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The typical Android user is a nerd in t-shirt and jeans, but at least we have girlfriends

mr android featured

Ever wondered what the typical Android user looks like? There’s no doubt we have our stereotypes for followers of specific operating systems, and Android is no exception. The guys from BlueStacks have just compiled information from Nielsen and a Facebook poll they conducted. The result is Mr. Android 2011.

It’s not so much a “look”; it’s a very fragmented image. Instead, this is an infographic that represents percentages of habits, lifestyles and preferences within the Android community.

There are, of course, the characteristics we expect to see not only in Android fans, but in human beings. Like the fact that 78% have a “normal-sized head” or 51% have “average-length hair.” Or the fact that most have black or brown hair. These are a given with any group of people, but things get more interesting as you move down the graph.

The vast majority of us like to wear t-shirts and jeans. 41% wear sneakers, which may be why people relate Android to lower income. It also seems 62% of us use our phones for playing games, while only 38% use them for work.

45% of us still wear a watch, which is interesting. We often hear people say that a watch is no longer necessary, since you can use your phone for the same purpose.

According to the infographic, a third of Android users do not have a single paid app on their phone, and average data consumption is 582 MB a month.

Yes, we sound like big nerds, right? Well the good news is: 63% of us have a significant other.

Take a look at the info graphic below to see more details, and let us know what you think. Let’s see how right this thing is. Where do you fall in these categories?

Let’s start with me. Black, long hair. American (well, Mexican American) with no glasses and a normal sized head. I usually wear t-shirts, but haven’t owned a pair of jeans since high school and prefer sneakers. No watch, and I mostly use Android for work (obviously).

Via: All Things Digital

Source: BlueStacks

Hello, I am Edgar Cervantes. I am an avid Android fan, and keeping myself updated on the topic is part of my daily life. I will always work hard to give the best of me to our community of Android enthusiasts, and I am very honored to be part of this ship. Hopefully we can all enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions!

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  • zyphbear

    I bet the t-shirts are because of the witty internet shirt sites like woot and threadless, but don’t forget our shirts that show our love your the little green guy too!

    • BiGMERF

      I am for sure the opposite of any thing described.

      100 percent Puerto Rican born and raised in the projects of Brooklyn Nyc.So I look like the guy that would steal a device instead of using it.(but thats another stereotype).

      Usually find me wearing jeans a pair of jordans or timberlands with a a jersey of one of my favorite teams and a matching hat. This is usually, on occasion i will be better dressed (going to a club, dinner with the lady, etc)

      I do usually wear glasses (Dolce and Gabana)

      I have a gun licence so if you have the heart to walk up to me and take my device. You might get

      I do game on my phone from time to time

      plenty of paid apps

      only wear a watch when i go somewhere special

      and finally use close to 2gb

      • E

        Lmao I agree wit u merf …jordans kicks Levis or true religion versace glasses armani watch they forgot bout us in the hood we rock wit Android too

      • Jon Garrett


        African American, 42yrs old but look 20-something. I wear clothes that make me look like special forces or a private contractor working in the middle east.

  • tmihai20

    Hurray for statistics. I am waiting for the one regarding Apple users.

    • zerosix

      Here it is:
      49% are homosexuals
      49% are stupid glamurous girls
      1% are people, who make videos “iphone crash test”
      1% are jailbreakers.

      • LEAP24-21

        49% are rappers, gangstas, rockers, punks, emmos…. and all these mans have beautiful girlfriends or they get sex every time.
        49% are beautiful girls
        1% are jailbreakers
        1% are other

        • zerosix

          Real gangsters use entry-level nokias.

    • lfc
  • WarDrake

    HAHA!! very interesting Graphic, i like how clothing was a part of it ^_^
    it means we’re confortable and don’t care what others have to say about us :D

  • booyootoo

    Yup, looks like me… /sarcasm
    I do find the pic amusing :-D

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    Thumbs up to that…

  • stenzor

    What about the users that wear monocles! We demand recognition!

    (disclaimer: I don’t actually own a monocle)

    • mm777

      or top hats for that matter

      (disclaimer: i don’t own a top hat but i will some day and a monocle, to go along with my pocket watch)

      • vmax

        or walking sticks

        (disclaimer: i dont own a walking stick but someday i will and a monocle and a top hat to go along with my golden pocket watch )

        • stenzor

          I’ll trade you my monocle for your pocketwatch

          • TruFactz

            And I’ll trade you my bifocals for that pocket watch

            (Disclaimer: I dont even wear glasses)

  • AsakuraZero

    Panamenian, caucasian, light brown hair, fairly long, i prefer shirts, i use jeans but i love cloth jeans they are just better, i always used a watch (its classy and battery independence its my motto), and dressing shoes.

    i have a few paid apps, a gf, im just another joe on this planet.. sure another geek too

    • mm777

      egyptian, caucasian, brown hair, depends on the weather shaved during summer, wooly mammoth during any other time, beard/goatee (NO NOT GOATSE), glasses, pocket watch at ceremonies and a mechanical watch that i twist up every morning for everything else because batteries will die, t-shirts, witty t-shirts “i void warranties” seriously i am not allowed in my local best buy for some cough trouble i did cough, polos blazers topless at home and/or bottomless while still wearing a dress shirt and socks and dancing like a idiot on a hard wood floor, jeans, cargo pants, can’t leave for work with out my own keyboard aka ibm model m from 1987 a laptop/tablet/netbook/phone and a micro usb cable for wired tether and headphones (klipsch) a game controller or 2 those coffee breaks take a while with a super mario tourny on a snes emulator, my ring tone is the beees knees (heres the .mp3 enough computers to make a $400 payment on my monthly electrical bill and then some and enough hdd space to make cloud storage suck balls. now how much geekier can i get well hate to break it to ya i am married with 3 kids and 4th on the way. have a nice day.

  • Angie Wimberly

    His legs looks tiny compared to the rest of him, haha.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      LOL, you are right. I think the lower body needs to be zoomed in a bit more…

  • Steve Heinrich

    *Looks down at self*….. Uncanny.

  • Nick Sarafolean

    This totally describes me and most of the other Android users that I know.

  • DroidSamurai

    Let me see if I fit in:

    Asian (ethnic group) American (citizenship)
    Normal sized head
    Extremely short hair on the side, but normal length in the middle
    Black hair with dyed blonde highlight

    Wear glasses
    T-shirt (graphic tee with great design only)
    No Jeans, I like cargo pants
    No watch, only use one to accessorize once in a while
    Sneakers (low income for sneakers? Man, you gotta check out how expensive those Adidas ObyO Jeremy Scott Wings costs)

    Paid apps = Yes, but I bought them when they are on sale ;-)
    Data usage ~= 1GB, but I work at home and have access to Wifi most of the times

    No girlfriend because I LOVE MY WIFE :-D

    The infographic is pretty accurate to me.

  • T1392

    Let’s see
    Average size head√
    & of course Lady√
    Proud to be a typical android user√
    Sad thing though my significant other does call me a geek SMH.

    • B2L

      It’s only sad if you aren’t proud of being one. Mine calls me a geek all the time, but I can’t deny it. I mean seriously, if you weren’t a geek, you probably wouldn’t be reading a site called Android and Me. :P

  • Al

    Nah, the “related to low income” is snobbery from the Apple guys, based on the fact that droids are cheap (or even free on contract), whereas iPhones cost bucks no matter what contract you have. Cue the “ah, couldn’t afford an iPhone then?” quips.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Also, 3% is a LOT of mohawks. I rarely see people with them… lol.

    • damambt

      i see a ton of faux hawks out in the gulf coast.

      • CJ LaFleur

        i have a faux hawk and i’m from new england.

  • aykutb

    we shall destroy that %5.

  • aykutb

    brown-blonde hair
    no glasses
    no freckles
    tshirt (ftw)
    sneakers (no matter how old,yes)

    guess i fit the majority

  • Katie Cunningham

    Where’s the one for Ms. Android? Is that one coming up?

    • Anne A

      Preach! Out of all my girl friends only one has an iPhone (she also still uses IE, so…), while the rest of us are rocking Android phones ^_^

    • serenada

      Seriously. As a very short-haired black woman with plenty of paid apps and no girlfriend, this couldn’t be less me.

  • damambt

    Black Hair
    No Freckles
    Tan Skin
    Wear Dress Shirts Once a Week (service dress)
    T-Shirts (off duty)
    Wristwatch (things can get ugly if caught using phone during a briefing)
    Denims (gotta have’em) – Sweatsuits when feelin’ lazy
    70% Paid Apps on my NEXUS S
    Khakis –YES
    Unlimited data (grandfathered) – No worries
    Athletic Shoes – Jordans 100% of the time

  • pekosROB

    Asian (Korean American to be exact, only one in my family to be born on US soil too!)
    Black hair
    no glasses (or corrective lenses/surgery)
    T-shirt wearing (when not at work)
    I usually wear a watch when I’m out of the house
    I prefer khakis over blue jeans, shorts over pants
    Adidas Superstar kicks
    I have MANY paid apps, some for over $4
    I have a girlfriend that I love very much.

    Sounds fairly accurate to me too.

  • GRRemlin

    I dunno about sneakers.
    I wear mine because:
    - They are more comfortable than boots or dress shoes.
    - I choose to wear them and nobody can tell me not to.

    But that’s probably why I am an Android fan as well, I like comfort and freedom of choice. :)

    • GRRemlin

      Oh, and don’t start me on data usage.
      I average 6-7GB/month.
      No, I don’t tether, this is strictly using the phone.
      So I download a ROM or two while at work… big deal. :)
      Sadly, my 4G connection is faster than if I did it through our company’s WiFi :(

      • TruFactz

        yeah…………i teather my sensation to my playstation to play MW3…….

    • SGB101

      you wear trainers with your dress ;-)

  • mikeyDroid

    96% have larger dicks than iPhone users.

    Come on, someone had to say it.

    • lxgeorge

      I’m gonna admit, I +1′d this.

    • B2L

      We may have bigger dicks, but the iPhone users are bigger dicks. :P

  • alxrock

    I’d like to see an infographic of what the average Android user’s phone looks like. (avg screen size, brand, root vs stock, accessories, etc, etc.)

  • CJ LaFleur

    apple fans all propose to Siri and get rejected lol.

  • vid500

    I’m in the minority in most things but kind of like it. Android rocks!

  • Sky

    hmm,interesting .. but the thing is.. we are AWESOME,us android army has the coolest personalities and the community is well worth it as well… i can care less what my fellow android homies look like..we are all kool peeps. :)-
    .. .. im just a skater dude dressed in skate clothes with a passion for skating and everything android.

    ..however,its VERY easy to determine the typical iphone user “interface” lol ;)-

  • Ronnie Boone

    How do they know? No one asked me whether or not I wear glasses, jeans, t-shirt or anything else.

  • Samar

    Does anybody see any patents in there that Big ‘A’ cud be filing for itself ? :-)

  • e36bmer

    Where do they get this stuff?

    Did you know that 73% of statistics are made up on the spot?

  • Jennifer

    Let’s see if I fit. Lol

    American Caucasian
    Normal sized head
    Long straight Hair with Bangs
    Dark Brown

    Wear glasses
    T-shirt’s sometimes form fitting shirts
    Jeans most of the time
    No Watch (use phone)

    Use for pleasure mostly
    Paid apps = Yes but most were bought on sale a few full price
    Data usage ~= Just switched to a 4g phone so I went over 2gs last month
    Have over a hundred apps
    No girlfriend, I have a boyfriend
    Cause I am a GIRL! Lol.

    Surprised they didn’t put gender on there. :P

    • mikeyDroid

      Ditch the BF, k?

      • Jennifer


  • thekaz

    yeah, at least we have girlfriends!

    shh. don’t tell my wife about my girlfriend…

  • Hall Lo

    Stupid stereotype is stupid.

  • Futureboy

    Holy crap! That looks exactly like me!

    • Angie Wimberly


  • WlfHart

    Statistics are fun! Terribly deceiving, but fun…

  • Billy

    Random and fun … now I need to get a gf!

  • Billy

    Brown Hair – Clean Cut
    Normal Size Head
    No Freckles
    Work – Dress Shirt/Slacks/Khakis and boots
    Off Work – TShirt and Blue Jeans and boots
    Android – Of Course!! (Win 7 at home, OSX at work)
    Dress watch
    Mostly paid apps
    Data – Unlimited Grandfathered VZW
    Single – :(
    Half Work/Half Play

  • Diego Perez

    yay we nerds has lovers.

  • Jorge Branco

    30% with freckles? That’s huge! And I’m proud to be one of the throng

  • Peter

    Asian-American, mid-30, but still get card, black crew cut hair.When not at work with dress shirt and slack. Tshirt and jeans and my timberland. Gave up glass,did laser surgery. Drive a hybrid. Have long time girlfriend. Gave up watch for smart phone(G1)then. Tech addicted. movie buff. Workout twice a week. Gamer veteran and still playing. And of course Android and me fan and proud android geek.

  • Louis A

    This’s finding is absolutely true lol

  • staryoshi

    Studies like this are mildly interesting :) As most others, I fall into some minorities, majorities, and averages. Thankfully I’m one of those with a significant other. Unfortunately, I’m also bespectacled :P

  • Numbertwo

    Lets see I’m
    American hispanic mid 20s
    Short hair (sometimes bald)
    T shirts- yes (button ups on special occasions
    Watch- yes (calculater one)
    work-scrubs and sneakers(vans mostly)
    Off work- jeans only in the winter+sneakers (I mainly walk around in speedos)
    games- casually
    Dont pay for apps ( I would if I had a credit card)
    glasses- only the 3d ones you get from
    the movies( I like the form of them)
    Girl- yes wife+random freaks

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Going to have to show this infographic to my girlfriend; I’m sure she’ll be amused!

  • GeauxLSU

    They left out favorite pizza topping from the survey.

  • Androidmaniac

    short hair,have glasses,wears a watch,use for both games n work, <3 sneakers,mostly tshirts n jeans,never pay for apps,n ofcourse,,,have a cute girlfriend!! :))

  • Danny Calderon

    I have plenty of paid apps, plus paid music… But I do most definitely wear Tshirts and jeans and sneakers which by the way are not cheap

  • http://Note Uncemister

    This is just a ploy to meet people online. Asl anyone? Jk :3

  • DroidPower

    wonder if this’ll be used for ads…

    great way to present these stats

  • KatSelezneva

    A wonderful article! I enjoyed it really very much. I want to see Ms. Android 2011! As for me, I’m a girl with average-length blonde hair and glasses. And I’m still wearing a watch :)

  • Fab

    37% + 28% +27%
    Wait…isn’t it 101% ?

  • Emma K

    100% are male?