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Verizon’s “most reliable 4G network” is down, again


Verizon’s 4G network is proving to not be the “most reliable,” after all. While it certainly has been about the fastest in the US for a while, Verizon’s LTE network is not as dependable as we would hope (at least yet). A sudden rush of reports are proving that we are once again in a Verizon network outage, and it looks like it is a nation-wide issue.

This would be the third time that Big Red’s 4G users are left without data this month, making for a not-very-merry holiday season. We can certainly understand issues here and there. For a company that claims itself to have the “most reliable 4G network”,  this is unacceptable.

Taylor (Galaxy Nexus) and I (Thunderbolt) are currently not getting any data at all (0G), and many others are reporting 3G or 1X connectivity. Either way, reports are coming from all over the country, as well as multiple devices. So if you have been wondering what is going on with your data speed, just know that you are not alone.

We have contacted Verizon about the matter, and will report back to you as soon as we find out what is going on with our G’s. As for now, let’s see how many of our readers are having issues. Let us know what network speeds you are getting, where you are from, and what device you own.

Could it be that too many of those 3.7 million new Android users purchased a 4G device over the holiday, and we are overloading the network?

Via: Droid-Life

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  • ben dover

    I just ran out for lunch and was wondering why 3g and 4g wouldn’t connect… ugh

    • ben dover

      EDIT: I’m in the burbs of St. Louis

      • ben dover

        we need an edit button :) I forgot to also include my phone model: Galaxy Nexus

        • Jorge Eslava

          I’m sure the Android and Me team is already working on the feature, it has been mentioned a lot lately.

    • LukeT32

      My droid 1 had no issues today… I have yet to experience any 3G issues with all of the outage everyone keeps reporting. Des Moines, iowa.

    • sonja gore

      I agree. Have had ongoing problems with 3G, 1X, txts not going through… You name it. It’s not reliable when I need it to be.

  • Chris

    Winston-Salem, NC 4G is completely gone…. 3G is spoty at best…. the only dependable state is Airplane mode!!! Droid Bionic

    • Tony

      I thought that was the only dependable state on our Bionics anyways haha.

      I didnt’ have any hiccups yesterday at all, not that it would’ve mattered, the “new” has worn off of my phone quite quickly since I’ve gotten hands on time with the Nexus.

  • redraider133

    No issues for me here in pa

    • Jon Garrett

      One of the few moments when I’m glad I’m on AT&T.

      • iamXiV92a

        Same here! Sorry Verizon :-P

      • redraider133

        I don’t know I like being able to make and hold a call=P even if the data goes down.

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        Sprint here… I roam onto Verizon’s data and voice networks for free, and my work is right next to a WiMAX tower, so I can’t complain!

      • Kev Soto Tovar

        I Think I Know Why Apple Isn’t On The 4G LTE!4G LTE Isn’t Fully Devoloped,AT&T Did A Great Thing Not To Roll This Technology Out So Fast .Yet Im On AT&T And Appratnly I Have The Worst Carrier In The United States.WTF When You Compare Them Too There Are Some Things AT&T Rules And Sucks-__-But Does This Happen To AT&T Often …..NO!!!!Apple Knows It Might Lose Customers But We All Know For Sure That It Did The Right Thing Not To Adopt 4G LTE So Fast…….This Explains Why Apple Rules!!!!!It Lets Things Play Out And When The Time Is Right We Will Have A 4G LTE iPhone

        • Ed

          I bet it took you like 15 minutes to type that. Ape.

  • nwilliam3

    My Galaxy Nexus has no 4G or 3G right now — Minneapolis area

  • staryoshi

    They still have an impressive network, despite the outages… But it does make me feel a little better about going with Sprint =P

    Hopefully they’ll resolve this outage and take steps to prevent them in the future.

  • Jay Evans

    Complete outage (except for occasional 1x) in Pittsburgh. Thunderbolt.

  • 4n1m4l

    They never claimed to have the most reliable 4g. Most reliable 3g and worlds first LTE

    • Edgar Cervantes

      They have, they just haven’t made the advertising to spread. I have seen multiple signs in the freeway, as well as some magazines. Here is a small proof:

      • DroidSamurai

        In theory, there weren’t lying when their LTE network was launched. Back then, AT&T has no LTE at all, and HSPA+ isn”t true 4G. That means, they had only Sprint to compare to. Sprint’s network isn’t particularly more reliable neither. So, they WERE technically the most reliable 4G network in US — mainly due to the fact that there wasn’t anyone to compare to.

        • TGeezy86

          If LTE is true 4g you’ll pretty much hafta include Tmobile’s HSPA42, because it nets comparable real world speeds to a saturated LTE network on the downlink. (I admit the uplink needs work). If not, you’ll hafta stop calling LTE true 4g as well…at least until they implement LTE Advanced. Besides, Sprint’s 4g network being slower and less reliable than Tmobile’s “fake” 4g network is an afront to the 4g moniker in the first place lol

      • shiki

        ^ That picturemessage is fake. They made it to make fun of Verizon.

  • don

    No 3G nor 4G Foxboro, MA (outside of Boston). Droid Charge.

    • Jason

      Colorado Springs, CO
      3g……not uncommon to drop to 3g, even though 4g has been around for several months.

  • Louis A

    Got 4G in St. Paul, MN

  • Rob

    4G down here in the Hampton Roads area (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake) but do have 3G still
    Im on a GNex

  • Steve

    No 3G or 4G on my Galaxy Nexus in NE Atlanta

    • lostsync

      None downtown or in the EAV either.

  • David

    No 4g and 3g has only flashed on for a couple of minutes here and there. I’m in the NW suburbs of Chicago. I called Verizon Support and they confirmed it was a nationwide outtage.

    • David

      Oh and I’m using a Bionic.

  • amgala

    I had a signal around 1:30, now I don’t (near New Haven, CT). VZW seriously needs to credit us for all of these outages!

    • Nich

      This will probably get lost in all the noise of replies ,

      Don’t count on Verizon giving any cash back or credit for services not rendered .

      What you can count on is a class action lawsuit that will take years to work out . Don’t worry the smart lawyers will find you to name you in the lawsuit . When they win it will be for about 1/2 of your monthly 4G data rate for the month . Now for the sad point , the cost of finding you , lawyer fees , expert witness fees , the cost of sending you a check , etc …. your $15 reward will turn into a small check for about $1.12 if you are lucky .

      How do i know this ? Glad i asked . History has a way of repeating itself . I was named in the AOL class action lawsuit back in the late 80s . We won either $22 or $28 for each person (can’t exactly remember the amount) and after 3 long years i got a check for $1.12 . Included was a breakdown of where the rest of my money went . Lets just say lawyers made way more then i did .

      Now off to my parents to try and explain to them why their Verizon wireless modem is not working …… again . I swear i will dig the ditch along the road myself if the Comcast would put the cable in the ground .


  • Stephen

    No Data what so ever in HHI, SC >Droid Charge…4G tech support earlier today instructed me to perform a factory reset. Did reset and phone worked for a little while but then went out about 1 hour later. Did “speed test” after reset and it said that I was on a tower in Indiana or somewhere like that. This is getting very frustrating and I sure hope that Verizon fixes this ASAP…and properly reimburses their customers.

  • Jay Evans

    3G back in Pittsburgh, but only if you force CDMA. CDMA/LTE goes to noG.

  • jeff harrison

    mixed results in central n.c. (chapel hill)

    3g works on galaxy tablet but no 3g or 4g on new galaxy nexus

    • AlmightyJB

      Columbus OH. Thunderbolt. No Data.

  • Shruti

    No data service in sunnyvale CA !! It sucks big time !!

  • Nik

    3g up on my Nexus in Northern VA.

  • Slith

    3G up and down out here in the sticks of Nebraska all day as well.

  • Nik

    …and my husband’s Galaxy Nexus has nothing right now.

  • Jason

    Yeah I just got my first Droid for xMas, the Razr. I’m in the Burgh as well. It’s not getting anything but 1x for about the last 2 hours.

  • Hager

    Down and out in Fishers, IN (northern suburb of Indianapolis). Been about 45 minutes now. My Rezound is not having a good day!

  • MikePan

    No data service.
    Austin, Texas.

    After all this month, I think they owe the customers credit on their data plan.

  • tequilya

    At lunch i couldn’t even make a call to tech support on my nexus, but my buddy right next to me had 4g on his charge. What gives verizon? My data has been hit and miss since

  • Rich

    No 3G or 4G on my Galaxy Nexus in Nashville… but my coworker’s DroidX (3G only… and, my OLD phone… damnit) is working, fine. I saw another post where this looks to be affecting 3G/4G phones (Bionic, Nexus, Razr) while the 3G-only phones seem to be OK.

  • revs

    HSPA+42mbps FTW!!!!!!!!
    not only do i always have 4g i alwaysss have decent battery life :P

    • cb2000a

      Agreed…switched from Verizon to T-Mo prepaid…could not be happier..

  • professandobey

    No 3G or 4G on my Galaxy Nexus in Orange County, CA.

  • Jason

    Downtown Houston, TX
    No data connectivity for about 2 hours now.
    Samsung Charge.
    Starting to get really frustrated with the Verizon network

    • Is

      Galaxy NEX here … I was also in downtown Houston (Houston Center) had 3&4G all day

  • Jdub

    Was told my SIM card doesn’t have access to LTE services about 15 min ago. Phone has been connecting and disconnecting to 3G for the past 10 min.

    -Spokane, WA

  • kinzie

    i have a 4g samsung charge in indiana… im getting tired of paying for a service that i cant use.

  • Andromedo

    No 4G in downtown San Diego. GNex.

    Fortunately seems to have failed back to 3G after about 20 minutes.

  • Ryan

    No 3G or 4G in Chicagoland area for Moto Razr.

  • NegativeOne13

    This is getting old… fast. Time to start bitching for refund on service!

  • Josh

    Minneapolis mn htc rezound just went from 1x to nothing :(

  • Cole Loomis

    In Atlanta, 4G and 3G data is down for Nexus, but DX still has 3G data.

  • halo0

    Figures, I just received my VZW GNex, finished activating it, and no data! What the hell Verizon!?!?!

  • me

    0G in San Antonio. Galaxy Nexus.

  • shelly

    Absolutely nothing in South Dakota – 4G Charge

  • Wes Nile

    Galaxy Nexus – Detroit/Troy, MI. Past outages have effected me, this one has not. 4g in service all day.

  • DroidSamurai

    NY (Long Island area), 3G is working fine. No 4G. On a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Cliff

    NYC – thunderbolt device – no 4g – no 3g – no 1x – NOTHING
    NYC – 4g Broadband on laptop- up and down

  • tony

    I’m in the Pittsburgh area and I only have 3g and it only stays about 10 seconds then nothing. Droid razr. We better get credit for this

  • mike

    Just got new razr. In the middle of activating, “most reliable network” experienced problems. Our company’s IT department called Verizon and was told it was a nationwide outage. Now my new phone won’t work at all and the old phone doesn’t work either because it was deactivated. I am without a phone for I don’t know how long….not a happy customer.

  • Anthony

    No 4g just 3g here in east tennessee on my galaxy nexus

  • Sardonick

    I had no data until about an hour ago (1400hrs est) and now I have data on 3g only but it IS working. Phone worked the whole time for cell calls though.
    Jacksonville, Fl.

  • Joy B

    Houston, Texas, No 4G, very spotty 3G, Droid Bionic

  • Marc’us H.

    Co-worker here in PA said his Samsung Charge was having issues earlier. Nothing right now.

  • Jayme

    We don’t have 4G here yet. But nothing is wrong with my 3G. Central Kansas. Thunderbolt.

  • themanwithsauce

    No data at all for my nexus in detroit metro area. SInce purchasing a 4G device on 11/11, I have had no data or sporadic data and sim card issues for 7/50 days of ownership….so for 14% of the time I have been unable to access data. Not exactly reliable. I’d place a call to verizon but last time I did that I had a near aneurysm in my head due to their incompetence.

    Which sucks too because I never did receive my upgrade credit on my bill and now I’m once again facing a failure on their part to deliver services paid for.

  • Frank Espinoza

    No 3G or 4G in Carson, CA (Los Angeles area). Good thing I have “reliable” WiFi at home. I think we should start a petition and ask for a full months refund on our data plan. Droid Bionic

  • mike

    no network in bay area california (galaxy nexus)

  • Rob

    Been stuck on 1X in here in the Metro DC area for 99% of the last two hours. My Thunderbolt registered either 3G (for about five seconds) or no data connectivity earlier this afternoon around 1pm or so. While ultimately frustrated with the outages, I’m more relieved to discover it’s a network matter as opposed to my phone malfunctioning. (I do believe we’re all entitled to a refund nonetheless.)

  • Scott

    I am SOMETIMES getting 3G out in Reno NV, but no 4G to speak of….

  • Hershell Tidwell

    No 4g in Portland, Or with GNex, but my 3g is back

  • jro

    New Bionic (got it yesterday, worked awesome)
    Oklahoma City
    NO 4G
    Flaky 3G

  • Carmo

    Carmo jr. San francisco ca. Its not 4 times this month. Its every 3 days. At least for me. Droid-Bionic.

  • Yash

    No network in Downtown Boston !! :( ! HTC Thunderbolt !

  • Suz

    Ugh, been without any sort of data connection for the past hour now. This is just ridiculous. I’ve had Verizon for years and never had an issue. Hope they fix this soon… Phoenix, AZ

    • Suz

      Galaxy Nexus

  • Fkduytarse

    No G’s in Dallas / Ft. Worth. Had 1x for a minute and 3G is being fussy but staying more than going after about two hours or so. Droid RAZR

  • jenny

    No 4g only 1x -______-

    Anaheim CA.

  • wreckz

    NO data in Redondo beach California… sucks bigtime

  • Randy

    Check this out, Just got back from my local Verizon, picked up my new Razr and it won’t set up without 4g, LOL! Oh well…

    San Jose, CA

  • solrac

    no 4g, 3g, or 1x in Denver as of the moment. (Thunderbolt)

  • Dale Bebeau

    Normal speeds here: Southern California, Droid 2 (Getting full 3G)

  • mark aprill

    No 4g and on and off 1x and very slow 3g..on droid charge in Los Angeles. my fear is tto throttle.hey are going throttle the 4g network…what qould be the point then!

    • mark

      My fear is they are going to throttle the 4g network and what would be the point then.

  • Joe

    My brand new Galaxy Nexus is not getting much of a signal in downtown Atlanta. Very little data, but I can make phone calls.

  • Austin

    I had a customer today very excited his new Razr arrived. Just had to put the sim card in. Wouldn’t activate. Called verizon and new 4g devices won’t even activate until the network comes back up. Poor kid, shiny new brick.

  • Staudka13

    Have a Samsung Stratosphere, no 3 or 4G here in Columbia S.C.

  • Chuck

    No Data of any sort… Bionic – Louisville, KY

    • Chuck

      And what is worse about it is that I was on the phone with support because of previous dropped network issues and they had just had me do a hard reset… now with no network I can not even setup my phone again… Anyone remember my Wife’s ,obile number? *sigh*

  • NCChef

    No 3G or 4G here in Raleigh, NC. Only getting 1X on my Thunderbolt.

  • danielmkim


  • Jim

    No 4G in Houston, Texas, 3G spotty at best………Thunderbolt

  • eevy

    Bakersfield California Thunderbolt 3g :(

  • Josh

    I’ve been getting 1X just about all day on my Thunderbolt in New Orleans, LA. This sucks

  • solra

    good thing I have music saved on my phone… still nada in Denver (Thunderbolt)

  • Mikey

    Tayor has had alot.of.issues since leaving tmob.

  • Nathan D.

    It should blow ever, eventually

  • homonaim

    Data has been out all morning & afternoon on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • dansoccer

    dammit, I’m getting my Galaxy Nexus tomorrow! this stupid outage better be over before tomorrow!! I’m in Orange County, CA and I saw someone post no data here FTS!!!

  • redman618

    Hey just thinking out loud. Everyone should call and complain, you may be able to get some credit for these outages. Especially if you a high end device. When I was with ATT they had an outage here in Texas and I had just renewed with them. I threatened to return phone and leave, they gave me a boatload of rollover minutes and half price on data for 3 months, and they waived the recent upgrade /activation fee. Although you need to be dedicated to your story that way the can bump you up to a retention specialist!!

  • noah

    No 4G in San jose, CA area either, 3g is in and out,
    Droid Razr, &1st Gen Droid
    stopped by a Verizon store earlier at about 10:45 the guy said he thought my SIM card failed….that was about 15 minutes after I got a notification that my SIM wasn’t authorized for 4G LTE.

  • cody h

    I keep getting 1X and 3g in and out with no 4g at all. I am in Lansing, MI and have a Droid Razr, my mifi isn’t working at all either.

  • Matt

    4G LTE here in Fargo, Rezound

  • alexanderharri3

    Thunderbolt: 3G…but currently not in a 4G area. .. Was in a 4G area…got switched to 1X…but 3G was also very unusable in New Hope, PA

  • Rick DeFazio

    No 4G in Cleveland as of 4:35pm Local time. 3G connection is in and out, using a Mobile MiFi hotspot at home, and iPhone.

  • joel

    Got my shiny new Galaxy Nexus today, no 4g and spotty 3g in Lansing, MI.

  • wreckz

    I just got off the phone with the Tech over at Verizon and he said that this issue will be resolved no later than 12 midnight eastern standard time.

    • themanwithsauce

      As it is now 1 am EST, that was a lie.Not a surprise though.

      • themanwithsauce

        Whoop, my bad, came up as I was typing that. Guess someone finally heard our cries?

  • brian trisk

    currently no 4G in rapid city, SD…and to think we finally got service last month :(

    i’m glad i checked here to see what was up with my thunderbolt’s lack of 4G connection!
    i was this close to thinking it had something to do with the solar flares going on now.

  • robra13

    How can I rule the air or be better, stronger, faster? Glad I don’t have a Razr…would be tempted to slit my wrists.

  • mdawg924

    I hope once sprint switches over to LTE it’s not going to be this same story… That would suck. Wimax may not be as fast but the hours without it haven’t broken double digits in Salt Lake CIty, Utah.

  • Mike B.

    My Thunderbolt has been without 4G all day. 3G is up rarely. Even 1x disconnects frequently! :(

  • Cole Loomis

    It seems to be back to normal in Atlanta.

  • Joe

    No data at all for my RAZR in Orlando

  • ben dover

    3G is back up. 4G still down in the STL area

  • Gregg E.

    Galaxy Nexus (Winter Garden, FL). No LTE (usually get 2 bars) and 3G connectivity is spotty. I currently have no LTE or 3G just voice.

    • Gregg E.

      Still down in my area. Still no mobile data network.

  • Oscar Ortega

    three times in a month is not good!

  • donger

    not so reliable after all

  • Mike

    Neither 3G nor 4G this morning in the San Francisco Bay Area from 9am to about noon. From noon on its been 3G and that has been spotty at best. Droid Bionic.

  • Rummy Rozier

    I’m in Cleveland Ohio, and have been without 4G since 1:00 P.M. This is the second time within 2 weeks I believe. This is really unacceptable.

  • Nich

    I have to ask a strange question

    I have Moto Droid 2 and I know it is only 3G , but every time Verizon has 4G issues my phone reboots for no reason . It just rebooted for the 3rd time today . 1st time i was reading news using Pulse , 2nd time I put it on the car charger and it rebooted 10 minutes later , and now sitting at my desk on my computer i was writing a reply further up the thread and it rebooted again .

    does anyone have any idea why this happens ??


  • KEN A

    No 4G nor 3G service. Was told by tech will be fixed by day’s end. Does not do me much good as I got lost trying to eyeball my way back home. ???Reliable???

  • Anton Spaans

    Both 4G and 3G have been back up again for at least the last hour (i’m in Massachusetts). :)

  • jp

    No data at all downtown Chicago .. 3g in suburbs

  • Uriel

    CA no data Droid Bionic

  • Dean

    Portland. Rezound. Was 1X now 3G

  • Lin

    Trying to activate new Droid Razr in Greenwood, Indiana and it won’t go through so I’m in between, stuck without a working phone. Tried for an hour before I left the store, was told to keep trying, which I’ve been doing for about another hour now. What a cluster…

    • rhonda

      can’t activate, can’t even reverse the purchase and security deposit until the 4g comes up….thanks for taking all my money and tying it up new years weekend for NADA….can’t use bionic at ALL

  • GF1Fanatic

    I walked into a coffee shop in one of those quaint (hip) Vermont towns yesterday. Everyone was on an iPhone or a MacBook. Apple is competing on pushing their culture. Personally, I am very turned off to that, which is one of the many reasons I prefer Android.

    Why Apple is wasting their money on frivolous law suits strikes me as almost pathological (I am a psychologist). Spend the money on technology and advertising your culture, Apple, or whatever you are selling.

    Let the best product win fairly.

  • ryan

    I have the thunderbolt in bakersfield, ca and i wasnt even getting 1x i now get 3g as long as my phone is a foot above my head. lol

  • pitacrisps

    Cleveland oh. Razr. No 4g. Intermittent 3g.
    I’m growing very tired of Verizon’s network problems.

    Also, my cousin has the Samsung charge. Also Cleveland. He’s had no 4g, 3g or 1x all day and very intermittent yesterday.

  • ginger

    had to replace my sim card tonight and evidently my local verizon store didn’t get the message not to replace sim cards because they cannot be updated because 4g is down again… so now i have 0G, 0calls, 0texts, 0 everthing…. sigh….

    • ginger

      oh, razr in TN

  • blars1206

    Thank goodness I’m not Verizon anymore, that would kill me at work. Although, I do give Verizon the “king of coverage” title. I very rarely had dead spots with them. I just didn’t like their phones at the time of my switch which was for the “og” G1. Oh well, still would love to get my hand the Galaxy Nexus!

  • automatic_ab

    I thought it was js me. I just started to do the research on today; the signal would come in then it would switch to 3G, that was this afternoon. Right now, it won’t even connect to my home network. It tries to connect & then it disconnects immediately. Is anyone else w a MotoXoom having this problem?

    • automatic_ab

      Im in Miami, FL

  • Ari32

    My 4G is back (Galaxy Nexus, Metro Atlanta area). It’s a weak signal though. This is getting ridiculous.

  • pitacrisps

    Also, weirdly enough. Every time Verizon’s 4g goes down my moms droid3 will have connection issues. She called be today and said she had no data. We airplane mode -ed her phone and it came back. Very odd? She’s also in the Cleveland oh area.

  • Mike

    Minneapolis–2pm today I left Tmob for Verizon. Got my smart ph and signed the 2 yr
    contact. 8pm and it still hasnt been activated. Best buy sales and Verizon cust
    svc not being honest about the problem. They wont admit theres a 4g outage even
    tho its nationwide news!!!!!!!!! Not sure they will keep me as a cust.

  • Arizdiva

    Scottsdale, AZ No 3G or 4G in LTE/CDMA, only 1x. 3G only in CDMA.

  • Arizdiva

    Samsung Droid Charge. Husband has exact same phone, 3G only in both LTE/CDMA and CDMA.

  • linda

    my 4g has been out for many hours now. we just got our 4g mifi very recently,and have experienced three outages already. why?????? right now im online but running slow. location near knoxville tn

  • Computaman

    No 4G most afternoon. 3G in and out says it is back now 850 PM middle TN. Odd
    just got “bug fix” for Droid Razr this AM (6.11.748 X912). One of things said it would give better 4G connectivity. R-I-G-H-T!?!? How am I supposed to know/test that?

  • Randy

    I am sick of paying $279 a month for 4 devises! I can get this service for a fraction of the cost! What good is it to have a Lexus if it doesn’t run??

  • kayla

    i just bought the droid razr from verizon and have not been able to even ACTIVATE my phone in 6 hours. I was told that it would be an hour or two, what is going on!

  • ladiva-28

    Fort Worth, Tx……3g! Tier plan unnecessary!

  • ladiva-28

    Fort Worth, Tx……3g! Tier plan unnecessary! Slowwwww 3g

  • rzentz

    I’ve been with big red for 10+ years have never had a single issue, I’m also still using a Droid X (hate it, but better than a BB Curve) so no 4G for me. Not sure what’s been going on lately with Verizon but this isn’t doing them any favors by having all the service interruptions lately and it certainly isn’t helping to win new customers. C’mon Verizon, what gives?!?!?!

  • billymac722

    Tried to activate new Droid Razr all afternoon and evening. No luck. Called customer support – they said the activation network is down/overloaded. It won’t be back up again until tomorrow “at the start of the business day”. So, my new Razr is as effective as Todd Margaret’s sales skills. Southern NJ

  • Mike

    Detroit Michigan – No 4G most of today.

  • Jose Romero

    I’m here in Riverside CA with no damn 4g on my Samsung Droid Charge. Just connecting to 3g and my girls Thunderbolt has no data at all. Upsetting, I pay for reliability and expect reliability. I urgently needed my data network for these holidays and Verizon let me down. And now with data charges not the same anymore, I should’ve stuck with Sprint. At least they stand by their unlimited plans and mean it!

  • jon

    8:30 in Boise and still no 4 OR 3 g. If you are in a 3g only area it will work but if in a 4g area 3 Does not work because it keeps trying to get 4. Wit the razor anyway.

  • kungpaodragon

    Hopefully Verizon will fix this soon. And I’ll also say I never had this problem with TMobile for over 10 years of service with them… (since they started offering data, of course.)

  • sjs

    Las Vegas no 4g on Droid razr but if you go and manually change from 4g to 3g it works just fine on 3g just slow!!!!!!!!!!

  • Remy

    Just upgraded to the Bionic today. Sales rep couldn’t get my phone activated after a lengthy wait. He claimed it was just the cell towers in the area and said “as soon as you get out of this area it should activate just fine”. That was over eight hours ago. Orlando/Kissimmee area.

  • elcio

    I’m in NYC, just got my new galaxy nexus tonight, from the “most UNreliable network” I activated and tcham!!! no service!!! It sucks. I am taking it back tomorrow.

  • automatic_ab

    Got 4G back…idk 4 how long tho cuz i shut down. Now lets c if it connects 2 my network.

    • automatic_ab

      it didn’t…

  • halo0

    Ann Arbor MI, still no 4G service since I activated my GNex around 2:00 this afternoon. This is pathetic, Verizon!

  • aj stolinski

    in omaha nebraska, lost 4g service this morning, all day toggling 1g to 0g, wow amazing

    • aj stolinski

      verizon thunderbolt

  • nevsdad

    I have not read through all of the comments…. If you call them will they issue a credit? This has not affected me in San Diego but was just curious.

  • robar

    Chicago far north suburbs- 4G down noon till midnight 3G wasn’t holding signal very long so no data because connectivy came and went. Absolutely no reliable signal. Galaxy Nexus.

  • mingchan06

    I was so excited about the 4g network and the new phones that came with it….then i realized aka was told by Verizon that it was not available in my area…sigh

  • larry lief

    Nashua, NH…New Galaxy Nexus 6 pm on 12/28 and it cannot be activated

  • Marlene & Danny

    4G Stratosphere down since last night about 8pm; 3G Droid Pro no issues at all.

  • Marlene & Danny

    4G Stratosphere down since last night about 8pm; 3G Droid Pro no issues at all. San Antonio, TX.

  • jeff

    I have been 1x and. Mostly 3g ever since I bought my new razor……i contacted Verizon and they corrected the problem for a.couple of.days ……NOT HAPPY WITH 4 G

  • cody kohls

    I have the htc rezound. Twin cities mm which is st Paul/mineapoles Mn I have 3g right now and it some times switches to 4g I should have it 100% of the time since the tower is located here

  • Rob

    Thunderbolt Atlanta area. 4G has been down for over 24 hours now. Mainly 1X coverage but spotty at best. This is getting old.

  • tiffany

    I’m in San Diego. I have the Samsung Stratosphere (4g). I had 0G yesterday from 10am til 9pm and again this morning >:[
    My husband has the Droid2(3g) and his data is working fine.
    Total BS.
    Am I going to get a pro-rated bill for this???

  • josh

    i have 3g and 4g service in philly razr

  • spazby

    i knew there was a reason i stayed with sprint…. seriously though, sprint’s wimax is way slower but it satisfies my needs on a cell phone…

  • Bub

    I have the Droid razed. Love the phone when its working. I Actually live in a remote area so I under stand if I can’t get data out there, but work in Toledo Ohio which usually has the latest and greatest but 4g is on and off 3g as well in the city. Nice to know that the phone may not be the problem and hope that Verizon steps up the network like they advertise

  • John

    Nashville 3g only

  • kimminer1

    the pressure is on verizon to improve

  • Rj

    Every 11 years or so the sun throws fireballs….it affects radio frequencies and cell phones …it could have thrown off 4g…i read an article about it. It started the 21st same time of the second outtage this year and intensified on the 28TH through today or tomorrow. If that is the cause…everything should be top notch again in a few days. With new technology we have to take the good with the bad….which is why i normally wait until new tech is old before i depend on it more. Verizon doesnt give credits unless all calling and texting is down more than 24 hours..that is why their default press comment is ‘we are aware of the problem and are working on it but calls and texts still work’ and their standard answer to ‘how long will it be down’ is ‘up to 24 hours’ Hope these possibilities and info helps. Happy 2012!

  • Doc

    I spend at least 10 hours talk with Verizon Technician last few week. Trouble shoot my new Razr. Guess what? Same sh*t! No 4g or 3g or no data connection. I’m getting my old Droid back .. I do think my old Droid 3g work faster than Razr 4g. Good luck!!

  • Eric

    That’s really Bad about the Nexus not working at all while they work the Bugs out of the new 4G Lte .. My Verizon IPhone 4S 16 Gb has been working Great and never has missed a beat.. I’ve had the phone almost 3 weeks and it works Great but the screen is too small for me and I miss my Android, so if anyone with a Nexus wants to trade for a new Iphone, just let me know :-)
    I’d be happy to take on your connectivity burden and you would have an awesome running IPhone..
    Happy New Year

    • chris

      i have a galaxy nexus and may be willing to trade contact me at [email protected]

  • Blondekat

    I just got a new razor and it is not getting the 4 G. I called Verizon and they say that 4G is in my area. They told me to power down my Device and take out the Sim card and put it back in. That made no difference what so ever! I live in the Palm Springs area of California.

  • Thunderbolt User

    I have the HTC Thunderbolt 4g, have not received any 4g service in Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Oakland, or Berkley, California. Really frustrating, told me to power cycle the device for 3 minutes, no change. I could have just went with the Iphone 4s if I am just recieiving a 3g signal.

  • eric

    4g & 3g are out in temecula, ca for the whole week. txt’s only show up after restarting phone. it shows that i got txt’s but only says downloading. wont display words.

  • hambone

    Galaxy nexus. Raleigh NC. No 4G. Not once since activating this phone on January 2. Slow 3G. Almost worth ut to wait till I’m back near wifi to use.

    • Eric

      Hi Hambone,
      Im sorry to hear that you dont have 4G now, but when it does get to you it’ll be well worth the wait & you will be SO VERY happy:-) .
      I have 4G and it really is Awesome. I live in middle Tennessee and it does go into roaming when I get way out of the city, but still then the 3G is Great compared to the sprint service that I use to have… If you get frustrated and cant stand it, put it on craigslist & youll get bombarded with people that want your phone..
      I hope it gets there soon

  • Eric

    If your phone is not working in a 4G area or running slow in a 3G area. Take it to a Verizon Corporate store and they will get the setting set correctly and make Sure your phone is working before you leave the store. Whatever you do, DO NOT take it to a Verizon authorized 3rd party reseller!!! They will sell you a Verizon phone but their return policies are TERRIBLE & so is the Custimer Service, its basically Non Existent.. They really got me and my wife. They told me that we had a 14 day return & I could bring back the Iphone & trade it for a Nexus. I tried it 8 days later and was told that they have a 2 day return policy, buy with an Iphone there is a $175.00 restocking fee. I was furious because they had Verizon Banners outside and a small sign behind the counter that said they were a reseller of Verizon cell phones.. If you go to a Real Verizon store, they will flip over backwards to make you happy. I wish that I didnt have to findout the hard way..
    So Please, everyone be warned about these thieves. The Real Verizon people will tell you how sleezie & crooked they are too..

    Take your phone issues to them, they will really help you.
    Good luck

  • Rick

    I have a Droid 4 and I am in KNoxville TN
    for the last two weeks the 4g system was rollercoasting from 4G to No G
    for the last two days the phone says it is receivng 4G, but all servers and internet pages are unavailable.

    It makes one wonder what I am paying for,
    but I am glade SOMEONE is talking about it.

    Text messages and Alerts seem to be fine,
    Someone should tell them that a simple text or alert to tell people that the system is down and they are working on it would be better than just leaving people in the dark.

    Back in the day, they called that customer service…..

  • lmmcmi

    Live in Rolla, Mo (off road 3040 near Forest Lakes). Either have 3g with 2 bars or the little circle (is that 1G?). It doesn’t matter, it’s useless. CNN takes 3, 4, 5 minutes to load, or it doesn’t load at all. We have WiFi, which doesn’t reach upstairs well, so I’m stuck with my lovely New Ipad for Verizon. Wish I’d bought ATT.

    • Eric

      I’ve been having the same problem when I go just 20 miles outside of the Nashville City limits. That was 1 of the reasons that we left Sprint, because it wouldn’t work outside of the City limits if you got more than 5 or 6 miles away from the interstate, or in our house! I’ve had it not work in my home a few times but for the most part it’s been great. I don’t like what I’ve been hearing on the news about Verizon forcing it’s customers to have a 1 Gigabyte limit on each product they own. Because if you watched a few YouTube videos & downloaded a few podcasts, then just used your smart phone to check email and surf the internet you would probably go over your monthly limit. Especially if you have a family plan and share the package with your family.
      It’s going to be really interesting to watch the company change the data plans that some people have had for years, especially the people that have had the unlimited data plan for 10+ years.

  • Sam.H

    No wonder my iPhone 5 isn’t showing me the 4G LTE sign. And I thought Verizon would be the best choice :(

  • Alyx

    Razr Maxx in Mpls…down to 3G only.

  • Anthony Campus

    Verizon & Big Red’s 4G users are left without data very often and they claims to have the most reliable 4G network, this is a false statement!