Dec 18 AT 12:01 AM Clark Wimberly 142 Comments (CLOSED)

Day 18: Samsung Captivate Glide


For Day 18 of the 25 Days of Tegra, we’re giving you a chance to win a Samsung Captivate Glide. To enter to win today, your And Me Account will need a rank of at least 60 or higher.

The Prize: Samsung Captivate Glide

Highlights of the device include a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 8GB of internal storage, 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, a full QWERTY keyboard, 8.02.11 b/g/n/ Wi-Fi connectivity, and is built to run on the AT&T network.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Entries will be accepted for 23 hours after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on the calendar page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to win

To enter to win today, your And Me Account will need a rank of at least 60. Like always, And Me Accounts can score points by leaving comments, earning votes on said comments, and generally just being a helpful member of the community. If you’ve got a high enough rank, you’ll be able to leave a comment below. If you don’t, the comment box will be disabled.

Winner announced, comments closed

Congrats to our winner, Webster. If that’s not you, stay tuned, we’ve got lots of devices coming soon.

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • alxrock

    One week left!!! Let’s make this one count! Good luck!

    • damambt

      the odds were pretty good on the Droid X2, less than 150 comments. Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner. Good Luck! 😝

      • pikahatonjon

        i hope you’re right. fingers be crossed

  • eioous

    Good luck fellow Androidians!!!

    • latouffe

      I hope the chance will be bigger this time :)!
      Good luck to everyone!

    • lxgeorge

      May the luckiest man win!

    • lxgeorge

      Good luck everyone! And thank you Android and Me!!

  • stenzor

    Yay! I can post again after being locked out of the contest for 2 days! Woot!

    • damambt

      I feel you; I have been pretty good at ⇧ +1 other members since i feel like everybody should have a chance at these awesome prizes and the only way to qualify for some of the giveaways is to have a certain score. So don’t be shy of that ⇧+1 button and click away your fellow members! 😃

      • stenzor

        Yeah I’m a little upvote-happy too :D I usually only downvote the spam posts

        • Thomas Biard

          Especially if you’re talking about the “meat” in a can stuff…

        • Sean the Electrofreak

          Spam posts and Apple fanboi posts for me… I don’t go onto their forums and bash iOS, I still don’t get why they come here. Insecurities, I guess. :D

    • desean

      Yeah same here. The odds are good since only 40% of all the members can join today’s contest. Good luck everyone!

  • jaxidian

    Hmm, this looks interesting… I forgot this phone even existed. Great to have some decent physical keyboard options still!

    • AsakuraZero

      true a friend who have a blackberry wants a physical keyboard so he is looking for the droids, i sohuld recommend this one to him

    • B2L

      Same here! This is like a mystery device. :p

  • rashad360

    Booya, I’m over rank 60! You guys got me yesterday with the tweeted score prerequisite but I’m back today

  • levigarret

    here I am again, waiting at my computer for 12 to come around . . . kinda sad i guess

  • Adam Jones

    Wow! Another great giveaway. And the score is getting high. I better win one soon or my 74 won’t quite be good enough. Help? +1 this?

  • damambt

    gimme gimme, i have thought about getting this since my upgrade came around!

  • myandroid99

    lets do this, cmon i need to win

  • Shay D. Life

    We are now at the scary point….the 18th day. I normally say “Good luck everyone” but my daughter has been begging for a device with a keyboard.
    Fingers crossed.

    Good luck people. ;-)

    • stenzor

      If you win this one, I’ll be happy for you

      • Shay D. Life

        Thank you. Good luck to you as well.

        • triangle

          I don’t really want this device, so if by chance I win, please give it to Shay D. Life.

          • Billy

            IDK … that story sounds kind of Shady to me … hmmm

    • Billy

      Good luck!

  • Marcus

    This would be so awesome to win. Great phone. Good luck to all!

  • AsakuraZero

    wow i hope im lucky with this one i srly would love to give a phone to my gf~

    • spintrex

      You and me both it would really make Christmas if I was able to give her an Android

  • BlkSquad

    Gimme gimme gimme!

  • tengo

    Another awesome phone to try and win. Good luck all!!

  • renn9420

    Wish the best of luck to you all. I’m on T-Mobile and would never think of switching back to AT&T. I left them the day the T-Mobile HTC G1 blessed this world and made it a better place. Not to mention the better plans. But to those with AT&T then I say best of luck on winning this phone.

    • damambt

      I’m sure some rooting and tinkering with this device might make it available with any GSM carrier. Thats the awesome thing about some these handsets, they are open possibilities to those who dare.

      • renn9420

        Thats very true. And I’m known for Rooting and unlocking phones. I have been mentioned in a few tutorials and blogspots. And I’m not bragging just saying it is possible and agree with you. I’m just saying in general for the ones who may not know how to do such things and are on AT&T. But all in all good luck to everyone. And by the way Android And Me has helped me learn and grow. For that I thank them.

        • renn9420

          And not everyone wants to come to the dark side. BUAHAHAHA! =(?)

  • Darknight42020

    Good luck. I like that at least one person a day gets to be very happy.

  • YMS123

    I’m not on AT&T, but I’m sure I can put a phone with a Tegra 2 to good use….

  • Legend

    and the code words for winning are…give me that phone! :P

  • goncalossilva

    Yay, another international contest!

    The device is pretty slick. Wrapped properly and it would make a great decoration for any Christmas tree! :D

    Thanks Android and Me and good luck to all!

  • jimtravis

    Nice to be over 60 (both score and age ;-) ). Specs look like a nice phone, and am a huge fan of physical keyboards. I have a MicroSIM card originally in iPhone 4 (too restricted to be my daily driver) currently being used in a Dell Streak 5 with appropriate adapter. That SIM would work great in this phone. Good luck to all fellow Android fans / evangelists with a score > 60.

  • GUI_Center

    Once again an awesome prize! Good luck!

  • Jorge Eslava

    That would look great under my Christmas tree.

  • Dan13

    Isn’t it great to have a high ranking? The power, mwa-hahaha!
    Custom dictates that I have to wish everyone else googd luck, so good luck everyone!

  • staryoshi

    I’m in like some sort of expression! Thanks to androidandme and nvidia for running this generous contest.

  • Steve Heinrich

    Coming down to the wire! Gotta love the physical keyboard phones. Best of luck to all!

  • frpst9

    Good luck!

  • Techrocket9

    Entered again.

  • Anthony E

    I wanna win!!! ;’(

  • jamal adam

    The action continues. Android and Me is the best. I appreciate getting the opportunity at a shot for such amazing devices. Good luck to my fellow Android and Me members.

  • ramenchef

    I love this website!

  • fwtx


  • CeeJay

    Woot! This one looks nice – will saying pretty please help?

  • Emmanuel Lazcano

    I was unable to enter yesterdays contest, even though I had posted my rank on twitter during the month of December. Twice, actually.

  • ben dover

    Bring it on!

  • Charlesbrown79

    Tegra heaven. Count me in.

  • humidity

    Good luck guys!

  • Sathariel

    Good luck all.

  • NamelessTed

    I am barely squeezing in now. I am guessing the next rank up will be 75, and I won’t be up there :(

    • steve19137

      I voted you up on the off chance that it will help :D You’re welcome :D

      • Aladdin

        I just up voted you both in the off chance that it will help!

  • mercado79

    Need sleepy… But had to check in before bed. :-) Good luck guys!

  • steve19137

    Well, I always seem to be just squeaking by as far as rank goes. It probably won’t be long now before I can’t play any longer :(

  • erikiksaz


  • cmorris

    I would finally be able to convince my mom to get a smartphone.

  • seven2k

    Wow xmas is almost here…thanks Androidandme!

  • spintrex

    Less than a week to make an Android Tegra Christmas.. Good luck to all and to all a good luck

  • Hall Lo

    OH PLEASE i always love a phone with a hardware keyboard o_o…. and thats why I m having a G2!! And this is open to Canada to!!! Wish me luck!! :D!

  • Jimmy13

    I love you android and me why can’t you just love me back ;P

  • natthompson72

    Let’s do this.

  • James Thorp

    SQUEEK by.

    Best of luck everyone.

  • Oscar Ortega

    Day 18 …well i’m finally able to step foot at these contest after i wasn’t aloud in…now i’m back posting away ..wanting to win …good luck to everyone!!

  • mikeytusa

    I got in this one.

  • Petru-Mugurel Lingurar

    Finally something for this little country from Africa, something for Europe.

    Nice phone, and with a nice little keyboard. How cool is that?

    Good luck yall!

  • Aladdin

    Lets do this!

  • R.S

    Ooh, I love phones with actual keyboards.

  • Dale Bebeau

    This will probably be one of the last rating contests I can enter, close to 60 I think. Good luck all!

  • Bryan Stoner

    Ohohoh gotta say, androidandme you are the BEST! Good luck everyone! XD

  • oddball

    Good luck everyone and thank you Androidandme and Nvidia

  • Thomas Biard

    Sign me up for one please. Glad I have a score of 60+

  • Billy

    I missed yesterday but am back in action now! Woot!

  • ArticulateFool

    I hope to win something on the final week!

  • ccn_cristi

    Come on, Christmas is coming, may this be my present ?! :)

  • msgnyc

    Ohh, I would love this. Count me in.
    Good luck everyone.
    Grats to whomever wins yesterdays giveaway.

  • Fabio R

    The force is strong with me in this one

  • keridel

    good morning to the android and me faithful :)

  • Toonshorty

    Good luck everyone.

    One question though, if this phone is made for AT&T why is it open to EU residents?

    Any chance of some more GSM global phones/tabs?

  • mr 1338

    60? Check! Good luck everyone

  • Lane Montgomery

    I can enter today! My only hope is a contest where you had to have tweeted your score in November.

  • Diaeko

    im in.
    crossing fingers and everything else for some luck to win. but good luck to everyone..

  • TJ Mir

    Back after 2 days!

  • thekaz

    Woot! Another awesome giveaway. These blow away other sites’ giveaways!

  • Kaote

    Woohoo another day another possible goodie to be had

  • Kevin kevinamundson

    I never heard of this phone, but the specs look great. Good luck everyone!


    throwing my hat in the ring

  • wwJOSHdo

    here’s hoping for some luck

  • ags29

    Oh wow, this phone looks nicer than I previously thought :)

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Sweet. :)

    So far the only giveaways I’ve been locked out of are the ones that require Twitter (I don’t do Twitter) so here’s hoping to win one of them!

  • CJ LaFleur

    Now we are down to the really upstanding members of the community. Great way to reward the non spammers.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Woot woot!!!! Love android and me. Win or lose its still great that you guys could this

  • pcon

    Man, I was hoping that there would be less people with that score. I’m glad this community is growing.

  • Michael C.

    Instead of “…built to run on the AT&T network:, could you specify more precisely if it’s a CDMA/GSM/whatever phone? Not everyone has (knowledge about) AT&T where they live.

  • Nathan D.

    Let see who wins this time

  • Lee Swanson

    Hurray! I have over 60!

  • damambt

    Im a bit 😒 , I ⇧+1 everybody about an hour ago. Logged on after breakfast and i noticed some of the 0′s that i ⇧+1 are now -1 ! Who’s being a Grinch? Thats not cool. People are trying to get their score up, and some 💩 head is giving -1′s❕
    Members, ignore this kind of trend, and continue to ⇧+1 others so they can keep participating in the other giveaways.

    • Lewis McGeary

      Yeah, I’ve noticed some of my posts being voted down, but not really sure why!

  • frmorrison

    Good luck

  • Futureboy

    Still hoping I can win something for my mom. Fingers crossed!

  • Lewis McGeary

    Great to be eligible again, thought this would be jsut US again!

    • Lewis McGeary


  • YellowDucati

    I feel special.

  • uknowme

    Seems to be getting interesting with these stipulations. I’ll take the phone and try to sway my sister away from the iDarkside.

  • Kainoah Arnold

    Oh man I BARELY made the cut today! Only a week left guys! Hope I win something! Good luck!

  • Kainoah Arnold

    Oh man I BARELY made the cut today! Only a week left guys! Hope I win something! There’s a lot less of us now, good luck!

    • Kainoah Arnold

      Man I hope I can make it to the next one, I’m sure the qualifying score will be higher and I probably wont make it.

  • B2L

    Good luck everyone!

  • geiko

    This is just awesome. Yesterday I finally couldn’t enter a drawing. I’m back today.

  • AndroidJunkie

    let’s do this!

  • Billy

    Lol. I did also. I may tweet it a few times. Haha.

  • DroidSamurai

    My son would love it.

  • kazahani

    I’m running out of chances!!! Please let me win!

  • Donald Williams

    wow just made it. This is fun and cool. Never had so many opportunities to play. Thanks andme! You rock

  • Slith

    Come on baby!

  • mmmark111

    I want this!

  • Ilyse Rose

    Why yes, I will enter this one.

  • Torrance Barber

    Seeing that I’ve been stuck in the 60s for the past few days. This may be my last contest post. Good luck to you all!

    • damambt

      ⚠ This is the reason why i encourage members to ⇧+1 each other, so those with a low score can continue to qualify and participate in the next 7 giveaways. So cheer up, you might just end up experiencing a Xmas miracle. 😃

  • ranwanimator

    Look at me! I’m helpful!

  • sap 26

    I can’t believe how much Android and Me has grown since since contest! Every post has 150+ comments on it now. Good luck to all!

  • Louis A

    Droid Louis checking in. Goodluck to all.

  • mikeyDroid

    ‘Tis the season!

  • GeauxLSU

    Love a good physical keyboard

  • AceoStar

    Big money big money no whammy no whammnmmmyyyy STOP!

  • TornadoTexan

    beat the rank restriction by 4, which is 2+2. Speaking of 2, that reminds me of poop.

  • ihatefanboys

    good luck all !!!

  • blaseb

    Good luck everyone! This is an awesome phone!

  • ndub21

    I made it! Good luck!

  • Homncruse

    Pretty sure I didn’t make the deadline, but might as well leave a comment just in case anyway.