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Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich? Thou shall not pass! Samsung shows off Touchwiz 4.0


Samsung is hard at work figuring out ways to bring Touchwiz, their custom Android UI overlay, to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. They appear to be pretty far down the road already and have released a 4-minute video demonstrating a Touchwiz-zed version of Android 4.0.1 running on a Galaxy S II device.

Though we certainly didn’t expect them to do so, we hoped Android 4.0 would be the release that would bring the platform together and that companies would start to use vanilla (or stock) Android in their devices instead of throwing their own custom UI overlays in there. Or, at the very least, that even if there were hints of OEM UI overlays in there, the beauty of Android 4.0 would be allowed to shine through more than it appears Samsung is willing to let it.

Ice Cream Sandwich was designed from the ground up at Google and was focused on greatly enhancing the user experience, which has been one of the drawbacks of Android over competitor offerings to date. Android 4.0 is the best version of Android yet, and we hate to see OEMs ruining it by completely skinning the software.

What do you guys think? Is Touchwiz for Android 4.0 improved enough for us to be okay with it on our devices? Or do you want to see more of a stock/vanilla version of Android 4.0 become more widely adopted by handset makers?

Source: TechCrunch

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    stock Vanilla ftw.. Truthfully are you surprised they are laying touchwiz over 4.0 gRRRRRR?!!

    • CTown

      Of course I’m bot surprised. The phone came with Touchwiz 4, removing it for stock ICS or even Touchwiz 5 (which rumored to be lighter) could confuse the user!

      Plus on Gingerbread, the Galaxy S still has TW3, so Samsung will make the same skin for the pgone no matter how many Android updates a phone gets!

      • YMS123

        A simple solution is keeping TouchWiz and ICS separate, put stock ICS on and make TouchWiz an optional launcher, that way people could use whichever they prefer

        • CTown

          No, that won’t work. The changes are not only skin deep. HTC and Samsung tend to use different bluetooth stacks, and stuff like that. Have you ever wondered why MIUI is “an AOSP” ROM, even though the framework is proprietary just like Sense and TW. It’s because the kernel is not over modified to the point where the kernel source is almost pointless!

          • TruFactz

            Its sad that HTC left the vanilla game……….

        • thunsaker

          I have wanted this since the first custom skin showed up. Please make it optional!

          • Gazos

            Stock all the way man!

        • fenixshaw

          TouchWiz is a little deeper than just a launcher. It has custom apks for various apps on the devices. It would be nice to see Sammy produce a tool to flash to vanilla ICS (or any version) or have the ability to choose the UI as part of the device setup.

          • desean

            True but those can be removed (if the phone is rooted) without affecting the phone in anyway. TouchWiz is less intrusive when compared to Sense IU.

          • vitebsk66

            It’s just a shame that people have to root their phones/devices and install custom ROMs and such just to get the “standard” interface.

    • stenzor

      This is terrible.. I was really hoping for a lightly modified vanilla ICS for my SGSII :(
      I guess that means custom ROM time…

      • faun

        It’s possible TW5 will be the lightly modified ICS you’re looking for, but I’m afraid TW4 was never going to be, for consistency’s sake.

    • tmihai20

      I like the transition from portrait to landscape. I especially don’t like the rectangle that shows off every time you select an option. It’s a shame SGS II owners can’t choose to have the ICS launcher. I did use the stock launcher for Gingerbread for a while, I switched to Go Launcher as soon I discovered it. It sure doesn’t look better than the old TouchWiz interface.

      • faun

        That red bordering rectangle is just a temporary thing that’s showing the redraw regions on the phone – it won’t happen in the final software.

    • charliethesuperturtle

      I agree merchant stock ftw

    • Jorge Branco

      Surely it’s reached the point now where one of the big OEMs could “differentiate” itself purely by offering vanilla android. If say HTC started using vanilla for all their phones, the general public would pretty quickly come to associate that look with HTC.

    • BobbyPhoenix

      Well at least there are launchers out there that mimic ICS to a tee. On my GSII I’m using ADW EX/Go EX (I switch from time to time for fun) with ICS icons, dialer, fonts, keyboard, wallpaper, SMS theme, and lockscreen. You really can’t tell it’s not ICS except for the notification bar. Once ICS for real is out for it, it will complete the “stock vanilla” ICS experience. Funny how devs can make a launcher, and put it on the Market that works so well with any OS in weeks, if not days, but carriers need months to make theirs work.

  • ArticulateFool

    Vanilla ics is a beautiful thing. If only more manufacturers would realize this.

    • itzxdjx

      Yeah I’m quite disappointed in there route makes me want the galaxy Nexus even more. There should at least be a way to easily return to stock ICS built in.

      • vitriolix

        Agreed. I seriously considered picking up the GSII on Sprint during the black friday sale, but I knew they would screw up the ICS update like this. No thanks, so glad I waited for the Nexus. Now if only my wait would end ;)

      • zerosix

        As I know, there are tons of apps in the Market, which give the stock launcher.
        At least 2.2 and 2.3 launchers.

        • drksilenc

          the issue is tw and sense are not just launchers they are integrated into the os

    • stenzor

      The only way Samsung could have improved it is if they changed those default ICS icons into something nicer-looking… but it seems like they don’t appreciate design anyways

      • thunsaker

        I too think the new icons are kind of hideous.

        • Renil

          Maybe its its just coz they are so different.
          Even though i felt exactly the same at first, I dont think they are that bad any more.
          Maybe we just need to get used to them….

        • bradisbrad

          Well, that’s where Desktop Visualizer comes in!

  • mr 1338

    i wish they made Tocuhwiz fit to android 4.0 since TW was a good addition to android 2.3 but they left all the great design aspects away :(

  • Fabio R

    sad stock android and samsung devices is a great combination!

    but who cares if u can root :)

  • mothy

    Wow now thats how you ruin an OS!!!!!! Looks like crap!!

    • Anthony E


    • lxgeorge

      Just stop, Samsung! Touchwiz takes a beautiful, seamless OS and makes it look childish and ugly. Granted, it is an improvement from Touchwiz on the Behold II, but then again, the UI on your local ATM machine is better than the Behold II

  • YMS123

    Yeah, start vanilla let people customize on their own

    • mothy

      ^^^This^^^ So they hired Cyanogen to do what….hopefully for his sake he doesnt have to work with CRAP like this.

  • staryoshi

    I would not mind custom overlays if you could opt for the stock version. Touchwiz is OK, but I would much prefer the vanilla experience when my Epic 4G Touch officially receives ICS.

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile rahuly2k7

    That looks like crap! They need to completely redesign theit touchwiz..

    •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile rahuly2k7


    • jamal

      I agree. Just as ICS was a big design upgrade, touchwiz should be as well.

      • itzxdjx

        Yeah it looks exactly the same except for sub menus.

        • zerosix

          For me it looks exactly the same except for color of the statusbar.

  • ososxe

    TouchWiz 4, or how to turn ICS awesomeness into boringness…

  • Deeds

    Stock ICS is the way to go

  • Bernardo Najera

    I would love to have Stock from the get-go and then have the option to opt in for overlays if I wanted to, no matter the phone manufacturer I chose to go with.

  • jckeyes

    Lame! They took away all of what makes ICS look great.

  • Decoder

    That is ugly, it doesn’t even look like ICS… Glad my Samsung phone has stock ICS :)

  • goncalossilva

    Vanilla all the way. Did anyone notice the colored icon in the settings list, where *all other* icons are simply white? :o

  • keridel

    i understand why samsung and htc use their own UI, its to differentiate between the competition and them but they have to make advances.

    this touchwhizz is nothing new at all. and that is just not on. if your UI doesnt bring anything new to the table then whats the point?

    • staryoshi

      It’s definitely their attempt to create brand differentiation, but the interface looks unchanged from my Gingerbread phone… they should push the envelop a bit. Gotta keep consumers engaged.

      • keridel

        completely agree. lets push the boundries

  • theJP

    I really want to get the international version of the Galaxy S II but it’s still impossible to find at a reasonable price in Canada. When I get it I’ll probably avoid using the stock ROM, I’m not s huge fan of the TWLauncher.

  • ranwanimator

    What else do the manufacturers have to offer if they don’t differentiate themselves with custom UI’s? The hardware is all so similar as to make choice mostly irrelevant. They feel the need to add software “features” to attract customers to their device.

    • _AjD

      I agree 100% with your comment – even though I personally prefer the stock option.
      I would love to have the option to turn off the added UI or roll it back on any device without having to root.

    • vitriolix

      Performance, price, form factor, weight, build quality, aethetics, screen tech. Anything but skinning the UI to make it look like crap AND delay/block OS updates

      • Vulf

        I understand how you feel, and I feel the same way. The problem is that we are, indeed, android enthusiasts. And while we drive the android community forward, we aren’t the biggest target for these companies. The UI overlays really target the typical android user. A greater example than touchwiz would be HTC sense. There’s huge Facebook and Twitter integration along with Evernote and HTC Hub in the newer versions of sense. Not everyone who gets an android even knows what root is, and know very little about the specs. What helps someone decided between the SGSII and HTC Sensation are not the specifications or build quality, but this style synonymous with the company.

  • Louis A

    These mofos should give users an option to uninstall this thing if they choose to.

  • Danerisms

    Stock Android all the way! I try to buy devices that do not have a custom UI. One of the things that T-Mobile has available! Running a G2X now… Of course it has been rooted, but for the first couple months I ran it with a very close to vanilla android right out of the box.

  • Nate B.

    It’s way to early to say if this is what it will look like when it’s final. I personally, think manufactures will bring the features over and keep the same look as their skins. That sucks.

  • zyphbear

    Wow, It’s almost like they are trying to remove most of the features of ICS, oh wait…

  • crunchybutternut

    Personally, I prefer the Stock Android experience all the way and ICS looks to be the most beautiful version yet.

    With that said, I can see why manufacturers would prefer to have their own specific look to differentiate them from the mass amount of Android devices available to the general public.

    Fortunately, with rooting, anything is possible! :)

  • Mattheo

    ok my S II be ready for cyanogenmod 9 . . . . bye stock rom :P

  • Peter Dowling

    While I have some MotoBlur (on my droid 2) and honestly, I doubt the UI that any company puts on a phone is going to ruin the experience. Yes its not what Google intended, but that doesn’t mean everything put on top of it is evil?

  • Ian Sapp

    Quite disgusting if I do say so myself. It just looks so… basic. Even Sense looks 50 times better than TouchWiz. I don’t know what Samsung is thinking, but running stock ICS on my Vibrant and I wont look back.

    They have pretty much ruined the entire ICS experience with their horrible launcher in my opinion

  • AsakuraZero

    awaiting for CM9 im NOT going to use tochwiz when i have the stock launcher and all the good stuff with AOSP roms

  • artesea

    Didn’t think I woul be too bothered, but Samsung appear to have taken off the shine expected with ICS. The only good news is that ROM devs shouldn’t be far off getting their hands on it and switching TouchWiz for Stock Launcher.

  • jasonlee

    Ugly ugly ugly fugly

  • jenskristian

    TouchWiz looks horrible on this build. Luckily its still early. Vanilla ICS would be the best, but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.

  • drauks

    Hopefully this is nowhere near done…
    Well this is the reason I’m getting the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Samar

    I don’t know, may be its just me, but the UI in tht cideo felt a tad sluggish. Needs more polishing, I guess.

  • Samar

    “…Android 4.0 is the best version of Android yet, and we hate to see OEMs ruining it by completely skinning the software…” ..Agreed.. It would also reduce Android OS fragmentation to some extent in the market.

  • Ismael Rodriguez

    They’re going to ruin my phone. (Epic Touch 4G) I should have seen this coming. ICS does NOT need a skin over the UI. The newer TouchWiz was a good improvement for Gingerbread and earlier, but should stop at Honeycomb. I just went back to using ADW Ex…and am trying to figure out why I ever left it.

  • kzlife

    This is just lame.. will try to change my sgs2 for a nexus later.. but for now.. stuck on bootloop! ARGH! D: Will have to fix it as soon as I can >.<

  • Marcus

    I am definitely not surprised at Samsung. I feel like they are getting too big headed just because Google let them make the two most recent nexus devices. I still don’t like the fact that they are overlaying touchwiz over ICS. No matter how good touchwiz will be, I still don’t see a point in putting it over ICS. It will jut make the system buggy and laggy and slow.

  • Skis03

    I want to stick with stock ICS, they worked hard on this OS and i think it will be amazing. Once the Nexus finally comes out that is.

  • jerkyjones

    Companies will always feel compelled to ‘differentiate’ their product beyond just hardware. Not doing so means that your hardware has to be ‘special’ both with features and with capability (processing/video/etc). That translates into an ever escalating arms race with the other industry players and increased cost of manufacturing which translates into higher unit costs. We think it’s stupid, but they see it as a necessity.

  • ramenchef

    I don’t know why they have to integrate their overlay so deep into the system. If they merely made it sort of a set of system apps, it would make updating their devices so much easier. The way it is now only serves to hide the majority of the updates found in ICS.

  • cristian cristiandonose

    I have Touchwiz on my Galaxy S and can say that i dont like it all that much. I just want stock android especially ICS , this is a beautifull interface why change it?

  • amgala

    I haven’t had any hands on experience with TouchWIZ, but just from the looks of it, I’m not a fan. I’m glad the G-Nex will have the stock UI!

  • Jimmy13

    Android is so versatile and so easily customized. Having them do it for me takes out the fun. Plus I am uber OCD and need to be able to affect change the way I want it. That’s the reason I don’t have an iPhone (among a bunch of other reasons) because I don’t want them to choose I want to choose for myself.

  • osc707

    I’m disappointed but it really was an expected move. I believe hardware makes do this because it is hard to differentiate your android handset from all the others. I think that Google needs to make UIs a “pluggable” extension of Android, almost like using CM Themes. So that the handset owner (you or I) could decide to switch between the vanilla interface or a custom (TouchWiz, Sense, Failblur, etc)

    • Joshua Barta

      Google should have provided a robust API for interface customization since the G1 days. Things like toggles/widgets in the notification bar, additional menus within the Settings app, lock screen options, global fonts/styles/icons, should be changeable without requiring modifications to core libraries. This would allow anyone access to “Vanilla” Android without needing root, open up a whole new world of customization options through third party themes, and most importantly, reduce fragmentation and allow faster updates.

  • Puck

    Well even if the majority in here are mad at Samsung I’d say that they did good of getting Touchwiz on, it’s their thing. Want stock? Get the Nexus, easy. And the majority here are *hackers*, they can put any other ROM on it that gives close to Vanilla. I bet that’s less than 10% of the actual Android users, others, like a mom, dad, a non-techy cousin has to be able to get through the system even after an upgrade, not go like “Where’s my menu?” “Why does it look different?” Just my two cents..

  • Jeff

    The problem I have with all skins is that they delay updates by 6-8 months.

  • MarkT

    Wishes Samsung would just allow a settings switch that could flip between TouchBarfWiz and ICS with a switch and a reboot

  • yogi

    I wish all device makers would just leave android clean….. Keep the experience the same across devices.

  • bellken

    since, I have not seen ICS, I don’t know that it would be better. but, I would like it as an option

  • Himal Limbu

    stock is way prettier now….thats y i am dying to get G-Nex.

  • TJungus

    I don’t mind that they are developing a custom UI, that’s fine. But I do believe that they should give the end user the ability to enable/disable it. That’s where my frustration come in anyways..

  • eioous

    Booo….for the overlay. Should have stuck with stock.

  • coryteague

    the whole point of ICS is the compatibility with tablets and other devices running the android OS right? so why are companies changing it? I don’t understand. If the buzz of ICS isn’t enough for companies to see the relevance of a clean interface or “vanilla” then I don’t know what they are looking for in branding.

  • Brandon Peters

    And here we go again, with the same arguments and comments every time a new version of Android is released, Samsung spent millions on making TW 4.0 great, now everyone expects them to throw that down the drain, this is TW 4.0 on ICS, they would be working on 5.0 and that would be released with the Galaxy S 3, and it makes absolutely ZERO business sense to release TW 5.0 on your old flagship device when you have your new flagship device on it’s way.

    When TW 5.0 debuts on the Galaxy S 3 then the possibility exists that the S 2 would get the TW update, as long as it has the minimum hardware specs required for TW 5.0 to run smoothly, I had to throw that last piece in since people are going to say the first Galaxy S didn’t get TW 4.0, I believe they didn’t because the graphics chip couldn’t handle TW 4.0 (may be an FUD).

  • Ilyse Rose

    Legitimately looks terrible. Samsung just keeps disappointing me every chance they get.

  • teudster

    Yes all the geeks want plain Vanilla and so do I. But the millions of Samsung users may not even know the difference. @Jerkyjones is right. Maybe Samsung believes they are providing value. I know that HTC provided extra functionality with Sense (at a performance cost perhaps, but value nonetheless).

    • Anthony Domanico

      I know Nick disagrees with me, but I see zero added value in Sense UI

  • Trinhbo

    Anyone who says that ICS will be slow/buggy simply because Samsung added TouchWiz has clearly never used TouchWiz on the Galaxy S2. That’s just an uninformed blanket statement.

    The look of TouchWiz is kind of over-saturated and turns off a lot of users. However, judging by the 300M units they sold, it appears many people like it or at least don’t seem to mind it. Aesthetics aside, Samsung has put a lot of work into TouchWiz 4.0 and it offers a very smooth experience akin to iPhones.

    However, I do wish that Android allowed custom UXs while allowing an “option” to switch back to the “Stock” experience. That should be a feature of Jelly Bean or whatever the next Android version will be.

    • Brandon Peters


      It shan’t be difficult, it is just a launcher, just like someone released the 2.3 Launcher in the market, along with the keyboard, the same will happen for 4.0, the huge outcry is there because this is one of the first time that the stock launcher is so much better than what we have currently available

  • Trinhbo

    Anyone else bothered by the guy scrolling with the back of his fingernail?

  • Martjn2

    I think samsung took ics and but their touchwiz over it and actually made it look like gingerbread…
    I would really love to see a more wide designed android version that almost all phones get. If the Oem’s software team helps google, we would get something truely amazing and they could just but there own widgets and lockscreens on there phones. More vanilla to the people <3

  • Alex

    I’m done with Samsung or any brand that uses an UI overlay… My Samsung Epic 4G took forever to get Froyo and Gingerbread… it’s ridiculous…

    My next phone will be either an iphone 5 or the next Nexus or something…

  • Chad

    My first “stock” device was a Tmo G2. Since then I’ve never settled for less.If you never had a stock device try to get one for your next device stock is the way to go. G2x – Nexus S and now unlocked Galaxy Nexus. Seriously though. this video looks like Samsung hasn’t even changed a thing in Touchwiz, just added a couple ICS features and that’s it.

  • yourissues

    It steals the whole beauty of ICS.. and where is the voice typing? I don’t see it on anyone’s ROM of ICS. Is that a Nexus feature?

  • Oskar Wismierski

    WHY! Samsung why did u ruin a beautiful vanilla rom! It looked much better without touchwiz. I was expecting them to keep the vanilla rom and just tweak it a little bit.. not change it back to a gingerbread looking one..

  • Anthony E

    Include useful applications. Make some nice widgets. Add functionality to the current Android UI.


    • Oskar Wismierski

      That’s exactly how I feel.. Samsung is trying to make ICS as if its their own operating system ..

  • pekosROB

    Really, it should be up to the user. Let them install the TouchWiz as a launcher. I mean seriously, all manufacturers should be doing this. Heck, charge 50 cents for it, if people really like it they can actually make MORE money off of it and make the other people happy that don’t have to have it.

    It’s a win win situation, is it not?

  • dfmckay

    I think manufactures do this to distiguish their phones from the countless others, instead of focusing on the hardware (which normal people don’t really understand) they think a overlay will make customers want their phones more.

  • Arturo Castro

    I wonder what their thought process was about putting touch wiz on 4.0

  • wyngo

    Unfortunately, manufacturers will never use stock Android because of one word, differentiation. Economically, differentiation is critical because it gives each manufacturer’s products a certain uniqueness that makes them harder to compare. Without differentiation, products are compared only on three things, price, specs and price. Then competition gets fierce and the profit margin shrinks.

  • ijonb

    Manufacturer customizations are frustrating! I understand the desire to differentiate, but I believe that these customizations hurt Android more than help.

    As a technical consultant, I do quite a bit of training. It is almost impossible for me to do any kind of android training, because nothing is consistent. I end up telling everyone to install something like GoLauncher just so we can all see the same thing.

  • kusine

    I would really like for Android to be standard across devices. When I have to use my husband’s Incredible, it takes me so much time to figure out how to do the same thing I’d do on my X. Frustrating.

  • elijahblake

    Touchwiz is RUINING ICS!!! It makes the Dialer UGLY, takes away the features of the app drawer… and makes the Interface UGLY..

    When will manufacturers learn to leave Android alone

    • Evokill1


  • HoLfElDeR

    Every change is a good change

  • aranea

    Companies should release a vanilla version of Android for all their phones for those who want it. I don’t understand the logic behind forcing their own UI to us.

  • Usman

    This is why I’ll be sticking to Nexus devices.

  • richoid

    TW should be optional and the default.

  • securifirm

    Wife has an EPIC 4G…hate the Touchwiz interface. Manufacturers need to provide an option to either use their “theme” or switch to stock.

  • thechad

    If they stuck with vanilla version of android would these manufactures not be more profitable. They would not need to spend all the time and money changing what Google has already made awesome. And their customers would get updates faster which is a selling point for selling more devices.

    What is more profitable Vanilla Ice Cream or Vanilla Ice Cream with fruit and other toppings mixed in. And in this particular case its like Samsung added anchovies as a topping.

  • Hall Lo

    ….So not wise to add a Touchwiz on ICS… Melts the whole sexiness and beautifulness of ICS…. ;(

    • eliander mendoza

      right on, they make the phone but they don’t know what we “the people” want in it.

  • TJ Mir

    Extremely disappointed…almost no difference from the current Android version running on the SGS2.

  • Tim

    The only UI I can stand is Sense. Even with that I’m thinking of rooting my Sensation for ICS. Will wait and see what HTC does with it first. I wish I had $700 to buy a Nexus though.

  • wild

    Vanilla ICS looks so much better…

  • Danny Calderon

    Google needs to end the skin overlay some how, maybe make it that anything on the device can be deleted or disabled including the custom skin and the bloatware, I know someone who has a Metro Pcs android phone from samsung, all the onboard memory is used up by metro Pcs services, they left about 100 mb to use

  • Darknight42020

    Bah, 15 mins after opening the box had root, custom kernel, and Juggernaut installed on my SGSII. I’ve taken matters into my own hands since G1. Gotten to the point I don’t even know what stock looks like anymore… Lol.

  • telos104

    That was cool how he pressed a button and got into *Settings* and scrolled around and stuff

  • Taylor

    Generally, I like the stock UI on my device, even though I invariably throw a launcher replacement up to allow me a bit more customization and creativity. Since none of the manufacturer UIs really add to the creative potential of the aftermarket, they should be removable for end-users and thus allow the option to return to stock, if wanted. That’s why I will continue to use only Nexus devices for the time being.

  • Homncruse

    Vanilla is a highly underrated flavor of ice cream.

  • stenzor

    Not sure if the code is a Samsung only thing, I think I read somewhere that it works on all android phones.. There are a few different codes too.. they all show different info, I think some can initiate a reset as well

  • JC005

    I think If they keep the stock os it would make it easier to issue updates.

  • Marc’us H.

    Touchwiz is looking like the girl in high school you always thought was “eh”, and had the very awkward crush on you, but 10 years later she hit the gym and learned how to use makeup.

    • jamboy5590

      you forgot – then you upgrade to her and she becomes fat lazy and slow.

  • kimminer1

    I am still using the 1st gen. droid and I really enjoy stock android.

  • Leo Young

    Hmm. I have demoed a lot of phones and a lot of android phones. I do like TouchWiz and I was never afraid to demo a Samsung phone to folks. It looks like they have extended it to Ice Cream Sandwich well and that it is immediately accessible. I think I could pick that phone up and be completely comfortable with it quickly.
    However, I would want to kill that box around the whole display that flashes when you select an app. That would be enough to make me want to install some form of customization right away.

  • Anthony Massingham

    I’ve got an SGS2. And Touchwiz is the one thing that I don’t like about it – especially coming from a Nexus One.
    It would be nice if manufacturers would at least give us the option to choose if we want their own custom UI, or if we want stock vanilla.

    After watching this video, it makes me even more keen to root my device, just so I can use the beautiful stock ICS expereince.

    • Ryan

      I’m in the same exact boat as you. Nexus One > (iPhone 4) > SGS2 and TW is the most annoying part of my phone. Almost got the Amaze just because Sense is that much less childish. I’ve gotten used to TW but I still find it unattractive and inhibiting.

      Root to stock ICS after release FTW.

  • honourbound68

    This is why I will only buy a Nexus phone. Having a mfr ui just makes the customer have to wait forever for updates, and coming from an epic 4g, I know about waiting..

  • pritams

    Booo..not cool!!!

  • masterpfa


    Please say this is a works in progress?
    As a co developer of the Galaxy Nexus we know you have the source for ICS!
    So stock launcher with, if you feel the need for it, Samsung widgets I’m sure ,ost of your customers would be more than happy with that.

    If you do insist on using TW UI you need to go back to the drawing board and TOTALLY redesign, complete new slate (you may not like to hear this, but as HTC redesigned Sense 3.0 from sense 2.1)

    P.S I remember having the option on my first android phone of disabling the UI (HTC Sense) but that was the HTC Hero and Android 1.5 sure these UI could be designed to be add ons and not complete overhauls.

  • Lewis McGeary

    I’m confused, I’m sure Ice Cream Sandwich supports using the homescreens in landscape mode. Yet when he exited the browser in landscape, the homescreen was still in portrait. I wonder if they’ve completed removed the landscape homescreen option, or if it’s a setting the user can change?

  • jamboy5590

    yuck tastes bad

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Sigh, if only samsung would make phones with and without TWIZ, G3 will be beast but TWIZ will kill b/c of updates.

  • humidity

    Can’t wait to try ICS out for myself!

  • Bpear96

    I mean i really dont care about the manufactures skin.. with custom roms it doesnt really matter to me, i think whats more important is if phones have locked bootloaders or not, all i know is i cant wait for CyanogenMOD 9, codeX from the samsung team of CM said that, they need the official samsung ICS source for the galaxy s ii, because they cant get the driver right. So this is great that samsung is already working on it.

    Right now im running a rom i made myself though bpearROM IceCreamBread i call it, its on xda. All ICS themed, and with a bunch of ics goodies.

  • Kenneth Ohonba

    Touchwiz 4.0, is huge that it almost overlaps the presence of Android 4.0 ICS on the SGS2. It’s barely recognized only when you are in the menu settings….. I rather see more blue and black than green and black but it’s only in beta.

  • the5thdimension

    Having been a strictly vanilla android/nexus kind of guy, I must say the TouchWiz on the SGS2 is the only UI that I like. Just picked up a Epic 4G Touch and the TouchWiz is actually quite tolerable. However, this is ICS 4.0 we’re talking about. iCS should not be covered up by any UI period. It just wouldn’t be right, but we all know it’s going to happen. Can’t wait to get my Galaxy Nexus already.

  • Adryan maldonado


  • mrjlwilliams

    I like it

  • morris105

    Why mess with something that works!

  • zippyioa

    I think it depends on the features and customisation options available. All too often these device specific UIs are too locked down for my liking, allowing little or no customisation.
    Personally I prefer vanilla the majority of the time…. its the way Google intended it :)

  • spaceinvader0165

    You should realize that touchwiz is a Samsung specific skin so just Because Google released a new OS, doesn’t mean they’ll make a new UI. Touchwiz 5 (or whatever they’ll call it) I’m sure will be more ics specific as they launch it with their us. TW4 is a gingerbread ui so in for order for Samsung to continue their “individuality”, they have to do this. I’m sure that they will improve greatly upon tw5 and make it better just as they done from 3 to 4.

  • Gazos

    Stock all the way. First thing I do when I buy an Android is flash it with a custom Rom and Rip all the Carrier Rubbish off!

    Long Live Android!

    • Gazos

      PS Give us rooted phones(Tick box optional) out of the box too

      • Deepak Gupta

        Problem with giving rooted phones is, some people don’t know how to take care of them (newbies mostly). The good thing is, some manufacturers make it really easy for us to root. So if you know what you are doing, root away!!!

  • donger

    ICS is great, touchwiz not so much.

  • xfaith

    I used the touchwiz on my Captivate till I learned there was something better out there (which I think took a little bit of time back then for me). Now I am at the point that I don’t even care what the carriers or the device manufacturer have installed on the phones, its going to be erased probably by day 1. As long as I have no issues installing any rom I want and its not locked down by anything.

    I base my buying mostly on specs and how many dev’s are working on roms for the device that I am curious about. I wish I could do some of the work on creating a rom, but I have no skills in programming what so ever.

    My current one is the Captivate still and its running smooth on the TeamHackSung build 9 of ICS for CM9…

    • Deepak Gupta

      If you want a better UI, try out Go Launcher EX. Works like a charm on the Captivate. BTW, can I ask if there are any bugs on the TeamHackSung ICS build?

  • Fido

    I rather wait for CM9 instead download TouchWiz 4.0 on my SG2..

  • kusic

    Well I use Oxygen 2.3.2 (Android 2.3.7) on my SGS2 and I am looking forward for Oxygen 3, which is going to be ICS for SGS2 soon, completely vanilla.
    I am using this rom since my HTC Desire’s times, and I have to say, there is no more stable unofficial rom ever.
    For HTC Desire, Nexus One, Nexus S and SGS2 users:
    P.S. And yes, AdamG (author) is planning ICS for HTC Desire and Nexus One too.

  • sgumer

    i never saw or heard of this before, but it seems pretty cool. i did not know samsung did things like this at all.

  • w9jds

    Samsung’s hardware setups may be good, but they really need to stick with vanilla and chuck this custom built roms.

  • Jeb

    I like the vanilla android experience a lot. I used it on my Nexus 1 and only switched just recently. I think these other UIs are good for the platform though.

    The platform in general becomes better with choice. I still have stock gingerbread on my N1, but use a custom launcher. The custom launcher has features that I think are awesome and wish were in the stock launcher. But this will probably never happen, and that’s not a bad thing!

    I just switched a friends from using the stock launcher on their GS2 to a launcher from the app store and she was thrilled!

    Choice is what’s important, and as long customers have a choice then it’ll be OK.

  • tp

    I’m actually quite looking forwards to seeing what HTC do with ICS and Sense.

    But then I love all the Sense widgets and the polish they added to android before it looked so nice. I’m used to it and I’d like to keep it ;)

  • Dshe’ Williams

    pointless orange box when making a selection

  • tkitty93

    Touch Wiz on GingerBread was allright.. TW on ICS is not oke at all.. can`t wait for a nightly launch of CM9 / AOSP

  • megatec45

    Does this mean a delay in the release of ICS for the SII? Hope not.

  • issac4760

    No touchwiz on ICS….plz

  • Aniruddha Barapatre

    ICS itself is so beautiful…Why do they have to add crapware…

    • Deepak Gupta

      I agree. One of the reasons Samsung updates get delayed in because of TwUI. It’s a nice UI, but it should be something optional, not forced upon.

  • flamesbladeflcl

    why not stock! T_T

  • aaroncoffman3

    As a consumer I don’t like having these things forced on me for a device I pay for. It would be nice to have stuff like this as an option. I mean a lot of these ui’s have nice features but they can also slow you down tremendously.

  • Matt`

    YEAY ! ICS FOR MY SGS II . . wait . what?

  • abdallah1

    I hope if there is an option to use native Android 4.0 in G S II .

  • custeve217

    It would be nice to see them leave the Vanilla on all phones and provide the touchwiz a downloadable option for those who want it or even as an add-on that the retailers could sell. Just dont force it on ius.

  • trenty

    merry xmas!

  • Sanyam

    Touchwiz is totally bullcrap. It ruins the pure android experience and takes away the brilliance of ice cream sandwich.