    As long as you don’t have a contest with those with rank over 95 I’ll be happy!

  • raichleb

    Made it – thanks mostly to this contest and the nearly interminable wait for the GN.

  • Donald Williams

    I hope someone is as lucky as me. Not only am I alive, i have access to the best news (androidandme), and i have won. It is possible hang in there and congrats to the winner!

  • Lane Montgomery

    Count me in!

  • sap 26

    Either my luck has quit on me or it hasn’t started yet. Here’s to… lucky 15?

  • geiko

    If I win a phone, I could proceed to sell my Nexus S and the phone in order to buy a GN outright. That’d be sweet.

  • ddmart

    Just realized there are 10 days til Christmas!!!


    Hope to win!

  • ph4nthom

    Ah only a few more to go. Come on luck, don’t fail me now.

  • ags29

    I’ve always loved the look of this phone. Good luck everyone.

  • Xallies

    i thought i was 50 last time. Did i go down?

  • iamXiV92a

    Just made it! (52) Mine went down as well :-/

  • DroidPWNsApple

    I hope I win, thanks for the chance!

  • McLovin

    Here is an idea for choosing contest eligibility:

    Lenght of membership at Android and Me:

    Member for 686 days

    • damambt

      You get a ⇧ +1 from me, for your Seniority and Loyalty!

      • McLovin

        LOL THANKS!

  • mabroid

    Rubbish. When will we get European only contests?!

    • damambt

      Europe is awesome but without the Western readers, this site might not get many hits during the day. According to many internet sites, Europeans don’t like the internet that much or don’t have access to it.

      Im not arguing, this is just one of the many articles/post I’ve read online today.

  • seven2k

    Thanks for the great prizes Androidandme! Big Money no Whammies!

  • Joshua Melling

    barely got in today!

    • damambt

      Welcome to the “45+ Club”

  • Andrew Castro

    Woot just made it!!

  • Cole Loomis

    I wonder how high they will crank the level to in the next contest/

  • Homncruse

    I’ll take the red pill.

  • Lewis McGeary

    Well I suppose this is NOT AN ENTRY since I’m UK(though it’s global and unlocked! Maybe Nvidia set this criteria so it doesn’t go to non 4g area?) good luck to Americans best odds yet!

  • jak2rocks

    Good luck everyone! Hope I win since it was my birthday yesterday…

  • jak2rocks

    That’s what I’m thinking!

  • ndub21

    My chances of winning have increased significantly!

  • R.S

    Awesome prize from an awesome site!

  • McLovin

    I guess the Galaxy Nexus is not going to be a prize since it’s not a Tegra device, right? It would make a saweet give away though!

  • Trevor Cameron

    I HAVE A GALAXY NEXUS!!!! It’s a happy day!

  • charliethesuperturtle

    I really want to win something but good luck to all

  • sylar

    Hmm I could always use another phone for the family.

  • Oscar Ortega

    Day 15……the war is still not lost but their still another day to win a prize even if its not what i want but hey…its something im looking forward to…all i have to do is be strong and pick myself right up!!

  • phaet2112

    lapdocks are always fun

  • Sathariel

    Sweet prizes, good luck to all.

  • OpenIntro

    My boss has this phone and it’s super slick with the laptop dock! Happy Holidays!

  • renn9420

    And the countdown begins. The anticipation is killing me.

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Sure wouldn’t mind me one of these. :D