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Day 3: Win a Sony Tablet S


They say the third time’s a charm, but today the third time is a brand new Sony Tablet S. Which is soooo much better. In the past two days, you guys have left almost 4k comments trying to score a free device from the 25 Days of Tegra. Today, we’re turning up the heat, only allowing And Me Accounts with a rank 5 or higher to enter.

The Prize: Sony Tablet S

Highlights of the Sony Tablet S include a 9.4 inch LCD display, dual-core 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB RAM, 5 MP rear camera, 0.3 MP front camera, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth, and an IR port. The Tablet S is also a gamer’s paradise, offering titles from both the Tegra Zone and the Playstation Store.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Entries will be accepted for 23 hours after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on the calendar page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to Enter

To enter today, you must have a rank of at least 5. As we hinted in the original announcement, some of these giveaways will be exclusive to our most faithful users. Today we’re starting slow, opening entry to anyone with a rank of just 5 or higher. If you’re qualified, you’ll be allowed to leave a comment below. If your account doesn’t quite cut it, the comment form will be disabled and you won’t be allowed to enter.

If you’re new to Android and Me, you should read a bit about the influence system and how to score points. Or you can still join now, it’s never to late to get started.

Winner announced, comments closed

Congratulations to our winner, Jason. If that’s not you, stay tuned for more prizes.

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • spintrex


    • spintrex

      Gah I keep making these impulse comments each day, I apologize.

      I sense the ’25 days of Tegra’ getting pretty fierce

      • stenzor

        The refreshing force is strong with this one hrmm

      • Michael C.

        You expected otherwise? Instead of a one-off contest, you’ve got 25 of them, back-to-back. To top it all off, they’re not just limited to the typical “Legal residents of the USA and Canada only” thing, but to users all over the place.

        All I know is, AndroidAndMe rocks. :)

    • Legend


    • jak2rocks

      Really? -_-

    • spintrex

      The curse of being one of the first commentators is being down voted

      • stenzor

        Everyone is downvoting everyone, can’t we just all get along?

        • spintrex

          It’s the curse…. be sure to not comment the first person’s comment for tomorrow’s challenge

  • stenzor

    I think I have about 5

  • AsakuraZero

    in for another tablet!

  • fwtx

    i may not be a 75 or 94, but i made the cut!

    • charliethesuperturtle

      Sorry if I offend you :(

      • fwtx

        no, i’m just new here, i hope i can get up that high!

        • charliethesuperturtle

          You will don’t worry I have only been here for a month

          • fwtx

            and look at that! enough people liked my comments that i am a 74 now! gotta love the community

    • jak2rocks

      Somehow I’m a 9 now even though yesterday I was a 2, lol! #Winning

    • stenzor

      You’ll get there soon! I believe in you

  • Musicsessions

    Game On……Excellent!

  • roamdeus

    That was easy

    • jak2rocks

      I actually have one of those “Easy” buttons.

      • Aladdin

        My Spanish teacher has a facíl button that she presses whenever someone gets an answer right in class

      • EwanRGR

        My middle daughter is handicapped, and one of the things she enjoys is anything electronic that makes a noise – i.e. that she can control. She has an iPad 2 right now (am hoping yours truly can get an Android tablet of his own soon, hint, hint), but last Christmas the Office place had the Easy buttons for free with any purchase over some amount. So we got that for her. Well, it was so EASY that she was hitting it virtually continuously. SO much so that the battery dies under mysterious circumstances after only two days… :-)

  • jayzeroeee

    cool I made the cut

  • Bigos78

    Would love this one :-)

  • Donald

    Hell yea I got a better shot this time. Come on x mas gift for the wife

  • staryoshi

    Awesome promotion for the site and thank-you to subscribers :) AndroidandMe has become a staple in my Twitter feed. Keep up the great work!

  • seven2k

    Big money no whammies!! =) GO AndroidAndMe!!

  • stenzor

    I think one of these should be whoever can get all 3 “Top commenters” spots ;)

    • fwtx

      wow! that must have taken a lot of time.

      • stenzor

        Not really, but I do check this blog fairly frequently

  • dandroid4g

    Made it :)

  • rantmo

    Ok, let’s us try this again but this time where I win a thing.

  • GUI_Center

    Awesome Prize!

  • Shay D. Life

    ….I mean “Goodluck Everyone!!!”

  • Christopher Chavez

    I’m not entering but I just want to say that this is an AMAZING WAY to reward non-trolls on the site.

    Holy crap. Great idea.


    • stenzor

      Indeed… although it seems a lot of them are going through the comments and downvoting everyone

      • Shay D. Life

        +1 I got downvoted for saying “goodluck everyone”. Wow.

  • Dan13

    Please, I WANT IT!

  • Sketchy alx

    Wow. Things are getting more interesting with this contest. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Rashad

    Made the cut! I like how this ranking system keeps out spammers just here for the free stuff

  • redraider133

    Well looks like I made the cut, would be awesome to win a free tablet. Liking the ranking system that keeps the childish and bashing of other members comments out.

  • probers1

    Sweet…I made the cut. Now to work on making that number higher so I can continue to make the cut.

  • charliethesuperturtle

    I barley made it!

  • CTown

    This here is CTown’s entry into today’s contest to win a Sony Tablet S. I hope I win!

  • geiko

    I played with the S at the Sony Store on Black Saturday, and it’s super nice. It’s thinner than blogs make it out to be, and it has the IR sensor. I would love this tablet. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I’m a Sony fanboy who loves to support his favorite tech company. My first ever gadget was a Sony cassette player given to me as a gift by my grandpa.

    • PapaLos

      *Sony Fanboy High Five*

  • Droid Dewd

    Glad I am a avid fan of the site and enjoy commenting on the posts. Keep up the good work! Android FTW!

  • lou2cool88

    I would love to win this! I love the form factor.

  • fletchtb

    Glad to be in! I would love to get my hands on this Sony. Good luck and happy holidays to everyone!

  • Jake

    Hook me up!

  • dharr18

    Not a big Sony fan…but I wouldn’t say no. :D

  • kazahani

    I am a fan of this contest!

  • Wayne

    Might as well try for this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • anikko

    Woot! Im in.

  • Mighty_O

    im in !! let it begin and choose me!!

  • Techrocket9

    Can I still be entered by leaving a comment about how restricting the competition to a select group of people may change the tax status of the contest, potentially getting you in trouble with the IRS?

    Most companies get out of this by allowing anyone to enter by mail, though that would be difficult to coordinate with daily contests.

  • Jeff


  • cheeseasaurus

    When are transformer primes going to make the giveaways? :-)

    I played with this at the bigandroidbbq though, its a gorgeous tablet.

    • EwanRGR

      Careful what you wish for. If I were the folks behind this, I’d tease that as the final prize, but give a week or so notice that you have to be above an 80 or something to qualify. I can only imagine the feeding frenzy THAT would generate.

      Note that I am in no way associated with this site, and so if they end up actually doing that it is a pure coincidence…

  • erikiksaz

    Hell yes I’m in

  • YellowDucati

    I think this would match my walkman. And my mini-disc player.

  • natthompson72

    I have a high enough ranking! ;)

  • Charlesbrown79

    God i love this site

  • melvinjavier

    i also wish to join but my continent is not listed lmao :DD

  • mimogear

    Challenge 3 complete! You guys are the best! XDD

  • Dlux

    This would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Jamaica. Good luck everyone!

  • PapaLos

    Damn, I’m a rank 39 at the time of this post. Moving on up!

    I just saw a review on this tablet and was a little skeptical on the design. Almost looks like a closed netbook. But me being a big fan of Sony, I’m not going to count them out from making a good tablet. Not to mention the integration with Playstation. I have no idea what it could do, but I’m sure with time it could be an awesome feature to make it ”the gamers android tablet”.

    Thanks Android and Me, for the first time, making me want to get into a store to play with one of these.

  • NamelessTed

    Cool beans, I make the cut…. this time.

  • toering

    Thanks for putting this together, you guys rock!

  • jd1ezal

    I’m in on the fun.

    • jd1ezal

      Mobile site is fast and well developed I might add

  • rfvgyhn

    Woo, not disabled.

  • Androidcrazed6

    YES, more of a chance to win!



    tehe =)

  • goncalossilva

    I guess you guys got tired of having thousands of contest entries and started limiting :p

    Keep them coming, and thank you!

  • roland

    I’m loving this android and me

  • tpulu

    I’d love to see how this tablet would interact with my ps3. So Ummmm let me win! Lol

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    Is 43 > 5? ;-)

  • dacatalyst41

    Count me in…I think!

  • eid3tic

    Count me in!

  • pikahatonjon

    woot! the prizes are getting better and better. i wonder what is on day 25 :0

  • AvantGuard

    I think this is a great idea. Count me in.

  • undyingsum

    I love the Tablet S design

  • fartyarty

    Gimme gimme gimme….pretty please

  • rkumarfun

    I think I made it….. :)

  • Aakash

    made it :)

  • Shadowlore

    I find myself enjoying this site more and more every day. Awesome idea for a contest. Consider this my entry.

    Do note this is one of the tablets I’ve really been wanting to hear more about (and see with my own eyes)

    Well, here’s hoping that I get a chance to find out in person ;)

  • Cole Loomis

    Eventually I am bound to win something.

  • Kilo720

    Rank 7 I’m in

  • Rmunks

    im in

  • jckeyes

    I got the moves like Jagger.

  • boro09

    I made it!!!

  • amosque57

    ohh man looks like this may be my last shot at winning something so im hoping i get lucky and win this one

  • cwjones4

    this is like entering the lottery, only it’s free and your odds are way better. i’m okay with that

  • alec

    Just made the cut! Woo hoo!

  • themanwithsauce

    Cmon early christmas present!

  • pnegron20

    I just want to play Crash anywhere I want

  • koorsr

    I really like the idea about only allowing people with a certain rank in on some prizes. Sadly it will rule me out of quite a few I’m sure but it’s forced me to actually add comments and contribute instead of just reading, which was differentiates this blog from others.

    • LukeT32

      But @ the same time the flame wars have increased……

  • mercado79

    This could be the one…

  • oddball

    Good luck everyone. Thanks Android and me and Nvidia

  • Androidcrazed6


  • Donald

    Its nice to see so many avid followers of androidandme. Feels like I have a family outsidemy normal family. Keep up the great work and keep the contest to the true account ts and followers.

    Site runs great on the phone and looks amazing on the phones since the update. Ty for making it simple

  • Pete Doyle

    In by the skin of my teeth

  • HexiJosh

    Well, here’s my shot at it.

  • LukeT32

    Woooooohoooo I very very sneaky……

  • The Kevin

    i knew making 5 comments last month would pay off!!!

  • F4

    just made it! i bet ill be kicked out next round!

  • ihatefanboys

    Third times a charm ? hopefully :-)

  • Snoogans

    Awh snap, yeah rank 6. I should really post more..

  • NegativeOne13

    Best of luck to everyone.

  • AndroidJunkie

    yay, I made it. gotta keep upping my rank to enter more!

  • Ari32

    I want a tablet…

  • Doan

    I need a tablet so I can stop wandering what the big deal is ><

  • criddar

    Did I qualify? Hope so since I’m typing this on an outdated Android device.

  • RAWLogic

    Can I please has a tablet?

  • smisa27

    just barely past the border! haha..this seems like a pretty sweet device!

  • cmorris

    I guess the rank system updated today. I went from 2 to 38 in 24 hours of not posting.

  • Sathariel

    I’m in!

  • lament

    I got a 9.4 inch for you..

  • Chuxter

    If I win, I will give my old tablet to the poor!

    • jak2rocks

      That would be me, thank you very much. It’s my birthday in about two weeks, so that’s perfect!

  • MJM128

    sweeeet just cut it :)

  • evelio

    Long scroll down but I’m in! Free Android devices FTW!

  • mvndaai

    This contests makes me happy. I love Sony products, I love giveaways and I love Christmas. Thanks Android and Me and even NVidia.

  • NegativeOne13

    Best of luck to everyone!

  • Kwills 88

    I barely made the cut XD

  • Ecarttev


  • bossyman15

    Third time’s the charm.

  • Jorge89

    I made the cut! I might actually have a chance at winning this! XP

  • Josh McAllister

    I would love you LONG TIME if I won this Androidandme!

  • heeros

    The iR sensor is pretty rare on android devices. Would love to be able to use it as a remote :-)

  • optimaljam

    sweetness I can still get in this, I love youtube for sending me here, But I love androidandme for having me here. :)

  • WarDrake

    i think i’m gonna throw my two cents in here and say i’m not a fan of sony, but their tablet thru odd, still sounds good ^_^

  • jafunk

    the sony tablet has a rather interesting shape, i’m wondering if it is more comfortable to hold because of it

  • mabroid

    Whooop Whooop. Got everything crossed!

  • bruce080

    Gotta have it

  • sdtrinity3

    Nice, the Sony Tablet S is rated even higher than the Samsung Galaxy Tab! Good luck everyone

  • MdKnight

    If all of these prizes are going to involve rank…this might be the last one I qualify for. Let the finger crossing begin!

    • wwinkler

      Keep posting in other threads and maybe not.

  • DarkPyroGuy_09

    This is one I would love to play with!!!

  • e36bmer

    That tablet is so ugly… I still would rock it for free though.

  • issac4760

    i really really hope i win.

  • jkramer7

    It’s unfortunate that I’ll probably miss out on the rest of these, but thanks for the giveaways! Maybe now I’ll start contributing instead of lurking.

  • amassingham

    Woo Exciting.
    It would be pretty awesome to win one of these.

  • poopster

    made the cut…now its my turn to win! YESH~

  • Merridus

    Maybe I’ll have a little more luck today

  • mmsr5

    Nice looking Sony tablet!

  • josegb2011

    Respect my authority give me tablet…noooow

  • Dale Bebeau

    I’ve never really won anything, hope I get lucky!

  • beatrixasdfghjk.

    5.06 ;DD.

    I agree, I never win anything ):

  • Justin Underscore

    Wow, just barely made it! Rank 6 at the moment…

    This looks like a pretty nice tablet. According to a review I found from PC World, the curved design makes it more comfortable to hold and easier to type on, even if it means it’s not the thinnest device out there. Interesting idea.

    Good luck everyone! :-)

  • Rubrewskey

    Great prizes so far. This contest is awesome!

  • ososxe

    Not so sure about the sony tablets, but at least is not the P..

  • Xallies

    I should have more then 5. I hav posted a load without logging in, but as xallies. I have been coming to this site for ages. I got swype beta thanks to u guys and have read every single post. Lol, i like ur blog.

    • Xallies

      Woot 13!! I feel all fuzzy inside!

  • OpenIntro

    The form factor of this guy is weird, BUT i do love Sony, so I’d definitely give it a shot! :)

  • BlkSquad

    I can haz?

  • Kevinthebox

    I want a Sony Tablet S. Please Andme??

  • ben dover

    Keep upping that number needed to enter and I might win for once :-)


    For the love of all that is good and right… I’ll get an AndMe tattoo. Just like that Zune guy.

    • wwinkler

      Hahah that’d be cool to see.

  • la_resistance28

    Gah! Barely made the cut! Whew!

  • icee0711

    Did I make it?

  • reflux83

    I have to hand it to sony for wanting to try a slightly different form factor.

  • msgnyc

    Count me in my god man. ;)

  • cunctator

    that is one sexy tablet!

  • SphericalPuma

    Would love to get my hands on that tablet!

  • punshkin

    i am really glad, you are including europe in your games, unlike other android pages.
    Thank you, AndroidandMe :D

  • Toonshorty

    It’s so shiny! I wonder if Apple will sue them for that?

  • TaoRenCe

    All hail the Android Armada!

  • tasomaniac

    Hey I want one. :))

  • Silver

    Wow I’m a bit surprised. I actually thought I did not qualify but I actually got a rank of 12! Whee! *muhahahaha!!

  • mustybooks

    loving these giveaways!

  • Kwills 88

    Have a feeling I will enter all these contest and end up 0-25

    • wwinkler

      It’s very possible but you never know until you try. I learned that last year when I won a radio contest.

  • jdawg334

    Awesome contest! Not even the almighty explosive Iphone making Apple can top Sony! :) I want one of these please!

  • R.S

    In it to win it!

  • Briareos

    Interesting looking tablet. I’m in. :)

  • olentz

    Nice curve.

  • vid500

    Nice one, I’m in.

  • killabee44

    Bring it!!

  • tengo

    Count me in! I love how Sony took a different approach with this tablet.

  • james bricknell

    Morning guys

  • Johnston212

    Woohoo, Rank 5 already. Didn’t take long and totally worth it! :D

  • wombas

    I like to tapered design of the sony … but to be honest im a sleek sammy type of guy.

    • wwinkler

      Same here, this larger back on top than on bottom might make it easier though to lay on the table and use it since it gives it kind of slight angle easier for your eyes to look at.

  • psipher

    Thanks for another great giveaway.

  • MarkT

    I comment, therefore I am (needy/worthy).

  • drauks

    Probably getting greedy, but I don’t mind a good Christmas gift to give to my family…

    • wwinkler

      Yeah probably shouldn’t enter if you already won. That’s just my opinion but I don’t know if the rules of this contest prohibit this. Though I could see a lot of users being very angry at Android and Me if you won another one.

  • thekaz

    oh, man, I’d love one of these for xmas!


    5? Lmao! Anyway in

  • cherrytree

    In for another try!

  • nwilliam3

    I’m actually not real familiar with this tablet. Might actually make if more fun to play with.

  • Alex

    Phew good thing I got my ranking up!

  • ethernetgeek

    Sweet! I really hope I will win one of these drawings.

  • spoon201

    I got to hand it to Sony for trying something different from all the other tablet makers. It is nice to see some ammount of inovation still.

  • Aladdin

    Good luck everyone

  • tjwwm0m

    They like me. They really like me!

  • robertlwalters

    one of these days my luck is going change

  • MoneyMike

    Woot woot!

  • Grim Reeper S16

    Let see who win this time shall we?

    • Grim Reeper S16

      Also there was pass 2 thousand comment in the last one. do you think we can beat that XD

      • wwinkler

        Easily, these contest post tend to bring out everyone under the sun.

  • n25philly


  • sargas

    I wonder if the comments here will bring down my rank….

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Here’s hoping!

  • pixelswim

    I am delighted to have a chance at this! Good luck everyone!

  • wwinkler

    Apparently I’ve got enough influence to enter a 17 higher than I expected so that’s sweet. I didn’t win either of the Samsung Galaxy tabs so here we are again trying to win papa a sweet new tablet for christmas.

    Maybe my luck I’ll win a tablet or something cool from the 25 days of tegra before Verizon ever releases the Galaxy Nexus.

    Good luck everyone.

  • darkhorse166

    Hey, I’m in this :D

  • DonChinga

    I messed with one of these at a BB. Pretty neat.

  • Kevin Amundson

    I just barely sneak by… So cool. :)

  • luiek20

    And once again good luck to everyone! 22 more days to go and its only getting better!

  • CJ LaFleur

    I want it!!!!

  • rojach

    FTW!!!! :)

  • magnum80

    Good luck guys!

  • LV23

    Nice price!

  • droidnip


  • RzR

    PS Store and Tegra Zone? Awesome! :D

  • Leon Hitchens

    I wan to win :))))) I herd this sony tablet s is a pretty good tablet.

  • jenskristian

    Pick me, pick me :)

  • Ironzey

    Woo hoo. It’s shape like a magazine.

  • Y2Dre

    Me likey…

  • FutureShock

    Yay. My score is high enough.

  • Gurka123

    I love sony tablet S!

  • xray49er

    Nice I need to post more. I will be upset when 10 is the minimum. Crosses fingers for the Sony tablet

  • frankthgr8

    I’m glad I have enough points!

  • bourjua

    Definitely want this one, I’m in.

  • squish72


  • ddmart

    The thrill of competition! Good luck to everyone!! :)

  • Chad

    Lotta tasty Tegra tablets so far for this month!

  • wwomack


  • Ciela

    Best of luck to everyone :)

  • the5thdimension

    I’ve been with AndroidAndMe for over two years now, but was never much of a commenter. Now I am. I gotta get my points up…and fast! Oh and I’ll take this tablet too. Played with it for a bit at the Sony Style store and it’s pretty damn smooth.

  • Healthy

    jeah jeah!

  • damambt

    Good luck to all!
    If I don’t win, I would at least like to see a review from the winner that way we can all be winners, sort of.

  • Canterrain

    Nice start to the user reward contest!

  • Deeds

    I can’t believe how there are so few comments right now compared to yesterday or Thursday.

  • Futureboy

    Please drop my name in “rowfeeder hat.” Thank you!

  • ralphwiggum1

    Me win a tablet? That’s unpossible.

  • golfpedaler

    Awesome Prize!!!

  • ndub21

    I haven’t looked much at the Sony Tablet S, but needless to say, I would love one! I like these contests where you have to have a higher rank to enter. Just don’t go above 57 ok? ;-)

  • Sleepy Head

    Does the contents of the comment have anything to do with who is picked?

  • Alexander

    yayyyy my favorite number 5, and i’m 16 :D if i would a made an account since i started commenting here i would of been 100000000 lol. Good luck everyone :)

  • baldypal

    Let’s see I currently have “9″ points. I need “5″ points. 9 > 5. Yeah! The math works I get to enter this contest! Go me…Go me…Go me…

  • Steve505

    I need a tablet!

  • EwanRGR

    Interesting to see that there are still literally hundreds of applicable comments even with the restriction and it being a Saturday. Is there a graph somewhere breaking down the membership by tens? IOW, X number of folks from 0 to 10, Y number from 11 to 20, that sort of thing?

  • tequilya

    Woot! Just squeaked in

  • ndokami

    cool prize =)

  • computergeek737


  • thegross1

    1337 woot nerf /dance

  • kusine


  • techvudu

    The Sony tablet S is indeed quite a different form factor. Checked it out on BF and found it pretty nice. Would love to add this my arsenal. Thanks for the contest. :-)

  • nportelli

    Weird shape, but I’ll take one.

  • osc707

    thanks for putting on this contest! I love you website and this is a great bonus

  • levelm

    Happy Holidays!

  • pcon

    these drawings keep getting better!

  • theBlueTick

    I never seem to make the cut. Oh!

  • Alex Pena

    Love the ranking system, Andriodandme, and would love to have a Sony Tablet S for christmas to give to my bigger brother.

  • nmw407

    Wow. This is seriously wicked! If Day 3 is a Sony Tablet, I can’t wait to see what the next days bring!

    Go Androidandme!

  • ChaosKiller


    I’m happy :)

  • myandroid99

    I’ve never seen or heard of this tablet before…

  • dokholiday44

    YAY Sony! Thank you androidandme!

  • Ben Rollier

    Awesome! I’d like that :)

  • pekosROB

    Free tablets are always AWESOME

  • jon094

    Competition is getting fierce. Hope it’s my lucky day today.

  • rmcsc

    I wonder if the IR blaster on this baby can control TVs other than just Sony. Would be fun going to a Sears Brand Central and testing this out.

    • minimage

      I’d be delighted to have a device that could do that! The last device I had that could was the original Dell Axim X5, and its signal was so weak I had to hold it within a couple of inches of the tv to do anything!

    • Angie Wimberly

      Somehow my comment ended up in the wrong place. Meant to reply to you to say it works on our Toshiba TV.

  • onestiffdrink

    Hmm, it was easier to be rank 5 than I expected…

  • AceoStar

    I really love the user ranking system. It gives us a unique way to interact with the site and eachother, and ties us more closely with the posts without needing to goto forums. Who’s idea was it?

    • AceoStar

      Angie, if it was yours, don’t let Clark and Taylor take all the credit :D

      • Angie Wimberly

        Haha :) It would be cool if it were mine but this is mostly Clark’s baby.

  • Azaurath

    Yay! I made the cut.

  • Kaote

    This is an an interesting form on this tablet would love to give it a try

    • Inquizitor

      Yeah, the whole curve around and lip-thing on the back gives it a style of a notepad that’s opened. It’s certainly interesting.

  • Nickedynick

    Go on then, I’ll enter! :-)

  • asuman1179


  • minimage

    Gonna draw me back into the tech community, aren’t you? I warn you, once I get started, you may want me to stop! But seriously, I bought a Velocity Micro Cruz T103 a few weeks ago (I knew what I was doing; I saw the user reviews, but it was only 100 bucks + shipping, and some people said it was much better after rooting!). It reminded how buying MIPS when everyone else was buying ARM just wasn’t the right thing to do. It runs EverNote, surfs the web and lets me read eBooks, but I need more, like Exchange Mail, the ability to hop from one wireless ap to another seamlessly when I walk through work, and Citrix. That means you get me coming here!

  • ags29

    This would be such a cool entrance for Sony back into my life :-)

  • scipion4

    Been reading this site for a while but this tegra giveaway gave me the final push to join.

    presently surprised i quailify

    crossing my fingers!

    • Angie Wimberly

      It worked on our Toshiba TV :)

  • bwmanx

    This one has the IR blaster which would be nice! I voted for this one twice when they did the contest a few months ago.

  • osatrevor

    Ha Ha! I knew that checking this site three times a day and occasionally commenting would come in handy some day! ;0)

  • slimx30

    This is awesome. I want it!

  • raichleb

    Look’s like 8 is enough. I’m in.

  • 84guy


  • Hong_Peel

    :) Not bad a Tablet S!

  • JIW

    Yes Please :)

  • jiggybyte

    Well, here we go! Papa needs a new S!

  • Sway_212

    Comment of the day. Boom.

  • kest009

    This would be awesome

  • mukul.modi

    This would be kewl stuff to get!

  • Cvette83

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  • Inquizitor

    Well, phew! Just re-joined A&M recently, glad to know that I’ve built up enough of a score to still enter some of these contests.

  • ferman

    Wow that was close. I forgot what my rank was. Thankfully I was active on the site earlier. :)
    Time to win myself a tablet!!! ;)

  • br14n

    I’m a lucky number 7.

  • mikeyDroid

    Just made it over 5!

  • Dirty_Azkals

    Haha……..One more trinket to add to my ever growing Sony collection! With then I will rule my mancave!!!

  • Jes

    Wow you’d think the score limitation would cut down on some of the comments. Nope! Had to scroll forever just to leave a comment!

    Either way, good luck to all!

  • jjsink

    Hey, I’m happy! I got to make a contest comment entry. Thanks, AndroidAndMe!

  • wild

    No problem , I have >5 :)

  • jeepnie

    wow i think i’m the lowest guy hope for more

  • wtfprotein


  • mikeytusa

    I think pretty much everyone has a score higher than 5 — unless you’re some awful troll.

    • minimage

      When I first signed up last night, it said I had a two. After several comments and four hours later, it said I had a zero. When I woke up this afternoon, I was able to comment on this thread, so I don’t think that’s exactly correct, unless you mean those who knew of this site before the giveaway started.

  • 20hall

    Oh please! :D a sexy tablet!

  • Triplanetary


  • jsweetser2

    I love tablets

  • bullonie


  • Donnieace

    I would like a tablet for Xmas.

  • KatSelezneva

    I want it!

  • Dev-CreativeReach

    I need a gift! thx

  • Wilson Lara

    Awesome Tablet

  • OGdroid57

    Friggin love this site, noone else would do this woo!

  • Taylor

    Not first, not last, but hoping something good will come to replace the sadness imparted by Amazon yesterday.

  • E-man

    |Me| |need| |So||ny|! ;)

  • Jeb

    Here is hoping for some luck….

  • Slith

    I made the cut!

  • WallaceD

    Erm… yeah. Good luck, guys!

  • GeauxLSU

    Ready to win on lucky day 3

  • elijahblake

    Yay, i made this cutt off :)

  • itzxdjx

    Hope i win

  • Steven Nutt

    Yay? Yep yay ;)

  • AndyE

    boom! i just happen to have 10 of those points!

  • minimage

    Downvote me all you want, but I am proud to be honest, rather than claiming I had been reading the site for 15 years and only NOW decided to sign up and post! :P

    This promotion did just what it was supposed to, making people who were previously unaware of the site come and participate, and in case you haven’t noticed, I’m doing more than just “gimme” posts, I’m trying to provide useful comments with real info. Cheers!

    PS: Not saying everyone who claims to have been RSSing/lurking before is lying, but do you think they’re all telling the truth? Ha!

  • orangestrat

    Holy balls! I’m over 5 already?

  • Monkeyman364

    This is one of the tabs I was looking at getting O_o

  • Marc’us H.

    I’m a 6! A solid 6! I’m in with the cool kids now!

  • frpst9

    Very cool device. Fingers crossed!

  • cbowal

    I would love to win a Sony Tablet S!

  • mrbill187

    Interesting wedge design.

  • wyngo


  • LeePlaya


  • SuperAndroid

    Sleek looking wonder.

  • dfmckay

    Would love to win a tablet.

  • Jeremiah

    OK – this time pick my name instead of someone else’s.

  • PhyzX

    Yay! A contest for your fellow Canucks! =D

    • CJ LaFleur

      If you’re talking about the vancouver canucks then they lost that contest to the bruins in june.

  • humidity

    This tablet looks sick and it’d be awesome to play games on!

  • ccn_cristi

    Tegra Zone says it all! :)