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Day 2, Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


At the risk of stating the painfully obvious: Man! You guys like free stuff! Yesterday we started the 25 Days of Tegra with a Tab 8.9 and over 1,700 of you entered to win. We want an even bigger and better Day 2, so we called in the Samsung Papa Bear, the Tab 10.1

The Prize: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Highlights of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 include a 10.1-inch LCD display, dual-core 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB RAM, 3 MP rear camera, 2 MP front camera, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0. This is the WiFi only model.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Entries will be accepted for 23 hours after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on the calendar page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to Enter

For day 2, we’re keeping things easy with just a comment contest. To enter to win, simply leave a comment below answering the question:

What would you like to see in the next-generation version of the Galaxy Tab?

Samsung has consistently delivered on a family of tablets, and we are curious what features you guys want to see next. Everyone that answers the question will be entered into a random drawing, with each user receiving a single entry.

Good luck!

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  • bcbuller

    Ice cream sandwich and Quad-core

  • humidity

    I’d like to see a Tegra 3 processor!

  • gmaninvan

    Lets start with the obvious.

    -Quad core Exynos
    -Higher resolution screen on par with what is rumoured for the ipad 3
    -more premium materials similar to the transformer prime
    -improved cameras
    -Ice cream sandwich

    Less obvious
    -Somehow work around ICS to make usb mass storage available again
    -This is one that I have thought about a lot. Tablets tend to be awkward to hold and I think Samsung had the right idea with the original Galaxy tab that they ended up replacing due to it being too thick. It had somewhat of handles on the back for when you reach around it. The back panel also looked great. If they could go back to that shape while keeping it thin that would be a winner in my mind.

    • mkrmec

      you do know that ICS isn’t the problem for the mass storage thing right…?

  • rickstone

    Tegra 3 please! Also, USB, HDMI, standard size SD and a keyboard dock! And even without those, I’d still love to win this one. ;-)

  • Flight777

    Well at least it should have the same features as most current Tegra 2 tablets and the Prima. So quad-core, micro sd, hdmi out etc.
    I would love to see a digitizer with stylus and maybe a same sort of doc as the Transformer. I think NFC is useless for a tablet. It would aslo be interesting if Samsung can make a padfone kind of concept. In a perfect world also a Super Amoled screen for a 10.1 tablet!

  • Alex Pena

    Tegra 3
    HDMI Out

    Goodluck to all!

  • Cesarruiz

    I want to WIN so bad !

  • eldis

    -Sleeve/pouch that has magnets to put it on fridge door
    -wireless charging
    -tap-twice to wake up like Nokia’s N9

  • hubbu

    ICS, best GPU at release, and a USB for game pad support.

  • Sainttaz

    Quad core Tegra 3 chip, more RAM and ice cream sandwich.

  • DroidBR

    Fluid animations on all programs.
    Standardization of functions

  • puhleez

    Definitely ICS and quad core

  • pquin7

    Day 2 won nothing yet…will i ever win something ?…

  • osegall

    ICS, virtual hologram keyboard, quad core, hdmi out… that would be perfect… :)

  • mestevo

    ICS, quad core


  • pquin7

    and yes i would love to see the next Gen of Galaxy Tab 10.

  • xxqbnxx

    Here goes nothing !!! :D

  • VTHokiez

    I’d like to be able to completely get rid of my desktop and laptop…. something about having a million technology items in my house seems a bit ridiculous. Here’s to a complete Galaxy experience…. after-all, galaxies are all-encompassing, no?

  • seymor42

    Vanilla ICS ftw!

  • amunarjoh

    I would love to see TouchWiz developing further in the direction of simplicity. Use Bang & Olufsen as example; their design is a combination of eye-candy, simplicity and attention to detail.
    Of course B&O design elements is not what I request. What I would love is to see the Galaxy Tab developed by engineers and developers with an open and free mind, as the developers at B&O obviously do.

  • drg1389

    I want to see a removable keyboard, excellent front facing camera, quad core, ICS, micro sd card slot

  • joey

    I would like to see a pure google gui and no bloatware.

  • dwickman

    Better browser!

  • joevarm

    ICS & Tegra 3 (or better!)

  • dhilby09

    I need to have a tablet first, so if I win this, then I’ll let you know!

    But keep things standard, like ports and chargers. Then the latest hardware and tight integration with the latest Android software.

    Make all other Samsung products in mind to play nice with the tablet: TVs, cameras, camcorders, blue-ray, ect. Also, appliances, like frigde, washer/dryer, oven ect. Some push notifications, times ect could come in handy.

    One tablet to rule them all!

  • falvey6607

    I’d like to see a higher MP camera on the back of the device,and
    obviously a quad-core processor and ICS would be amazing.
    But i’d also like to see an NFC chip to implement Google’s Beam technology, I think it could be awesome if they used Beam and incorporated it into playing games between multiple NFC enabled tablets

    • wontsttle4less

      I agree

  • xavier78

    I can see the next Galaxy Tab using either the Tegra3 chipset with LTE options or the Exynos 5250…4 cores aren’t always better than 2 though as some of the java tests show :)

  • davehughes123

    ICS, ICS, ICS.

  • zacinator

    AOSP. No Touchwiz!

  • adam8810

    All I want for Christmas…

  • oko loko

    USB port

  • joshfu13

    Of course ice cream sandwich, a quad-core chip, and a better display. (super amoled may be asking too much)

  • stuclach

    An HDMI port and AOSP ICS.

  • nobara

    24-hour-lasting battery
    3D screen
    Worldwide premiere with no Apple mentioned in the news titles

  • maDDog42

    I would really like to see more connection options (USB, HDMI) and extendable memory (SD) as well as ICS.

  • cabrone

    Count me in, Pretty Please!!!!

  • TaijiGal

    I’d love to see HDMI out, Ice Cream Sandwich, quad core and other great bells n’ whistles…. However, usability would be the ace on top of speed and HD eye candy. Keyboard options, maybe like a choice of standard or split keyboard when typing in landscape (for the “thumbers” like me). Maybe Bluetooth headset to voice-to-text that actually works (I still have to shout at my HTC to work with Voice Alerts app while driving).

  • iulia.burlan

    I would like to have a better battery !

  • ffff00

    What I want to see next, besides AOSP, is some implementation of mouse/keyboard sharing between pc’s and android tablets, a la Synergy.

    • markL

      dam thats a good one.

  • ravanne

    T3, HDMI out, ICS, better cam, higher res, longer battery life, 3g option, offline maps would be great too

  • Gabe719

    I would like to see the next samsung tablet to have little to no bezel just like the new samsung flatscreen tvs, with Android 4.0 with a quad core processor. I don’t mind touchwiz just as long as it will have more features than Android 4.0.

  • samtana

    edge to edge screen or smaller edge then this one
    quad core 1.5ghz
    720p screen

  • Dan G

    Samsung has been developing flexible OLED screens, and supposedly we should start seeing them in Q2 of 2011. A roll able tablet would be amazing. All the electronics would be at each end of the back of the tablet and use one of the new flexible batteries that have been developed as the backing. It would bring true portability to the 10 inch category of tablets. Combined with the next 2ghz processors and you would have pretty much the ideal tablet. Oh, and don’t forget Micro SD, micro usb and micro hdmi slots.

  • Merrik7

    Quad core

  • jeepman89

    I would love to see at least a USB and HDMI port.

  • phiredrop

    In the next generation version of the GTab, I’d like to see some optimized ICS and a gorgeous SAMOLED 1080p screen.

  • douglaslin

    quad core ICS!

  • cxandroid

    I’d like to see
    ICS 4.x
    No or Very little mfg/carrier customization.

  • Decoder

    -Smaller black bezel around the screen
    -’Pure’ Google ICS experience
    -Keyboard dock like the Transformer

  • Genetic_Bloom

    Ice Cream Sandwich, 1080p screen, HDMI, and a Tegra3.

  • optimaljam

    i would like
    1.4 quadcore

    goodluck everyone. :)

  • milamber

    The two things that make me not buy the current generation of tablets is the battery life and cost. Improving either of those would make it more attractive to me.

  • skbgiants

    MOAR POWER! (stole that but it made me laugh and its true)

  • markL

    i really like thin and light. for a few weeks i had the B&N nook color and i sadly upgraded away from that size/form factor. i think 7″ is still great to take with you. i would like the light and thin from the 8.9 in the screen size of the 7″ tab.

    however, i have a crazier idea for tablets in my computer setup. why not build a scripting program that will allow me to tap one icon on my galaxy tab and have it do multiple things on a computer of my choice. EXAMPLE:

    galaxy tab is sitting next to my gaming computer. instead of pressing all the keyboard shortcuts to buy the 6 common guys i use in battle, i just reach over and press “Buy Group 1″ on my tab. it sends over the keyboard commands.

    this program would make a tablet a PERMANENT fixture at my computer.

  • Canterrain

    I want to see quad core processors and built in widgets that take true advantage of the larger screen.

  • acetylyne

    I would love to see the next generation of tablets be 1080p, quad core, cheaper, and it should make Julien fries.

  • fradster

    I would like to see a thinner border around the screen.

  • waltcolemansux

    Arguably the best Android tablet out there for the price point, but I would expect the Kindle Fire is going to sap away quite a bit of it’s sales. Would love to see the prices on tablets such as the Tab drop below $400.

  • Savitt

    Fast updates, slim sleek design, and amazing cameras with amazing censors and lenses

  • LilSmurf2009

    win! win! win! win! Yeah right would be nice Do.

  • munsterwrench

    More screen , less bezel. quad core , usb , hdmi,

  • eck303

    i want one.

  • tvalentine

    I would like to see a quad core processor, sd slot, 1080p display and lower price

  • gregd9288

    In the next galaxy tab I definitely want to see the new Sammy Exynos 2ghz dual core processor. Also in a dream world an expanded Super Amoled HD display would be fantastic as well. Obviously ICS, which at this point is a no brainer, and possibly even NFC inside. Android beam from a tablet to a phone I think would be extremely useful. A 1080p shooter is a must and maybe a higher resolution front cam. HDMI out to seems crucial and only imminent. Last think would love compatabillity with Samsungs new S Pen APK

  • Amodernclarkkent

    I would like to see a quad core processor that runs at at least 2Ghz and the ability to wirelessly interface with android phones.

  • ilysespieces

    ICS and HDMI out.
    And an SD slot.

    Mostly just ICS, though.

  • kshima20

    10.1 now that’s what I need.

  • RMXO

    micro SD, support for exFat & NTFS.

  • DroidPWNsApple

    I would like to use it as a video streaming or hard drive movie player. I like to watch movies and TV shows from my laptop hooked up through HDMI to my tv. If you could get an HDMI and plenty of usb ports on a tablet I would have to get that. A sick idea would be to have a blue tooth remote control so I wouldnt have to find a smooth surface to use my mouse inbetween videos or whatever. Get a wireless usb nentendo wii sensor bar and use a wii mote with the table on your TV. OMG how killer would that be. Just perform your clicking actions while laying back on the couch. Just set the display to be huge so the buttons would be easy to press. I would absolutely love to do that with the portability and convenience of a tablet.

  • auronblue

    I’d like to see a keyboard dock similar to the Transformer’s….and a quad-core processor…and an HDMI-out….

  • Donnieace

    The option to install their Touchwiz if I wanted. Updating would be more easier I’m sure.

    A better front cam is also a plus. I find myself doing a lot of video chat on my phone, so better quality is needed for future products.

  • kernel14

    From the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab I would like to see 2d to 3d viewing capabilities. Dual Full HD rear facing cameras for 3d Recording. At least a 2 ghz Quad-Core processor. Honeycomb Without touchWiz FTW!!!

    • gregd9288

      3D is so not needed the trend is completely done and it was a failure…The Evo 3D is not very good

  • sadiq

    I want it

  • sadiq

    I want this device

  • caerbannog

    I would love to see my face reflected in the screen! d-_-b

  • wontsttle4less

    well for starters Id like to see this generation in my hands :)
    but for the next, I’d like to see a quad-core Exynos processor, vanilla ICS, and a built-in kickstand on the back of the device similar to the HTC Thunderbolt’s kickstand, to make it easier to watch movies

  • phaet2112

    The ability to uninstall touchwiz and micro sd expansion.

  • Brandy4777

    I would love month to month service and more accessories. It seems like the dreaded iPad gets them all. :(

  • 84guy

    2GHz quad core
    2gb ram
    Kick stand would rock
    ICS of course

  • dfmckay

    I would like to see ICS, micro sd, and NFC

  • rpsanders

    Smart Covers

    and Samsung to start timely updates!

    and of course a free one for meee!

  • Shadowlore

    You know.. everyone mentions the obvious desired improvements:

    SD Card, Exynos Processor, Tegra 3, more accessories, ICS, kickstands, 3D, HDMI out, NFC, higher density screens…

    But everyone is missing the obvious thing that the next version NEEDS, and it’s so simple.

    More Cowbell.


  • endersdestiny

    -Higher Rez screen

  • gregroberti

    What would you like to see in the next-generation version of the Galaxy Tab? I would like to see them stick a fingerprint scanner on the back for added security!

  • mudblues2

    Give it!

  • Coltsfan74

    Keyboard dock

  • romsrini

    HD Resolution and HDMI port

  • thedan55

    Tegra 3/ or a new exyonos
    HDMI Out
    Micro Sd Card slot
    Micros Usb
    1080p screen

  • mbegley33

    Quad core, edge to edge screen, high resolution camera on front and back, hdmi output!

  • Jes

    I think the next (and all subsequent) version of the Galaxy Tab (and any other tablet, for that matter) needs to include:

    -HDMI out
    -DLNA support
    -USB/Bluetooth keyboard support
    -USB/Bluetooth gamepad support
    -STOCK Ice Cream Sandwich
    -No hardware buttons
    -As thin a bezel as possible
    -A kickstand
    -Wireless charging (e.g. Qi)

    Good luck to all!

  • jurekolar

    smart cover
    tegra 3

  • John Travis

    And apple-like smart cover.
    A Transformer-like Keyboard / battery extender.
    A pen to scribble notes with during meetings!

  • gclarkso


  • alec

    HDMI mirroring, stock ICS, Quadcore, IR controls, HD screen

  • eidolon1138

    NFC and of course ICS.

  • diasia9622

    The Galaxy Tab could use
    ~ICS because ice cream sandwiches are awesome, especially Android ones. :)
    ~A micro-SD slot so that people could take more pictures of the themselves with their Tab
    ~And a disguise to hide it from the other tablets that aren’t as awesome.

  • bluescapture

    mt2k streaming

  • moutnfr

    HDMI out

  • feeldennis

    What would you like to see in the next-generation version of the Galaxy Tab?

    1.Would like to see Tegra 3 Chipsets in it with better power management.
    2.Micro SD card slot.
    3.Super AMOLED Plus display with a perfect screen size of 8.9 inches.
    4.Fully baked wifi sync with the home computer
    5.Lastly release all versions at the same time. ie the wifi only, 3G, Lte etc.

  • and932

    Specifically built or standardized accessories. As of right now, almost everything we do on a tablet can be done on a smartphone. It would be nice if Samsung could find a niche for the tablet market similar to what happened with the netbook or ultrabook. With quad-core and more efficient dual-core CPUs appearing, the tablet are just as if not more powerful that some netbooks and ultrabooks. With some standardized accessories, tablets can ultimately replace the smaller notebooks.

  • atul0002

    I want A quad Core CPU with an independant GPU with discrete video ram (128MB should be plenty)

    A full HD display would be a huge up for me.

    I dont like glasses less 3d but some people might like that.

    All Screen (barely any bezzle)

    i dont really see any use in having a good camera on a tablet but stereo scopic 3d camera would be good for some people.

    A keyboard dock will be very useful.

    Of course a big Battery to power this monster.


  • jmontagu13

    Quad core with integrated LTE (for better battery life)
    Full size SD slot (for using with cameras)

  • andddlay

    Super AMOLED HD, 1.5ghz quad core exynos, IR sensor, 1gb RAM, xenon flash (why did they get rid of these?), 8mp camera, gorilla glass0.2″ bezel, 32gb, and micro sd slot!

  • clintjoe

    Quad Core and ICS for sure, plus some of the other perks that most of the Tablets don’t have.

  • fnoodle

    I would love to be able to replace my laptop for presentations.
    Thus, for me, the highest priority is video-out (VGA/HDMI).

    It would also be great for Samsung to work out a deal with carriers for pay-as-you-go mobile network access.

  • xwaylayx

    Pure Google UI

    Removable bloatware


    Screen Wipe to power on

  • doseas

    I’d like to see a detachable keyboard.

  • Shackled

    Clean build of most up-to-date Android OS, with Touchwiz as an OPTION. SD-Card SAMOLED Plus. No proprietary connector.

  • Kainoah Arnold

    Saying you want this isnt going to get it for you guys! Answer the question! I would love to win any device this month including this one.

    Okay lets see…Quad core tegra 3 processor, 8 mp back camera with flash, 2 mp front camera with light sensor, 2gb of ram, usb port, micro sd slot for memory expansion, full size sd slot, and hdmi out. Last but not least, quick updates from the manufacturer to the most recent versions of android because samsung seriously lacks in that department. That is all! Hope I win! Good luck everyone!

  • pooper

    I want an IR blaster

  • aegentirony

    What would you like to see in the next-generation version of the Galaxy Tab?

    ICS, Quad Core , HDMI out, USB Stick support, oh and a little slot that spits out currency from the side. :)

  • dbel

    Too poor to buy any android tablet, plz gives to me :)

  • DKConstant

    ICS and open drivers. Still pretty cheezed that my G2X is missing features that other phones have had for months. An open platform means bupkis with closed hardware. :|

  • ocendot

    Card reader & USB

  • flazala

    I would love for the tablet to come with a detable keyboard, hdmi out, usb, and sd card slot. and a price tag of no more than $350.

  • DroidHead

    Not going to win this one either….

  • reinermatthew

    I would love to see and all metal back, like the Transformer Prime.

  • Andy_jr

    It’s pretty darn good already…
    The only thing I can think of is that I’d love to see 3D on that big display!

  • ticalthepimp

    TeGrA 3….period.

  • mikeytusa

    And edge to edge screen would be awesome! Better battery life is always a plus and 3d graphics would be amazing.

  • boro09

    quad-core CPU
    HD screen
    HDMI out

  • Jimmy Bones

    Simple: a better design with on top of options whether or not to include touchwiz.

  • Aleksandar Simov

    1. Quad core
    2. Camera flash
    3. USB ports
    4. HD 1080p Res
    5. Keyboard dock
    6. ICS
    7. HDMI
    8. Higher Res. screen

  • pdowling

    What do I want to see in the next Sammy tab?
    Integration with a Samsung TV for those of us without Google TV.
    And a Laser Pointer, because honestly, lasers make everything better.

  • vine1980

    count me

  • carlosestremera

    Obviously ICS; next gen processor (either Nvidia’s or Samsung’s own); maintain slimness and lightweight; boost internal storage; longer battery life; full ports; true HD screen; perhaps attachable keyboard with ports of it’s own…

  • j_d_

    ICS, lower price, better battery

  • Jeff

    I would like ICS, superb display, quad core or fast exynos dual core, awesome battery life but I think the most important is optimization of the software.

  • Chris

    I’d love to see a pressure sensitive Wacom-like pen input. For art!

  • MisterHijinx

    this would make for an incredible Christmas present…

  • philippegee

    I’d like to see a battery powered dock like the Transformers and quad core cpu

  • jnewman1991

    ICS, quad core, bigger battery, full size HDMI and SD card reader, ability to connect it to your Android phone to send Texts and receive calls on it, and better front and rear cameras.

  • punshkin

    Samsungs tablets have been awesome lately
    one thing i would really like to se is a
    Super AMOLED Plus screen on a Tablet!
    Imagine this beauty :)

  • audioboxer217

    I want one! :)

  • ma_trix

    1. ICS,
    2. Full HD screen
    3. Voice capabilities

  • slenzi

    IR port, HDMI out, better front/rear cameras, ice cream sandwich, USB port.

  • bubbayerbs

    Not touchwiz…

  • darish10

    Keep it up and keep on improving your beautiful displays. That’s what a tablet is all about!

  • fonix232

    A new, quad-core CPU, 10.1″ screen, 2GB RAM, and SAMOLED screen (any version of it). Also, some non-proprietary connectors would come handy (microUSB, HDMI, microSD). For the CPU, I would vote the new Exynos 5xxx series, or Tegra3.

  • nozerogravity

    ICS, updated Touchwiz, and good stuff under the hood. SuperAMOLED next generation, and next generation of gorilla glass.

  • asten77

    Biggest improvement is having SD, Usb (w/host mode), and HDMI out.

  • brandons

    1. ICS
    2. Improved Battery
    3. Greater pixel density
    4. 8-8.9″ screen
    5. 32GB + MicroSD Support.

  • freshtoasted

    Ice Cream Sandwich, 1080p resolution and a quad core processor.

  • oryulin

    ooh ooh me me

  • FiCaMaN

    ICS, LTE (active out of the box), HDMI w/ mirroring, USB connectivity or allow for some kind of HDD storage for the device, as well as some sort of remote access like Motorola does w/ ZumoCast. What would also be cool is some sort of cross integration w/ other Galaxy devices or even Samsung Smart TVs (think remote control or cross streaming).

  • dukenilnil

    4g and Ics

  • Jbolen818

    ICS with Quad Core Kal El
    1080p display
    8mp rear 2-3mp front camera
    SD Card slot
    Great Battery Life

  • jetman123

    I would love to see a Tegra 3 in the next tablet

  • ri3tn

    Would love to see Ice Cream Sandwich, 1080p res, Tegra 4 (;

  • ph4nthom

    1. Limited modifications for TouchWiz so that updates will be more frequent than their phone lines.
    2. HDMI
    3. Higher storage capacity or external storage support.

  • lefty55

    ICS and 1080P

  • bizymare

    1080p, USB and SD ports, pretty please.

  • aj34

    ICS would be most excellent!

  • Nelly547

    1. HDMI out
    2. ICS
    3. 720p Screen Resolution

  • julian.hornquist

    Insert entrance into contest :)

  • bethomas

    More inputs
    Full Size HDMI port
    SD Card ports

    Those are most needed things well besides ICS

  • dougiedoug24

    Samsing should include boot animation of our little droid friend giving Apple the finger. Of course, Apple would probably sue based on a vague patent involving hand gestures.

  • Y2Dre

    Ports such as mini-USB, mini-HDMI and micro-SD. Not to mention the other obvious candidates…ICS, Tegra 3, etc.

  • bipple305

    I want stronger, more scratch-proof glass and more processing power on the next gen Galaxy Tab!

  • ecogeek

    ICS, Tegra3, 1080p screen, Gorilla Glass.

  • TaoRenCe

    Vanilla Android and a price comparable to the Knidle Fire.

    • TaoRenCe

      “KINDLE” Fire. Heh heh………..heh

  • aaww

    I would love to see hardware acceleration so that the UI will be smoother and more responsive.

  • jhollender

    ICS, Quad Core, HDMI Out, better battery life

  • elead1

    HDMI Out, USB ports, quad-core processor, more storage. Ya know, the basics.

  • scole76

    I’d like to see better voice recognition, HDMI out, ICS, and and a keyboard accessory.

  • titanium

    Longer battery life!

  • Daniel

    ICS, Quad Core, battery life, higher res screen, SD slot

  • mcbobo

    Definitely a higher resolution screen.

  • stevenylee

    I would love to see a Crazy new design of the Touch UI, with Tmobile spectrum 3g release in Canada.
    Somehow someway, if we’re lucky… Flash support on the new tab :)

  • The_Engine

    ICS, Quad Core, 1080p, SD Slot.

  • rock3r

    I’d like to see some kind of dock, like the Transformer

  • mikeypizzle

    Vanilla ICS (duh)
    Quad Core (duh)
    HD screen
    Better Cameras
    Micro or fullsize SD card

    Somesort of integration with an android phone samsung or not…but more than just android beam

    And finally…and i know this doesn’t necessarily effect the tablet itself…but maybe like bundles…like an edition that comes with all the adobe apps preinstalled or a business or student-centric bundles. These could include different colors and/or patterns on the back..Like the Google I/O editions.

  • jbean444

    Processor that can beat the Ipad2, micro-sd, micro-usb, mini-hdmi, hi-rez display and ICS. And hook it up with an app, video, music etc ecosystem. Maybe Google can step up, but right now Apple and now Amazon are leading the way.

  • RDog

    What would I like to see in the next-generation version of the Galaxy Tab?

    One word: AMOLED!!! :)

  • rojach

    Vanilla ICS on a 9″ super amoled plus screen, full 1080p resolution, 64GB built in memory, tegra 3, 2GB ram and USB host,a HDMI out port. A unique design to enable worldwide sales and the death of the rotten fruit!!! :)

  • dokholiday44

    Would love some samsung deliciousness!

  • DerekV

    I’d like to see a quad core, keyboard accessory, and Gorilla Glass.

  • julian.hornquist

    I’d like to see longer battery life, ics, and maybe something not made entirely of plastic

  • torrinicu

    All the producers try to be in the trend with new technology, providing the fastest cpu speed, better graphics. Well may be these all are important for gamers. The vast majority of business people or students need something light which can be carried with you anywhere, some good battery life so that you should not worry about remaining without battery in the most important moments. Also I would need something strong, so that I could not worry if I drop it, hit it, or my little sister just finds it a nice toy to play in the sand or pool.

    Well may be this trendy stuff is cool for marketing and we definitely should keep up to date to the new technology, but Samsung may also show that it really cares and makes products that make our life easier . . .

  • mrcapcom

    ICS and better battery life, Quad Core and FM Radio

  • EmeryLee

    Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS 4.0
    Tegra 3 Quad-core 2.0GHz or greater
    Super AMOLED w/Corning Gorilla Glass 10.1 Widescreen
    BlueTooth v4.0
    16 GB RAM 64 GB ROM
    32 – 128 GB internal storage
    10 MP Rear Camera (HD 1080p at 60fps video) recording
    8 MP Front Camera (HD 720 at 30fps) recording
    Two mini USB 3.0 Micro B ports
    HDMI Type D output port
    2 Removable storage ports capable of using MicroSD and/or Memory Stick Micro M2
    Detachable keyboard
    No bloatware, only Google Apps and they must be uninstallable.

  • thejefe37

    ICS, quad-core, 1080, SD slot and USB port

  • frpst9

    ICS and HDMI out are a must- Transformer Prime-like keyboard integration would be beneficial as well

  • trey214

    8mp rear camera
    3mp back camera
    1.5GB of ram

  • g0dsgreen

    Tegra 3 at the minimum.

  • jiggybyte

    Whoa buddy, here we go again!

  • lanthar

    Would love to see quad core and more onboard memory

  • batmania15

    lets see the quad core, having it make coffee would be a plus too ;)

  • jdmuffs

    Time to winnnnn!!!!! :)

  • mrdrmuffin

    Stylus support and a more portable keyboard dock. Like a Transformer Prime and an HTC Flyer have a beautiful 10.1 inch baby.

  • hoffy

    Exynos 5250 and ICS

  • bcheek

    I would love to see tegra 3 and ICS

  • cunctator

    tegra 3, but I guess that’s obvious ;)
    nfc would be nice
    also an external keyboard so it’s head to head with the transformer prime

  • xiana

    I would like to see long last batteries :)

  • Jelle Kralt

    - ICS
    - Better Battery
    - NFC
    - Ofcourse a better cpu
    - Better looking cases

  • AmericanJedi001

    These would make it perfect
    1.5ghz quad core
    HDMI out
    1080p HD screen

    I think these features would be fantastic:
    – Pure ICS
    – ~1.5 Ghz quad-core processor
    – At least 1 Gb RAM, if not more
    – Full HDMI out, as in it simply mirrors the display with no limitations
    – 1080p Super AMOLED Plus screen
    – Gorilla Glass
    – Add-on keyboard/battery dock, ala Transformer Prime
    – Unlocked bootloader (CM9 FTW!)

  • huangkaidi

    NFC support, Better HD display, and longer battery

  • htds

    I would like to see:
    Super amoled with 1080p resolution
    Better battery life
    Tegra 3

  • Tcuneo

    I like to see how the 2ghz exynos would run inside the tab

  • vasras

    Definitely higher resolution screen (2560 x 1600) along with the new Exonys 5250 chip and higher amount of memory (1.5GB). Then BT4, HDMI out and USB3 would not be bad additions.

    However, the most important thing is battery run-time. 10hours minimum with screen bright, wifi on and CPU not idling, but doing something useful.

    Samsung delivers that and I’ll buy two immediately.

  • akdo

    A quad-core would do it for me :P

  • w00x

    High resolution screen.
    Tegra 3.
    Improved battery life.
    Better price.

  • rbtconsultants

    tegra 3, ICS wireless HDMI, sd card slot, precision stylus support

  • DownSouthLivin

    Features I would like to see:

    1. Super Amoled Plus HD screen

    2. Quad core Exynos processor

    3. More powerful GPU

    4. Expandable memory slot

    5. ICS (this one is a given)

    6. 2GB of RAM or better

    7. More internal memory options (64GB, 128GB)

    8. More competitive pricing (this one is more fantasy than reality)

  • Wayne Jones

    I would like to see better battery life and more consistent updates from the Samsung brand in general

  • Decimae

    USB ports and perhaps stock Linux support(I’d love to effectively use LaTeX on a tablet).

  • pixelswim

    Better battery life
    HDMI out
    Higher MP camera

  • thacounty

    I want to see the Tegra-3 and I want it to come with a sixaxis controller and hdmi out (cable included). This would make it the ultimate gaming device.

  • krupa87

    - Tegra 3
    - Hdmi out
    - Micro USB
    - MicroSD card slot

  • jfvidalc

    Quad Core
    HDMI Out

  • NexusHero

    Quad Core & ICS!!

  • unwiredmedic

    I would like to see GPS built in. No I probably wouldn’t go on a hiking trip using it, but I want to dash mount a tablet as my in-car entertainment center, and it would be nice to have a large screen GPS without having to tether my phone to get it.

  • bug_monster

    All I want is ICS. Pure.

  • JeffRosenberg

    All the evolutionary stuff like the latest version of Android, more RAM, faster processors is all well and good. I’d like to see something more revolutionary.

    A breakthrough battery technology that lets it run for 3 days!
    Support for brain-machine interfaces so you can control it with your mind instead of your hands!
    A built-in medical analysis kit!

  • Djroid

    Tegra 3
    2GB ram
    1080p super amoled HD display
    micro sd slot
    micro hdmi out
    dolby sound
    hot fudge sundae or brownie a la mode (next gen android OS following ICS)
    gorilla glass bonded polished aluminum or polished unidirectional carbon fiber back panel
    higher capacity battery

  • jupiter8

    Samsung should try to figure out how the iPad3 will look & how the specs are. Then be first to release a new Samsung tablet according these specs so then Samsung can sue Apple for copying ;-)

  • geekingtastic

    I think a better screen, a company that makes screens can have a better screen; also a longer battery life. With all the technology floating around why are batteries so bad. HDMI is a great thing to love to hook things up to the big screen. And of course a new fast Processor, we know they are working on something.

  • jupiter8

    A round or oval shaped (also the display) tablet !

  • aj

    Cinco core(quud core with 5th ninja core). A. Nice array. Of ports like full hdmi, sdcard, usb. Decent speakers. ICS.

  • dangdave

    LTE capabilitie and true HD screen.

  • jacobsloan

    Quad-core and a kickstand would be excellent.

  • fartyarty

    NFC and keyboard attachment

  • jsweetser2

    1.8ghz quad core
    HDMI out
    Longer Battery Life
    Stronger screen protection (Gorilla glass?)

  • theJP

    I would like to see a microSD card slot and microUSB charging rather than that stupid proprietary port.


    Quad Core processor, Ice Cream Sandwich, a keyboard dock, and a barometer for better gps accuracy.

  • Scylarr

    Tegra 3 processor, ICS, and better cameras

  • maedox

    I’d like to see better codec support, microUSB and SD-card support.

  • biturbomunkie

    quad-core :]

  • GoCougs19

    Simply put – keeping the “Pure Google Experience” in mind with any feature considered.

  • Droidonic

    ICS, 2GHz or higher, 1080p, bump in ram, how about a much larger storage cap, that new camera sensor with higher MP count, and a way bigger longer lasting battery

  • steveomatic89

    (*Thinks to self* Maybe I will win this sweepstakes….onnnneeee daaaaaayyyy over the rainbow….)

  • Monkeyman364

    -Pure ICS
    -1.5-1.8 Quad (either Tegra with released drivers or OMAP)
    -HDMI Out
    -Full-Sized USB
    -MicroSD/SD Slot
    -NFC Support
    -Kickstand or Keyboard Dock

  • luis622

    I think they should really try to perfect the technology of using “pens” to write with on the pads. I think there are many markets to tap into if they are able to enhance that technology. I know there are some out there now, but they are still lacking of the ease of use.

  • xhazyx

    Hmm… let’s see:
    -Quadcore processor
    -Micro USB
    -with host mode support
    -HDMI out
    -Micro SD
    -8 MP camera
    -Edge to edge HD screen, to make the most out of ICS
    Maybe im leaving a few out, but that would make it worthy of being the next Galaxy Tab

  • therent

    Id like to see a quad core proccessor, a 1080p screen, hdmi out, and most of all id like to see it in my hands !!

  • droilfade

    1) Internal Sd
    2) Long battery life
    3) Flexible screen
    4) 1080 HD screen

  • steveomatic89

    ……(*snaps out of it*) Oh, ummm I would like to see a superb water dropplet background of course…….pshh no, ICS, tegra 3, more RAM, smooth animations, no lagging, on time updates and uniformity in the android world, and world peace.

  • steveomatic89

    ……(*snaps out of it*) Oh, ummm I would like to see a superb water droplet background of course…….pshh no, ICS, tegra 3, more RAM, smooth animations, no lagging, on time updates and uniformity in the android world, and world peace.

  • chimera13

    High res screen
    Tegra 3
    and unicorns!!

  • JENN1107

    USB port
    SD slot for expandable memory

  • mvndaai

    I am waiting for NFC chips to be standard on all Android devices. Therefore NFC chip. I want to use Google Wallet and soo much more.

  • patriciofowler

    I’d like to see and a USB port.

  • cjl207

    DLNA compatibility, gorilla glass, holographic 3d display,

  • korathin

    Tegra 3
    Large HD
    Micro SD
    Keyboard dock
    Longer battery life

  • krazyguy729

    I wanna be a winner!

  • Ope

    ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME! Thanks :-D ….

  • zedklind

    touchwiz-free 2ghz quadcore with jelly BEAN!

  • michalbrus

    Wat I would like to see ? 3d screen without glasses but it is’n very possible… I would like to see this one in my hands ;)

  • Esoth

    Well ICS is a no brainer, but also having a design that won’t get their pants sued off them by Apple would be nice. Also, maintaining its slim profile while upping the resolution would be nice.

  • y0shi

    fast charge, hi-def speakers, slim form factor, larger camera sensor, dust/water resistant, proximity gestures support, daytime reading mode, shock proof from 2 meters

  • bigdad1963

    Quad core
    Micro sd
    High def cameras front and back with upgraded hardware and editing capabilities
    Keyboard attachment
    Adaptorless hdmi out
    Thanks for the best contest!

  • aranea

    2 screen design. One e-ink and one super resolution. The device can be flipped to be used as a tablet or e-reader or the e-ink screen can act as a keyboard.

  • Artie

    I would like to see Stock Android ICS 4.0 without the Samsung Touchwiz UI which takes from the experience in my opinion.

    Quad-core 2.ghz processor
    1.5 gig of ram
    720p resolution screen
    Processor made in mind of high quality gaming.

  • pandadumpster

    Higher resolution screen and better build quality. I want something sturdy!

  • Ben2569

    I saw the Samsung galaxy tab on display in Target…..fell in luv instantly……i felt like nothing is missing….this tab is way better than the ipad & i should definitely have one. what they could add to make it better is a higher processor( tegra 3), increase the ram & camera quality!! :)

  • reliog

    I would like the latest and greatest exynos cpu on it, and a HD resolution screen

  • jjwat3

    clamshell keyboard attachment
    standardized connectors
    more accessories
    Ability to switch between hd display and e ink
    Longer battery life

  • ezflyer13

    Just make it work, simple to operate and understand where any user can pick one up, turn it on and go. Simple request can make a difference to a user.

  • WastedSystem

    -longer battery life
    -HDMI out
    -USB ports

  • H_Scrappy

    I would love to see:

    Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad-core CPU
    720p resolution
    codec support for .mkv
    More storage 120gb+ AND a microSD card slot.
    keyboard/dock attachment
    1-2 GB RAM

    I’m salivating at the thought…

  • bigdrae68

    I would love to see full sized ports and better syncing system between tablets and phones Maybe a way to mount network storage on the tablet

  • jax_n13

    Easy. My reflection!

  • chuksy

    I would love to see A Super Amoled Screen

  • audienceofone

    quad core, and micro SD slot

  • DanUC6

    One year playboy subscription!!!

  • Mozes

    ICS, MicroSD, HDMI out

  • Rmunks

    In-house exynos 2gz quad core
    1080p super amoled screen w/ gorilla glass
    1.5 gig of ram
    8mp back/ 2mp front
    32/64 gig w/ micro sd
    METAL BACK (Galaxy tab 10.1 feels soo cheap)

  • Kevlan

    I’d like it to have a quad core Exynos processor, NFC, better cameras, hdmi out and some better materials on it. = More like a Transformer Prime.

    -Quad core Exynos
    -Higher resolution screen on par with what is rumoured for the ipad 3
    -more premium materials similar to the transformer prime
    -improved cameras
    -Ice cream sandwich

  • Rmunks

    In-house exynos 2gz quad core
    1080p super amoled screen w/ gorilla glass
    1.5 gig of ram
    8mp back with led flash / 2mp front
    32/64 gig w/ micro sd
    front led notification light
    METAL BACK (Galaxy tab 10.1 feels soo cheap)

  • Kevlan

    I’d like it to have a quad core Exynos processor, NFC, better cameras, hdmi out and some better materials on it. = More like a Transformer Prime.

  • Anthony55

    Quad Core Processor

  • hestar

    More ram,Quad core processor and a hdmi hook up so I Can hook it up to my TV :)

  • luillo

    Quad core,ICS, and lower price

  • falgunshah

    Some love for the ICS
    Less bloatware
    Better Camera
    Easy sharing capability between other android/samsung phones.

  • dragon

    I’d like the next generation Tab to have:
    * Tegra 3
    * Laptop dock (like Transformer Prime)
    * Stylus

  • sjbaue

    SD card slot
    quad core
    hdmi out

  • sundip

    hd screen, ics quad core

  • neptoon

    I’d like the next gen Galaxy Tab to have:
    *Tegra 3
    * insanely thin
    * 1080p display
    * long battery life

  • sundip

    hd screen, ics quad core hdmi

  • anurbanlegend

    like others, I would like to see ICS and quad core!

  • felixb01

    A flip-type keyboard, a better amera, more power, more memory, and even better performance! :-)

  • neptoon

    Tegra 3, Insanely Thin, 1080p display, long battery life, and of course ice cream sandwich

  • logan_jinx

    Quad core Processor
    ICS obviously
    micro SD card slot
    minimum 250ppi pixel density
    minimum 8MP rearfacing camera
    optional keyboard and trackpad dock
    128GB flash drive

  • stagger0

    ICS, 1080p SAMOLED+ screen, Tegra 3, removable storage, contact charging, Galaxy Note style pen attachment, and a built in mini-projector.

    If it could do the dishes too, that would be a +.

  • mcopeman23

    I want a better resolution display (1080p) smoled display
    BETTER BATTERY LIFE ( i play a lot of games and use gps tons)

  • kwazzy

    Would love to use of that quad core processor! Definitely ICS.

    A dock (with USB 3.0) would make me a convert from the transformer… :D More space! I use cloud storage primarily, but while out at sea in the middle of the Atlantic, I dont get good internet ;P

    Honestly, if Samsung keeps up with their huge upgrades, I can see all that happening :)

  • kasia1402

    ICS, battery life, HDMI & I will love it sooooo much!

    • beemboy

      I think a fold out screen to halve the tablet in size to make it compact would be fantastic. For eg., a 5″ tablet that folds out to be a 9″ tablet (I know the math is off :-)

  • Abideen Mohamed

    I would like to see a quad core processor, a body that is made of aluminum, BT 4.0, usb 3.0, ICS, NFC, at least a micro sd card slot, Super amoled plus with a 1080p display and wider viewing angles, 12mp rear camera with dual LED flash, a 2mp front facing camera. And at least 2gb ram.

  • cubeinhabitant

    SD card support

  • dilinkuint

    ok i would really want them to implement the NFC chip onto tablets from now on, so maybe they can find a way to make it work in a way that we can receive payments threw that instead of relying on 3th party app or 3th party hardware like that square thing…

  • Sleepy Head

    I’d like to see 1600 x 1200 resolution, HDMI wireless transmission and 3-D screen.

  • lillbabben

    reflection free screen

  • jeanclafon


  • phor11

    A15 x2 + A7 x2 quad core big/little processor architecture using a 28nm process for further battery savings and a cooler thermal profile.
    No wasted space on rear facing camera, but instead an HD front facing camera for video chat.
    Front facing stereo speakers.
    USB and HDMI connectivity.

  • rond

    Quad Core, Micro SD card slot, Micro USB port, micro HDMI, Kickstand.

  • aburgthing

    I’d like to see expandable storage, i.e. microSD, non-proprietary mini HDMI out and ability to charge on a standard computer.

  • OberstK

    I would totally love to see some kind of new design-idea… Or some sort of Holo-Projektor:D

  • RRR

    2560×1600 NOT A PENTILE

  • VSG1314

    At the rate technology is moving, I would like to see my new Galaxy Tab 15.1 be able to motion track my eyes to take navigation to a whole new level. Also, be able to read my mind to make games and typing far more entertaining and easy. Maybe some kinect-like functions such as hand gestures using the camera(I would use this if I have it docked far while connected to my TV with HDMI cable)That would make the use of a control obsolete and much more natural.

    I see most people wanting upgraded specs, but evidently we all know those are going to be upgraded naturally. I would rather see new and innovative things added to my new baby. I new owned any table, but hey, a guy can dream, right?

  • jcunwired

    Affordability, and a kickstand. :)