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Being featured in the Android Market helped boost RunKeeper’s downloads by over 600%


Today’s news that the Android Market is now home to over 400,000 apps isn’t good for everyone. While consumers enjoy a wide variety of apps in just about every category imaginable, developers are stuck with the headache of trying to get their app noticed. Google has recognized some of the problems associated with app discovery in the Android Market, and is continually working on a system of sorting and promoting apps that deem worthy of a moment in the spotlight. But does Google’s system of app promotion really work? According to the developers behind the fitness app RunKeeper, it does indeed. Being promoted by the Android Market has given them a significant boost.

In a post on the RunKeeper blog, it was revealed just what kind of effect getting your app promoted can have on downloads and Android Market rankings. Since being featured as a promoted app in the health and fitness category of the Android Market on New Year’s Eve, RunKeeper has seen a 637% increase in average daily downloads. In just three days, RunKeeper has vaulted to the number three app in the health and fitness category, and 288 in the Market overall.

So just how does one go about landing a spot in the featured section of the Android Market? Google Product Manager for the Android Market Fernando Delgado revealed that Google has a team of “editors and category managers” that are constantly looking at apps in the Android Market, and seeking out which ones deserve to be featured. “If an app is determined to have high potential, it is thoroughly reviewed to make sure it meets the high bar for being featured,” said Delgado.

If an app is determined to have high potential, it is thoroughly reviewed to make sure it meets the high bar for being featured.Fernando DelgadoGoogle Product Manager for the Android Market

When it comes down to it, there’s only one sure-fire way to make sure your app receives the attention every developer desires. Always work on making your app the best it can be. Be innovative and creative, and strive to keep your customers happy. If you maintain a good product, with a little bit of luck you just might find your app in the featured section of the Android Market. And if that happens, well, just know you’re in for a wild ride.


Via: 9to5 Google

Source: RunKeeper Blog

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    these are the same guidelines that apply to most things in life :)

  • Slith

    The best products deserve the best shot.

  • erikiksaz

    It’s nice that there is a separate team for this alone, but it’s be even better if the market could automatically figure out which apps are new and popular, and to advertise those as well.

    The market needs a fresher rotation.

    • lancaster09

      Its great that Google has a way for new and awesome apps to be found. I wonder if they tell you if your app is being featured (and how long). That’s something, as a developer, I would be interested to know. Some kind of congratulations email.

      However I still think the system is missing something… something AI. Or something more than a title and icon to entice me… maybe a hover your mouse over feature for a quick view!

  • LukeT32

    Or…… just elimante all the junk. 400,000 apps mean nothing if 399,000 are crap. :)

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      Come on, let’s not go into that again. There is a separate thread for it. Remember that taste is a very subjective thing.

      I don’t always download the featured apps. I usually try an app after I read on a site/blog or after someone is saying something about it. Clicking an app is not the same with downloading it. I guess most people would download it, but with more downloads comes more criticism and more bad reviews. They should have a lot more featured apps there, rather than 5. Put 50 apps there everyday or at least 25.

  • Deeds

    This doesn’t surprise me because the featured apps are always the ones I look at and download first.

  • kazahani

    Everyone wins when Google is able to connect users to good, quality apps. I’m impressed with the new version of the market, but I’ve always thought they needed to do a better job of connecting us to what we’re interested in.

  • myandroid99


  • bugwan

    Featuring a fitness app on New Year’s Eve (in time for resolutions) would have helped too.

  • Hall Lo

    I guess most of the people will just randomly clicked on the feature apps and see if its useful for them or not :P i m one of them

  • honourbound68

    I love Runkeeper. I used it for over a year and it’s been flawless. I did purchase endomondo during the $0.10 sales so I ended up uninstalling RK since I don’t have the need for both.

  • taketheleap

    It helps when the “featured app” is also a high-quality one like RunKeeper. Featured does not always equal quality, so in RunKeeper’s case, the fact that they have a solid app surely helped the word-of-mouth marketing after they were no longer featured.

  • lokidokie

    Good job. But Endomodo is still better

  • ahmad

    uc browser for conectfacebook